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Coco's Cocoa

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A lowly nightclub, or even a disco, would have been better. A lot better, and not because these places were cheap - sure, the drinks were most likely VERY watered down, the likelihood of someone showing up armed and getting through security was high, the possibility of being mistaken for a hoe was outrageous, and the places were often so loud one could not hear their own thoughts - but, rather, because they had some soul. Actually, some was an understatement - they had an overwhelming amount of soul. If anything, those places were full of exactly that.

By comparison, a banquet was absolutely dreadful. It was like going to a graveyard, with the caveat being that all the graves were empty, and there were no names on the tombstones. Sure, it might have looked good - and it did look gorgeous - but it was so far removed from anything resembling humanity that it was almost painful to stick around, especially considering who the individuals that went to such gatherings were.

Old men, most often balding, with too much weight on them, in the worst possible places, who were all secretly competing to see if they had bigger breasts than the ladies they dragged along, who would wind up talking about business, politics and only high class topics, which would never go anywhere, because they were, as one could expect, too fearful of expressing their opinion - even if it was in favour of the status quo - because they benefited from being as clean and pristine as possible, in the sense that being anything but an inoffensive, hapless wretch was considered too much.

Even her beloved husband was one such fellow. Oh, she liked him the way he was - doing absolutely nothing that would interfere with her life and giving her all the money she could want - but he was not a man in the sense that she truly desired, even needed.

His worst qualities were, unfortunately, permanent and plentiful, and those that were impermanent, but would require a LOT of work to fix, were too many and definitive of his personhood. On top of that, he really liked taking her places like this, where she would be paraded like the trophy wife that she was. On one hand, she did not like it, because of the fact that it was him, and a man like him parading anything around was… Miserable. On the other, it was agreeable. If anything, him liking the act of showing her off was one of the few things he did right. She, too, liked showing off.

She was not content with her life… Well, at least her married life. The greatest problem that affected her was her relationship with her husband. Another issue was her relationship with her daughter, and that was very unfortunate. She did not want that, but there was little she could do about it. Everything pointed towards there being a fault with the way the girl was raised, which would mean that the fault was entirely within her mother - because her father was always at work - and that was not a good way of thinking. If anything, the issue lied with her husband, exactly because he had been incredibly negligent of his daughter. Sure, giving her money to do what she pleased was a way of showing his affection, but it was exactly the same as giving money for charity, to help those affected by a problem, when the giver could solve the issue itself.

The biggest quandary was, however, that she did not want to part with her husband. He was so oblivious, and so willing to finance all her endeavours, no matter the kind - as long as she did not explicitly explain what she intended to do - that it made no sense for her to leave him. Not only that, but not having to worry about anything - and it really was anything, except having her secret activities be found out - was quite the splendid arrangement.

Why was she thinking about those things? Why was she bothering her remarkably pretty little head with such thoughts? Because the frequency of these banquets was becoming unbearable. It was more than twice a month, by now, and that meant that almost an entire week was thoroughly wasted as she prepared herself for the event, as they traveled there, as they experienced the wonderful company and thrilling conversations, and then traveled back home. She had to pick out outfits, new ones, naturally, she had to get her hair done, she had to come up with the mental fortitude to handle such great boredom, and she definitely could not allow herself to do anything fun during that week.

No illicit activities, on top of that, which was simply the WORST. Her partners, out of wedlock, were, usually, far too capable, and she ended up walking funny, or not walking at all, or light headed, to the point where even her oblivious husband was able to tell that something was wrong. Naturally, he assumed she was simply a little sick, and she could also explain it away with 'women problems', but as soon as another woman laid eyes on her, things became very apparent.

And rumors were one of the things her husband listened to, unfortunately, which meant that she had to avoid the creation of such rumors to the best of her abilities. In short, she was really feeling the heat, due to the rarity of her own fun interactions with individuals who were agreeable enough. Not only that, but the fact that she was spending more time with her husband was making her long for these moments of bliss…

Suddenly, her piercing blue eyes landed upon a sight most unexpected. They widened, the heavy makeup emphasising that, and she even found herself fluttering her long, touched up lashes as she blinked a few times in rapid succession.

A younger man, maybe about her age, at most, clad in a spectacularly well sewn, obviously custom made, white suit. It fit perfectly, and his broad shoulders were emphasised by the sharp edges of the coat. He was not a hulking individual, unlike a decently large number of the men she found to her liking, but he had a presence, and was, by no means, weak looking. His face was immaculately clean, and a thin strip of beard, following his jawline and covering it exclusively, served to frame his visage, much like a painting.

