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Connected, A Hyosuke x Reader fic

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“Are you really sure? I don’t mind at all.” You assured your fox companion.

“Yes, you should stay here.” Koshiro nodded, “I...It’s for the best that you stay here, it’s much more safe.”

“Alright.” You sighed, he wasn’t going to budge, “I just feel the most safe around you, I really don’t care if you don’t have marble floors and golden chandeliers.” You smiled at him.

“It’s for the best, really.” He sounded like he was trying to convince himself more than you.

“Alright, I won’t push you on it.” You put a hand on his shoulder, “Get some rest, you deserve it.”

He nodded.

“I mean it, you need some rest. That’s an order.” You smiled.

With that Koshiro left, leaving you to your quiet and, hopefully, temporary home. It was mostly empty, no furniture, or any sort of decoration. But it was still a nice home, no dirt or dust. You took a moment to walk around the place. It was not what you were used to at the very least. You couldn’t find a bed, a place to sit.

A knock at the door brought you out of your little tour.

Slowly, you made your way to the door. Slightly opening it to see who was outside.

“It’s just me.” A sadly familiar voice responded.

“Oh, you.” You sighed and opened the door, “What do you want?”

“What? Are you not going to invite me in?” He smiled, “It’s rude to treat your guests like this.”

“You aren’t my guest, I never invited you here.”

“Come on, don’t be like that. I just wanna have a little chat.” He crossed his arms and stood in a relaxed position.

“Why should I let you in?” You sneered.

“I could make you some tea, we could have a chat, that sounds nice right?” He grinned.

God, he wasn’t leaving you alone. Maybe he was really lonely? Certainly a possibility, a naive thought but a sad one.

Those thoughts back at the spring came back to you, the conversation you had with Koshiro. About how he was like you. He could deny it all he liked, but if others didn’t push you to make nice with him, maybe you never would have apologized to Koshiro. Maybe...just maybe that’s what he was talking about, the Shaman saying you were connected. If she wasn’t some crazy lunatic and there was any truth to their religion.

Or maybe he was just an ass. And you’re tired and entertaining stupid ideas.

But what harm could extending a hand out to him be?

Death, in the worst possible scenario. But he could have killed you already if he really wanted too.

“Hey, you still in there?” A paw was waved over your eyes.

“Oh, sorry. I was just lost in thought.” You stammered, “You know what, come in.”

“Huh?” Hyosuke was taken aback.

“I’m not doing anything, and I’m not very tired, might as well.” You shrugged.

“Well.” Hyouske quickly regained his confidence, “I’ll show you some real tea, not whatever swill you’ve drunk before.”

He sauntered into the house and you closed the door behind you.

You nearly ran into him as he was taking off his shoes.

“Watch it!” He bared his teeth.

“Sorry,” You put your hands up, “I didn’t expect you to be right there.”

“I know humans’ senses are shit but come on.”

It wasn’t even a minute and you were regretting this.

“Right.” You sighed.

You followed him to a room with a pot in it. Either most houses here followed a similar layout or he’s been in here before.

“Have you ever had tea before?” Hyosuke asked as he began to light some of the lanterns around the room.

“Yes. I’ve had tea before.” You sighed.

“What kind? Probably wasn’t any good.”

“I...I don’t know.” You realized.

“What?” Hyosuke whipped around to give you a puzzled look.

“No one would tell me.” You sighed.

“That... makes no sense. If you don’t remember then just say so.” He grunted.

“No, I wasn’t allowed to know.” You said, “Father had some....very strange rules.”

“Sounds like it.” He huffed.

“Do you like tea a lot?” You asked.

Hyosuke shrugged, “I’m not crazy over it.”

“You’ve talked about nothing but tea since you’ve come in here.”

“What else you want me to talk about? How weak you are?” He grumbled.

“We could talk about your social skills.” You smiled, “It’s not very polite to insult your host.”

“Could talk about why you trust that ga-”

“If you wanna stay in this house you won’t continue that sentence.” You stopped him.

Hyosuke let out some air from his nose and continued to make his tea. He didn’t say anything until he brought you a cup.

“Oh. Thank you.” You said as he handed you the tea, your hand grazed his paw.

“Um, it’s still hot, so don’t burn yourself.” He mumbled.

