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Doctor's Choice

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Jane watched as Bo left the room giving a quick glance and a smile at the three women. Lauren and Maura stood beside each other with a bewilder look towards the succubus. At the click of the door closing, Jane turned to the other two women and groaned. She was surprised and confused at the same time. She had just been given approval to sleep with her new friend’s partner and lover. This was something she never thought in her wildest dreams that she would be experiencing this. Her first time with a woman had just been a day ago. Now she has the opportunity to be with two at the same time. She looked at Maura wondering what she was thinking. Jane knew above anything else that her body raged with need for a sexual release like she has never felt, not even all the times she wished for Maura. Something that happened with the kiss earlier had forced into her body a severe need for release but not just with any person but with Maura, Lauren, and Bo only. She felt the need to provide protection for the ladies and a strange feeling to be close to them.

“Maura.” Jane whispered. “I don’t understand.” Jane moved slowly towards her lover.

“It would seem that Bo thinks we need to finish what has been started. I need that book now.” Lauren spoke like she was talking to a ghost in the room. She was not practically looking at anyone specific in the room.

Jane could see the need coursing through the tall doctor’s body as she shook with desire. Lauren’s eyes were glazed over and slightly lidded. When she glanced back at Maura, she noticed the same effects on her body as the tall doctors. Something burst inside of Jane that surprised her even further when she decided firmly that this was meant to be. With purpose she pulled Maura into her arms and kissed her with all the passion she held for her lover. If this was what her life was to be she was going to make sure her lover was happy and all her needs were met.

As the kiss lessened slightly she reached out and pulled the still dazed Lauren into her and Maura’s embrace. Lauren’s body was pulled tight against Maura's back. Maura’s heart began to palpitate with wild hunger at feeling both women tight against her. She felt as if her body was possessed with the need to feel the skin of her lover and the tall doctor. She reached around ran her hand down Lauren’s side gripping her hip. Breaking the kiss from her lover, she ran her tongue up Jane’s neck to her ear and whispered breathlessly, “Are you sure Jane? Maura bit her earlobe and sucked on it for a moment before continuing. “This does not diminish my love for you if you want her too.”

“Do you Maura? Do you want this?” Jane moaned back tilted her head for her lover to have easier access. “I…” Jane sucked in her breath when Maura bit down on her neck below her ear and sucked.

Lauren pushed her body harder into the back of the small doctor and moaned. “I never wanted anyone but Bo until now. I cannot deny something is drawing me to you both… Something is changing in all of us… Tell me to stop and I will.” She said to both women in her embrace while sliding her hand up Maura’s ribs slightly brushing against her breast. “Tell me to stop.”

Lauren knew that something was different. There was a raging inferno inside her body and only Jane and Maura could douse the flames. Yet, she did not want to cause a rift between the two lovers. She has always been monogamous to Bo or any of her past lovers. She never thought she would be attracted to any other woman once Bo entered her life. But, right before her in her arms was two of the most beautiful women that called to her soul. She needed to answer the call with every ounce of her strength.

“No.” the small doctor whispered then turned her head towards Lauren. “Kiss me, doctor.” She moaned out to the tall blonde. Lauren leaned her head over the small doctor’s shoulder and rubbed her cheek against hers.

“I want this Jane.” Maura answered to her lover as her lips met with Laurens in a heated kiss. Jane moaned a reply of “Yes,” and then ran her hand from the tall doctor’s hip down to grasp her backside. She gripped Laurens ass cheek and pulled upwards to help her grind her center into Maura’s ass. The small doctor whimpered into the kiss and pushed her tongue deeper into the tall doctor’s mouth, tasting her.

Jane ran her free hand up the other side of her lover’s body resting it on her ribcage as she leaned back slightly to give her room between them. She moved further up and began unbuttoning Maura’s shirt. Lauren ran both her hands down to the small doctor’s waistline and loosened the buttons on her slacks. She slipped in both hands into her pants and the edge of her panties and began to push downward letting her body follow rubbing her clothes down the small woman’s body. She slowly slippe Maura’s pants down her firm thighs to pool at her feet. The tall doctor ran her tongue up Maura’s legs as she slowly began to stand.

Jane finished unbuttoning Maura’s shirt and moved with both hands to push it off her shoulders. Lauren leaned back once standing and let the shirt fall to the floor between her and the small doctor. She reached up and unclasped Maura’s bra and watched it slide down the small woman’s arms to land on the floor on top of her shirt.

Maura shivered as the cool air brushed across her skin at the loss of her clothes. She turned and pushed her ass up against her lover at the same time as reaching up to unbutton the tall blonde’s shirt. She needed to feel skin.

