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Straight to your heart (Tumblr fics)

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Before you start reading I just want to say sorry for those who were expecting the new chapter of "With the full moon", my other fic on this site... 

I had to put on hold the fic 'cause of my finals and even after passed those I had very little time to dedicate it since I'm busy with work almost every day.

To be honest I kinda losed the inspiration and motivation to keep writing it...

But don't worry! I got my life back on track and I'm ready to dedicate myself to write my projects again. It will take a little time but I'm ready to work on it, enthusiastic as I started.

Thank you for your comprehension!

Now, to the next chapter we go! 

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You didn't know exactly how you found yourself in a situation like that. Being dragged away from a well paying customer - although he was ugly as fuck - by some mafia guy who landed his eyes in you.

He just walked in when you were talking with your customer, gave an annoyed side glance to the guy and picked you up on his shoulder, dragging you away.

What a guy.

"So, mind telling me why you're being such a pain in the ass?" You asked, slapping tiredly his back, which he didn't even felt. "So, what's your excuse now? Uh, Dabi?" You asked again with more insistence since he didn't even bother to answer.

"Hello~? Heart to flame brain, are you there?" You mocked knocking at his head with your knuckles. He snorted in answer - at least he wasn't completely brain dead - and looked back at you. He slapped your ass, which sound echoed loudly in the hallway; cerulean eyes sparked with amusement as you let out a yelp.

"Just making sure someone remembers their place" he answered with a grin, throwing you unceremoniously on a guest's bed. He wasted no time, throwing his white jacket somewhere uncaring where it landed; he pounced you on the bed, caging you between his arms.

"What's that supposed to mean?" you had the courage to ask, brow slightly raised; he chuckled amused, a scary glint passed through his cerulean eyes as he removed his royal purple shirt "That means that a naughty bunny girl is up for a punishment" The black haired man wasted no time tying your hands together with his tie and hook them on the bed's headboard, he kissed you roughly - all teeth and tongue - in a bruising dance.

His scarred hands roamed all over your body, savoring the smooth skin he intended to mark as his. He wouldn't use his fire on you, that would be the end of your job - and as much as he didn't like it he knew it was important to you - so he decided for an alternative solution. He started biting marks upon marks on every inch of uncovered skin he could find, lapping at the teeth marks left behind.

His rough hands caressed your thighs, enjoying the material of your stockings before he'll rip them open. You menaged between whimpers to kick his side hard enough for him to notice; he stared at you with a raised brow, unimpressed - and slightly annoyed. "What, now?" he asked, the staples on his arms scraped the skin underneath your stockings.

"Don't you dare ruin my suit, or my boss would kill me" you warned with a small pout, it was typical of him ruining or damaging with no hope of repair your costumes and lingerie pieces. He chuckled, crushing you with all his weight "Oh, don't worry, princess" he replied, lips brushing against your soft chest. "I'll talk to that microsized dick bastard later. For now…" He bit the upper part of your costume and pulled it down with his sharp teeth, a spark passed through his cerulean eyes when your boobs bounced out finally free. "I want to enjoy all of you" He latched to one of your nipples, sucking greedily at it like a newborn baby while his hand parted your bright red leotard and started caressing your covered cunt. You let out a moan at the stimulation, hands fighting against the restrains he locked them in.

"Oho~ someone here is very excited" he chuckled "I just started and you're already dripping" You blushed in embarrassment under his amused stare, he sure was enjoying this situation more than normally. "You want me that bad, baby bunny?" He asked with a grin, heating up his fingers slightly and runnin' them up your clothed pussy. You bit your lip, stubbornly, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of hearing you begging. You only nodded. And Dabi wasn't pleased with your attitude.

He ripped your stockings before you could protest, exposing your wet cunny in the air. He heated up his whole palm and slapped your clit sadistically, it made you yelp in surprise - and pleasure - you didn't miss the evil smile on his lips. "I asked you a question, baby girl. It's good manners answering" he spoke, you caught the slight irritation in his voice "If you keep being such a brat I will punish you harder" he warned.

His firing fingers tortured your clit mercilessly, getting more moans and whimpers out of you. He was making sure you'd know he was going to have what he wanted. With the good or the bad. "Now, answer honestly, bunny" he said, stopping for a minute his ministrations "How bad you want my cock inside your tight cunt?" He plunged two fingers in you, a frustrated mewl left your lips "I won't let you cum until you beg for me" he whispered sultry. "I want it…" you whined pathetically, tears threatening to spill uncontrollably. Dabi didn't seem satisfied with your answer. "You want what, exactly? Come on, tell me...I'm all ears"

"Dabi…" you whined and he shushed you "Na-ah~ What's my name, bunny?" You gulped soundly, biting back your pride "Touya please…" he grinned. You were about to crumble for him "Please what?" He sadistically asked, your pride was reduced to crumbles, begging him like the good girl you were. "Touya please, I need you. Please~ I need your fat cock inside me. Ravage my slutty little pussy~" he grinned from ear to ear, removing his belt to let his manliness spring free "With such a kind can I say no?" He penetrated you in a single trust making you scream in pain and pleasure for the stretch, your tongue lolled out in pure bliss.

He fucked you in such a brutal pace that your mind was going to break in pieces, you could only focus on his blue eyes that observed you so passionately. He hugged your waist, hoisting you up from the bed and planting his nose between your breasts. He roared like a beast, painting your insides with his thick seed before collapsing on top of you.

You absently traced the motives of his blue oni tattoo on his back, caressing his back lovingly despite the hard treatment he gave you. "All this bullshit just to say you were jealous?" You asked tiredly, your sarcasm came back as well as his cocky smile "I made my point didn't I?"

He damn well did.

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"You gotta be kidding me…" you muttered while pinching the bridge of your nose "I'm afraid is not a joke" one of Mirio's coworkers said in a mix between embarrassed and annoyed.

Your boyfriend went to an agency drinking party that night, things were going smoothly even for you as you chatted with your friends 'till they called you telling your boyfriend went a bit overboard. You literally bolted to the other side of the city, worry eating your organs; maybe something went wrong, he might got injured very badly, someone attacked him on his way home…

When you arrived at the bar, sweaty and breath running short, what you found was a very drunk Mirio who was babbling and acting like he was 5 again. "I apologize. We didn't know he had such low resistance to alcohol and he didn't informed us on it" his coworker told you "He started acting weird after his third drink and we didn't know what to do with him" he added.

You snorted through your nose, regaining your calm and moved closer to the room he was. He was slumped over the table, murmuring something under his breath while playing with some toothpicks like a kid. When he saw you a big smile painted on his overheated face "Y/N-Chan~! You're here too~" he said, hoisting up and hugging you, making you almost fall on the floor "Let's go pway~" he chanted excitedly.

"I'm bringing you home" you said, ignoring his request bluntly "Nhuo, pwease I was having fun" he whined pouting his lips just like a kid. You had to drag him out by force all while he kept whining and clinging to you "I don't wanna go home yet~" he said while hugging tightly a lamppost, holding it for dear life "Mirio, you're drunk. You need to get back home and rest" you said, stating the obvious; he pouted and looked at you with, what he thought was, an offended expression. "I'm not dwunk…" he slurred, a tiny hiccup left his mouth, you sighed and raised your fingers to him.

"How many are these?" he squinted his eyes, moving his head in all directions even though your hand was still in hair; he looked at you and raised a brow "Sixteen…?" you lowered your hand slowly "See? You're drunk. Now leave that lamppost and let's go home"

"Nope~ I don't want to!" he hugged the lamppost even more tightly, whining and kicking like a kid "Mirio…" you called him, feeling more like his mom than his girlfriend, but he was stubborn "You're so mean~ I hate you~" he whined again. You sighed deeply, resorting to your trump card "I'll give you candies" He turned his head, eyes glowing with joy "Really?" you nodded and hummed, smiling slightly "But only if you behave" you added; He left his grip on the lamppost and hugged you instead, rubbing his cheek against yours.

"I wove you Y/N~" you giggled at his change of attitude "Didn't you said you hated me?" you asked jokingly, he shaked his head vigorously in answer "I wove you! I wove you so much~" He runned in front of you, stirring his arms widely "I wove you thiiiis much~!" he started giggling, his smile so radiant it could blind you. After that you arrived at home without any problems whatsoever, Mirio held your hand through all the way, squeezing you in a hug every once in a while and telling you he loved you.

He removed his shoes messily and runned to the sofa, falling face into the cushions, dangling his legs excitedly, like he spent a whole day at the playground. "Candies~ Candies~" he chanted, bumping his hands on the soft surface "Okay, Okay, you big baby. I'll give you candies" you said, circling the sofa to go to the kitchen when your phone vibrated in your pocket. "Hello?" "Y/N, how's Mirio?" it was Tamaki, his voice sounded worried "He's fine. He's just a bit drunk and thinks he's a kid" you heard the male chuckling softly to the other side. 

"That might be a sight to see" you giggled lightly "I guess it is. Some passerby probably thought we were crackheads and laughed it off, but nothing else other than that" "I'm sure he's in good hands with you" he replied kindly, you were about to answer when your drunk boyfriend encircled your waist from the other side of the sofa, pulling you closer to him "Y/N-san?" you heard from the other side "I'm okay. I'll call you tomorrow" you hung up, studying your boyfriend's expression.

"Mirio?" you called him but he pouted even more, puffing his cheeks like an hamster "I wanna kiss kiss" he muttered with cheeks even redder than before. "Didn't you wanted candies?" you asked in a motherly like tone, he shook his head with energy "Kiss kiss" he said again, this time louder. You giggled and brushed his hair out of the way, kissing his forehead softly; he scrunched his nose and pouted even more, looking somehow angry "Not like that! I wanna kiss kiss like big kids do~!" you arched a brow in question and he got up on his knees, lining eye level with you.

"Like this…" he said holding you by the cheeks and kissing you passionately, you felt the flavor of ginger as your tongues battled for dominance. He detached from you and liked his lips, looking at you straight in the eyes as he did so "Sweet. Just like candy…" he murmured lowly, seductively, making you rub your thighs together. He grabbed your wrist and placed your hands on his abdomen, moving it in small circles and as you savored his sculpted body he groaned. You started kissing again this time more passionately, more urgent.

Your hand basked in the warmth of his sweaty skin and the heat radiating from your core. He was acting like a kid ten seconds ago and now he was feral and hungry for you like a wild animal. A twist you didn't expect. He leaned more into you for deepening the kiss and in just one moment you felt his skin disappearing under your touch.

You found yourself with half of Mirio's clothes in hand as you heard a loud thump and a sharp groan behind you. Turns out he activated his quirk unintentionally and passed through you in a matter of seconds, planting his face on the hard floor. It took you a second to realize that before running to your boyfriend, laying stark naked on the floor.

"Oh God, Mirio! Are you okay?!" he got up from the floor holding his forehead "Ow~ what happened?" his eyes landed on you confused "Y/N? Weren't you with the other girls?" you looked at him quizzingly "Wait… You don't remember anything that happened up 'till now?" "Should I?" you sighed, happy that your boyfriend was back to normal but annoyed that you would have to explain what happened. He blinked a few times, like he had realized something, and creaked a small smile "I remember one thing though" you looked at him with slightly red cheeks, waiting for his next sentence; he opened wide his arms and grinned from ear to ear "I love you thiiiiis much~" You giggled at his outcome.

"Honey…" his smile faded a little and looked at you confused "What?" you pointed at your nose and replied "Your nose is bleeding" he brushed his fingers under his nose and they were, in fact, smeared with blood. "Let's get you treated up…" you said raising up to go fetch the first aid kit "And then we can cuddle?" you sighed tiredly but with a small smile on your lips "...And then we can cuddle" you conceded and he followed you, happily chanting like a kid.

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Tamaki almost shattered the cup of coffee he was holding when he saw you. When he saw your outfit to be precise.

Thigh high stockings, red shiny leotard with a fluffy tail poking out of it, red bowtie that wasn't enough to distract the eye from your breasts - perfectly accentuated by the outfit - and cutesy fake ears on top of your head. There was no doubt about it. You were the perfect bunny girl he'd ever seen.

"Y-Y/N, what is… what is that?" he asked, face so flushed you thought he had a fever "Oh, this? It's for the upcoming undercover mission I'll have to partake in. It's cute isn't it?" you answered making the fake ears bounce lightly as you moved. "Yeah...V-Very cute…" he stuttered, violently blushing.

Oh, yeah. Another part of him thought that you were really cute in that costume. A very prominent one.

When the mission started he felt the need to cover you or dragging you somewhere anytime a man ogled you and your curves, feeling jealous that he couldn't even touch you. You were so sexy in that costume that he had to hold back any possible sex related thought, afraid his bulge would be noticed. On the other side you were burning with the stare the other girls who looked at your boyfriend. And you couldn't help it, he was way too sexy.

He had to change his hair color from indigo to white, one side slicked to the back and the other was left wild and untamed; he wore lenses that changed his eyes into a rose red color, his expensive suite hugged perfectly every inch of his muscled figure. That added with his shy - yet a bit confident - nature was the perfect mix that attracted every girl/woman in the circondary. When a pair of unknown hands started caressing his shoulders and chest you lost it. You dragged him in one of those private lap dance rooms and pinned him into one of the plushy chairs.

