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Put a Little Love on Me

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Mobius was being sent out today on a very important, very secret mission. It was so much so a secret, he didn’t even know why he was going. Which was fucking annoying. Ravonna had her reasons and Mobius trusted her, but that didn't mean he couldn't be annoyed with all the clandestine shit. He was too old for this.

He sighed to himself as he packed his warmest parka and snow gear. Then his winter boots. Jotunheim was notoriously cold all year round, but it would be particularly chilly during the feast time that he was staying for. Mobius would rather go to a warm, sunny beach with sparkling, clear water. A beach with jet skis he could rent. Mobius was going to have to finally try one. Maybe next mission. He finished packing and headed out, locking his apartment up behind him.

“Do you have everything you need?” Ravonna, his superior, asked when he showed up in the hall, suitcase in hand.

“Yea.” Mobius drawled. “This would be a lot easier if you told me what I was looking for once I get out there.” He tried to get her to tell him the mission one more time.

“Just gather intel, Mobius.” She pressed her lips together with a tight shake of her head. “I trust you in the field the most, especially for this mission. You’ll know what you are supposed to do when the time comes.”

“Jotunheim isn’t really in our jurisdiction.” Mobius tried one last ditch attempt and promptly failed. He couldn't quite place why Jotunheim sounded familiar. He knew what it was, of course, one of the Nine Realms and all, but there was something even more familiar about it nagging at his mind. He was forgetting something and he didn't know what.

“All of time is in our jurisdiction. Now go.” Ravonna rolled her eyes fondly.

“Yes, ma’am.” He sighed. “Next mission better include a jet ski in the warm sun.” Ravonna sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose.

“If this mission is a success, you can go on vacation wherever you want for a month in Midgard time.”

“Shit.” Mobius laughed weakly. “You’ve got yourself a deal.” He hated going into a mission blind, but he trusted Ravonna’s judgment. Jotunheim was going to be tricky— he would need to stay focused and make sure he did not insult King Laufey and the frost giants. Not if he wanted to leave alive and in one piece. Maybe he could remember what it was he was forgetting while he was there.

Ravonna opened up the portal— Mobius’ TemPad was safely secured in his suitcase. They did not want the frost giants to learn of their technology and just how accessible it was.

“Good luck, Mobius.” Ravonna called as he stepped through. “You’re going to need it.”

“Great.” Mobius said softly to himself as he walked fully through. He straightened his back and pulled his shoulders back. Time to do whatever he was being sent to do. This didn’t feel like he was walking into a trap at all.

“Wake up, bitch.” Loki groaned softly as someone started to slap the side of his face. “We need to get you cleaned up. We have a Midgardian coming to the palace and we need you to keep him occupied.”

“It’s Krarvir’s turn.” Loki opened his eyes to see the king glaring down at him. He forced himself up to his knees quickly, his body protesting the sudden movement. “I mean, yes, my king.” Loki would never call Laufey his father even if he was the frost giant who had sired him. Laufey had made sure Loki knew how much of a disappointment he was— only good for keeping his betters sated and happy. Loki was a bed warmer, a whore, a popular one at that, and very little else.

“You’re not a prince anymore.” Laufey’s claws dug into his scalp. “Lose the haughtiness.” His grip tightened around a handful of Loki’s black, tangled hair, pulling his head back. Loki’s fear shone out of his red eyes as his throat was utterly exposed. Laufey had tried to kill him several times— none of them had stuck yet— but that didn’t mean Loki was invincible. It had just been the one splash of good luck in his miserable life of shit.

Loki had been left on the ice to die as a baby— born a disappointment. Too slender, too soft, too pretty to be a proper frost giant. Add in the fact he had been raised as an Asgardian most of his life and most frost giants hated him on sight. Loki didn’t care much for them either. Odin had told him he had been born to be a king and what a fucking lie that had been.

Loki swallowed hard as a knife caressed the soft skin of his throat. Laufey’s eyes were full of icy hate. “You’re a disgrace.” Laufey said softly before releasing Loki’s hair. “You better please this man or it will be back to the icefields for you. Odin won’t be there to save you this time.” It was a cruel threat— a sore spot— a wound that made Loki want to lash out and rage. But he didn’t dare. Laufey had broken him in ways Loki hadn’t known possible.

“Yes, my king.” Loki lowered his head in deference.

Odin had betrayed him when he sent him back to Jotunheim as part of a new treaty to keep the fragile peace. Loki had his Asgardian form stripped from him and then every shred of dignity he had left as the frost giants found degrading uses for him. Getting to fuck a former Asgardian prince who thought himself their betters was a particular heady revenge for those who were inclined to take it. Laufey very rarely refused Loki’s body to anyone who asked and Loki had grown accustomed to touches being cruel or mocking and never kind. 

He didn’t think of Frigga or Thor. Their kindness was a memory that burned like frostbite. And Loki was in enough pain.

Loki kept his head down until Laufey left the room. Then he took to his feet, nothing but obedience on his mind as he cleaned himself thoroughly and prepared himself to please the Midgardian. At least it was some sort of respite. Midgardians were thankfully smaller than frost giants and not as strong. They could still cause some damage so Loki was liberal with the oil he was allowed. At the bottom of the food chain in Jotunheim, Loki knew he had very little protections. He’d kill for his daggers back or at least be able to use his magic.

The only thing he could use magic for was to make himself more appealing. He had learned ways to make himself sharp when he needed the smallest sense of control, but he knew better than to hurt anyone Laufey sent his way. His place was to serve and he fucking hated it.

“Are you ready, slut?” One of the guards opened the door, openly leering at Loki’s nakedness. “Laufey says to hide your cock.” Loki sneered over at him, but focused on the mirror, adjusting his body the way his king commanded. “Witch.” The guard spat at his feet. Unbidden, Frigga’s face came to mind and Loki pushed the image away as fast as it had come. He would always be her son— their shared magic saw to that even if he could no longer access it.

“I’m ready.” He pursed his lips at his reflection in the mirror. In some ways, it helped that he was trapped in this form. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to separate himself from the constant barrage of abuse otherwise. He looked good for a frost giant. Now to make the Midgardian agree…

Midgardians and Asgardians didn’t care for the Jotunn form as much.

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“King Laufey, sir.” Mobius bowed low before the king of the frost giants. Laufey wasn’t exactly welcoming in his appearance, but on top of all that, his presence was an intimidating front, like a solid wall of an incoming blizzard. “It is an honor.”

“Midgardian.” Laufey rumbled from his icy throne. “Thank you for visiting us.” They exchanged pleasantries for a few more minutes.

“The pleasure is all mine.” Mobius looked up with an easy smile. This was why he was one of the best. Even when he was feeling intimidated, he could appear utterly unflappable. Just another day meeting frost giants and having an audience with their king while on a secret mission that he didn’t even know about. Just another day in the life of Mobius M. Mobius. “I hear I’m just in time for a feast?”

“It is the new year in a few days.” Laufey informed him. “We will celebrate with a sacrifice to the ice. There will be eating, drinking, fighting, and fucking…” Laufey bared his teeth in what Mobius supposed was a smile. “I think you will quite enjoy your time here.”

“Your hospitality is sounding like really something else.” Mobius noticed the king’s frown, but he wasn’t sure what else to say. “I am looking forward to the festivities.”

“My guards will show you to your place.” Laufey informed him. “We have provided for your every need. You are welcome to join in all of the festivities.”

“Thank you.” Mobius ducked his head in respect to the king’s generosity.

“I hope you enjoy them.” There was something there, some hidden meaning that Mobius could not interpret. Laufey was talking about something specific, something that clearly amused him and Mobius was stuck in the dark. The king was already acting dodgy and Mobius had only just arrived. Great.

“Thank you again, your majesty.” Mobius bowed again before he followed the guards out of the throne room. He was allowed to suit up into his winter gear before they left the palace and ventured out onto the ice fields. They were blinding and beautiful, glinting in the sun, creaking under their feet.

“Do not cross the ice fields without us.” One of the guards grunted, a little less prickly looking than Laufey but still formidable in appearance. “We never know what is lurking underneath.”

“Got it.” Mobius had no desire to be eaten, not with a vacation with a jet ski on the line. Mobius was relieved when the cozy dwelling came into view. It was sturdy: made from ice covered hewn rocks. The guards yanked the door open and Mobius slipped inside. It was well lit and there was even a fire crackling in the fireplace.

“Our palace is too cold for Midgardians.” The other guard explained. “And your fire is too hot for most of our kind.”

“It’s not too hot for the ice?” Mobius clarified. The guards exchanged looks and chuckled.

“No, you will be safe. It is built on the rock bed, not the ice. Our ice fields are strong. Your little fire will not hurt it.”

“And there’s a steady supply of wood?” Mobius asked, making sure he could take care of himself.

“Yes, as well as body heat.” One of the guards snickered. Mobius frowned, easing further into the house. The way the guard had said that had left him feeling uncomfortable.

“We will be back to get you for dinner.” The guards turned to go. “Goodbye, Midgardian. Settle in well.”

“It’s Mobius.” Mobius added on quickly. “Thank you both.” He probably sounded as foolish to them as he did to his own ears, but they both turned and gave him small smiles before they headed back across the ice field. They were genuine smiles and that helped calm the pit in the agent’s stomach. The castle looked almost beautiful from here— a little less nightmarish than he had thought it would be.

Mobius finally turned away from the frozen land, shutting the door and locking it. He glanced around, eyes lighting up when he saw the fire. The parka came off and then his boots. He stood there in his suit and socked feet before sinking on the hammock of animal skins strung up by the fire. “Not bad.”

“I’m glad it is to your liking.” Mobius nearly fell out of the hammock in his hurry to stand up at the soft voice coming somewhere from his left. There was a doorway there and standing under it was a Jotunn watching him cautiously. This one looked different from all the other ones he had seen so far: softer and far more… beguiling in how they presented themself.

“Who are you?” Mobius asked. His cheeks were hot from having nearly fallen in front of the frost giant. They burned hotter still when he realized the Jotunn was naked. He had thought he was alone. “How’d you get in?” He eyed the door, noticing that it was still locked.

“I am Loki.” The Jotunn cocked their head to the side. “I have been assigned to you for your stay.”

“You’re staying with me?” Mobius asked.

“Yes?” They looked confused. “Is my Midgardian hard to understand?”

“No! You speak very well.” Mobius ran a hand through his hair. “I just wasn’t expecting to be sharing the space with anyone.” A soft laugh that was almost musical stretched out into the space between them.

“You’re not sharing with me, Mobius.” Loki saw his frown and hurried to explain. “I hope you don’t mind my using your name— I overheard you telling the guards what you are called.”

“It’s fine.” Mobius was still confused why the frost giant was here at all. “So if we’re not sharing, why are you here?” Another amused chuckle.

“I’m a slave and a whore, Mobius, and I’ve been assigned to you as your slave and personal whore throughout the feast and your stay.” Loki made their position very clear. They were meant to be underneath the man in every sense of the word.

“I don’t think I’m going to require your services.” Mobius stammered, trying to say no as gently as he could. “I don’t need a slave or a whore.” Loki staggered back slightly at the open rejection. It was okay. They had known the Midgardian might be tricky to seduce.

“I know this form isn’t that appealing.” Loki took a step closer, trying to keep their desperation out of his voice. If they couldn’t do what Laufey asked of them— they could be the sacrifice that bled out on the altar this time. “But I personally guarantee I can do whatever you want. I can make you feel good. It would be my pleasure to make you—.”

“Loki—“ Mobius’ face twisted up into something that looked an awful lot like pity. Loki hated pity. “Where I’m from, we don’t believe in slavery. We don’t sleep with people if they don’t have the ability or desire to choose us.”

“I choose you!” Loki gave him what they hoped was a winning smile. “Problem solved, Mobius. I assure you I am very, very willing. If I was allowed to use my magic more, perhaps I can make myself more appealing to you. I can ask my king—“

“There’s nothing wrong with how you look.” Mobius frowned, glanced over at the naked frost giant. “You’re beautiful— one of the most beautiful frost giants I’ve ever met.” Loki smiled, actually fucking smiled at the compliment before they could help it. “I’m not here to fuck.”

“You will be expected to take part of the feast activities.” Loki tried to explain a little more gently. “That is what I’m for— so you can partake in the feast activities.”

“And if I say no?”

“Then you don’t have to fuck me.” Loki looked down at their bare feet. “Laufey will be insulted but I can handle him.” That was a lie, but Mobius didn’t need to know that.

“Did you say you have magic?”

“I don’t, not really.” Loki hurried to put that thought to rest. “I can just change small parts of my appearance.”

“How?” Mobius’ brow furrowed.

“Magic.” Loki huffed softly, a small smile tugging on their cheeks. “But only a tiny amount. Not enough to really qualify as magic.”

“Frost giants don’t have magic.”

“Are you sure about that?” Loki’s smile vanished. Darkness flickered in their red eyes and Mobius felt a tiny trace of fear. Whatever this lovely creature was— they were dangerous, even as subdued as they were.

“No matter.” Mobius shrugged. “I’ll let your king know that I don’t need you, so you can head back to the palace now. I would rather be alone.”


“Thank you, Loki. It was nice to meet you, but I’m going to need you to go.” Mobius stepped over as if to escort the slave out. Loki’s stoic expression quivered and then dropped into something panicked.

“I can’t.” Loki admitted in a low voice, backing up. “I can’t go back. I have to stay with you. I have to please you!”

“And what will happen if you don’t?” Mobius pressed, sensing that the fragile creature was right where Mobius wanted them. Loki stared down at him, their bottom lip started to wobble. They stepped back again and closed their eyes, releasing the illusion they usually kept grafted in their skin.

Mobius’ eyes tracked over the scars and wounds carved into Loki’s back, arms, chest, and stomach. Their face was mostly unblemished, save for a fat, split lip.

“Your magic is strong.” Mobius commented, sensing that pity would not be appreciated in the vulnerable moment. He had forced the slave’s hand and now was the time to be very gentle. “I’m impressed.” Loki scoffed but they were holding Mobius’ gaze more securely now. “How do I keep this from happening to you again?” He asked softly.

“You can’t.” Loki shrugged. “But if you use me the way Laufey intended, you can delay it, if you feel so inclined.”

“I do.” Mobius answered swiftly. “You shouldn’t be treated like this.”

“It’s my place.” Loki looked away at that. Mobius sensed that he didn’t quite believe that, but he knew better than to admit this out loud.

“We’ll figure it out.” Mobius reached over and Loki flinched. “We’ll work on that.” Mobius tsked. “If we’re going to do this, I need you to know I have no desire to hurt you.”

“No offense, but you’re a man and a Midgardian. Most likely American.” There was some slight disdain in the frost giant’s voice even if they had the sense to look grateful. “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“I look forward to proving myself.” Mobius leaned in slightly. Loki scoffed but held their ground this time, forcing themself to stay still. “So what should I expect for dinner?” The change of subject surprised the slave but they dutifully explained what Mobius would witness that evening.

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Loki helped Mobius back into his winter gear when the ominous knock sounded at the door.

“The guards are here.” Loki informed Mobius, their eyes gleaming in the dim lighting. They really were a breathtaking specimen. “They will escort us safely across the ice and back to the palace. There I will get you ready for the feast.”

“What’s wrong with my outfit?” Mobius joked, holding out his arms. Loki tsked softly and shook their head.

“So much.” Mobius let out a delighted sound and the frost giant’s head whipped up to gauge his reaction.

“You’re funny.” Mobius offered a small smile. “I like that.”

“Most people don’t compliment me on my sense of humor.” Loki deflected. They didn’t compliment them on anything. They were ‘too loose,’ ‘too tight,’ ‘too stuck up,’ or ‘too much of a slut.’ They were nothing but holes to use and a body to abuse. Loki shivered, stepping back in hopes that Mobius wouldn’t notice. No such luck.

“Are you all right?” Mobius asked gently. He was such an unassuming looking Midgardian and yet he seemed to take up so much damn space with just the two of them. There was something frightening about him and it probably had everything to do with how Mobius made sure to look into their eyes when he asked that question. Like he gave a fuck.

