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Rell likes to think she is a serious person. Or at least, that others perceive her as one. At work she always does her best and she knows for a fact that she is the most valuable employee they have. Taliyah is a close second, but an iron bar beats stone. 

The times that she actually lets loose can be counted on one hand. Obviously when she is out with her friends. Things tend to get crazy after several shots and chuggins of tall beer cans. Rell rarely gets very intoxicated, she’s good at holding her liquor. But when she sees her friends totally wasted, she can’t help but laugh. 

Another time where Rell takes on a whole new personality is when it comes to Seraphine. Rell sure was a bitch at first, shittalking to the aspiring singer she barely knew anything about. But then Rell grew up. Had a lot of crushes on girls. She knew that she should get over herself and she managed to. 

Whenever she watches Seraphine’s livestreams, listens to her songs. Her heart melts. She was already head over heels for Seraphine before they actually started talking. But that was a mere celebrity crush, a fantasy. 

Because boom baby, Seraphine is her girlfriend. 

A very sleepy girlfriend, since Seraphine is still awake when it is two in the morning in Los Angeles. She insisted on “accompanying” Rell on her way to work. Which basically means they have been video calling since Rell woke up and got out of bed. 

‘Baby, go to bed,’ Rell tries, speaking with a soft voice. All around her are other passengers, grumpy with the fact they work a shitty job that starts at seven in the morning. ‘You need your beauty sleep.’

‘Are you saying I am ugly?’ Seraphine complains, puffing out her cheeks. ‘You’re mean in the morning.’

Rell rolls her eyes. ‘I am not saying you’re ugly, Sera. I just really want you to go to bed. And don’t get sassy with me, saying “I already am in bed”. I know that you’re meeting up with Akali and Ahri later, and you will need a boat-load of energy for that.’

Seraphine groans, rolling onto her stomach in her bed, taking the camera with her. ‘I am the older one, why are you trying to baby me?’

‘You like it when I baby you.’ Rell scoffs. ‘And besides, you’re only four years older than me.’

‘Fine!’ Seraphine exclaims. ‘I just wanted to spend the morning with my girlfriend but I am not getting the appreciation I want. Bye Rell.’

Rell grins. ‘Bye Seraphine, sleep well.’

People are giving Rell judgemental stares. Amateurs can suck it, Rell is in a happy, healthy relationship and she isn’t scared to show it. 


She taps back to her home screen and smiles fondly. Her wallpaper is a picture of Seraphine and her, at the same bridge they shared their first kiss. They had gone back the next evening, with Seraphine’s new phone. Sera had insisted that the first picture she was taking was of them. 

Rell sighs, stroking Seraphine’s digital face with her thumb. It’s already been a month since she drove over to California. Then she giggles, feeling giddy. She remembers how much Seraphine hugged and kissed her before she left, mumbling it was to make up for the time they’d be apart. 

Turns out Seraphine is sappy. Super sappy. Even though Seraphine told Rell to stay safe online, Rell was the first contact on her new phone. Rell did go ahead and got a private number, hoping it would slow down anyone trying to track her. 

So far nothing strange has happened. No estranged mother showing up at her apartment, no men in black escorting her out of the steel plant. Rell hopes it stays like that. She’s perfectly happy with how normal her life is right now.

Or well, as normal as it can be when freaking Seraphine is her girlfriend. 

Me: i finished work
Me: still out with the girls?


Seraphine: get me out of here
Seraphine: ahri and akali are making out in front of me


Me: thats rough, buddy


Seraphine: dont quote avatar at me bish


Me: teehee
Me: but yeah that sucks. if only we could make out in front of them


Seraphine: nah
Seraphine: i want to keep you to myself


Me: am i ever gonna meet kda?


Seraphine: maybe
Seraphine: i mean they know you exist thats a start
Seraphine: food is here talk to you later

Rell locks her phone and pockets it. She crosses her arms and thinks. She really doesn’t feel like going back to her tiny apartment right now. Work was stressful, Samira was on her back as usual. Might as well head to the gym. 


The gym isn’t crowded and they finally fixed the airco, thank the stars. Rell takes out the change of clothes she has in her bag. She likes random visits to the gym so she makes sure to always have spare clothes with her. And look at that, nothing better to work out in than a tank-top, signed by Seraphine herself. 

With her spotter, Tryndamere staying close, Rell begins her reps. She tries to lift an extra pound every week and she has racked up quite the number by now. 

‘Damn girl,’ Tryndamere grunts as he helps her place back the barbell. ‘You’re a machine nowadays. Going through a break up?’

Rell beams. ‘The opposite actually. I have a girlfriend that I like to impress.’

He holds his hand up for a high five. Rell gives him one. ‘Nice one, Rell. Good for you.’

As Rell gets ready for a deadlift, her phone buzzes. She picks it up and smiles when she sees Seraphine has texted her. 


Seraphine: the food was sooo good
Seraphine: i actually asked the recipe
Seraphine: next time we see each other we are having stuffed zucchinis


Rell can’t help herself, her sense of humor is broken. 


Me: i would like a stuffed serphine
Me: but zucchinis sound really good too


Seraphine: etwtwepptwebt
Seraphine: stopppp ahri is reading over my shoulder and she is giving me a look


Me: hi ahri


Seraphine: ahri says hi, akali too

Seraphine: you back home?


Me: nah at the gym


Seraphine: I want a picture :)


Rell bites her lip. If Seraphine wants it, then it’s not like she can say no. She makes way to the mirror and adjusts her tank-top, making sure her abs are peeking out underneath. Rell flexes her arms slightly, and grins at the camera. 


Seraphine:  lwegtp wbt atgogtewetgp
Seraphine: ahri stole my phone
Seraphine: but girl chill 
Seraphine: my gay ass cant handle this


Rell giggles as she reads the texts. Seraphine used to be so composed, writing her proper messages. But after a while both of them gave up and started exchanging texts comfortably. 


Me: you’re cute, seraphine
Me: i’m gonna continue with my things now, ttyl :)

For once Rell isn’t woken up by sunlight peeking through the blinds, but the ringing of her phone. She pats around under her pillow as she blinks the sleepiness away. 


‘Hello?’ Rell mumbles, scratching behind her ear. ‘Samira it’s Saturday, piss off.’

‘Wow, you were still asleep? It’s almost one in the afternoon!’

Now Rell is awake. She sits up straight. ‘Sera, hey, why are you calling?’

‘Well,’ Seraphine’s giggle comes through the speaker. ‘We are officially dating two months and two weeks!’

Rell checks the date on her phone and smiles. ‘You’re right! I mean, two months and two weeks does sound like a cool amount of time, huh. What are we doing to celebrate?’

Seraphine hums. ‘I don’t know. Let’s video call later. I received some new designs for merchandise and I want my biggest fan to give me an honest opinion.’

‘I don’t know, am I getting samples to wear?’ 

‘Give me your address and I’ll send you a bunch,’ Seraphine promises. ‘Wow, I’ll know where you live. Then I can look up your apartment building and see what I am getting myself into.’

Rell grins, stepping out of bed. ‘You’ve seen my apartment.’

‘Only small glimpses,’ Seraphine replies. ‘Vague shapes in the background. I want to see more.’

‘How about I give you a house-tour when we video later? It’ll be done within a minute, since my bed and kitchen are in the living room.’

Seraphine squeals with excitement. ‘That sounds perfect! I bet you have posters of me.’

Rell glances over at the wall her bed is situational against. She has several posters of Seraphine up, including one with K/DA, featuring Seraphine, limited edition. ‘Not at all.’ 

‘You totally do,’ Seraphine acuses. ‘I can feel your nervousness.

‘That is not fair!’ Rell cries out. ‘I am like, three-thousand miles away from you.

‘I have my ways.’ Seraphine says, trying to sound mysterious. ‘I’m going to shower and pick up some breakfast. I’ll text you when I’m ready to call, okay?’

Rell hums. ‘Sounds good. Till then.’

Me: sera why did you pack a bottle of perfume with the clothes
Me: i think new clothes smell nice 
Me: wait are you saying i stink


Seraphine: that is the perfume i always wear
Seraphine: i know that you stole my princess bubblegum tshirt 
Seraphine: and i saw you sniffing my blankets


Me: stop you are making me sound bad


Seraphine: its cute :) 
Seraphine: anyway now you can smell me whenever you want to! 


Me: kalagnlebgbe
Me: thanks i love it
Me: ill send you the modelling pictures later


Rell does as she is promised. After changing out of a certain stolen t-shirt she might be using as sleepwear, and slipping a sports bra over her head she is ready. She puts the sweater on first, after dowsing it with Seraphine’s perfume. She brings the fabric to her nose and inhales. Seraphine is all around her. She smells so nice, what the hell. 

She angles her phone and takes several pictures and sends them. It doesn’t take long for her phone to blow up. 


Seraphine: omg wtf
Seraphine: rell you are so pretty 
Seraphine: be my wife


Rell giggles, settling down on her bed. ‘I have only shown the sweater, she’s so cute.’


Me: pentakill meeting, when
Me: then wedding


Seraphine: stop it with pentakill
Seraphine: >:(


Me: :p 


Seraphine: wait omg
Seraphine: it would be so amazing if you modelled my merch
Seraphine: like did an actual photo shoot in it
Seraphine: but thats too risky with your fam


Me: that sounds so cool
Me: but yeah thats a risk
Me: how about i model for just you? 