Dreadlocks, a choice that was a little unusual, in her experience, for men of a higher stature, and especially ones who appeared so… Intense. Black buttons, a black tie, and a black handkerchief in the coat's pocket, he looked quite unlike the rest of the supposed men at the banquet. Partially, because the color scheme was inverted, partially because of his skin, its color reminiscent of cocoa, but most importantly, the way he carried himself.

What was even more unhealthy for her heart rate, he was approaching her. Or, rather, her and her husband, who was currently busy chittering with another equally unappealing, quite tubby, totally bald man.

She was almost stunned throughout the entirety of the encounter. As soon as he was within hearing range, he called her husband by name, and the two shook hands excitedly. He introduced himself as Aaklig, taking her palm and very cordially kissing her pale fingers. The juxtaposition between the apparent roughness of his digits, the size of his hands, and their strange elegance, when compared to her svelte little limbs, was staggering. And yet he was so impressively gentle, it almost made her feel like a princess.

She managed to introduce herself, finding her cheeks slightly flushed with excitement and embarrassment, mostly at having experienced that feeling, but, fortunately for her, she had a bit of red on her sides, thanks to her make-up, and that made it harder for onlookers to notice her momentary fluster. His voice was deep and hauntingly melodic, and as he spoke, it appeared as though he knew her husband well. The same seemed to be true for her man, as he expressed a great fondness and familiarity of the black gentleman. Excusing himself for interrupting the conversation, he went on to greet some others, and she finally recovered from her ordeal.

Her first thought was whether or not he had liked her. She was wearing an incredible white dress, worth a fortune, that really made her voluptuous body stand out. Her left arm was uncovered, as there was no sleeve, the only thing upon it a pair of platinum bracelets on her wrist, while her right arm was almost completely obscured, due to the fact that the sleeve that was present was more reminiscent of a robe's protrusion than the sleeve of a dress. Still, the silk was pleasant and gentle on the skin, and the dress itself barely bothered with obscuring her shoulders or even neck. A steep V-line dove into her cleavage, and, due to the sheer magnitude of her bust, it almost looked as though it reached all the way down to her navel.

The dress hugged her thin waist in a clingy manner, emphasising just how perfect her body was, and then went on to drape over her bubble butt and thick thighs, uncovering one of her immaculately shaved legs, smooth and almost glittery in the light. White, with black edges, it was a perfect match for her. She wore it far better than the world famous celebrity at the MET GALA, back six years ago, and she looked far more desirable, she could tell… And hoped that it was so in Aaklig's eyes, as well.

Her neck was framed in a fine platinum choker, studded with pale sapphires and diamonds, while her ears had a pair of heavy hoops hanging from them. She despised the saying that was associated with such accessories, but the connotations were simply too alluring to pass up. Her fingers were adorned with a multitude of fine pieces of jewelry including her wedding ring, while her long nails were painted black, much like the lipstick applied to her impossibly luscious lips. She was a fine example of a perfectly proportionate, symmetrical goddess - someone had called her such, and then ended off with referring to her as a 'bimbo', which neither lessened nor improved the quality of the compliment.

It emphasised her humongous breasts quite well, so that ought to have left a good impression within him. Her girls were, in part, her great pride - the best boobjob to have ever been done, as anyone, who had been privy to the fact that they had been enhanced, would say. Men could never tell they were touched in that manner, though, and they loved the sight of her colossal mammaries. Hopefully, Aaklig, too, liked breasts, but she could not tell.

The banquet continued as banquets went - waiters walking about, presenting bite-sized bits of food, glasses of ludicrously expensive champagne, and taking any order that could be imagined. The snobby individuals went on to raise toasts to everything under the sun, and conversations of all kinds were had. She was becoming very bored, though there was something that kept her firmly awake and incredibly aware of her surroundings. That immaculately dressed, alluring gentleman of African descent.

He was so easily discernible in the crowd of unsightly, black-suit clad buffoons pretending to be something special… Like a black sheep, he almost pranced about, having a little chat with somebody, only to then swap to someone else, and then repeat the process over and over again. Secretly, she hoped he would find himself in front of her, and he would have a little chat… But she would prove to be so interesting that he would end up staying a while longer.


"Just Courtney." She interrupted him before he could even address her formally, making the correction. Not only did being on a first name basis make one more likely to feel a familiarity with the other person, but she did not really enjoy hearing her husband's surname. It made her feel as though she belonged to him, and, while that would have been more than okay, if he were a real man, he did not deserve to call her his.