Obviously it was hot. It just got done and steam was coming off of it. But he was trying to be think, or maybe hoped.

You took a sip and were surprised, it was nice.

“Glad you like it.” Hyosuke grinned, his tone indicating like he was expecting this outcome.

“It’s nice.” You sighed, and it actually did feel nice. A warm drink at night was always nice.

“So...” Hyosuke piped up “Your father sounds like a tool.”

You nearly choked on the tea.

“What kind of conversation starter is that?!” You coughed, hitting your chest.

“He sounds like had a bunch of stupid rules that made no sense.” He took another sip of his tea.

“He...everything he did was for my safety, whether or not it actually worked.” You sighed, “I can’t fault him for caring in his own way.”

An awkward silence filled the room.

“Yeah...” Hysouke stared out the window, “I gotta go.”

Within a blink of an eye, he was gone, not bothering to close the door behind him.

That look in his eyes before he left. He obviously had some father problems, maybe you could help. But why should you? He’s done nothing but impose himself on you, not too long ago he dragged you through the woods, took you into a shed and demanded you be stripped.

First impressions were important, but not everything. Despite everything, the years of mistreatment you gave to Koshiro, he put that aside and became your friend.

Maybe what he needed was someone to reach out to him.

But why should you? He wasn’t a nice person. But maybe he never would be if someone didn’t give him a chance. Or maybe you were about to stick your nose where it wasn’t wanted.

Well, here goes nothing.

You put on your shoes and stepped outside, and began to search for the wolf.

After meandering around for what felt like hours you came to a clearing in the forest, illuminated by moonlight. Hyosuke was kneeling down over a pond.

“Why are you here?” He tried to sound intimidating but it came out sad.

“I wanted to check up on you.” You slowly walked over to him, looking over his shoulder and looking at his reflection.

“I’m not weak, I don’t need a human to baby me.” He scowled.

“I’m not here to baby you, maybe you need someone to talk to.”

“I don’t need to talk,” he side-eyed you, “to anyone,” he growled.

“Alright I’ll take the hint.” You sighed, “But if you ever need to talk, I’m here for you.”

You walked away, but you felt eyes on you the entire time.


The next day, after your meeting with the shaman and the elder, Koshiro went with you back to your home.

“Are you alright?” Koshiro quietly asked, “You’ve seemed...distant.”

“Well...can it wait until I get home?”

“Of course.” He nodded.

Once home, and sat down you sighed.

“So, I’ve been thinking...obviously.” You laughed, “But about something Hyosuke said to me.”

“What did he say?!” Koshiro rose from his sitting position, ready to explode.

“It’s nothing bad, I promise.” You assured him softly, “It’s something he said off hand, he said that the shaman told him that we were connected.”

“Connected? He must have misunderstood what she told him.” Koshiro shook his head, “You are nothing alike, your kind and patient, he’s...he’s.”

“What I’ve been thinking about is...maybe he’s right. I’ve already told you that he reminded me of myself.” You explained, “And how Leandros made me apologize, maybe he needs that sort of push, someone to take a chance on him.”

“’re much kinder than me.” Koshiro said.

“It’s not like I’m asking you to forgive him or anything.” You said, “I’m just...thinking out loud. Seeing how you act around him, I don’t know if I’d ever forgive him for what he did.”

Koshiro went quiet for a long time before standing up.

“I must leave now, sleep well.” He stated.

“You can stay here.” You told him, “I don’t mind a single bit...I’d probably feel a lot better if you did.”

“...I can’t” Koshiro nearly whispered, “I’m not allowed to sleep anywhere but my home.”


This village was seeming more and more terrible every day you spent here.

“Alright, sleep well Koshiro.” You smiled at him.

“Is that an order?”

“It is.” You chuckled.

With that he left, and you were alone in this house once again.


“Hey.” A voice said from behind you.

You practically jumped out of your skin, and let out a scream.

“Why are you in here?!” You yelled at Hyosuke.

“I don’t know, I got bored and saw that mutt left so I thought you’d want some quality company for a change.”

“You won’t be allowed in here again if you keep insulting Koshiro like that.”

Hyosuke sighed, “Fine, I won’t talk about your precious little thing.”

