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Doctor's Choice

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Lauren walked to her desk in the home laboratory. "I forgot I was to look over Frost's contract. I cannot do anything else until I finish this. I will meet you all upstairs for bed in a few." She smirked at Maura and then looked at Bo and Jane. "Someone was generous enough to give me a wonderful experience but did not complete the experience for herself. Quite selfless I may add. She must be in a hurtful state." Lauren sat down in her chair and then leaned back looking at the three women. She winked at Maura and then spoke to Bo. "Make sure she is taken care of my love. For me please… Or I will finish what we started when I get done with these papers."

"I think that she will need certain medical treatments that only a doctor is able to complete. However, I will definitely keep her well comfortable until you meet with us, Doctor Lewis." Bo stated in a business like fashion.

Jane laughed and pulled the small doctor into her arms. "I agree. I think we should keep her as comfortable as possible until she is able to be checked out properly by the doctor."

Lauren nodded and pulled Frost's contract towards her. "Then I better get busy and do it right so I am able to begin examinations."

Maura blushed and moved towards the door. She spoke softly, "And they say doctors only have one track minds. It's all about the science. My ass!"

Bo and Jane burst out laughing and followed the small doctor out the door. Jane knew that Maura hardly ever cussed about anything.

Lauren focused on the documents with full concentration. She was angry that the fae decided to change the details of the contracts for the humans who enter into the team for the serum creation. She knew she needed to address this with the Ash. "I doubt he knows what his lawyers have been up to. I wonder if Jane and Maura's contract has hidden agenda's in it as well. I will find out tomorrow to make sure. Then have the Ash make addendums to make sure they are not taken advantage of." She focused on adding small details to Frost's contract to include full internet and digital data of the fae. She knew he would need as much information as possible to do his duty as possible detective with the police or as a special agent of the government program the fae have in place.

Lauren finally stood and stretched letting each of her back bones crack before grabbing the documents and walking upstairs to pass them to the small black detective. He reminded her so much of Hale. "Those two detectives would probably get along really well once they get to know each other," she thought.

At the final step of the stairs Lauren stopped and stared at the scene before her. On one side of the room sat several large boxes with smaller ones placed on top of them. In the center of the room on the coffee table were four large pizza boxes and two large bottles of vodka with one half gone. In front of the large screen television stood Kenzi, Hale and Frost, each with a PS4 controller in their hands. Bodies were weaving back and forth and jumping up and down in all directions. Voices were whispering, growling and yelling in excitement and anger at different intervals, beside the three people stood Dyson and a tall beautiful blonde with a detectives badge hanging on her hip. Dyson and the blonde were making bets on who would win the race of cars that emerged on the wide screen television as the surround sound whirled with engine noises and gun shots.

"Hey! Hotpants! Do you wanna grab a controller and join the fun? Oh and the card and receipts are on your kitchen counter. Frost gotz him some badass clothing, so posh! He also purchased the computer equipment he needed. I grabbed us this system so we can practice our motor skills for when the zombies attack! Hope its Okiez! Hey! Watch it Jukebox, that's my car you are ramming!" Kenzi whirled her head back to the television and started jumping up and down the controller.

"Kids…" Lauren mumbled and shook her head. She continued to watch the group for a bit noticing that they were fast becoming friends. She was interrupted by a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and noticed Dyson smiling at her.

"It seems that bringing these humans into our world had brought happiness to my best friend….Thank you… Lauren." He looked down as if he wanted to say something so Lauren laid her hand on top of his and squeezed it. "Dyson. Everything is good. Please do not worry. No hard feelings?"

Dyson lifted his head and smiled. He knew he ruined all chances with the succubus by trying to rush her to make a decision about being his life mate. He realized after Bo rushed out of the room that day that maybe she really wasn't meant to be his. When she told him that Lauren held her heart, his broke. He continued on with his life as he watched Bo and Lauren become a well-defined couple within the fae community, a couple that even both the Light and Dark allowed. After moving on with his life he finally met a woman that made his heart burst every time she was around. He didn't have the nerve to tell her until recently. It was the tall blonde detective standing next to him, Tamsin. This was the first time he felt comfortable with bringing her to meet Bo.

"Lauren, no hard feelings. Thank you for taking care of Bo. She truly loves you. Where is she by the way, I thought she would be here with the new humans?" Dyson asked.

"She is upstairs with two other humans who have joined us. She is showing them around and then she will be heading to bed. I am joining her shortly. We all have a long day tomorrow with the orientation for the Light for these three."

"That's too bad. I wanted to introduce her to my girlfriend and new police partner. Lauren, this is Tamsin." He motioned for the blonde detective to join him. He wrapped his arm around her and smiled at Lauren.

Extending her hand in greeting Lauren noticed a strong alcohol smell on the woman and spoke, "Nice to meet you Tamsin. It is great to see Dyson happy. Will you be joining our team to help the Light and Dark as well as the unaligned?"

"Nice to meet you Doctor Lewis, I heard so much about your endeavors. I hope to one day get to work beside you. Sadly, I am new to the area and have not been given permission to join your team. If that changed I will immediately inform you."

Lauren nods and adds, "Well, as much as I would love to chat and get to know you and spend time with you and Dyson, I need to head to bed. I have a long day tomorrow. It was great meeting you."

Both Dyson and Tamsin smile and wish her a great evening before heading back to the rowdy video gaming crew.

Lauren once again received a shock, the second in a matter of fifteen minutes. She opened the door to her room to see Bo and Jane lazily leaning back against the headboard of the bed while Maura is smashed between the two cuddling up to them. She fully expected clothes off and bodies moving. It seems the bond between them all pushed the line very closely between love and sex. This cuddling showed more of the loving side of the bond. Each brunette had a hand gently rubbing circles on the blonde's stomach.

They were discussing the feelings and emotions that they are experiencing with the new bond.

"Babe, come join us. We have been waiting for you."