"Alright then, just Courtney. I might've simply walked past, but seeing as you're by yourself, I figured I could keep you some company…--" Aaklig said as came to a halt before her. Looming over a head taller than the creamy blonde woman, even though her heels gave her quite the boost, which fact made him seem even more imposing… And that was a very good thing. "-- After all, being alone when there are so many people to talk to is quite unbecoming of a lady such as yourself." He looked her right in the eye, and she noticed just how incredible his own were. Like the purest amber, they almost gleamed in the light, appearing so enchanting and rare that she found herself staring.

"Are you implying something, mister Aaklig?" She retorted with a question, maintaining her prudish demeanor, and appearance, with ease. Listening to his words, however, she could not help but consider them to be an affront directed at all the people present here, for they were not interacting with her.

"Just Aaklig, if you will, Courtney.--" He corrected her in a manner similar to that in which she had corrected him, but there was none of the snobbish, slightly detestant tone that she had employed. If anything, his approach was more playful. "--And yes, I am implying something. Everyone here is a bit of a fool. You, however, are not talking to any of them. What does that make you?" Aaklig informed, and she found his statement interesting.

"Bored.--" Courtney plainly answered. One of the waiters was walking past, and she masterfully reached out, grabbing a glass of champagne. "--And you, who meddles with fools? What are you?" She asked, turning the question on the one who had originally asked. Aaklig smiled, and his pearly white teeth shone from beneath his full lips. Nowhere near as luscious and appealing as her own, but he did have a certain… Kissable look to him.

"You've heard of the saying about a wolf in sheep's clothing, right?--" She nodded, and his smile grew even wider. "--Well, I'd be the wolf in this situation." Aaklig informed, gesticulating with his arm, as if to show her all the sheep at his disposal. There was an incredible certainty in him, almost as if he believed himself to be so far above these men that they were not even capable of competing… And Courtney was inclined to double that notion.

"So you're some kind of con artist?" She posited, finding their conversation, albeit teetering on the line between boring and intriguing, to be quite scintillating. That, or the creamy blonde lady was really enjoying his presence.

"Con artist? Courtney, you misunderstand. Why would I come to cheat anybody out of their money at a charitable banquet? No, I simply take investments - ones that are supposed to finance third world countries… And I put them to good use." Aaklig said, though he neither dissuaded her from retaining her conclusion that he was a con artist, nor did the man persuade her into believing he was something else.

"And what is that good use?" She inquired, taking a sip from the champagne. It was very good, but it failed to satiate her thirst. That made her feel a slight tinge of excitement. Naturally, she would find herself wanting in such a situation. Everyone, even if well fed, could appreciate a well crafted meal… And Aaklig looked like a five star delicacy.

"Whatever I deem it to be. I am an African warlord - the legal type - and I have a vision for the future. One that will take the problems of my home and destroy them utterly." She almost found herself laughing. That was either a very well laid out joke, or a very unlikely reality.

"Really?--" She asked, the tips of her mouth pulled into a smile. "--What makes you think you can do that, if all the rest of the world has failed?" Courtney finalised her question, realising that she was talking about politics, and was enjoying it. Well, actually, she was not enjoying the conversation, but, rather, the subtle things that were going on behind the text. The way he looked down at her, his eyes gleaming with curiosity. She was certain that her own blue orbs were beaming up at him, and she often found herself fluttering her lashes in his direction. What was even more impressive, to her, at least, was that she was finding it harder and harder to stand still… And her mouth was watering.

"The solutions presented by the rest of the world are faulty. Even in the USA, there are so many issues that it would not be too much of a stretch to say that changing everything would take a revolution.--" Said Aaklig, clasping his hands together. "--I doubt you need examples, as my uniqueness to this gathering ought to be proof enough."

Then, he did something unexpected. His glance slipped down to her chest, after which he looked back up at her. She shuddered, almost, and felt the urge to bounce up and down, but managed to contain herself.

"You certainly are unique, Aaklig.--" Courtney agreed with him, finding herself compelled to emulate the movements of his eyes with her own. To peer down at that area where, rarely, she saw anything interesting, especially at gatherings like these. It was maddening, how her body was reacting to his presence, and a part of her loved it, while another, the conscious one, despised it. Why was it that he had to show up now, at this gathering where her husband was present, and she had not had any fun in at least a week? "--But, then… Why are you here?" His smile remained as vibrant as before, but now his whole face was beaming.

"Charity is one of the few things that are good and helpful. I make donations myself, but, well…--" His voice faded for a moment, as if he was thinking, pondering whether or not he should share, and he gave her a wink. "--I take any excuse I can to visit the USA." The way he had winked at her, the look in his eyes, his presence, his appearance… Courtney found herself shivering inwardly. She could feel her nipples getting hard, becoming engorged and growing in sensitivity so greatly that the fine fabric of her dress was becoming irritating.