Huh, you really didn’t expect that.

“Thank you, I appreciate it.” You nodded.

“Yeah, whatever.” He waved you off, “I saw you went to the Shaman today.”

“Are you following me?”

“Tch, you wish. I just heard about it.”

“I did go there.”

“And?” Hyosuke gestured for you to continue.

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you.” You worried out loud.

He looked at the sword on your hip. “I can take a guess.”

“Right, was your day?” You asked him.

“What?” Hyosuke tilted his head.

“What did you do today? I can’t exactly talk about what I did.”

“Why the hell do you care?” The wolf looked at you, utterly confused.

“It’s a conversation starter?” You shrugged, “Has no one ever asked you about your day before?”

“....” His face scrunched up in frustration.

“Well, uh.” You rubbed the back of your neck, “Do you wanna talk about it? There’s no pressure to.”

“Well...I went on patrol. Like every day.” He looked up to the ceiling, “I got something to eat, I trained a little.”

“So where do you patrol?”

He gave you a look, suspicion and surprise in his eyes, “It changes every day.”

“Cool, um, what did you get to eat?” You asked.

He told you, but you had no idea what that food was, but he seemed happy about it.

“It was really good! There isn’t ever any bad food at his place.” He smiled contently and rested a paw on his stomach.

“Maybe I should get that one day.”

“You should! In fact, I could take you.” He grinned, a small blush growing on his face.


“What, you don’t wanna go out with me?” His grin persisted.

You were at a loss for words, “Um...”

“I left you speechless, huh?” His tail was wagging furiously behind him.

It was....kinda cute.

You sighed. “And here I thought we were getting along.”

“Aren’t we?”

You laughed, “Gonna have to do a lot more if you want me to ‘go out’ with you.”

“Good to know~” He lowered his eyelids, his eyes seeming to glow in the dim light.

You’d hate to admit it, but you were probably blushing. “Don’t you have somewhere to be?” You tried to sound frustrated but it came out as more flustered than anything.

“I guess, I’ll see you later.” His tail brushed against your nose as he turned to leave, “And...thanks...for listening to me talk. It’s been a while since I talked to someone for this long.”

And with that, he was gone.

You looked out the window and the sun had already set. You must have talked for quite some time. But the strangest thing is, you kinda hoped to see him again tomorrow.


You did see him the next day, and the day after that. If you weren’t with Koshiro and not having some sort of meeting with the Elder, he was with you.

Today was a meeting with the Elder, and currently your growing frustration with him.

“You aren’t telling me anything.” You scowled, “You aren’t giving me any information.”

“This is the most effective option, my liege,” the Elder replied.

“Then convince me it is!” Your voice grew louder. “You treat me like a child and complain about my lack of wisdom and knowledge when you refuse to give me any information.” You stood. “You’ve put a blindfold on me and then complain I can’t see. If you would explain yourself, then maybe I could learn something, gain some of the wisdom you claim I don’t have. And if your ideas are truly the best way to do things, then you shouldn’t have to keep me in the dark for me to agree. This meeting is done.”

You took a step to walk away but the Elder stopped you.

“Wait, my lord,” he called out. “You are correct.”

Oh, to be honest you didn’t expect that.

“I’ve been acting foolishly, I apologize.” He knelt before you.

It was a strange feeling, someone actually listening to you. And for some reason your mind went back to your first meeting with him and Koshiro, and how he demanded a punishment.

“I’ll be sure to think of a punishment suitable for this, but that’s for later.” You walked back to the Elder, “We shouldn’t be antagonistic towards each other in a time like this, now is a time for unity and trust.”

That sounded like a king...right?

“Yes, but now I should tell you of our plans.” The Elder returned to his sitting position, “You know that we have found Gaius.”

“Yes, I remember, how do you plan on ending him?”

“We will leak your location and catch and kill him.”

“What?” You leaned forward on the table, “You are going to leak the location of this an entire army.”

“My lie-” The Elder tried to talk.

“An army who’s large enough to threaten an entire country.” You interrupted him, “Do you think they won’t hesitate to send enough men to outnumber and overrun this village? Regardless of how talented and skilled your warriors are, they won’t last if they are so severely outnumbered.”


