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Doctor's Choice

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Jane looked over at the couple before her and smiled a soft endearing smile. “So you want to know how I came to this place and how I became who I am do you?”

“Yes Ma’am. I am so fascinated by the stories but I would really like to hear the true version from the source, from you and Dr. Isles. I am saddened that she cannot be here. I would have liked to have heard it from her too.” The young man answered with a saddened smile.

Jane paused and lowered her head. She missed her loving doctor. It has been too much time since she laid eyes on her. She never dreamed that love could exist like what she has for the blonde Google-mouthed doctor. Jane missed the clicking of her heels as she traveled down the hallway towards her. She missed the random facts that sprouted from her mouth several times a day. It was comforting to hear those facts come from her. Time seemed to have slowed down to a serious turtle crawl like her Maura’s beloved Bass trying to venture from across the house into the sun to bathe. A single tear trailed down her face at the memories that they built throughout their life. She needed her Maura.

“Mrs… Ma’am, are you OK? I did not mean to make you sad.” The young man said in a quiet voice, placing his hand on her knee in comfort.

“I am fine. Youngling. I miss my wife. It will be OK when she returns. It is hard to be without her for long periods of time. It is such is life as we live now. It must happen. Anyways…” Jane paused and took a deep breath. “Where to begin? I guess starting at the beginning is the best option.” The detective raised her head and smiled at the memories.

“Life has changed so much in the last decade for me. I never knew that I would one day be speaking to anyone about this. If I had an inkling of knowledge that my life would be forever changed that day so many years ago, I would still make the same decision. But for you to understand what I am meaning, let me tell you my story young man. You see this is how it all started…”


Dr. Maura Isles stood looking down at the body on the table. For the first time since she became a medical examiner she struggled with the need to do an autopsy. Pain and loss crossed her face for a brief moment at the untimely death of such a beautiful child of eight years old. She has always been able to separate her emotions from situations about the deaths of her patients. This was her first case pertaining to a child since she became the Chief Medical Examiner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and she is showing emotions before an autopsy. “This doesn’t look well, if anyone saw me now. They would think I have finally lost it. The “Queen of the Dead” has feelings.” She told herself as she tried to keep the tears from welling up in her eyes.

She stood up straight and took a deep breath letting it slowly out to shake off the emotions rolling through her body. “Get it together Isles.” She mentally told herself.

Maura reached over and clicked on the recorder and began to speak. “Subject is approximately eight years old, seventy eight pounds, blond hair, and blue eyes. Autopsy begins at 4:28 PM Thursday, March 2, 2009 by Dr. Maura Isles, Chief Medical Examiner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”

She began expecting the outer appearance of the patient looking for signs of abuse or anything that could help with the investigation. She noticed some irregularities with the child but chose to finish her outer exam before beginning on investigating them. She reached over for a small comb to being running it through the subject’s hair when a voice rang with a loud southern drawl from the doorway.

“Stop! Dr. Maura Isles, I must ask you to step away from the body please.”

Maura froze her hands from continuing and lifted her head towards the voice at the doorway. The woman that stood there was tall. She was very near six feet in height and looked to weight that merged excellent with her height. She has excellent muscular structure. She noticed her eyes were the deepest blue she had ever seen. It was as if the bottom of the sea was swimming in them with extreme intelligence. Her hair was sandy blond and cut in a short military style. She had a crisp but firm facial design that was square and defined as a woman of power.

“I apologize for the interruption, Dr. Isles but I have been instructed to procure the subject and await further orders.” She spoke with her apology ringing in her deep southern voice.

“Orders from whom? And you are?” She questioned her. There were not many people above her station to order this. As the chief medical examiner, only the governor or the United States government held power of her.

“From the order of the Chief of Section 13 of the United States government Ma’am.” She replied softly.

Maura placed the comb back on the tray of tools, reached over and clicked off the recorder then stepped back from the body.

“I see and do you have credentials to back up your statement Ma’am.” She asked quickly before she allowed her to move forward.

She reached with two fingers into her front inside pocket of her blazer and pulled out a folded wallet. Opening it she stepped forward and flashed a badge and an identification that stated United States government across the top.

“Very well, Special Agent Andrea Crosley.” She read the agents name as she spoke while reading the credentials in more detail.

“How is it that I have never heard of this branch of the government Special Agent Crosley. I am well versed in the workings of the United States government Ma’am.” She spoke while stepping around the body. She reached over and pulled the cover back over the subject. Once finished she lifted her head and addressed the agent again.

“Shall we step into my office until you receive word of your orders Ma’am?”

