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Why is Drive in Zawame City?

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Shinnosuke was driving his red Nissan GT-R on the highway. He was 30 years old now, his detective career still thriving, and his son Eiji riding shotgun was 4 years old in his first year of kindergarten. The little one was curiously delving through the contents of the glove box. While some parents might complain, such as his strict mother, his gearhead father encouraged his interest. Shinnosuke dreamed of the endless conversations they would get to have about cars, neckties and milk candy.

"Dad, what this?"

Keeping his eyes on the road, he glanced to the left to see his son holding an envelope with a red stamp. That quick glance was all it took for the nostalgic memories to come flooding back to him. "Eiji, that's a very important treasure given to me by an old friend. Krim Steinbelt-san." he replied.

"Christmas Taibeto."

Shinnosuke couldn't help but laugh at the attempt. It didn't occur to him that Eiji might have difficulty pronouncing such a foreign-sounding name, when he was still learning to speak Japanese. "Just call him Belt-san if you want."

"Belt-san. Where he now?"

"He's not around anymore."

Eiji had heard that vague phrase mentioned before somewhere and inferred it to have a ubiquitous meaning among adults. "Is that a eumephism?"

"It's pronounced, 'euphemism'. But no, he's still very much alive. He just had to leave to protect something important."

"What was he like?"

Shinnosuke smiled. This wasn't a conversation he was planning to have, but it was a sentimental one he was eager to share. He recalled an adventure he and Krim had once, when he was still new to being a Kamen Rider. There were some details too graphic for his young son that he would have to omit, for fear that Kiriko would divorce him, but he figured the story would still be enjoyable.

"A great man who I deeply respect. Eiji, long before you were born, Belt-san and I went on a certain road trip...."

He limped out of the warehouse like a zombie. In the light of day, he could clearly see the bright red splotches of blood all over his trembling hands. The blood of a man who loved him like a little brother, who forgave him for everything he did, including murdering him. Out of all his crimes, that one shocked him to the core. He couldn't believe he was ruthless enough to go through with something like that. But then a sense of understanding washed over him and he composed himself.

"No, not yet. I still have time left. At least.... At least I can still save Mai-san with these hands. If I could do that, even like this, I think I could accept your forgiveness, Kouta-san. I'm the only one in the world who she needs."

Mitsuzane started to head back to Professor Ryouma's lab to see with his own eyes how Mai was faring from her operation. However, before he could leave the area in front of the warehouse, a heavily modified red Honda NSX sport car with two vertical white stripes drifted in to the exit, obstructing his path.

"What are you doing here in the middle of an apocalypse? I don't have time for this. Please, move!"

The driver's door opened and a thick fog poured out from inside the vehicle, providing a cool backdrop of obscurity as the mysterious driver stepped out and slowly walked in to full view.

"Cough, cough! Hey, Belt-san, you really need to check the emissions."

"Don't worry. Tridoron's performance is excellent! That was just something I added for special effect."

"Easy for you to say when you don't need to breathe!"

Mitsuzane looked on in confusion. "A new Armored Rider?" He saw a hero wearing a suit with colors and design similar to his car and there was a big red-striped black tire around his body diagonally from his right hip to left shoulder. This hero was casually arguing with some kind of sentient silver Driver on his waist with an animated red LED face and charismatic American voice.

He was familiar with the two Drivers invented and given voice by Professor Ryouma, but it was novel seeing a Driver that could actually communicate intelligently with its user. He was glad not to have such an inconvenience, offering unwanted advice and questioning his actions. There were enough people in his life who did that.

"Huh, Armored Rider? You mean like a knight in shining armor? Flattering as that is, uh, nope. I'm the Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider Drive!"

"Okay, Kamen Rider, please get out of my way." said Mitsuzane with a threatening tone.

"Yeah, not happening, pal. You're the one who's in the way, of justice! And since the Zawame City Police Department has its hands full with extreme gardening, I've come to take you in."