"B-Bunny…?" you sighed deeply at his confused call. "Stop doing that, please. You seriously don't know what you're doing to me" Tamaki bit his lip and his hands hugged your lower back, pushing you against him "I should be the one to say that…" you straddled his lap and hold back a gasp, feeling his prominent bulge "I've been like this since I saw you in this. Don't think I'll let you escape now" he said sultry, his hands runned down your back and to your rear but you slapped them away. "Although the feeling is mutual we can't let the costumes get ruined" you replied, booping his nose "So, what do you suggest?" you flashed him the most innocent smile, latching your arms around his neck "Try to guess. It's easy" he bit his lip once again, blushing that rose color like his lenses "Dry humping…?" you nodded in response.

He hugged your waist, pulling you closer and both of you started moving in a slow but needy rhythm. With your chests pressed together you could hear his heartbeat in sync with yours, he buried his nose in the sensitive part of your neck while you lightly moaned in his ear. His hands frantically grabbed whatever part of your body in search of friction, you tangled your hand in his hair and wiggled your hips against him. You mewled when he gave you a spank on your buttcheek and whispered in your ear "Faster…" before biting your earlobe.

At this point you two seemed more like two animals in heat, grabbing whatever you could of the other, panting and sweating, desperate to reach your high. "Tama~" you moaned in his ear "I'm- I'm gonna…" he grabbed the back of your head and pushed you down in a sinful kiss. Both of you grabbed each other in a tight hug, cumming in your underwear.

You breathed hardly, thighs trembling and mind still clouded. When you felt a wet and warm sensation on your lips you immediately parted. "Honey…" you called worried "What?" he asked absently, his mind still up high with pleasure "Your nose is bleeding" his eyes shot open in an instant as you stumbled to reach a tissue box nearby. "I'm so sorry Tamaki. It was too much wasn't it?" you asked worriedly, tapping softly his nose with a tissue. "No, it wasn't. It's just…" he looked at your disheveled figure while his head was tilted up "You look so cute like that…" he said shyly and you giggled "Well, I guess you'll have to admire me for a bit longer then…" you replied while pressing the tissue on his nose.

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What to do when your extremely dominating boyfriend gets injured and can't touch you?

Easy. You dominate him.

"Fu-ck! Agh! Please, no more…" it was sure a rare event hearing Katsuki, the number two prohero Dinamight, begging and crying so sweetly. You were enjoying your position upon him, legs straddled his lap as you rode him, milking him for everything he was worth. "Please… I can- I can't cum anymore!" he begged, hands trashing on the sheets, grabbing the soft material in an attempt not to grab you.

"Oh, come on darling~ Just one more, I know you can do it" you cooed sweetly, bouncing up and down his shaft without slowing down. Let's have a quick recap… Katsuki came home from the hospital with his hands completely bandaged, result of him overusing his quirk to win against a villain. The doctors have been pretty severe with him, imposing him to not make even a single explosion or he'll lose his hands. His poor hands hurt everytime he tried to grab something, asking you to grab what he wanted; he was completely depending on you, and he was angry about it. Poor boy couldn't even touch you.

To add more to his bad humour his back started hurting so much since that morning. So when you came back home from the groceries store you found him staring at the ceiling on your shared bed, arms crossed as he huffed annoyed with his nose. "Katsuki? You okay?" You asked, head peeking worried from the door "Back hurts. Can't move" he replied, adding a grunt at the end. You knew this situation angered him to no limit, being cared for and cuddled like an infant was a sign of weakness to him.

To be honest he never let you take care of him when he was feeling sick - not because he didn't love you or trusted you - but because he didn't want anyone to see him weak. You thought this was a perfect timing for everything you couldn't do to him when sick.

"You want something in particular for dinner? It's my turn to cook this week" you asked sweetly. He grunted in annoyance but answered the question anyway "Soup. Make it spicy" you hummed happily. After some time you came back to your shared room and find that Katsuki didn't even sit up, probably his back was giving him more pain than you thought. "Can you get up?" You asked entering in his field of view, he grunted and tried to get up earning a cracking sound coming from his back "Fuck…" he grunted again. You sighed sympathetically at his poor attempts, placing down his plate of soup and opening your arms to help him hoisting up, you filled the space behind his back with pillows to make him feel as comfortable as possible and feed him soup.

He felt so goddamn embarrassed... You fed him soup, changed his clothes, massaged his back… in a few words you spoiled him like a little kid. He let out a chuckle as you delicately passed your palm through his dolorant back "What's so funny?" You asked "You look exactly like a nurse. A caring nurse with her unmoving patient" a sly smile painted on your lips as he finished the sentence. You slided off his back and with a very pathetic excuse you got out of the room, searching frantically through stacks of boxes in the closet for what you wanted.

"I thought I put it here last time… Ah! There it is" you chirped not too loudly. You held a pastel pink and white box with a little post-it on it signed, non the less, by Mina. She gave you that costume for your birthday and suggested with a wink to put it to good use when you wanted. Also the post-it declared shamelessly her intentions, spelling "Have fun you two <3" with a big winking face on it.

"I'll never thought to say this in a near future but…Thanks a lot Mina" You rushed to the bathroom and quickly changed yourself in that costume, before returning to your visibly bored boyfriend. You tiptoed quietly, adjusting the final touches of your costume and seated on his back "Took you long enough" he grumply protested "What did you have to pick that took all this time?" "Take a guess~" you chirped, but still remaining vague. "Well if you want me to see you have to help me…miss nurse" he mocked, unknowing of the fact that you indeed wore a nurse costume.

You flipped him by the shoulders and his eyes threatened to blow out of his skull, resisting the urge to whistle for how sexy he found you. White thigh-high stockings with garters to kept them secured bitted the plush skin of your thighs, the pale pink uniform - clearly two sizes smaller than yours - accentuated every single curve of your body and the cutesy nurse hat on top of your head completed the picture. Katsuki bit his lip to remain silent - afraid somehow to be caught red-handed - his body was way more honest than him though.

As you seated on his lower half you immediately felt his prominent bulge poking at your inner thigh. You chuckled at his reddening face, caressing his cheek as you spoke "Like what you see?" he nodded, unable to find any comprehensible words "Very well then. Tell me where it hurts~" "Hah?" he breathed out, the usual scowl returning to his face. You smiled wider and pinched his nipple, chuckling when he winced "I asked: tell me where it hurts, baby boy" you repeated sultry sweet.

He grinned hungrily and licked one of his fang-looking tooth "My little friend down there hurts so much. Can you help me?" he asked with a fake childish tone. You ran your hand down his pecs and abs, stopping midway; you gave your boyfriend a glance, enjoying the way his breath hitched and his cheeks flushed. "You're way too pretentious Katsuki" you said awfully sweet, earning an annoyed - and expecting - glare from the blonde "Good boys need to earn their prize…" He watched you wide eyed as you hoisted yourself slightly and slided off your silky white panties. As he raised his hands to your hips you slapped them away and raised two fingers in his face "Let's settle two rules. First: you can't touch me…" you inched closer, hovering over his head "Second: If you want to be pleased you'll have to call me mommy" Before he could protest you had already lowered down on his mouth, his hot breath caressed your folds and clit making you shiver with anticipation.

He wasted no time, lapping at your cunny with such dedication; he sucked at your clit and made you moan, your tongue rolled out from all the pleasure. In the meantime you lowered his pants and boxers, letting his fiery manliness bounce free. You touched the tip with feathery touches before grabbing at the base of it with force, earning a groan from underneath you. Your free hand grabbed a fistful of his hair before you came on his face. You raised from him and seated back into his lap, admiring his bashful expression, his chest going up and down to regain his breath; his tongue lapped at the juices left on the corners of his mouth.

"Are you ready to go straight to heaven, my little boy?" you asked, your pussy positioned just above his member "I'll let slide the no touching rule, but never - not even in a million years - you'll hear me beg or call you mommy" he replied with his signature scowl. "We'll see that…" You fell down on his member harshly, making the blonde groan at the sensation of your velvety walls around him. You started bouncing up and down his cock at a slow pace, making it hard for him to stay controlled. He gripped at the sheets with force, whining afterwards for the pain he caused himself. "Fuck! Go faster…" he breathed out shakily, you smiled wickedly raising up each time he tried to push up his hips "What's the magic word~?" "Hell no! Like fuck I'm gonna beg you" he remained on his idea, he sure was such an hard head.

"Fine then" you stopped, grinding oh so slightly your hips and enjoying the way he started to tear up in frustration. "Come on, Katsuki. It's just two words you can do that" you indulged with a honey coated voice. To be honest Katsuki was enjoying this experience too, he loved seeing you dominating his bratty and arsh side, probing him what he wanted. "Fucking… fine!" he yelled, face so red and tears streaming on his cheeks. "Please…" he whispered embarrassed "Please what, darling? I can't hear you ~" you inched closer with a smug grin on your lips "I said please…" he tried again, your walls tightening around him were making him go crazy. "Come on, sweetie. You can do it" "Please mommy, go faster. I beg you, milk my cock. Let me cum inside your heavenly pussy, please. I can't… I can't stand to be teased so much" he pleaded, his pride reduced to bits "See? I told you it was easy" you said mockingly before moving again at fast peace, making Katsuki scream in pure pleasure.

You made him cum once. Twice. Thrice. At the fourth time he was a babbling mess with his tongue lolled out of his mouth in bliss. At the fifth time he was begging you to stop, that he couldn't cum more than that. "Come on, one more. I know you can do it" you spelled sultry. His mind was dizzy and his dignity was in crumbles as he begged you one last time "Mommy I'm gonna - gonna cum! Oh, fuck! I'm gonna cum so hard!" he yelled at the top of his poor lungs. "Do it. Cum for mommy" you ordered and with a strangled whine he painted your walls white before you collapsed on him, tired of your own performance.

"I changed my mind: you're one hell of a nurse" he exalted as you cleaned his face from the tears "But you love me for that too" you giggled poking his nose. Katsuki grinned from hear to hear with a wild smile "Hell yeah I do"

Chapter Text

You tiptoed quietly around the big house of your boyfriend, in search of the green haired man. Being the boss of a yakuza group sure paid off quite well you thought, scanning the nht empty room of the floor. You finally found Izuku sleeping soundly - judging by the light snores he let out - on the big canopy bed with dark covers he liked so much. The window was slightly open, letting the moon lighting up the room enough for you to see his features and the wind to caress his inked and scarred skin.

You caught him during one of his rare calm and relaxed moments. It wasn't like he didn't trust you, he loved you deeply from the bottom of his bad guy heart, but he never fell asleep next to you - only when he was sure you fell asleep before him - or when he was so tired he couldn't even move a finger. Your feet moved quietly on the cold floor, reaching the opposite side of the bed. Izuku let out a soft grunt when a string of your hair caressed his cheek, he must've been very tired - you thought - since Izuku always bragged to have very sharp senses.

You had to hold back the urge to rub your thumb on his lips, worried when you saw the little fresh looking cut on his lower lip. A quick kiss won't hurt you thought, gently straddling his lap. He sure was very handsome - not that he wasn't normally - but it wasn't everyday that you could admire your boyfriend's calm expression.

You took some time to admire under the moonlight the traits of your boyfriend; being the boss of a yakuza group meant he was always busy, those times where you had sex where pretty sparse, especially in the last month. Izuku was super busy during this time meaning he was always away from home. Those precious minutes of calm he had were always spent by touching each other in a passionate rush.

You remembered how he made you cum that morning; scarred fingers filling up your needy cunt, they were quick, impatient but at the same time delicate and passionate. His thumb stroked your aching clit furiously, making you moan and whine every time he moved. You panted lightly, tracing the lines of his koi carp tattoo that weren't covered by his shirt. Being a yakuza boss also - stereotypical - meant Izuku had a hella lot of tattoos and you loved when he walked around the house shirtless, having fun tracing the inky lines of every tattoo.

You passed your hand on his abs and Izuku let out a soft groan. You retraited your hand quickly, afraid you had woke him up, but luckily for you Izuku was knocked out cold. You grinded yourself a little to change your position and you had to held back a gasp when you felt something hard pressing against you.

Izuku was hard.

You whined at the sensation but didn't move from your position. What you thought in that moment was highly embarrassing and incredibly dangerous, Izuku could wake up at any moment (maybe exchanging you for an enemy and stab you with the knife he had under the pillows) but the past month of sex abstinence and the thrill of possibly getting caught made you act without reasoning. You started grinding again on his hard cock, biting the hems of your shirt to refrain the moans.

You remembered once again that morning: your boyfriend's tattoos that shined on his tanned skin with the sweat, the dingling sound of his military nameplate against his chest every time he huffed a breath and his look… Jade green eyes shined with an animal spark, green locks messy and ruffled that fell on his freckled red cheeks, teeth that grinded against each other in an attempt to not bite you and his voice…

"Hey there, doll" you eyes shot open, meeting jade green eyes and a playful grin "Did I miss something?" he asked with fake innocence. "I-I didn't mean… you were…" you tried to put words together and formulate an excuse, Izuku's eyes traveled down where your sex met his and looked back at you. "Really? Humping me when I'm asleep?" he said sarcastically raising a brow "You must be really desperate to release, aren't you, doll?" you blushed deeply, trying to get off of him but he was having none of that.

