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Doctor's Choice

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“All of the fae that available to help are on their way or are here, Ms. Dennis. We have about two hours before they all arrive.” The assistant of the medical labs called out to Bo.

“We will be there shortly. Please have each one seated in the medical facilities conference room. Dr. Isles and Special Agent Rizzoli will be accompanying me.” Bo answered back as she pulled Maura tight against her with one arm and the other wrapped around Jane.

“Lauren will be alright. She is strong and hardheaded. Maura I believe in you and I believe in her. You will find a way to help her. I feel it through our bond.” Bo whispered as her breath danced across the small doctor’s ear.

“I need to tell you both something. Lauren knew and we chose to keep it to ourselves until we found answers. We were so close with the last set of samples to find the reverse effects of the serum that is almost like a virus plaguing the fae. Someone is infecting them with the serum but the closest we have been able to find is that it can be transferred through blood and orally.” Maura nervously spoke.

“I knew something was up with you two. I could feel it. But, I didn’t understand the feelings until now. You were hiding something from us.” Jane accused her lover.

Bo softly whispered and laid her head to rest on Maura’s. “I am sure there is a reason for them to hide it Jane. Lauren has a reason for everything and she is always open with me. Sometimes she has to take the time to tell me to keep me from going off the deep end and the blue banshee comes to play.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt anyone Jane. I was infected by a sample on an accident in the lab. Lauren is running tests to see if it infected me. But we both are scared of what will happen as well as you reaction. I don’t want to lose you or lose this we all have.” Maura uttered softly with tears falling from her eyes and landing on Bo’s chest.

Jane climbed over Bo and lay down beside Maura. She gently pulled her to turn over and rest on her chest. She felt the insecurities and fear flowing from the small blonde woman. “No matter what happens in this life, I love you. You will not lose me. I cannot promise that I will like some of your choices and decisions but I will always be with you. We will be with you. We will not lose this.” Jane waved her hand over the three of them. “We will not lose Lauren either. You feel it and I feel it. Lauren is alive and changing.”

Maura lifted her head and brushed her lips across Jane’s. “How do you do it?”

“Do what?” Jane asked curiously.

“Always find a way to calm me or fix my problems.” Maura answered and kissed her again.

“Sometimes it is just faith and love that causes the calm in each other.” Bo added and turned to spoon Maura facing Jane. The tiny frame of the small doctor and her firm round ass was perfectly fit against the succubus. Maura squirmed a nudge and pushed her backside firm against Bo’s center then she softly gasped in pleasure. Bo looked over to Jane in question if what she wanted was acceptable for them both. Jane gave a slight nod that wouldn’t be noticed unless focused solely on the detective. Bo smiles and shifted her body pushing her center against Maura while running her hand up her thigh and stopping at her hip.

Lust rushed down the detective’s body. Jane leaned over and placed a finger under the small doctor’s chin and lifted her head. She leaned in and brushed trembling her lips across hers then asked. “Do you want this? If not you need to say so now because once we start it will be hard to stop.”

“Yes.” Maura breathed out and wrapped her hands into long dark curls gripping and pulling towards her. Lips crashed into each other as Jane moaned ran her hand down to cup Maura’s backside by resting her hand on top of Bo’s and moving it down together.

Bo squeezed pushing Maura against Jane and running her tongue down the small doctor’s neck.

A loud knock on the office door interrupted them.

“What do you need?” Bo yelled to the door not wanting to move from her embrace with the two women.

“Doctor Lewis is….” The assistant stuttered out. “come… now.”

All three women flew up of the couch and headed out the door towards Lauren. Rushing through the door, a tall black woman spoke. “Calm yourselves. I can help her. I feel her. She is powerful.” Bo stopped making the other two women bump into her suddenly.

“Serena, you’re a fire fae. You can feel her.” Bo questioned with a sense of not truly understanding.

“Yes succubus, she is of the Ignus clan now. She is fire, she is fae. My new sister...” The head guard for the Ash finished with finality on Lauren’s life. Bo grew angry as she claimed her lover for their clan.