Seraphine has requested a video call


‘Rell,’ Seraphine says as soon as Rell accepts the call, ‘Stop playing with my heart.’

She hits her chest with the flat of her hand. ‘My heart is beating like crazy.’ 

‘When are you getting casted for a drama, you’ve got the talent,’ Rell dryly replies. ‘Not even joking.’

Seraphine whines. ‘Don’t bully me!’

Rell looks at her girlfriend lovingly. Seraphine looks pretty, as always. Her hair seems to be damp from a recent shower, the pink a little more washed out than before. Even without a face with make-up Seraphine is like a goddess. 


Propping her phone and thus Seraphine up against the wall, Rell pushes herself off of her bed. ‘Okay, so I did the sweater. Perfect fit for me, by the way. You measured me well when we hugged.’ 

The crop-top is taken out of its wrapping. ‘A crop-top, miss Song you are scandalous.’

‘I know what I like,’ Seraphine pipes up. ‘Now strip.’

‘So bold,’ Rell replies. But she pulls the sweater over her head anyway, revealing her toned abs. ‘But it is nice having your face so close to my chest.’

Seraphine sounds like a broken record, sputtering nonsense. Rell smirks when she sees how Sera is hiding her face behind her hands, but still peeking through her fingers. Rell spins around a few times and then puts on the top. 

‘The fabric is nice,’ she compliments. ‘That is a hundred percent cotton right there. Good choices.’

‘Glad you approve,’ Seraphine chirps. ‘I convinced the marketing team myself. To pick actual good material that someone got a fair price for.’


Rell continues to change in and out of clothing, making sure to give Seraphine a show every time. It is just so much fun to see Seraphine get flustered. 


The last article is pulled out of the box. A pair of sweatpants. Rell holds it up in front of her. It has Seraphine’s name and a heart embroidered, the stitching looks great. Rell whistles, turning to show it to Seraphine. 

‘Damn, are you sure it’s okay for me to have this? This must be the most expensive piece.’

Seraphine clears her throat. ‘That’s one of a kind, actually.’

Rell frowns. She notices a label stitched inside. “Made by Seraphine <3”

‘Seraphine, you made this?’ 


‘Well, I did the stitching and all that. I requested a pair of sweats that weren’t used and I put my twist on it. The secret ingredient is girlfriend material.’

Rell beams at the camera. ‘Sera, this is awesome. Like what the fuck, you are awesome.’

‘I am, aren’t I?’ Seraphine coily replies. But Rell sees how relieved Seraphine is, glad that Rell likes it. 

Without trying to think about it too hard, Rell steps out of her shorts. She faces away from the camera, then realizes this angle is probably not the best one either. Well, Seraphine is probably having the time of her life. 

The sweats fit her perfectly, snug around her thighs and calves. Rell squats a few times, testing the boundaries of the fabric. It stretches with her effortlessly. Rell glances at herself in the mirror and scoffs. 

‘Sera, did you really put a heart on my ass?’ 

‘I did,’ Seraphine says as she examines her manicured nails. ‘Cute, right?’

Rell rolls her eyes. ‘Very cute.’ She frowns as she looks at the stalled out goods Seraphine has gifted her. ‘Is your manager going to survive this tragedy?’

‘I fired him, actually,’ Seraphine reveals. ‘He was getting on my nerves. So I fired him and now I'm getting to know a new manager. She’s British and strict. But in a good way? I am actually talking to her about doing a special event when it’s pride month. I am done hiding who I am.’

‘That’s great!’ Rell exclaims. And she means it. ‘Hope she isn’t hotter than me though.’

Seraphine winks. ‘Do not worry, she has a ring. And I walked in on her calling her partner. Not to jump to conclusions but I am pretty sure she was talking to a woman.’

Rell gives her a thumbs up. ‘Nice.’

‘So,’ Seraphine then asks, ‘How have you been?’

Rell groans, flopping down onto her bed. She holds the phone up in the air. ‘Busy. I have a new co-worker and they assigned him to me. So now I am baby-sitting this guy that has to be fifty at least. And he keeps talking about his birds.’

‘Sounds terrible,’ Seraphine hums. ‘But you can do it. You’ve been doing this job for a while now, right?’

‘Yep.’ Rell confirms. ‘I actually dropped out of high school when I was sixteen. Took the job offer in New York and moved here, all alone. Luckily for me my child-hood friend Katarina --The drunk phone stealer-- knew a guy here. Got me a tiny apartment.’

Seraphine frowns. ‘Alone in New York, at sixteen years old? Kevin is shaking.’

Rell shrugs, turning over. ‘I mean I was literally raised as a child-soldier. I managed. Katarina and her girlfriend stepped up as my guardians too.’

‘Katarina sounds nice,’ Seraphine comments. ‘In a way, she helped us get together, right?’

‘True,’ Rell says. ‘She can be super annoying and childish for a twenty-five year old. But she’s sweet and would literally kill someone for me if I asked.’

Seraphine laughs. ‘Yep, sounds like you should definitely keep her close.’

A yawn comes from Rell. She groans, rubbing her forehead. ‘I would love to talk more to you, Sera, but it’s nearly twelve here. And as I said, work has been a killer.’

‘I get it,’ Seraphine promises. ‘I’ll leave you be. Sweet dreams, Rell.’

‘Good night, Seraphine.’


‘One does not underestimate crows,’ Swain says, clenching his fists. ‘They are incredibly smart. Ravens are incredible too. Do not mess with them.’

Samira seems to be fighting back tears, Taliyah is pretending to be incredibly interested in what is in their lunchbox and Anivia nods with excitement. 

‘Exactly, Swain,’ the elderly lady says. ‘Birds are such magnificent creatures. But what is your opinion on pigeons?’

‘Evil fuckers,’ Swain says with disgust dripping from his voice. ‘I saw two of them take out a sewer rat once. A New York sewer rat, mind you. Those are some scary things. New York is horrifying.’

Rell clears her throat. ‘So Swain, why did you move here then? You make it seem like Florida isn’t the dumpster of the States.’

Swain looks her straight in the eyes, a little smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth. ‘Let’s just say that I am going to get a lot out of my work here.’

A shiver runs down her spine. ‘Right. Cool. I am gonna get back to work.’

‘Excellent!’ Samira exclaims. ‘Me too.’

Taliyah collects their things. ‘Me tripple,’ they chime in. ‘Can’t slack off on a Friday.’

They all get back to work. Rell continues to form neat steel bars, placing them onto pallets. As she leans against the wall, taking a sip from her bottle of water, she frowns. Since when did the factory have ravens inside of it? 

Rell sighs for the nth time on a Monday night. She has just punched her pillow into shape, again. Her room is at the perfect temperature but sleep just doesn’t come for her. So she takes her phone out.


Me: sera are you still up? 


Seraphine: yeah, its eight here, waiting for the kda squad to bring food
Seraphine: why are you up?


Me: can’t sleep :/


Seraphine: dont you have to work in like, four hours?


Me: Yeah :(
Me: How about you become my sugar mommy and I just stop working?


Seraphine: hahahha
Seraphine: No. 


Me: Rude :(


Seraphine: :D 
Seraphine: have you tried reading a book? being on your phone isn’t going to help you sleep, you know


Me: you sound like an old lady trying to convince me technology is evil


Seraphine: Isn’t it? 
Seraphine: i mean there’s something i do, sometimes, when i just cant fall asleep


Me: comment under memes and shitpost?


Seraphine: something else!


Me: clean out Bao’s litter box? 


Seraphine: remind me to do that tomorrow, actually.
Seraphine: but no, rell. think.


Rell stares up at the ceiling. Oh shoot, is that another crack? It’s crazy how much she pays for this shitty place. What is Seraphine talking about?

Oh. Could it be?


Me: wait like
Me: flicking the bean?


Seraphine: Okay wow way to make it sound weird
Seraphine: But yes


Rell squeals, taking her pillow out from underneath her head and presses her face into it, screaming. She kicks with her feet, causing her blanket to fall off of her. Rell ignores it, rolls onto her stomach and reopens her texts. 


Me: thats
Me: that is kind of hot


Seraphine: ;)
Seraphine: I mean you dont have to do it
Seraphine: just letting you know what works for me
Seraphine: hope im not making you feel uncomfortable


Me: babes i literally offered you to sit on my face right after you texted me, dont worry about me lol
Me: i’ll just try to go to sleep


She puts down her phone and examines the ceiling for another minute. Fuck it. She takes her hand and brings it to the hem of her shorts, tugging at the elastic. Rell just lays there, hand near her crotch for a while. 

Why the hell is she getting shy now? Rell’s acting like she hasn’t masturbated before. It’s just that this is the first time she does it with the knowledge that Seraphine does it too. Yeah, she thought about it maybe once or twice. But now that it has been confirmed… 

Rell grumbles as she slides her hand down the front of her underwear. It’s been a while since she was so conscious about touching herself. Rell chews on the inside of her cheek as she notices she’s wet already. All that thinking about Seraphine has gotten to her. 