Lauren leaned in and ran her tongue up the neck of the small doctor tasting her skin again. Jane leaned in and followed the tall blonde by mimicking the same action on the other side of Maura’s neck. Maura’s body shook and her fingers quivered as she reached around under the unbuttoned shirt of Lauren and unclasped her bra with gentle but quick movements. She paused letting her fingers rest on the firm muscular back of the doctor enjoying the feel of her strength and moaned a response to the touch.

“Beautiful… God… off…clothes off…I want to feel you... against me and Jane” Maura whimpered. “Now. Please?” She begged as she pushed against Lauren.

“No...Let me watch.” Jane echoed with the same emotion in her raspy voice. “I want to watch you two. Please?” She begged as she stepped back out of the women’s embrace. Maura turned her head towards her lover and smiled with a gentle smile and nodded.

She grasped Lauren’s pants and pulled her towards her; stepping back at the same time to rest against the bed. The tall doctor finished stripping her pants off in a quick motion. Stepping out of them she clashed her body and mouth against Maura’s in heated passion. She reached down with both hands and grabbed the small doctor’s ass lifting her up and pushing her onto the bed, letting her body fall on top of the small doctor’s.

Maura groaned at the weight of Lauren while wrapping her legs around her midsection, never breaking the kiss. Tongues battled each other as both women’s hands run up and down each other’s bodies.

Jane climbed onto the corner of the bed and leaned back on her legs in a sitting position. She slowly ran her hands up and down the front of her body before resting them on the button of her jeans. The two blonde women were beautiful in their embrace. Jane couldn’t take her eyes off the battle of bodies rubbing against each other a few feet from her. She relished the view of her lover and the tall doctor together.

"Beautiful." Need pulsed in her center that matched the thrusts of the Lauren against her lover. Lauren’s long blonde hair brushed across Maura’s face hiding it from the tall brunettes view but the whimpers coming from her lover let her know that she was enjoying every thrust. Jane slowly undid her jeans button and clicked the zipper slowly downward one tooth at a time. Once completely down she ran her hand down the front of her pants and felt the wet heat pooling between her lips. With slow precise movements she began rubbing circles on her swollen clit.

Lauren lifted her body up balancing the weight on her knuckled fists on the bed and whispered. “Climb up further on the bed Maura.”

The small blonde groaned at the loss of Lauren on her body but did as she was told and shimmied herself further up the bed. Once her head reached the headboard she pulled a pillow from beside her and rested it so she could be tilted up slightly to watch the blonde doctor above her better.

Lauren grinned, a feral grin and leaned forward biting gently at Maura’s calf of her leg before placing open mouthed kisses as she worked her way upwards on the doctor’s body. She paused for a slight moment at Maura’s center then swiped her tongue up the small doctor’s slit tasting her for the first time.

“Mmm… sweet…tangy…delectable.” Lauren whispered before continuing her trail of open mouthed kisses upwards across Maura’s stomach. She took a moment to drive her tongue into the small crevice of her belly button and swirl it around in a quick flicker before working her way back down. The movement made Maura’s hips buck off the bed seeking as she moaned out the tall doctor’s name. Lauren smiled and bit down gently on her hipbone then licked her tongue across it before sucking to leave a mark. She lifted away letting her mouth pop at the loss of the skin from her sucking hard. The small doctor groaned and shifted to lift her hips up again towards Lauren.

The tall doctor began moving upwards again until she reached Maura’s breast pulling a tight shriveled bud into her mouth and sucked hard. Jane mewled with need as she heard the sucking sound of the doctor on her lover’s breast. Maura cried out grabbed Lauren’s head in a strong grip and shoved it closer into her breasts.

“Yes.” She cried out and tried to wrap her legs around her new lover. Lauren lifted her body slightly to keep the small doctor for wrapping her legs around her before she moved to the other breast. She took the small bud into her mouth and placed her hands on the doctor’s hips holding her in place. She sucked hard and hummed against her breast. The vibration traveled through Maura and settled into her center making a warm wet liquid gush from it.

“You like that.” Lauren said with a smile then spoke again. “Jane, your lover tastes wondrous. Care to join yet?” The tall doctor became bolder in her desire to have both of the women. She wanted to share her need with the tall brunette. “Come.”

Lauren slipped her body down and rested it so she could face the small doctor’s center. “Come taste her with me.” She stated and looked over at the detective. She watched her for a moment before putting her hand out towards her. Jane leaned over and grasped Lauren’s hand as she moved to settle beside her. She lifted Maura’s leg to rest it on her shoulder to allow room for her to lie beside Lauren. Lauren smiled and repeated the motion with her other leg, spreading Maura wide open for the two women. She took the hand she was holding of the detectives and placed two of the fingers in her mouth sucking on the juice that was left behind from Jane touching herself while watching them.

