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Alys Vorpatril's Clerihews

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Emperor Ezar
Saw implications cast out rather far.
But I swear on Vordarian's head
It's a good thing for him he's safely dead.

Regent Aral
Appears in political cartoons as both dull and feral.
The worst
Is that they're only wrong about the first.

...There isn't a rhyme for Padma.
It's a shame.
Something like "idiot" ought to rhyme with his name.

Captain Cordelia
Would like to amelior-
Ate the backward feudalism of our caste.
I hope she's noticed changes like that don't happen very fast.

Got through.
It was rough.
But that's enough.

Captain Simon Illyan
Carries around secrets above a billion.
I wonder what it's like
To be the proverbial boy keeping his finger in the dike.

Was rarely heard and mostly seen.
In justice, we'd serve her turn
By giving her words to burn.

Count Vorhalas
Keeps an honest palace.
But there's too much quiet in its shade.
I wonder if he'd trade?

Sergeant Bothari
Doesn't choose his own quarry.
It's clearly best
That he be properly jessed.

Piotr Pierre
Can't die. He doesn't dare.
It's the wrong ground to hold.
But it's impossible for a Vorkosigan to be told.

Emperor Gregor
Is too high Vor to be a beggar.
But he finds a crumb
And licks it off his thumb.