"And what do you like most in the USA?" Her voice was breathy, and she could feel her tongue becoming heavy in her mouth. There was so much saliva she had to swallow…

"The breakable rules, and… Well, the women." Aaklig stated, and his eyes were perfectly trained on her. Courtney felt her pussy moisten.

Then he turned around and started walking in a certain direction. Towards the door. Courtney watched him for a while, and when he left the hall, she knew she had to follow. The splendid, white dame almost darted towards the closest exit - which was not the same Aaklig had opted to utilize. Opening the door, the classical music that filled the banquet hall grew distant and very stifled. Her heart beating was the only thing she heard, and it was so pronounced she felt as though it was about to explode.

What was she doing? Was she looking to go to the toilet? No, she could not say that, because her eyes were wide with fright - a fear that she might miss Aaklig. She saw him - going up the stairs, at a reasonable pace. He probably had a room booked. After all, even the most lavish hotel, which offered banquet halls, was prone to having rooms available. And he most likely had gotten himself a penthouse suite, considering just how ravishingly elegant he had appeared to her.

Courtney kept walking after him, her high heels clicking loudly as she moved at the greatest pace she could manage without running. Her breasts jiggled enticingly as she did so, and, subconsciously, she was strutting, making sure her rear was making the most lecherous movements it could. She could still feel the urge to start bouncing up and down, to make her ass flesh clap, to attract his attention, which she had somehow lost in just an instant.

The pale dame followed him, her nostrils flaring as if in a futile attempt to increase her chances of keeping up with him, by increasing the oxygen she was pumping into her body. She imagined his scent, how sweet and simultaneously salty it was, especially the stench of his member, which would be of a very pleasant size, far bigger than that of her hubby. Courtney felt her mind reeling as she raced up the stairs. Upon reaching the top of them, she saw him at the last step of the next ascent, and so she followed.

It was an unbelievable sensation. A desire so overwhelming, a need so base, it was impossible to resist. It was as though she had been starving for weeks on end, and, suddenly, a meal had been presented to her. As if she was dying from thirst, but a cup of water was held out on a thread, just out of her reach. Her womanhood ached, and she craved him so, so greatly, she was completely forgetting where she was and what the circumstances were.

He was not at the top of the stairs this time, rather he was rounding a corner, to the left. Courtney felt as though this meant he would soon receive her, and her heels filled the empty corridor with sound. The ravenous hunger her pussy was displaying, with just how wet it was, the thong she had put on - now thoroughly soaked, to the point of liquid simply leaking down her legs - and yet she was still finding it difficult to imagine why she wanted to chase after him.

Rounding the corner, she saw a door, slightly ajar, leading into a darkened room. Without a thought crossing her mind, other than this insatiable thirst, she reached for it, pushing the opened gate to the side and entering the chamber.

Aaklig was standing in the room, which was dimly lit. For Courtney, that meant about as much as nothing else existing. There were some windows on the wall, and they threw a faint light in, illuminating him, as he stood so enticingly… His frame was so magnificent, and she thought, no, she knew, that she saw a bulge in his pants.

He looked at her, and she looked at him. Their eyes hungrily took in, once again, the sights of their bodies, the shapes of their faces and the intensity of their stares. She craved him, and she could tell that he, too, wanted her.

"You're magnificent."

"You're magnificent."

They spoke, almost in unison, as each looked upon the other. Courtney, hearing his voice and his words, felt as though that was exactly what he would have been able to say, what he could say. After all, she was perfect. Her skin was flawless, her body was immaculate, her face was spectacularly symmetrical and her sharp features made her beautiful eyes and full lips seem so much more important upon her visage…

And he, too, knew she would speak these words. Though, perhaps, he might not have expected it. She, herself, was not prone to making compliments, and the only reason she said what she had was her mind's lessening efficiency. All she could think about was him, and, more accurately, the content of his pants.

Courtney closed the door behind herself and turned around, looking at him, feeling her lips press against one another, and her eyes widen. Was it instinct that drove her to do so, she did not know, but she pushed them forward slightly, making a kissy face. Her feet carried her forward, though she came to a halt just a few steps before reaching him.

His amber eyes glimmered as he looked at her, taking in the sight that she was. Her tongue ran over her darkened lips, and she reached up, cupping her massive breasts - or, rather, placing her palms against the lower side of the humongous mammaries.

