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obsessed in one way or another

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"Okay class, this is your new classmate. Introduce yourself." The teacher spoke as everyone lay their eyes on the new transferee.

Another one? Good grief.

Kusuo paid no mind as he looks at the cerulean sky. His eyes traveling around the clouds as if it's some interesting thing. 

He put his hands on his cheeks as he thinks of coffee jelly.

And his sweet thoughts are suddenly interrupted when the new student spoke, "Hey, everyone. The name's Akio Itsuki. Looking forward to be cared by you all, especially you, pink-haired boy."  Akio remarked as he winks at the rose-colored hair boy.

Saiki rolls his eyes (secretly) as he grunts in annoyance.

Give me a break. Goddamn.

"What a bold introduction. You may aswell sit now, Akio."

Akio smirked at Saiki as he walks towards the sit next to the said man, "Is this seat taken?" He questioned.

Kusuo ignored him.

'He's so cute.' 

Even if not wanted, Kusuo heard Akio's thought, with his telepathy powers of course.

At these types of times i really want my powers to vanish. Freaking creep.


30 minutes passed by and Saiki grew uncomfortable with the staring Akio is giving him. His face piling up a bucket of sweat, going down from his temple to his cheeks.

He couldn't handle it no more.

My face is not the blackboard, so stop staring at me. You won't graduate with this.

The latter is shocked from hearing Kusuo's voice in his head, his face plastered a deep red blush.

But he quickly got over it and smugly smirked, "Who cares if i don't graduate? Being your husband is all that matters."

Unfortunately for Akio, their homeroom teacher heared him. "Mr. Itsuki? What husband are you speaking of? Are you even paying attention to our lesson?" The teacher scolded at him.

'That's what you get for being flirty to him.'

'Good for him.'

'How dare he flirt with master?'

'Serves him right. He literally stole my seat! Me? The perfect and pretty girl? Got stolen a seat? Unforgivable!'

Various of thoughts flooded into Saiki's head, He wished he had brought his germanium ring today. It's most needed today. He sighed.


"Oh, see you again tomorrow kids. Plus, don't forget your homework. Now go eat your lunches."

Saiki stands up as Nendou runs to him, "Hey pal, let's go eat ramen." 

"Hey, don't forget me!"

"Me too!"

Aren and Kaido sprint to the back of Saiki and Nendou to catch up to them.

They were talking a bunch of things while Kusuo is just listening to them since he doesn't care.


As they sat in their preferred seats, one familiar face came to them.

"Mind if i sit with you guys? Do you mind, pink-haired cutie?"

They all look (Excluding Nendou, Hairo cuz they gay) at Akio irritatingly, Kokomi puts up a fake but reassuring smile.

(Oh, and in this au, Mera and Chiyo doesn't usually sit with them and friends with them.)

"We don't mind, right guys?"

I do mind.


Aren muttered as he clench his fist, trying not to bruise Akio's face with it.

"Gee, thanks!" Akio cheekily smiled as he sits in between Kaido and Saiki. (Kaido is in his left and Saiki is in the right which is at the end so meaning, Akio is the only one sitting next to Kusuo.)