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An Unexpected Reunion

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It was already the worst day of his life. He was mortified, by his condition, by the harrowing and embarrassing position he had just run out of, and by the fact that he was too much of a coward to be able to do what he needed to do. He was truly a giant failure. His face was red from embarrassment, he had tear-streaks down his face, his hair was a mess, and his suit was askew from his run down the stairs. He had never felt so low in his life.

So of course he was recognized as soon as he left the Love Hotel.

His body stiffened as he heard his name called out in the street. He froze, not knowing if it was best to turn and see who it was or just run away. He was spared the decision when a hand fell on his shoulder and turned him around. Both men were surprised to see each other.

"Adachi? Is it you?"


Adachi was too stunned to see his former co-worker to react at first. Kurosawa had started at his company around the same time as Adachi. He had been in sales while Adachi worked with the analyst group. They had never worked too closely together, but they had often seen each other at the office. Kurosawa had been a popular and outstanding employee with an impressive record of accomplishments while Adachi had settled into the background. He had always been vaguely jealous of Kurosawa's good looks and natural talents. He had never gotten a chance to talk to him much. He had taken notice when Kurosawa left the company two years ago, though he had never found out why he left or where he went. To find him outside of a Soapland of all places was very surprising.

"What are you doing here," Adachi blurted out without thinking of what he was saying. He immediately felt ashamed of himself. It was likely Kurosawa wouldn't want to admit why he was here, just as Adachi wouldn't want to admit why he had come.

"I work here," said Kurosawa simply.

"Eh?" Adachi didn't know what to say to that.

Kurosawa seemed to take in Adachi's appearance, with his messy hair and red face, and asked, "Are you okay? You look really upset."

Adachi stuttered out a reply, but couldn't form a proper sentence. Kurosawa politely waited until Adachi eventually gave up and stared down at the ground.

"Would you like to get some coffee?" asked Kurosawa kindly. "I'd like to catch up with you and you look like you could use a rest."

Adachi looked up in surprise. He didn't have anything he wanted to say to Kurosawa and he was in an especially embarrassing situation. He was about to say "No, thanks" when Kurosawa placed his hand on Adachi's shoulder and Adachi could hear Kurosawa's thoughts in his head. 

"I really want to talk to Adachi."

Adachi was taken aback by how straightforward Kurosawa's thoughts were. His face still had the expression of soft concern. Using his voice, he said, "Come on, I know of a good place nearby." He removed his hand and started walking away. He looked over his shoulder, expecting Adachi to follow him.

Adachi stayed frozen for a second before he felt his legs start to move him forward. He didn't know exactly what was going on, but it seemed like Kurosawa had something important to tell him so he let himself be led to a coffee shop nearby. Kurosawa bought him an iced coffee and they sat together at the booth. Kurosawa sipped on his own coffee.

"I was very surprised to see you in this neighborhood," said Kurosawa. "Is this your first time here?"

Adachi hesitated then nodded. He sipped on his coffee, it was surprisingly good. The pleasant flavor calmed him a bit.

"I didn't get the impression that you were interested in the types of things that happened here," said Kurosawa lightly. "Is everything okay? You looked really upset on the street."

Adachi let out a frustrated sigh. "I'm not. I mean, I wasn't. I'm still not, but I have to… it's complicated," he finished lamely.

Kurosawa nodded slowly and said gently, "You don't have to tell me anything if you don't want to. I just want to help. I've worked here for a little while now and you see all sorts of people. There are more than a few people who react similar to how you just did. If you want to talk, I'm happy to listen."

Adachi felt a little better knowing he wasn't the only person to have freaked out and run out of a Soapland before, but his problem wasn't something that would go away by talking. He didn't say anything in response.

Kurosawa eventually continued. "You are probably wondering what I do for work now, right?"

Adachi gave him a twitchy nod. "You left the company so suddenly. I never heard what you left to do. The office is a lot different now that you left."

Kurosawa gave him an interested expression. "Different? How is it different now?"

Adachi shrugged. "I'm not sure how to describe it. I know we didn't talk much back then, but you were always full of energy and enthusiasm, so it was a bit contagious. Everyone around you was excited to work. I guess it has become a bit more dull now."

Kurosawa looked flattered. "I wouldn't have expected that. I got the impression most people were only impressed by my face."

Adachi looked confused. "No? I just remember you were a really good worker. I, um, I looked up to you. I remember you were very popular too, but that was just part of it. You were a really good person to be around."

Adachi may have been imagining it, but it looked like Kurosawa was blushing a little. He couldn't read Kurosawa's expressions very well, he was too poised and collected. Adachi, feeling a little guilty, moved his foot forward and let the toes of their shoes touch under the table.

Kurosawa's thoughts were a swirl of excitement and panic. "He actually remembers me! I always got the impression he never paid attention to me. If I had known he thought that way back then, maybe I wouldn't have left. I can't believe how lucky I am to have run into him today. I don't know if I'll ever get a chance to see Adachi again, so I want to make this last."

Adachi was taken aback. Why would Kurosawa assume Adachi wouldn't remember him? They had worked together for 5 years. Did Adachi really give off such an air of indifference? Also, why would Kurosawa think he was lucky to talk with Adachi? It had been nearly three months since Adachi had acquired the ability to read minds on his 30th birthday thanks to the 'virgin magic', but he still had trouble understanding other people's minds.

"Your words are very kind, but I don't think my experiences at work were the same as yours," said Kurosawa. "I tried hard for a long time to be taken seriously there, but despite all my efforts there, it never seemed like it was enough. People would only assume that I had gotten a deal or made a partnership because of how I looked. After a while, it was just too much for me. I had to get out of there. I had a friend who worked as an escort, she introduced me to the right people, and I ended up working here. Here at least if people only want me for my face, I can make money off of it and I don't have to worry about it."

Adachi looked surprised. "You are an escort now? What does that entail?" Adachi was genuinely curious, which seemed to fluster Kurosawa.

"It is about what you would expect. If a person wants a handsome man to accompany them to an event, out to dinner, or to a party, they contact me and I show up, say the right things and act my part. I say nice, flattering things to them and they are nice in return. At the end of it all, we part ways and there are no feelings of obligation. It's a more lucrative field than you would expect."