“You taste as good as your lover, Jane.” Lauren stated then leaned in and kissed Jane. She licked at her bottom lip begging for entrance until Jane granted it. Jane barely tasted herself on the tall doctor’s lips and groaned with intense need. Breaking the kiss she leaned forward and nibbled her way down the small doctor’s leg towards her center. Lauren followed along the other leg to meet Jane in the middle at Maura’s slit. The two women battled their tongues against each other letting it hit in a flicker motion across the small doctors clit at random times. Maura’s hips started moving in a grinding motion trying to push up for more contact. Jane dipped down lower and ran her tongue across the opening of her lover while Lauren flicker her tongue across the blonde’s clit. Each taking turns to taste and driver the small doctor insane with need. Maura cried out with each time a tongue touched her center.

Jane slipped her hand down the tall doctor’s body and slipped in two fingers quickly into her center causing her to cry out against Maura’s clit. She began pumping into her in short quick movements. Lauren matched each thrust with her tongue against Maura. She slipped in two fingers into the small doctor and matched pace with Jane’s fingers and her tongue on Maura’s clit. Jane felt the tall blonde’s walls start to tighten around her fingers and slowed her pace before removing them from her.

Lauren groaned at the loss of Jane from inside her and lifted her head from Maura’s center.

Jane whispered to the tall doctor. “Move up and let her taste you Lauren.” The blonde nodded and climbed up across the small doctor. “Face me.” Jane says as she moves up between her lovers legs letting her center slightly brush against Maura’s clit.

Maura whined with need and her hips bucked up against Jane’s. Lauren turned her body around and placed a knee on each side of Maura’s head. The small doctor moaned with delight and whispered. “Yes.” She felt a small drip of wetness on her chin from the doctor above her. “Your so wet.” She added before reaching up and pulling Lauren down onto her face letting her tongue swipe upwards through her center’s lips. Lauren moaned trying not to smother the small doctor by pressing down.

Jane grabbed both of Maura’s legs and pushed them up over her shoulders and rested her center against her lovers like Maura had shown her before. She began to move against her letting her clit rub against hers keeping their entrances to their center together to catch any fluid dripping.

Lauren leaned in and kissed the detective with a passionate kiss mimicking her tongue’s movements to Maura’s at her center. Passion built in the three women with need like none of them ever felt before. They each needed a release that each knew would bind them closer.

“Come with me.” Maura moaned as she reached her hand up and inserted three fingers in a fast strong thrust. She pumped into her matching the thrusts of her lover at her center. “Come in me.” Jane began to lose her momentum randomly and moaned into Lauren’s kiss. The small doctor felt the walls of the tall blonde tighten around her fingers. She pulled Lauren’s clit into her mouth and sucked hard flicking her tongue at the same time. All three women cried out together as each one crashed over into their orgasms against each other. It felt as if lightning struck each woman marking their hearts and souls together, binding them closer. Their release continued with small flitters of ecstasy coursing through their veins.

“Your auras, they match.” Bo whispered loudly into the room. Jane turned her head towards Bo and realized she was sitting on the edge of the bed with her hand in her pants with slit eyelids like she just released along with them. Bo pulled her hand from her pants and crawled towards the three women on the bed. She lay down against Maura’s body and lifted her fingers up to her lover placing them in her mouth. Lauren sucked gently on them and moaned before releasing them.

“You felt it? Something is different.” Lauren croaked out with a raspy orgasmic voice. Her center throbbed with her heartbeat. She realized she was still sitting above the small doctor and shifted her body off of her to lie above Bo’s head.

Jane was rested comfortable on top of Maura’s body as she watched the three women. Maura turned her head to face Bo and smiled.

Bo leaned over and kissed Maura, tasting her lover on her lips.

“I feel it. I can see your aura’s floating in the air between each one of you like you are one aura, strands binding you together. According to what I just read before coming in here to see you three in a beautiful dance, soulmates of multiple souls merge and are bound for eternity. It is possible with human and fae or human and human but with multiple souls not just two. Two people would be considered soul mates. Multiple souls are considered bond-mates.” Bo answered.

Lauren lifted her head and rested it on her arm as she watched her lovers.

“Does this mean it is permanent with all of us? I believe you were included on the energy roaming through this room Bo.” Lauren added.

“Does this mean I have to buy three Valentines presents on February 14th every year?” Jane smirked and groaned like it was a big issue. The trio of women around her burst out laughing.