"You like my fuck juggs, don't you?--" She said, the rational, reasonable part of her screaming at herself to stop, that, if she were found out, it would be the end of everything. She could not allow herself to do such a thing with someone who knew her husband, let alone a colleague of his… And yet the compulsion was so unbelievably potent that it was impossible to resist. She slightly bounced, and her rear clapped, while her breasts jiggled enticingly. "--You wanna play with them?" She pushed them towards one another, making her cleavage appear even deeper than it was.

"Yes…" He admitted, and made a step towards her. His hands slowly came up, and she felt her heartbeat speed up to such an extent that it was hard for her to discern individual thumps. His arms were so strong, his palms so rough, as a result of doing whatever it was that he had done, and yet as he clasped her breasts, as he held her massive milk tanks, he was so gentle she almost felt as though it was not a man holding her.

Courtney's nipples were rock hard. The nubs were so thoroughly engorged that they poked through the fabric of her dress in a most obscene manner, their pink colour almost leaking through the white of the silken apparel. That, however, was not the only thing, for as soon as Aaklig started moving his hands over her breasts - he, too, was unable to grasp them with his entire palm, as they were just too big - the sensitivity of her nipples made her moan out in pure pleasure, her eyes rolling back into her head and her fingers grabbing onto his forearms for support. The manner in which the fabric rubbed against them was so sublime, it was irritating, slightly, and yet the sensation, coupled with the strong digits that were currently sinking into them, was enough to make her feel as though she would reach orgasm in the blink of an eye.

He lowered his head, rubbing his forehead into hers, as she pressed her legs together, trying to do something about her soaked pussy. Did he want her to crane her neck and kiss him? But her lips were meant for sucking dick, there was no way she could kiss him. On top of that, this was one of the few things she tried not to do when in the company of real men, for that would most likely urge her to abandon her hubby entirely. And yet his hair, its surprisingly pleasant scent, its softness and his almost unnatural gentleness made her feel as though maybe she could allow herself to do it just this once…

"Courtney…" His voice was like music to her ears, and yet she could not stop herself. She felt compelled. Her hands guided him, and forced his fingers to slide beneath the fabric of the dress. The sensation of her bare, sensitive skin against his rough palms was incredible.

"Coco-- Haah… Call me Coco, please…" She mewled as his hands squeezed her massive breasts, groping her baby feeders as if they were some very precious thing to him. The way he moved his palms, the way his fingers wiggled about, the manner in which he smushed them into her tit-flesh - she loved it. Courtney could not stop herself from making a step forward, pressing her body into his, feeling him through his suit.

"Coco, you're… Wow." He addressed her the way she had asked, and it was as if she had been called a pet name, as if she had been gingerly caressed in the most appealing manner possible. Her hands released his forearms and one wrapped around his waist, while the other sank down to his nethers. She only felt at his pants, but the spectacular bulge was easily going to extend all the way down to his knee, with no effort at all. She could tell that his scrotal sack was to be the heaviest, lowest hanging one she had ever seen, and her patience was really growing thin.

"Play with my funbags, yeah…--" She whispered to him, finding herself impressed by her own words. Though, now that she thought about it, this was exactly how things went down. As a thirsty MILF, she was prone to becoming ridiculously stupid as soon as cock was waved in her face. And this… Well, the promise of a member like the one awaiting her was enough to make her drool. "--Let me take your pants off, baby…" Courtney cooed, and he simply sighed blissfully as his hands slid deeper into her cleavage.

She took that as confirmation that she could do as she had asked, and her fingers got to work. The belt's buckle was undone in an instant, and as she pulled down his white pants, she expected to see glimmering, onyx treasures… But, instead, she received a wave of the most unbelievable, rancid stench she had ever experienced coming off a man's genitals, that she almost recoiled. It was so heavy that her eyes narrowed at the smell, even though she had not even bent down to look upon his tool.

Her hands, however, kept going. She wrapped her svelte fingers around his considerable girth - he was easily thicker than her wrist - and yoinked his member out of his pants. The stench only grew more pronounced, and even though she cringed physically, Courtney was mentally elated.

"Oh my God, it stinks!" She exclaimed, her cheeks flooding with the reddest flush she had had in a while, her nostrils, contradicting her statement, flaring up as if to get more of that smell in them, and her eyelids narrowing, even if her pupils ended up growing more and more.

"Yeah, it's a little dirty. But I figure you'll like it that way." Aaklig said as he removed his hands from her breasts, but not before popping the girls out of their restraints. The pair of massive milk tanks were a bit pushed up by the dress, but they still slightly sagged downwards, unable to withstand gravity's pull. As soon as his hands were no longer touching her, she squatted. Even with heels, she was an expert in her field, and the sight that greeted her as she ended up face first against his crotch was unbelievable.