"Justice? I don't see how that has any benefit at all. It only causes suffering."

"Sounds like sour grapes to me, kid. All you self-entitled criminal types hate justice, think you can just do whatever you want cause you're above the law. Well I got news for you, you're not. So the only question is: Are you going to come quietly, or by force?" asked Drive.

Mitsuzane was now equipped with a Genesis Driver on his waist, the same one he stole from his big brother whom he betrayed without a shred of remorse. "I'm not going down." He raised the ELS-04 Melon Energy Lockseed in front of him and disengaged the translucent blue lock, causing a crack to open above him and reveal a large green and orange cantaloupe floating in place. He attached the Lockseed to the Genesis Core.

"Lock On!"


When he pushed the lever, the Lockseed split open three ways to reveal the interior fruit as its bubbly carbonated fluid drained in to the container below. His body changed in to the Zangetsu base suit, Genesis Version.

"Soda! Melon Energy Arms!"

The cantaloupe descended on to the white Rider and folded out in to the asymmetrical armor, completing the Henshin sequence.

"In that case, you're coming along for the ride!" said Drive, crouching and resting his right arm on his right knee, ready to fight. "Belt-san, some music please!"

"Okay, you got it!" said the Drive Driver in perfect English. He remotely turned on Tridoron's radio and selected a song he liked from the playlist.

(E-X-A, by Kamen Rider Girls)
♪ Sekai wo kaeru junbi wa ii ka? ♪

"Yeah, this will do." Drive zoomed towards Zangetsu with super speed and knocked him back with a rising knee kick.

"So fast!" said Zangetsu.

"This configuration is called Drive Type Speed. An apt name, wouldn't you agree?" asked the Drive Driver.

"Sonic Arrow!"

Zangetsu summoned his bladed energy bow. "But will your speed be enough?" He started firing a volley of arrows at the Kamen Rider, prompting him to strafe with his speed to evade them.

"Sonic Arrow? Shouldn't it be called Sonic Bow or something? That's what I would call it." mused Drive.

"Your on-the-nose naming sense again. Anyway, we're going to need some assistance here." said the Drive Driver. "Come on, Dream Vegas!"

Zangetsu heard some cute mechanical beeping as a miniature translucent white limo appeared driving on a road through the air that constructed itself in real time according to his movement. "What!" said Zangetsu. The little car generated some playing cards and started throwing them at him to disrupt his aim, before driving in to Drive's open right hand.

"I'm not just fast." Drive removed the opaque red hotrod from the silver Shift Brace on his left wrist, inserted the limo in lever mode and pumped it.

"Tire Koukan! Dream Vegas!"

Tridoron retracted its front left wheel and a white and gold Shift Tire resembling a roulette wheel manifested in its place. The front left wheel popped back out to eject the Shift Tire, which homed in on Drive's chest, replacing the Shift Speed Tire. The Shift Vegas Tire generated two similar tires, the green and red Drum Shields, for Drive to dual wield.

Zangetsu continued firing, but the arrows couldn't penetrate through the resilient shields. Drive crept in to his proximity and bashed him where he was holding the Sonic Arrow, disarming him. "Damn Kamen Rider! I won't lose to you!"

"Looks like I haven't made my point yet." Drive grabbed a translucent green hotrod from a slot on the belt to his right, inserted it in lever mode in to the Shift Brace and pumped it.

"Tire Koukan! Funky Spike!"

The spiky Shift Spike Tire attached to Drive's chest. He got up close to Zangetsu and revolved the tire at high speed. Sparks were flying from Zangetsu's suit as the attack hit him like a chainsaw and knocked him back.

"Are you ready for the last lap, Belt-san?"

"Of course!"

Drive inserted the opaque red hotrod in lever mode and pumped it.

"Drive! Type Speed!"