“Fine.” Loki answered sullenly, waving off the man’s concerns. “I’m just trying to figure out how to make you presentable.” The concern on Mobius’ face wavered somewhat at the joke and then he snickered lightly. Loki let out a small, relieved sigh. Mobius seemed kind, especially when his eyes crinkled up at the sides, but kindness was dangerous here. Jotunheim was ruled the same way that the icefields were. Eat or be eaten. Hide or be killed. Fight or die. The weaker a Jotunn was, the more worthless they were. There was no appreciation of the arts or the finer things and Loki only thrived in places where such things were encouraged. They had known at an early age that they were no warrior king, but they had hoped to be a king regardless. Now look at them.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Loki blinked, looking up, realizing that they had fallen silent and stayed silent for too long. They were slipping already and this man had only been here for three hours. They growled at themself internally. Focus.


“Where’d you go?”

“Nowhere.” Loki bared their teeth without thinking that through when the man gave them a look. “Everywhere.” They added as they breathed out slowly. “What’s Midgard like?” They pretended they didn’t know. They imagined they were a frost giant who had never been allowed to leave Jotunheim, who had never had a whole life that had been far better than this Hel. They pretended that they didn’t think Midgardians were only slightly better than the Jotunn and far beneath Asgardians.

“Do you really want to know?” Mobius asked. He was dressed, waiting for Loki to lead him to the door. “Or would you like to go to the feast now? I know you’re just distracting me anyway. The Jotunn don’t care very much for Earth, and while you’re different from the rest of them, you aren’t interested in Earth all that much either.” Loki stammered, unaccustomed to being called out on their lies so casually. Loki knew better than to lie to Laufey and the guards didn’t care what they said as long as they got to use their mouth when they decided Loki was done fuming.

“Let’s go to the feast then.” Loki forced a smile, pretending that they weren’t dreading the whole event. This feast was most likely going to end with their death, and while it had been a miserable life, Loki wasn’t ready to give in just yet. They wanted to live a little more. They wanted to escape. They wanted it all to get better.

“Sorry.” Mobius smiled, looking remarkably unrepentant. “I just don’t want us lying to each other, not since we’re supposed to get close.” Loki gave him an unreadable look as the frost giant recalled how easily Mobius had forced their hand earlier. Unassuming this man might look, but Loki knew the look in those blue eyes the same color of Asgardian skies. Mobius was here because he was dangerously good at whatever it was he did and while Loki knew the right thing to do as a Jotunn would be to warn Laufey, he knew he wouldn’t. Perhaps this man could do what Loki could not. Perhaps Mobius could help Loki get to that better life that always seemed to evade their reach.

“It’s fine.” Loki shrugged carefully. “I would be more careful as to not play such games with Laufey though.” It was all the warning they dared to give as they moved with Mobius towards the door.

“Is that advice from experience?” Mobius asked in a low voice, blocking him from the open door. “Loki?” He was doing that irritating gesture again, trying to catch Loki’s eyes, but Loki was already looking away. They moved the human away from the door and pulled it open. Mobius stayed silent and while Loki knew they would most likely be punished for their infraction, they couldn’t bring themself to care. It was safer this way. Mobius was theirs to care for the feast and Loki would do their best to make sure Mobius made it through alive.

Loki and Mobius walked in silence behind the two guards who exchanged looks but also chose to say nothing. Mobius felt for the frost giant walking slightly behind him as Loki had nothing to block the fierce wind that whipped the Jotunn’s long, black hair from their backs into their faces. Loki looked cold, but determined, and so Mobius let them be.

“So what lives under the ice?” Mobius suddenly asked, breaking the silence. His cheery voice was out of place in this frozen wasteland, so much so that Loki decided they liked it.

“Teeth Beneath.” One of the guards shrugged, but the way he tightened his grip on his spear and scanned the icefields said infinitely more than his words. “We travel in small packs, quietly and quickly, and prepare for the worst.”

“What’s the worst in this situation?” Mobius pressed, actually curious about the nightmares that dwelled under their feet.

“We have to inform Midgard that you were eaten.” The other guard answered.

“But we will try to keep that from happening.” Loki added on.

“Yes, if the ice starts cracking, push the whore down and run.” The guards started to laugh as Loki quickly looked down, biting down on their lip to keep from retorting.

“It will be the most use she’s been since she’s arrived.” The other guard purposefully misgendered Loki, sending them a snide look. “Pathetic cum slut.” He added under this breath.

“Whoa, no thanks.” Mobius spoke up, surprising all of the frost giants escorting him to the palace. “Loki has been looking out for me since I got to that little house and they have been doing an amazing job.” Mobius sucked in a breath, trying to keep his cool. He hated when others were talked down like that-- had run into the same kinds of problems at the TVA with how some of his coworkers looked down on variants. People were people. Beings were beings. They were all so vastly different, but Mobius had found that most of them had been deserving of respect.

“She’s a whore.” It was said almost questioningly as the guard did not understand Mobius’ defense of the pair of holes that walked with them.

“But they’re my whore for the feast.” Mobius corrected. Loki held their breath as the guards exchanged looks. There was no doubt that Laufey would hear of this and it would be Loki’s skin that paid for it. But for right now, Loki just hoped the guards would listen to Mobius and leave him alone. They couldn’t remember the last time anyone had defended them. It was odd-- it left their skin crawling in an uncomfortable way but it made their chest feel warm.

“All right, Midgardian, have it your way.” The guard sighed. “Apologies.” Loki gaped for a second before forcing their face back into something neutral before one of the guards noticed. They glanced over at Mobius, ridiculous Mobius with his face nearly completely hidden by the fur trimming his red hood. Mobius grinned over at them, pushing his face forward enough that Loki saw the twinkle in his eye. Loki hesitantly smiled back, sensing their previous assessment was indeed correct. Mobius was dangerous and Loki hoped by all the gods that he would be dangerous enough to take on Laufey.

Loki wanted out. They wanted to live a life actually worth living. And if that meant tossing their lot in with a dangerous Midgardian, well, Loki was going to do just that then. Consequences be damned. it couldn't be worse than how they were living now.

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Loki and Mobius were shown into a side room. There Loki wasted no time in stripping Mobius out of the many layers he was wearing until he was just in his undershirt and boxers. Loki examined him with a critical eye.

“You’re making me self-conscious looking at me like that.” It wasn’t a lie. The Midgardian had covered his chest by folding his arms and had rounded his spine by hunching his shoulders in on himself.

“Don’t stand like that if you want to survive this ordeal.” Loki grinned to show that they were partially joking. They--he felt the urge to shift, but Laufey had given him an order.

“Whoa.” Mobius was looking at him with wide eyes.

“What is it?” Loki snapped as he now was the one who felt self-consciousness. He realized that he didn’t want Mobius looking at him like the others did here.

“You’re beautiful in every form you choose.” Mobius had yet to look below Loki’s waist, was pointedly looking everywhere when he realized that Loki’s form was changing. “You’re genderfluid?” Mobius asked, using a Midgardian term for something Loki had never been able to explain in Jotunn or Asgardian.

“Y-yes.” Loki hesitantly replied. “Does that bother you?”

“Not at all.” Mobius pressed his lips together. “I believe we should all be allowed to present how we feel.”

“If I recall correctly, some of Midgard still doesn’t agree with you on that.”

“And if I had to guess from my research, neither does some of Asgard.” Mobius remembered what he had forgotten before he came here. He remembered now why Jotunheim was so familiar. It was the birthplace of Loki-- his favorite god to research. His pet project. Ravonna always teased him about it, but she hadn't said anything when he left-- Mobius wondered why that was.

“But this is Jotunheim.” Loki raised his eyebrows. He needed to make sure Mobius knew the difference before Laufey heard him talking like that. Mobius would be an addition to the sacrifice if Laufey ever heard his kingdom compared to the golden splendor that was home. No, Asgard was not home anymore. It never would be again. They had lied, traded him away like he was nothing… he was nothing. Loki glanced over to see Mobius studying him with a soft look on his face.

“And they don’t care what form you present as?”

“As long as I do my job.” Loki cocked his head to the side. “And as long as I obey.”

“Obedience doesn’t come easy for you.” Mobius observed. “And Loki isn’t a Jotunn name.” That struck a nerve that neither of them had known was exposed. Loki was reeling and that was when he was the most dangerous, even in this damned form with weakened magic.

“What does it matter?” Loki snarled, feeling cornered. Mobius stepped closer and Loki hissed in his face, his fingernails sharpening into claws. Mobius was dangerous and Loki would defend himself.

“There he is.” Mobius’ face softened even more, recognition coming into his eyes. “There’s the fierce god I’ve heard so much about.” Loki shoved him back, claws digging into soft skin. Mobius staggered back, glanced down at his shoulders that were starting to bleed, the white cotton of his undershirt turning pink.

“I’m not a god!”

“But you have been. You could be again.”

“Shut up!” Loki shouted, his magic rippling up and against the barrier Laufey had ordered on him when he left Asgard. Odin had made sure it was secure. Mobius saw the flash of green and smiled, fucking smiled, like a sociopath.

“Loki of Asgard.” And if the awe in his voice didn’t weaken Loki’s resolve to end him, the look of reverence did. “How the Hel did you fall so low?”

“Ask my family. They’re the ones who traded me in for some paltry peace agreement that they didn’t need!” Loki made an ugly sound as the truth ripped out of him. He glanced at Mobius’ shirt that had changed from pink to red. “Dammit.” He stepped over and ripped the shirt open with the strength he rarely ever got to use. “I’ve got to patch you up.”

“I’m going to need something warmer than this.” Mobius shivered. “It’s too cold here.”

“I’ll take care of that.” Loki promised. He looked into those blue eyes, imagining he was back home where the skies weren’t cloudy and gray all the time. “I’m sorry I made you bleed.”

“I’m sorry I pushed you.”

“I really doubt that.”

“I am not sorry I learned the truth about you, but I’ll agree that my methods were a bit harsh.”

“You think?” Loki raised an eyebrow.

“You’re too pretty. I’m easily distracted.” Mobius’ tone was warm and his gaze was respectful.

“You can look at my cock, you know.” Loki threw it out there. “It’s there for you to do whatever you want with it.”

“Thanks.” Mobius pressed his lips together. “But I like my partners willing, like really willing.”

“It doesn’t seem like it’d be so bad with you.” Loki offered, hating how his stomach twisted. It was the truth, not a lie, and Mobius realized that, eyes widening with a short intake of breath.

“Is he ready?” Laufey strode it just as Loki was using his magic to heal Mobius. “Why do I smell his blood?”

“We had a small accident. I stumbled into him and well, my skin is more fragile than I care to admit.”

“I will deal with Loki.” Laufey promised, glaring over Mobius’ head at Loki who shrank back. Loki glanced around, looking for an escape route, but there was none.

“It was an accident. I’m sorry.” Loki ducked his head down. “It won’t happen again.” His claws were still out, Loki and Laufey realizing that at the same time. Loki swallowed hard, forcing his fingers back into their normal shape. Laufey strode over, grabbing Loki by the throat. The frost giant panicked, freezing as his breathing was halted by the tight grip of his sire.

“Guards.” Loki’s arms were grabbed by the two guards who had escorted Mobius and Loki across the ice. Mobius hadn’t even realized that they came in.

“I haven’t used my magic on him yet.” It was a plea. “He’s cold. Let me finish and I will go without a fight.”

“Useless whore.” Laufey spat, the liquid splattering across Loki’s face. Loki flinched and Mobius started forward. “Maybe you can do this one thing right, but I doubt it.” Laufey turned on his heel. “Bring him to me once he’s finished with Mobius. Mobius, I apologize. I thought our hospitality would be better than this, but sadly, I have been proven wrong by this incompetant whore.” Mobius held his tongue, sensing that Laufey would not be so forgiving of his defense of Loki, especially since the king was punishing Loki on Mobius’ behalf.

“Make sure he can still perform for me tonight.” Mobius gave the king a cold smile. “I haven’t been able to do nearly any of the things I want to do to him yet.” Laufey chuckled, bowing his head before he left the room. Mobius watched him go, carefully controlling his breathing before turning back to Loki. He bumped against the slave’s chest and would have stumbled backwards if Loki hadn’t caught him.

“I’m sorry I displeased you.” Loki’s mouth was a tight line as he held Mobius close. Body heat that was not his own slowly flowed into Mobius’ body and he was cold enough that he leaned into Loki’s embrace.

“We’re good, Loki. I’m sorry I got you in trouble.” Loki let out a troubled sound.

“I got myself in trouble. I always do.” Loki said so softly that Mobius nearly missed it.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself.” Mobius soothed, his hands warmer against the frost giant’s stomach. Loki glanced down at the casual touch, so gentle and foreign. “Is this okay?” Mobius asked a second too late, glancing down at his pale fingers splayed across Loki’s blue stomach.

“Yes.” Loki pulled him a little closer. Another wave of heat washed over Mobius, covering him from the tip of his head all the way to his toes. Loki stepped back, washing Mobius over in his magic, sealing the heat around him and inside him. “This will last for about twenty-four hours. I will have to repeat the ritual tomorrow night, but it will keep you warm for tonight.”

“Doesn’t have magic.” Mobius repeated, looking up at him with a fondness Loki didn’t understand. “What a lie.” Loki knew his old self would sneer at that, proudly proclaim his former title, but he couldn’t, not like this. Now he was no one.

Loki moved quickly, dressing Mobius in Jotunn apparel. Mobius was most grateful for the furs that Loki draped over his shoulders. Loki painted a few faint lines over Mobius’ forehead before scrutinizing his own work with a critical eye.

“There.” Loki moved Mobius over to the large piece of ice that reflected back how they looked. He was about a head taller than Mobius in this form. He was probably still taller than Mobius in his preferred form.

“My boss would probably laugh herself to death if she saw me like this.” Mobius studied his reflection. “But I like it. I feel like I blend in a little bit better. Does your magic make my skin look like it has a blue tint?”

“You look good.” Loki all but blurted, feeling conflicted. He had hated his Jotunn form for as long as he could remember, but seeing Mobius like this was appealing in a way he didn’t understand. “I am sharing my Jotunn abilities with you via magic, so yes, the blue comes with the rest of the package.” Mobius’ eyes did stray downwards and Loki’s cheek tugged up in a tiny smirk. “Not that one though.” Mobius blushed, looking away quickly, and Loki couldn’t tell if he was flattered or scandalized. “I have to go, but I will be returned to you at the feast.”

“Take care of yourself.” Mobius gave him permission to do something that had been taken away from him time and time again.

“I will.” Loki promised, resisting the urge to embrace the strange human before he went with the guards to meet Laufey’s judgment. He wanted to be comforted by the man before he was punished. He wanted that quiet strength to be shared back with him. Mobius reached over, fingers brushing against an indigo elbow as Loki left with the guards.

“Right this way, Midgardian.” Another frost giant appeared as Mobius watched Loki go. “I am to bring you to the feast.”

“Lead the way.” Mobius answered in a voice that was far more cheerful than he felt. He was worried about Loki, especially now that he knew who he was. Goddamn.

This mission was turning out to be far more difficult than he had imagined it would be and this was only the first night of however many were left.

Chapter Text

The feast was held out on a giant slab of rock that stretched out from the palace over the icefields below. Mobius shivered, not from the cold that Loki’s magic now sheltered him from, but from remembering the faint description of what lived beneath the dark ice. A large fire rolled up the sky, near the end of the slab-- a safe distance from the palace made of ice and rock. There was a throne on the opposing side and in between the golden throne and the roaring fire, Jotunn mingled together, drinking, talking, and watching. There were a lot of red eyes on Mobius as he was shown to a table.

Mobius thanked the guard and sat down, adjusting his fur as he did so. He needed to appear unflappable, unbothered, and unworried. He deleted his concerns about Loki from his mind and surveyed the crowd back in turn. Eventually, a few warriors made their way over to him and Mobius found that he enjoyed his conversations. Jotunn were far more interesting than the books (and the Asgardians made them seem). Mobius wondered if Loki knew just how fascinating he was in both his forms.

But then again Loki didn’t know just how much time Mobius had spent pouring over books, trying to learn as much as he could about Loki. Getting to meet him was exciting and almost familiar as if they had met before. He had studied him enough. Mobius had to smile to himself, unable to ignore the giddy feeling in his stomach. He sobered up when he realized the situation they were both in. Now that he knew this was some version of the Loki he had loved in his books… Mobius wasn’t going to be able to leave him behind. Shit.

Mobius looked up as the two guards returned, bringing Loki to his table. Loki knelt next to his chair, his posture perfect and subdued.

