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Doctor's Choice

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Maura leaned over and picked up her shirt and bra from the floor. She glanced back at her lover Jane and watched her. She had wanted Jane for several years, she knew in her heart that had not changed. She wanted her as her partner and life mate as much now as five years ago. Her dreams of Jane have finally come true. Just the thought of her as her lover and partner brightened her day. The thought of her tall muscular frame against her made her wet again.

Maura glanced over to Lauren then and thought about her as she watched her dressing. The tall doctor glanced at her and passed her a gentle smile. Her heart swelled with the same feeling she carried for Jane. Maura startled herself at this realization. She quickly looked towards Bo and looked her up and down. Bo noticed Lauren’s gaze and followed it towards the small doctor. She smiled towards her and winked. Maura’s heart melted further and her body trembled with desire at the two women. How could she look at another woman and feel love and need that she did as her own detective? She thought and looked back towards Jane.

Jane noticed the odd look on her lover’s face and walked towards her. “Maura? Are you alright?” She asked in a quiet voice. She pulled the small doctor into her arms and looked her in the eyes. “What are you thinking my love?”

Bo and Lauren felt the small doctor’s change in mood and walked to her and wrapped their arms around both women. “Maura.” Lauren whispered into the small doctor’s hair.

A small tear left Maura’s eye and her heart burst from her mouth in question. “How could I look at you and Bo and feel love and need just like I do for Jane? I shouldn’t be looking at other women? I have wanted Jane as my love for years and now it has happened. But, I look at you two and feel the same. Do fae have the magic to make me love others like my Jane?” Maura lifted her head and looked directly at the tall doctor.

“You know the fae and what they are capable of doing. Is this possible?” Maura asked with tears in her eyes. Jane mumbled an agreement with Maura at feeling the same insecurities.

“Maura, I am sure there are fae that are capable of mimicking love on another, however…none of those fae exist here. They are quite rare. I also assure you that the bond that we four have is not of the fae’s doing.”

Bo shifted to wrap her arms directly around the small blonde. “Maura…look into my soul and see what is there. You will see it, you will feel it. You will taste it. Kiss Lauren, Maura and then look around the four of us with more than your eyes. Humans have the ability to see beyond science. Do not let your brain tell you that science is the only answer. I have proven to you with my touch that there is more than science in this world. Will you trust in this and me? Will you know that I will not use my power on you or our lovers?” Bo removed her arms from embracing the small doctor and stepped back away from the three women. “I will touch no one as proof.”

“I believe in science as proof of many things Maura. I also believe there is more on this world. However, I believe that science has an answer for everything. When I take Bo’s blood and look at it under a microscope after she feeds. I see chi in her cells. It is science but even though I see it some part of me cannot explain it with science. Maybe one day I will be able to but I have learned that when something is written in fae history books there is a very large chance it has happened to another at one point in time. I have seen the proof.”

Lauren stepped back towards the small doctor and pulled her into an embrace once again. Then she lifted her hand and clasped Jane’s fingers with hers. She smiled over at Jane and then back to the small blonde.

“If it will be easier to believe, when we get to the lab let me take all of our blood before and after a kiss when Bo feeds. I will show you what I am meaning. Bo is right. If you look with more than your eyes you will see a bond between us four that was not there before.” Lauren offered and smiled gently at the smaller woman. “How about we…” Her words were cut off as Maura clashed her lips into the taller woman and kissed her with hunger and need that was racing through her body. The need to feel them all around her was desperate and rewarding at the same time. Maura needed to believe.

Lauren deepened the kiss with as much passion as the small doctor but took a moment in time to pull Jane into their embrace. Bo quietly watched out of arms reach from the others. Maura broke the kiss as she gasped for much needed air and looked towards Bo.

The small blonde closed her eyes and let her body feel and her mind settle. She felt in her very soul the tall doctor was telling the truth. But, she needed more from all of them. She needed to read this book and ask questions. Maura settled in her mind to do all of this later. She wanted to feel them all. She lifted her hand towards Bo and whispered. “Feed Bo. I need to feel us all. I need to know us.”