“That will not be necessary. I will remain here and monitor any coming and going to this facility. Please make the calls you need to inform anyone that this room is now off limits.” He ordered. “You will need to remain here until debriefed as well.”

“Maura! What the hell is going on?” Jane bellowed through the armpit of the tall woman in front of her. Her only view was looking under the agents arm to see Maura standing by the autopsy tables in the room.

“Move man. I need in to speak with her.” She barked behind her.

“I am afraid Miss that, that will not be possible.” She stated with a firm voice.

“Not possible, HA! Anything is possible!” Jane bellowed as she tried to step by her. She shifted her weight blocking the way for the Boston detective to get through. She smiled and fake shifted the other direction. As the agent went to block her she maneuvered past her and swung her body around in a move that could mirror an NBA All-star player. She rushed forward out of the agent’s grasp and hid behind the doctor.

“See anything is possible. By the way, it is rude to block a doorway when someone needs through.” Jane added with a snarky voice.

“Well Dr. Isles it would seem that your juvenile colleague will be remaining in custody along with you for debriefing. Are there any other’s that I should be aware of before I make my call? I do not need to add more to the list of personnel.” She pointed at Jane and continued. “This one was unexpected and will cause many issues with the authorities for the debriefing.”

“Debriefing Maura, what the hell is going on and why is this brutish woman blocking the door?” She laid her hand on her best friends shoulder as she quietly talked to her trying to curve her anger towards the official at the doorway.

Special Agent Crosley stepped into the room, turned, shut the door to the morgue and locked it. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small square device and placed it on the lock of the door.

“This will keep anyone out until I have finished with my call. I will accept the use of your office now, Dr. Isles.” The Agent stated not waiting for an answer as she stepped into the office and shut the door on the two women.

“I don’t know Jane. I was beginning the autopsy when she stopped me with an official order from the government. Then she stated that I was not allowed to leave the morgue until I was debriefed. That is when you showed up and baseball’d your way around her. Nice moves Jane by the way.” Maura said.

“Basketball’d Maur.” Jane laughed. “I used basketball moves to maneuver my way around the agent.”

“Well either basketball or baseball, Jane it was still nice moves. I noticed that you have excellent quadriceps, which you engaged to bend your knees while maneuvering around her. You must work out often to move like that Jane.” Maura stated and ended with a small blush.

Jane laughed and shook her head. Maura always found a way to make her smile with her many ways of explaining things that the detective hardly understood but found endearing.

“So, Maur.” Jane began while shifting her eyes back and forth from Maura to the medical examiner’s office and back. “What happens now? Have you ever had to stop an autopsy by the government before?”

“This is the first time Jane. This is the first autopsy of a child since I became the Chief Medical Examiner.” Maura began as she lifted her head up to look at Jane. She paused and tilted her head in question when she noticed that Jane was not looking at her but staring towards the body on her table. Jane had an odd look on her face, one that Maura had never seen before on her best friend.

“It’s just a body Jane. Are you ok?” Maura stated and placed her hand on her friends shoulder.

“M…M…Maur…Maur…a.” Jane stuttered. With both hands she reached up and placed them on each side of Maura’s face and turned her head slowly to look at the body.

“What Jane? All I see is a young girl lying on the table. From the look on your…” Maura stopped instantly and took a big gulp of breath when she noticed the foot of the young girl twitch from under the sheet.”

“Um…Maura please tell me you seen that too?” Jane whispered in shock.

“Yes. Jane. Sometimes a body if freshly deceased will… EEEP!!” Maura jumped around Jane and hid behind her while staring towards the autopsy table. The body of the young girl sat up slowly and looked around the room. Jane reached for her service weapon, pulled it out, aimed at the body and yelled out in a deep shaking baritone voice. “Freeze or I will shoot.”

“You must be Dr. Maura Isles.” The young girl said in a light tone with the voice of a child. “It’s nice to finally meet you. However, I do not know if I recognize your protector? I was not briefed about her. Why do you require protection, Dr. Maura Isles?” The girl asked in a quizzical voice and raised a dainty eyebrow.

Maura stepped beside Jane trying to put on a persona of being brave and professional. “My apologies but I was not briefed about you or…um…This is Jane, my best friend and she is a detective for the Homicide Unit of Boston police department. And you are?

“Oh my. I believe we have an issue. Where is my protector? She was to be here and brief you before I awoke. There was only to be you. Humans are not allowed to know of our existence, except in certain situations that require outside help like you, Dr. Maura Isles.” The young girl replied.

“Are you speaking about Special Agent Andrea Crosley? She is in my office using the telephone. Would you like for me to retrieve her?” Maura asked with a gentle tone trying to cover the uneasy feeling she was having deep in her mind.