His cock was massive. The thing reached down to his knee, easily, and even his saggy balls seemed to be performing a similar feat. The massive, dangling gonads were, each, bigger than her nipples, in circumference, and they looked so full of potent cum that she could not stop herself. Her tongue slid over her lips and, without thinking, she grabbed at his slightly hairy testicles and shoved them both in her mouth, one by one. She swirled her tongue over the sweaty surface of the magnanimous pair of testes, feeling the salty taste and the leathery surface, yet, simultaneously with that, experiencing the softest part of a man's body.

Her throat was wide open, and the pair of fat nuts sank down, ending up bulging out in her neck. Her hands, now free, grabbed onto his thick shaft and started rubbing up and down along the moist member. Its tip was caked in thick, yellow smegma, with bits of stray pubic hair somehow stuck to it. The whole thing was completely covered, and the rancid, tenebrous stench was wafting into her nostrils with such ease that she felt as though she was being violated.

"Damn, Coco-- Hooh! How'd you do that?" Aaklig asked, even though he knew he would receive no answer, as his fat nuts were squeezed by her throat's contractions. Courtney's gag reflex was kicking in, making her want to throw up, increasing the intensity of her body's internal movements. The stimulation on his massive testicles was growing, and she, herself, felt an unbelievable wave of heat wash over her.

Her eyes were locked onto his colossal member, and even though it was coated in that thick, disgusting substance, a sickly yellow colour to it, accompanied by an incredibly unpleasant smell that was repulsive beyond reason, she could not shake the immense lust she was feeling. It made her nose slightly runny, her eyes tear up, and an urge to cough and move away well up within her, even though her pussy was leaking profusely by this point.

She pulled his nutsack out of her mouth, the swollen testicles coming out with lewd pops, while strings of saliva splattered over her chin and his thighs. She was breathing heavily, her heart racing, her pupils so dilated it was almost difficult to appreciate the wondrous blue of her eyes. Courtney did not care about her appearance, he did not care about rumors, and she definitely did not care about her husband. Well, she did, but only to the capacity of thinking of just how compromising her current situation was.

"That was really good!--" Informed Aaklig, lowering his hand to the side of her face, brushing a few loose strands of her hair away. She shuddered in delight as she compared the size of his palm to her face, imagining him grabbing her roughly and breeding her in the most indecent, obscene manner possible. "--Wanna give my cock some love, too?"

"Aaklig, this… This filthy thing…--" She tried to maintain a haughty demeanor, to appear unreachable, and yet she could not stop herself. Her hands were already holding onto it, and as she dragged one of her palms over the surface, she tipped it lower, until the stench of his smegma was wafting off the chunky dick cheese barely a centimeter away from her nose. Her pussy clenched, her tongue slid out from between her luscious lips and she almost gave it a lick. "-- I-- You can't put that anywhere near my mouth!" She exclaimed, and, to that, he raised an eyebrow, which she did not notice - so transfixed was she by his bulging cock.

"Aw, come on…" He said, and she felt his member twitch. He had flexed his Kegel muscles, and that had made his humongous member throb in such a violent manner that, even though she was holding it with both her hands, it had still bounced.

Her tongue lapped at his tip hungrily, and she moaned in a mixture of pleasure and disgust. It was so vile, so humiliating, so unfitting for a woman of her calibre, and yet she could not help herself. The texture, the taste, the smell, it all merged into an experience that was so repulsive that it tipped over into appealing.

Courtney used her tongue's tip like a chisel, dislodging chunks of the thick smegma and gulping it down like the unhinged whore that she was. Her eyes were beaming up at Aaklig as she diligently cleaned his cock, caring not for the fact that pubes and dried up piss were ending up in her mouth, along with the old, viscous semen that had remained in there.

Her lips parted and she enveloped the whole tip of his magnificent black member in her mouth, as her face grew distorted by her subservient attempt to please this man. Her cheeks hollowed out and her lips extended as far out as they could, her expression becoming almost laughable as it could be compared to an anteater's. Yet that degradation, that unbridled subservience to please this big black cock, was what made it all the more pleasant to do.

"Ooooh yeah, you're really quite something, Coco…" Aaklig complimented her as he evidently struggled to avoid grasping her by the head and roughly fucking her face - which she would not have objected to, inwardly, but she would have glared at him vengefully as he did it. Still, the texture of his tip, albeit freshly cleaned, was still exquisite, and as it bumped against the back of her throat, she felt an irresistible urge to swallow the whole thing, as she knew he was going to cum from her fellatio.