"Now, now doll. You got me all worked up and now you want to get back?" he asked, pouting slightly. He raised slightly on his back, dragging you with him and pushing you eye level with him "You want me that bad, doll?" you heard the sound of his zipper and gasped when his member slapped against your buttcheek, he whispered filthy in your ear "Come on, doll. Ride your powerful stallion" You pushed your panties aside and pushed yourself down his member, Izuku bit his lip as he grunted, grabbing a handful of your plush hips. Shit, he really missed your sleaky walls, hugging his length so tightly he might nut in that moment. You rode him with all your strength, moans and yells echoed in the dark room together with Izuku's grunts and the sound of skin slapping against skin.

Izuku's thumb started stroking your clit at a fast peace, sending jolts of pleasure down your spine. You tried to stop him, feeling your orgasm approaching faster, but he sure was way stronger than you "Izu-Izuku~!" You whined pitifully and he gave you another grin "What is it, doll? Are you gonna cum? Yeah, you gonna cum?" He said, face flushed and sweaty, quickening the pace on your clit. Your walls contracted around him like a vice, milking him for all he was worth. Izuku came with a strangled roar, painting your walls with his seed, you fell limp on his chest and he kissed your head lovingly.

"Fuck, I really needed that" he said caressing your hair, you let out a peaceful sigh at his ministrations. "But next time…" he said, whispering in your ear "Expect me to repay you tenfolds"

Chapter Text

You were fidgeting in your spot under your boyfriend's angry look. Let's be honest he did get mad rarely, preferring to avoid conflict at all costs, but this time - Oh boy - this time you got him really mad. He looked down at you with an unflinching stare, arms crossed on his chest and huffing loudly through his nose from time to time.

He wasn't happy in the slightest.

"Tama?" you called him, not daring to get up from the emergency bed you were sitting on. "What you did was very careless" he stated coldly, and what you did was indeed careless, stupid even. You literally jumped over all the other heroes in order to catch the villain, you managed to apprehend the villain but not without injuries. It could have gone worse, sure, you could have lost a limb or your life in the process but that didn't happen, so you were safe. Right?

Your boyfriend wasn't of the same opinion.

He sighed deeply and got down eye level to you, bumping his forehead with yours "Don't do that. Ever. Again" he said sternly and you saw a hint of worry in his eyes, you sure he was after what you did. "Tama, I promise it won't happen again but there's no need to worry. I'm fine, the doctors have already healed me" you tried to reassure him pointing a curtain behind you, where said doctors were hiding scared of the hero's change of attitude.

"You promise?" he asked, his face stone cold, a spark passed through his eyes for a moment. "Promise…" you whispered, grabbing his shoulders to get him closer and placing a soft kiss on his lips. When the kiss ended he liked his lips and whispered in your ear "I'll make sure of it" his sinful tone made you blush deeply, imagining what he could mean.

When you arrived at home he didn't waste anytime, dragging you to your shared bedroom and pushing you on it, trapping you between the mattress and his body. He drowned every protest you might have had with a long kiss, tongue hungrily lapping yours in a dominant dance; when the kiss ended he gave you the most animalistic look he could muster, tongue licking his fangs seductively.

You were already panting heavily as he pushed up both your shirt and bra, exposing your soft mounds only for him to look at. He latched his lips to one of your pinkish buds, sucking and pulling like a newborn baby, while his hand massaged your other breast in slow circles. You moaned and whined, passing a hand through his soft locks while the other grabbed at sheets like lifeline. He stopped his ministrations on your chest and started kissing his way down in your stomach, savoring the sweet flavor of your skin.

He spread your legs to accommodate himself between them, his tongue lapped at the soft skin of your thigh sensually. He took his sweet time to admire your half naked figure as he slid off you soaked panties, your breath hitched at the grin he gave you. "Already wet?" he chuckled and you blushed deeply "Perverted Bunny…" He dipped his head down, his hot breath fanning over your glistening lips. He gave a tentative lick at your folds, smirking as you gasped and gripped at his hair; he started eating you out, savoring your flavor like a dainty food as he basked in your whines and moans caused by his skilled tongue.

Your release built up quickly as your boyfriend sucked at your clit, his slender fingers stimulated your spongy sweet spot mercilessly, your toes curled on his shoulders in pure pleasure. "Are you gonna cum? You wanna cum, bunny?" he asked, sadistically enjoying the way you trembled under him just by his tongue; you nodded, not trusting your words, and he smirked completely removing himself from your pulsing cunny "Not yet. You have to wait" he ordered, enjoying the needy whine that left your lips.

He removed his shirt and pants, throwing them unceremoniously behind him "Tama…" you mewled desperately, running your fingers in the valley of his perfect abs, results of hard hero training for years; he blocked your hand before it could reach his hardness still inside his boxers "I wanna make you…feel good too" you whispered, eyes blown with lust and breath running short.

The embodiment of sin in person.

He had to restrain himself with all his strength to not plunge on you and destroying you with pleasure. Not that you minded, but he had other plans for you. "Don't worry about me. Tonight is about you, I'll make you see the stars" he said kissing lovely your hand, before pinning it above your head. You were about to reply when he tugged down his boxers and shoved his member inside you, making you gasp and moan at the sudden intrusion. He let you adjusting to his non average size, groaning when your walls fluttered around him; he bottomed down when he felt you relax, raggedy breaths and mewls were his favorite sound and curse at the same moment.

His head rested softly on your chest, panting loudly to regain his self control; he raised his head to meet your eyes, admiring how both your hands intertwined fingers tightly, his gaze went down to where he was connected to you, he chuckled before giving you a beastly smile "You look so pretty when you're full of me" He started plunging into you with deep and fast strokes, his mind running wild with his only objective for that night and many others to come, too afraid to actually tell you; his member left behind with every thrust that pleasant burn, reducing you into a moaning mess.

Every time he hit your womb a new shed of tears ran from your eyes in pleasure. "Tamaki~ I'm gonna- gonna cum!" you yelled at the top of your lungs, your free hand scratched the skin of his back "Me too. Wait for me! I'm gonna- ngh~!" he came hard inside you, your legs latched tightly at his waist like a vice. He muttered something through gritted teeth, his head seated under your chest - on your stomach - something that you didn't quite caught, too lost in your high.

He mentally slapped himself for letting it slip from his mouth, but at the same time he considered himself lucky you didn't hear him. He felt ashamed for thinking it without your consent, but this was the only solution that he could think of.

The only thing that could refrain you to lose your life in hero work and that he desperately needed to accomplish: getting you pregnant.

Chapter Text

"Honey, are you ok?" asked your husband, bouncing green hair peeked from the door left slightly open. You let out a distressed whine, your head peeking out slightly from your bad-assembled nest made with Izuku's clothes.

Izuku perfectly knew the situation his lovely wife was in.

Succubus heat.

When you first started your relationship with the greenette you had warned him about your monthly heat wave, caused by the too much accumulation of sex pheromones your quirk absorbed. And Izuku was actually fine with it. Giving you enough space, food and drinks to stay healthy, all the sweaty clothes - that you proclaimed had the best smell - that he'd used all week (underwear included) and sometimes he gave you a hand to pleasure yourself.

You shook your head at his question, eyes covered with a veil of fat tears and face completely flushed. "I don't know what's happening…It's not working" you whined pathetically, your cutesy tail tucked between your legs like a scaredy puppy. "What do you mean it's not working?" he asked worriedly; he was already at the edge of his seat when you told him your heat was earlier than usual, but at your affirmation he was in protection mode. "It's… It's not enough" you wailed, sliding off of one of your horns Izuku basketball shorts.

He observed your naked and sweaty body coming out from under his clothes, in his mind he was worried sick for you but his body found your current situation incredibly arousing. "You want me… to help you?" he asked a bit sheepishly; you always found his freckled cheeks dusted with that shy blush so fucking adorable. You straightened yourself on the bed, putting in full display your entire naked glory. Your heart skipped a beat when you heard your husband swallow thickly, face completely red.

He removed all his clothes and towered over you on the bed, projecting his bulky shadow over your smaller frame. He kissed you passionately, tasting the arousal on your tongue with a hint of strawberry; his scarred hands roamed all over your body, caressing your breasts and your soft tummy with feathery touches. When he arrived at your aching core he passed a digit on your folds, groaning in your mouth at how wet you were. His middle and ring finger started massaging your gummy walls, making you whine desperately at the feeling. He flinched slightly when your devil-ish tail wrapped around his wrist, blocking his movements "I don't need preparations…" you reassured him with glossy eyes.

"Ravage me, Izuku~" you whispered in his ear. He didn't need to hear anything else. He pushed himself into your wet entrance, letting out a growl at how your walls contracted so deliciously around him "You're so wet and warm" he whispered sultry, leaving small bites to your neck. You clawed at his back, scratching his already scarred shoulders as he pounded into you with vigor. You screamed in ecstasy as you cummed around his shaft, your tail formed a heart shape as it curled around his leg. He came inside you not so long after you, keeping himself up with his elbows to prevent him from crushing you with his weight. But, even after he pumped you so full of his cum, you still weren't satisfied; a wicked idea popped in your mind as he looked you in the eyes, still big and blown with lust.

"Are you feeling better now?" he asked with his signature smile. You pushed him back from you slightly, your long nails traced the valley of his perfect abs "Babe?" he looked at you curiously as you drew a small heart in the air. When you pointed at his chest with your fingers resembling a gun he realized what you were doing and tried to stop you. Keyword here is tried. When you shot your small blow you smiled as your husband's eyes turned from deep forest green to a light shade of pink, a sign that your quirk worked without fail on him. "Darling~" you spoke in that candy-covered voice, typical when you used your quirk "Darling, can you hear me?" he nodded absently, his mind was under your complete control "Perfect. Now listen here darling, there's something I want you to do" you said as you caressed his cheek, he leaned into your touch while still staring at you with his, now, pink orbs.

"I want you to fill me up with everything you got" you ordered "Make me your slutty cum dump. Use me like your personal fuck toy~" Let's be completely honest: you loved the caring and passionate nature of your husband, especially under the sheets. But sometimes you wanted him to be less controlled and more rough, more animalistic. "Dominate my slutty cunt with your cock~ Make me your bitch~" you pleaded and Izuku obeyed, entering in you with force and abusing your cunny by hitting that special spot inside you again and again. When you tried to claw his back once again he grabbed your wrists and pinned them down, near your head and kept hitting your insides without mercy.

"Yes~! Yes! Harder! Please go harder~!" you begged him, receiving a growl in response; Izuku's eyes looked more feral than ever, even though they weren't of his natural color. "You're such a slut for my cock, aren't you? Using your quirk on your husband to make him fuck you like a bitch" he said, you were slightly confused since you didn't ordered him to talk dirty, but your brain was becoming mush so you didn't gave it credit and just enjoyed it. "You want me to go harder, hmm? You want me to abuse your slutty hole, right? Want me to fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk tomorrow, yeah?" he asked rhetorically, knowing well that the only answer you could give him were incoherent moans and gibberish. Izuku gave a light slap at your clit when you didn't answer, making you jump as a spark of pleasure ran up your spine. "Answer me. You want me to destroy your slutty hole?" he repeated "Yes! Oh, God yes! Pump me full of your cum Izuku, I beg you!" He wasted no time, turning you to your back with your ass up, your tail started wagging like a puppy.

Your hole clenched around nothing as he opened your lips with his thumb "You're leaking so much, such a naughty girl you are" he teased, grabbing your tail forcefully and fucking you from behind, earning loud moans that could compete with a pornstar's. When you were about to reach your peak Izuku stopped moving. You looked behind you with teary eyes and saw your husband surrounded by green lights. Your heart almost stopped beating when you realized he had activated his quirk. "I-Izu…?" you asked visibly worried, he gave you an angry look and his eyes changed again: from that soft shade of pink to vivid green, almost azure. "You wanted it hard, then I'll give you hard…" he hissed, grabbing you by the hips and bringing you closer.

He started pounding into you hard and fast, the little sparks emanated from his body sent painful yet pleasurable shivers to all your body; you almost lost sensibility to your legs and ass, both of them marked by his hands. When his trusts started to lose rhythm Izuku pulled you even closer by curling your tail around his hand and pulling hard, sending you straight to heaven as you came. He collapsed on top of you, giving his last fast stokes and coming with a powerful roar inside your abused cunt. Both of you breathed heavily, trying to regain that last bit of control you had lost.

Izuku gave you a pouty glare from your shoulder, his eyes finally back to your favorite color; you arched a brow with a slight smile "I thought we said no using quirks to the other" he finally spoke. You giggled, pocking his nose with your fingers "You used yours on me" you pointed out "Did I hurt you?" Izuku asked, guilt filled his eyes. You flickered his forehead, smiling when he winced "Of course not, silly…" you replied, giving him a quick peck. He blushed deeply when you gave him that predatory gaze, caressing his lip with your nail.

"I think we should use them more often"

Chapter Text

"Senpai, you're okay?" asked Kirishima with a worried expression. "Yes." Tamaki replied briefly "Why do you ask?" "'Cause it looks like you're about to stab that guy" he replied pointing in your direction. He was staring intently at you and your new sidekick, who was flirting with you shamelessly right in front of him. Of course you paid no mind to his attempts to ask you out, politely declining everytime, but this story was being dragged on and on for days now.

Don't get me wrong he was never the type to be jealous, he was confident in your loyalty and that you were happy with him. But that guy was trying to take you away from him, flirting aggressively and come finding you for the smallest tasks, even when it was the two of you alone and he was trying to be affectionate.

He couldn't stand that guy.