Adachi cocked his head and asked, "Are you expected to sleep with the clients?"

Kurosawa shrugged impassively. "It's not uncommon, but not every client wants that. I'm not required to have sex with them, but I often do. I enjoy the sex for the most part, but sometimes it does feel more like work than pleasure."

Adachi nodded, impressed. "You are a very confident person. I don't think I could ever do anything like that."

Kurosawa shifted a bit in his chair. "You don't think less of me because of it? It's not usually considered as respectable as being a salesman."

Adachi shrugged awkwardly. "I'm not in a position to judge others. As long as you are comfortable, that's all that matters."

Kurosawa gave him a thoughtful expression and smiled. "You are a good person, Adachi. So why are you here in this neighborhood? It doesn't seem like you wanted to be here."

Adachi shuttered as he remembered the horror show that was his day. "I don't know how best to explain myself, but you are right, I don't want to be here. However, I don't think I have a choice. I'm in a bad situation but I can't even bring myself to do what I have to do. It's all so different from what I wanted, but I can't think of a better option. Sorry, I know I'm not making sense."

Kurosawa smiled politely and settled back in his seat. "Take your time. You can tell me anything. I'm the last person who would judge you."

Adachi did take some comfort in that. He heard Kurosawa's thoughts say "I want him to be comfortable enough with me to tell me what's wrong. I want to help if I can." His thoughts were so kind and pure. They didn't sound self-interested at all. He wasn't used to overhearing such sincere thoughts from others. Most people he had overheard had selfish, annoying, or rude thoughts. This was a nice change.

Adachi took a deep breath. "On my 30th birthday, something… odd happened to my body. I can't explain it, it wouldn't make sense even if I tried. I tried going to doctors but none of them could help or they would give me medicine that didn't work. It's been driving me crazy and I can't stand it anymore. I have a friend who had something similar happen to him, and it went away right after he finally lost his virginity. So, I thought, perhaps, it would work for me too," said Adachi, starting to blush.

Kurosawa gave him a concerned look. "So, did it work? Are you better now?"

"He was a virgin? How is that possible? He is so lovable, how has no one else swept him off his feet before?"

Adachi pulled his foot back and tried to ignore Kurosawa's thoughts. He didn't think of himself as lovable. It felt weird to hear that from someone else. Instead he flushed in shame as he remembered his recent experience with the prostitute. "I, uh, I couldn't do it. I tried my best to pick well, but as soon as she touched me, I just felt...I couldn't handle it… I threw up and I ran," he said, covering his face with his hands. 

He remembered the prostitute's thoughts flooding into his mind. She had been thinking of all the weird kinky things she did with her other clients, trying to guess which would be best for someone like Adachi. The flood of perverted images had overloaded his senses and he had ended up losing his lunch and crying as he had fled out the door, likely leaving the prostitute behind very confused.

Kurosawa reached forward and touched Adachi's arm in a comforting manner. "Poor Adachi, you are too pure and sweet. Of course that wouldn't be the right decision for you. I bet he probably picked Suki. She looks pure and nice, but she's really twisted. There's no way Adachi would have been comfortable with her."

Adachi relaxed at his touch. He did in fact pick 'Suki'. Was his taste that predictable?

"This kind of thing isn't for everyone," said Kurosawa in a soothing voice. "Perhaps you could see about dating around. You have a lot of good qualities…"

"I can't!" Adachi said emphatically. "I can't date anyone while I'm like this. It wouldn't be fair. The way I am now, I would be taking advantage of them, using them to fix myself. I don't want to do that to anyone."

Adachi closed his eyes and grimaced. He had considered trying to ask out some women or try picking up girls at a bar, but anyway he spun it in his head, it made him feel terrible. As if dating hadn't terrified him before, now he'd be able to hear every judgemental remark or every quietly rude thought they would have in their head. It wouldn't even be their fault, everyone had bad thoughts from time to time, but Adachi didn't think he would be able to force himself through it all, especially if all he wanted was to lose the magic. The thought alone made him feel dirty, selfish, and disgusting.

Kurosawa's hand remained on his arm and Adachi overheard his thoughts take a new tone. "So, sweet Adachi needs to lose his virginity to be able to move forward? He doesn't want a girlfriend and he doesn't want a girl like Suki. Do I dare ask? Oh, I would be so happy if he would look at me that way. I've liked him for so long. There's no way though, is there? Adachi has only ever looked at women that way. But perhaps…"

"What if it was with a friend," Kurosawa asked tentatively. "We've known each other for some time. I wouldn't mind helping you out like this."

Adachi looked up, flabbergasted. "Eh?"

Kurosawa tried to look impassive, but his mind was already going into overdrive. Adachi got a flood of images of Kurosawa's memories. All of his interactions with Adachi were painted in a rose colored light. He could feel the weight of Kurosawa's one sided affection for him in each one. Kurosawa had liked him for years now. He could see the way Kurosawa saw him in his mind, far more beautiful and sweet than he had ever seen himself in the mirror. It was truly disorienting to think of himself like that.

Adachi came back to himself to see Kurosawa biting his lip, looking hopefully up at him. 

"You, you would do that?" Adachi stuttered, "You would make me one of your clients?"

Kurosawa let out a huff and smiled at Adachi. "No, not as a client. Just as a friend. We could go back to my place and we could take as long as you needed. We could even just talk for a while, whatever you want. I don't want to force you, but it sounds like this is really important to you, and I want you to know this is an option you have."

Adachi would have never thought of this. Kurosawa was extremely good looking, and Adachi had even considered him sexy from time to time when they were still working together, but back then they were just coworkers. He hadn't thought of Kurosawa like that. But now that he knew that Kurosawa was attracted to him and Adachi needed to get rid of this power…

He wouldn't let himself overthink this. If he had been willing to go to a prostitute, then he had to be okay with this as well. He needed this power gone. He had already gotten this desperate. There was no turning back now.

"Yes," said Adachi, sounding more decisive than he felt. "I want that. Can you please help me?"