“Hey, you all right?” Mobius whispered, but Loki didn’t respond. Maybe he was ignoring Mobius, but that was all right. Maybe he was just trying to hold it together. Laufey strode out to his throne and Mobius rose to his feet out, respecting Laufey’s position even though he had very little respect for the frost giant king himself. Mobius reached down, his hand slipping through the soft strands of Loki’s black hair. Loki stiffened, tensing as if expecting pain. Huh. It seemed that was all Loki received here in Jotunheim. Mobius continued to play with the frost giant’s hair until Loki relaxed some, spreading his knees a fraction wider. “Good boy.” Mobius smirked as he sat back down. Food was being brought out and despite his earlier apprehension about what he might be eating at this feast, Mobius found that the food smelled delicious. He was hungry. He might as well enjoy this experience for what it was.

Loki kept his gaze trained on the ground, focusing on the pain. The pain grounded him. He needed to stay focused on the pain so he didn’t pass out. He found he missed Mobius’ gentle fingers. The man was nothing like he had expected and yet that made him more intimidating to serve. Loki was coming to expect common decency from him, something that would most likely be gone in the bedroom. Loki knew his place now. He knew his purpose. And even a shred of kindness couldn’t clothe, couldn’t hide, all the shame he carried inside. “Here.” Loki looked up at Mobius’ voice to come face to face with a steaming piece of meat in the man’s hand.

“I can’t.” He whispered even as his stomach growled in response. When was the last time he had eaten anything resembling a good meal? It certainly wasn’t the watery gruel and grisly scraps the whores were fed on a regular basis. It didn’t help he had missed the last couple meals-- had been too busy being fucked into submission to even feed himself. Pathetic.

“You can.” Loki blinked, about to turn his head to see if Laufey was seeing this too. “Don’t look at him. You’re mine for this feast and I will care for you in the ways I see fit. You will need your strength.” The food was moved closer to his lips, his mouth salivating at the scent. “Eat, Loki.” It was a simple command but Loki didn’t have the strength to fight it anymore. He opened his mouth obediently, looking up at Mobius as the Midgardian eased the morsel inside his mouth. Every instinct in him screamed at him to not put himself in such a position of trust but as he slowly began to chew, the juices and flavors bursting delightfully on his tongue, Loki had to wonder just how far he would bend for this man if he kept treating him like this. “Good.” Mobius said softly, he wiped his hand carefully and then his hand returned to play with Loki’s hair. Loki purred softly, wincing as he realized the sound had escaped him. “Pussycat.” Mobius said fondly, his short fingernails grazing along Loki’s scalp in a very satisfying movement.

Loki faintly realized that they were too far gone to come back from this. This was some kind of foreplay and if it was for his sake or Mobius’ sake, well, he didn’t care. His head was tilted back, gazing at the human like he was something grand, lips parted as he swallowed the bite. “Do you want more?” Mobius asked as he popped another piece of the meat into his own mouth. Loki tracked the movement hungrily, nodding slowly. “Tell me.” Loki stiffened, sensing he was somehow being made a fool. “Loki…” The fingernails scratched again and Loki bit his lip so he did not purr or worse, moan.

“Please.” It was a wrecked word from a wrecked giant kneeling so prettily, staring up at Mobius, apparently oblivious to the effect Mobius was having on his cock. Mobius just might be going to Hel for this, but when in Jotunheim… Mobius would take care of Loki, even if it was just to keep up appearances. “Please, Mobius.” Loki was used to having to debase himself, but not like this, not for food, not for kindness. It was intoxicating in a twisted way and of course, his traitorous body loved it. There would be no pleasure for the likes of him and so Loki made sure to ignore his own need even as it curved upwards and slowly but surely started to leak.

“What a beautiful sight you are.” Mobius handed him another bite and Loki made sure to press his tongue against the man’s fingers in thanks. Mobius made a soft, hissing sound at the contact and Loki dared to glance at the man’s crotch. He had hidden himself under the furs, but Loki had a feeling Mobius was as hard as he was.

Mobius fed him a few more bites, making sure to give Loki samples of his entire plate. Then he gave him a few more pieces of meat, noting that Loki seemed to like that the best.

“I knew you would enjoy the feast.” Laufey had come to stand by them, interrupting the unnecessary amount of prolonged eye contact they had been sharing. Loki quickly looked back down at the floor, sucking in a steadying breath. Mobius’ hand returned to his hair, a display of ownership, tugging him closer against his thigh. Loki exhaled slowly, leaning his cheek against the man’s bare thigh, trying not to react to his sire’s closeness. “The revelry will be starting soon, so don’t hold back on our account.” Laufey smirked, nodding over to the table where a few whores were already being fucked soundly.

“Oh.” Mobius glanced down at Loki. He had known it might come to this, but he wasn’t ready for that yet. As much fun as this dinner had been, he still balked at the idea of actually laying any kind of physical claim to the Jotunn’s body. Laufey frowned at the hesitation.

“If he displeases you…”

“No, it’s not that.” Mobius hurried to clarify. “He pleases me very much, thank you.” Laufey inclined his head to the side. “I’m not accustomed to fucking in public.” Not that the idea of being watched was unappealing-- it was-- his hesitation all came back to the fact Loki couldn’t consent, not really. And Mobius absolutely could not tell Laufey that.

“Take him into the side room.” Laufey waved his hand for the guards to approach. “They will show you the way.”

“Ah, thank you.” Mobius stood to his feet, keeping his furs over his arousal. Laufey smirked and Mobius felt his cheeks grow hot. “Come, Loki.” Loki went to get up and Mobius shook his head. “Crawl, kitten. Follow me.” Loki dropped back down the floor, grateful he didn’t have to stand. Mobius probably wasn’t being kind, but with Loki’s new injuries that his magic hid, it was easier to move like this.

“Enjoy.” Laufey purred after him, sending a chill down Loki’s spine. However, after what had just transpired with Mobius, Loki found that not even his fear of the king of Jotunheim was enough to pull him from this place of odd contentment. He’d let Mobius fuck him for this strange bliss that made him feel as if he was floating. Loki felt untouchable.

Chapter Text

Loki trembled as Mobius’ fingers trailed down his spine.

“What a good boy.” Loki whimpered as Mobius pulled away from him. “You’re being so good for me.” Loki didn’t know what was with this man’s incessant need to constantly praise him but it was… irritating. Irritating in that he craved more. “I know it’s hard to trust. You have no reason to trust anyone, especially not a Midgardian you’ve just met, but you’ve given me what I’ve asked, what I need, and for that I am so grateful.”

Loki tried to focus on the words, but they were so foreign. He understood what they meant, but he didn’t understand what they meant in relation to him. His need pulsed down towards the ground, long and hungry, as Mobius took in how wrecked he looked. Loki was fairly sure there were tears in his eyes and he hated that, but perhaps it would cause the Midgardian to have pity on him. Loki hated pity, but if he got some pleasure out of this, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad this time.

“Can you get up?” Loki shook his head. “Show me.” Loki gasped as he peeled his magic off like a second skin. Blood dribbled down his leg and onto the floor. Mobius looked at his leg, at the angry gashes that slashed across Loki’s strong thigh. “What made this?”

“Claws.” Loki whispered, feeling suddenly very faint.

“Okay.” Mobius picked up his discarded, ripped undershirt from earlier and wrapped it around the wound. “Lie down for me?” He nudged Loki in the ribs with his knee towards what looked like a couch. Mobius pulled the cloth tightly and Loki groaned in pain, tensing up as if he was going to push him away. “I’ve got you.” Mobius backed up and Loki let himself go limp against the couch. “You are doing so well.” Mobius praised. “Keep breathing. The pain will pass.” Loki obeyed, closing his eyes. There was a flicker of light and Mobius’ presence was gone and then he was back. “Take these.”

Loki opened his mouth, accepting whatever it was Mobius was offering him. “This might pinch.” Loki hissed in warning as something slid into his skin. “This will help.” Mobius waited until he laid his head back down before releasing whatever was in the small vial into his bloodstream. “This will speed up your healing and boost your immune system. It was created to work with the Jotunn form as well as the Asgardian one.”

“I’m not Asgardian.” Loki let out a ragged breath. “Look at me.”

“I am.” Loki glanced up to find those steady eyes on him. Those eyes that looked like home. “Do you miss it?”

“Does a fish miss water?” Loki scoffed.

“And there’s that cleverness.” Loki didn’t know what to do with that, so he just bared his teeth slightly, something that seemed to just make this man smile more. His cock pulsed and Loki grimaced. He had almost forgotten about that .

“Is this where we fuck?” He asked. “It’s expected after that display at the feast.”

“I hope I didn’t come on too strong.”

“I think you disappointed the crowd. They were hoping to see me get plowed by a Midgardian.”

“Were you disappointed?” Mobius asked lightly but Loki noticed his unease. There as a tightness in between his shoulders that hadn’t been there earlier.

“It really bothers you.”


“It really bothers you that I’m a slave. Gods, Mobius, just fuck me! It’s what I’m used to. It’s what I’m here for! Don’t start treating me like I’m soft when you’re just going to leave when you’re done with your mission and I’ll be sent back to what my life is like all the fucking time.” Loki sucked in a breath, realizing that he had raised his voice at the man he was supposed to be seducing. Mobius was not going to want to fuck him after that.

“Is it so wrong to wish you’d want me to touch you?” Mobius’ tone was somewhat strangled.

“Slaves don’t love.” Loki snapped. “I’ll tolerate your touch more than the others though.” He softened the blow. “It’s how my world works, Mobius. If you can’t hack it…”

“Yea, I know.” Mobius shrugged. “I’ll get eaten.”

“Good, you get it.” Loki grabbed the furs and pulled the Midgardian down. Mobius stumbled down to his knees, his face dangerously kissed. Loki touched his cheek softly “Stop holding back because of me. It’s going to get you killed.” Loki needed Mobius to focus if he was going to be able to help him get out of here. He was not about to lose his one chance at survival just for some paltry kindness. Mobius must have noticed his desperation because he relented far more easily than Loki had anticipated.

“Okay.” Mobius bit his lip. “Okay, you’re right.” He reached over and grasped Loki’s cock, pressing his thumb down where pre-cum wept from Loki’s slit. Loki made a garbled sound, his hips rising up from the couch. “What were the guards calling you earlier? A cum slut?”

“Yes.” Loki growled as Mobuis smeared his pre-cum down his shaft. He pumped Loki’s cock a few times, laughing as Loki swore at him in what sounded like Asgardian.

“Come undone for me.” Mobius commanded. “I want to see you come all over my hand. I want to see what you look like when you fall apart.” Loki’s eyes widened. It had been some time since anyone talked to him like that and it was doing all the things to him. Pleasure pounded through his veins as Mobius kept playing with him.

“I’m supposed to be pleasuring you.” Loki challenged, whimpering as Mobius teased his balls right on the edge between too much and not enough. Mobius’ touch lingered a little further before returning to his cock and Loki wasn’t sure why he felt relieved and disappointed all at the same time. Mobius didn’t explore his ass or his cunt even though they were on display with how Loki was splayed out on his back like the good whore that he was.

“You are.” Mobius assured him. “Getting to see you like this… it means a great deal to me.”

“You’re fucking weird even for a Midgardian.” Loki gasped.

“I get that a lot.” Mobius brought him to the edge and just when Loki was sure he would squeeze his fist, hurt Loki in some way to prevent him from experiencing a full orgasm, Mobius yanked him off the edge. “Come for me, Loki.” And for a broken god who found it difficult to obey, Loki did exactly as he was told with a strangled shout, nearly falling from the couch.

Loki nearly blacked out, his vision spinning, as he slumped back against the furniture. He was faintly aware of Mobius, a grounding touch, a soothing presence holding him in some fashion. Mobius eased Loki back onto the couch, wondering just how long it had been since Loki had experienced anything like that. His reactions, while incredibly sexy under another context, were just sad like this. Mobius knew he wouldn’t be able to do anything more with Loki tonight, even if it would disappoint Laufey. “Good boy.” Mobius murmured, making himself available for whatever Loki needed. He slung the fur from his shoulders around Loki’s chest, shushing the god as he whimpered softly. “You’re safe.” Mobius soothed, wishing it was true for more than just this moment.

“Now your turn.” Loki tried to reach for him, but Mobius just shook his head.

“Not tonight.” Loki seemed to sense the finality of that statement because he stopped immediately and slumped back down with a resigned sigh.

“Of course, sir.” There was some defiance in those tired eyes and Mobius couldn’t help but smile. Loki knew how to push his buttons already. Mobius’ cock twitched at the title, but he managed to keep his composure.

“Rest.” He ordered. Loki gave him a baleful look but curled up as much as he could. He dozed for about twenty minutes before Mobius roused him. The meds had kicked in and the nap had helped to counter the orgasm some. Loki looked less dead on his feet as Mobius pulled him to his feet. Loki magicked his appearance, gave Mobius his fur back, and then took the Midgardian’s offered arm.

They slipped back into the festivities, mostly unnoticed by the crowd. Above, the gray clouds parted for a few seconds, showing a glimpse of the stars that twinkled down at them. Loki noticed, his head tilted back in awe, taking in the view. He went to tell Mobius to look up, but the clouds rolled back in and the stars were gone. “Are you okay?” Mobius looked up at him and Loki nodded, his heart lighter than it had been in some time.

“I am.”

Chapter Text

It was late, far too late for the likes of Mobius. The giant bonfire was dying down by the edge of the precipice and Mobius had the oddest sense that he felt the same as that fire. The agent slowly rose to his feet, tugging the furs on his shoulder to wrap more tightly around his body. He wouldn’t have stayed so long but Loki had vanished some time ago and Mobius had waited for him to return. Now that it looked like Loki wasn’t coming back anytime soon, Mobius knew it was time to retire if he wanted to keep up any semblance of strength in the eyes of the Jotunn people.

“I’m calling it a night. I’m ready to sleep. Thank you all for a wonderful evening.” He bowed to Laufey who nodded. Mobius’ guards showed up and Mobius started to leave with them. “Where is Loki?.” He paused to look around for the frost giant.

“Loki is going to stay a little longer.” Laufey spoke up, his voice harsh, his words final. Laufey had plans for Loki and Mobius felt bad to be leaving Loki behind to them. Mobius, however, had good instincts, and he knew he could not keep Loki from whatever this was.

“Oh, yea, sure. Okay.” Mobius ducked his head down in a quick nod. He tried to cover up his yawn, but was unsuccessful as he stumbled after his guards. Loki was nowhere to be seen and Mobius knew that he personally  had been formally dismissed. Hopefully, Loki would be returned to him later in one piece.

“He’ll be returned to you once he’s free.” Laufey promised.

“Thank you.” Mobius murmured. He was relieved to be heading back. The first night of the feast hadn’t been nearly as bad as he had been dreading. He had actually enjoyed getting to meet the warriors and talk with them. Things had been awkward when Laufey had expected him to fuck Loki in front of the whole gathering, but what had followed afterwards in private was a bittersweet memory. Loki was so starved of pleasure and kindness… love. Mobius felt for him. At least he had been able to be a bit of relief. Maybe it was a good thing he was going back alone. He could head back to the TVA and check in with Ravonna. Maybe her and Mobius could find a way to rescue Loki without messing with the Sacred Timeline. Maybe she’d be able to explain why he had somehow forgot all the knowledge he had amassed over the years about Loki for a full 24 hours.

He crossed the ice fields carefully and thanked the guards from the door of his dwelling. Mobius went inside, stoked the fire, and then pulled his TemPad out of his suitcase. The doorway flashed yellow and Mobius quickly stepped inside, vanishing from Jotunheim.


Back at the feast, Loki was flat on his back for the second time that night, but this time it was in front of the crowd and Laufey was the one on the attack. The table had been cleared off and Loki had been tossed back by his father’s brutish guards. Spears were lowered in direction, as if Loki would move to attack his sire from such a vulnerable position.

“He didn’t fuck you.” Laufey growled. “He finds you appealing but he doesn’t fuck you. What have you done to disappoint me this time, whore?”

“I’m sorry.” Loki shivered. His legs were knocked open and someone in the crowd jeered softly, encouraging Laufey to lay him bare and fuck him bloody. Loki wasn’t good enough for Laufey to touch like that— a rare time that the king’s disdain protected him. Laufey’s scepter was pressed up against his cunt that was very much unfucked. The king pressed it into him slowly and Loki gasped at the intrusion.