"Today you were amazing, those robbers weren't nearly a match for you" your sidekick praised you which you replied kindly "Well, thank you" he gave you a flirty wink, gesture that made your eyes roll playfully "Seriously man, strong AND beautiful. You're the whole package" he tried again. "Beautiful, strong AND already taken" you replied, stating the obvious. "Speaking of which: is he holding a grudge on me?" he asked looking behind your shoulder "Why?" he pointed at your boyfriend, his face paled in a second "Because he seems like he wants to murder me" you turned around to see your boyfriend - your lovely, shy boy that couldn't ask you to kiss him without blushing - staring at your sidekick with a dark aura sorrounding him, almost like he wanted to beat him up to a pulp right inside the agency.

"Tama? Are you ok?" you asked worried, his serial killer aura calmed slightly at the sound of your voice. "Can you follow me to my office? There's something I want to discuss with you" he said calmly, holding your hand "In private." ha added giving a death glare to your sidekick who was already on track to follow you two. He dragged you to his office, slamming the door behind him and pinning you against it.

He started kissing you fiercely, all teeth and tongue, you tried to push him away to breath but he was irremovable. When he finally left your lips a shiny string of saliva was left to attach you both. He licked his lips at your flushed and out of breath figure, grazing his fangs with his tongue. "Tamaki…" you called him, eyes full blown with lust but with a hint of worry in them "What's gotten into you…?" He perfectly knew that he was acting out of character, being so fierce and dominant was so unlike him. He should probably stop and give you a proper excuse. But the jealousy he felt deep inside told him to throw his shyness out of the window right that fucking instant.

He pressed his hips against yours, making you feel his raging boner even through layers of clothing. You gasped loudly, clawing at his back as he pressed further into you, whispering in your ear "I'm sorry for this, bunny. But please… let me have this" You were about to ask him what he meant but he beated you on the time, hooking your legs with his arms and hoisting you up against the door "And this time, I won't let that other interrupt us" he added, removing his mask and hood in a frenzy.

You noticed his blushed cheeks that contrasted his animalistic look. He started nibbling your neck while he parted your shorts and panties, giving him access to your exposed core. He plunged two fingers inside you, stimulating your gummy walls in search of your weak spot while he bit every inch of your soft neck. Your whimpers and mewls were music to his ears. No matter how much his rational side told him to stop he kept going, boosted by your pleasured sounds. When he found your weak spot a rush of adrenaline ran in your vein, letting out a yelp and planting your heels in his back as you released on his fingers.

You hid your face in his neck in pure embarrassment, grabbing his shoulders to remain stable. You throw your head back, hitting the door behind as he silently panicked in the junction between your shoulder and neck. He shouldn't be doing that inside the agency, both of you would be in much trouble if someone found you clawing at each other like animals. He raised his head, breath shaking as he met your eyes to apologize, but when he was about to talk you pushed his head near yours.

Noses touching and breaths mendling with each other "Tamaki~" you called him, face red and eyes clouded with lust. "Please, ravage me~" you pleaded, his member throbbed in his suite at your call "Bunny… if you do that I won't be able to hold back" he said, referring to your lustful expression "Then, don't hold back" He pushed down his pants and let his member bounce free. You bit his lip at the sight, your cunny eager to accommodate him inside you.

"Be careful, bunny…" he said, his eyes darkened tasting the power he had on you "'Cause I won't stop 'till I'm satisfied" He pushed inside you in one go, hissing when your walls fluttered around him. Your back arched violently, his forehead now resting on your chest; your hands clawed at his back while he plunged into you, mercilessly hitting your weak spot every time. You didn't know what triggered this switch inside your boyfriend, but you sure loved this side of him.

He bit harshly on your shoulder, making you yelp in pain "Bad bunny. Don't hide your sounds from me" he said while growling, his dominant tone made your walls contract against him "But, there's still people outside. Someone could-" he cut you off by slamming his palm near your head on the door. "Scream my name, bunny" he ordered "But what if-" he growled again this time looking you straight in the eyes "Come on, scream. I want everyone to hear who's making you feeling this good" you almost couldn't control the string of moans and your boyfriend's name that came out of your mouth after that.

Let's just say that, after that, your invading sidekick learned to stay at distance from you.

Chapter Text

"...And next time be more careful, will ya?" his superior told him for the nht time this month. He came back from the hospital after being patched up from a hard battle, resulting in him staying for a week at the hospital without being able to contact you. "Yes, sir. I'll be more careful next time" he sighed at his phone, ending the call to fumble with his keys.

It was nighttime, pretty late actually, so he decided to give you a visit tomorrow morning and explain his disappearance, maybe buying you some roses to make you forgive him.

He entered his apartment with a long sigh, bending down to remove his shoes and he didn't hear the fumbling sound of steps coming in his direction. "Izuku…?" He heard as soon as he removed his coat, he turned around and saw you standing in the hallway, your eyes glossy as if you were about to cry. "Y/N? What are you doing-" he couldn't finish his sentence as he was shoved to the front door, you literally launched at him in a hug koala style, making him tumble and fell over. "Ouch. Y/N calm down, I'm still injured…" he wailed, rubbing his head "Do you know how much I was worried?" you mumbled, your face hid by muscled chest; he patted your head lovingly, bringing you closer into a hug "I'm sorry babe. Can you forgive me?"

"You'll have to work for it" you answered, burying your nose in his neck "That's reasonable" he chuckled. His chuckles turned into a yelp when he felt your lips on his sensitive spot "H-Honey?" you licked his neck slowly and sinfully before looking back at him, lust filling your eyes "I want to do it…" you whispered sultry. "What?! You want to do it? Here?!" he yelped in surprise, cheeks growing redder by the second "At least let me take you to bed, it's uncomfortable here-"

"Izuku" a shiver ran up his spine at your tone - aggressive, demanding even - "Don't make me tell you twice" He huffed raggedy breaths, bringing his tattered hands to your thighs "You're impossible sometimes…" His hands moved under your skirt, parting your already soaked panties "You're already this wet? I didn't even started" he chuckled and you blushed, feeling embarrassed all of the sudden "I've prepared beforehand, so…" he looked at you with wide eyes "You mean…" you guided his hand down to your slicked lips, rummaging with your free hand the zipper of his pants.

"I want you inside me. Now" you demanded, breathing heavily with flushed cheeks. "Fine then, come here" he said, bringing you closer to him, chest to chest; he removed his member from the confine of his pants, it bounced up attentively already leaking in anticipation. It slapped lightly against your exposed butt, a mewl left your lips at the contact. "You're ready?" he asked, aligning his member with your entrance, you hummed in answer, arms anchored tightly to his shoulders.

He entered in one go, both of you gasped at the sensation; your velvety walls already contracting and squeezing around him "So…tight" he gasped, sneaking his arms around your waist tightly, you whined in his ear so sweetly he was afraid he might come then and there. You passed your hands in his hair, fingers gripped at green locks viciously "You can… You can start moving" you breathed out, brain already starting to malfunction.

He buried his nose in the junction between shoulder and neck, savoring your scent; his hips jerked pistoning in and out of your soaked cunny, holding you tightly against him "Shit… You look so pretty when you're full of me" he whispered in your ear. You whined and mewled desperately, teeth sinking in the material of his shirt. Izuku stopped abruptly, raising up to his feet before you could even ask, your back now pressed against the door "Izu…?" you called shyly, nails planting on his covered shoulders "I told you: I'm still injured. My back is all patched up and it hurts to stay against the door" you were about to answer him but he cut you off "But don't worry, I can still take care of you" after saying that he stared again his ministrations, your moans and gasps got louder than before.

You tried to cover your mouth, conscious that a passerby could hear you if not the whole neighborhood, but your boyfriend was having none of that "Don't cover up, I want to hear you" he ordered, his tone sensual and demanding "But… But the neighbors will-" an harsh thrust made you moan without control "Come on, scream. I want everyone to hear who's making you feeling this good" you loved when your boyfriend - the smiling and sweet hero that everybody loved - shifted his nature into the dominant sex machine you loved so much. "Izuku~! Harder! Please go harder!" you yelled at the top of your lungs, uncaring if someone could hear you and your boyfriend lovemaking.

"Fuck! I'm gonna - gonna cum!" he let out an animalistic growl before coming full force into you, painting your walls white with his seed. Both of you panted heavily, waiting to get down from your high. "Are you satisfied now?" he asked kissing your cheek lovingly, you nodded, tongue too heavy to speak.

"I'll go run a bath for both of us, then we could relax in bed, 'kay?" he said carrying you effortlessly to the bathroom, his member still inside you. You kissed his ear, hugging him koala style "Welcome home, Izuku" he chuckled, patting your head "I'm back, sweetie"

Chapter Text

Sun, warm weather, clear skies… The perfect day to go to the beach.

Katsuki wasn't happy though: he preferred staying in bed cuddling with his girlfriend instead of going to a noisy beach full of noisy people, and on top of that he couldn't even touch you without stopping the growth of some random kid that could see you. In a few words: he was pissed.

He was waiting for you to get out of the changing room, leaned with his back over the wooden wall "Oi, are you done changing?! Or do I have to get in?!" he shouted, visibly pissed; no response came from the changing room, irritating him even more. "Hey! Did you hear me?!" he banged at the door, scaring some passerby in the process "I heard you for God's sake. What's your problem today?" you replied, opening the door to see him in face.

He looked at you for a second, his jaw mentally dropped at your sight. Your perfect body covered only by a swimsuit was enough to rail him up, with every curve of yours accentuated by the skimpy fabric. But that wasn't the only thing. Oh no. You were wearing a Dinamight themed swimsuit.

His brain short circuited for a moment, imagining all sorts of steamy and filthy scenarios involving you and your swimsuit; you fingers snapped in front of his eyes, a smug smile on your lips "Honey…" he looked at you puzzled "What?" you gestured towards his nose, holding back a laugh "Your nose is bleeding" he looked like he fell from the clouds, passing the back of his hand on his nose and finding - indeed - that he was bleeding. He tried to clean himself without messing up even more, in vain, you gave him your handkerchief holding back a giggle.

"If you liked my swimsuit that much you could've just said it" you stated simply and he glared back at you from the bloody handkerchief "It's just the heat, dumbass. This weather messes up my blood circulation" he replied not negating but not admitting it either. After he got cleaned up the two of you reached the others on the beach.

Mina proposed to play beach volley and you agreed to, while Katsuki sat nearby with his usual scowl, mentally cursing himself when he remembered he bought you that swimsuit. For the past hour and half he fought the urge to plunge in the game and take you somewhere far to take care of his raging boner, that grew harder everytime he watched you breast bounce or your ass jiggling. He remained under the beach umbrella, scowl painted in his face and a hardon hidden by his closed legs.

He spaced out for a good minute thinking for a good place away from every possible eye that could see you both; the cold sensation against his cheek made him snap back to reality, turning his head towards you "Here, I got you something. Lemon is your favorite right?" you said extending a popsicle to him. "I don't dislike it" he replied, tearing the package open and shoving the yellowish tube inside his mouth. He almost choked on it when he glanced at you enjoying your strawberry popsicle, sucking greedly and licking it on the sides, humming lightly at the flavor; all those cute sounds did not help his raging boner to get soft, they instead amplified his wild and dirty imagination.

Katsuki admired how the little sugar droplets fell past your chin, resting in the valley of your breasts. "Aw, damn. I made a mess…" you whined, popsicle almost finished, and licking your hand with the sticky pinkish liquid on it. He couldn't control himself anymore. He grabbed you by the wrist and dragged you somewhere far from any indiscrete eyes, popsicles long forgotten under the beach umbrella; he found a nice place secluded by some reefs, perfectly hidden but not too far away from the beach camps.

"Katsuki, what's wrong with you?!" You whined, rubbing your wrist as he let you go "I didn't get to finish my ice cream…" you added licking your finger, sweat and melted ice cream made your skin shine under the sun. Katsuki trapped you by the rocky surface, a sly smile on his face "You dumbass…Are you trying to get me hard or you're just that dense?" he said, his index looped in the ring of your bra, pulling it so slightly but still enough to make your breasts bounce out.

You grabbed his wrist and with pleading eyes you said "Please don't ruin it. It's my favorite and… it wasn't cheap" he chuckled, his other hand grabbed a handful of your ass, smirking as you yelped in surprise "Oh, don't worry. There's something else I want to ruin right now~" he said while linking his fangs. You prayed for your swimsuit to remain intact after his treatment.

Chapter Text

"Shoto, please stop…" you begged your husband in vain, he was in a sour mood and it couldn't help being ravenous towards you. "Can't. Want you." he answered briefly, attacking your neck viciously.

It was one of those rare days, almost one in a century, that his father decided to visit him in his agency. And Shoto wasn't pleased. At all. His grudges against that man attenuated during his adulthood, but the ex-prohero sole presence was enough to turn his mood upside down. Like in a matter of seconds.

Your husband manteneid his stone cold face for most of the time. Keyword being most of the time. When his father judging stare landed on you, working nearby on a case by yourself, he just saw red; he tried to maintain his aplomb, his fists closed tightly in an attempt to calm himself down but when those simple words left his father's mouth "She looks unfitting here" he couldn't control himself anymore.