Kurosawa froze. Adachi listened to his thoughts, but didn't hear anything there either. After a moment a wide brilliant smile grew on Kurosawa's face. "Yes, it would be my pleasure."

They went to Kurosawa's apartment, a nice stylish place that was tastefully decorated. It was in a well-off area, so Adachi assumed that Kurosawa hadn't been lying about how lucrative his new career was. Adachi looked around briefly to see if he could see any indications of Kurosawa's current profession, but the room looked remarkably normal. He did notice Kurosawa had kept his top salesman awards on display. He walked over and looked at them while Kurosawa prepared tea. As Kurosawa approached with a mug of tea for Adachi, he noticed what Adachi was looking at.

"Ah, yes. I worked hard to get those, so I couldn't just throw them away," said Kurosawa humbly.

"It sounds like you miss it," said Adachi, taking the mug of hot tea. 

His fingers grazed Kurosawa's as he took the cup. "I miss seeing you everyday," Kurosawa said in his mind.

Kurosawa made a noncommittal sound. "I enjoyed the work, but it was too much of a struggle. It's behind me now."

Kurosawa took a step back and drank from his own cup. Adachi sipped at his as well. It was a calming mint tea. Adachi appreciated the pleasant smell. He must have looked more relaxed since Kurosawa stared at him with a small smile while he drank. He motioned for them to sit on the couch.

As they settled down and the silence persisted, Adachi grew more nervous. He didn't know what to do next. If he knew how to handle these kinds of situations, he wouldn't be a virgin at his age. He looked over at Kurosawa, who was still looking at him from over the rim of his mug. 

Adachi took in his whole appearance. He was casually but stylishly dressed with well maintained hair and smooth skin. He had a handsome face and graceful looking hands. He had an easy comfortable air that was both attractive and intimidating. It had been a few years since Adachi had seen him, so perhaps he had just forgotten, but Kurosawa had a magnetic quality about him that Adachi had always envied. It was a lot to take in and Adachi was starting to feel overwhelmed again.

He tried to focus on the individual aspects of Kurosawa. He had long fingers. He had dark beautiful eyes. His lips looked soft and inviting. Adachi tried to imagine kissing him but felt the color raise in face just thinking about being so bold. He really was useless.

Eventually Kurosawa moved closer to Adachi. He placed his hand over Adachi's and squeezed. Adachi felt his heart rate speed up and he could feel himself start to sweat. He was about to panic again when he heard Kurosawa's thoughts in his head. "He is so beautiful. I want to touch him so badly. I don't want to scare him though. I should say something but I'm so nervous. I've done this with so many other people, so why is this so hard? I've always been affected by Adachi the most. It's easy to sleep with people you don't care about, but I want this to be different. I want him to enjoy this. Maybe then, he may even…"

Adachi removed his hand. He didn't want to invade Kurosawa's mind like this. He knew he didn't have a choice, but even if Kurosawa was thinking about him, it still made him feel guilty that he could hear all of this. He was flattered that Kurosawa was so attracted to him, but he didn't know what to do about it. In the end, he would just have to suck it up and move forward.

"I..uh, I should tell you," stuttered Adachi, looking down at the coffee table. "I have never, even with kissing, I have no experience. You will have to show me how to do everything. I hope that's okay." He swallowed and glanced up at Kurosawa who had a look of awe on his face. 

"You are willing to give me your first kiss?" asked Kurosawa in a voice filled with wonder.

Adachi nodded shyly. "It's heavy, isn't it? I want to do this but be gentle, please?"

Kurosawa gave him a wonderful smile and picked his hand up and kissed the back of it. Adachi heard him think, "I don't know what I have ever done to deserve this, but I am so happy. I get to have all of Adachi's firsts. Did I save the country in a past life? Whatever choices I've made in my life, it's all been worth it if I can have this."

Kurosawa's lips on his hand were as soft and worshipping as his thoughts. Adachi felt an electric shot of pleasure shoot up his arm. He stared down at Kurosawa who gave him an adoring look before moving forward, stopping his face just a breath away from Adachi's. He wet his lips and looked down at Adachi's mouth. He glanced up at Adachi's eyes and said aloud, "May I please kiss you?"

Adachi swallowed again and nodded slightly. Adachi closed his eyes and braced himself. He didn't know what to expect, but as soon as Kurosawa's lips touched his, his mind went blissfully blank. It was soft and simple, a chaste kiss even by Adachi's standards, but it was wonderful. A warm glowing feeling started to grow in Adachi's chest. Kurosawa pulled back and looked into Adachi's eyes again. His cheeks were rosy with a shy blush that Adachi found very attractive. 

Kurosawa asked, "Was that okay?" His voice was low and extremely sexy. Adachi felt a shutter go up his spine.

He reached forward and grabbed a handful of Kurosawa's shirt and pulled him back into him, whispering, "Yes!"

Their lips collided again and the feeling intensified as they began to move against each other. Kurosawa wove his fingers into Adachi's hair, setting off flickers of pleasure against his scalp. Adachi released Kurosawa's shirt and moved his hand up to his shoulder, marveling at the feeling of hard muscle moving underneath. Adachi felt electric. He felt alive. He wanted to sink into this feeling and disappear. 

He could still hear Kurosawa's thoughts, but they were muffled under his intense feelings. Occasionally, he could hear phrases breaking through like, "This feels incredible" or "I can't believe we are actually doing this" or even "Fuck, this is hot". Adachi had to agree with all of Kurosawa's very astute assessments. This was fucking hot.

Kurosawa parted his lips and licked into Adachi's mouth. More by surprise than by desire, Adachi opened his mouth and let him in. Kurosawa's tongue met with his, causing a whole new flood of sensation to wash over Adachi, forcing a mortifying noise to come out of him. Kurosawa did not share Adachi's opinion on the noise and seemed hellbent on forcing it out of Adachi, again and again. He succeeded beautifully. 

They parted, breathing heavily, still grasping on to each other. Adachi looked at Kurosawa and was pleased to find him completely flustered, red-faced, and out of breath. His thoughts were mostly drowned out by an intense rush of emotion but mostly contained ideas such as, "He is so beautiful" and "I want to eat him" as well as "I could do this forever". Again, Adachi agreed.