And so she did. Courtney started bobbing her head back and forth, taking more and more of his girthy shaft down her throat, while her tongue vehemently massaged the underside of his member. The feeling of his flared cockhead stirring up her insides, the sensation of it getting stuck momentarily, it made her heart skip beats of excitement. Saliva bubbled around her lips and all over his cock, while the sounds of her slurping at it and audibly gagging, as well as moaning lewdly, filled the chamber.

Courtney took more and more of his massive member, and it sank deeper into her. She was bobbing so violently, her head going back and forth until her arms were outstretched, only to then shove it back in, coming within centimeters of his pelvis, but not being able to fit it all in just one thrust. She thought to herself just how immense the disappointment and shock of seeing her mother, like this, would be for her daughter, and she thought to herself how great a disgrace she was.

Her pussy clamped down upon itself as she felt his pre-cum leaking directly into her stomach, as she felt his glans dragging against her throat, as she heard him grumble and clench his teeth. His superb cock swelled up as she plunged her head onto it, her eyes locking with his own, and a single want written all over her blue orbs. Had she been able to say it, she would have screamed it out: 'Feed me cum!'

"I'm fucking cumming!--" He announced as he slightly pushed his hips forward. Her head slid onto his cock. That last little bit of schlong found itself inside her, and her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She inhaled sharply as his balls clenched. "--You're milking me, damn!" Aaklig managed to point out as his shaft shuddered, his veins bulged obscenely and his glans flared up so greatly that his cock would be stuck down her throat for as long as his orgasm lasted.

She screamed onto his penis as she felt the thick, gunky cum sloshing through his urethra and blasting into her stomach. The sensation of that hot, hyper-potent semen splashing inside of her, blasting up her throat and overwhelming her completely, was out of this world. It felt as though his rancid jizz was fucking up her brain, and she felt herself reaching orgasm as he ejaculated in her mouth.

He groaned and growled, whereas she mewled and moaned. Courtney felt her ovaries tingling, as if they had just been activated by the copious amounts of cum Aaklig was blasting inside of her. It was so gooey, so thick, and yet frothy and magnificent…

"I apologize for my language-- Haah… But, wow, Coco, you're really good at this!" Her partner stated as she finally managed to pull herself off of his cock. To her credit, she was not coughing or spewing cum, but a lot was leaking off her face and onto her humongous bosom. Her make-up was thoroughly ruined, and yet her eyes were filled with bliss. She held her mouth open as Aaklig held his schlong in one hand and squeezed a few extra drops onto her tongue. It was so tasty…

"Mwah… Your stinky cum is so good!--" She hissed, furrowing her brows as she pushed herself up. Her hands grabbed onto his cock and she started jerking it off lovingly. Courtney was not thinking. If she was, she was not doing it with her brain. "--I need it inside me…" Courtney moaned, and that seemed to make him stiffen up instantly.

"Get on the ground, then!" He commanded, and she immediately obeyed. She could not care less about her dress, let it get dirty. Slather it with his potent cum, stain it and drench it in it, so that she could keep the stench of it with herself. Neither did she care about the fact that he would wear no condom, or the fact that she has directly told him she wanted his ejaculate inside of herself. She was way too far gone at this point, the only thing on her mind this overwhelming need...

Courtney pulled her dress up and spread her legs most unceremoniously. If only her husband saw her then, he would immediately ask for a divorce. What a nasty bitch he had married!

"You're so wet, Coco…" One of Aaklig's hands was wrapped around his girthy schlong, moving up and down slowly, while his other grasped at Courtney's white thong and pushed it to the side, uncovering her perfectly shaved pussy, its labia wide open and a thin stream of sticky, translucent girlcum leaking down form it. She grabbed her tits and started kneading them roughly, feeling her hands sinking into her magnificent funbags.

"Just fuck me!--" She demanded, her lashes fluttering wildly as she watched him. Her fingers pinched at her nipples as his cock's tip finally prodded at her womanhood. No rubber, no condom, no contraceptives, no nothing. Raw cock. "--Nhyees! Yes, yes!" She mewled as she felt his massive member slowly dig into her pussy. It was incredible.

It stretched her out thoroughly, and it felt so good she could visualise her womb immediately moving to open up as wide as possible, drooping as low as it could. That made her so hot and bothered, she threw her head back, moaning loudly, almost as if she was a bitch in heat, howling as she was getting mounted.