He "excused" himself with a lie and dragged you with him into the agency' bathroom, mentally reminding himself to lock the door (Vietnam flashbacks kicking in…) he raised you over the stall, grabbing you by the thighs. "Shoto…" you tried to call him but he didn't seem to listen, too busy nibbling your neck and caressing your thighs. "Shoto, darling…" you called him again, hands cupping his cheeks as he forced to look at you "Did something happen?" you asked softly; he admired this odd ability of yours, always capable to calm him down and let his walls crumble with a single loving touch.

"It's my old man. What else could set me off?" he said dryly, his face buried in your soft chest. "I already don't like him nosing into my agency and into my work, but I hate the most when he looks down on you…" he admitted quietly. You caressed his bicolored hair lovingly, listening to his angry rumbles, despite the position both of you were in. "Shoto…" you called him again, he looked at you with those puppy eyes and pushed out lip. A face only you had the privilege to see. "Do you think a nasty comment would ever stop me from loving you?" You asked, rubbing gently at the scar on his eye; he shook his head lightly, his hair tickling the skin that your costume didn't cover.

"It's your life to live, not his" you reminded him; he smiled softly, placing a soft kiss between your breasts "You sure know how to always cheer me up, don't you?" he said, maneuvering to get you down gently. You locked both your arms and legs around him, blocking his attempts to put you down as his angry lust has worn off. "Y/N?" he looked at you quizzingly, you replied by flashing him a sly smile.

"You wanna leave me all hot and bothered?" you asked with a fake sad tone, whining a little. Shoto raised a brow at your sentence, remaining in silence so you could explain "You got me in the mood and now, you wanna leave?" you pouted slightly. Your husband blushed slightly, hooking your legs back up with his arms "Here's another thing you're good at…" he murmured, licking his lips "You sure know how to always get me thirsting for you" his low voice sent vibrations to your aching core.

His lips got back to attacking your neck, leaving hickeys and marks for everyone to see while he humped you like an animal in heat. You moaned softly in his ear, tugging at his hair the way you know sent him wild. "You want me inside you?" You nodded, face flushed and biting your lip as he rubbed himself against your clothed opening; he grunted and without warning he gave you a harsh slap on your buttcheek "I asked: You want Master's cock to be inside your needy cunt?" You whined at his change of demeanor, so dominant and irresistibly sinful. "Yes~ I want it! Please Master, give it to me~"

"You're lucky I don't want to wait to be inside you either" he whispered, parting your panties to the side and exposing your aching sex to the chilling air while you fumbled to open the front of his costume. He held you with one arm while the other assisted yours to unzip his pants. His manliness jumped attentive and your cunny started to drool, pulsing at the thought of accommodating all his length inside. He lined his tip against your entrance, the blushful red tip toyed with your clit as he kept grinding against you.

"Prepare to be sore after this…" he muttered lowly; you whined and Shoto hissed when he sank in your velvety walls in one thrust. You gripped at his shoulders as he increased the power of his thrusts, each time hitting the spot that made you cry hard. After a hard thrust you bit into his shoulder to suffocate the loud moan that was coming out "Shoto, please...go slower. Someone might hear us-" you pleaded but he cut you off "Don't care. Instead I think it's better if they hear us"

"B-But your father could be outside-" he cut you off again by biting into the soft flesh of your chest "Come on, scream. I want everyone to hear who's making you feel this good" he commanded. You sure loved the animalistic glare he gave you.

A sight only you had the luck to witness.

Chapter Text

"...And once we've found the cosine we can find the tangent and solve the problem. It's all clear?" The teacher said, closing the black marker with a pop and then turned back to face his classroom. The room was completely silent, like usual, when this particular teacher came for his math class.

The fact that professor Tomura was one of the few males in an only female college wasn't necessarily a bad thing, the fact that he was a little young genius in his early twenties in a classroom full of man-contact starved and horny girls, that was a bad thing.

Just to clarify: the choice here is between a ruggedy faced, shabby yet incredibly intriguing young man and a over-sixty, baldy and blind old mummy.

I'll let you draw your own conclusions…

"Okay, then…" he muttered, licking his chapped lips "Turn in the assignment I gave last week and you're all free to go. The lesson's over" he said, anticipating of a few seconds the bell. All the girls gathered their things and got out of the classroom, after placing with methodical order their papers on the teacher's desk. "Not you Y/N. You stay here" he blurted out pointing his red eyes at you. You turned suddenly, surprised by his recall "I need to exchange a few words with you" he added, his stare returned to examine a bunch of papers in front of him.

A few girls giggled behind you, imagining the reason why you had to stay behind, while others glared at you - clearly envious - while they got out. You waited when they were all gone before closing the door, waiting quietly for your nht scolding for that week. That didn't come.

He was calmly examining the assignments one by one while you eat your heart out in anxiety. "Tomu…" you spoke timidly, calling his attention to you "If you're angry about the last test, I'm sorry, really. I should have studied more, I just didn't -" he raised his hand, motioning it in a gesture to make you stop talking.

You presumed he was really angry.

"Point one…" he started "Yes, I am angry for the shitty performance you gave on last week's test, but that's not the reason why I told you to remain in class" he said rather calmly. "And...what's the reason?" You had the courage to ask; he gave you a brief glance before getting up from his chair, he walked around you like a predator circling around his prey and suddenly hugged you from behind. "You've been so distant these few weeks… I wanted sometime alone with you" he murmured against your hair.

You felt the warmth of his embrace as you relaxed your tense shoulders, enjoying the hug. He inhaled your sweet scent and toyed with a strand of your hair. Hu chuckled lightly, his chin placed on top of your head "What's so funny?" you asked softly, raising your head slowly to meet his eyes "Ah, nothing important…" he answered with a shrug of his shoulders. "So, did you tell me to stay behind because you wanted to be together a bit?" you asked timidly; Tomura loved the blushy expression you always had when he showed you any type of affection. Which was rare.

"Kinda…" he lazily replied while savoring the sweet smell of your shampoo. "Kinda" you repeated, he hummed in response. After a while he readjusted his back while still hugging you "You don't have to go back home right away, right?" He asked while rubbing his hands on your arms in a comforting massage. You hummed, shaking your head lightly "Mom has a tea party with other members of the neighborhood association and dad, well…" you left the phrase incomplete, its hidden meaning lingered in the air "Is still having an affair with that bitch of a piano teacher?" He half mumbled to himself.

You refrained your laugh when you remembered the time Tomura gave you a home private tutoring and in the middle of the work you two surprised your father having a passionate four hand session on your grandma's piano. "I'll need some hydrochloric acid to wash my eyes after what I've seen" he said, half sarcastically half disgusted after returning to your room.

Let's just say he wishes he can forget that.

He gave a quick kiss to your ear, his chapped lips brushed against the lobe, sending shivers along your spine; his warmth left you as he walked to his desk and sitted back in his chair, he lightly patted his thighs a signal to let you know you could sit there. As you accommodated yourself on his lap you shivered as you felt his hardness poking you. "Didn't you have to correct the papers?" You reminded him, which he wasn't pleased of; Tomura uffed from his nose when he was reminded of his teacher duties, even when he intended to pass that time with you.

"Give me some company, at least" he agreed after sighing dramatically. You nodded and hugged your body closer to his - he looked slender but his figure engulfed yours completely - one hand hugged your back while the other moved his chair near his desk. The hand that was holding you went down to touch the soft skin underneath your skirt, you shivered when his cold touch caressed your lower lips. You bit your lip to refrain a whimper and met your professor's red eyes "What's wrong?" you asked at his stern look "Do you really need to ask it?"

Tomura was now face to face with you, his red eyes seemed to read in your soul "You came here to school, walked around with other teachers and students, sat in my classroom… with no panties on" he stated with a grimace "What's your excuse?" you blushed deeply, having completely forgotten what you - indeed - went to school with no underwear.

"I forgot to put them on" you explained with a nervous smile, he only raised a brow "Do you think I'm stupid?" he said calmly, you tried to get up but his grip kept you locked against him "I-I…" he cut you off before you could answer "It was a rhetorical question" he sighed deeply, pinching the bridge of his nose "What kind of idiot forgets to put on underwear, but remembers to wear collants?" he marked his point by stirring up your uniform's collants. "It's the same thing if I forgot to wear my shirt and put on my tie" he concluded, you stared at him with your face beet red "I… uhm, surprise?"

Tomura didn't look happy. At all.

"Not only you didn't wear underwear today…" he started with a sadistic grin on his face "But you're also drenched in your own pleasure" he said, his oddly cold fingers caressed your lower lips with agonizing calm. You bit your lip to avoid any weird sounds to come out, which someone wasn't pleased with. "Oh, you're such a bad girl. And bad girls deserve to be punished" he said sultry, giving your asscheek a loud smack.

He grabbed you by the waist and dragged up your shirt along with your bra, exposing your soft breasts to his eyes only. His chapped lip latched to one of your pinkish buds, sucking greedily while his hands went down to your clothed bum. He ripped a hole into your collants, exposing your helpless cunt to his ministrations. "T-Tomu, wait! What if someone hears us? Both of us will be in trouble if-" he interrupted you by giving an harsher slap to your buttcheek again "In this moment there's no others" he hissed authoritally "Now there's you and me. Got that?" his member slapped against your pussy - which you didn't even notice when he freed it from his pants.

"B-But… someone-" he gave you another slap "No one will hear us if we stay quiet" he stated, basking in the cuteness of your bashful expression "Now, be a good girl for Daddy" he snickered when your eyes went wide as dinner plates "W-Wha?!" You squealed in surprise; Tomura gave you another slap, this time painfully near your sensitive pussy.

"I said: be a good girl for Daddy and stay quiet" Your spine tingled at his tone, sending shivers all over your body "Yes~" you whispered in pure bliss "Yes, what?" he asked again, his member teased your entrance "Yes Daddy~" you felt a yell blocking in your throat as he entered you with force. His trusts were strong, hitting mercilessly your weak spot while you only could emit flimsy whimpers, your hands clawed his clothed shoulders. "Good girl~" he purred, leaving small bites to your chest. The only thing that could be heard in the room was the squelching sound of your skins, along with some whimpers from you and groans from him.

He suddenly hugged you tightly, bringing you even closer to him, his trusts now were spasmic yet still strong. "W-Wait! Slow down! I'm… I'm gonna-!" you yelped, feeling your stomach burning up uncontrollably. "Oh? You're about to cum? That's it, good girl~"

"Cum for Daddy~" three simple words whispered in your ear were enough to make your knot come loose. You hugged him tightly, you bit his shoulder so that a loud moan couldn't come out, he followed you soon after. Tomura caressed your hair, waiting for you to come back down to earth. "You were… really pissed uh?" you murmured near his ear "Not anymore" he replied briefly "So, have you learned your lesson?" he chuckled while playing with a string of your hair "Plenty…"

"Good girl"

Chapter Text

"Keigo! Stop looking at me like that! It's embarrassing!" You shouted covering yourself the best you could with a blanket "Oh, come on babe! You look adorable" he replied, trying to tug the blanket off of you "No, I'm not! And stop recording me with your phone!" you shouted again with the face beet red, throwing a water bottle nearby which your boyfriend eluded without a problem.

"Oh, don't be so flustered. I just wanna have a picture of your cuteness, baby bird" he said with a big smile "Or should I call you baby kitty?" he added snatching the blanket off of you and revealing your embarrassing outfit. Thigh high stockings whose ends were shaped like a cat, revealing panties with the same pattern and a tail behind you, a small looking bra with a cat shaped hole in the middle, long black gloves and cutesy cat ears completed the picture.

Your blushful expression was the cherry on top to him.

"See? I told you that you looked adorable in that" he cheered, turning his phone to video mode and pointing it towards you. "Hey, can you do a cute nyan-nyan dance for me?" you glared at him, rolling into the covers under his amused stare "Don't even think about it" you hissed, face red and teary eyes. "Awww~ why not?" he whined and you snorted in response, hiding your head under the sheets "Because I know you're just toying with me" you replied, shielding your teary face from him "You gave me this outfit just because you want to laugh about me" you said sternly "I don't look pretty, I look fucking ridiculous"

"Y/N" you flinched under the covers, it wasn't unusual for him to call you by your name, it's just that he didn't do it often. He peeled the sheets off your head to look you in the eyes, his face was serious but sweet as he wiped your tears away. "Damn, if I knew you'd hated it so much I would have thought twice before buying it" he murmured with guilt, putting his phone away from your sight. "But I do mean it. You look so goddamn adorable in that" he added, patting your head lovingly to reassure you. He sighed deeply before removing from your hair the headband with cat ears "Guess you're still not ready for this kind of role play" he said with a hint of sadness.

You felt a little guilty, he didn't mean anything wrong, your playful yet caring boyfriend only wanted to spice up your sexual life a little. Plus, it wasn't like you didn't like the costume - maybe it was a little too revealing - but it was cute.

You lightly pinched his shirt, preventing him from going away. He looked at you puzzled, his wings ruffled a bit when you met his stare with that bashful expression. You snatched the headband from his hands and put it back on, all of it while your face burned with embarrassment "Y/N? What are you-" you interrupted him by doing - the best you could manage - cutest impersonation of a cat "Does Master not want to play with me anymore, nya?" That adorable noise almost made him lose his mind.

"Y/N you're walking on a minefield here. I'm warning you…" he said calmly yet you could feel the hunger in his tone, his golden pupils were blown with lust as he licked his lips. "Am I in trouble then, Master?" you asked with fake innocence, which only triggered his switch more. "Oh, you certainly are…" he murmured, giving you a quick kiss on the lips "You better start thinking of a way to make me forgive you" he joked; he pulled you on top of him and you placed your hands on his chest - careful not to crush his precious wings under you guys weight.