“Not sorry enough.” Laufey pulled the scepter out and brought it back, only to strike the outside of Loki’s cunt. The shrill sound that escaped Loki’s lips would have been embarrassing if he wasn’t so scared. The scepter nestled back between his legs, pushing him back open as the Jotunn watched with eager interest. They loved seeing Loki like this— getting his due. “Loki of Asgard.” Laufey murmured, starting to ease the scepter in and out. Loki made a soft sound as his body tried to acclimate to the large, foreign object he was being fucked by. “Loki of nothing. No one of nothing.” Loki’s body trembled as Laufey began to jab it in and out, scraping and bumping Loki’s insides. When the scepter was bloody, only then did Laufey pull it out. Loki whimpered, trying to curl up and get away, trying to protect himself from more harm. “Pathetic.

“Leave him alone.” Someone had come to his defense and Loki felt weak for hoping it was Mobius. This voice was nearly as foreign even if much more feminine. Laufey snarled as Farbauti came to stand by his side. “Loki has done everything you have asked him to do. The human likes him. Let the human do this on his own timing. If you keep hurting him, the human won’t use him.”

“Fine.” Laufey looked down at his bloody scepter with pride. “But I will beat this slut bloody every night that the human does not possess him.”

“Why?” The sceptre slashed through the air, catching the side of Farbauti’s jaw. Loki watched as she fell to the ground, glaring up at Laufey. They were his parents-- he could see it more when he watched Farbauti. Loki was slender like her, soft like her too. She wasn’t his mother-- that would always be Frigga-- but Farbauti had carried him, had given birth to him… Loki didn’t know how much of it she had chosen for herself. Laufey always made sure she had little choice during the odd moments that Loki had seen her. Loki could see himself in her and how they were both trapped by the monster on the throne.

“Did you say something?” Laufey challenged. Farbauti couldn’t even meet his eyes, curling up on herself. Laufey looked over at Loki and Loki followed his dam’s lead, keeping his eyes far away from Laufey’s. “Bitches-- both of you. Weak, sniveling bitches.” Laufey signaled for Loki to be dragged away. “Beat his back bloody and make sure he can’t hide it. I want Mobius to see just how pathetic his whore is.”

“Yes, Laufey.” The guards carried out their king’s orders, adding some cruelty of their own. They teased Loki’s bloody cunt with their fingers until Loki was whimpering in pain and discomfort. It wasn’t that hard, every inch of his back felt like it was on fire from the whipping, blood dripping down from the gashes in his blue skin.

“Please stop.” Loki begged softly but they just moved on to his ass. Finally, once he was sore, they withdrew, leaving him open and gaping. He folded his legs up, trying to protect himself.

“Up, whore.” Loki whined as he was yanked to his feet. They forced him to walk across the icefields alone, knowing full well that Teeth Beneath could smell blood. Loki’s tears froze to his face as he stumbled across, running as fast as he could in his current condition. He could feel eyes on him— he could sense the creature was near. And then the ice started to crack.

“Mobius!” Loki shrieked, falling against the locked door. Frantically he pounded on the door as the ice shattered behind him, sending ice shards flying everywhere as a dark shadow rose behind him. “Mobius! Let me in!” The door was yanked open and Loki fell inside, into the human’s waiting arms, the teeth of the monster just missing him.

Chapter Text

“I’ve got you, I’ve got you.” Mobius cradled what was left of Loki in his arms. He could feel something wet soaking the sleeves of his shirt and he could smell the metallic tang of blood. What he couldn’t see terrified him the most, the glimpse of flashing teeth out of the darkness nearly devouring Loki whole. He glanced out the door, shivering at the cold and the horror of it all. He and Loki were on the floor, the frost giant on top of him, shaking as he wept violently while clinging to Mobius. Mobius weakly kicked his foot out, catching the door and closing it shut. “I’ve got you.”

“M-Mobius.” Loki shifted, trying to take some of his weight off of him. He needed the comfort that the human was offering-- was desperate for it. He was too far gone to care what would happened when Mobius finally fucked him, when he used Loki like everyone else.

“I’ve got you.” Mobius held him closer. “He’s never going to fucking touch you like that again. You don’t deserve any of this— you never did!” Loki sobbed at that. He wanted to believe that was true, but he was far too beaten down to consider it. He didn’t know Mobius, didn’t know how hard he would fight for him.

“Mobius.” Loki’s tears started to fall anew. He hated how blotchy and hot his cheeks were, but he couldn’t stop crying. It felt as if every verbal slur, every beating, every… rape were now coming to the surface and he couldn’t hold it all back anymore. Loki had been shattered day in and day out since he had been returned to Jotunheim and he hadn’t been able to process any of it until this odd, little human man showed up yesterday and started making space for Loki and all his damn feelings.

“I’ve got you.” Mobius held him closer. The frost giant had to be in excruciating pain, but he still clung to Mobius like a child. And that was all the reason Mobius needed to keep holding Loki in return.

Laufey was going to pay for this. He was going to wish that he had not forced Mobius’ hand in this situation! Mobius’ arms shook and he vaguely realized he was crying too. How could he not? This was horrific on a scale neither of them could process. Loki’s sobs were slowly starting to subside and it broke Mobius‘ heart the way he snuffled into Mobius’ shoulder, taking as much comfort as he would allow. “Loki?”

“Hmm?” The frost giant was heavy on top of him, outweighing him easily in this form. He was trying to move away but Mobius stopped him. “Take what you need from me, Loki.” Mobius urged him gently. “It’s okay.”

“I need too much.” Loki couldn’t stop the whimper, couldn’t pull away from Mobius even though he needed to get off him. He needed to put space between them. They were too close and not fucking close enough. He needed Mobius to fuck him so this didn’t happen again, but he needed Mobius to keep treating him like he was special, like he fucking mattered. He tried to pull away, but he lingered, staring down at the human who had tears down his cheeks. Why was Mobius crying?

“Take it all.” Mobius shushed, gripping him gently. Loki buried his face back into Mobius’ chest, letting out a long, shuddering whine. A few more rough sobs and then Loki forced a deep breath into his lungs. “I’ve got you.”

“You’re going to leave.” Loki realized mournfully.

“Not without you.” Mobius vowed in an instant. He would fight to keep Loki safe. He would bring Laufey’s kingdom down.

“Promise?” A few heavy heartbeats and shared breaths later, Mobius knew there was only one correct answer.

“Promise.” Mobius meant it. “I’ll start playing hardball tomorrow once I get you patched up.”

“I don’t want to move.” Loki confessed, expecting a sharp answer or a tug from his hair. He expected Mobius to shove him away or mock him like Laufey did so often. He didn’t expect Mobius to pull him closer, the man gentle with his injuries even though Loki had to be crushing him.

“Okay, we can lie here a little bit longer.” Mobius relented easily. “However, I want to stop the bleeding.”

“Which one?” Loki morosely asked.

“Don’t tell me that.” Mobius tsked. “Now I really need to take a look at ya.” Loki reluctantly pushed himself up, whining as the pain threatened to overwhelm him. “So that thing had a lot of teeth.” Loki shivered, not ready to think about that. He started trembling, tears welling up in his red eyes. His shoulders started to shake as he started crying anew. “It’s okay.” Mobius didn’t know what else to say even though everything was not okay. “It’s too soon to joke about that asshole.”

“Yea.” Loki wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t. Mobius was funny even when everything was fucking awful. Loki picked himself up off of Mobius, feeling bad about pressing the human into the floor. Humans weren’t as sturdy at the Jotunn-- they certainly didn’t weigh as much. “I’m sorry.” He forced himself to his feet, swaying unsteadily.

“Hey, hey.” Mobius stood up too, trying to steady Loki before he fell over. “You’re in a lot of pain. You’ve lost a lot of blood.”

“I’m tired.” Loki looked over at Mobius, despair so clear on his features.

“I’m going to get you out of this.” Mobius reiterated, trying to keep his own emotions in check. He wiped his face. “Wait out here. I just need to get the first aid kit.” Mobius hurried into the other room, pulling out his TemPad. He stepped through the portal and into the TVA’s medical wing. He took all the medical supplies he thought would work best with Loki and his unique physiology. Then he stepped back to Jotunheim to come face to face with a startled, disgraced prince.

“Where did you go??” Loki asked almost frantically. Mobius had vanished through the doorway-- and while he had lost a lot of blood-- he hadn’t lost that much blood. He didn’t think he had anyway.

“I got the first aid kit.” Mobius laid down the supplies on one side of the bed. “Come sit down on the bed.”

“I’m not--”

“Loki, sit down before you bleed out, dammit!” Loki flinched as Mobius raised his voice. “I didn’t mean to scare you.” Mobius lowered his voice and raised his hands. “I just met you, Loki, but I dreamed about meeting you for years. I can’t lose you.” Loki frowned, not quite comprehending the emotional investment on Mobius’ side of things. His side he understood. It was simple. He was starved for attention-- had been his whole life.

“Where the Hel did you go?! We could leave now!”

“It’s not that simple.”

“Or you were never going to take me with you!”

“Loki, please sit down.” Mobius asked softly. “Let me take care of you, please. I’m going to take you with me. I’m never going to leave Jotunheim again without you. I just need to complete my mission and we’re out of here!”

“Why should I believe you?!”

“You don’t have any reason to.” Mobius answered with the truth. “Everyone who was supposed to look out for you failed you. I’m just an agent you met yesterday.”

“So I can’t trust you.” Even like this, battered and broken, Loki looked regal standing as tall as he could. He looked relieved that his assessment was correct-- that he wasn’t being tricked.

“I’d like to be worthy of your trust someday.” Mobius said, looking up at him. Every bit as unflappable as he had been when facing off with Laufey. “But for today, I’d settle for being the guy who gets to patch up your back.”

“Fine.” Loki finally lowered himself down, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Have at me.”

“Thank you.” Mobius was given a full view of Loki’s back. “Yowza.”

“Not the worst.”

“That’s not helpful.” Mobius laughed. “I’m going to start cleaning you up. I might have to stitch these. Please lie down on your stomach, get comfortable.” Loki snorted at that concept but did as he was told. Despite himself, his past, and everything that had happened in just one day, Loki found himself wanting to trust Mobius.

And so he did.

Chapter Text

Loki was a better patient than Mobius had expected given their long and extensive history of being into mischief of all sorts. But then again, the books hadn’t covered this Loki that lay stretched out across his bed. This Loki had scars that didn’t fit the narrative. This Loki made it easier to see what the legends had left out-- what the legends had tried to hide. Loki had been a victim more times than Mobius could count, and like many other victims, Loki had been villainized.

Maybe that was why Mobius had dedicated so much of his life to Loki in his own way. He had been intrigued by the conflict in the story— the errors along the way. And now that he had met Loki, now that he was in a position to care for them, Mobius knew he was going to have a hard time letting go.

Loki let out a long breath, a breath that almost resonated like a purr towards the end. The purr jolted Mobius from these thoughts but also made him smile. His patient had fallen asleep under his care. That helped to somewhat ease the sting of not being able to keep Loki safe from Laufey’s rampage. Mobius worked quietly, taking his time to pour some extra care into Loki even as he slept. The frost giant was obviously exhausted, especially after the day Loki had. Mobius didn’t even know when the last time Loki had really been allowed to sleep given what Loki’s occupation was here in Jotunheim.

Mobius glanced down, scanning Loki’s body for any other injuries that might have gotten overlooked in the bloodbath that was their back. Mobius did indeed notice some other bleeding, frowning when he noticed the blood was along the inside of Loki’s thighs, but there was no sign of injuries on their thighs. Loki had mentioned more bleeding, but they had failed to mention just where. Had Laufey or the guards— had Loki been raped because Mobius had been too tired to think of demanding that Loki leave with him?

Mobius’ hands were trembling as he finished bandaging Loki’s back. Loki made a sleepy, questioning sound, one that should not have sounded as adorable as it was. Certainly not for the gruesome, disturbing situation they found themselves in.

“You’re hurt.” Mobius didn’t mean for it to sound like an accusation. Loki stiffened but played it off the best they could.

“I usually am.” Loki deadpanned into the pillows. “Your bed is comfortable.”

“I haven’t tried my bed out yet.” Mobius admitted. “I’ve been busy since I’ve gotten here.”

“You’re missing out.” Loki informed him, snuggling deeper into the bed once they realized Mobius preferred them to be comfortable. It was foreign… unsafe. Mobius was unlike anyone else they had ever had in their life. Loki was going to miss him when he inevitably left. Nothing good stayed in Loki’s life. And Mobius, for all his dangerousness, was also good, but he was also going to leave, no matter what kind of promises he made to Loki.

“You’re changing the subject.” Mobius nudged him gently. “Did he--”

“Laufey doesn’t touch me like that.” Loki’s voice fell flat. “However, he makes an exception for his scepter when it comes to proving a point.” Loki paused, glancing up to see the troubled expression on Mobius’ face. “The guards used their fingers inside of me after they whipped me. None of them dare use anything else on me while I’m yours for the feast.” The man looked as if he was going to be sick. So fragile. So delightfully human, as if humans didn’t subjugate each other as violently as frost giants did.

“I’m sorry.” Mobius stammered. Loki shrugged, hissing in pain as they did so. They had learned early on upon their return to Jotunheim to show as little weakness as possible-- it certainly had been a refresher on the similar lessons they had learned on Asgard. Loki resumed their comfortable position, suppressing the urge to purr again. “Why?”

“Laufey hates me, Mobius. That’s nothing new. I’m sure even your books can venture a guess as to why.” Loki was impressed with how detached they managed to sound. It was no small feat, having abysmally failed both of the beings they could call father.

“He’s your biological father.” Mobius stated. He had done his research. Loki was almost flattered.

“My sire, yes.” Loki made a very small correction. They did not like to be reminded of their familial connection to Laufey… one that had been absolutely disregarded since they were born. Loki had been born and instantly found wanting. No wonder they had been scraping by for the rest of their miserable life...

“Not very sentimental, I gather.”

“Frost giants rarely are.” Loki answered calmly. “He left me to die soon after I was born. Odin found me and brought me to Asgard. And then I was supposed to feel grateful even after…” Loki trailed off, considerably less calm. “I hate him.” Mobius didn’t ask him to clarify which one when they both fit the bill.

“I’m sorry.” Mobius apologized again. His hand brushed against the coolness of Loki’s shoulder, startling the Jotunn. Loki pulled away sharply and Mobius sighed. “Sorry again. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s okay.” Loki responded softly. “You’re a lot to get used to, Mobius.” Mobius found that he liked it when Loki used his name. He supposed that he liked a lot of things about Loki-- but that seemed on par for meeting the being he had spent his academic and professional careers studying. How often had Ravonna teased him about perhaps his interest in Loki being more than professional.

Ravonna. Ravonna had hand-selected him for the mission. And when he had gone back to the TVA, she had said next to nothing with that knowing smirk on her face. Fuck. Loki was the mission. Loki was the mission! Mobius couldn’t help the excitement coiling under his skin. That was why he had been selected. That’s why Ravonna had given him permission to barter for Loki’s freedom. He had been sent to get Loki out.

“How so? Can I clean your thighs next? I understand if you don’t want me to--” Loki drew their knees up, allowing Mobius to clean their thighs. They were making a mess of the coverlet but Mobius didn’t seem to care, focusing only on them. Loki thought they might get drunk off of such attention. It was intoxicating. They were surprised when Mobius pulled a piece of clothing up and over their nudity. Loki wasn’t bothered by their nudity, but they were touched when Mobius explained it was to help keep their internal injuries clean. Loki felt sleepy again, soothed by Mobius’ gentle care.

“Can I sleep here tonight?” Loki asked hesitantly, expecting the man to say no but hoping he wouldn’t.

“Of course.” The human’s hand was careful as he smoothed Loki’s hair back from their face. “Rest well, my friend.”

“Thank you.” Loki murmured, curling up on their side. They didn’t protest as Mobius loosely draped a light blanket over them, wrapping their fingers around the end. Loki glanced over their shoulder, their red eyes meeting Mobius’ blue ones and the man smiled tiredly.

“I’ll leave the candle lit?” Loki shook their head and Mobius stepped over to blow the candle out. Loki studied him while he was close, close enough to touch. Mobius was sturdy in a fragile, human way. He carried himself with confidence and was relaxed in situations that most people would fall apart in. Loki wondered what would happen to him, if he would come out on top or if Laufey would break Mobius like he broke everyone else.

Mobius would look cute in a collar, but it wouldn’t suit him, not with his dominant personality. Mobius must have felt Loki’s gaze because he looked over, meeting Loki’s eyes again. There was a fond protectiveness in those eyes and Loki finally gave into their exhaustion, trusting Mobius enough to close their eyes in the human’s presence. There was a vulnerability here that they had never been allowed to show around anyone else and Loki lapped it up like the starved creature they were.

