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Doctor's Choice

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Trying to calm herself down Jane positioned Maura in her arms where the doctors back met and leaned against the front of her. The detective wrapped her arms around the blonde in a snug hold.

“Special Agent Crosley, I believe Dr. Isles has made a decision. I have many questions but you said you would answer them once we decide. What if after you answer them we decide it isn’t the right choice?” Jane asked as she ran her thumb over Maura’s elbow.

“Once you make a decision there is no turning back until at the minimum you have completed the requirements of the team we are assembling. Then you will be able to petition the elder’s council to choose to memory wipe and return home. I must advise you against this sense the more information you obtain that needs to be wiped the more it will affect your overall function memory in the future. I am sure you would understand this doctor?” She replied and looked at Maura in question.

“Yes, Special Agent Crosley, I understand.” She tilted her head and looked up and back at Jane. “The cerebellum plays an important role in balance, motor control, but is also involved in some cognitive functions such as attention, language, emotional functions (such as regulating fear and pleasure responses) and in the processing of procedural memories. When the brain is stimulated or damaged in this specific area it affects cognitive memory. From what I understand from studies, it would be like having Alzheimer’s, you would remember certain aspects but only revert back to younger versions of yourself.” Maura went into her Google-mouth mode and started quoting from some website she read previously. Jane smiled down at there and squeezed her arms. “Am I correct Special Agent Crosley?” The doctor asked.

“You are correct Dr. Isles, Maura and please call me Andrea, too many Special Agents in a sentence and I start feeling like I am in court or something.” She answered and started laughing again.

Jane squeezed Maura again and softly whispered, “Are you sure you want to do this? It sounds like there is no turning back?”

“Yes, Jane. I have always wanted an opportunity like this. I realize that saying no we would have our memories wiped and wouldn’t remember this. But, I could not in good faith say no, knowing this is what I have always dreamed of having the opportunity to explore.”

“Maura, it wouldn’t be exploring. It would be a life change.” Jane cautioned. She kept all cynical remarks from her statements to make Maura understand the importance of being cautious.

“You are correct, Jane. However, I believe that this life change could benefit the both of us. Think about what happens when and if your mother finds out about us? Nagging about babies, more invasions without knocking, etc.” Maura said with a serious tone and joked.

“Maura, did you just make a joke?” Jane gasps and then laughed hard. “I believe you did.”

“Yes Jane, I am learning from the best.” Maura added and laughed too. “All joking aside, Jane, I do believe it is a life change that would benefit us.”

“I go where you go,” Was Jane’s only answer as she waited for Maura to decide.

“We agree.” Maura stated firmly as if signing a deal with words.

“Very well. You have 48 hours to make your affairs in order, once this meeting is finished. You are able to keep your finances and whatever belongings you choose. If you wish to keep your cars you must use the allotted time you have been given as driving time to reach the destination. It will cut down on your family time so choose well.” Andrea stated firmly.

“Where is this destination, Andrea?” Jane asked while all types of thoughts were running through her head of what she needed to do and how much time to do it in.

“Toronto, Canada.” Absua stated. She kept quiet listening to the decision between the two until now. She knew her part was finally here and she was ready to lay down the rules as the next part.

“Are we able to take care of things there to finalize the move if we do not have enough time here?” Maura asked.

“Yes, but only through mail and phone calls. You may not return until the mission is complete. It may take a very long time and I do know some things will be time sensitive for the both of you.” Absua answered with a soft tone.

“Jane we will need to sit and make a list of things to do and take when we are done. I think we need to go see Lt Cavanaugh immediately after this so he is not shocked at the last moment. We need to call the family together tonight for dinner as well. I am sure we can get Frankie off work or change a shift if he is on tonight.” Maura said quickly.

“Jane, Maura, we need to finish this so you may be on your way.” Absua stated and both of the women agreed with a nod.

“First of all, you may not speak of anything of this mission other than you was handing a job offer up north that neither of you could pass up. It is with a government agency and please you are welcome to state which agency, Section 13 Special Agency of the United States Government.” Absua reached over to Maura’s desk and grabbed a sticky notepad and a pen and scribbled something on it. She turned with a smile and continued.

“Jane you will be granted title of Special Agent Jane Rizzoli and earn a startling sum of…” She paused and handed her one of the notes. Jane glanced down and gasped. Stunned she turned her head towards Maura and started to speak but nothing would come out of her mouth. Absua continued again trying to hold her laughter.

“This division of the government is well paid and high sought out. Maura you will be Chief Medical Examiner for the Section 13 Special Agency of the United States Government. Of course your salary will be substantial as well, say…” She paused again and handed Maura another sticky note and then continued. ”These salaries are of course yearly. It will be listed in your contract. The documentation will be here shortly. I have taken the liberty to have them faxed to this number, Dr. Isles...” The small woman was cut off from her speech by a surprised doctor that glanced down at her sticky note and yelped in surprise.