You shyly kissed and licked his neck just like a cat, and even in these moments he had to crack at least a joke "Oh no, I'm being eaten by my natural enemy. Someone please send help" you looked at him with narrowed eyes, he giggled with his usual smirk; he loved teasing you - that goes without saying - but he loved even more seeing your angry yet flustered expression. "Keigo…" he held back a laugh when you called him so angrily, but quickly recomposed himself "Okay, Okay, I'll stop it. Though you can't stop the laws of nature" you rolled your eyes playfully and your hips not so playfully, earning a soft groan from him.

He ran his fingertips along your spine seductively, making you shiver "Man, I wish I could hear you purr…" you heard him murmuring. You flashed him a sly smile "Are you enjoying the situation, kitten?" he asked jokingly, you chuckled "Not as much as you, Keigo" you giggled, rolling your hips and feeling his member poking you. He pulled you down for a kiss, his hands groping at your thighs and ass. "May I take the lead?" you asked once the kiss ended, admiring his already out of breath face. He gave you his signature smile "Don't be gentle" You enjoyed the badly muffled whines he let out while you ran your teeth down on his abdomen, sensually licking his sensitive spots down to his V line.

Keigo let out a gasp when he felt your warm lips placing gentle kisses on his still-covered member. "Hey…" he called for your attention, he had a worried expression despite the deep blush on his cheeks "You sure you want to do that? You said you weren't-" you cut him off with a kiss "I want to do this. Sit back, relax and enjoy this kitty service, Master" You swore in that moment that his wings puffed out a little in excitement. He eyed you with lustful eyes as you removed his boxers with your teeth, flinching slightly when you gave the tip a tentative lick.

His breath got caught in his throat when you engulfed his whole length in your warm mouth, sending him straight to heaven right then and there.  The warmth of your mouth, the slight scraping of your teeth...

Everything you did was driving him insane.

"W-Wait. Wait a sec…" he stopped you and you looked at him with a grimace "Was it…that bad?" you asked, a little bit of sadness in your voice "No. No, it's not like that" he reassured you "It's too much for me, babe. I'm afraid to be a minute man if you keep going"

"Oh…" you motioned to get up from him but his arms locked tightly around your waist "I didn't tell you to stop" he whispered with a grin "So, I can keep going?" you asked, raising a brow "Don't mind if you do" You both kissed wildly, savoring each other's flavor. His hint of beard tickled your chin slightly. You motioned to remove your underwear but he stopped you once again "Keep them on" he ordered with a sultry voice. You pushed the silky material to the side, exposing your aching core already dripping with desire.

Keigo sucked in a breath, your sexyness was comparable only to your naivety. You sunk slowly down his length, making both of you groan in pleasure. You rode him slowly, earning soft breathy moans in return; your hand went to grip his shirt as he grew larger inside you. "Fuck-! Oh, God! Feels so… good" he managed to say between moans. Suddenly one of his wings knocked you down on your side, so now you were under your boyfriend. Before you could even process what was happening he started thrusting inside you hard and deep, like a wild animal.

"Kei-! Please, slow down!" you begged him in vain, the knot inside your stomach snapped and you held yourself tightly to him. As you both came together you refrained from giggling as you saw his wings flapping happily above him. He seemed to have enjoyed your little bonding time. "Enjoyed yourself?" you asked with a sly smile "Definitely" he replied before collapsing upon you. "I was thinking…" he said after - literally - a few seconds, recalling your attention. "Why don't you wear my hero merch next time? Or maybe Endeavor's?"

"Don't even think about it"

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Chapter Text

"Man, I'm so excited for this year's school festival!" yelled Kirishima, bumping his fists together "I heard that this year they added a ton of new activities" the redhead added. "Still no maid café though. I was really hoping to see the girls in cute maids outfits…" replied Denki with a pouty face. "It's not a manly thing to salivate over girls with that kind of outfit" TetsuTetsu berated him "Oh, don't be such a stick in the mud! I bet you also wanted to see Y/N in a maid dress" the blonde replied pointing a half eaten pocky at the silver head.

"W-What does she have to do with this?!" he screeched with his cheeks slightly blushed, knowing full well the blonde guessed his thoughts. "Dude…" Kirishima sighed "You've been pining her for two years. Don't you think she has a lot to do with this?" Tetsutetsu blushed even more. What his friend was saying was true. He had a huge crush on you since he saw handling some bullies during the first year.

"Pot calling kettle black here…" the blonde snickered amused "Since we're on the topic…when do you plan to confess to Mina? Hmm~?" the question made Kirishima's cheeks flush deeper than his hair color. The two of them kept arguing about being two slowpokes and never having "the guts" to tell their significant other their feelings. In the meantime the silver head was thinking - as far as his poor squirrel brain let him - of a way to tell you his feelings during the school festival. This time no excuses could discourage him.

The day of the festival arrived and TetsuTetsu still hadn't found a way to confess to you.

"Hey, Tetsu. Are you ok?" his classmate, Kendo, asked "You seem with your head in the clouds… more than usual I mean" she said, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Yeah, I'm fine. I was…" the silver head left the sentence incomplete, his head clearly elsewhere "You were… searching for Y/N, didn't you?" the girl asked with a half smile. "N-No! I was searching for… Kirishima! Yeah, I was searching for him!" He said, trying desperately to hide his blush. Kendo sighed and rolled her eyes with a smile "Yeah, sure" she muttered "Well, if you want to find him you can try at the haunted house" she added, giving him a pat on the shoulder and a wink.

"I wonder if there's someone who doesn't know about my crush on Y/N…" the silver head muttered to himself when his classmate left him in the hall.

So, there he was now, in front of the classroom decorated with fake graves, dead trees and lanterns made with papier-mache. It looked scary enough, also with some terrified screams coming from the inside. He bought a ticket and waited for his turn at the entrance line. A few feet of distance he spotted a certain blond trembling like a leaf, even though he tried desperately to hide it. "Monoma and… Shinsou?" the silver head called them, feeling a little surprised that the purple sleepy head was in line for any activity instead of training like his usual.

"Oh, TetsuTetsu. What a coincidence!" the blond said, full of himself like any other day of his life probably "Mr.eye bags here wanted to try this attraction so desperately that I made him the favor to accompany me" said "eye bags" in question let out an annoyed sigh, his lavender gaze never stopped staring at the hardcover of a ghost "If you scream like a girl I'll leave you there…" he warned.

It was obvious that someone there was scared shitless of going alone. And it wasn't Shinsou.

When his turn arrived he unconsciously started following the odd pair. The blond was shaking even more than before while holding the other's shoulders like his life depended on them, eyeing left and right at every single noise. "Why does it have to be so dark here?!" he whispered-yelled "Oh, I don't know… maybe 'cause it's an haunted house?" the purple head answered sarcastically. "There's a checkpoint onward with flashlights. I'll go fetch one" Shinsou said after a while, scanning the little map that was given at the start. "Try not to get eaten alive" he snickered, disappearing behind a dark corner. "F-For your information…I'm not scared! Not even a bit, 'kay?!" the blond said with a trembling smile to the silver head.

The silver head didn't even register what the other said, busy watching a non-determined point in the dark, sure he saw something moving between the fake foliage and cardboard graves. A low lament made the hair on his back stand up right, the clattering of the blonde's teeth only made the things worse. "S-Shinsou, I warn you, if this is one of your pranks…!" he said to himself, clearly convinced that the purple sleepy head was having fun.

A figure shot out from behind a grave, limbs dancing around in a terrifying dance as if they were boneless. A chilling scream could be heard in the whole room, so high pitched it could almost be mistaken for a girl's. TetsuTetsu was too busy trying to recognize the person in front of him to even register Monoma's terrified and girly scream as he fell to the floor unconscious. The silver head blinked a few times as the figure slowly walked toward him. "Y/N?" he called, the person almost touched his shoulders when they twitched in surprise.

"No fair~" a femmine voice whined "You're supposed to be scared!" you complained, removing the paper talisman that covered your eyesight. TetsuTetsu had to bite down a smile at your cutesy pout. "What are you supposed to be?" He asked, observing your costume. "I'm a Jiangshi" you said proudly, puffing out your chest. The male eyed you confused "A…what?" you sighed deeply "Where the heck is your head when the teacher talks?" you mumbled while readjusting your hat "I'm a revived corpse from the Chinese folklore" you explained in the easiest way possible.

"So, technically, you're a…zombie girl?" he asked, completely ignoring the blonde's body laying on the floor "Kind of…"

"You look… really pretty" he muttered, trying to hide his blush. "You mean I look cool! I made this costume myself" you said proudly puffing your chest up. He was about to speak again but a small chattering stopped him midway, you both looked at the dark alley completely frozen. "Hide somewhere!" you whispered-yelled at the silver head "They can't find you here, or it'll ruin the atmosphere" He suddenly grabbed you by the arm and dragged you all the way in the back where a metal closet was hidden perfectly in the background. "Hey, watch it! Don't ruin the decorations, we worked hard on them!" you kept whisper-yelling while hitting him on his back.

TetsuTetsu closed the metal doors right in time before another group arrived "What's the big idea?" you hissed at him, he just looked at you with a raised brow, clearly confused "How can I scare people if I'm stuck in here with you?!" you pouted while punching his chest repeatedly. The silver head blushed deeper than Kirishima's hair at the realization. He dragged you with him without even noticing and now both of you were stuck in the closet.

Just the two of you.

Skin to skin.

He was already going wild with his imagination.

"What's going on out there?" you asked, turning around to look outside. While doing so your butt brushed against his groin, forcing him to bite down a pleasured groan. "Oh, dang…" he heard you curse under your breath "Guess they found your friend and it seems like they don't know if it's a prop or if he fainted for real"

"They'll probably gonna call a teacher…" you said with a hint of sadness. He couldn't blame you, if a teacher would decide to close the attraction many people that worked hard to realize it would be sad. "Look at the bright side: there's a chance that they could only suspend it for a few minutes just to make sure nobody got hurt. They're definitely not gonna close it" he said to try and cheer you up. "Tetsu…" you turned your head toward him, cheeks blushed. For a second he thought you might be touched by his words.

Oh, how wrong he was…

"Tetsu, why are you hard?" you asked, blush visible on your cheeks. He blushed even harder, trying to find an excuse for his excitement. "Did you get turned on…by my costume?" you murmured; he started sputtering every excuse in the book, desperately trying not to make eye contact with you. "You know…"you said quietly "You can touch, if you want~" your blushful expression plus your shiny eyes and pouty lips was making him go insane.

He prayed to all the Gods above to give him strength…

He delicately placed his hands on your waist and started slowly creeping down, his fingers savored the silky fabric imagining to touch the skin underneath. He gave a light squeeze at your rear and then started back again from your thighs up; his hands made their way under your dress, caressing your inner thighs and causing shivers of pleasure to run through your whole body. When he got painfully near to your most sensitive part he stopped, sucking in a deep breath to try concentrating to form a comprehensive sentence "Y/N…" he called you, his hands didn't dare to move from their place.

You only made a noise, not trusting your words "First: you're drenched and second…" he inhaled, mustering all his will power "Why the hell are you wearing a tong?!" "It was the only pair I could wear… with this costume" you said, feeling embarrassed all of the sudden. "Oh, fuck…" you heard him murmuring before you felt two fingers inside you, plunging deep to all your weak spots while the other hand slipped up to squeeze your chest. You bit down a moan when he started grinding into you, pulling you even closer so you could feel all of his manliness. "Shit… You don't know how many times I've dreamed of doing this to you" he said to himself, his teeth brushing your earlobe. He buried his nose in the junction of your neck, inhaling deeply your scent "Can I go in?" he asked, removing his fingers from your sensitive entrance. "I meant…" he cleared his throat "Can I be inside you?" he rephrased, his tone low, sensual, needy.

You nodded, your lower lip tucked between your teeth to prevent any compromising sounds from coming out; you heard the jingle of his belt and the sound of the zipper coming undone. You couldn't see it but you could feel it against your buttcheeks.

He was big.

A whole lot big.

A small peep came out at the feeling of his dick resting against your thighs, just an inch away from your entrance. "Don't worry…" he whispered in your ear "I'll be as gentle as possible" a second later he said it the tip of his cock entered inside you; you bit your lip tightly to prevent any moan or other sounds to come out full force. The more the silver head sank deep in your tight heat the more it was impossible for you to control your screams and peeps. His arms hugged you under your shoulders and your waist, to keep you secure against him and having something for you to grab. "Tetsu…" a moan escaped your mouth "Too much. It's too much~" he hugged you even tighter "Hold on tight just a bit more… It's going to start feeling good soon, I promise" when he bottomed out to his fullest he waited a few seconds for you to adjust before starting to move rhythmically. His thrusts were slow but deep, hitting every single spot and filling you deliciously; he whispered sultry and sweet words in your ear, praising you for taking him all the way.

A powerful thrust made a little moan came out of your throat, echoing between the metallic walls around you. "Is that the spot…?" he murmured, repositioning himself to hit that same spot over and over again. You couldn't hold the moans that grew in volume everytime he hit that spot. "As much as I want to hear your sweet voice…" he said, covering your mouth with his hand "We have to keep quiet. We can't risk a teacher or another student to catch us here" he explained, suffocating a groan by biting down the material of your costume. Your thighs immediately closed out of instinct, squeezing your lover between your walls; he hissed, trying to regain his control.