For a while she fidgets around with her eyes closed. It’s nice. And Rell thinks, why the hell shouldn’t she be imagining herself in a scandalous situation with her super hot girlfriend? 

Her hand brushes past the sweater she put down next to her bed. She picks up and smells the fabric. Seraphine. Seraphine next to her. On top of her or under her, Rell doesn’t mind. 

Right as her breath starts to hitch, her phone buzzes. She glances over at the display. 


Seraphine: seems like you fell asleep, nice
Seraphine: hope you have sweet dreams


Rell decides to be bold. 


Me: im not asleep


Seraphine: oh what are you still doing up then? 


Me: what do you think


Seraphine: oh
Seraphine: oooooooooooh
Seraphine: ksebk bgkbrlraigtig
Seraphine: not to copy you but omg
Seraphine: thats hot


Rell hisses, roughly dragging her thumb across her clit. She knows Seraphine finds her hot. But Seraphine finds it hot when Rell is like this too. 

With one hand she manages to reply. 


Me: thanks


Rell lays her phone back down and closes her eyes, focusing on what her body is telling. And maybe she is imagining Seraphine is the one touching her. Just maybe. 

Her phone buzzes again.


Seraphine: so hows it going


Me: getting there


Seraphine’s typing bubble starts, then stops. Rell lazily fingers herself as she waits for Seraphine. Right as she is getting impatient, Seraphine reappears. 


Seraphine: kicked kda out of my house
Seraphine: wasnt going to continue texting in my bathroom
Seraphine: akali was accusing me of having diarrhea


Rell giggles. Seraphine might be able to sense people’s feelings, read their thoughts. But right now she is terrible at taking the hint. 


Seraphine: so what are you doing exactly


Me: you want to know?


Seraphine: Yes. 


Me: uhm, just having fun down there
Me: stimulation on the clit, fingering and all that fun stuff


Seraphine: keep going


Rell frowns. What does Seraphine want from her? 


Me: why do want to know lol
Me: weirdo


Seraphine: because i am touching myself too


Oh. Rell shivers. She’s starting to sound like a record on repeat but damn, that’s hot. A familiar feeling begins to build up in the pit of her stomach. 


Me: getting close


Seraphine: say my name when you cum
Seraphine: i want you to cum for me


Rell releases a hoarsh groan. She angles her fingers just right. With the last straight thought she has, she decides to start a recorded message. 


Her body stiffens and her mind goes blank. Rell gasps as she climaxes, still recording. She can’t hold back, whispering a, ‘Fuck, Sera.’

Rell’s dignity has gone out the window. And hey, Seraphine wanted to hear her name. She sends the voice message. 


She thinks about all the choices she has made throughout her life when she has come down from her high. She looks at the ceiling. That crack might give problems later on. Time to complain to the landlord again. Her phone buzzes.


Seraphine: i just came so hard
Seraphine: holy fuck


Me: wish i would have been there to see it


Seraphine has sent you a picture


Rell’s heart is about to explode. She looks at the picture. Seraphine in a dim-lit room she recognizes as her bedroom. Stiffened nipples press against her shirt, easy to spot. And Seraphine has two fingers partly in her mouth, her tongue against it. Her fingers are obviously covered in her own slick. 


Me: fuck
Me: fukk
Me: fck
Me: facl
Me: fack
Me: omg


Seraphine: did i break you?


Me: yes
Me: that was nice though


Seraphine: agreed, wow
Seraphine: feeling sleepy now? 


Me: i am, actually
Me: goodnight


Seraphine: goodnight <3

There is an actual murder of crows when Rell arrives at work on Thursday. She snaps a picture of them. 


Me: look at all those chickens


Seraphine: damn
Seraphine: thats scary actually


Me: i know its weird
Me: they started showing up ever since i took that old fart under my wings, the one who is obsessed with birds


Seraphine: thats creepy
Seraphine: like its his little cult


As Rell types her reply, a hand touches her shoulder. She yelps in surprise and spins around. Swain is smiling down on her. 

‘Good morning, Rell.’ he greets. And there is an actual fucking crow sitting on his shoulder.

‘Nice crow you got there,’ Rell manages. ‘Really cute.’

It seems like Swain didn’t even notice the bird before. He shoos it away. ‘Let’s do our best at work today, shall we?’


Rell hates it. But Seraphine asked her, practically begged her, so she had to go along with it. And now she has to see how her friends are making a fool out of themselves and her, in front of the camera.

Seraphine’s laughter rings from the speakers of Lux’s laptop. ‘What the hell Draven, that is just weird!’

Even though he has just been insulted, Draven continues to flex his biceps and makes his chest bounce, each tit at a time. ‘It’s called talent, baby.’

Katarina groans, shaking her head. ‘He does this every time we introduce someone new. We have all seen Draven naked at some point.’

‘Some of us have seen too much,’ Lux adds while shivering. ‘It was so pink!’

Rell groans, trying to close the laptop. ‘Alright this has been going on for long enough.’

‘Aw, but I am having fun!’ Seraphine protests. She holds up her half-empty glass of wine. ‘And I haven’t finished this one yet. I want to get the full Rell’s night out experience!’

A grumble comes from Rell. ‘Fine. But enough of you, Draven. Your dick is tiny and I warm up with your max weight for deadlifting.’

‘Thanks, Rell. Someone had to say it.’ Katarina says. She takes a swig from her beer. ‘Now, Seraphine. We like to do truth or dare. It might not feel like the real thing, calling like this. But want to play?’

‘I would love to!’ Seraphine replies with excitement. 


Rell has a bad feeling about this. But Seraphine seems to be having a great time, so who is she to stop her? 

‘Oh, me first.’ Lux says. She settles in front of the camera. ‘Truth or dare?’

‘Truth,’ Seraphine replies. Draven boos together with Katarina. ‘Hey, let me breathe. I’ll take a dare later.’

Lux ignores the others, grinning. ‘First thing you thought when you saw Rell’s picture.’

Seraphine sighs, taking a sip of her wine. ‘Honestly man, I thought I couldn’t get any gayer.’

‘Correct answer,’ Katarina approves. ‘Rell is a catch.’

Rell shoves Katarina, trying to hide her blush behind her bleached-blonde curls. ‘Don’t gang up on me.’

‘Your turn to pick someone,’ Lux informs Seraphine.  ‘And don’t be shy.’

Seraphine ponders for a moment. ‘Actually, Katarina.’

Katarina whoops, shoving Rell back. ‘Yes, hit me. Truth for now. I need another beer for a dare.’

‘Most scandalous thing you've done?’ 

‘Rell, this girl is a keeper,’ Katarina tells Rell, squeezing her shoulder. ‘But alright. Most scandalous is definitely fucking Lux, right after I did her brother.’

Lux gasps. ‘You did what now?’

Katarina freezes up. ‘I mean. Doing Lux at a pool party?’

‘Ohh, not getting out of that one,’ Draven mutters, backing away from the two girlfriends. 

But Lux smiles. ‘Katarina will talk about this. She will think about what she did, long and hard.’

‘That’s what she said,’ Draven says. ‘Well, Kat’s turn!’

‘Rell, no pussying out.’ Katarina immediately says. 

‘Fine,’ Rell says. ‘Dare.’

Draven tugs at Katarina’s shirt, giddy with excitement. He whispers into her ear and Katarina’s grin gets wider and wider. She then gives the information to Lux who nods with a smirk. 


‘Give Seraphine a strip-tease.’ 

Rell grimaces. ‘How am I even going to do that?’

‘Grind down on the laptop,’ Lux offers. ‘Don’t worry about it. I can get a new one.’

‘Okay, daughter of Crownguard Enterprise,’ Rell hisses. ‘But I am not doing it in front of all of you.’

Seraphine stabs her in the back. ‘But how will they know you actually did it?’

Rell groans. ‘Oh, I hate you but, fine, fine. I will do it. Because I am not a scared little bitch. Just step back. And I don’t want anyone to whistle at me, but Seraphine.’

‘Go for it,’ Katarina snorts. ‘This is going to be good.’


With determination Rell shakes back her hair. She takes the laptop and sets it down on the couch. Seraphine is looking at her with a shit-eating grin. She knows that the older girl is highly entertained. 

Walking back a few feet, Rell inhales and exhales. She starts with popping the buttons of her plaid blouse. With a firm tug she takes the blouse off and throws it down onto the floor. She plays with the hem of her tank-top, pulling it up ever so slowly. 

Seraphine whistles. ‘Yes, queen!’

Rell glares at the camera. But she doesn’t let it faze her. She crosses her arms and tugs the top over her head, throwing it down next to her blouse. Rell rests her hands on her trousers. Then she brings them up, slowly, caressing her abs. She licks her lips as she glances at the screen. 

And Seraphine is looking at her with a certain look. Her girlfriend is biting down on her lower lip, eyes wide. Rell gulps, a warm feeling tugging at the pit of her stomach. What would happen if Seraphine was actually here? 

‘I’m done,’ Rell manages. ‘This is stupid.’

She picks up her clothing and quickly puts it back on. This wasn’t the first time she undressed in front of Seraphine, be it actually in front of her, or for the camera. But the way Seraphine is looking at her, it sends chills down her spine.

Katarina is about to protest when Lux takes her hand. ‘That was fine, good job Rell. Your turn now.’