Kurosawa smiled at him, an infectious smile that spread to Adachi. "I want to be very clear," Kurosawa said. "I really liked that. If that was your first kiss, I'm afraid to see how powerful you'll be once you get more experience."

Adachi laughed dryly. "I don't know about that," he said, ducking his head. He glanced back up coyly at Kurosawa's face and continued, "But I really liked that too."

Outside Kurosawa gave him a soft smile, but his inner voice practically bellowed out, "CUTE!" and Kurosawa pulled him back into another breath-stealing kiss. Adachi felt himself melting into Kurosawa, allowing his hands to run down Kurosawa's chest, eliciting a very attractive sound from Kurosawa's throat. Adachi suddenly understood how gratifying it was to make his partner sound like that and quickly got to work trying to repeat the sound. He ran his hands up to Kurosawa's neck and into his hair, tensing up his fingers to pull slightly. The sound Kurosawa made sent a bolt of electricity straight to his groin, making him realize that he was getting hard fast. 

He pulled back to take a breath. Kurosawa had the gall to whimper at his sudden retreat. Adachi had never thought of Kurosawa as cute before, but he definitely did now.

Adachi took a few steadying breaths and looked over Kurosawa. As he looked down, he noticed Kurosawa was definitely getting hard as well. The sizable bulge in his pants sent Adachi's mind reeling at how large Kurosawa actually was under the layers of clothes. Kurosawa took notice of his line of sight and gave him a comforting look.

"Hey, you are doing fantastic. We don't have to rush anything. We can do all of this at your pace." Kurosawa's low voice helped center Adachi and helped him refocus on his goal. He wanted the power gone. He wanted to be able to take the train in the morning and not have to listen to every mundane ugly thought of all the other passengers he accidentally touched. He wanted to go to work and not have to hear about the secret lives of all of his coworkers. There is a reason people told white lies and half-truths and Adachi definitely wanted to go back to when he didn't have to know all the dirty secrets of everyone around him.

While they were taking their break, Kurosawa's thoughts were getting louder and more coherent again. "I can't believe this is happening right now. I've imagined kissing Adachi a million times, but I never thought he would be this good. He says it's his first time too, god, he is a natural talent. I can't wait to see him unravel underneath me. Or on top of me. I need to calm down, I'm going to freak him out if I show how much I want this."

Adachi didn't feel freaked out at all. He honestly didn't expect to find anyone who actually wanted to have sex with him, especially someone who was so sexy. 

"I'm really glad I ran into you," Adachi said, trying to say his feelings out loud. "I've been really unlucky lately, but this, this feels right. Like we are supposed to do this."

Kurosawa froze. Inside his emotions were reeling, Adachi could feel them. "Oh right," thought Kurosawa. "This is why I fell for him. He is such a good and sweet person. How on earth am I going to survive after this if I can only have him this once." Outside, Kurosawa didn't say anything, but crushed his mouth against Adachi's with a passionate force. "I'll just have to make this so good for him, it ruins him for anyone else."

Adachi had thought to protest, but Kurosawa's mouth and hands were already sweeping over him, licking, sucking, and rubbing, making coherent thought impossible. Adachi didn't realize his body was capable of feeling this much pleasure all at once. And it only seemed to be building. Kurosawa's hands moved over his chest and back, rubbing circles across his skin. His mouth moved down to Adachi's neck, finding areas of sensitivity that Adachi had never realized he had. Adachi could hear himself moaning and gasping for breath, but was too far gone to feel embarrassed anymore.

Kurosawa moved his hand down to the waistband of Adachi's pants. He pulled back and said in a low voice, "We are going to need to get rid of these," tugging on the waistband. He motioned with his head towards the door of the bedroom. "Would you be more comfortable lying down on the bed or do you want to stay here?"

Adachi took a second to let his mind clear from it's kiss-induced haze. "Bed," he whispered back. Kurosawa smiled again and took him by the hand and led him back to the bedroom. 

Adachi had thought to glance around the room, just to see what Kurosawa's bedroom would be like, but instead his focus was returned entirely to Kurosawa when he started removing his blazer and shirt. Adachi scrambled to keep up, shucking off his own blazer and tie. Kurosawa had already removed his own shirt and stood naked from the waist up in front of him. Adachi gaped at him. Kurosawa was well toned and sleek looking. He had beautiful soft looking skin that Adachi desperately wanted to touch. Adachi wasn't sure that he had ever seen a man be more sexy. 

Adachi must have zoned out while staring since the next thing he realized, Kurosawa was helping him unbutton his shirt and peel it off. Adachi ungracefully shedded his own undershirt and joined Kurosawa in being half naked. 

Kurosawa was giving Adachi a very intense look. They weren't touching at all, so Adachi couldn't hear his thoughts. He started to feel self-conscious. Kurosawa was clearly someone who kept very fit, while Adachi kept the schedule of an everyday office worker. He felt very inferior in comparison.

Kurosawa reached out to stroke Adachi's cheek. Adachi felt Kurosawa's thoughts spill out into him. "Adachi looks amazing. Perfect pale skin, so soft and touchable. I don't know how I'll survive this. I want to taste every inch of him." 

On the outside, Kurosawa said soothingly, "Are you feeling nervous? You don't have to worry about anything. I said I would take care of you. Trust me, okay?"

Adachi felt butterflies erupt in his stomach. Kurosawa was being so considerate and gentle with him. He clearly wanted Adachi very badly, but was holding back for him, making sure he was comfortable. Adachi felt his heart being touched by Kurosawa's kindness. 

"I'm okay," Adachi said in an emotion-strained voice. "I trust you. Show me what to do."

Kurosawa gave him a blinding smile as he led Adachi to the bed and pushed him down. Kurosawa laid down next to him and kissed him again. The kissing on the couch had felt spectacular, but kissing Kurosawa and feeling his chest and arms rubbing up against him was a whole different experience. Adachi felt like he was erupting into flame everywhere Kurosawa's skin touched him. Kurosawa was warm against him, his lips were moving against his, his arms were pulling him in closer, his hands grasping against his bare skin. Adachi felt himself melting into the sensation, allowing himself to surrender to the pleasure. 