“They can end this war in one fell swoop. They will not hesitate to send enough men to surround this island and burn this village to the ground.” You were getting more and more frustrated, “This plan is foolish and shortsighted.” You sighed, “What makes you think that Gaius will come himself instead of sending his army? If he even does, do you think he’s going to be leading the charge? This place is a village too, not a fortress. What do you have for defense? A few traps?”

The Elder looked down into his drink, quietly contemplating, “I...I can’t believe I was so foolish. You are correct, again.” He sighed, “No matter how wise you believe yourself to be, there is always something to learn.” After a long drawn out silence the Elder spoke again, “Thank you, for opening my eyes. I...I can’t believe I was so foolish.”

“You’ll have a lot of time to think on it. I’m sure that something like this...situation won’t be a problem again.”

“It won’t, your majesty.” The white wolf lowered his head.

You stood up once again, “Good. If anything changes, please update me.” You finally were able to walk away and out of the room.

The walk home was long, you massaged your head as a headache began to form. So this is what being King was like? Daily headaches? People putting your life in danger without ever telling you about it?

Hopefully things would change soon.


“Heyy.” You felt a paw slap your back.

“Oh, great.” You groaned,

“What, you aren’t happy to see me?” Hyosuke smiled wide.

“Sorry, I just have a headache.” You sighed.

The wolf’s smile persisted, “Oh yeah, I heard you yelling at the Elder.”

“Oh gods, was it that loud?” You held your head in your hands.

“No, you’re good.” His tail slapped your backside.

You chose to ignore that. “Wait....were you spying on our meeting?”

“Hardly, you just had to be in the house to hear you.” You could hear the shit eating grin.

“So you were spying. You weren’t supposed to be there.”

“And miss you screaming at the Elder? Not a chance.”

You groaned, “Glad you enjoyed it.”

Soon enough you arrived at your house.

“Soo, gonna invite me in?” Hyosuke leaned against the wall.

“When have you ever needed permission to come in?” You raised your eyebrow, “Do you not remember all those times when you scared the shit out of me?”

He laughed, “Not my fault you can’t hear for shit.”

“Come in already.” You grumbled.

You sat down in your usual spot when Hyosuke visited, Hyosuke made himself comfortable, crossing his arms behind his head and taking a long yawn. His ears drooped slightly and his tail lazily wagged.

He...looked cute. Lazily, he opened his eyes. They drifted to you and he smiled.

That smile turned mischievous, “Like what you see?”

“You looked cute, are you sleepy?” You laughed.

“I’m not cute.” His face scrunched up in annoyance, trying to hide his blush. “You look like shit, by the way.”

“Wow.” You said, “I thought we were getting along.”

“I didn’t mean it like that. You look like you haven’t slept in a month.” He huffed, “I don’t think humans should have those dark circles under their eyes.”

“It’s...been a while since I’ve gotten a good sleep, or relaxed.”

“You know, you have a private bath here. We could relax~”


“Yeah, it’s not like we haven’t washed each other before.” His tail lazily swept across the floor.

“Would we even both fit?” You wondered.

“Maybe, why don’t we find out?” He stood up and held out a paw to you.

“You know what? Sure.” You took his paw, “This doesn’t mean anything though.”

“Right, don’t worry, I won’t try anything.” He pulled you up a bit roughly, making you fall into his chest. “My Liege, I knew you were falling for me but-”

“Shut up.” You pushed him away.

“C’mon, you know you love me.” He grinned.

“I somehow care about you.” You sarcastically groaned, “Gods only know how.”

You left to go to the bath, leaving him alone in the room. It took him forever to meet you but it let you get the bath ready in peace.

“Planning on getting in fully clothed?” Hyosuke leaned in the doorway, “Glad you waited for me, didn’t want to miss the show.”

“If you could not stare at me that would be great.”

“You tried to get a good look in the springs. I don’t see what’s so different.”

“I let curiosity get the better of me. That’s it.” You were probably blushing really hard right now.

“And I’m very curious to see what a human looks like. You know you’re the first human I’ve ever met.” He wasted no time in getting undressed, not so subtly flexing and showing off.

“Wow, very subtle.” You rolled your eyes.

“Well, you’re looking.” He slowly peeled his pants off.