Bo smiled at the women before her and stepped into their embrace. She leaned her head down and kissed Maura with a light kiss. At the touch of the final woman to complete all four of them together; everyone drew in deep breaths at the ecstasy of the energy flowing between them. Jane tried to keep her thoughts and not get pulled into the desire raging through her. She needed to know if it was Bo who caused the exchange of desire. She groaned and pulled herself violently away from the embrace of the women.

Maura, Bo, and Lauren cried out at the loss of their fourth and openly wept looking at her. Jane shook her head and mumbled. “I needed to know. Kiss someone Lauren.” Jane felt the loss as much as the other women. She struggled with herself to keep from stepping back towards them until she tested this phenomenon that keeps happening to them.

The detective in her kept her strong and her questioning nature forced her feet to stay still until the time of her answer.

Lauren pulled Bo around keeping her hold on Maura and kissed her with an open mouthed kiss. Jane watched for a moment and then stepped in and placed her arms around her small framed lover and kissed her letting her passion flow from her. Energy slammed into all the women instantly and moans were heard from each woman. Jane had her answer. It wasn’t the succubus. It was all of them.

She whispered to Maura, “It’s all true.” She kissed her again and let herself go in these feelings. She let every emotion flow through her until she was overflowing them. She pushed all the love she held for Maura into the kiss while reaching out and placing her hand on Lauren’s shoulder. She squeezed her shoulder letting the lover of her and Maura flow to the other two women.

Bo broke the kiss from the tall doctor and stepped out of the embrace. “I am full my love.” She looked at the other women and smiled letting her feelings cascade over her face. Lauren answered with need on her face and her body shaking. “Skin…I need skin Bo. I need you.” Bo slammed back into Lauren letting the demand of her soul screams for flow into the kiss. Jane and Maura were pulled into them by both of the women reaching out and grabbing them. Breaking the kiss from Lauren, Bo leaned over and kissed Jane with the same amount of passion. Lauren reached up and began to lift Bo’s shirt from her pants when a loud knock bellowed across the room from the door.

“Bo! It’s time to get up. We have limited time.” Trick yelled through the door and knocked again. “The Ash has denied them to start tomorrow. He claims the treaty will be null if we do not have them there tonight.”

“Damn!” Bo swore and pulled away from her embrace of the women. “The Ash always has a way of making issue of things! Damn!” Bo looked over at her lovers and grimaced. “I apologize for your discomfort in the near future but we need to move now. Or the Ash will send goons for us to comply.”

“We’re coming Trick! We will be right down. Please have everything ready for the ladies before we leave.” Bo yelled back and motion for the ladies to finish dressing from earlier.

“Maura, Jane…We must not let the Ash know of our bond or anyone else. They will make a bid that we defied the treaty. Do your terms of two weeks with each side and then choose. But if you choose any side other than undesignated we cannot be together. There are laws forbidden relationships between sides.” Bo stopped and looked at Lauren.

“I cannot bear having you both on a different faction. I may be claimed as Light but have given permission with my contract of release to choose my relationships without cause. If you claim Light, Bo will be forbidden because of the contracts you signed. It was something we needed to discuss with you for orientation. It was our failure. We were blinded by the bonding. Please forgive us?” Lauren asked with shame. She knew she should have informed the two women of the details of the contract by now but being caught off guard by the bonding of them all she forgot the necessity.

“Don’t apologize please? We were caught up just as much as you both. It would not be fair to place blame on you two.” Maura stated and wrapped her arms around the tall doctor. “If I had to choose between going over paperwork and holding you two then I would choose this.” She leaned in and brushed her lips across Lauren’s. She leaned back and smiled.

“Let’s go to meet this Ash. Gotta keep up with appearances” Jane answered and winked at the two new lovers.

“Yes. Let’s get this ball on the spin peeps. I left Boston with curiosity and plan to get some answers about fae and help make this so called vaccine.”

Jane laughed and headed to the door pulling her small blonde lover with her, “It’s get this ball on the roll Maura.” Bo and Lauren laughed and followed close behind.

A/N: Sorry for the short chapter. I needed to get this finished before I could begin with the rest of the storyline. Thank you for having patience.