All thoughts were gone, there was only sensation. Adachi wrapped his arms around Kurosawa and pulled himself in closer. Their lower bodies met and their legs entangled together. Adachi gasped into Kurosawa's mouth as he felt Kurosawa's erection pressing into his. The feeling was fleeting at first, but Adachi wanted more. He grinded into Kurosawa and was rewarded with a gutteral yelp from Kurosawa. Kurosawa snaked his arm around Adachi's back and grabbed hold of Adachi's left buttocks and grinded back into him. Adachi felt the groan of pleasure leave his throat, but it was quickly eaten up by Kurosawa savagely attacking his mouth again. 

Adachi was sure that he could have come just from this, grinding their erections together, tongues swirling against each other, hands desperately groping at each other's bodies. However, he didn't want this to be over so fast. He could feel Kurosawa's turbulent thoughts in his head. At this point they were just clips and images of Kurosawa's fantasies about Adachi. An image stuck out to Adachi and he decided to act on it. 

He rolled his weight over on top of Kurosawa. The action created a truly delicious friction between their groins which made both of them groan. Kurosawa seemed curious to know why Adachi was suddenly on top of him, but made no protest. Instead he just watched him with interest.

Adachi pulled back and squatted back, half sitting on Kurosawa's knees. He reached out and hooked his fingers on Kurosawa's waistband. He gave him a questioning look. Adachi asked, "Is this okay?"

Kurosawa gave him an emotion filled look and nodded his head. "You can take whatever you want," Kurosawa said. His voice was rough but clear. Adachi quickly moved to unbutton and remove Kurosawa's pants. Kurosawa helped by lifting hips and shimming out of his pants. 

Two things struck Adachi at once. One, Kurosawa doesn't wear underwear. Two, Kurosawa's cock was gorgeous. Everything about Kurosawa was impressive, Adachi was quickly learning, but this really stood out. It was sizable, beautifully shaped, and enticingly colored. Adachi experimentally reached out to touch it, wrapping his fingers around the base. He was fascinated by how soft the skin was and how easily his fingers slipped along the shaft. A strangled noise drew his attention back to Kurosawa's face. He was staring up at Adachi with an adoring expression. Adachi realized what he was doing and startled himself.

"Ah, are you alright? I just touched you without asking," Adachi asked, concerned. 

Kurosawa laughed lightly and said in a comforting tone, "I'm fine. It feels good, do whatever you like."

Adachi looked back at Kurosawa's cock and felt himself start to salivate. He knew what he wanted but he wasn't sure what to do. He positioned his face close to Kurosawa's cock, close enough to smell Kurosawa's scent. It was a musty delicious scent. He couldn't tell if it came from a cologne or if it was Kurosawa's natural scent, but it filled Adachi's senses. He caught himself before he lost himself completely and glanced up at Kurosawa who had frozen again. 

"How do I do this? I want it to be good for you," Adachi said.

Kurosawa sputtered briefly, his thoughts echoing the stutter. Finally he said, "Keep your teeth behind your lips, use plenty of tongue, and take in as much of it as you can into your mouth." Adachi nodded his acknowledgment and dove in. 

He started off a bit awkwardly, taking the tip in his mouth for only a second then switching to licking up and down the shaft in messy little licks. He was all over the place, not sure of what pace to set. Kurosawa's hand reached out and planted itself in his hair. Kurosawa gently guided Adachi's head to set a slower, more controlled pace. Adachi settled into the guidance and found his footing, taking the tip and some of the shaft into his mouth, sucking deeply then pulling himself off the tip with a wet pop. Kurosawa's thoughts went haywire and Adachi could hear his breathing get rough and ragged. Kurosawa was sending snippets of images to Adachi, sensitive spots for Adachi to swirl his tongue around, and Adachi was sure to take full advantage of them. 

Kurosawa was gasping and moaning under him and his delicious cock was in Adachi's mouth. Adachi felt a feeling of satisfaction growing within him watching Kurosawa squirm and struggle to maintain control of himself. The feeling grew as he heard Kurosawa's thoughts ring out in his head. "Oh fuck! How is he this good already? Fuck, his mouth should be made illegal. I can't believe he is blowing me right now. This is paradise. I can't withstand this for much longer. What the hell is wrong with me, I never come this quickly. How am I losing to a virgin?"

Adachi briefly smiled around Kurosawa's cock then got back to work. He sucked up as much of Kurosawa's dick into his mouth and let his tongue swirl around the sensitive areas under the head. Kurosawa let out a broken sound and gasped, "Adachi, I can't, I'm going to come, I'm sorry, it's too much."

Adachi hummed his acknowledgement but didn't move his mouth away. Instead his started moving his head up and down, fucking his mouth onto Kurosawa's dick. Kurosawa let out a wonderful growl and not long afterwards Adachi tasted the salty taste hit his tongue. He pulled back in surprise, which meant most of the cum hit him on his face, neck, and chest. He glanced up and saw the mesmerizing sight of Kurosawa coming completely undone. A feeling of immense satisfaction like nothing he had ever known bubbled up inside of him. Adachi had done this. He had completely unraveled the far more experienced, cool and collected Kurosawa. Kurosawa was gasping and his muscles were twitching slightly. Adachi wasn't sure he had ever seen anything more beautiful.

"You look good like this," Adachi heard himself say out loud, and nearly choked at his own boldness. He had no idea where that came from. 

Kurosawa turned his head abruptly and stared at him, his eyes dark. "What did he just say?" Kurosawa's thoughts had disappeared for a moment in the aftershocks of his orgasm, but he appeared to be coming back online. "Oh, I am going to ruin him."

Kurosawa struck like a viper. Adachi found himself quickly pinned under Kurosawa's body. Kurosawa reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a cloth to wipe the cum off Adachi. "You look good like this too," growled Kurosawa. "All covered in my cum. However, I have more than I want to do with you."

Adachi struggled uselessly against Kurosawa, his arms and legs pinned down. "You aren't mad, are you? I just wanted to make you feel good." 