Your heart began to beat faster, you were feeling a little brave. “I never said it wasn’t a good view.”

His eyes widened for a moment, “Heh.” Was all he managed to say, now he was more preoccupied with hiding his blush.

Soon enough he was beckoning you to join him.

“C’mon. It’s not like we haven’t done this before.” He waved his paw in a beckoning motion.

“Fine.” You stated, “Don’t stare at me.” You whispered.

“You got an eye full, why can’t I?” He smirked.

“You weren’t naked!”

“Hehe, fine, fine.” He turned his head.

Quickly, you stepped into the bath. It was a lot smaller than you thought it was. There really wasn’t a lot of space between you two. You were starting to regret this.

“You’re stiff as a board.” A pair of paws rested on your shoulders.

“What?!” You shrieked, “No I’m not!”

“I’m not talking about that!” he yelled. “I’m talking about your body.”

You continued to look straight ahead, your entire body felt like it was on fire.

“This was supposed to help you relax right?” Hyosuke’s paws trailed from your shoulders to your back, “So relax, and let me take care of you.”

His paws began to work on your back, lathering your skin and massaging. It was surprisingly nice. He wasn’t any sort of masseuse but it still felt nice. Having someone else take care of you, treating you gently. The idea that he didn’t want to treat you too harshly, that maybe he actually wanted you to relax and he wanted to help you.

It was...surprisingly relaxing.

It wasn’t long before he moved to your hair, and you nearly fell asleep. His paws worked your scalp and he ran his fingers through your hair.

“Hey, don’t fall asleep on me here.” Hyosuke calmly said, “Don’t want the king to drown.”

His voice was... actually sweet. “Yeah...” You opened your eyes.

“So, you think you could work those magic hands for me now.” Hyosuke sounded hopeful.

“Huh?” He snapped you out of your daze, “Yeah, sure.”

“Really?” He was surprised, “Thanks.”

Awkwardly you both turned around and you began to rub his back. And quickly he let you know how much he enjoyed it. You could hear a rumble coming from the wolf, his ears slightly drooped and he had a small smile.

“You’re really good at this, you know that?” He mumbled, “Your hands are gentle but you work out all the soreness.”

“Your fur feels nice too, so that helps.” You absentmindedly commented.


“Yeah, like, it’s....nice.” You really didn’t know how to explain it. His fur wasn’t as well kept as someone like Leandros but he still kept good care of it. It was thick and slightly matted, was still pleasing to touch.

You both went quiet, the both of you just enjoying the moment. The only other sound was the water being disturbed by the wagging of a tail.


Over the next few days things settled into a somewhat normal state. Leandros was brought to the village, you were no longer kept in the dark. For the first time in a long, long time. You felt like you had some amount of control.

But Leandros still had to leave you, and this time he wouldn’t let you sway him. He had to go, you were safe here there wasn’t anything holding him back.

Teary eyed, you ordered him to come back alive.

Koshiro was also busy. Of course, he made time to check up on you, but that was getting rare. He was always busy, but knowing this village you hope that they weren’t abusing him. You’d have to check up on him later.

Hyosuke hadn’t been around either. You hope he hadn’t gotten in trouble for spending so much time with you. It really wasn’t like him to just go silent for almost a week straight. You wanted to check up on him but you still didn’t know where he lived, and how would it look if you did go and check up on him? You're the king now, everything you did had connotations.

The only idea you had was that pond that you found him at a while ago. So you went there tonight, since you assumed that’s the time he went there. And luckily you were correct. You found him once again bent over staring at his reflection in the pond.

“I always know it’s you because you can’t sneak around for shit.” Hyosuke sniffled.

You chuckled, and knelt near him, “Are you alright?”

Hyosuke went quiet.

“Alright, you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to...would you rather be alone right now?” You looked to him.

“Why do you fucking care so much.” He growled.


“I just met you just like...what 2...3 months ago?” He dug his claws into the dirt, “Why the hell did you take a sudden interest in me.”

“I really think it’s the other way around, you always just...showed up around me.” You smiled, “And honestly I’m surprised at how well we got along, you’re my friend Hyosuke.”

The wolf went quiet again, “Today is the day my dad was born.”

“Oh...I heard he was a good man.” You absentmindedly played with the water below you.