Mobius watched them for a moment before heading out into the living area, claiming the hammock of furs for his own. He fell asleep quickly even as he strategized the next few days. Getting Loki out of Jotunheim wasn’t going to be easy, at least on a diplomatic level, but if there was anyone who could do it, it would be Mobius.

They were doing this.

Chapter Text

Loki woke up feeling more rested than he had in a long time. He was still in Mobius’ bed and he loathed the idea of leaving the man’s bed just yet. He should find his host, however, and see how he could be of use. He owed Mobius for his kindness from the night before. He started to get up, his body nearly buckling under his weight. He laid back down, taking a minute before he tried again.

“Ah ah.” Loki turned to see Mobius in the doorway. “You are resting in bed today, my friend.”

“But Laufey--” Loki’s red eyes flared even more open with fear. Who knew what his king would do to him if he found out Loki had lazed about in Mobius’ bed all day?

“Laufey is aware of my indignation.” Mobius informed Loki. “We are protesting by staying in today and tomorrow at least.”

“He’s going to be angry.” Loki warned even though part of his heart was secretly glad. Mobius was risking something for him, to protect him, to protest how he was treated. It scared him, but Loki also cherished this moment. He’d do anything Mobius wanted.

“That’s my problem.” Mobius said darkly. “You are staying here with me where he can’t touch you.”

“He’s going to find a way.” Loki added on even as he gave Mobius the tiniest of smiles. The human smiled back.

“He can try.” Loki shivered, a small purr escaping at the human’s reassurance. Mobius’ smile grew as he ducked back out into the living room. Loki felt somewhat embarrassed. Asgardians and Midgardians did not purr like the Jotunn did, but Mobius seemed to understand it was a compliment of sorts. Loki was going to have to make sure it didn’t happen again, but he felt safer around Mobius than he had felt in years. It would be a hard instinct to control, especially if Mobius started touching his hair again. Loki liked when the human touched his hair. Mobius was gentle with him. Loki cherished that.

Loki lay in bed as long as he could stand. It had to have been hours before he forced himself up. The room spun and he sank back down on the bed. Mobius had to have some kind of secret sense because he was back by Loki’s side in an instant.

“Hey, hey.” Mobius smoothed his hair back and Loki purred suddenly, slow and steadily. He couldn’t help it. The man’s touch was the only thing grounding him right now. Loki arched his back once, whining at the sudden pain his movement had caused. “Easy.” Mobius’ fingers scratched against his scalp and Loki purred a little more deeply. “You like that?”

“Yes.” Loki made a weak sound. “Please, more.”

“Okay, kitten.” Mobius chuckled softly. It was more sad than cute, just how touch-starved the frost giant was. He sat down on the bed next to Loki and stroked his hair back, grazing his nails along Loki’s scalp ever so often. He savored the gentle purrs as Loki lay there, soaking up the affection and attention. That had been what he had always wanted: love and affection. And here with an odd human he had found the closest thing to it. It was fake. It was always fake, but this trick at least felt real.

There was a loud pounding on the door and Mobius wasn’t strong enough to keep Loki in bed this time.

“It’s him.” The Jotunn fell to the floor, forcing himself up to his feet. Mobius knew enough to stay out of his way as he swayed unsteadily on his feet.

“Loki, get back on the bed.”

“He can’t find me there unless you’re fucking me.” Red eyes were wide with fear as Loki whirled around, looking all around the room. “He’ll beat me again. He’ll hurt me!”

“Loki.” Mobius stood up, stepping carefully over to the frost giant. “I won’t let him hurt you.”

“He already did!” Loki was panicking, pointing to his battered body. “He humiliated me last night! He fucked me bloody with his scepter in front of them, made them scent my blood.” Loki blinked back what looked like tears. “He’s bound my magic. He’s whored me out to nearly all of Jotunheim!” Loki wiped at his face roughly. “He took me from my home and they just let him.” His voice cracked and Mobius moved in, wrapping his arms around Loki’s muscled torso. “W-what are you doing?”

“I’m sorry.”

“For what? What are you doing to me?”

“It’s a hug.” Mobius explained softly, curious and confused at to why Loki would have forgotten

“I know what it is.” Disdain crept into the frost giant’s tone. “I mean why?”

“I’m sorry all that happened to you— that your family betrayed you for a sense of peace.” Loki scoffed, turning slightly away, but he gave Mobius the tiniest of squeezes back in return.

“Does it matter? I’m trapped here.”

“Not for long.” Mobius gave him a reassuring look. “I will get you out of here one way or another.” Another loud knock echoed. “You will stay here out of sight.” Mobius instructed Loki. “I will handle Laufey. Please, Loki, let me take care of you.” Loki snorted, disbelief clear on his face.

“He’s going to hurt me.” He whined.

“Not anymore.” Mobius knew he was asking for a lot of trust, trust that Loki didn’t have. “Please, if I fail you, you have every right to never trust me again.”

“Just this once.” Loki finally sat back down on the bed, his body sagging from the effort it had taken to keep himself up on his feet. “Fine, mortal, do as you wish.” Loki sighed. “But I want— could you please do the thing with my hair again after?” He bared his teeth, challenging Mobius to mock him for his simple request.

“I would be happy to.” Mobius soothed. “Please lie down.”

“Fine.” Loki rolled his eyes, sighing in relief as he did just that.

“Good, kitten.” Mobius’ smile was fond. Who would have ever thought he’d be able to meet the Loki he had studied for so long? Here he was, broken and angry, and yet trusting Mobius with what little hope he had left. Mobius was sure he didn’t deserve it, but he would do his best to keep his promises to Loki.

He left the room and stepped over to the door, opening the door to Laufey’s snarling face.

“Your whore missed his morning meeting.”

“He’s incapacitated, thanks to you.” Mobius sneered back up to the frost giant king. “How dare you hurt him like that?”

“I’m his king.”

“And you gave him to me as a gift of good will! How else am I supposed to take this insult?” Laufey cocked his head to the side.

“You are angry I mistreated him. You are angry I fucked your whore with my scepter in front of the whole feast.”

“Yes.” Mobius raised an eyebrow. “He can barely stand because you then had him whipped and then your guards molested him.”

“He’s strong. He can still take your cock.” Laufey scoffed. “He’s taken at least four frost giants at once last feast. A little blood slicks the way better.” Laufey studied Mobius carefully. “And it makes him cry prettier.” Mobius knew better than to show the horror welling up inside of him. It had been clear to him since the beginning that Loki had suffered, but for the Jotunn’s own sire to be so calloused about it… This was a grave injustice.

“I do not desire to fuck an injured cunt.” Mobius didn’t know how else to explain how their brutality had made him feel. Loki’s injuries had left Mobius feeling helpless in a way he had not experienced since before the TVA. Those words had their desired effect on Laufey who finally smirked, but Mobius missed how Loki’s body jolted when he heard the words from Mobius’ bed.

Loki closed his eyes, willing the tears to go the fuck away. There was the clarity he had been lacking. Mobius was defending him because he wanted him unsullied for himself, but Loki would never be clean. He had played the whore for so long, he didn’t know how to be anyone else. He’d never be able to please Mobius, sweet, dangerous Mobius. But this all went deeper than Loki cared to admit. He had been hurt by Mobius referring to him so casually like everyone else did, like he was just a whore to be used. He was just a whore to be used, but he had almost forgotten with all of Mobius' kindness. Well no more. Loki would do better to remember his place from here on out like the good whore he had been forced to become.

“Fine. I will leave him to you then.” Laufey bowed his head. “Apologies.”

“You won’t hurt him any longer?” Mobius inquired, pushing the matter a little further.

“I will not hurt him unless I deem it absolutely necessary. He’s dangerous, Mobius, dangerous in ways I hope you never find out.” Laufey cautioned Mobius. “His magic is bound here at least, but if you take him off of Jotunheim, it will be unleashed and you will have no way of controlling him then.”

“I’ll find a way.” Mobius mused. He'd leave the TVA out of this, but magic was easily controlled when it came to his line of work. There would be ways to insure that Loki stayed safe.

“You can have him when you leave.” Laufey decided. “But I want the trinket you hide in your pocket. It’s powerful. It allows you movement that the frost giants have long been denied since the Casket was taken from us.”

“That’s a steep price.”

“Is your whore not worth it?” Laufey chuckled, low and dark. “Enjoy him while he purrs for you, Mobius. Sooner or later, he’ll make you bleed again.” The king turned and left, his guards trailing quietly behind him. Mobius shut the door, locking it before he went back to find Loki.

“Head scratches as promised.” But Loki just turned, curling up on the bed with his injured back to Mobius.

“I’m sorry for my injured cunt, master.”

“Loki, that’s not—“

“Don’t.” Loki made his voice as cold as the ice fields surrounding them. "I don't want to hear it, human."

Chapter Text

Loki had transformed from a terrified, barely trusting creature into an icy, subservient beast that sulked as much as he tried to please Mobius. Mobius felt the unsteady ground that they were on tremble every time he gave what felt like a rebuke to the frost giant.

“No, Loki.” He moved the Jotunn’s fingers away from his crotch. “I don’t require your services.” He winced as the harsh words left his lips. He couldn’t risk giving into this, not yet, not like this. Loki was attractive-- there was no hiding that-- but Mobius knew something was off between them. Something had changed the day Laufey had come for Loki and Mobius had rebuffed him.

“My hands aren’t injured.” Loki sneered. “Much better than my damaged cunt.” The words were spat with hate, but Mobius realized slowly that this was the crux of their fragile relationship these last few days. Loki had heard what he had said to Laufey and had somehow taken it to heart. Mobius wasn’t sure the depth of it, but he intended to find out, to soothe his wounded charge. Loki was healing quickly, his back almost fully scarred over. He wasn’t bleeding from his more intimate region anymore, so Mobius had to assume that he was healing from there as well.

“Loki.” Mobius let out a long-suffering breath. “Loki, look at me.” Red eyes raised to meet his even as the beautiful frost giant curled in on himself. Mobius caressed Loki’s cheek until Loki let out a troubled breath. It was time to address this hurt. “I said the things I did to Laufey so that he would leave us alone. I did not say those words to hurt you.”

“You didn’t hurt me.” Loki was quick to scoff. “You just reminded me of my place, master. ” Mobius winced. If this was how Loki needed things to go to remember just who he was working with, so be it. Mobius had played a villain before. He could do it again.

“Go to the bed.” He pulled back fully, leaving the Jotunn where he had been kneeling on the floor. “Go to the bed and take off your clothes.” Loki snarled, but Mobius saw the fear flash in his red eyes. “You want me to take my place? Fine. I’ll use you and your injured cunt to the point that you will never fucking question me again.” Loki glanced back, unsure, and Mobius slapped his arm. It wasn’t a hard slap-- Mobius not having the heart to actually hurt the fragile frost giant. He just needed to snap him out of this funk before it ruined the mission entirely. He had to get Loki out of here. “Go now.”

Loki flinched and hurried to the bed, his face crumpling even as he stripped and took his position. Mobius followed him over, watching as Loki struggled to breathe. Mobius let him suffer, let the chilly tears slip down Loki’s blue cheeks before he finally touched the frost giant. “Loki.” He said gently. “I’m sorry.” Loki shivered as Mobius began to run his hand over his muscled back. “I’m not them. I’m not one of the monsters you’re used to. I’m not the monster you need me to be. I’m sorry.” And with that, Mobius left Loki shivering there on the bed, retreating back to his place by the fire in the living room.

He didn’t know how he’d be able to face Loki again. This had all gotten so messy so quickly. Mobius buried his face in his hands, curling up in the fur hammock and forcing himself to breathe. It hurt him to hurt Loki and he didn’t want to reflect on why for too long.

“Master?” It took Loki only a few minutes to find him, his voice soft and pleading. “M-Mobius?” He changed approaches when Mobius still couldn’t bring himself to look at him.

“Yes, Loki?” Mobius dropped his hands, revealing his red-rimmed eyes.

“I’m sorry.” The frost giant sniffled and Mobius made a soft noise, reaching for him.

“You don’t need to apologize for anything.” He pulled Loki up into the hammock with him, the two of them shifting so he was flush against Loki’s bare skin. The Jotunn had never put his clothes back on and they were close, very close. “Um…” Mobius tried to keep his touch chaste, just wanting to comfort his charge. Loki was his mission and yet he was more. It scared Mobius just how much of an effect Loki had on him. “I’m so sorry.” The Jotunn hummed, pulling Mobius down to his chest. The human gave in, making a snuffling sound against Loki’s neck.

“You’re crying over me?” Loki scoffed lightly. “Silly human. I’m not worth such emotions.” Loki was flattered though. He had always prided himself on being able to have sway over people-- something he had long abandoned since his new post in Jotunheim.

“You’re worth far more than these monsters have treated you.” Mobius whispered into his neck. Sometimes Loki had the feeling that Mobius wanted him-- wanted to worship him. He was a god after all, but still, it scared him to think such people still existed on some plane of existence. Mobius felt things for him that could ruin all of this-- feelings that Loki did not return. He couldn’t.

“You scared me.” Loki admitted after a moment. “I thought you had somehow tricked me, that you were somehow one of them. It was effective, doing what you did, but it was frightening.”

“I’m sorry I scared you.” Mobius mumbled. “I don’t want to scare you. I want to save you.” Loki stiffened at that declaration, but still, he was able to sense the truth behind it. Mobius was protective of him in ways Loki would never understand, but he would allow the human to fight on his behalf. This was his chance. And if it meant he had to fuck the human or be fucked by the human to keep fighting for him, Loki would do it. Loki wanted to be saved. He could ditch the human once he was free. Mobius was kind-hearted. Loki did not think he would try to keep Loki in the cage that others had.

“Laufey made a mistake letting you in here.” Loki purred, noticing how Mobius relaxed into the vibrations, settling against his chest. “He let in a fire-breathing dragon thinking it was a weak human, and then he gave me to you not knowing I am your golden horde.”

“So perceptive.” Mobius mused, letting Loki cradle him. He probably should be concerned that Loki had picked up on how fiercely Mobius guarded him, but he liked being compared to a dragon. He liked being held by the purring Jotunn. The frost giant used one of his long legs to slowly swing them back and forth.

“My mother used to call me that.” Loki said softly. “I’m sorry for pushing you away.” It was genuine. Being at peace with Mobius again had made him realize how much he had missed the safety of the human’s care. He had been so sure Mobius had tricked him.

“I’m sorry for scaring you.” Mobius answered. They shared a sigh before they swung together for some time before they both dozed off. There would be high-stakes and betrayals later, but for now, they had both found a bit of peace with each other, and neither of them were ready to let it go just yet.

Perhaps Mobius would truly turn into a monster and maybe Loki was exchanging one cage for another. It was a risk he would take to be free of the frost giant who had sired him.

The next morning, they woke up still tangled with each other. “Morning.” Mobius tilted his head back to look up at Loki. They smiled back, shifting to rub up against the knee pressing between their legs.

“Morning, my dragon.” Loki murmured in their silky smooth voice. “I dreamt about your fingers being right here.” Loki wasn’t even lying either. It was a confusing space they were in, pressed against the dream that had brought them pleasure they had long been denied. “Could you-- would you--” They faltered. Things might be better between them and Mobius, but that did not undo years of abuse and ‘training.’ Loki wasn’t supposed to worry about their own pleasure-- only their master’s.

“Yes.” Mobius moved his leg, pressing his hand against the mound that lay beneath the cock that curved up to meet his touch. Loki gasped, lifting their hips, taking Mobius’ hand with their own, pressing down.

“Right there, please, mas--Mobius.”

“I’ll take care of you.” Mobius promised, pressing a kiss to Loki’s temple. With his free hand, he grasped Loki’s cock lightly while slowly sliding his other hand down, slipping a finger inside the warm, welcoming wetness he found there. “You’re so beautiful.” More kisses down the side of Loki’s face. Loki turned, capturing Mobius’ lips with their own. They knew how to play the whore, but this was easy with how careful and thorough Mobius was being. They were being stimulated in not one, but two ways, and for as touch-starved and pleasure-starved they were, they weren’t going to last long. And then Mobius slid out of the hammock so he could replace his fingers with his tongue. Loki started forward, accidentally swinging closer to what Mobius’ tongue was doing.