‘Alright. Draven…’


By the time Rell makes it back to her apartment, she feels dazed. Her mind is clouded from the alcohol she has consumed. She actually managed to get properly drunk for once. Lux had promised her to give her a ride back, but she isn’t even sure anymore if it was Lux or Katarina that drove her. 

Her phone buzzes repeatedly. An incoming call. 

Incoming call from Seraphine

‘Hey,’ Rell greets as she enters the code. ‘Just arrived back home.’

‘Good.’ Seraphine replies. ‘That was fun, wasn’t it?’

Rell yawns, taking off her leather jacket, throwing it over a chair. ‘It was tiring.’

‘I had fun, at least.’ Seraphine says. ‘You were right about them being a bit much. But in a good way. Draven seems like a good guy.’

‘Did I mention he is Darius’ younger brother? The one I lived with back in Texas?’ Rell asks as she slides out of her Doc Martens and sets them down next to her bed. ‘Their family took me in and all that.’

‘Hm no. You didn’t tell me that,’ Seraphine replies with a hum. ‘But it makes sense. You showed me a picture of Darius before, and now I see the resemblance.’

Rell sits down on her bed, stifling another yawn. ‘Geez, I am actually buzzed. Already forgot half of the evening.’

‘Aw, did you?’ Seraphine teases. ‘I remember a lot. And some very good details.’

‘They really made me perform a strip-tease on a laptop,’ Rell replies. ‘Might as well call myself a cam-girl now.’

Seraphine giggles. The sound fills Rell’s ears. ‘I would be your biggest fan.’

‘Of course you would,’ Rell scoffs. ‘You have to be a supportive girlfriend.’

‘A girlfriend that was contemplating whether or not to buy a ticket to New York,’ Seraphine answers. ‘Fuck Rell, if you hadn’t stopped I would not have hesitated to fuck myself in front of you, on camera.'

Rell’s mouth feels dry. She walks to her fridge and takes out a bottle of water. ‘Is that so.’

‘And I keep listening to that voice message you sent me,’ Seraphine then confesses. ‘Oh my god Rell, I get off to it pretty much every day.’

One bottle of water isn’t enough. Rell refills it with water and immediately downs it. ‘Good to know, Seraphine.’

‘What, are you getting shy? You sent me the audio.’ 

Rell sets the bottle down. ‘I was super horny, Sera. Can’t blame me for that. And it’s not like I can say no to you, when you ask me so poetically. “Cum for me, Rell”’. 

Seraphine’s voice is small when she speaks again. ‘Sorry, did you not like that?’

‘Uhm,’ Rell gulps. She contemplates if she should just take a cold shower now, or not. ‘I liked it. A lot.’

‘Do you want to do it again?’


Does she? What Rell wants is to be with Seraphine right now. Do all kinds of things. But the next best thing is this. 




Seraphine’s tone of voice shifts. ‘Okay. I want you to take off your clothes, just like how you did before.’

‘Should we video call?’ Rell wonders. 

‘Maybe later. Not now, at least.’ Seraphine replies. 

While Rell makes quick work of her clothes, she hears Seraphine rummaging around. ‘I am somewhat done. Should I uh, take off my underwear too?’

Seraphine is quiet for a moment. Then, ‘Fuck. Could you maybe send me a picture of you? Just how you are now?’


Well this night brings all kinds of new things. The first strip-tease she ever gave someone through a screen, or ever gave. The first time she has seen and heard just how much Seraphine wants her. And the first time she’s sending nudes, or at least NSFW pictures to someone else. 

‘I can try, I've never done it before.’ Rell confesses. 

‘Just like how you take pictures at the gym,’ Seraphine instructs. ‘Only if you want to.’

Rell wants to. She wants to please Seraphine however the older girl wants. 

‘Give me a minute.’

She sets down the phone but keeps it on speaker. Rell swears she can hear Seraphine’s ragged breathing. With the right positioning she can take a full-body picture in her mirror. She takes the phone and clicks. 

Seraphine groans when she seemingly receives the picture. ‘How are you even real, Rell. You’re so fucking sexy.’

‘Could say the same thing about you,’ Rell says. ‘Uh, could I maybe see you too?’

Within thirty seconds she receives a video. Seraphine sprawled out in her bed without anything to cover her up. Rell’s breath hitches as she zooms in, sees the hard, pink nipples. And fuck, when she looks down she sees how the light reflect off of Seraphine’s slickness. 

‘Damn,’ Rell manages after recovering partially. ‘I mean just, damn.’

‘Mh, I know,’ Seraphine whispers. ‘Now about you go lay back, and do what I say?’


Rell is on her back real fast. ‘Ready.’

‘Okay. If you don’t like something, please tell me. We’re different people and we like different stuff.’

‘Got it.’

‘Now then,’ Seraphine starts. ‘I want you to take off your bra. After you do that, just play around with your nipples. Let me know when they are stiff.’

Rell does exactly what she is told. With her phone on her pillow, next to her ear she cups her own breasts, tugs at her nipples. In combination with the stimulation and cold air in her room, it doesn’t take long. 

‘They’re uh, hard.’

A soft groan comes from Seraphine. ‘Good. What about your pussy, are you wet? Wet for me?’

Hearing Seraphine say such vulgar words causes Rell to whine and rub her thighs together. She doesn’t even have to check with her hands if she is wet, because she has just covered her inner thighs with her wetness. 

‘I’m so fucking wet,’ Rell reveals. ‘Seraphine you’re making me crazy.’

‘Same, baby. Touch yourself for me. Describe to me what you’re doing.’

Rell brings her right hand down, left still on her chest. ‘I’m putting my hand in my underwear. And --Shit!-- I am soaked.’

‘Take off your panties.’ Seraphine demands. ‘Touch your clit.’

For the first time in her life Rell is enjoying listening to someone else. Her panties come off and she slides her fingers up and down, coating them in her own wetness. Then she feels her clit, hard under her finger. 

‘I am touching my clit.’

‘So am I,’ Seraphine announces. She ignores Rell’s mewling at the revelation. ‘What do you think about fingering?’

Rell groans, rubbing hard against her clit. ‘I am alright with it.’

‘Start with putting one finger inside of you.’

Her finger slides in with ease. ‘It’s in. I can handle more.’

Seraphine chuckles. Her voice is husky. ‘If you say so. Add another finger then. Or as much as you’d like.’

With three fingers knuckle-deep, Rell pants loudly. ‘Sera I want you. I want to touch you. I want to be close to you.’

‘Me too baby,’ Seraphine purrs. ‘And that’ll happen, I promise. But for now I want to hear you moan, you’re so cute when you moan. Fuck yourself for me, okay?’


If Rell wasn’t a whimpering mess before, she turns into one now. She picks up an eager pace, working her fingers in and out. Rell is sure to let Seraphine know she is enjoying the whole experience, whispering curse words and moaning excessively. 

For the one moment that Rell silences herself, she hears Seraphine. The way she grunts, her voice sounding deeper than usual. She repeats Rell’s name to herself, like a mantra. ‘ Yes, Rell. Fuck, yes .’

Rell continues with her actions, spurred on by Seraphine. Holy shit. Her girlfriend Seraphine is masturbating while she is. Rell writhes around, teeth gritted and hips buckling up. With how sensitive she is, it’s not going to take much longer. 

‘Sera,’ she calls out. ‘I’m close.’

‘Me too,’ Seraphine replies. ‘I want to hear you cum again, please.’

Rell grunts, speeding up her pace. She uses one hand to finger herself and plays around with her clit with the other hand. ‘Sera!’

‘It’s okay, cum for me, Rell.’

And she does. Rell’s body tenses as she reaches her climax. She desperately continues rubbing at her clit, trying to extend the orgasm. It takes her nearly a minute to fully ride it out and relax. 


Seraphine’s breathing is heavy when Rell quiets down. Rell swears she hears Seraphine and the way her sopping cunt is producing lewd noises from the movements Seraphine makes. 

‘Oh yeah, that’s it.’ Seraphine moans, ecstasy in her voice. ‘Yes, Rell!’

A string of whimpers and cries echo throughout Rell’s tiny apartment. Rell looks up at the cracked ceiling with wide eyes. She might have a heart attack from all of this. 


‘My neighbors definitely heard me,’ Rell says after Seraphine has been quiet for a minute, only panting audible. 

Seraphine laughs. ‘Wouldn’t be surprised if I get awkward looks here either.’

‘This was nice. I liked this.’ Rell confesses. ‘It was, for lack of better words, fucking hot.’

‘Couldn’t have said it better,’ Seraphine agrees. ‘Ten out of ten, would do it again.’

Rell wets her lips. ‘I mean, we could.’

‘We definitely could.’


Rell is still a mess on Tuesday. Samira has been going off on her and she doesn’t care. She stares at the raging fire in front of her, zoned out. 

A slap on the back of her head snaps her out of it. ‘Hey!’

Taliyah stands there, shaking their head. ‘Dude, I don’t know what is going on but stop it.’

Rell grins sheepishly. ‘I had phone-sex with my girlfriend.’

‘Alright, TMI. Good for you, but honestly don’t care. You’ve wasted a good three-thousand pounds of materials now, and that needs to stop.’

‘I know,’ Rell says with a sigh. ‘I’m gonna keep my head under the sink for a minute and I’ll be back in business.’

