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Doctor's Choice

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“So, first day at the lab Doctor?” A tall blond man addressed the small doctor. “Do you need a tour?

“I have had a tour the other day by Doctor Lewis. My name is Doctor Maura Isles and you are?” Maura removed her glove off her hand and put it out in front of her.

“Dariak, my name is Dariak.” He grasped the small hand and shook it lightly. “It’s nice to meet you Doctor Isles. I am a Medical assistant for the lab. Doctor Lewis runs this facility in the name of the Light and the Ash. Are you a part of the new team?”

“Mister…Dariak, I am a part of the new team, Yes. However, I must apologize for my somewhat rude question but do you not have a surname. I find that it makes me uncomfortable to address a person by their given name unless we are close friends.” Maura looked up at the tall blonde fae with a questioning look.

Dariak gave the small doctor a gentle smile with something oddly hidden behind his eyes that Maura caught before it disappeared.

Dariak cleared his throat and spoke. “Some of the fae do not have surnames Doctor Isles. Please remember this small fact because you may accidentally offend them. It would be critical to some of them to remand the offense with a duel or something just as nasty, especially towards humans.”

Maura paled at the thought of offending anyone including the man in front of her. “My apologies, Sir. I meant no disrespect in asking your surname.”

Dariak chuckled and laid his hand on the small doctor then answered. “Doctor Isles, you did not offend me but Doctor Lewis said we are to help the team with understanding the fae and I felt I needed to address this before we went any further. As for my surname it is quite odd sounding in the English language. My name is Dariak Ó Dochartaigh, which means Dariak descendant of Doherty. Doctor Isles, you may call me Dariak Doherty for short.”

Maura stared at the fae for a short moment then her nervousness pushed her to begin quoting something educational.

“I once read in a journal about how everyone who bears an Irish name knows, at least, that Mac and O, the two familiar signs of Gaelic descent, are just ordinary nouns, meaning son and grandson, but now in the surnames standing for descendant.” As she finished her statement she began to feel very confused and weak. Her arms were feeling heavy and her head tingled.

“Dariak, why are you not monitoring the scans for the new strain of virus that Doctor Isles and I are working on?” Lauren snapped as she noticed that her assistant was using his power on the small doctor. Dariak smirked at her deviously and pull his hand back from Maura. Lauren’s protective side rushed forward and she raised her shoulders higher in confidence and stepped closer.

“Dariak, Office” She looked at him with a protective force of nature and his smirk dropped. He didn’t move.”…NOW!” She snapped as she walked into her office.

Lauren sat at her desk waiting for her assistant to settle. Anger poured off her at the thought of a fae using his powers on a human without the human’s permission. She knew that humans have to stance in the fae world but she prided herself in the idea that in her medical facility humans were equal. At the very least in her facility she strived for it. The Ash gave her complete reign over the medical compound.

“So Dariak, what do you have to say for yourself in defense of what I just observed?” Lauren growled out at the man.

Dariak stood up tall and spoke with an air of contempt in his demeanor. “I am fae, I do not need to defend my actions with humans or to humans.”

Lauren stood quickly and slammed her hands down on her desk and leaning over it towards Dariak. “It does not matter if I or Doctor Isles is human, what I saw out there was a breach of the very rules that are applied to in this medical facility in the name of the Ash!”

Dariak snickered at Lauren and spoke, “If the Ash knew you were allowing humans to run the supervisory positions in the facility he would be appalled. Humans are food!” He growled back and stepped closer to her. “You dear doctor are food!”

“I am not food! Humans are not food! You are fired and the Ash will know!” Lauren reached over to her desk phone and slammed her hand down on a button specifically to the Ash.

“Well hello; Doctor Lewis, how are you today?” The Ash spoke through the speaker on the phone.

He reached out and grabbed her wrist and pushed his power through her. Lauren gasped and tried to pull back. She felt her body beginning to weaken and thought into her mind. “I will not let him win.”

“Doctor Lewis. What is the reason for this call?” The Ash spoke in a demanding tone through the phone.

“Ash…” Lauren croaked out.

Maura rushed through the door feeling through their bond that Lauren was in trouble. She seen the tall blond man has his hand wrapped around the tall doctor’s wrist as she paled.

Lauren groaned out in pain to the Ash. “Video…office…please?” Then she fainted on the desk. Dariak turned towards Maura and smiled an evil smile. “The doctor was pretty tasty. You are next. I will have my dessert before I must part from here.” He stepped forward towards the small doctor and raised his hand to grab her. Maura let out a squeal and slammed her hand down towards the man’s chest pushing a plunger of the needle she had in her hand.

Dariak looked down at his chest as his hands dropped to see in surprise of what the small doctor had done to him. Then he looked up and smiled to her. “You Doctor Isles are a human and merely food for me. Your small contents that you assume will hurt me do little to my kind.” He reached out and grabbed her again.

The door burst open and armed guards rushed towards the fae man. He did not struggle just smirked at the small doctor. A guard on each arms and went to take him away; Dariak smirked and put his hand on each guard’s body to feed as they all heard Maura say.


Dariak suddenly collapsed in the guards hands. She looked at them and smiled. “He will not be an issue for a few hours if I have the dosage correct. I am not sure what type of fae he is but I put enough in that syringe to drop a Bubalus bubalis.” The guards just stood there holding up the blonde man and stared at the small doctor. Maura moved towards Lauren and gently patted her arm but continued to speak to the guards. “Did you know that a Bubalus bubalis is also known as a large bovid originating in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and China? Today, they are also found in Europe…” Maura stopped her speaking and turned red as the guards just stood there and stared at her. “I am Google-mouthing again. I apologize.”