“M-Mobius.” It was a harsh whisper tinged with pleasure as Loki’s thighs trembled. Mobius slid his tongue over the sensitive nub before plunging his tongue deeper still, relishing the warbling cry Loki let out. They were trying to be quiet even as their fingers clutched at his hair, pulling him closer. Mobius found a fast rhythm that had Loki coming undone, leaving his lips shiny with the frost giant’s release. “By the Norns.” Loki sighed, pulling him back up, hiding their face into Mobius’ shoulder. “Where the fuck did you learn to do that?”

“Practice.” Mobius grinned, kissing Loki back when the frost giant kissed him with renewed fervor. Loki liked their taste on Mobius’ lips, groaning as Mobius worked their cock to completion too.

“Fuck, human.” Loki’s head drooped back. “When are you going to let me touch you like that?” They were faintly aware that they would eventually have to pleasure Mobius someday, but it didn’t feel like such a chore with their own climax still humming through their veins.

“When you want to.” There was that steady safety that Loki so desperately crave-- the lack of force and the invitation of want. One more kiss, another silent thanks, before they curled up around Mobius, soaking up as much of this moment as they could. When it came down to it, Loki thought that they could do it, they could accept Mobius' body as part of their own when the time came. They'd have to. But maybe it wouldn't be like all the others before the Midgardian.

Chapter Text

They spent the next few days in relative peace, growing their friendship as each day passed. Then the summons came for both of them to appear for the last feast and they exchanged a look-- there was no more hiding for either of them. They would both be tested once they were back in public and Loki wanted them to succeed. He was starting to trust that Mobius truly wanted to get him out of Jotunheim and he knew he would have to play his part for that to happen. He was also starting to truly trust Mobius. Mobius was good. Mobius was a friend. Mobius was important. Beyond that, Loki was still figuring it all out.

After the guards left, Loki grabbed the human and dragged him back into the bedroom. Mobius let out a little squeak and Loki had to smile, even as he took a steadying breath. He had to face this-- he had to overcome this last fear-- and maybe if he and Mobius could take it on together, he’d be able to do it.

“What are you doing?” Mobius asked as he was tossed back onto the bed. He bounced once before sprawling out comfortably. He was surrendering, not fighting back, but then again Loki supposed he’d never had a reason to fight back in situations like this. Mobius had probably never held down and… No… Loki couldn’t think about that now. He had a mission of his own. He needed to face sex with Mobius. He had to know what it would be like or else it would hang over their heads, mocking him, leering at him, taunting him. He was scared. He was scared that when he finally bent over for the human, he’d change into a monster like the rest of them.

“I want to explore you on my terms, not his .” Loki hesitated, looking down at Mobius as he stripped off the scraps of clothing he usually wore. “If you’ll allow me?” Mobius was big on consent and Loki wanted to make sure he had the human’s consent to do this. Mobius’ eyes widened, such a beautiful blue-- Loki had never found blue quite so pretty before. The human flushed but nodded, want shining in his eyes even as he tried to hide it. It was cute . Loki wrinkled his nose, unsure about this warm fluttering in his stomach. Mobius did something to him that he could not quite explain and yet, he could articulate it perfectly without words.

“Have at me.” Mobius consented, looking up at the Frost Giant looming over him. Loki dropped down to his knees before he climbed up on the bed. He hunched down at the end, surveying Mobius thoughtfully.

“Can I take your clothes off?” Loki asked.

“You can do whatever you want, Loki. Whatever will make you more comfortable moving forward.” Mobius chose his words carefully, but he knew as well as Loki did where this would all end when they were back before Laufey. Mobius would do whatever it took for Loki to be able to tolerate his touch. He would not be a monster like Loki was used to. Loki’s gaze dropped down to Mobius’ eyes. That was a lot of trust coming from a master. Loki could choose to be vengeful, take it all out on Mobius’ body, and break him in two. But he wouldn’t. He would treat Mobius the way he had treated him. He would be gentle and reverent. He would be kind.

Mobius found out that Loki was incredibly gentle when it came to getting him out of his clothes. He lay stretched out on the bed, staring up at the Jotunn who had cocked his head to one side, studying Mobius’ pale skin carefully. “What is it?” Mobius had to ask.

“You look different from what I expected.” Loki frowned. He found the human appealing which was both amusing and terrifying. “I want to touch you.” He stressed, knowing that Mobius would understand why that distinction was so important. Mobius smiled up at him, not quite believing him, but appreciating the effort all the same. 

One large hand rested against his chest and Mobius lay so very still, holding his breath in anticipation. Loki was studying him, his reactions, and for whatever reason, that made Mobius feel shy. At least, that was what he blamed the blush on his cheeks and chest on as Loki slowly slid his hand down to Mobius’ stomach. Loki had to smile as he brushed his fingers against Mobius’ soft cock. The human was so still, holding his breath, like he was waiting for the ice to crack and fall. Emboldened, Loki took him in hand, gently exploring Mobius’ cock with his fingers. Mobius bit his lip, trying to stay quiet, as he filled out against Loki’s touch.

“Ngh.” He bit back a moan as Loki added his tongue into the mix, slicking up the man’s cock in his fist before suckling the tip.

“Don’t be quiet on me now, human.” Loki’s sharp teeth flashed in a proud grin. He had finally touched Mobius and he could see now how the man wanted him--

“Loki.” Mobius all but growled when Loki released him. “I mean--” He was silenced before he could apologize. Loki liked this playful banter as foreign as it was.

“Shh.” Loki’s fingers were still wrapped around his cock, tugging just enough that Mobius was distracted from whatever he was about to apologize for. “Don’t coddle me.” And then Loki pressed his lips against Mobius’ mouth, trying to convey all the jumbled emotions bouncing around in his chest with an awkward kiss. They had kissed before, but not like this, not with the hints of feeling that Loki had never noticed before. The tenderness in Mobius’ eyes was not there from pity, not with his cock long, thick, and hard in his hands. Mobius loved him like he knew him and while Loki didn’t understand it, he was not about to complain.

Mobius deepened the kiss and Loki surged back, encouraged by the mortal’s enthusiasm. His grip tightened and Mobius’ hips bucked forward. Loki broke the kiss to tsk at him. “So impatient.” He teased, nipping at Mobius’ nose. Mobius’ lips were red and chilled, but Loki leaned in for yet another kiss, pushing him a little further as he teased his cock some more. He didn’t want to progress past this and while he knew they’d have to go further at some point, he decided to stay in this beautiful bubble of a moment, kissing Mobius silly until Mobius came all over his hand. “What a delightful human.”

Mobius’ hands were tangled in his curls, pulling him back down for another kiss, even though the human was drowning in the pleasant sensations that had rocked his body. The cold and the heat and motherfucking Loki… “Glad I could make you happy.” Loki gloated affectionately, noting how Mobius had let him take the lead the whole time. He had been in control of everything. Mobius hadn’t hurt him or tried to force him to do more. Mobius had been content to take whatever Loki had to offer, like he was starved for a taste of the Jotunn.

“You make me very happy.” Mobius nuzzled his face against Loki’s neck. “Very happy indeed.”

“Good.” The warmth in Loki’s stomach seemed to emanate from his chest as well. He wasn’t all that sure what it meant, but while it was safe with Mobius, it would be dangerous in Laufey’s court. Mobius had somehow become a weakness and Loki wasn’t sure what to do with that. He’d protect him though. Loki would keep Mobius safe like Mobius protected him. He’d be Mobius’ dragon in turn and Mobius would be his golden hoard. He wasn't sure how he'd pull, but he'd risk it all trying. Mobius was important and Loki wanted to keep him around.

Chapter Text

Mobius had dozed off, so Loki busied themself with cleaning the cottage while he slept. They could barely contain the jittering anxiety that raced under their skin. Once Mobius was awake, Loki wanted to ask him if he would fuck Loki. And something about the whole thing made Loki feel so goddamn nervous. Mobius would take care of them, they knew that, but they were still nervous. First times and all that shit…

It was a silly thing for a whore to be worried about, but things with Mobius were different. Loki wanted Mobius to be happy with them. They wanted Mobius to fuck them to see if it would feel good with him.

Loki found their way to the mirror, still naked, and examined their body carefully. They could hide the scars with glamour, but Mobius had already seen them all. Mobius didn’t seem put off. Loki hadn’t missed how carefully he had traced over the ones he could reach. Mobius cared . And Loki did too. It was sure to end horribly, but Loki couldn’t find it in themself to care.

They shifted their body, carefully removing their cock. Loki hadn’t felt like this in a long time-- they rarely ever felt like appearing this feminine, especially with how the Jotunn went out of their way to call them female. They weren’t, but Loki added the softness all the same, needing the androgyny. Could Mobius accept them even like this? They added softness to their chest-- softness that would come naturally if they ever bore children. Not that Loki was ever going to bear children. Laufey had assured them that would never happen and had taken measures to try to prevent it. Maybe if Mobius got them out. Maybe if things progressed between them and Mobius. Loki had a feeling things wouldn’t be over between them once Mobius got them off of Jotunheim. Their dragon would not let them go so easily.

“Loki?” Mobius called out sleepily and Loki made sure to swing their hips a little more as they entered the bedroom. This was the form the Jotunn preferred on them, and so it was the form they used the least.

“Mobius.” They murmured.

“What’s the occasion?” Mobius sat up on bed, his eyes widening. “You look gorgeous, Loki.”

“Why do I feel like you’d say that no matter what form I take?” Loki grinned, sliding into Mobius’ lap, straddling his strong thighs. Mobius’ hands skimmed over their soft curves and Loki rolled their hips forward, encouraging Mobius’ exploration. “I want you to fuck me.”

“A special occasion indeed.” Mobius commented as if it was merely the weather, but his kiss said far more, causing Loki to sigh into his mouth. Was this what it felt like to be worshipped? It had been so long that Loki had forgotten what it felt like. “I want to fuck you.” Mobius confessed, eyes hooded and dark. Loki made a pleased sound, grinding down against Mobius’ lap.

“Then fuck me.”

“And then I’m going to make love to you.” Loki rolled their eyes, but their smile was pronounced.

“Make me yours, Mobius.” They whined, turning around to back their ass up against Mobius’ cock. Loki hadn’t even touched the man and he was hard and leaking. Was this what it felt like to be desired and respected? Was this what it felt like to be loved? “I want to feel you for the rest of the feast.” Loki moaned as Mobius’ fingers slid inside of them. They were wet already, excited by the prospect of being one with Mobius. Too excited to be nervous anymore. Mobius was awake, he was here, and he was already taking such good care of Loki.

“Anything off limits?” Mobius asked as his fingers slid in and out of Loki’s cunt. Loki’s cunt was swelling open, dripping , for the human who had shown them the most kindness that they had ever known. Kindness and love. Loki shook their head.

“I trust you.” Mobius gasped softly at that, rising to his knees and leaning over Loki’s back as his wet fingers rested on Loki’s hips, guiding them back.

“Then I will be worthy of such trust.” Mobius vowed, pressing kisses along Loki’s spine. “I will be worthy of you.” Mobius used his other hand to guide his cock inside of Loki’s warm, wet cunt, whispering praise as the Jotunn opened up for him. “You’re so goddamn perfect.” Loki leaned their head back, twisting their neck to look back at the human. Mobius smiled over at them, the corners of his eyes crinkling, affection so clear on his face. “I’m the luckiest man in the world, Loki, getting to see you like this-- getting to be with you like this.” Mobius’ weight was on his back as he kissed Loki on their lips as he slowly started to move.

Loki made a soft sound, shifting their hips and spreading their knees to give Mobius more room. “Lie down.” Mobius instructed, helping them ease down to their chest. Loki braced their head on their crossed arms, their back sloping beautifully down from their ass. “Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.” Mobius leaned back, hands on their hips as he slid in and out, giving Loki time to adjust to this new motion. “You feel so good, Loki.”

This much praise was going to be the death of the Frost Giant who basked in the adoration and encouragement. It felt good. Mobius’ slow but steady thrusts had lit a fire in Loki’s belly and they couldn’t help but wriggle their ass to entice the human to thrust a little more deeply. “Do you want more ?” Mobius’ voice deepened and Loki whined in response. “Tell me, dear one, tell me what you want.”

“I want more.” Loki gasped as Mobius sharply thrust in, relaxing into the sudden change. Yes, that was what they needed. “Call me that again, please.” They wanted to be Mobius’ dear one forever if they could. Mobius chuckled, his pace no less slow, but far more powerful. Loki thought they might just lose it all right here with this maddening show of control. Mobius had them-- they were safe-- Mobius was taking such good care of them.

“Dear one.” Mobius said huskily, reaching over and dragging his fingernails across Loki’s scalp and then down their back. Loki let out an embarrassingly loud moan, canting their hips back to meet the human’s thrusts. Their legs were quivering, they were leaking all over Mobius’ bed, and they were happy. “Love seeing you like this.” Mobius sped up his pace, increasing the power of his thrusts until Loki was crying out with every one. Loki was sure if they opened their eyes the stars behind their eyelids would be swirling all around them. This was… this was… heavenly

They weren’t going to last much longer. Loki whined sharply, trying to form the words to ask for permission to come but Mobius was not showing any mercy, drawing more moans and cries from Loki’s lips.

“Ple-plea-se.” Loki gasped and Mobius listened, not bothering to slow down or ease up. “Ple-please, Mo-bi.” He fucked Loki’s begs until they were more cries of pleasure until Loki stiffened, their release sending them flying into the cosmos of bliss and wonderment. A strangled sob echoed between them as Mobius kept fucking until he filled Loki up: his seed dripping down mixed with Loki’s release. “Thank you.” Loki whimpered, curling up so quickly. Mobius wanted nothing more than to collapse down next to the frost giant, but he would clean them up first. He was gentle, not moving Loki any more than he had to before he covered Loki up with a soft, clean blanket. He lay down next to Loki, making sure to not touch them, but also making sure he was close enough if they needed him.

“You are so fucking beautiful.” Mobius said softly. “Inside and out. You never deserved what they did to you-- any of them-- not a single, goddamn thing.” Loki raised their head, their red eyes gleaming with unshed tears. They glanced longingly over at Mobius’ chest, waiting until the human raised his arm in welcome. Loki snuggled against Mobius’ chest, snuffling lightly until Mobius’ fingernails scratched against the top of their head. Slowly, but surely, after a few more strokes, Loki was purring softly before they started to doze. They had done it.

Whatever they faced tonight at the feast, they would face together. This blissful experience had shown them that whatever happened, they could face it together. It would be okay. It had to be.

Chapter Text

“Tonight will be bloody.” Loki warned Mobius as he prepared him for the feast. He shared their magic, his body heat, with him before dressing him and painting those same lines. So what if Loki changed a few of them, leaving his own claim on Mobius in his own way. He pointed them out as he did them, promising Mobius that Laufey wouldn’t care. Laufey probably wouldn’t even notice. Besides, Loki had been promised to Mobius in exchange for the powerful gadget the human kept hidden-- the one that could get them off this frozen rock. Laufey’s word meant something-- it meant they had a chance.

“How bloody?” Mobius made a face. He could hold his own, but he didn’t care for useless violence.

“We sacrifice to the Teeth Beneath tonight.” Loki shivered. “It--it might be me.” He hoped it wouldn’t. Mobius’ arrival had secured him in a way he had not been before. Someone would miss him if he was on the ice. Laufey wouldn’t get the gadget if Loki was the one on the ice.

“Never.” Mobius growled. “I will not let them take you.” Loki had to laugh lightly as the human pulled him close enough to feel the warmth radiating off of him. Heat could be deadly to a Frost Giant-- but Loki didn’t think it was so bad when it came from Mobius. He hesitantly brought his arms up and squeezed Mobius back. A hug. It was so simple and yet so dangerous. It was done so casually but meant so much. It was going to hurt when everything fell apart. Mobius would leave him at some point and Loki didn’t think he’d ever be ready for that day, even if it came after a lifetime together.

Loki shook his head. He was not imagining a life with Mobius. He couldn’t afford to do that just yet. He still wasn’t free. And they hadn’t talked about after  yet as if talking about it might jinx the whole plan.

“What are your plans with me after we pull this off?” Loki asked despite his own concerns. He needed to know before he started coming up with even more fanciful imaginings. It wasn’t like they were going to settle down in domestic bliss: Loki was a whore, a prince, and a god. Mobius was kindness and love personified and yet, still just a man. Loki didn’t know in what world, what universe, that this would work out.