“He was...and then that mutt came along and killed him!”

“Hyosuke,” You sighed, “Koshiro didn’t-”

“How do you know?! You weren’t even here!” He stood up, tears pouring down his face.

“Do you have any proof? Anything other than your prejudice?” You said firmly, “ It’s not even a reach because there isn’t anything to grab on to.”

Hyosuke turned to walk away, but you grabbed his paw.

“I know it hurts a lot, it’s confusing and you’re looking for a reason why he died.”

Hyosuke whipped around to scowl at you.

“But sometimes, there isn’t a reason, there isn’t anyone to blame. I...I used to blame Koshiro for my father’s death too.”

The wolf’s scowl softened.

“I blamed him for not acting fast enough, for not predicting it.” You admitted, “But in the end I had to realize that he did everything he could. We have to accept things are sometimes out of our control and there isn’t anyone to blame.” You sighed, “I used to blame Koshiro for everything, the reason I tripped in the garden, the reason my mom left, the reason my dad stopped loving me.” Your voice trailed off, “But I was wrong.”

“What does any of your shit have to do with what I’m going through?” Hyosuke questioned.

“Do you not remember our conversation at the spring? You said the Shaman told you that we were connected. Do you not see how our situations are similar?” You held his paw tightly.

“I don’t want to feel better, I want answers.” He growled again.

“’ll have to ask the Elder about it, won’t you?”

“Don’t you think I’ve asked him?! I’ve tried for years and years and he’s been silent!” Hyosuke yelled, “Probably to protect that...that...”

“If Koshiro killed your father, why would the elder protect him?” You sneered,


“There isn’t a reason. I know it’s easy and it makes everything make sense when you have someone to blame. But stewing in anger isn’t helping you, and your father wouldn’t want you to spend the rest of your life bitter and angry.” You softly said.

“He wouldn’t...”

“If you go ask the elder again and he doesn’t give you an answer, I’ll demand he tells you myself.”

“You’d do that for me?” Hyosuke’s eyes widened.

“Of course I would, you're my friend.” You smiled at him.

Hyosuke hugged you tightly and buried his head in your hair.

“I’m always gonna be here for you Hyosuke.” You rubbed his back.

Hyosuke held you even tighter, the quiet sounds of stifled sobs echoing through the trees. You held him until he stopped shuddering, and until he let go of you. He held you at arms length, the trails of wet fur still visible from his crying.

“’re the kindest person I know, my only friend.” He sniffled, “You’re the best thing that’s happened to me.” He held your face in his paws, rubbing your cheek with his thumb. Slowly but surely he closed the gap between you two, his eyes filled with uncertainty.

But you didn’t shy away, and he closed the gap completely with a soft, gentle kiss. It was, almost scared, scared that the moment he opened his eyes you’d disappear, that this was all a dream that his sleep deprived mind came up with.

But you were still there when he opened his eyes.

“We should probably go home.” You whispered.

“Yeah.” He sighed, “Hey...uh...can I go home with you. I don’t want to be alone right now.”

“Of course,” You smiled, “You're always welcome there.”

“Thanks...” Hyosuke’s voice trailed off.

The entire walk back to your home he was quiet. Of course he wasn’t going to be his usual self, but it was still something quite new to you. But the trip was uneventful, and you arrived safely.

“Soo, do you want something to drink?” You asked.

“No, I just wanna sleep.” Hyosuke yawned.

“Alright, I know you’re eager to get in bed with me~” You joked with him,

He smiled, “And I know you want it, but...not tonight.”

You chuckled, “Alright, the bed, or uh blanket is over here.”

After showing him where the blanket was you realized there was only one in this house, you would have to share. Clearly, however, that didn’t bother Hyosuke—he was already laying down on it, looking at you with expectant eyes.

“Well I guess that answers that question.” You sighed and laid in the bed.

Nearly immediately he wrapped his arms around you, burying his head in your hair.

“You smell...nice.” He yawned, “Like...some flower I’ve never smelt before.” His paws absentmindedly began to crawl up underneath your shirt.

“U-um...are your paws cold?” You stammered.

“Yeah...” He said, “You’re..really...soft.”

“Thanks?” You wanted to turn and look at him but his grip was too strong on you, but the minutes of silence clued you in that he was asleep.