While she dabs her face dry with a towel Rell’s phone buzzes. 


Seraphine: hey
Seraphine: feeling like some sexy time tonight
Seraphine: you in? 


Me: hell yeah.


‘I’ve been thinking,’ Seraphine says. 

‘Uh-oh, can’t be good.’ Rell replies. 

‘So funny. No but seriously. There is this radio show that is pretty popular. And one of the hosts has reached out to me.’ Seraphine explains. ‘Basically they want me featured on their show for three nights.’

Rell hums, continuing to comb her hair. She just touched up her roots. ‘That sounds great.’

‘They are based in New York.’ 

She drops her comb. ‘New York?’

Seraphine’s giggle comes out of her headphones. ‘I know. And they want me there ASAP.’ 

‘What do they mean, ASAP?’ Rell asks as she picks up the comb. 

‘I said yes. I’m literally at the airport right now.’ Seraphine says, dropping the bomb with a sweet voice. ‘I’ll be in New York within seven hours.’

Rell requests to change to video and Seraphine immediately accepts. Yep, that looks like an airport alright. 

‘You called me crazy for driving to Los Angeles!’ Rell exclaims. ‘Girl, what the fuck!’

Seraphine cackles, clearly amused. ‘I know. But hey, you didn’t warn me and I am letting you know now.’

Rell laughs. How could she not? Three months of being apart, hours of conversations about what they’d do when they meet up again. And all of it was about to become true.

‘Damn, alright. Where will you be staying?’

‘They arranged a hotel for me to stay at. Some serious shit too.’ 

‘And here I was, hoping you’d come to my shitty apartment.’ Rell jokes. 

Seraphine smiles at her. ‘I’ll definitely come over. I want to see if I need to beat up your landlord. Check if your living conditions are met.’

‘Scary.’ Rell says, shaking quivering teeth. ‘Wow. Can’t believe it. We will be together soon.’

‘I can’t wait.’

The sign Rell has made is shitty. All she had was a cardboard box that houses her pre-workout shakes. That and all of her pencils were either dried up or too light to show up on cardboard. Hey, she tried.

Rell bounces on her feet, giddy with excitement. Seraphine shot her a text just minutes ago that the plane had landed and baggage was starting to get loaded out. 

‘Oh my god, does that sign say Seraphine?’

She looks up and makes eye-contact with a woman around her age. Her pink pixie cut stands out amongst the crowd. A tattoo adorns her left cheek. Vi. She nervously swallows. Is this going to cause problems?

‘Uh, it does.’ Rell replies. 

The young woman --Vi?-- struts up to her and holds out her hand. ‘My name’s Vi. My wife, Caitlyn, she’s Sera’s manager. She asked me to pick her up at the airport. Looks like I am not the only one!’

Rell shakes Vi’s hand, smiling comfortably. ‘Nice to meet you. I’m Rell. Seraphine is my…’

‘Girlfriend,’ Vi says. ‘I recognize you from that one picture. Glad to see Seraphine found herself a powerhouse. You like to lift?’

‘Oh I do,’ Rell says. ‘They are always amazed when I lift twice my weight.’

‘Best feeling in the world, in my opinion.’ Vi laughs, flexing her own biceps. ‘Love your tats, by the way. Faded but dope.’

Rell glances down at her exposed arms. ‘Oh yeah, thanks. Uhm, love your piercings. I have wanted my eyebrows done for ages, honestly.’

Vi beams. ‘Well you’re in luck. I got my license for piercing!’


‘Please, she’ll be even hotter with a pierced brow.’

Seraphine has sneaked up on them while they were engrossed in their conversation. She still has a travel pillow around her neck, sunglasses atop of her head. 

‘Seraphine, good to meet you,’ Vi greets, taking Sera’s hand and shaking it. ‘My wife, Caitlyn, she probably told you about me.’

‘She did,’ Seraphine confirms. ‘Told me I would recognize you right away. If you hadn’t been talking to Rell, I would have known anyway. Love the pink hair.’

Vi touches the back of her head. ‘Pink is a fierce color, isn’t it? Anyway, I’ll drive you to your hotel. Cupcake’s already there, doing manager things. You probably already knew that.’

‘Cupcake?’ Rell echoes. 

A blush creeps onto Vi’s cheeks. She coughs into her fist. ‘Nickname for Cait. Anyway, I am your designated driver and temporary bodyguard.’

‘You seem like you’re up to the task,’ Seraphine praises. ‘Did you come here with Caitlyn?’

Vi shakes her head. ‘Was already here for work.’

‘What kind of job do you work, professional inker?’ Rell asks, scooting closer to Seraphine. Seraphine smiles at her. 

‘I am an undercover agent, actually.’

Seraphine frowns. ‘Are you even supposed to disclose that information?’

‘No. I am going to kill you now. This was all a set-up.’

Rell gets ready to knock Vi down when Vi raises her hands defensively. ‘It was a joke, chill. I am just a private investigator that is hot on someone’s tail.’

‘That sounds really cool,’ Seraphine offers. ‘And I am not saying you’re not up to the task. But is it alright if Rell chaperones me? Just for a bit?’

Vi shrugs. ‘Oh yeah, that’s fine with me.’

‘Are you sure you don’t want to take a break at the hotel first?’ Rell asks for the fourth time. 

But Seraphine shakes her head for the fourth time. ‘No. I came here for a reason, Rell.’

Rell scratches at her chin. ‘To get featured on a talk show?’

‘To fuck you until you can only bottom for the rest of your life.’ 

Seraphine continues to walk on like she said nothing, leaving a shocked Rell behind. Rell manages to catch herself and jogs to catch up with her girlfriend. 

‘Did you get tinier again?’ she asks when she notices Seraphine isn’t wearing heels like she usually does. 

Seraphine glares up at her. ‘I did not. You’re just way too tall.’

‘Nah, you are,’ Rell says with a grin. ‘But it’s fine. Good things come in small packages.’


They fuck immediately after arriving at Rell’s place. The end. 

No they don’t. They hang out and watch Netflix. Something about a tall blonde girl and a catgirl. Seraphine doesn’t even try to kiss Rell when she gets picked up by Vi. Rell realizes her girlfriend is full of it. Rell sheepishly waves Seraphine as she steps into the cab with Vi. 

When she’s back inside she opens her messages app. 


Me: so sera is in new york


Lux: I saw it on her story, so cool!
Lux: you two must have met up already!


Katarina: yall bone? 


Draven: did someone say bone


Darius: stfu draven


Me: i picked her up at the airport and we chilled at my place for an hour or so but
Me: she didnt even kiss me or hug me
Me: only held my hand for like a minute
Me: and on our walk here she was like
Me: im gonna fuk you so good youll be a bottom forever
Me: i feel lied to


Lux: Aww, hey. She’s probably just getting cold feet, a little shy. It happens to the best of us.
Lux: @Katarina 


Katarina: that was unnecessary
Katarina: but i agree 
Katarina: probably just shy
Katarina: talk about it when you see her again or text her or sum

Rell sighs. It does make sense. She didn’t go for it either. 

Seraphine texts her the same time Rell texts her. 


Me: hey

Seraphine: hi


Seraphine: haha you first


Me: uhm ok
Me: just wanted to let you know thats totally fine if we dont do anything
Me: you get what i mean
Me: its been three months since we saw each other and talking to each other is different online than in real life 


Seraphine: i was thinking the same thing
Seraphine: but i do want to spend time with you
Seraphine: i am free tomorrow till four, how about we eat somewhere nice? 


Me: sure, i know some good spots :)

Seraphine’s moaning shouldn’t be turning Rell on. She is just eating a muffin, goddamnit. 

‘Mhoomygod,’ Seraphine groans. ‘Morgana, do you make love to these?’

Morgana snorts, leaning over the counter. ‘I don’t. Wouldn’t surprise me if Pantheon got his junk in the batter though. That guy is still not over the fact his exes are dating each other.’

Rell flinches at the mental image. ‘Thanks for that, Morgana.’

Seraphine stares at Morgana with furrowed brows. ‘Has anyone ever told you that you look like Kayle, from Pentakill.’

‘Yes.’ Morgana sighs. ‘Which isn’t true, she looks like me. I started with emo make-up.’

The woman grimaces and lowers the volume of her voice to a whisper. ‘We’re twins. Not pulling your leg.’

Rell gasps. ‘No way!’

‘Yes way.’ Morgana says with a solemn expression on her face. ‘We haven’t been in contact for years. She does her thing and I do mine.’ 

‘What is it with people knowing Pentakill members and not introducing me to them?’ Rell complains, crossing her arms. ‘Dick move, really.’ 

Seraphine pokes Rell’s cheek. ‘Aw, don’t be sad. I’ll introduce you to them sometimes, I promise.’ 

Rell melts at the physical affection she’s given. ‘Fine.’ 


They finish their food and return to the busy streets. People keep bumping into Seraphine and pay no mind to her small frame. Rell scowls at a passerby. Then she wraps her arm around Sera’s shoulders and pulls her in close.

‘Stick with me. I have perfected my resting bitch face.’ 

Seraphine giggles and relishes the feeling of Rell’s arm around her. She glances up at the younger woman and smirks. ‘It must look at least a little weird that you’re walking around with my face on your back, and me by your side.’ 