“No, Serena. Lauren is of no one’s clan unless she chooses to be. You say you can help her then do it. Don’t stand out here and act all high and mighty when she is in there struggling.” Bo finished and rushed in to the room to her lover with the other two following.

It was an amazing sight for the three women. Lauren lay on the bed flat with the palms of her hands facing upwards beside her body. In the palm of each hand were tiny blue flames dancing. Jane was in awe of the way the flames danced across Lauren’s palm but she wasn’t burnt. The detective’s curiosity won and she stepped forward to move closer to the doctor. She leaned forward and inspected the fire closely. She lifted her finger to poke the bottom of Lauren’s hand to see if the fire moved.

“Don’t touch her.” The tall black fae woman demanded. “You will harm yourself. She is coming into her power. Move back slowly so she doesn’t sense you around her. She will attack unknowingly. It is instinct to protect ourselves during our transition.” Jane moved back slowly and watched Lauren’s face with each step.

Bo looked over towards the Ignus fae and asked. “What powers is she coming into?”

Serena shook her head at the succubus looking at her as if she was a child learning to talk. “Ms. Dennis, Doctor Lewis will be very powerful. I feel her power as she comes into it. The flames are blue which only fairy tales anymore within our clans. No one in over a thousand years has come into their power with blue flames. She is close to being the ‘aestus’ within the Ignus. Aestus means passionate fire. Her powers develop by her emotions. If untrained she will be deadly to us all. She will have the strength of fire in temperatures that will melt elements with flash points hotter than that which is needed to melt steel. She is incendium the finality of fire.”

Bo looked over to her lover on the bed and then back to the fire fae. “I was told she will obtain more powers and then the two dominant ones will stay. What other powers will she have?”

Serena shook her head again and then stood up straight with arrogance. “She will not have two dominant powers. She is incendium which means literally the finality of fire. Ms. Dennis, this means she has all the powers of the fire fae, the Ignus.”

Maura just stood there in shock listening to the fae woman talk as if Lauren was a goddess or something and she was laying claim to the tall doctor. She began to grow angry at the insinuations of the fae woman. “No one has the right to choose for her.” She thought to herself and then stepped forward then froze at what she was seeing on the bed.

“Bo…” She stuttered out.

Bo kept glaring with questions in her mind focusing at the tall fae woman not listening to the others around her.

“BO!” Maura finally quit stuttered and yelled. “Lauren!”

“Damn it Bo, Look at your woman!” Jane yelled and grabbed Bo’s head and guided it fast towards the bed and Lauren.

Bo’s mouth dropped as well as fire racing through her body and settling between her legs. The woman before her was beautiful.

“Not…Possible.” Serena gasped out in fear.

“Beautiful.” Maura whispered and smiled at Lauren.

Lauren stood beside the bed looking at her lovers and another woman. She heard and felt everything during her transition. There was no pain; it was glorious to feel the power fuse within her cells. She didn’t fight it she knew not to. Pain would have controlled her transition if she fought it. She looked down at her hands and smiled. She was half shape changed to a phoenix to maintain her human looks. Her skin was feathered with small golden red feathers. Her eyes were mahogany in color and glowed with her smile.

Lauren walked slowly towards Bo and Jane. She knew she was beautiful and she let that affect her stride as she slightly swayed her hips while she walked. Bo and Jane were mesmerized by her beauty. Maura was in awe but wasn’t as affected as the other two women until the tall doctor’s gaze landed on her. Maura felt enchanted with lust and need to touch Lauren. She was alluring to everyone in the room once her gaze landed on them. Bo shook her head and realized the power that Lauren obtained by becoming a fae.

Lauren smiled as she lifted her hand towards Maura and with one finger motioned her to her. She held out her hand towards the small doctor as her head turned towards the two brunettes. She lifted her other hand and with one finger motioned them to her too.

Serena stood in shock at the sight before her. She felt it was not possible for this type of fae to exist anymore. They were extinct. They were the ancient bridge between the Ignus and the Phoenix. It was told that their power so was strong that they were hunted into extinction. The last two of the species split themselves into two, creating two species of fae, the Ignus and the Phoenix to maintain their bloodline. Doctor Lauren Lewis is truly an aestus the rare fire bird fae.