It was a peaceful night, the sounds of crickets faintly chirping from far off, Hyosuke’s calm breathing. It wasn’t too long until you fell asleep too.

You awoke to the sound of a very loud yawn and the sudden warmth of the arms wrapped around you leaving. You sat up too, yawning.

A laugh brought you out of your morning haze.

“Your hair.” The wolf next to you snickered.

“Yeah?” It was too early to care.

“You look cute with that birds nest.” He wrapped his arms around you and rested his chin on your shoulder. “Could get used to waking up to this every morning.”

You laughed, “Could you?”

“Mhm, though you wouldn’t be able to walk in the morning.” His lips grazed your ear.

“Really?” You leaned into him, his pawn began to wander down toward your thighs.

He laughed, the feeling reverberating throughout your body, “You’re playing a dangerous game.” He nipped at your ear.

“How dangerous~” You lifted a hand to the back of his head.

“If I showed you, you’d never want me to leave.” He grabbed your crotch, making you gasp. In the momentary breath he closed the gap and kissed you.

A long, passionate kiss, much different from the fragile, chaste kiss you shared last night. It was intense, and longing. It told you everything you wanted to hear.

He pulled away and let you out of his grasp.

“Sorry my liege~” He prostrated, “But I have to go soon, and I can’t be having your smell on me.”

“You ass.”

“Hehe.” He chuckled, “But don’t worry, if you want it that bad I can be back tonight.”

“Isn’t it a little suspicious that you keep coming back here?”

“Yeah, but I don’t give a shit.” He spat while he gathered his clothes, “Can I use your bath?”

“Yeah sure, but..I don’t want you getting into trouble.” You said.

He sighed, “I don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks,’re king and....” He went quiet, “If anyone says anything we’re....not....”

“Yeah, I get it.”

“I’m....I’m not giving you up. For anyone.” He growled.

“Hey, go and clean up, you have somewhere to be.” You put a hand on his shoulder.

“Right....I’ll be back later tonight...i-if you want me to.” His confidence faltered.

Maybe you were reading too far into this but in the back of your mind he meant a little more to this than he asked, if you wanted to continue...this. Whatever this was. Whatever you both were.

“Of course I do.” You smiled, “Now go get clean, I can smell you from here.”

His tail began to wag, “Uh-huh, sure. I can smell me on you.” He turned away to go to the bath, but looked over his shoulder for one last comment, “It smells good on you.”

He left, and both of you started your day.


The next few weeks went on as usual, and no one, besides Koshiro, commented on the amount of time you were spending with Hyosuke. He came to your home while you were reviewing some plans.


“My king.” Koshiro bowed when you answered the door.

“Hey, come in.” You smiled, “Is there anything you need, Koshiro?”

“No...well, yes.” He stammered.

“What’s wrong? Is everything ok?” You were concerned for your friend.

“It’s...It’s not safe for you to be around him so much,” Koshiro said firmly.

“Excuse me?”

“Hyosuke, is a menace,” the fox stated. “I don’t believe you should be around him so much.”

“You’re going to need something more substantial for me to stop talking to him.” You crossed your arms, “Koshiro, I know he hasn’t been good to you, at all.”

“This isn’t about me...this is about your safety.” Koshiro stood firm.

“Koshiro, I really appreciate you looking out for me,” You smiled, “But I promise you Hyosuke isn’t a threat to me.”

“How long have you known him? Can you see the real him?” Koshiro questioned you.


“Oh.” A third voice interrupted your conversation, Hyosuke of course, “I knew this would happen sooner or later.”

“This doesn’t involve you.” To your surprise Koshiro turned to address Hyosuke directly.

“Yes, it does.” Hyosuke sneered.

Koshiro’s paws were shaking, “You are going to hurt him and I’m not going to let that happen. You are a violent, lecherous thug who does nothing but hurt and bring down everyone around him. I’m not going to let that happen to (y/n).”

Hyosuke looked him up and down, his muzzle forming a frown, “I’m sorry.”

“What?” Koshrio nearly gasped.

“I’m sorry for how I treated you for all these years.” Hyosuke looked away from him, “I don’t care if you accept it or not.”

The entire room went silent.