Aaklig's cock went deeper and deeper, and she felt tears of joy streaming down her sides. Her pussy's walls clamped onto his member hard, and that made it feel as though the blessed thing was far fatter than it actually was. She went cross eyed as he slightly thrust his hips, forcing it against her cervix.

His hands came to rest on the floor slightly beneath her shoulders, and he pushed her legs backwards with his own. As he did so, his schlong slid deeper into her, piercing into her womb and giving its walls a big kiss. She wailed in bliss, squeezing her nipples with such intensity that, had she been lactating, she would have squirted out liters of milk by now.

His face came to rest mere centimeters above hers, and she looked him in the eye as he started fucking her, finally. Aaklig pressed down into her, and she felt his pelvis slap against her, his nuts slamming into her bubbly butt. His cock was distending her stomach, no doubt - there was no way a member that big could simply fit inside her

Courtney came as soon as his low-hanging scrotum collided with her ass. Her pussy clenched, and she squirted all over herself and him. What a lewd, unsightly woman she was, and how obscenely she behaved! Coco's eyes rolled back into her head and she craned her neck, lips stretched outwards and her tongue peeking from between them.

Aaklig slid his hands underneath her frame, and he swept her up, pressing her against himself. Her arms wrapped around his back and her fingers dug into his coat as she felt her nipples rub against his chest, her boobies squished between their bodies as they fucked. He moved his head closer towards hers, as if leaning in for a kiss, and she tried to move her face out of the way.

"No-- Haah!--" She mewled, her eyebrows high on her forehead as the sensation of his cock tearing her pussy up made her weak, made it hard to even think. "--No kissing!" Courtney managed, but, as soon as she did so, he seemed to increase the pace.

"It'd be-- Ahh-- A shame--" Aaklig retorted, his eyes locking with her's. "--Not to kiss-- Huff! Those bimbo lips!" He said, and pushed her into himself. She felt so weak, she could not deny that he was right, and yet kissing him - that would be so wrong, so inappropriate, it would totally throw her over the edge, as if she had not already been careening towards the bottom.

She imagined the looks on her husband and daughter's faces, how disapproving they would be, how distraught and how repulsed she would make them. Such a foul woman, so indecent that it would be impossible to believe she had attended such banquets like the one she was currently taking part in.

Her lips met his, and she felt so turned on she knew she would not be satisfied for a long time after this. Her pussy clenched as hard as it could, her womb doing its best to milk his gruesome cock as it ravaged her. It was as if sparks went flying through her brain, and she relaxed into the embrace, feeling his arms, his legs, his body, his member - and she loved it all.

As her fingers, adorned with long, polished nails, dug into his back, his cock dug into her womb. She could tell he was close, and that only made her clamp down even harder, it urged her to grind against him, to lock her legs around him and keep his massive breeding tool inside her, just so it would erupt within, paint her walls white and fertilize her eggs. The thought, alone, made her feel as though she was about to break out in cold sweat, as she considered how her husband would react to seeing the black child she would bear out of this union.

"Coco--" Aaklig gasped, uttering her name as he managed to tear himself away from her hungry lips, but Courtney moved one of her hands onto his head and pushed it down, resuming their passionate kiss. She did not have the mental fortitude to resist, and, having been granted the forbidden fruit, she could not stop there.

His thrusts became more frequent and less pronounced, as he subconsciously tried to keep his tip as close to her womb as possible, so that when he blew his load it would give the little swimmers a great head start. His balls slid against her sweat, pre-cum and girlcum covered ass as they clenched, and he growled into her, while she moaned as loudly as she could, feeling his cock swelling up.

"Yes!--" She screamed, breaking her kiss and throwing her head reardwards, her eyes rolling back into her skull and her spine arching, squeezing her breasts against his chest almost painfully. "--Breed me!" Courtney mewled as his cock pistoned into her womb, slamming as deep as it would go. Her cries only grew louder as she felt the cum barreling through his urethra, like an avalanche about to blow away everything in its path.

The white, almost foamy cum splurted out of his shaft, drowning her eggs in potent semen. She came immediately, and her orgasm looped as long as ropes of thick ejaculate blasted her inner walls. Courtney felt his swimmers slamming against her egg, like a faint tingling, and a new orgasm wracked her nerves with each one. So much scalding, hot, smelly, viscous cum, of the most potent variety, filled her up, to the point where she felt bloated beyond reason, that it almost fried her brain.

He kissed her again and she pressed herself into him, feeling such great pleasure that anything that was not in the now was completely irrelevant. If she had not gotten pregnant from that shot, the ones that followed over the duration of the night definitely knocked her up.