Kurosawa paused his job of cleaning up Adachi and looked down at his eyes. "Don't misunderstand, that was spectacular. No joke, I haven't come that hard in years. You are a true talent." Kurosawa leaned down to whisper in his ear. "And now I'm going to show you exactly what that feels like."

Kurosawa threw the cloth off the bed and quickly got to work on removing Adachi's pants. With well practiced movements, Adachi was quickly rendered completely naked under Kurosawa. Kurosawa gave him a startled but awestruck look as he looked him over. 

"You look so good, Adachi," Kurosawa muttered under his breath. He leaned in and started kissing Adachi on his neck and collarbones. Adachi flushed in embarrassment at being naked, but he was quickly distracted by Kurosawa's thoughts. "He is perfect. His skin is soft milky white. He looks so sexy, especially with that blush. And God, that cock, I can't wait to taste it."

Adachi had never had much confidence in his body, but if Kurosawa liked it, then he could relax and just focus on the wonderful work Kurosawa was doing with his lips and tongue. 

Adachi was uncomfortably hard by the time Kurosawa kissed his way down his torso. He gave some teasing kisses and licks along Adachi's inner thighs, causing Adachi to shutter in response. Kurosawa pulled back to give Adachi an appraising look before he jumped forward and took Adachi's cock into his mouth fully, sucking him down.

Adachi screamed out in pleasure and surprise. Kurosawa was moving his tongue against him and sucking him in. It felt insanely good. Adachi felt like he was going crazy. He felt his dick twitching helplessly inside Kurosawa's mouth. Kurosawa moved his head up and down, swirling his tongue around Adachi's tip as he reached the top. It was glorious, it was amazing, it was better than anything Adachi had ever imagined.

He could still hear Kurosawa's hungry thoughts in his head, but his own sensations were overwhelming him so he only caught occasional words. "Delicious… love… sexy… more!" He wasn't sure his own thoughts were anymore coherent. Kurosawa thought the phrase, "So loud" which made Adachi suddenly conscious of the fact that he was moaning very loudly as he was twisting and grabbing wildly at the sheets. He tried to bite his lip to silence himself. It was only a few seconds before Kurosawa removed his mouth from his dick and scowled at him aloud, "Don't silence yourself. I want to hear everything. Let me hear you."

Adachi released his lip from his teeth and as Kurosawa went back to work, Adachi let his voice go, startling himself by how loud he was getting. Kurosawa gave a satisfied sounding moan around Adachi's cock. The vibrations of the moan triggered a strong reaction in Adachi, pushing him over the edge. He came hard, spilling truly insane amounts of cum into Kurosawa's very willing mouth. He felt like he had left his body for a moment, looking down at the scene from the outside. He felt amazing, every fiber of his body tense with pleasure and release. It was like nothing he had ever felt before.

As he came crashing back down, he found himself gasping, covered in sweat, and looking up at Kurosawa's very smug looking face. Kurosawa was lying next to him, his head propped up on his arm, looking down at him with an amused and satisfied looking expression. 

Adachi tried to catch his breath then reached out to touch Kurosawa, stroking his chest. He had to check if the mind-reading power was truly gone. If it was, it meant that this, whatever Adachi and Kurosawa had just done, was over. He felt strangely sad by the thought. 

As Adachi heard Kurosawa's thoughts flow clearly back into his head as they touched, he felt a mixture of emotions. "That was amazing, I loved every second. Will he want more? I don't want him to leave yet. I don't know how, but I want to keep seeing him. Can I convince him to be my client? I want him to be my boyfriend. Hell, I want to marry him. Oh god, I can never say that, he'll be completely freaked out."

Adachi pulled his hand back, not sure how to take a thought like that. 

Kurosawa reached out and started stroking Adachi's hair, pushing it out of his eyes. Kurosawa was thinking about Adachi in a strangely innocent way. Adachi could see flashes of images from him. It was like a montage of domestic scenes, each featuring the two of them. Most of them were of them doing normal household things together. Cleaning the dishes, doing laundry, relaxing together on a couch while reading manga. They looked comfortable together, smiling together and sometimes laughing. It felt odd to see Kurosawa thinking something so sweet after what they had just done. Adachi was struck by a thought. 

"Kurosawa," he said. "You are actually a very sensitive person."

Kurosawa paused his hair stroking and looked down surprised at Adachi. He gave him a curious look. "I suppose so," he replied. "I don't usually have the luxury to allow myself to be sensitive though."

Adachi flipped himself on his side to better look at Kurosawa. "But you are. And you are very kind. I can't imagine your current job makes you very happy."

Kurosawa gave him a sad smile. "Let's not talk about that right now. I just want to focus on you. Did you get what you needed?"

Adachi reached out and grabbed Kurosawa's hand, intertwining their fingers together. "I, um, I really liked what we did, but I think I need more. My problem, it doesn't seem to have gone away yet." He cleared his throat and continued, "Can we keep going? I think it may require something more… drastic."

Kurosawa looked awestruck at first, then an enthusiastic smile formed on his face. "What were you thinking?" He asked in an almost giddy voice.

Adachi blushed and looked away. "You know," he muttered into the pillow. "We could try... that."

Kurosawa looked like he was going to cry from happiness. "I would be happy to," he purred. "How would you like to do this? Do you want to do it to me?"

That idea sparked a powerful reaction in Adachi's gut and he felt himself start to harden again as he imagined it. However, he knew he was way too nervous to go through with it right now. "Could you please do it to me," he said hesitantly. "I don't know what I'm doing, so it'll be better if it's you."

Kurosawa let out a happy sigh. "I would be delighted," he breathed out. Adachi felt Kurosawa's feelings glow out of him. Kurosawa was so happy he was thinking of bright summer days and birds singing. Adachi felt Kurosawa's sweet excitement extend into him as well. He was nervous, but he felt better knowing Kurosawa was with him and was looking forward to this so much.

Kurosawa climbed on top of Adachi, caging his body with his own. "Are you ready now, or do you need a moment?"

Adachi looked up at Kurosawa and then looked down the length of his body. Kurosawa was already fully hard again. His impressive member hanging beneath his trim stomach and chest. Adachi could see Kurosawa's well formed muscles move under his skin. He looked back up at his face, his eyes dark and his mouth slightly swollen from use. It still felt unreal that someone this sexy was interested in Adachi, but Adachi wasn't going to pass this chance up. 