“Well...I got us some food.” Hyosuke muttered and lifted up a box, “I didn’t get enough for three people.”

“I was just leaving.” Koshiro began to walk away but you stopped him.

“Hey, if you need to talk you can stay, I can always eat later.”

“No. It’s fine. Thank you for thinking of me.” And he was gone, you wouldn’t be able to stop him even if you wanted to.

You and Hyosuke exchanged a look.

“ you hungry?” He awkwardly smiled and held up the box.


The next few days passed without incident. You spent a lot of time with Koshiro, you felt a bit bad about spending so much with Hyosuke and tried to make it up to him.

You did end up having a good time with him, despite the entire village seemingly wanting the opposite. Maybe the most surprising thing was that you didn’t see Hyosuke the entire week.

But he wasn’t gone for too long.


You heard a knocking at your door. In the middle of the night. With a groan you dragged yourself out of the bed and to your front door. Who else could it be other than Hyosuke.

“Took you long enough.” Hyosuke smirked, “Sorry to tear you from your beauty sleep, gods know you need it.” He laughed.

You yawned, “It’s great to see you too.”

Hyosuke welcomed himself in and made himself at home in his usual spot.

“So is there a reason you’re here at the dead of night?”

“Does there have to be a reason? Maybe I wanna see my favorite human.” His grin persisted, obviously he had something planned.

“Sure, sure.” You yawned again, “If you don’t mind, I want to go back to sleep.”

“Wait!” He jumped up from his spot, “Wait...” He said again, trying to not sound as panicked.


“Um...well uh.” He rubbed the back of his neck, “ you have a Queen?”

“....” You looked at him with a deadpan stare, “What?”

“I know the answer is no but....are you planning on having a Queen?”

“I...I have no idea, it’s too late to be asking this Hyosuke.” You put a hand to your head.

“It’s important, I promise, do you?”

“I...I’d rather not live the rest of my life pretending to be someone I’m not. It wouldn’t be fair to me...or whatever girl I choose.”

“Alright.....alright.” Hyosuke took a deep breath, “So uh...I want to give you something.” He stepped forward and reached into his pocket.

After taking a deep breath he presented a necklace to you.

“It's...a necklace?” It obviously meant something but your sleepy mind was just not getting it.

“....” Hysouke was silent, “I just realized you have no idea what this means.”

You both looked at each other for a long time before both of you erupted into laughter.

“But...uh seriously.” Hyosuke’s smile faded, “ represents a bond, devotion to someone.” He reached under his shirt to reveal a matching necklace. “Two people wear one to represent the bond they share, so they’ll never be alone.”

“Are you proposing to me?”

“No!” He shouted, “’s usually for that. But it doesn’t have to be for us, you’re the king so that complicates things. But...I just want you to know, no matter where you go or what you do, I’ll always be there for you even if I can’t be there in person.”

You took the necklace from him and put it on, much to his delight. He smiled and his tail began to wag.

“Thank you.” He smiled, “I hope you like the necklace, I had to steal it.”

“What?!” You shouted.

“The guy who makes these refused to give me one!” He shouted back, “Like I’ll let him get in the way, it’s not like he had a good reason. He...”

“What did he do?”

“He....didn’t believe that I had someone that close.” He looked down.

“Well, no one said he was smart.”

“Hehe, right.” He smirked and stepped forward, wrapping you in a hug. “You do mean a lot to me.”

“You mean a lot to me too.” You returned the hug.

“I...I lo-...I really care about you.” He whispered.

“I love you too.” You kissed his cheek, “So do you feel like joining me in sleeping?”

“Yeah just give me a moment.” He yawned.

“Alright, I’ll see you there.” You left the room, eager to return to the warmth of your bed.

Once he was sure that you couldn’t see him anymore he held a paw to the cheek you kissed. “He loves me...” He whispered to himself and smiled.

Lazily, he made his way to the bedroom and plopped himself down beside you.

“You look good with that on.” He smiled.

“Thanks.” You yawned once more and turned around to snuggle into his chest, “Is this alright?”

“Mhm” Hyosuke rested his chin on your head and wrapped his arms around you, “Goodnight, (y/n).”

“Goodnight.” You sleepily smiled.

“Yea...I’ll see you in the viata”