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Riverfeld High School

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Charlie has always been a reserved omega. This is not to say that I am submissive. In fact, he doesn't even have plans to be scheduled anytime soon. Whenever any alpha approaches him, rejection is immediate. Just because they're stronger doesn't mean Charlie has an obligation to serve them. Your instinct may hesitate on that thought, but only for a second and nothing more.

He's only 17, he barely knows what his instincts tell him to do!

That's why, when no one is walking on the street, he takes out his binoculars and spies on what his decade-long enemy is doing. Ryan, coincidentally, has his bedroom in the same line of sight as yours. The difference is that Charlie has curtains covering his window and Ryan doesn't. His instincts run wild every time he sees his neighbor doing one of his morning runs. Which is annoying. Who runs shirtless? Seriously? Disgusting.

This time, he doesn't see anything. A few months ago, when he was doing the same thing, he saw Ryan kiss the pillow, as if training for the future. Charlie wished he could have had time to photograph the moment before dropping the lamp on the floor and drawing Ryan's attention to his window. Since that day, the two have never exchanged a word about what Charlie saw or failed to see.

Charlie gives up on spying on his neighbor when he realizes Ryan isn't in his room. The two have been in competition forever, trying to find faults or flaws in their polite behavior. The fact that Charlie was an omega hardly bothered Ryan, an alpha. In the society they lived in, it was rare to see an omega competing with an alpha. It was obvious who had the most job opportunities and who people most wanted to hear from.

It made Charlie absorbed in trying to be better than all of them. Ryan, unfortunately, was trying to prove that he wasn't a disrespectful, empty-headed alpha. He did shit campaigns in support of sexually abused omegas (Charlie appreciated the gesture, but not the consequences it generated in their self-declared competition for the kindness of others).

It was frustrating how perfect Ryan was.

After dinner, Charlie went to bed, getting ready for the first day of school at the school he had attended since he was ten. Riverfeld. At least she would have something to distract herself with, paying attention to her classes and hanging out with her friends in the afternoon. It would be fun.

It had to be.



Ryan was twelve years old when he got his first taste of fun. It was summer and everyone wanted to get out of the house, but he didn't. He preferred to stay in his safe home. Reading her favorite book, a novel about an omega and an alpha who fell madly in love. He wanted something like this someday. But it would never happen. Who would be your friend? Your partner? The idea of being superior to another human being was devastating.

Charlie, his neighbor, was always fighting with him, for reasons Ryan didn't quite understand. When he asked Celly, his older sister, what that middle finger pointed in her direction meant, she just smiled and said nothing. Ryan Googled it and found for himself what it meant: fuck you.

That got to him. What had he done to receive so much hate?

Ryan remained oblivious, until, at the age of sixteen (a few months ago), as he practiced his kiss on the pillow, he heard a sound of something breaking in the distance. It came from Charlie's window. That day, I knew.

Charlie Ginfely was spying on him. He felt sick. I mean, why? Maybe Charlie liked him? Ryan would never know, would never have the courage to face the eldest.

The day her mother said she was going to Riverfeld School, she freaked out. It was where Charlie studied. Dammit, he didn't want to look his neighbor in the eye again. Not with all the crazy pheromones running through his body and the tiny, VERY SMALL crush he had for Ginfely. Tried to focus on the pros. The school was beautiful, it had nice people and he didn't even have to talk to his "enemy". Why were they enemies anyway?

Ryan would never know.