“It cannot be…” She whispered as she watched the tall blonde fae gather the other women to her with her power.

Lauren lifted her head and looked at the tall guard fire fae. “It can…” She spoke out letting her words float across the room.

“You are aestus. You are extinct.” Serena gasped out.

“Yes, Ignus. I am aestus. I have no idea how I became one that is extinct for a millennia. But never the less I am.” Lauren spoke again as she wrapped her arms around her lovers.

Serena dropped to her knee and bowed her head. “Aestus is finality of fire. You are above and not my equal. I submit to you. I give my oath of fealty and claim you liege.” She stayed there shaking in fear and happiness all at the same time. She knew with an aestus the clans will no longer war among each other.

“Stand Serena, I am no liege lord. I do not require your fealty. I am a doctor for the light fae, nothing more.” Lauren smiled at the offer of fealty it made her feel good. But she knew she did not need it now did she want it.

Serena stood and threw her fisted arm across her chest and said. “You may not want it but it is yours. I gave my oath. My life is yours.”

Lauren knew there was no changing an Ignus’ mind when they set on it. She would just have to slowly work with her. In the meantime she wanted to spend time with her family.

Lauren looked down at the small blonde woman wrapped around her and the brunettes crushed to her sides. “I apologize that I scared you all. I wasn’t feeling very well and then suddenly everything crashed inside me and it was peaceful. It was the best feeling ever.”

“Your eyes, Lauren. They speak to us.” Jane whispered into the blonde’s hair.

“Yes. Lo, you are sexy in a succubus way when you look at us.” Bo croaked out.

“Are you able to control us now?” Maura asked curiously. “Will I become the same as you? Since the samples were from the same batch that you were infected with from the compound.”

“Let us try out what you are saying and see if I really can enchant you to do my will.” Lauren offered peacefully to her lovers. With nods all around her, she looked over to Bo directly in her eyes and whispered seductively, “On your knees.”

Bo felt the enchantment instantly, everything in her made her want to do anything Lauren commanded. She slowly broke free of her embrace and dropped to her knees and spoke. “Yes, Lauren.”

All three women standing gasped at Bo and then Jane and Maura looked at Lauren. “Um… can you break the compulsion? She is still kneeling to you.” Maura softly spoke.

“I am not sure. I compelled you obviously to come to me. But you are not compelled now. Maybe it will wear off if we move or something.” Lauren said shaken.

Maura released herself from Lauren and Jane’s embrace and knelt in front of Bo. “Bo? Look at me please.” Bo lifted her head and smiled at the small doctor. “Will you stand?”

“No. I was commanded to kneel.” Bo answered.

Maura thought for a moment and then smiled. She leaned towards Bo and kissed her gently. As she pulled away she whispered against her lips. “Hold me.” Then she leaned in and kissed Bo again pushing all of her feelings from their bond into the kiss. Bo suddenly wrapped her arms around Maura and pulled her to her. Maura slowly stood with Bo in her embrace and broke the heated kiss when they were standing. She leaned her head to rest against Bo’s panting trying to catch her breath. “Do you want to kneel now?” She giggled to the succubus.

“No. I believe you fixed the compulsion.” Bo said then turned to Lauren and laughed as she said. “We need to figure out a way for you not to compel people accidentally.”

“Maybe it is because I am shifted to this form and not in my complete human form. But I don’t know how to shift. I can feel that I can though.” She turned towards Serena as she spoke.

“It is fabled that the Aestus ruled their desires with emotions. Try to feel your love for them and then think about being in your human form. I read this in the ancient tomes. You should read them Aestus.” Serena answered.

“Yes I will and stop calling me Aestus, my name is Lauren.” Lauren gathered all of her love for Bo in her body and the new love building with the two women from Boston and thought of holding them as human.

Lauren’s three lover’s breath’s caught quickly as they watched the transformation of Lauren from the beautiful fire bird to their lover.