Rell blushes. She did indeed wear Sera’s merchandise today. ‘Maybe they just think I am super loyal to you.’ 

While almost everyone ignores Seraphine and continues on with their day, a group of girls in school uniforms stop them. They call out to Seraphine in what Rell thinks is Mandarin. Immediately a conversation starts up. 

One of the girls points at Rell and then nudges her friends and asks something. Seraphine tugs at Rell’s sleeve, pulling her closer to the group. 

‘My girlfriend,’  Seraphine introduces. Then Rell assumes she repeats it in Mandarin, because the girls squeal with excitement. 

Eventually Seraphine hugs each of the girls, signs items they hand her, takes pictures with them and waves them goodbye. 

‘Fans?’ Rell questions. She already knows the answer, of course.

‘Yep. They told me a lot of girls from their school really like me, and that they’ll be so jealous when they show the pictures.

‘And you also introduced me as your girlfriend,’  Rell says. She tries to hide her smile. 

When Seraphine beams at her, Rell’s smile breaks through. ‘Of course I did,’ Seraphine says. ‘Because you are.’ 

Rell can’t take it anymore. They’re holding up the pedestrians around them, having stood still in the middle of the sidewalk. Rell doesn’t care. She leans in and kisses Seraphine. 


‘I’ve been wanting to do that since yesterday,’ she confesses. 

‘Me too,’ Seraphine says. ‘I just couldn’t muster up the courage. It’s so weird, isn’t it? To actually see each other again after all this time.’ 

Rell nods. ‘Yeah. Now how about we visit Central Park?’ 

Central Park is always busy. There are so many different types of people, that no one really cares about Seraphine and Rell. They maneuver through the other visitors while holding hands to make sure they don’t get split up. 


‘I think I should move to New York,’ Seraphine says. ‘In Los Angeles I get recognized basically everywhere. Nobody gives a shit here.’ 

Rell laughs. ‘That’s true.’ 

They spot an empty bench and secure their spot, watching how pigeons fight each other for a piece of bread. Seraphine notices a single raven in the flock. 

‘Isn’t that so weird? I’ve been seeing these guys a lot lately.’ 

‘Me too,’ Rell says. ‘It’s almost like they are stalking me. It’s creepy.’ 

Seraphine takes Rell’s hand and kisses the back of it. ‘Don’t worry babe, I’ll keep you safe.’ 

Rell chortles, doubling over. ‘With those arms?’ 

‘Hey,’ Seraphine calls out. ‘I actually have a firearm license. Tone it down.’ 

‘You know how to shoot?’ Rell questions, intrigued.

Seraphine nods. ‘Yep. I am not the best shot out there, but I could take a few zombies down if it came to it.’ 

‘What about people?’ Rell presses on. ‘People are more likely to cause harm than zombies.’ 

‘Rell, have you ever killed someone?’ Seraphine asks suddenly. 


Rell’s smile fades. ‘Well, kids died for me. But yes. I killed someone once. This pale woman, she was with the government. And if I hadn’t killed her, I would be back there, back to being a labrat.’ 

Seraphine sighs, kissing her hand again. She can feel the sadness radiating from Rell.  ‘I’m sorry to hear that.’  

‘It happened,’ Rell says. ‘I don’t want it to ever happen again.’ 

‘It won’t,’ Seraphine says curtly. ‘As long as I am your girlfriend, no one is hurting you and you are not hurting anyone.’ 

And there it is. Rell’s dopey smile. 

‘My tiny girlfriend is so fierce.’ 

‘Oh shut up!’ 

Vi should have been here to pick up Seraphine by now. Sure, she made it to the airport at the last possible moment but Seraphine insisted that Vi would not keep her waiting for half an hour. 

So when Seraphine’s phone rings, both of them expect it to be Vi, complaining about the traffic in New York. 

It’s not Vi but Caitlyn on the other side. 

‘Caitlyn? What’s up?’ Seraphine asks after handing Rell one of her airpods. ‘Where is Vi at?’ 

‘So Vi just got shot,’ Caitlyn announces. ‘She’s fine, don’t worry. But well, she won’t be able to pick you up and neither will I. Could I trust you to stay with Rell? I will be sure to have someone from the studio pick you up for tonight’s show.’ 

Seraphine and Rell exchange a look of disbelief. 

‘Are you sure she’s fine?’ Seraphine asks. ‘People who get shot aren’t usually okay.’ 

‘She is,’ Caitlyn insists. ‘Because she shot herself. In the foot. She forgot about gun safety while pursuing a person of interest.’ 

Rell snorts, then covers her mouth. ‘Sorry.’ 

‘Oh no trust me I am amused too,’ Caitlyn says in the most serious tone ever. ‘But this means you will have another ninety-two minutes to spend with Rell. Enjoy.’ 

The call is ended by Caitlyn, leaving the two girlfriends to stare at each other. 

‘Wow,’ Seraphine finally says. 

‘Yeah, wow.’ Rell agrees. 

Then Rell shoves her hands into the pocket of her hoodie. ‘Guess that means you’re coming back home with me.’ 

Seraphine laughs nervously. ‘Yeah. Can’t guess what’s going to happen.’

Nothing much for the first hour, that’s what. Seraphine has her head in Rell’s lap and scrolls through her Instagram feed, while Rell attempts to braid her hair. 

‘I cannot believe you can live with hair that is so long it reaches your ass.’ Rell announces. She lets go of the braid she has been working on and starts to detangle it. ‘Seriously, how.’ 

Seraphine glances up at her. ‘I can say the same to you. Your hair is so thick.’ 

‘Like my thighs?’ 

‘Like a bowl of oatmeal,’ Seraphine corrects. When Rell pouts she reaches up and pats Rell’s cheek. ‘No babe, like your thighs.’ 

Rell grins and returns to Seraphine’s hair. And that’s when she brushes past Sera’s ear. 


Instead of doing well, nothing but maybe shiver, Seraphine whimpers. Rell stops with her hand hovering next to Seraphine’s ear. 

‘Uhm,’ Rell says. ‘What?’ 

Seraphine bites her lip, staring at her phone. Her cheeks are flushed pink, a similar shade to her hair. ‘Nothing.’ 

As if Rell would leave it at that. She tries to imitate the same movement, then gently tugs at Seraphine’s earlobe. Another whimper escapes Seraphine.



Rell leans in and softly sinks her teeth into Seraphine’s earlobe, licks and blows. Seraphine’s entire body freezes up. 

‘Oh my god Seraphine, your ears are your weak spot.’ 

‘They aren’t,’ Seraphine tries. She has her eyes screwed shut. ‘I don’t know what you are talking about.’ 

Rell repeats her actions. ‘Really, you don’t like this? Seraphine you are an idol, you wear headsets all the time. How do you do that?’ 

Seraphine groans, trying to roll away from Rell. She fails because Rell is holding onto her legs tightly. ‘Headphones and my girlfriend basically making love to my ear are two entirely different things!’ 

‘No it’s cute,’ Rell says. ‘And very good to know.’ 

As she attempts to tease Seraphine again, Seraphine surprises her with the sudden kicking of her legs and breaks free from her iron grip. Before Rell fully comprehends what is happening, Seraphine is straddling her lap. 


‘Stop bullying me,’ Seraphine warns. 

‘Or what?’ Rell taunts. 

Seraphine fiercely kisses her. Rell doesn’t mind it at all and returns the kiss with fervor. Her hands settle atop of Seraphine’s hips, just like they did months before. 

When Rell nibbles at Sera’s lower lip, the girl in her lap opens her mouth slightly. Rell’s tongue bumps against hers and she growls with desire. They continuously break apart, gasp for air and start all over again. 

Rell’s hands slide down from her hips and cup around her ass. She squeezes and giggles when Seraphine moans into her mouth. Seraphine sinks her manicured nails into her shoulders when Rell continues her groping. 

With Seraphine running her hands through her hair, past her nape and down her neck, Rell doesn’t hear the ringing of the doorbell. 

Only when the bell rings for twenty seconds straight and her neighbor angrily bangs on the wall do they hear. Seraphine sighs, kissing Rell on the cheek. 

‘Guess that means I need to go,’ she says with sorrow. 

Rell groans, trying to keep Seraphine in place. ‘No, don’t go.’ 

Seraphine kisses her gently. ‘I don’t want to go either. But I signed the deal. They pay for my flight and hotel, and I appear on their show.’ 

‘You’re coming back here, right?’ 

‘Obviously,’ Seraphine says, tugging at the collar of Rell’s shirt. ‘Or maybe I should have someone drive you to the hotel. I think we have plans.’ 


‘It is Saturday evening and that can mean only one thing. This is the Duolane show, featuring your hosts Janna--’ 

‘--And Lucian, live in New York. Today we have someone special with us, the rising pop-sensation Seraphine Song.’

‘Thanks for having me!’ Seraphine says excitedly. ‘It’s so good to be here, with you and in New York.’ 

‘And what do you think about New York?’ 

‘Oh I love it,’ Seraphine says. ‘Nobody here cares.’ 

One of the hosts, Janna, can be heard laughing. ‘And that’s a good thing?’ 