The Shift Speed Tire returned to its original position on Drive's chest and he proceeded the press the red button on the Shift Brace to initiate the finisher.


He pumped the lever three more times consecutively.

"Spe-Spe-Speed! Full Throttle! Speed!"

Tridoron started to move autonomously and drive circles around Zangetsu in a clockwise direction to trap him in an inescapable vortex! He tried, but was immediately swiped back for his trouble. "Impossible!"

A pair of enlarged revolving Shift Tire copies propelled Drive in to the vortex like a missile and he performed a series of rapid rebound kicks off his car, dealing constant damage to the white Rider. The final kick was the strongest and caused him to dehenshin!

♪ Iza susume don’t get back EXA ♪
(end of track)

Mitsuzane rolled across the floor and the Genesis Driver and Energy Lockseed landed directly in front of him. He reached out for them while wincing in pain, but Drive beat him to it and picked up the items. Mitsuzane was left lying powerlessly in his shadow, the shadow of justice! "Give those back.... I need them to protect Mai-san. I can't let anybody else have her!" he blubbered.

"People aren't property." said Drive. He checked the back of the red Driver and saw a note written on the back with a black marker, 'To whomever might be reading this, please return me to CEO of Yggdrasil Corporation, Kureshima Takatora, at Yggdrasil Tower'. Same family name, but the given name was totally different. "These don't belong to you either. Man, stealing from your own brother and even an attempted fratricide, just two of the many crimes you have committed. You're a real piece of work for sure. Kureshima Mitsuzane-kun, consider yourself under arrest."

Drive cuffed the culprit and pulled him to a stand. He had to drag him screaming and crying in to the spacious trunk of Tridoron for secure transportation to the ZCPD detainment facility.

"They can't hold me forever. I'll get out. And when I do-"

Before Mitsuzane could finish, the trunk closed him inside. "I'll be there, ready to take you back." said Drive.

"Oh really? All by yourself?" asked the Drive Driver.

"Okay, fine. We'll be there. You may be a pain sometimes, Belt-san, but the two of us together, that's what Kamen Rider Drive is."

"Exactly!" His LED face changed to a happy expression.

Drive stepped in to the driver's seat. "Now, let's bring this guy in, return the items to their proper owner and head back to Tokyo. Right, partner?"

"Partner? Haha, okay then! Start Your Engine!"

Drive turned on the ignition, disengaged the clutch, put it in gear, stepped on the throttle, released the parking brake and they drove off in to the sunset!

"And that's why Belt-san was such a cool guy!" said Shinnosuke.

"Will he ever come back?" asked Eiji.

Shinnosuke paused to consider that possibility. Krim sealed himself beneath the Drive Pit along with all his Core Driviar technology to keep it out of the wrong hands. But he left behind the hopeful parting message that he would return once humanity was worthy of his gift. If even a proud Roidmude like Heart had faith in humanity in the end, then Shinnosuke wanted to have faith as well.

"I believe he will, someday. When that day comes, I want you to properly meet him, Eiji. He's as much your friend as he is mine." He recalled the future he saw where Eiji and Krim fought together as the successor to the name of Drive.

"What about man in building?"

"He became a space god."

Eiji wasn't familiar with that one. "Is that a euphemism?" he asked, finally pronouncing it correctly.

"Haha, nope. He's seriously a space god!"

Eiji was confused about what his father actually meant, but he decided to ignore it for now. "Dad, can I play music?"

"Sure, pick a tune you like."

Eiji started to dial through the radio until he found a song that appealed to him.

(Unlimited Drive, by Kamen Rider Girls)
♪ Asette iru no ni koware sou na noni ♪

"I like this one." said Eiji.

"Eiji...." Shinnosuke shed a tear of pride. "You really are my son!"

He was done thinking about it. The clouds in his mind parted to show a clear horizon and he continued driving towards his future on the endless road. As a father, a detective and a Kamen Rider.

Answer: To arrest Mitsuzane.