“I want to take you to the beach.” Mobius smiled up at him, hands skimming down the inches of gorgeous indigo flesh that he had the privilege to taste and to kiss and to--  “I want to spoil you rotten until you’re sick of me.” Loki tossed his head back, teeth gleaming as he laughed.

“I don’t think I could ever get sick of you.” Mobius was interesting in ways that no one had been interested in before. Loki liked him. Loki trusted Mobius. He just hoped everything wouldn’t go sideways because of it. Trust had a rich history of not working out. Mobius’ eyes shone up at him and Loki wanted to kiss him. Not for any other reason except that he wanted to, that he could. “Can I--?” He touched the side of Mobius’ face gently, his thumb sliding down the corner of Mobius’ moustache and his lips. Mobius nodded and Loki leaned down to kiss him softly. Mobius kissed him back until Loki made a soft, needy sound. What was it about this man that could make him undone so quickly? But Loki knew the answer to that-- he had let Mobius in. There was no other resistance between them. “We’ve got to go.” Loki pulled back. “We can’t be late.”

Sure enough, the guards knocked on the door a few minutes later and Loki and Mobius made their way carefully across the ice.

“You two look well.” One of the guards scanned them warily. “Well enough to join in tonight anyways.”

“We’re looking forward to it.” Mobius took Loki’s arm, wanting to keep him close. The guards watched the interactions, confusion creasing their foreheads. “Is today the official start of the new year?”

“No, tomorrow.” The other guard grunted. “You look different. You look--” They cut themselves off as Laufey appeared at the gate to greet them.

“I wasn’t sure you’d come.” Laufey made no attempts to hide his displeasure.

“I gave you my word.” Mobius was not to be undone. “We’re here as you requested, your majesty.”

“And the gadget?”

“I will give it to you when we leave.” Mobius promised.

“Very well. Follow me.”

This night’s feast was on another large dias, but this one was overlooking the ice. It was a sharp drop, but not so high that one wouldn’t survive. There was a large fire on one end where the tables had been set up, but then there was the poles that the sacrifices were strung up on out over the ice fields, their blood dripping down.

“Oh.” Mobius squinted at the frost giants that were clearly in pain and terrified. “Are those the sacrifices?”

“Yes.” Laufey growled softly. “It will be a good year.” Loki froze when he recognized the last one. Usually sacrifices were common whores, slaves, and the like--- Jotunn that no one would miss. But the last pole, the one closest to the dais, held his mother.

“Farbauti.” Loki whispered, shaken to his core. It was for him. There was no doubt. Laufey had put her there because he couldn’t put Loki there. Mobius frowned, halting to see what he was looking at.

“Your queen?” He questioned and Laufey chuckled.

“Not anymore. I have a new one now. A younger one. One who will give me stronger heirs.”

“Please.” Loki couldn’t stop the words even if he tried. He should not speak up. He was endangering them-- the mission-- everything, but he couldn’t let Farbauti be sacrificed in his stead. It was dishonorable. It was cruel. It was not the legacy he wanted to have. “Please don’t sacrifice her.” He whispered. Laufey turned around, red eyes glaring. Loki’s knees trembled and he fell down, crumpling down before his king. “Please don’t kill her.”

“It should be you!” Laufey hissed and Mobius stiffened at those words, realizing what Loki already knew. He had saved Loki and in doing so, Laufey was going to make Loki watch his dam die in his place.

“I know.” Loki whimpered. “I know.” Mobius knew better than to wade into it, but Loki was a mess at his feet and Laufey was too damn smug about the whole thing for him not to speak up.

“Maybe there’s something we can work out--”

“Silence” Laufey roared and the whole dais fell silent, staring at the three of them. No one looked away, not even after the first sacrifice met their bloody end in the mouths of two Teeth Beneath. Mobius held his ground, but he obeyed, keeping quiet as Laufey rounded in on him and Loki. “This little whore has bewitched you, Midgardian. Do you think I didn’t notice how he’s claimed you for his own? You will not make me a fool!”

“I--” Mobius went to defend them, to defend his request when Laufey’s scepter, the same one that had defiled his Loki, struck him in the side of the head. He dropped down to his knees and his hands, breathing hard, as blood started to trickle down from the wound. Loki snarled, reaching for his magic so instinctively that he didn’t have time to think. Laufey took a step back as green magic flickered out like lightning over the entirety of the dais. It was the biggest show of strength Loki had managed since he had arrived, but since his magic was still bound, it did nothing.

“Does Loki think he’s something special now that some Midgardian wants to fuck him?” Laufey sneered down at Loki who was reaching over for Mobius, staring up at his sire with wide, red eyes. Loki knew he had fucked up. Laufey was not going to let this slide. “An attempt on your king’s life is treason, Loki of nothing, and the penalty is death.”

“No!” Mobius went to rise as the guards grabbed Loki. Laufey hit him again in the head and Mobius went sprawling.

“Your whore isn’t worth it.” Laufey chuckled. “Throw Loki in the box.” He turned and stalked back to his throne. “Let us enjoy the sacrifices!” The crowd cheered, eyeing Mobius warily. Laufey had hurt a foreign dignitary and the frost giants knew from experience that they would pay for that slight. Mobius slipped in and out of consciousness, the clouds swirling above as he struggled to come back to himself. He could hear the roar of the crowd-- the screams of the sacrifices-- the screams of-- Loki was screaming.

“It’s too hot! No! Please!” Loki was dragged to the metal box that lay beneath the dais, partially under the huge bonfire. “Mobius! Help me! Please!” He wasn’t too proud to beg now. The doors were hauled open and Loki was shoved inside. He fell against the hot metal, screaming as his skin made contact with the searing heat. “Help me! Mobius! Please!” He couldn’t stop screaming. Everything he touched, no matter where he moved-- he felt as if he was on fire. It was too hot. The heat was suffocating as he struggled against the doors. The metal bit into his skin, burning him deeply. A frost giant in the box only had a few good minutes left. The heat would destroy them inside and out. “Mobius…” Loki sagged against the doors, the overwhelming pain threatening to take him right then and there. He wasn’t going to survive this. No one was coming this time.

Loki didn’t know that Mobius was coming despite the two blows to his head. He had managed to get on his hands and knees and once the earth stopped spinning, he had moved to a safer hiding place under one of the tables.

While the crowd and Laufey were distracted, Mobius sent an SOS call to Ravonna before he crawled over to the box. He was protected by Loki’s magic from the cold, but the magic of a frost giant was no match against the searing heat. Mobius wrapped his hands the best he could before grabbing the doors and hauling them open. He wasn’t fast enough, fabric melting into his skin. It fucking hurt, but he couldn’t stop until he got Loki out. Loki was leaning against the doors, half of his body covered in burns that were rapidly spreading. He was babbling something, shrieking as Mobius yanked him up and out.

“Come on.” Mobius managed to get them off the dais and into a corner of the ice palace. Ice. Cold. Frozen shit that would help the burns that now covered all of Loki’s body. “Loki, stay with me.” Mobius pleaded, gently pushing Loki’s hair back from his face. He was breathing still, but barely, his body going into shock. “I’m here, Loki, we’re going to get you out of this.”

“Loki!” Mobius looked up in time to see a hammer come streaking by, slamming into Laufey and killing him instantly. Thor was by his brother’s side in a heartbeat. “Thank you, human, I will take it from here.” TVA agents appeared through doors, grabbing Mobius and whisking him away.

“Loki!” Mobius panicked, reaching for him, but the door slid shut and Loki and Thor didn’t appear.

“Well done, agent.” Ravonna was there. “We’ll get you patched up in no time.”

“Loki needs my help!”

“No, your mission is complete. Asgard wanted our help getting him back and you’ve done just that. Well done. Once you’ve recovered, you’ll be able to have that vacation as promised.” Ravonna grinned, expecting Mobius to be happy.

“What have you done?” He asked as he was lifted up onto a stretcher. “What have you done, Ravonna?”

“My job?” She answered, confused. “Get some rest. I’ll debrief you once you’ve been treated and had a chance to settle in. Good work, Mobius.” Mobius was carried away as the doctor approached.

“Do you want us to wipe his mind again, ma’am?”

“Not yet.” She shook her head. “This has been an interesting development and we may still need those memories.”

“Thor is confident the frost giant will make it.”

“Excellent.” Ravonna shooed him away. “Now make sure Mobius does the same. He’s the best damn agent we’ve got.”

“Right away.”

Chapter Text

Loki woke up with a start. He was covered in bandages, but that wasn’t enough to block out the intense pain that came screaming back to him. He had been burned and burned badly. Mobius had come for him. Mobius. Where the Hel was Mobius?

“Where’s Mobius?” He asked before he could stop himself, narrowing his eyes over at Thor. His rescuer. His captor. His brother . He winced at the sound of his voice, ragged and raw. He faintly remembered the searing pain… the screaming.

“Come, brother, don’t look at me like that.” Thor was cautious of him, as he should be. Loki still had teeth and claws in this form. “The mortal did his job and he did it well. They told me he would be able to help us rescue you and he did.”

“I want to see him.” Loki’s bottom lip trembled. Mobius had been hurt. Loki hadn’t been able to protect him.

“His mission is over, Loki. You’re home now. Why does it matter?” It mattered to Loki! He needed Mobius to be here, to help him make sense of all these changes. He needed Mobius to hold him and to tell him everything was going to be okay. He was weak , but it didn’t matter when Mobius was around-- his brave dragon snarling at opponents twice his size to keep Loki safe. Loki wanted the life he had imagined once they were free of Jotunheim, of maybe going back with Mobius, living with him until they eventually got sick of each other or Mobius died-- because Mobius was a human and humans did awful things like die far earlier than Loki would.

Thor must have noticed the pained look that crossed Loki’s face because he handed Loki a folder. “Here’s the report he wrote about you, brother, but if it means that much to you, I’ll have him sent here immediately.” Loki flipped open the folder and froze as he read the words Mobius had written about him.

...responds well to praise and feeling safe. It took some time for me to build trust, but Loki was quite easy to work with after that initial period of distrust… Eager to please...” Loki was going to be sick as he scanned the section that objectively described his neediness. He had trusted Mobius and Mobius had been playing him the whole time. Sure, it had been to save him and return him to Asgard, but Loki had believed that Mobius cared about him for him. He had never considered Mobius might be coming from a different angle.

Loki handed Thor the report back quickly, nearly shoving it into Thor’s face.

“I don’t want to read anymore.” Loki said sullenly. “It’s fine. He’s completed his mission and we should both get on with our lives.” Thor sighed, sensing it was not fine. He studied his brother, hating that he hadn’t been able to save him sooner. It was odd seeing Loki like this, in his Jotunn form, and yet it made sense. It suited him as well as anything else Loki wore. He had an elegance that had always escaped Thor-- often making him feel like the bumbling fool with his grace and his clever wit. It had taken Thor a while to realize that he made Loki feel small and unseen. They’d work on healing together now that Odin was no longer around to pit them against each other. There was no Odin left to impress-- they could only face themselves now and hope they made the cut.

“Do you want your seidr unbound?” Thor asked gently. Odin had taken Loki’s magic and Thor wanted to make sure that was one of the first things he gave back.

“The King of Asgard wants to give me my magic back?” Loki raised an eyebrow at that, nodding to the crown Thor wore now. “Are you sure that’s wise, brother?”

“I have to start trusting you sooner than later.” Thor joked softly. “I can’t undo the past wrongs done to you if I treat you like a wild animal.”

“Have you seen me?” Loki sighed. “I am a wild animal, Thor.” Thor shook his head.

“No, you’re my brother who has had to suffer far more than he should have.” Thor reached over and took Loki’s hand. “I will right Father’s wrongs.” Loki flinched, but he didn’t pull away like he wanted to. Thor was trying and that meant that Loki could try too.

“He’s not my Father.”

“Fair.” Thor nodded. “He never did right by you. Neither of them did.” Loki blanched, but settled for his usual venom.

“I’m glad they’re both dead.”

“Me too.” Loki was surprised by that shared sentiment, but he relaxed into it. Thor murmured some words and the chains holding back Loki’s magic snapped. It exploded for one frantic moment until he was able to soothe it back to him, letting it caress him. He had missed his magic and his magic had missed him.

“I don’t think that was a good idea.” Loki turned to Thor with glowing eyes. “I can get all the revenge I want on my own now. What’s there to stop me from hurting you?”

“I trust you not to, brother.” Thor, to his credit, didn’t even flinch. Loki did, however, at those words. He had trusted Mobius and Mobius had betrayed him. Mobius didn’t actually care for him. He didn’t love him. Loki blinked-- he would not cry in front of his brother. His eyes flickered back to red and he slumped back against the bed. He was still weak. The heat had nearly killed him and Mobius-- Mobius had gotten hurt trying to save him.

“Do you want to change your appearance?” Thor asked as delicately as he was capable of asking. Loki bristled at the insinuation and snarled.


“I-It’s not that I want you to change your appearance, brother. You were born to this body and you have every right to appear how you want.”

“Agreed.” Loki growled.

“I have been working on relations with Jotunheim, but Father’s lies have gone deeper than I can tell. Asgard is still prejudiced against the Jotunn-- I want to keep you safe!”

“I will not change my appearance so those assholes can feel more at ease in my presence. I am their fucking prince and they will do well to treat me with respect whether my skin is pale or indigo.” Loki hissed. He wasn’t ready to let go of his Jotunn form again. He had been trapped so long, and yet, with Mobius, he had learned to appreciate it. He had learned he could be worshipped in it. “Is Mobius okay?” Loki asked. “He was injured when he saved me from the vault.”

“I don’t know what happened to him, Loki.” Thor answered truthfully. “I was only concerned about you. I’m sure the TVA got to him in time.”

“Can you check for me?” Loki asked. “I’d like to know for sure. He-- He became my friend while he was in Jotunheim.” Thor studied Loki carefully. He had read the whole report, he knew every terrible thing his brother had been subjected to, and he had noticed the agent’s objectivity slipping with each entry. Mobius cared about his brother-- it was clear from his writing that he cared deeply. And if Thor had to warrant a guess, Loki cared for him too.

“Would you like for me to send for him if he’s well enough?” Thor offered.

“No.” Loki shook his head. “I don’t think I can handle seeing him right now.” He answered truthfully. “Everything still feels too much like betrayal.” Like how Loki had asked Mobius to fuck him the day he realized he truly trusted him. Like how Mobius had worshipped him and protected him in ways Loki hadn’t known he could be worshipped and protected. Mobius had made him feel so good-- hadn’t taken anything for himself except Loki’s trust. Everything had been personal between them, even when Loki had tried to keep his walls up. And to read Mobius describing him like he didn’t give a shit, like Loki was just a mission-- it had stung. It had fucking hurt.

“Well, let me know if you change your mind. From what I gathered from the whole report,” Thor waved the folder in the air, “Mobius really came to care about you during your time together.” Loki scoffed softly, curling up on the bed. Thor stood, covering him up with a blanket. “If you need anything at all, please ask.” Thor stated almost pleadingly and Loki nodded.

“I will. Thank you, Thor.” Regardless of how they parted, they were both different now. Perhaps they could have the relationship they always wanted-- perhaps they could finally be proper brothers now that Odin was out of the way.

“When can Mother come see you?” Thor had waited to bring Frigga up. He had wanted to make sure Loki could be trusted. He had wanted to make sure Loki felt safe. They had always been close.

“Whenever she wants.” Whatever walls Loki had built up against Mobius, he had no such boundaries with Frigga. He had missed her with all his being. “W-what happened to Farbauti?” Loki dared to ask about his dam. “Do you know if she survived?” They had never been close, but seeing her strung up like that, taking his place out on the ice, it had affected Loki far more than he let on. It had been part of the reason he lost control so easily when Laufey had threatened Mobius. Loki had known he would hurt Mobius in that moment and he couldn’t let it happen, falling right into the trap laid for them.

Maybe that was the other reason he didn’t want to see Mobius. He had failed him. He hadn’t been able to keep him safe like he had promised.

“She survived.” Thor assured Loki. He had met with her earlier, hadn’t been able to look away from the glaring similarities between her and his brother. “She’s here. Mother is taking care of her.”

“Good.” Loki looked tired and so Thor decided to let him rest. He rose, touching Loki’s shoulder gently.

“Rest, brother. Mother will come see you soon.” Loki had to smile at the thought. He’d work on healing himself after he rested. He was feeling so very tired.