Lauren burst out with a weak laugh and nodded weakly towards the small doctor. “You are a masterpiece, Doctor Isles.” Maura dropped her head shyly and whispered. “Thank you.”

“How did you know to bring a syringe full of…what was it you gave him?” Lauren asked in thought.

“Well Lauren, tranquilizer and I noticed when he turned to enter the office that his eyes shown a look of deviousness that I knew would cause trouble. So, I filled the syringe and waited. I didn’t hear you were in trouble but I felt it. It felt it in my soul like something was pulling me towards you. I decided that I needed to go to you and you know how things ended from there.”

The Ash came through the door in the middle of Maura’s explanation and watched the two doctors interact. As the small doctor was speaking to the tall one, they each leaned toward each other and randomly ran a finger up or down an arm. The Ash noticed something different about them too. It was as if Doctor Lewis shined and the small doctor matched her.

“Doctor Lewis, I assume you are alright since the guards are here and the perpetrator is shall we say out for the count. Do you need anything further?”

Lauren bowed towards the Ash and spoke, “I am well, thanks to Doctor Isles who saved me. It is her that needs the recognition. The guards were a wonderful help as well Ash.”

“Good.” The Ash turned towards the small doctor and acknowledged her with a smile and said. “Thank you Doctor Isles, you have protected a great asset to the Light. I owe you gratitude and thanks. If you have need of my services in the future please feel free to request an audience with me.” Then the Ash turned and walked out with the guards following him dragging the tall man with them.

Maura’s head popped up quickly and looked at Lauren. “The serum scans, no one is monitoring them!” Maura burst out of the office and headed towards the scans. She picked up the scan papers and looked over them closely. “Uh…Doctor Lewis you need to see this…!”

Lauren studied the scans while mumbling under her breath. “DNA integrity is essential…physiological processes include DNA replication and repair…Disruption of replication….This is it Maura! The disruption of replication by reactive oxygen is facilitating a change in DNA replication more of mutation from human and Fae DNA, Maura!”

Maura smiled at the tall doctor and ran her hand across her lower back as she was leaning over looking at the same scans. “Doctor Lewis, since I am a pathologist and new to the medical of the fae. What does this mean? Are these the same samples from Taft’s compound?” The small doctor leaned closer to the microscope next to her and looked in it again. “This is amazing!”

“It means Doctor Isles that we now have the markers for the base formula. We need to find the serum to reverse the effects of the original one. Will you please hand me the sample vials we just scanned? I need to start on the reverse effects. Oh, and yes they are from Taft’s compound. I figured that since my serum was created from these samples that they might give us the markers we needed if we add them to the new ones and make some adjustments. These samples have those adjustments.”

Maura reached over and grabbed a single vial from the rack and reached out towards Lauren to hand her the vial. She smiled as their hands clasped onto each other. The bond in them flared suddenly as they stared into each others eyes.

Bo, Jane, Dyson, and Hale burst through the door with Bo yelling in excitement, “Frost is amazing!” Startled both women squeezed the vial at the same time making it burst in their hands. Sharp glass buried into their fingers as each woman looked into each others eyes with fear. “Hurry wash your hands!” Lauren yelled as she dragged Maura to the sinks.

Dyson grabbed Hale by the arm and pulled him around. “We should go and get the paperwork finalized for Frost at the station.”

“Hey! Are you both OK?” Bo asked as she followed the women waving a hand at the two men in acknowledgement.

Thrusting their hands under the water Lauren rotates Maura’s hand and pauses. “Your cut.” Maura looks at her hand and then to Lauren.”

Both women paled and calmly straightened their shoulders. “Lauren.” Maura whispered softly with fear as she paled even more. Lauren worked diligently cleaning and wrapping Maura’s cuts on her hands while explaining things to Maura softly so only she could hear. “Everything will be all right. It is just a single sample. We don’t know if it is one that has the markers.”

The small doctor shook her head. “We do.” She paused looking at her with fear and being lost.

“Lauren, it was the sample that was tested. The same one used for these scans.” Maura whispered with a single tear on her cheek.

Lauren pulled the small doctor into her arms to comfort her.

“Maura, we are working on the counter serum. Remember? I have complete faith that we will find it. I need the serum too since my DNA is changing. But we need to tell no one.”

Maura nodded then paused. “I can’t.”

“What do you mean you can’t” Lauren asked.

“I can’t lie. I start to hyperventilate, go vasovagal and then faint.” Maura answered.

Lauren grabbed the small doctor by the cheeks and made her look her in her eyes. “Maura, babe, everything will work out. We need to keep this quiet until we can get back to our research in the lab.” She pulled her tight against her and felt Maura’s heart beating fast. She slowly rubbed her hands up and down feeling her yoga strengthen muscles, calming her.

“Maura remember, the samples from Taft’s lab are the ones they infected me with. Now we both are infected. It will inhibit cell degradation by freezing the human cells and allowing the fae cells to take over rendering the human ones sterile.” Maura realized that Lauren was feeling the same as her.

Bo and Jane both wrapped their arms around the two women. Jane whispered, “We feel it too.”

“You don’t have to hide it from us.”