‘Definitely,’ Seraphine continues. ‘It’s so refreshing. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, I love my fans so much. But sometimes it gets overwhelming. Whenever I go out in Los Angeles I get recognized. I am honestly surprised the coffee shop I sometimes work at isn’t overrun.’ 

‘Being a star is definitely hard,’ Lucian says with his gruff voice. ‘Never imagined I’d turn to DJing after being in the soccer industry for so long. Here we are now, but I still sign balls every damn day.’ 

Janna laughs again and Rell laughs along with her, adjusting the sound of her portable radio. ‘Balls, huh. Anything else we need to know, Lucian?’ 

‘Ha!’ Lucian returns. ‘No. Or well, I’d say I got a ball in the oven.’ 

‘Isn’t it a bun in the oven?’ Seraphine pipes up. 

Lucian chortles. ‘Yeah that’s the correct saying but I like balls --Janna, don’t make that face at me-- so I can say whatever the hell I want.’ 

‘What are you trying to say, Lucian?’ Janna asks. 

‘Senna’s pregnant,’ Lucian says and you can hear just how damn proud he is. Rell smiles, good for him. ‘We have been aware for a month now but today some tests were done and well, the baby is healthy.’ 

Everyone in the studio can be heard cheering and clapping. 

‘That’s awesome Lucian,’ Seraphine says sweetly. ‘I can just feel you’re ready for this.’ 

Rell grins. She knows that Seraphine means that in the literal way. 

‘Thanks Sera. But tonight is about you, tomorrow too, actually. What about you?’ 

‘Ohh yes,’ Janna chimes in. ‘Seraphine it’s been roughly three months since you surprised the internet with two cute pictures, featuring you and another woman. You claimed she was your girlfriend, but the pictures were taken down real fast. What was that about?’ 

Seraphine hums. ‘Well, Janna, I’ll tell you. That was my girlfriend. And she still is. Uhm, I had to take down that post for several reasons. Firstly for the safety of my girlfriend. Being an idol is hard, dating an idol is harder. We came to the conclusion together, that it is good to keep it low.’ 

‘I agree with that,’ Lucian says. ‘Senna received death threats when we first started going out. She still does, actually. Crazy shit.’ 

‘So Seraphine, are you saying you’re gay?’ 


Rell stares at the radio with clenched fists. If anyone bitches at Seraphine, she is going off. 


‘I am saying that I am able to be happy with a woman or a man.’ Seraphine answers coolly. ‘But I don’t think it should matter what my sexuality is. Of course I am happy that some people find comfort in the label I identify with, but my sexuality is definitely not the most interesting thing about me.’ 


Attagirl , Rell thinks. 


‘You’re right, Seraphine. I shouldn’t have asked it like that, I’m sorry.’ Janna says. ‘Now how about we talk music?’ 

Rell is about to get ready for bed when her phone buzzes. 


Seraphine: hey baby
Seraphine: did you listen to me?


Me: i did!
Me: you were amazing and what you said was so true
Me: cuz i think the fact that i can bend metal like toph beifong is far more interesting than the fact i like kissing both genders


Seraphine: :D
Seraphine: so


Rell fidgets with the string of her sweater. 


Me: so? 


Seraphine: i ordered an uber to pick you up


Me: oh


Seraphine: like i dont want to do anything you dont want tonight
Seraphine: we can just cuddle
Seraphine: but i definitely want to spoon you


Me: im the little spoon?


Seraphine: yeah i want to feel tall for once


Me: lol deal, ill grab my stuff


Seraphine is staying in a suite that costs 40K a night. That’s cool. 

‘I swear,’ Seraphine says as she opens the door to Rell who is accompanied by an actual butler, ‘If I had known they were going to let me stay at the Ritz-Cartlon I would have said no.’ 

Rell walks in, nodding at the butler. ‘Thanks. 

She cranes her head back, admiring the lights. ‘I am not complaining.’ 

When Seraphine pulls her in for a hug Rell instead kisses her on the lips. She smiles up at Rell. ‘What was that for?’ 

‘For being a fucking badass on a radio-show that is basically national,’ Rell says. She then crouches, hooks her arms around Seraphine’s thighs and hoists her up in the air. ‘You’re fucking amazing, Seraphine.’ 

Seraphine giggles as Rell spins around with her in her arms. ‘Alright, I know I am, now put me down before I puke on this carpet. Definitely ate too much caviar just now.’ 

Rell scoffs in amazement. ‘Of course you got caviar.’ 

‘I can order some for you if you want,’ Seraphine offers. ‘Or we can drink champagne.’ 

‘I’m good,’ Rell says. ‘Just a glass of water for me, please.’ 

She is handed the requested glass of water and sinks down into a couch. ‘This is the most comfortable couch I have ever sat on.’ 

‘It’s bizarre how good it feels,’ Seraphine agrees. ‘I think that there are microscopic sheep inside of it, all incredibly soft.’ 

‘Oh for sure,’ Rell says. ‘And they’re fed little gold flakes every day.’ 

They snicker together at the stupid idea. Seraphine sits down beside Rell with her own glass of water. She nods at the giant TV on the wall. 

‘I think this has literally every channel in the world. What do you want to see?’ 

‘Avatar,’ Rell replies with a smug expression. 

Seraphine rolls her eyes but plays along. ‘Oh, the one with the blue creatures?’ 

‘The one with the boy who has a blue arrow on his head.’ 

‘Ohh, the one that is so poorly produced, everyone mocks it?’ 

Rell swipes at Seraphine’s arm, who ducks away in time. ‘No, that is the film version. I just want the cartoon series.’ 

‘Fine.’ Seraphine says and she goes to work. 


Five minute later Rell talks with Katara about how everything changed when the Fire nation attacked. 

‘You’re such a nerd,’ Seraphine says. ‘How many times have you seen this show?’ 

‘Eh, probably ten times.’ 

‘That’s not even that bad.’ 

‘Did I say Ten? I meant Tenten. Two times ten, twenty.’ Rell says, trying not to laugh. 

Seraphine groans and this time manages to hit Rell in the arm. ‘Your Avatar references are bad enough, don’t start with Naruto ones.’ 

Rell gasps. ‘You know Naruto?’ 

‘Akali forced me to watch a few episodes with her. When I told her I felt like the fights are going on too long, she told me to never look up Dragon Ball.’ 

‘Agreed.’ Rell says. ‘But like, wow girl. You are amazing.’ 

Seraphine flips her hair over her shoulder with a smirk. ‘I am. I’m Seraphine Song and I am an amazing douchebag.’ 

This time Rell is the one to groan from annoyance. ‘Stop! I was trying to give genuine advice back then!’ 

‘I know,’ Seraphine says while she scoots closer to Rell. ‘You changed my life for the better.’ 

Rell smiles. ‘You changed my life too. Like, you’ve been changing it since I was around fourteen years old. I think you were the first girl-crush I fully realized.’ 

‘Babe, you had a crush on me? That’s embarrassing.’ 

‘Okay I get it,’ Rell says. ‘It’s annoying when someone constantly makes references to shows. We will both stop with it.’ 

Seraphine giggles as she pokes at Rell’s furrowed brows. ‘Okay baby.’ 


For a while they sit there, enjoying the show in silence. They chuckle when there’s a funny moment and gasp when something bad happens. Rell keeps glancing down at Seraphine who is resting her head against her shoulder and looking at the screen with a scrunched nose. 

‘You’re cute when you are into something,’ Rell comments. 

Seraphine looks up at her. ‘Am I cute now?’


‘That’s because I am into you.’ 


And all of the sudden the atmosphere from before has returned. Seraphine looks at Rell and Rell looks back at her. They have both become awfully aware of how isolated they are in the suite. 

‘Bedroom,’ Seraphine whispers. ‘Now.’ 

Rell practically jumps up from the couch, turns around and picks Seraphine up. She carries her bridal style until she finds an open door that leads to a luxurious bedroom.

She sets down Seraphine and the shorter woman wastes no time. Seraphine tugs at Rell’s shirt and helps her out of it. In turn Rell unbuttons Seraphine’s blouse. Neither of them care where the articles of clothing land. 

Seraphine has one hand behind Rell’s head and is undoing her belt with the other. It’s clumsy and doesn’t go well but that doesn’t matter. Rell helps her by tugging the belt loose, being just as eager as her girlfriend. 

Their lips leave each other when Seraphine groans with frustration, the zipper to her pants is stuck. ‘Ugh, I shouldn’t have accepted to wear these pants. I’m on the radio, not on a TV show.’ 

Rell laughs. ‘Don’t worry,’ she says and she gets down on her knees. With her firm hands she undoes the zipper. ‘There we go.’ 

Seraphine sharply inhales as Rell drags the pants down her legs. She sees how Rell’s tongue darts out the corner of her mouth to wet her lips. She has only had one glass of celebratory champagne and she’s feeling intoxicated. 

‘Hey, I don’t want to be the only one without pants,’ Seraphine says, trying to sound like she isn’t a nervous wreck. 

The way Rell looks up at her, then pulls her into her arms and embraces her is so full of love Seraphine gets overwhelmed. As Rell holds her tight, a tear rolls down Seraphine’s cheek. What is with her and crying whenever she’s close to Rell? 

‘Seraphine,’ Rell calls out. 