Maura popped Jane on the ass and retorted. “If you want to stay away from couch duty you better.”

Lauren added. “I’m so happy she didn’t say dog house or we would have to call Dyson to borrow his couch.” Bo racked with laughter and nodded.

Maura looked at Bo and Lauren and raised her eyebrow. “Is this Dyson a dog fae?” Lauren squeaked out trying not to snort through her nose laughing and shook her head no.

“He is a wolf shifter. But, I sometimes refer to him as a dog.” She answered watching Bo shake her head. “He is Bo’s ex-boyfriend and a friend of ours.”

Maura thought a moment about the situation and then looked up at Jane. “Jane, are you alright with this? I know we just voiced our love for each other and started a new relationship. I never dreamed of adding people to it. But, I cannot lie to you and say this doesn’t appeal to me. I am drawn to them.”

Jane nodded and looked like she was deep in thought. “I never traveled out of monogamy. My first time with a woman was with Maura on the plane to here.” She looked embarrassed and hid her head in Maura’s neck.

Lauren placed her hand on Jane’s shoulder and gently rubbed it. “I understand Jane. We can limit our sexual activities to each other by you only with Maura and I with Bo if that makes you comfortable. But if I am correct you will have a strong need to be with Bo and I at some point. It is something we can work through if needed.”

Bo agreed and placed her hand on top of Lauren’s on Jane’s back. “We do not want to make you uncomfortable. To be honest, Lauren is a one woman, woman. What you three just did is way out of her comfort area. I have tried on numerous occasions to add her to my feeding. Oh! Wait…” Bo stopped in mid sentence and looked at Lauren. “The kiss we shared before I left…It fed me to completely be full without even having to have sex Lauren. The chi that flowed through us was intoxicating. If I can feed this way I would never have to go out to feed again.” She looked excited at the fact of not having to sleep around anymore but then her face fell.

“What’s wrong Bo?” Lauren asked when she noticed the change in demeanor of her lover.

“If we cannot be with Jane and Maura then I wouldn’t be able to feed like that again.” Bo answered and looked at the two human lovers from Boston.

Jane lifted her head from Maura’s neck and looked down at her lover. “I am comfortable with them. I agree with you. I feel a pull towards them. I never would have dreamed that I would feel this way for anyone else. I feel like this is moving really fast though.”

“It is Jane. But, we agreed to move here and learn about these people. This includes Bo and Lauren. We said that we would deal with the changes. I think this change is for the good though. What do you think? Are you able to handle being with more than me on occasion? I see no harm in kissing and hugging to help feed Bo. If it moves past that then I am ok with it.”

Jane nodded and turned towards Bo. “You will never have to go outside of your lover and partner again. You can feed from us three if Lauren agrees.”

Lauren smiled the biggest smile ever and tried to wrap her body around all the women as much as she could. “You will never know how happy this makes me. Thank you. Thank you. I could never do or have enough to repay what you have just given me. I need to run tests though on Bo and your blood to see if there are changes.”

“And the doctor strikes again.” Bo laughed followed by Jane’s laughter.

“I can relate Bo. Maura is the same way. Between her Google mouth and what you just relayed with unspoken words about Lauren’s thirst for knowledge we are in trouble my friend.” Jane replied.

“Jane. Studies have shown that …” Maura was interrupted by Jane placing a finger on her lips.

“See, Bo. Google mouth.” Jane stated and started to laugh.

Bo smiled and shifted against Maura. “I think we should maybe get up and dressed. We need to go over this book and some other things about your orientation before we get you to the compound tomorrow. I also think you three may need some sleep between now and then.”

Lauren nodded her head and crawled off the bed. She walked around it to stand beside it next to Jane and Maura. She leaned over and placed a kiss on each of their cheeks and smiled.

“Thank you.” She stated and blushed. "I feel over run with energy Bo."

“Please do not thank us Lauren. I don’t know about Jane but if I didn’t feel you and her against me I thought I was going to die even though I know it is not physically possible to die from a need of sex.” Maura answered and pulled Lauren closer to her to kiss her on the lips.

“It was definitely a pleasure.” She added.

Jane wrapped her arm around Lauren’s neck and kissed her on the lips too. “Yes.”

“Doctor. It was a pleasure. I would happily oblige to repeat in the future.” Maura stated as she watched her lover kiss the tall blonde doctor. Then she turned her head towards Bo on her other side and leaned her head closer and kissed Bo on the lips.

“That goes for you too Bo. A pleasure.”

“Let’s get moving.” Jane stated and crawled off her lover.