"You like that thought? The feeling of getting discovered, doing this kind of things, by a random passerby excites you?" he asked rhetorically, chuckling amusingly.

"You're such a perv~"

Those simple words made that tight knot inside you snap, making you yell in his palm and jolting in pleasure as you climaxed like you've never experienced. You could hear TetsuTetsu cursing under his breath behind you as he gave the last few thrusts before removing his cock from your tight warm heaven and cumming on your thighs. Both of you breathed heavily after your performance.

"Goddammit…" you heard him cursing, forehead pressed against your shoulder as he kept hugging you "I'm sorry" he said after regaining his breath "I forced my desires on you like a wild animal and…" you interrupted him by pinching his cheek, your face beet red and disheveled hair as you stared at him with pouty lips "Do you really think I would let anyone else do this to me, dummy?" You gave him a small knowing smile, his face slowly turning redder than Kirishima's hair as he understood what you meant.

"Guess I was pretty obvious, uh?" he said shyly. "I like you even for that, you big dummy"

Chapter Text

"Finally home…" Katsuki said to himself, letting his gym bag fall on the floor with a thud. He cracked his neck with a deep sigh, he was very tired so the first thing he wanted was to be cuddled by his wife. The light in the living room was still on so he presumed his lovely partner was still up. He stopped on the threshold, watching you as you washed the dishes while swinging your hips to the rhythm of a song you were humming.

Despite having already given birth to two children your body was still plump and thick just like when you were in your twenties; your big tits he loved to squeeze, those thick thighs he never grew bored of marking up and that ass… Katsuki loved to watch it jiggle every time he fucked you from behind.

Just the thought of it made him hard in a second.

He got closer while you were distracted and hugged you from behind. "Welcome home, my dear" you chirped, kissing his cheek with that hint of beard you liked so much "How was work?" Katsuki buried his nose in the crook of your neck, savoring your scent "Tirin' as fuck…" he groaned "I can imagine" you replied with a small chuckle.

"The kids?" he asked, not hearing his kids' usual chattering and yelling typical when they played heroes in their room. You gave him a languid look, giving him the most innocent smile you had. "Well~..." you started "Your mother said she could let them stay at her place for the weekend while we…" you turned around in his arms, caressing all the way up from his bicep to his neck, your fingers ran on his sculpted jaw sensually "Spend a nice time together. Just the two of us"

The blonde grinned, exposing his sharp teeth "Awfully convenient…" he said sultry before kissing you wildly, both his hands went to grope your ass and make you moan in the kiss. He grabbed you by your thighs and hoisted you up, placing you on the counter; your hands went to his hair, messing them up and tugging on them the way he liked. He then went to suck and bite on your neck, leaving marks for everyone to see. When you started giggling he gave you a glare "Sorry, your beard tickles" you answered his mute question. Katsuki raised a brow "It's just stubbles, woman. Though I guess I can cut it…" you kissed him again to shut him up "I like it this way, silly!"

"You're lucky I love you, otherwise…" he left the sentence incomplete, making you shiver as his eyes clouded with lust "Otherwise?" you "innocently" asked with a grin. He got closer to your ear - his beard brushed against your cheek - and whispered his dirty intentions "Otherwise I would have bended you over my knee and spanked the life out of your pretty juicy ass all night long" Just the thought of it made you shiver in anticipation.

"Why don't you start then? Night's still young ~" you purred. A pleasured shiver ran up Katsuki's spine, his grin grew bigger "To think you were so naive when we were brats…" he said, remembering you guys first time; all those cute whines and moans were music to his ears. "I could say the same thing for you" you giggled lightly. "So, do you want to talk about the old days or… would you like to relieve some stress?" your hand went to grab his crotch, the blond groaned at the feeling of your fingers around him "So? What's gonna be? Please, tell me Daddy~" you whispered in his ear.

"You impatient little cumwhore" he said while removing his shirt "Daddy doesn't remember you to be such a cockhungry slut" he said, already in with the foreplay, removing your apron and shirt. "No bra? Should I take this as you're desperate for me to fuck you?" he kneaded your soft mounds and sucked your pink nipple, imagining when they were full of milk for his kids. His lips went down your stomach, eventually reaching your aching and most sensitive part. "Leggings?" he looked up at you with his signature wild smirk "You know pretty well what kind of end expect these" he said lowly, grabbing the material and opening a hole in between with his bare hands. "No panties either?" he asked rhetorically "Either you're a real slut or incredibly desperate for me"

His lips and tongue were on you in an instant, eating you out like you were his last meal. His strong arms kept your thighs firmly open, enjoying the sensation of your hands messing up his hair as you moaned his name. His tongue alone was already doing a number on you, making your orgasm approaching faster and faster "Oh, you're trembling. What is it? Are you gonna come?" he snickered at you "Then cum. Cum for Daddy" you trembled and twitched, releasing with a high pitch moan all over your husband's face. He licked all of your remaining juices before getting up on eye level with you. You were already a panting mess, cheeks flushed and tongue lolled out in pure bliss.

"Don't space out just yet…" he said, rummaging with his pants to take out all of his manliness "'Cause Daddy's still not done with you" he entered in one harsh thrust, groaning at the sensation of your warm walls. Katsuki didn't take it slow, thrusting into you hard and fast the way he knew you liked. You clawed at his back, leaving angry red stripes all over him - he never minded tough, he took pride in those marks you left on him - showing them like a badge of honor everytime he changed. "Fuck-!" he cursed as he felt your walls contracting around him, making him a step from the edge of his own release. "Gonna cum in you so deep an' hard! Gonna make you pregnant again!" his thrusts got deeper and more rough, hitting your cervix with every hit; his words made you squeeze around him tighter, his grip on your thighs got harsher, almost bruising.

"Shit! Would you love that? Getting plump an' full with my brats again?" his sentence slurred a little "Yeah? Want me to knock you up again? Want me to make you a Mommy?" you screamed at the top of your lungs, your nails digging crescents in his shoulders as you hugged him closer. "Fuck! Fuck! Fucking-!" Katsuki's curses got intense, a sign he was dangerously close to cumming. "Shit! Here goes! Don't let even a single drop slip" he came hard inside you with a powerful roar, his hands surely left a mark on your thighs. Both of you breathed heavily, you hugged his broad scarred back while he rested his forehead against your shoulder.

"That wouldn't be so bad" you said after a while, Katsuki hummed in question "I wouldn't mind being pregnant again. And I bet you also would love to have another baby clinging to your leg" you giggled. Katsuki looked at you with a wide, challenging smirk "Better get back to work then" he said, hoisting you up and carrying you to the bedroom

"'Cause Daddy's gonna fill you up to the brim, you naughty girl"

Chapter Text

The faint sound of cicadas somewhere far away woke you up from the peaceful slumber you were put in. You looked around the unfamiliar room and you find out you still wore your wedding dress, the one your family insisted so much for you to put, in preparation for the happiest day of your life.

Or so you thought…

Your family was relatively rich: they had small crops and owned a few factories and farms in the town, most of those territories were given to them by "contracts" where they give one of their proles to the other family. To put it simply they organized arranged marriages with the other families. And this time was your turn…

Your mother told you to be respectful and nice with your future groom, but in reality you were holding back your gagging of disgust for such… individual. You thought your future in-laws fetched the biggest pig in their farms and put on it the tightest fitting suit they owned, but the pig was for real their son. And not only physically…

He was a pig both in body and mind.

You shivered at the memory of the disgusting smile he gave you, after his stare traveled not-so-subtly to your chest instead of your face. You had to refrain the impulse of slapping his face everytime he tried to touch your inner thighs for the whole night. After your parents declared he was going to be your "future husband" you tried everything in your power to escape such fate. All of it in vain.

Everytime you tried to escape your parents were always able to find you and bring you back home. The day of your wedding eventually arrived - to your dismay - and everything was going smoothly like your parents predicted. Except for one thing. When the priest was going to say the fatidical words you may kiss the bride a black mist appeared out of nowhere, scaring the participants and crashing your wedding. After that you only remembered a cold yet gentle hand caressing your cheek and then pitch black.

The fear of you fainting yet be for real married to that reject of a man made your blood run cold in your veins. Your legs felt kinda wobbly as you stood up from the imperial canopy bed, your gaze wandered around the unfamiliar room and you spotted a closed window. Maybe you could look outside and give yourself an idea of the place where you were. As you slightly touched the curtain a chilling sensation froze your blood.

Someone was watching you.

Your back pressed instinctively to the window, your eyes frantically scanned the room in search of that chilling presence. In a dark corner of the room, sitting comfortably in a stuffed armchair, a figure with sharp eyes observed your movements. You made eye contact with blue and black orbs, they closed and opened so slowly that you thought for a moment it was a cat. Your breath hitched in your throat as the figure stood up to its full height.

"G-Greetings…" you managed to speak up, your mysterious guest only cocked its head slightly, remaining in frightening silence. "Could you…close the curtain, please?" a cold yet soft voice asked after - what seemed to you - an hour. The said curtain you moved moments prior was projecting a long stripe of light that arrived a few meters away from your guest. You moved back the curtain and the room was now almost completely dark. Your mysterious companion, that you've figured was a man, approached you with slow quiet steps; if it wasn't for his figure getting taller you'd never have guessed that he was moving.

He stopped just a meter away from you, his bicolored eyes never left yours. You were stiff and slightly scared by this man, chills kept running up your spine. "Fear not, miss. I don't plan to hurt you" the stranger spoke reassuringly, though you didn't feel secure at all. "Where am I?" you asked, in a mix between anger and fear "In my manor" he answered without skipping a beat. "I found you on my doorstep and took you in, I made sure you weren't injured" he added softly, you observed him as he blinked slowly. Suddenly he raised a hand and you cowered against the wall even more, afraid he could hurt you. His arm reached a small oil lamp upon your head, lighting it up so it could illuminate the room.

You could finally see this stranger's face and to your surprise… he was quite handsome. His hair was split in half perfectly by two distinct colors: white and red. His face was pale and flawless, his mouth closed in a thin line. But what caught you more - other than his bi-chromed eyes - was a reddish scar on his right side that covered half his face. "I thought I made myself clear when I said that I didn't plan to hurt you, miss" he said quietly, a hint of sadness passed through those enchanting eyes of his. His gaze went to examine your dress for a brief second "Why bring a bride here, of all places?" you heard him mutter more to himself than to you, but before you could ask about it he went on and spoke his mind.

"Should I give you my… congratulations?" he asked. He didn't seem too sure about his sentence. "Normally I would say yes, but… I really hope I'm not married" he raised a brow, his face appeared confused "Isn't the wedding day the one most waited in a young woman's life?" he asked, bringing one of his gloved hands on his chin. "Like I said: normally yes. But in my case I wouldn't even dream to be the companion of such… swine" you let yourself slip that word with disgust "Excuse me?" both his brows raised in surprise at your colorful vocabulary. "Let's just say: he wasn't exactly my prince charming" he nodded, as if he pictured the one who was waiting for you at the altar.

His eyes widened for a split second as if he realized something important "Oh, pardon my rudeness. I didn't even introduce myself: my name's Shoto. You can call me this way" he introduced himself, you did the same. After that he avoided your gaze, his mind lost somewhere as he stared at the top of the curtains. "Sir?" you called him, reaching out a hand to touch his shoulder - a gesture that he promptly avoided by stepping back a few steps. "I suddenly remembered that I have an urgent matter I have to take care of" he explained quickly, as if he was in a hurry "Don't worry, I'll be back in an instant" he added with a small warm smile that made your cheeks flare a bit.

After he left the room you wandered around the house for a while.

Everything looked so ancient and very expensive, from the family portraits hung on the walls to the refined carpets with exquisite patterns and colors in every room. The mysterious habitant of the house was - without any doubt - a prince or a noble in the best case. You didn't want to think that he might have left the house to inform your parents - and future husband - about your location. If he was a noble he surely was aware of your social position and your parents'. You couldn't trust even your closest friends and their families to hide you when you tried to escape. With all probability your parents put a huge reward to bring you back home again. A deep sigh left your lips as you traced the lines of an old portrait whose subject was, nonetheless, that charming bi-colored haired man.

The picture retracted him in his teenage years, you guessed. He had a very cold stare, inexpressive, empty even. You thought about how his childhood could have been, where his family members could be, since the house was vacant of every form of life being. You didn't even found a butler or a maid or any servants around. "He must feel really lonely…" you thought out loud, your voice echoed between the walls of the main hall. It was dark outside, only the moon that passed through the windows lightened the place.

You stood at the top of the staircase, admiring another portrait of a young couple. The man had red hair and a cold stern look, the woman looked sweet and kind with candid white hair. "These must be Shoto's parents…" you muttered, feeling a little uncomfortable under the drawn man's stare. The old wooden doors at the entrance opened suddenly with a loud booming noise, the bi-colored man tumbled in breathing hard. You ran down the stairs - as fast as your unecessarly frilly dress let you - to kneel in front of him, giving him your aid. "Shoto? Are you okay? What happened?" you asked in a hurry, shaking him by the shoulder. His gloved hand went to grab your arm, his grip was strong, almost bruising. He managed to get up - even if slightly - resting his head in the junction of your neck, his hot breath caused goosebumps for the difference of temperature between you.