Rell kisses her. A soft but curt kiss. She nuzzles their noses together. ‘I love you.’ 

‘I don’t want to sound like a douche,’ Seraphine says. ‘But it’s been radiating off of you for some time now.’ 

‘Oops,’ Rell says but she doesn’t sound too wound up about it. 

‘But,’ Seraphine continues. ‘I love you too.’ 

They embrace again. Rell swipes a strand of Seraphine’s pink hair behind her ear. She leans in close and kisses the shell of said ear. 


‘Say you want me to stop now, and I will. Otherwise I don’t think I’ll be able to.’ 

Seraphine laughs. ‘As if I want you to stop.’ 

And that settles it. 

Rell walks forward, forcing Seraphine to walk backwards. When the back of her knees hit the bed, Rell pushes her down on it. Seraphine props herself up on her elbows and watches how Rell steps out of her ripped jeans. 

It seems the younger woman is getting shy, as she keeps standing in front of the bed and crosses her arms, effectively covering up her chest. 

Seraphine smiles. ‘C’mere.’ She tells Rell as she lifts a finger, arching it back and forth. 

Rell finally crawls onto the bed with her. She continues until she is right in front of Seraphine. Then she makes her way atop of her, their faces close together. Seraphine strokes Rell’s cheek with her thumb. ‘Touch me.’ 

So Rell does. She kisses Seraphine. Slow and deep. The kind of kiss that knocks the air out of her. She closes her eyes and lets both of their emotions wash over her. She feels the nervousness of Rell, how desperate she is to do it right. 

‘You’re fine,’ Seraphine murmurs into Rell’s mouth. ‘I love you. Don’t worry so much.’ 

Rell shivers. ‘Okay.’ 

Seraphine gasps when Rell kisses down from her jawline to the hollow of her throat. She writhes under Rell when she pampers kisses behind her ears. Everything Rell does is accompanied by that powerful feeling known as love. 

It feels so normal when Rell coaxes Seraphine to sit up and unhooks her bra. The subtle snap makes Seraphine gulp. Well, not like Rell hasn’t seen her bare chest before. 

Rell acts like she hasn’t. She exhales when Seraphine’s bra is off and she sees her, naked and vulnerable. She experimentally cups Seraphine’s breasts in her hands, peeks up at Seraphine for approval. 

‘That’s good,’ Seraphine promises. ‘You can do more.’ 

Seraphine’s back arches up involuntarily as Rell takes a nipple into her mouth. Rell’s tongue is even hotter than her breath and the way she swirls her tongue around the sensitive bud makes Seraphine feel like screaming. She has sensitive ears and nipples, okay?

A hand that wanders down Seraphine’s stomach causes her to move from surprise. She shifts her legs and a throaty moan comes from Rell in reply. Seraphine glances over and understands what has happened. 


Her leg is now between Rell’s thighs. Seraphine smirks, experiencing a burst of boldness. She twitches her leg and watches in amazement as Rell’s mouth opens again and a whimper escapes her. Seraphine licks her lips as she feels Rell’s wetness through her underwear. 

‘You doing okay there, Rell?’  

‘F-fine,’ Rell sputters. Her hand is still in the same place it was before, her attention now being at the center of Seraphine’s knee, that her crotch is in almost direct contact with. ‘All good.’ 

Seraphine halts her movements. Rell groans. Seraphine restarts grinding her leg up against Rell. Rell almost doubles over but catches herself on the palms of her hands. She rests her head on Seraphine’s shoulder, a whimpering mess. 

Rell is so vulnerable right now. She’s an actual open book. Her thoughts enter Seraphine’s mind at a rapid pace. 

‘Holy shit I love her’ 

‘I don’t want her to stop’ 

‘Fuck, Seraphine’ 


Seraphine lets Rell ride on her for just a little more. And then she pulls her leg out from between Rell’s. 

‘Noooo,’  Rell cries out. She opens her mouth and bites down on Seraphine’s shoulder. 

‘Yes,’ Seraphine replies curtly. ‘I want you properly.’ 

Rell looks confused when Seraphine crawls out from underneath her. Then she is encouraged by Seraphine to lay back down. So she does. 

Now Seraphine is the one on top. She looks down at Rell with a satisfied smirk. ‘Rell, how do you feel about stimulation of the breasts and nipples?’ 

‘Fine with it.’ 

‘Stimulation of the clit, be it via tongue or fingers?’ 

‘Love it.’ 

‘The insertion of one or more fingers?’ 

‘Want it, right now.’ 

Seraphine nods. ‘Good.’ 


Rell’s panties dragged down by Seraphine first. She has the audacity to look Rell in the eye, look down, lick her lips and look back at Rell. Next Seraphine gets rid of Rell’s bra, throwing it over her shoulder to become friends with the other discarded items of clothing. Seraphine checks her nails, thankful she just cut them.

She noticed it in the pictures Rell sent her, but Rell’s chest is definitely bigger than Sera’s. Seraphine leans in and makes sure that each nipple is wet and perked up. From Rell’s chest she wanders to lower regions, leaving a trail of open-mouthed, sloppy kisses behind. 

Rell has been constantly squirming around and making noises of contest. And as the cherry on top, another wave of Rell’s nervous thoughts just hit Seraphine.

‘Are you sure you are okay?’ 

‘Well,’ Rell says. ‘The thing is...’ 

Seraphine frowns, resting her head atop of Rell’s stomach, trying to ignore her perfectly shaped abs. ‘You can tell me.’ 

Rell sighs and closes her eyes. ‘This is the first time I do it with another woman.’ 


Oohh. Seraphine nods. ‘Okay. Want to stop?’ 

‘Hell no,’ is Rell’s immediate answer. ‘I am just not sure what to expect. Like, I have an idea of how this is gonna go. But still.’ 

‘I get it.’ Seraphine says. And she does. Her first time with a woman was awkward as hell. 

Rell peeks at her. ‘Is it okay if I might not do… you?’ 

‘Of course that is okay,’ Seraphine says. ‘I don’t expect anything in return. It’s nice, but it’s not a requirement when you’re having sex.’ 

Seraphine readjusts herself and sighs as she comes face to face with Rell’s most private area. ‘I’m going to touch you now.’ 

Rell’s reactions hit Seraphine like a truck. While the younger woman’s hips buckle up at the sensation of Seraphine’s tongue on her clit, she is screaming at Seraphine inside her mind. 


‘Oh my god I love women’ 

‘I love Seraphine’ 

‘God is she planning on eating me out?’ 

‘Don’t mind if she does’

‘You’re so fucking gay, Rell’ 


She giggles. It’s just so entertaining to her. Bad idea to giggle when you have your mouth on someone’s clit. Rell cries out when the vibrations of Seraphine’s laughter come. 

Seraphine mutters an apology that she doesn’t mean at all and continues with her work. She sucks on the bundle of nerves while she runs her fingers through Rell’s slick folds. When she glances up at Rell, her girlfriend’s chest is heaving up and down and her mouth is slightly ajar. 

Seems like Seraphine is doing a good job. Now that Rell’s thoughts are as relaxed as they can be, while getting eaten out, Seraphine decides it’s a great idea to mess up Rell’s head again. 

She presses a finger into Rell’s wet cunt. It goes in easily and Seraphine smiles while she readies another finger. 

Rell is clearly startled, curses falling from her lips. 

With two digits inside of Rell, Seraphine multitasks. Something she is great at. While working her fingers in and out, she sucks on Rell’s hardened clit, grazing it with her teeth. 


The pay-off is huge. 

Rell cries out again, her whole body arching. ‘Fuck, Seraphine!’ 

Fuck Seraphine indeed. She tries to ignore the slick between her own thighs and returns to give Rell’s pussy all the attention it deserves. 

She continues to pump her fingers in and out of Rell’s sopping cunt, adding her tongue for some extra stimulation. Seraphine is sure to let Rell know where her clit is and repeatedly presses down on it with her thumb, drawing fast circles.

Seraphine is no expert on having sex with women but she is able to read the minds of some people. 


‘Oh my god am I gonna cum? Yep, am going to cum’


‘That’s right,’ Seraphine calls out while she looks at Rell. ‘Cum for me.’ 

Rell does as she is told. She goes quiet for a second while her body tenses up. Then she cries out, her hips buckling up. 

Seraphine manages to force Rell’s hips back down with a sturdy hand, as she keeps her head between Rell’s thighs and sucks on her clit the entire time her girlfriend climaxes.  When she actually receives Rell’s thoughts again, she stops her actions. 

She comes up with furrowed brows. 

Rell is looking up at the ceiling, jaw dropped. 

‘Was that okay?’ 

Was that okay?’ Rell repeats. She sits up and shakes her head at Seraphine. ‘Holy shit, that was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever heard.’ 

Seraphine laughs as she lays down next to Rell. ‘I know. Your thoughts were so loud, I couldn’t ignore them. But don’t worry, thanks to that I knew what to do.’

‘Ugh,’ Rell groans as Seraphine snuggles in her arms. ‘My girlfriend can read minds.’ 

‘And my girlfriend is able to bend iron with her bare hands.’ 

Rell snorts and Seraphine chortles with her. She taps Rell’s toned stomach. ‘How about we take a bath, order room service and cuddle while we watch Avatar?’ 

‘Oh, I love you.’