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Straight to your heart (Tumblr fics)

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"Babe…" sighed your red haired boyfriend "You don't have to do this, seriously…" he pleaded, his cheeks flaming brighter than his hair. You standed right in front of him, your favorite pair - and his too - of yoga pants hugging the curves of your butt, your blushful cheeks was a deep contrast to your bold words "You said you wanted to try something new and I was nice enough to agree to it, so don't be such a wimp now. I remind you that this is your idea"

He eyed you all shily before setting his stare to the "perfect" replica of his dick. "Am I really that big?!" He screeched when he saw it. His idea was to dive headfirst into a new kink he found on the internet: exhibition. He thought at first that it was having sex in an art gallery or something similiar, but then he made his reaserch and...we all know where this is going.

"You're the one who said that watching me fucking a dildo would turn you on, wasn't it?" You scolded him, arms crossed on your chest "Yeah, I know that but...looking at it now, well…" you snickered at his blushy face "Seems like you went back to be a highschool boy, all shy and blushful" his face scrunched in a grimace, cheeks still redder than ever "Y/N, don't tease me…"

You clapped your hands energetically "Let's get this rolling then!" you declared. Eijiro gave in with a sigh. "Remember the rule: neither me or you can touch the other and if I say the word we'll stop. Clear?" you asked "Crystal clear" he answered. He bit his lip as he saw you take off the yoga pants and stopped you before you could remove them "Wait! Don't take those off" you shot him a glare "I have a better idea…"

He hardened two fingers and slowly ran them across your crotch area, tearing apart the way too flimsy material of your pants and leaving your cunt exposed to the air. "Much better~" the redhead purred, making you blush at the tone "Get to work now, princess" he said with a cheeky grin and giving your sensitive labia a small slap, which you glared at him behind your shoulder. You started slowly sitting on the dildo, holding back a moan at the stretch.

The redhead was on a lower level than you so he had the perfect view of your little show.

The way you engulfed the whole thing in your warm insides, the embarrassed blush you had, the way tiny mewls and whines left your lips…

It was a challenge worth testing his auto-control. In the meantime Eijiro just stared at you.

Blushed cheeks, raggedy breaths that he struggled to keep in, ruby eyes fixed on your lower lips that hugged the plastic toy just like it was his manliness. His dick throbbed mercilessly in his pants when you let out a cutesy yelp, probably due to the dildo hitting a sweet spot inside you. "Eiji…" you moaned, a light veil of tears clouded your eyes.

Goddammit, he wanted to fuck you so badly.

On the other hand you too were on the verge of pouncing him. His wild and animalistic look, his sharp teeth biting his bottom lip so hard, one hand hardened and gripping at the edge of his seat while the other clenching his thigh to prevent him from touching himself. As your bounces speed up your release also was approaching, much to your boyfriend dismay which only thought was how hard he would fuck you after that.

"Eijiro… I'm gonna- I'm gonna cum!" he suddenly grabbed your thighs, holding you midway in the air "That's it!" he said with a sharky grin "Sorry babe, bit I'm calling quits" before you could even ask he hoisted you up, letting the plastic toy fall to the ground and shoving you against the wall.

"Sorry pebble, but I couldn't hold it in. Watching you fucking that thing as if it was mu cock was too much of a temptation" he purred into your ear, your legs quivered on his hips. "Eiji…" you whined holding onto his back "Don't worry baby girl…" he whispered sultry, making you feel his whole manliness against your labia.

"Your man will take such good care of you that you won't need a toy anymore"