"Shoto?" you called him again, your eyes widened when small pools of red appeared on the white of your dress. "Oh dear Lord! You're bleeding!" you screeched, searching frantically for the injury under his mantel. "It's… fine" he said lowly, almost whispering "How can you be fine?!" A chill ran up your spine when you felt a pair of sharp teeth caressed the sensitive skin of your neck. "Shoto…?" his grip on your arms got tighter, it almost felt like it could crush your bones "I'm sorry…" you heard him whisper before his canines dug painfully into your neck, a terrified scream got stuck in your throat as you gripped at his mantel to - unsuccessfully - try to get him off of you.

You fell backwards with him on top of you, your limbs felt like jello and your grip on him got weaker and weaker. When he left your neck a small path of blood - your blood - went down to his chin, letting some drops fall on you. "I'm… I'm sorry. I'm so sorry" he sobbed, his bicolored eyes were now both red, his pale face scrunched in a sad expression. Your eyesight started to get blurry as you felt your whole body burning up, probably his fangs had some sort of aphrodisiac effect. You felt his hot breath on your lips as he got closer, pressing a kiss on your lips; you felt the copperish taste of your blood on his tongue, the faint scent of his tears as they wetted your cheeks.

He started groping you everywhere, you got no power or strength to stop him. He hoisted up your dress running his cold fingers on your legs, detaching from your lips enough to make you breath properly and then kissing you again. His finger lightly caressed you slit above your panties, you felt embarrassed by how wet you were, how easily your body felt aroused by a stranger. As he kept kissing you a strange flavor started to spread in your mouth, it kinda tasted like blueberries but with a hint of bitterness; he detached from you, strings of saliva left you connected still, you felt your mind going blank. Vision and sounds getting blurry, confused, almost like you weren't connected to your body anymore. You couldn't hear him as he kept talking to you, his lips moved but you couldn't register any sounds coming from him.

You suddenly felt a soaring pain sending electrical waves all over your body, you screamed - or at least you thought you screamed - but the sound died in your throat. Tears started flowing from your eyes which he gently swiped away with his lips, his hips started moving slowly pushing himself inside you. He cuddled you, kissed you and held you like you were a piece of delicate porcelain, treating you with every regard. Pleasured moans escaped your mouth as he hit your every weak spot oh so deliciously, making you see the stars behind your eyelids. His thrust became erratic, uncoordinated as he held you for dear life closer to him. You could hear his faint moans and loving words to you as his lips were close to your ear. With one final thrust he exhaled sheakley, painting your insides with everything he was worth.

When your senses came back to you you could hear him saying feeble "I'm sorry"s, his eyes glossy with tears. When your strength came back you placed your hand on his bicolored hair, stroking them lovingly like a mother would do. "Have you calmed down?" you feebly asked, he nodded on your chest not capable of looking you in the eyes. "So you were the one inside that black mist at my wedding…" you said half heartedly, he looked up at you with a sad look "I'm sorry…you must be so mad for what happened" he apologized once again. "To tell the truth: I don't know if I have to be relieved that I'm not married to that guy, or pissed that you took my virginity just like that" you said jokingly, herning from him a small relieved smile. "While we're on the subject: I don't want to go back to my parents. Can you let me stay here, with you?"

He smiled a bit more, nuzzling his cheek on your hand "You can stay here. For all the time you want"


Chapter Text

Since you get yourself in a relationship with Izuku it was rare to go to places that weren't luxurious restaurants or fancy events at other yakuza members' houses.

So when he said you guys were headed to a discotheque that night you were exactic. Of course it was a meeting with other yakuza guys but you promised to Izuku you would behave.

The bodyguard at the entrance made you pass without any words, while the other people in line complained and whistled at both of you. You entered the big and loud dance floor with people grinding off each other, making out in a corner or drinking 'till they were sick. You were about to step on the big cube where everyone was dancing but Izuku gripped your wrist, not forcefully but strong enough to stop you in your track. "Our room is up there, doll" he said simply with a movement of his head, he didn't need to raise his voice for you to hear him, his low baritone filled your head more than the music blasting around you.

You climbed the staircase, eyeing the sign at the top of the stairs that read with fancy letters:V.I.P Lounge. The inside of the room was completely different from the dance floor underneath your feet. There was still booming disco music pumping from the stereos and people dancing around - even though there were only a few - but the neon green and pink lights were replaced by satin royal purples and reds, on the sides were small areas with black sofas and fancy tables, separated by long curtains. "This way doll" Izuku said, holding your hand and walking you toward one of the tables, where there was already someone sitting there.

"Sorry for the delay" your boyfriend said with a small smile, a man with slicked blond hair and red eyes clicked his tongue annoyed. "I was waiting for you two hours ago, Shitty nerd" the blond replied. He had a white jacket on his shoulders and a shirt pulled up to his elbows that showed off his prominent forearms covered with yakuza tattoos. "Is that a new one, Kacchan?" Izuku asked with an amused smile, referring to a king's crown on his hand; the blonde's eye twitched at the nickname but answered anyway "My sweet other half said it looked perfect for me" he said with a grin, hugging a small girl next to him and gave her a kiss on her head. Her big azure eyes looked full of discomfort as she clung to him.

Izuku only hummed plopping himself down on the black sofa, gesturing for you to do the same. The two of them started talking about important mafia business such as: turf wars, dealing with assholes who didn't want to pay, blackmarket of weapons and so on. Truth be told: you started getting really bored after a short while. And the blonde's girl wasn't exactly of much words.

Your brain came up with a wicked idea, one you knew would get you in so much trouble. You gently placed your hand on Izuku's thigh, feigned to look elsewhere when he gave you a glance; Izuku didn't seem to mind as he kept discussing with his friend. Your hand slowly creeped up near his crotch, caressing sensually up and down his leg. He gave you a warning glance - that you promptly ignored - and kept going with his conversation. When a waiter arrived with a set of drinks you immediately grabbed the martini, played with the olive and chewed it sensually under the waiter's stare.

You gave him a warm smile and you felt Izuku's hand squeezing painfully your thigh.

The second warning.

His hand remained on your thigh, this time lightly squeezing the flesh. You still had one more ace up your sleeve to let him lose control. Your hand placed atop his and gently made it run up your thigh, slowly reaching down your dress to your panties. You made his hand cup your aching sex and you swore you heard him gulp. You kept going on with your teasing game, making Izuku ran two of his fingers up and down your cunt to make sure he knew how wet you were.

A tiny discomforted noise, almost a peep, interrupted the conversation. "Shut your trap for a sec' Nerd" the blonde growled, giving the smaller girl to his side all his attention "Baby? What's wrong?" he asked. The girl looked pale as a sheet as she shook her head while covering her mouth. She probably was going to throw up.

The blonde shot a glare to her glass and then glanced at Izuku. "Our conversation is not done. I'm getting my woman to the restroom and then we'll continue, clear?" He got up and escorted the girl to the toilet while muttering something about the shitty quality of the drinks.

That left you alone with Izuku who was dead silent.

Which wasn't good.

Well that took an expected turn…

You got up and tried to pass next to him with an excuse, like going to get yourself another drink, but he grabbed your wrist and pulled you down on his lap, forcing your legs open with his knee. "Doll…" he grabbed you by the neck and brought you closer to him "Do you realize how mad I am?" He asked but didn't expect you to answer.

"No, mad isn't the right word. Right now I'm actually pissed"

You held back a moan at his tone. When Izuku got really serious meant good and extremely wild sex.

"You promised you would behave but all I see is you acting like a spoiled brat, seeking for attention" he hissed, you could feel the irk in his tone as he spoke. "First you tried to shamelessly grope me under the table…" he shoved you carelessly against the table, making it rattle with the force "That was strike one"

"Then you give the waiter, a random nobody, bedroom eyes right in front of me" he continued. You heard the sound of his belt coming off. You really hoped he wasn't going to spank you with it. "That was your second strike" Izuku grabbed your wrists and tied them up behind your back. "And lastly you acted like a bitch in heat and made yourself wet in front of other people" you heard him ripping the satin panties right off of you with a hand "That was strike three" you let out a gasp at the feeling of his hard member resting between your asscheecks.

"I-Izuku…" you yelped "What are you doing?" he chuckled darkly, giving your asscheek a little spank before lowering to your ear "What does it look like I'm doing?" he asked rhetorically "You wanted my attention, so I'll be sure to give you all the attention you need" you gasped at the sensation of his cockhead stretching your insides. "Oh, and one more thing…" he added "We're still in a public place so…be sure to stay quiet. If you can" He thrusted in you harshly, giving your aching core no time to adjust his size, pistoning hard and fast that the table creaked from the force.

The rudeness of his treatment was due to the fact he was still in a meeting, the blonde and his companion could come back any second now.

He had to be quick and punish his bad girl.

You gave your very best to not let even a single peep come out, but Izuku knew his body like the palm of his hand; a single, well positioned, thrust was enough to turn your brain into mush. "Shit-" he cursed, falling back on the seats and dragging you with him. He gripped your thigh and spread it open while his other hand covered your mouth; his thrusts got deeper and more rough, wilder, abusing your wet cunt. Your tied hands could only grab at his shirt as you screamed into his hand, your orgasm hitting you hard in the guts.

You could hear Izuku groaning near your ear, a warm sensation spreading in your stomach. He slowly untied your hands, holding you while you came back from your high. "Now, listen carefully, dolly…" he whispered in your ear "You'll be a nice girl and keep my cum deep inside you 'till we get home"

"If you let even a single drop slip out…" he marked his words by flicking your clit "I'll do whatever I please with your naughty pussy, including tying you to the bed and leaving you high and dry all night. Have I been clear?" you nodded your head, careful not to make Izuku's cum slip out as you got up.

The exact same moment you sat down the blonde and that other girl came back, both of them with disheveled hair and crumpled clothes. Izuku gave them an amused look "Looks like you guys had some fun in there" the blonde snickered, exposing his sharp teeth

"Look who's talking…"

Chapter Text

"Babe…" sighed your red haired boyfriend "You don't have to do this, seriously…" he pleaded, his cheeks flaming brighter than his hair. You standed right in front of him, your favorite pair - and his too - of yoga pants hugging the curves of your butt, your blushful cheeks was a deep contrast to your bold words "You said you wanted to try something new and I was nice enough to agree to it, so don't be such a wimp now. I remind you that this is your idea"

He eyed you all shily before setting his stare to the "perfect" replica of his dick. "Am I really that big?!" He screeched when he saw it. His idea was to dive headfirst into a new kink he found on the internet: exhibition. He thought at first that it was having sex in an art gallery or something similiar, but then he made his reaserch and...we all know where this is going.

"You're the one who said that watching me fucking a dildo would turn you on, wasn't it?" You scolded him, arms crossed on your chest "Yeah, I know that but...looking at it now, well…" you snickered at his blushy face "Seems like you went back to be a highschool boy, all shy and blushful" his face scrunched in a grimace, cheeks still redder than ever "Y/N, don't tease me…"

You clapped your hands energetically "Let's get this rolling then!" you declared. Eijiro gave in with a sigh. "Remember the rule: neither me or you can touch the other and if I say the word we'll stop. Clear?" you asked "Crystal clear" he answered. He bit his lip as he saw you take off the yoga pants and stopped you before you could remove them "Wait! Don't take those off" you shot him a glare "I have a better idea…"

He hardened two fingers and slowly ran them across your crotch area, tearing apart the way too flimsy material of your pants and leaving your cunt exposed to the air. "Much better~" the redhead purred, making you blush at the tone "Get to work now, princess" he said with a cheeky grin and giving your sensitive labia a small slap, which you glared at him behind your shoulder. You started slowly sitting on the dildo, holding back a moan at the stretch.

The redhead was on a lower level than you so he had the perfect view of your little show.

The way you engulfed the whole thing in your warm insides, the embarrassed blush you had, the way tiny mewls and whines left your lips…

It was a challenge worth testing his auto-control. In the meantime Eijiro just stared at you.

Blushed cheeks, raggedy breaths that he struggled to keep in, ruby eyes fixed on your lower lips that hugged the plastic toy just like it was his manliness. His dick throbbed mercilessly in his pants when you let out a cutesy yelp, probably due to the dildo hitting a sweet spot inside you. "Eiji…" you moaned, a light veil of tears clouded your eyes.

Goddammit, he wanted to fuck you so badly.

On the other hand you too were on the verge of pouncing him. His wild and animalistic look, his sharp teeth biting his bottom lip so hard, one hand hardened and gripping at the edge of his seat while the other clenching his thigh to prevent him from touching himself. As your bounces speed up your release also was approaching, much to your boyfriend dismay which only thought was how hard he would fuck you after that.

"Eijiro… I'm gonna- I'm gonna cum!" he suddenly grabbed your thighs, holding you midway in the air "That's it!" he said with a sharky grin "Sorry babe, bit I'm calling quits" before you could even ask he hoisted you up, letting the plastic toy fall to the ground and shoving you against the wall.

"Sorry pebble, but I couldn't hold it in. Watching you fucking that thing as if it was mu cock was too much of a temptation" he purred into your ear, your legs quivered on his hips. "Eiji…" you whined holding onto his back "Don't worry baby girl…" he whispered sultry, making you feel his whole manliness against your labia.

"Your man will take such good care of you that you won't need a toy anymore"