“That would be lovely, thank you. Oh and if you do not mind I would like to stand please but it seems I have no clothing. Would you happen to know where that is located as well?” She asked smiling at the doctor.

“Yes. One moment please and I will have Special Agent Crosley in here and then I will need to call up to evidence to retrieve your clothes, unless Jane is permitted to leave?”

“I am afraid that will not be possible. Let me speak with my protector and I will maintain this cloth covering in the meantime. Oh and you may call me Absua. I apologize for not releasing my name.”

“Ok, Absua I will be right back. Jane, please lower your weapon. I believe that if we were to be attacked she would have already done so.” Maura squeezed Jane’s bicep lightly and turned and walked to her office.

Maura tried to maintain her heart rate. It wasn’t racing because of the child rising from the dead on her autopsy table but from the feeling of the hard packed muscle of Jane’s bicep under her fingers a moment earlier. She had no idea just how muscular the detective was until she felt the strain of the muscle while she held up her weapon towards the girl. Maura could not place the feelings racing through her from learning about Jane’s muscular structure first hand. The racing heart beat went through her body and straight to the center between her legs.

She reached up her hand and lightly knocked on her office door before turning the handle. She slowly opened the door an inch and spoke loud enough for the agent to hear.

“Your charge is awake and gave us quite a scare Special Agent Crosley. She is requesting your presence.”

“Damn!” The agent breathed out in a loud voice. “I will be right there.”

Maura paused a moment ready to pull the door shut when she heard the agent speak quickly into the phone. “No, Ash. I was not able to secure the area. There is one more human added to the list aside from Dr. Isles. Yes, Ash. I believe she may be an asset. She seems to protect the doctor without realizing she is doing so. Yes, Ash. I will debrief them both. No, Ash. I will make sure they sign the agreement or be taken care of.”

Maura gasped lightly and stepped away from the door. She hurried towards Jane and stood behind her. The detective noticed the fear in the doctor’s movements and pulled her into her embrace for a hug. “It will be OK Maur. It’s OK. Are you all right?” Jane whispered into the blonde hair of the doctor.

“J…Jane, she said if we didn’t agree they would take care of us. Do they mean what I think they mean? Talking to someone named Ash.” Maura whispered to Jane as quiet as possible.

“Unfortunately, you are correct in one area Dr. Maura Isles. We need you to agree completely after the debriefing. We are in desperate need of your help, but, we will not harm you just remove your memory of this occasion and let you live your life out as you normally would have.” The agent said from the doorway of Maura’s office.

“Absua, I have missed you.” The agent smiled gently at the young girl.

“Protector, I was only out for the allotted time that was needed.” She smiled back at the agent.

“But anytime you are not within my sight I worry.” The agent replied and walked towards the young girl and hugged her.

Jane watched the interaction with every detective skill she held and could not understand the way these two felt about each other. She felt Maura’s hand rest around her middle section of her body and laid her hand over the doctors on her stomach with her other hand wrapped around her.

“Dr. Maura Isles, Detective Jane, I must change back to my normal self and I fear it will raise questions with you and possible bring fear to you. I must warn you beforehand so you do not shoot me Detective Jane.” The young girl stated as a matter of fact that it was a normal occurrence that these things happened in a morgue.

“You cannot Absua, they must not know until they have signed the agreement.” The agent quickly stated with rising anger.

“Hush Protector! Do you not think that the possibility of me rising from the dead did not give away that I am different from them? Signing the agreement will not change that fact. You should have debriefed them as commanded before I awoke.” She reprimanded the agent openly in front of Jane and Maura.

“You are right, Absua. I have failed you. I apologize. I should never question you.” Special Agent Crosley dropped her head and kneeled to the young girl. “My life is yours as always.”

“Get up you oaf! I merely wanted you to understand the situation and not abuse my trust by speaking out.” The girl laughed and then looked at a very startled couple. “Dr. Maura Isles is she more than your protector?”

“Maura, please call me Maura, and detective Jane Rizzoli is my best friend and closest confidant. We will always be more than what people will understand but we are not lovers if that is what you are asking.”

Jane gasped and let go of Maura slowly as to not jar her and make her feel unwanted but being asked if they were lovers gave her an odd feeling that rushed through her body. A need she never felt before in her body.

“I see, Maura. Well, I need to change back to my actual self. Please do you have cloths Protector? I am quite cold with this thin piece of cloth.” The girl replied.

“Yes Absua. Everything is as it should be except for Detective Jane Rizzoli being here.” The agent added.

Jane looked at Maura then back at the two unusual people before her and waited to see what the girl meant by changing to her normal self.