"Yeah," he croaked out. "I'm ready."

Kurosawa gave him an adoring smile and leaned in to kiss him again. Their lips moved together languidly. Kurosawa reached out, stroking Adachi's face, chest and stomach. His touch was relaxed and deliberate. He moved like they had all the time in the world. Adachi moaned into his mouth. He should probably feel a lot more nervous about what was about to happen, but it felt easy to sink into this feeling and let Kurosawa dictate the flow.

Kurosawa moved his mouth back down Adachi's body, focusing on his neck and chest. He skipped over the stomach and went straight for Adachi's dick again, sucking it in almost down to the base. Adachi gasped and moaned. However Kurosawa was still on the move. He slipped down to Adachi's balls and licked them with the flat of his tongue before gently sucking them into his mouth. Adachi squirmed underneath him, struggling to find his bearings. Again, Kurosawa moved on, moving even lower. He pulled Adachi's legs up and lowered himself down, giving Adachi a rich wet lick over his anus. Adachi startled and bolted up right. Kurosawa looked up at him with concern. 

"Did you not like that? We don't have to if you don't want it."

Adachi tried to catch his breath. "I just didn't... I didn't expect you to do that. I don't even know if I'm clean down there. You don't have to do anything you don't want to."

Kurosawa gave him a sultry smile. "Believe me, I want to. And you are perfectly clean. Trust me, if there is anything that is going to make you ready for this, it's this. You should let me continue. I promise, I'll make you feel really good."

Adachi reached out with his mind to hear Kurosawa's thoughts. He wasn't surprised to hear that Kurosawa was telling the truth, he did want to do this, but he was amazed at how much Kurosawa wanted him to feel good. "I want this to be good for him. I want him begging for this."

Adachi nodded his head and settled his body back down. "Okay," he said. "I trust you." 

Kurosawa gave him a comforting smile and grabbed a pillow to place under his hips to get him in a better position. Once Adachi was back in place, Kurosawa continued. His tongue circled around the hole, creating a sensation that was completely new to Adachi. He wasn't sure if he liked it at first, but tried to relax into it. His mind was racing with nervous thoughts and he could feel his jaw clenching. But then Kurosawa dipped his tongue in a bit and Adachi threw his head back and yowled. Nevermind, this was incredible. This was amazing. Adachi couldn't believe he had gone his whole life up until now without this. Kurosawa's tongue continued to tease him. Adachi couldn't stop himself from twisting and shuttering under his ministrations. He lost track of time. They may have done this for minutes or hours, Adachi didn't know. He just knew he wanted Kurosawa more than he thought possible. What Kurosawa was doing back there was brilliant, but Adachi needed more.

"Please, Kurosawa," he gasped. "You feel so good, I love it, but please, I need you. Please!"

Adachi heard Kurosawa's inner voice practically bellow out a triumphant cry. On the outside, he felt Kurosawa smile against him and pulled back. "Are you sure you are ready? I want to be sure you are prepared for this."

"I want it. I want you, please, Kurosawa. Please get inside me," Adachi pleaded. He hardly knew what he was saying anymore, he was so turned on. He had never felt like this before. He had just come harder than he had ever come before in his life, but he was desperate to come again. He had no idea his body could be like this. 

Kurosawa groaned, reacting to Adachi's words. He quickly reached for the bedside table, pulled out a plastic tube and started to apply the lubricant to his cock. He started at the head and then worked the lubricant down his shaft. Adachi watched him in fascination. 

Kurosawa took hold of Adachi's legs, but stopped. He had a thoughtful expression. Adachi heard him thinking, "If this is Adachi's first time, he will probably be more comfortable on his stomach. However, I really want to see his face so I can make sure he is okay. I mean, I also really want to see his face as I enter him, fuck, that will be so hot. But I want this to be good for him…"

"I want to be facing you," said Adachi aloud. He tried to avoid answering people's thoughts, but his mind was cloudy from arousal and he wasn't thinking straight. Also, he really didn't want to do this without being able to watch Kurosawa. "I can be on my back. Is that okay?"

Kurosawa gave him a sweet smile and nodded. He didn't seem to think it was weird for Adachi to guess what he was thinking. 

They positioned themselves appropriately. Kurosawa had Adachi's legs hooked over his shoulders and he lined himself up to Adachi's hole. Adachi could feel the pressure against him and felt a flutter of hesitancy. He glanced up at Kurosawa, who was watching him intently. Kurosawa reached out and stroked his cheek. "Are you ready?" He asked.

Adachi took a steadying breath and nodded. This was it, this is how he was going to lose his magic. 

He felt Kurosawa breach and he could feel himself filling up. Kurosawa's cock slowly moved inside of him. He moaned loudly at the sensation and threw his head back. He could hear Kurosawa's moans of pleasure as well. 

He listened to see if he could still hear Kurosawa's thoughts. He could still sense Kurosawa's feelings, extremely aroused and very happy, but the individual thoughts were completely drowned out. He was distracted from his thoughts as Kurosawa appeared to be hitting a part of Adachi that sent a shiver up his spine. Kurosawa hesitated then pushed into that spot again. Adachi keened. Soon Kurosawa was targeting that spot over and over again, which completely removed Adachi's ability to have rational thought. Adachi tried to grind down on Kurosawa's cock to strengthen the sensation and was rewarded by hearing Kurosawa scream, "FUCK!" and felt his hips start to move more erratically. Adachi felt the pool of arousal building up in his groin and he tried to reach out and grab his own dick for relief. Kurosawa noticed what he was doing and knocked his hand away, taking Adachi's dick in his own hand, which was still slick from applying the lube. Adachi's field of vision went fuzzy after that. His body was being ravaged by so many pleasurable sensations, he could hardly stand it. The feeling of Kurosawa's cock pumping inside of him along with the slick feel of his hand working his cock were overwhelming. It didn't take too long before he reached his limit. He roared out as he felt himself coming, spilling over Kurosawa's hand. His orgasm wrecked through him. He arched his back and felt his muscles curl up all the way down to his toes. He grasped out desperately for Kurosawa, grabbing his hand as he rode out his pleasure.

