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There is nothing In the world I wouldn’t do, for you

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Athena glared at Bobby, a stern look on her face as she studied both him and the young boy in his arms.
Since when did Bobby have a child? Every time she saw him he was alone, his apartment also showed no signs of a child occupying it.
Had Bobby kept the child a secret for a while?

“Athena— I can explain..” Bobby started, a sad look on his face as he bounced Evan when the boy started to get self conscious and weepy, clearly rattled by the reaction of the older woman.

“You have a child Bobby.. you have a child and didn’t tell me? How else am I meant to react to this?” Athena said, shock and anger all over her face as she couldn’t understand why Bobby hadn’t told her.

“Athena this.. it was a last minute thing!” Bobby got out before Athena could say anymore. At the look on her face he knew she wanted him to continue.

“Hey kid.. why don’t you go with Hen and she can give you a grand tour hm?” Bobby asked the sniffly child in his arms softly, a small smile on his face when the boy nodded and he quickly got him settled with Hen.
Once he was sure they were out of hearing distance he sighed and turned to Athena, a small frown on his face as he crossed his arms.

“He was a kid on a call.. an apartment fire..” Bobby started, a small frown on his face as he recalled the events of the evening. The boys breathing was still weak, his leg was also casted which only proved that what he was saying added up.

“We had everyone out but someone then said they didn’t see the child they saw a couple of times. It took me and the team a while to find him and there he was.. in the apartment with nothing.. no clothes, no toys or anything Athena. The couple across from them said that his parents left days ago.. everything was gone..” Bobby said with a small sigh before shaking his head with a small frown.

“It.. was a long process.. I signed papers to take him home.. turns out he was a foster kid.. what else what I suppose to do Athena? I get it.. the decision was last minute but as soon as I saw that kid I felt a connection..” Bobby said, a sorrowful look on his face as he let out a small sigh.

Athena frowned as she listened, her brows pinched as she crossed her arms with a little sigh. How could she argue with this? It was clear that Bobby was telling the truth.
The boy looked scared when he believed something bad was happening which only proved he had been through something.
If she could she would go digging but right now she was going to take her boyfriends word on it.

“Ok.. Ok I believe you..” Athena said softly before smiling at Bobby. It had been a while since she had been around a boy so young, she would probably enjoy this.

“But I want a proper introduction next time Bobby.. instead of me finding out myself like this..” Athena said with a small smile as she put her hands on her hips.

“I have to go now.. but why don’t I come by after work? The Micheal is having a games night with the kids so I have some spare time.. I can bring some of Harry’s old toys maybe for him?” Athena suggested which made Bobby smile happily. He didn’t know why he thought Athena would be mad at him about taking Evan in.

“That would be amazing..” Bobby said softy and with that he kissed Athena goodbye before going to find where the others had taken Evan.

“See this? This is Mr Bobby’s office.. it’s so big huh? Look his desk is even big enough for you to fit a pillow fort under it..” Hen teased which made Evan giggle a little, his cheeks still flushed from when he had been crying after Athena’s reaction.

Evan had thought that he would have been sent somewhere else when he saw the woman’s reaction.
All his life he had seen people yell or look angry, he was use to it. However, this time felt different. This time he wasn’t use to it and he just didn’t understand why.

“Mr Bobby!” Evan chirped once he saw Bobby, his eyes sparkling as a big grin formed on his face once Hen got him settled back into Bobby’s arms.

“I’ll go stock up the ambulance.. you two have fun..” Hen said with a small smile before she left to find Chimney.

“So.. pillow fort huh? Would that be something you would want? It can be called Evan’s little hideout..” Bobby teased and couldn’t help but smile when Evan grinned at that. The boy was clearly calming down at everything which he liked.

“Yeah! L-Lots of.. pillows and.. and Blanky’s..” Evan said shyly before he gasped when he got an idea, a shy look on his face as he tapped Bobby’s cheek curiously.

“Can.. we get glow up stars too? So.. it looks like the sky?” Evan asked innocently, the look on the boys face causing Bobby’s heart to shatter.
The boy looked so unsure of his question as if it was wrong or too rude. Just how touch starved and sheltered was this child?

“Of course! I think that is a wonderful idea.. why don’t we do a design like that for your bedroom too? We have to go to the store on the way home anyway so we can get you a couple of thinks..” Bobby asked softly, a small smile on his face as he brushed the boys blonde curls from his face.

It didn’t take long for him to get everything cleared up quickly so they could go to the store. Once Evan was sat comfortably in the trolly he sighed, making sure the boys casted leg wasn’t strained before he began pushing it around the store.

“Any allergies I should know of kid?” Bobby asked, a small frown on his face when Evan only shrugged. He should’ve guessed that the boy would do that, he wasn’t exactly one who knew that some things were or what being cared for meant. Some of the things the boy tries to do made Bobby think that inside he was like an adult. Only now was the boy realising that he was a child and that alone made Bobby’s heart break.

His children didn’t understand responsibility at the age of 4, all they did was play but Evan tried doing things on his own. It made his heart ache more at the thought of his kids but he soon snapped out of it long enough to help Evan put some things in the trolly.

“Ok.. so we have food, new clothes, drinks and some toothbrushes for you and the glow up stars.. now why don’t we go look at the toys hm?” Bobby suggested and smiled reassuringly at the boy when he suddenly got quiet and shy.

Evan couldn’t help but gasp when he saw all the different options, his bright blue eyes wide and full of wonder. It was so much for him to see. So many different things surrounding him and it was both amazing and too much at once.

Once he was sure Bobby was ok with it he eagerly reached out to grab some things, a shy look on his face when he realised how much he had picked which made him scared. Had he gone overboard?
Evan couldn’t help but try to hide at that but he was snapped out of his thoughts when Bobby placed the fluffy firefighter dog teddy in his arms. He blinked slowly, his small hands slowly stroking the fur before he stared up at Bobby with wonder.

“Every little kid needs a comfort Teddy. Now I know it isn’t the same as the one you lost.. but it’s still one you can carry around until I can get you one like your old once..” Bobby said softly and couldn’t help but smile when Evan looked at him with awe.

“T-T’ank You..” Evan said shyly as he held the teddy close to his chest, his eyes wide as he never remembered being shown so much kindness before.

Bobby couldn’t help but smile as they left the shop after buying everything. Evan hadn’t let go of the teddy which was what he wanted but to see it happen was also nice.

“Ok.. ready to go back to the flat? We have got some new things to personalise your little space in my room ok?” Bobby said softly before humming when he got an idea.

“Hey.. how about I invite Athena over? She would really like to meet you?” He suggested and waited until Evan nodded before smiling.

“Ok.. let’s go and get ready ok?” Bobby said and once everything was ready and Evan was strapped in he began driving back home.

He just hoped that this would all go well.

It took a while to get back but once he arrived he quickly got everything upstairs before slowly carrying Evan upstairs.

“Now.. lets put on some cartoons for you and I’ll get everything ready ok?” Bobby soothed and smiled when Evan cuddles up under the blankets with his teddy watching the cartoons.

It didn’t take him long to make something for the night and as soon as he heard the door he took a deep breath, a small hum leaving him as he brushed his hand through his hair.

“Ok.. you just stay here if your a little shy ok? It’s ok if you don’t want to talk straight away.. just take your time..” Bobby soothed and slowly went to the door, smiling when he opened it to find Athena stood there, looking as beautiful as ever.

“Hello Athena.. why don’t you come in?” Bobby said softly, a small smile on his face as he waved Athena in.
Once she was in he sighed, watching as Evan hid in the blankets as he was clearly scared of what could happen.

What did he just do?