“Absua, are you sure this is the correct amount listed on Jane and I’s notes?” Maura squeaked out.

“I could ask for more but from the look on your faces I assume that is way more than you guessed?” She said with a snicker.

“Oh no, Absua, this is perfect. There is no need to ask for more. Um… thank you? And you are correct. This is a startling amount.” Maura’s voice croaked out slowly.

Absua shrugged her shoulder and snickered and began again to finish her speech. “All of the documentation is legal and if someone chooses to track it for authentication they will be road blocked of course unless they can hack the systems and I assure you if they hack them, we will know. It is how we find certain agents to work for us.”

Maura and Jane looked at each other and said at the same time. “Frost.” Jane turned to the small woman and stated, “Frost will be able to hack them.”

Absua nodded and spoke to Andrea. “Inform the council that there might be a third person joining us eventually, but, given if he truly can hack it.” Jane laughed and said. “He will, I promise.”

Absua continued. “The agency is a legitimate agency within the government. You will not be hidden but you will be forbidden to discuss anything with anyone outside of it.” The fax machine went off and began printing page after page of documents with a government seal on the top of them. “Special Agent Andrea Crosley will be introduced to your commanding officer with a file folder on each of you with these offers. This will back up the stories we have given you. Just so you are aware. You two will become wealthy humans because the salaries are true. It will be what you will be receiving. This team will be the only humans who are paid for their services. You may thank Dr. Lauren Lewis for this. She refused to support this team without compensation and documents to keep each human safe in our world. You will learn more later on this. Now for the next part, you two will be allowed to live off the compound after the team has been assembled and preparations have been set in order to begin with the serum. The first few weeks you will need to be housed within the compound for your safety as well as ours. You will be given time with each side to determine your choice but I advise you that you both will need to choose the same side. There are laws about fraternization between sides and the penalty is death.”

Jane and Maura looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

“Death.” They said in unison.

“Yes, you will understand why when you are introduced to each side. Now to continue, Dr. Lauren Lewis and her lover the unaligned succubus will be the lead team members and will work with you settling in.”

“Succubus, as in the demons succubus, incubus?” Maura said in awe. “The stories are true there are demons? I thought that was a religious story.

“Demons? Oh hell no. I am catholic. I believe in God.” Jane squeaked.

“The stories of demons are a fable, a fairy tale. They are created by the fae to hide our true selves. Dr. Isles, there are many species within the genus of fae. I am a Valkyrie, Absua is a shifter but I will not tell you what kind. It is considered rude to ask a fae what type they are. If they offer it gives you freedom to speak of it. If not then you must learn to know the difference or learn to live without the knowledge.” Andrea offered to help them understand. Jane and Maura visibly calmed themselves at the answer they were given.

Absua began again, “Your flights are being arranged as we speak and your tickets will be handed to you after your 48 hour period unless you choose to drive. I do not advise driving. You will have enough money to purchase your own vehicles there. If you have a vehicle you cannot absolutely live without have it shipped. Your family members will be allowed to visit after the finalization of the serum. Limited contact will be allowed until you have moved into your own homes or home. It is your choice if you choose to live together as long as you choose the same side. Finally, any questions you have during your 48 hours can be answered via email at this address.” She handed Maura a business card with a government seal on it.

“Are we done for now or do you have any other questions? You have things to put into order.” Absua finalized the meeting.

Both women looked at them and shook their heads in awe and then at each other.

“Special Agent Crosley will you please unlock the morgue door and escort our new agent and Chief ME to their commanding officer please? Oh and one last thing, Jane and Maura, you will need to attend a briefing with Dr. Lauren Lewis upon your arrival. This briefing could possibly last a few hours. Make sure you have eaten please?”

“Um… He is not my commanding officer I report to the governor.” Maura stated not listening to the last of the small woman’s statement.

“Very well. I will take care of this immediately. But please go with my Protector anyways. Your Lt. Cavanaugh will want to see you anyways.”

Maura nodded and followed behind the two agents. She paused and looked back as Absua picked up the phone and dialed a number. “Governor, this is Chief Riles of Section 13 of the US Government. Nice to speak with you again…Oh I am calling about your Chief Medical Examiner…Yes, Dr. Maura Isles…Yes…The paperwork will be faxed shortly. I apologize for the loss of a wonderful doctor. I am sure you will find someone just as experienced to take her place…OK Great…Dinner next week sounds lovely…Have a good day.” She hung up the phone and smiled at Maura.

“Take care of. You will have no issues and he stated if you wished to return he would gladly give you back your position. But I would suggest you do not take that offer. You are in for a world of wonderful and new changes.” She smiled and sat down.

Maura turned, heading to the elevators and the two waiting agents.