He heard Kurosawa's thoughts and emotions fade away into darkness, leaving only his own blissed out feelings in his head. With his ears, he could hear Kurosawa gasping and crying out, also reaching his limit as well. He opened his eyes to see the glorious sight of Kurosawa over top of him, hair messy, lips parted, hips moving erratically, with his eyes shut tight as he focused on the sensations in his body. He looked completely undone. Adachi stared up at him in wonder. He looked so good, Adachi could hardly believe it. 

Finally Kurosawa collapsed next to him, still breathing heavily. He looked over at Adachi with stars in his eyes. His arm was still touching his arm, but Adachi couldn't hear his thoughts anymore. He knew he should be happy about that, thrilled even, but he just found himself missing Kurosawa's thoughts. They had been so sweet and comforting. Adachi was definitely happy he didn't have the magic anymore, but he would really like to know what Kurosawa was thinking. Adachi realized he was being stupid, he just needed to ask him outload.

"Hey," Adachi said softly. 

Kurosawa smiled back at him widely. "Hey."

Adachi asked shyly, "What are you thinking right now?"

Kurosawa laughed and said, "I'm thinking about how that was probably the best sex of my life. Adachi, that was incredible. I realize you don't have much point of comparison, but trust me, in my professional opinion, that was absolutely insane."

Adachi felt himself blush. How was he still blushing after everything he had just gone through? "I really liked it as well. And I can say for sure, it was the best sex of my life."

Kurosawa playfully hit him on the shoulder. "You think you are funny, don't you, virgin?"

Adachi smiled back ruefully. "I'm not a virgin anymore."

Kurosawa laughed again. "No, you most definitely are not." He rolled up on his side and looked down at Adachi. "Was that what you needed? Do we need to go again?"

Adachi marveled at him. "You could go for another round? Right now?"

Kurosawa chuckled. "I think I'd need a moment, but if you still needed me to help you out…"

Adachi shook his head, "No, it worked this time. The problem I was having, it's gone now. I think I'll be okay now."

Kurosawa tried to hide his look of disappointment with a soft smile. If Adachi hadn't already heard his thoughts, he might have missed it. "I'm glad it worked. I don't know what kind of problem you had, but hopefully the cure was to your liking."

Adachi smiled shyly. "It was, I really appreciate you doing this with me. You don't know how desperate I was." Adachi wet his lips and continued, feeling his cheeks start to redden. "I'm glad I ran into you. I'm glad it was you who offered to help me. I was really dreading this, but you made this into something amazing. Thank you, Kurosawa. You don't know what this means to me."

Kurosawa froze again. He blinked at Adachi a few times then pulled Adachi into a bruising kiss. Adachi gripped Kurosawa's shoulders, feeling his nails dig into his skin, but Kurosawa didn't seem to care. Their mouths finally parted and Kurosawa whispered breathlessly, "This meant a lot to me too. I really wanted this as well. So, thank you." Kurosawa's eyes watered up a little. 

They stayed like that for sometime, just staring at each other, saying nothing. Kurosawa was stroking Adachi's cheek and Adachi drew soft feathery lines down Kurosawa's arm. It felt good to just be together like that for a while.

Eventually the spell was broken. Kurosawa's phone started buzzing and Kurosawa had to roll over and shut off the ringer. Adachi got up off the bed and started to piece out where all of his clothes landed. Kurosawa started picking up his clothes as well. Adachi thought he looked a little sad, but didn't say anything. 

As they both got themselves sorted out and dressed, Kurosawa approached Adachi with his phone in his hand. "Adachi, please give me your number. I don't think I ever had it from before. Is it okay for me to contact you again?"

Adachi looked down at the phone and thought for a second. He wasn't sure what came over him. Perhaps just losing your virginity gives you an over inflated sense of confidence. However, Adachi was just as shocked as Kurosawa as he heard himself say, "You don't need my number. Come back to work and you can see me every day. Once you get your old job back, I'll give you my number and whatever else you want."

Kurosawa gaped at him. He started to say something, but his voice never came out. Adachi walked up to him and wrapped his hand behind Kurosawa's head and pulled him down so his mouth was an inch away from his. "I don't know if I'm ready for marriage yet, but maybe we could start with dinner?" Adachi pulled away and gave him a mischievous smile. 

Kurosawa raised his hand to his lips. He looked mortified. "I didn't say that outloud, did I?"

Adachi winked at him and turned towards the door. He yelled over his shoulder, "I'll see you at work!" And with that, he left.



Three weeks later, Adachi was still kicking himself for playing coy when he should have just gotten Kurosawa's number. What on earth had he been thinking? He was an idiot. He had something so good, and he just let it slip through his fingers. And for what? Because he thought Kurosawa was better off back here with him? What did he know?

"Adachi!" Urabe called out to him. "Did you see who just came in? Looks like Kurosawa just reapplied to his old position. It'll be great to have him back, don't you think?"

"WHAT?!" Adachi replied way too loudly. "Where is he?"

Urabe looked startled and pointed in the direction of the conference room. Adachi practically ran out of the room in that direction. He arrived just as Kurosawa and the managers were shaking hands and parting ways. Kurosawa looked like he had never left. He was back in his stylish three piece suit, his hair perfectly in place, and he had his normal congenital expression as he thanked the managers for meeting with him.

Kurosawa glanced over and saw Adachi. He gave him a wide smile. Once he parted ways with the managers, he walked over to Adachi. 

"You came back," said Adachi in a voice filled with wonder. 

Kurosawa nodded politely. "Yes, I did. It occurred to me that I probably gave up on this job too early. And, to be completely honest, my most recent job was more emotionally taxing than I would like to admit."

"Ah, I see," said Adachi, looking down and feeling awkward. "That's good then."

"Of course, I did have another reason for coming back as well."

Adachi raised his head. "Oh?"

Kurosawa held out his phone and smiled. "I believe you said something about dinner."

Adachi smiled back widely and laughed. "Yes, I believe I did."