“Thank you.” Loki murmured, already starting to doze. Thor watched him sleep for a moment before he left, grateful that there was some peace here in Asgard for Loki. He would pour all the resources he had as king to make up for the fucking wrongs his Father and Asgard had done. And now for what Jotunheim had done as well. Loki should have been a king-- not this-- never this.

Chapter Text

When Loki woke up, not only Frigga was there, but Farbauti was there as well.

“Good morning, my sweet son.” Frigga smiled down at him.

“M-mother?” Loki sat up quickly, too quickly, unable to keep from crying out as he slumped back down against the bed.

“Easy.” Frigga knelt by the bed, her hand gentle against his cheek. “Your magic has been working overtime to heal you, but some things cannot be rushed.” She glanced at the rest of him. “At least you’re healing, at least you’re still here.” She looked behind her and reached for Farbauti. Loki locked eyes with his dam, swallowing hard. His red eyes watered and he blinked quickly.

“I’m sorry.” He choked out. “It should have been me sacrificed. Not you.”

“He’s dead.” Farbauti reached over and squeezed his arm. It was the first time Loki remembered her touching him. “We are not. That’s all that matters.”

“He’s really dead?” Loki asked.

“Thor killed him.” Farbauti answered. “Not even Laufey could withstand his hammer.”

“What will happen to Jotunheim now?”

“I don’t know.”

“I think that is something Thor wants to discuss with you once you’ve recovered.” Frigga said gently.

“I’m no king.” Loki scoffed. “Not like this. Not with how they’ve seen me and used me.” Frigga’s face softened and Farbauti’s expression hardened at his declaration.

“You can either be strong about it or--”

“Farbauti--” Frigga laid a gentle hand over Farbauti’s bandages. “Vulnerability is strength. Loki brings up a fair point.” Farbauti shook her off, regarding her carefully.

“He’s both our son-- we can both give him advice how we see fit.”

“Where’s Thor?” Loki forced himself back up, swinging his feet over the side of the bed. He took the offered robe from one of the attendants, carefully easing into it. “I’d like to see him immediately. Good to see you, Mother.” He glanced over at Farbauti. “I’m glad you survived.”

“My sacrifice was no dishonor to you, my son.” Farbauti spoke carefully. “Only on Laufey.”

“Thank you.” Loki nodded his head in gratitude, understanding that she was trying to be softer for his sake. Not because he needed it, but because she was the odd one out here in Asgard. Because she knew he blamed himself.

“Don’t overdo it.” Frigga warned.

“Stop coddling him.” Farbauti snorted. “He is stubborn. He will find his limits whether he wants to or not. He can pick himself up from there.” Frigga regarded her for a minute and then acknowledged her agreement.

“Wise words.” She admitted. “I am overdoing it, I know. It’s just he’s been gone so long and he never should have been forced to leave. I couldn’t stop Odin and now look what has happened to him…”

“Odin’s fault, not yours.”

“I should have stopped him!”

Loki shook his head and forced himself onward. He didn’t have the time or the emotional capacity to overhear anymore of that particular conversation between his mothers. He wondered if they had talked about how it felt for Farbauti to have Odin take Loki from Jotunheim the first time, after Laufey had abandoned him to die out on the ice. He’d go find Thor, refuse whatever throne his brother might be lining up for him, and then go back to focusing on his healing.

He hadn’t spent the last years being degraded and humiliated just to be sat on a throne. The Jotun wouldn’t accept him as their king-- Loki couldn’t even accept the thought of being their king. They’d laugh at him.

Or worse.

By the gods, Loki missed Mobius. He wasn’t ready to see him yet or to ask Thor to bring him round, but he couldn’t help hoping to see him soon. He couldn’t help glancing at the faces of men who reminded him just enough of the agent in hopes that they were the one who had earned his trust and gotten close to his heart. 

Mobius woke up with a gasp, his heart feeling as if it might pound out his chest. It had been a few days and he was still confined to a hospital bed, still hooked up to these bloody machines that wouldn’t stop beeping. He yanked at his arm, trying to get up, but the cuffs held him firm. The cuffs never broke.

“Get me out of here!” He bellowed, his voice echoing through the medical floor. “Let me go!”

A doctor alerted Ravonna who sighed and made her way to see him. He was still frantic, still trying to free himself when she arrived.

“Mobius, stop before you hurt yourself even more than you already are.” She cautioned from the door. The doctor had warned her not to get too close.

“Ravonna, please have them release me.” Mobius begged. “I can’t heal like this. I need to know he’s okay.”

“Mobius, you’re fixating. This is why I had to wipe your mind the last time.” Ravonna sighed deeply. “A mistake I’m trying not to repeat right now.”

“I’ve met Loki before?!” The cuffs rattled as Mobius leaned forward. “We knew each other?”

“Once. We wiped both your minds because you became unhinged.” Ravonna shook her head. “It wasn’t good. Sending you on that mission was a risk I had to take because you know him the best, you’re obsessed, but you’re the best until you get fully attached. Loki is fine. He’s healing. He’s home with his family. They’ve given him his magic back and he didn’t even read your report other than a page.”

“What page did he read?” Mobius snarled. “I need to see him, to explain. I need to know he’s okay for myself.” Mobius felt unhinged. Being away from Loki, being separated like that-- it was traumatic and now he knew why. They had been separated before. “Why were we separated before?”

“Because Odin decided to send Loki to Jotunheim instead of to Midgard to be with you.” Mobius gasped. All of that pain and abuse could have been avoided if Odin had let Loki come with him?! The reality of that thought hurt his heart more than he had thought possible. He had known Loki before. He had loved Loki before. And then they had been ripped apart. Ravonna rolled her eyes as if she could hear his thoughts. “Focus, Mobius. I have a new case for you. Let go of Loki or we will help you do just that.”

“You’ll wipe my mind again?”

“And send you on that vacation as promised. You’ll be happy again! You’ll be at peace. That’s got to be better than this frenzied state.”

“He was nearly killed in front of me, Ravonna. How do I know he’s not dead?”

“I will send for Thor. Maybe he can alleviate some of your worries. He’s already offered to bring you in once, but Loki refused. He said it felt too much like a betrayal.” Mobius stiffened. That was something Loki would say and that was why he needed to make his way back to Loki’s side. He needed to be back where he belonged. Loki needed to know he was still worthy of his trust.

“Thank you.”

A week passed and still there was no sign of Thor. Mobius’ health took a decline for the worse and the doctor urged Ravonna to reconsider her decision regarding Mobius’ memories. Finally, she signed off and the procedure was done quickly, Mobius drugged into compliance. When he woke up, he was back in his apartment, just a few bandages wrapped to him.

“That was a rough last mission you had.” Ravonna laughed. “How the hell did you manage to get burned so badly?”

“I-I don’t remember.” Mobius cocked his head to one side.

“The doctor said you hit your head pretty hard. He warned me there might be some memory loss.”

“What happened?”

“You pissed off a king.”

“Sounds like me.” Mobius chuckled. “What’s the next case, boss?”

“Vacation.” Ravonna smiled. “Then I’ll have something good for you. Something that won’t hurt you so badly.” Mobius smiled over at her.

“Thanks, Ravonna.” She left and Mobius lay back in his bed, staring up at the ceiling. It was good to be home. He rolled over onto his side, trying to ignore the nagging voice in the back of mind that he was missing something big. “Home sweet home.” He sighed to himself. The feeling would eventually go away. It always did.


On Asgard, Loki was lying in their bed too.

“Help me!” They pleaded as they realized their bed was soaked in warm blood. “Help! Someone please help!” Loki didn’t dare move. They didn’t know what was wrong. Frigga ran in with the healers and the attendants.

“What happened?” Her hand was gentle on the side of their face and Loki looked up at her with scared eyes.

“I don’t know, Mother. I woke up to all this blood.” Farbauti froze in the doorway, sniffing carefully.

“I know what happened,” She said, “I’m sorry, Loki. You must have been carrying the Midgardian’s baby when you came back. They are no more.”

“I was pregnant?” Loki twisted their head to look at her. They had been carrying their dragon’s baby? A sense of terrible loss ripped through them and Loki didn’t bother to stop their sudden sobs. They couldn’t stop them even if they tried. “I want Mobius.” They cried, burying their face into Frigga’s embrace as Farbauti guided the healers in how to best help Loki’s body. Attendants hurried to clean Loki up as they sobbed in their mother’s arms. “I want Mobius now. I can’t face this alone, not without answers.”

"We'll get him for you." Frigga promised. "I want some answers myself."

Chapter Text

Mobius was packing for his vacation a few days later when Ravonna showed up unannounced.

“What is it?” He asked after he opened the door for her. “Are you really going to miss me that much?” Ravonna couldn’t manage a smile at his joke and that was when Mobius knew something was wrong. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Something went wrong with your last mission.” She covered her eyes for a moment before putting her hand down. Whatever had happened had really gone wrong if she was visibly worried. “You got someone pregnant and they just miscarried.”

“I--what?!” Mobius blinked, jerking his head back. “That doesn’t sound like me. I don’t remember any of this!” He wracked his brain, searching for some kind of memory, anything. He couldn’t help the panic rising inside of him. He would never leave someone to fend for themselves like that, especially if they were pregnant. It wouldn’t even have to be his baby for him to stay with them. The voice in the back of his mind had been right. He had missed something big and now he wasn’t the only one paying for it.

“And now their family is demanding your presence so that they can pass their own judgement on you.”

“That’s out of their jurisdiction, right?” Ravonna’s features grew so pinched that Mobius didn’t want the answer. He would go anyway. He had to do right by whoever it was that he couldn’t remember. Damn head injury! He grabbed his head, wanting nothing more than to scream in frustration. A feeling that only grew when he looked up to see Ravonna looking at him with guilt and pity.

“Not on this mission.”  She sighed. “They came to us for help and I sent you. They’re holding us all liable on this.”

“I got someone pregnant?! What the Hel, Ravonna?! I don’t usually go for women!” Ravonna gave him another glance that made him want to curse. Damn her and her pity! She knew more than she was saying, but she would always do what she thought was best, even when it came to other people’s lives. “Did you know?!” He asked suddenly and her face shuttered shut.

“It’ll make sense once you’re there. Some memories are sure to come back once you see them, right?”

“I don’t think that’s how memory loss works.”

“They have magic.” Ravonna shrugged. “Just try not to think of me too unkindly when it all comes out. I did what I had to do.” She pulled open a Time Door as Mobius tried to ponder what the hell that meant.

“What do you mean?!” And with that, Ravonna pushed him through. Mobius tripped and fell on a bridge made from rainbows and ice, all glittering together. “No way.” Mobius knew this bridge. He stood to his feet, gazing at the skyline in awe. “Asgard? Who the Hel in Asgard would sleep with me?” He joked to himself. This was all so awful, not knowing. He had to make this right though. He would. He took a step forward and halted instantly when he realized he wasn’t alone.

“Mobius M. Mobius?” A tall guard walked up to him, his long sword sheathed on his back. His dark skin glistened in the warm sun and his eyes glowed an amber gold. He was beautiful and intimidating, just how Mobius had imagined all Asgardians to be.

“That’s me.” Mobius answered nonchalantly, trying to hide his nerves. He’d been in tougher situations than this, although none came to mind right now.

“Welcome to Asgard. We didn’t think you’d show.” The man smirked down at him. Mobius looked up at him, holding his own ground.

“Whatever you all must think of me, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Abandoning a pregnant lover is wrong.”

“I don’t remember sleeping with anyone! I can’t even remember my last mission! I just woke up two days ago in my bed with healing burns and memory loss!” Mobius took a breath to steady himself. “You’re Heimdall, right? You can see it all. I’ve known I’m missing something, something big , from this mission, but I didn’t think it was a child. I wouldn’t abandon a lover.”

“I know.” Heimdall studied him with somber eyes. “Emotions are running high in the capital right now. Asgard wants to do right by their sons, especially the one that has suffered so much.”

“How can I help?” Mobius offered. “Look, I’m here to make this right. I will do whatever it takes. I recognize I am forfeit in this matter, and I offer myself up to make it better.”

“You really don’t remember.” Heimdall mused. “His magic should be able to help with that. Let’s hope he’s in a kind enough headspace to use it.” He turned and began to walk towards the city. “Come.”

“Or else what?” Mobius hurried after him.

“Or else you’ll be down on your knees in a collar.” Heimdall chuckled. “He cares for you though, even if he tries to hide it.”

“He? Who are we talking about?” Mobius’ nerves grew. He was about to meet someone he abandoned, someone he had clearly cared for. Mission or not, Mobius didn’t attach to others easily. He certainly didn’t have sex just to have it. He preferred to have a connection first.

“What do you remember about Frost Giants?” Heimdall asked, as they made their way through the city.

“The Jotunn?” Mobius squinted. “That’s fuzzy.” Why was it fuzzy? Did his last mission involve them? Had he mated with a Frost Giant?”

“Well, you’re about to meet two, so be polite.” Heimdall cautioned him. “This will all make sense once we recover your memories.”

“I’m fucking tired of everyone saying that.” Mobius couldn’t help but grumble. He was still weak-- all this walking made him feel out of breath and tired. “But you can see my memories?” He wanted to have one ally-- ally wasn’t the right word. He wanted one person there who knew the truth even if he didn’t.

“I can, but you won’t believe me until you can access them yourself. I see all, remember?” There was amusement in Heimdall’s rich voice. “Don’t worry, Midgardian. If Asgard wanted you dead, I would have fulfilled their wishes on the bridge.” Heimdall smiled as they entered the palace. “They want you alive and they want answers.”

“So do I.” Mobius stated bravely. “I want to know what memories I lost.”

“You will in due time.” Heimdall smiled. “Let’s hope it’s not too late.” He yanked open the door and ushered Mobius inside the throne room of Asgard. It was golden, gilded from the floor to the ceiling. And on the raised dais sat the king. Thor . Thor was the king now, not Odin. And some part of Mobius that he didn’t understand was so fucking glad for it. There was another throne and on it sat a Frost Giant, intimidating and blue, with golden horns on his head. His red gaze was level but cloaked in something deadly. He was scarred-- odd for a royal-- healed burns and claw scars on the parts Mobius could see. He was no doubt a great warrior.


But he was burned like Mobius had been. Mobius’ feet faltered as he stared at the Frost Giant.

“You--” He blinked, reaching for the thought that was just out of reach. “I know you and yet… I can’t remember you.” Thor looked over at the Frost Giant, covering his hand with his own hand. Red eyes were filled with unshed tears, glittering down at Mobius.

“What have they done to you, Mobius? My Midgardian dragon.” The endearment jolted Mobius and he knelt down on the ground. This was the one he had left, the one that had suffered. He didn’t know how he knew, he just knew .

“I’m so sorry.” Emotion welled up in him and he bowed his face down to the golden floor. His stricken expression staring back up at him. “I want to remember you.”

“The TVA wiped his memories.” Heimdall spoke up, coming to stand next to Mobius. “He wouldn’t stop trying to return to your side, Loki . Your magic can bring back his memories if you so choose. He didn’t leave you by choice.” And with that, Heimdall left.

“Of all the things I expected of the trial, Heimdall defending him was not on that list.” Thor said to Loki who stared down at the broken man down on the ground before them.

“Mobius wouldn’t hurt me. Not willingly.” He said softly. “I’m going to give him his memories back.” The Jotunn prince pushed himself up from the throne and carefully made his way down the golden stairs.

Mobius was staring down at the floor when Loki knelt in front of him. His face was lifted with two gentle hands to look Loki in the face.

“I’m sorry.” His eyes filled with tears and Loki brushed the errant tears  away with soft strokes of his thumbs.

“It’s going to be okay.” He promised as his eyes began to glow. “Come back to me, my dragon.” Mobius’ stared at Loki’s green, glowing eyes, the prince’s seidr flowing down his arms, through his fingers, and into Mobius’ mind. Carefully, Loki pulled his memories back from where they had been locked away. He hesitated when he saw Ravonna’s confession about how he and Mobius had met before-- this world kept on getting more and more cruel-- especially when he saw how Mobius had suffered in his hospital bed, trying to get back to him. His dragon had fought so hard and they had taken Loki from him, leaving him lost and unsure. He hadn't known what to fight for anymore.

Loki would process all of that later. He needed to insure Mobius came back to him.

“Loki, Loki, I remember.” Mobius was sobbing and Loki gathered him up close as the man surged forward into his arms. Loki pressed a soft kiss to Mobius’ head, cradling him as they both wept.

“You’re home now.” Loki promised. “You’re not going anywhere this time. You did it. You made it back to me.” Loki pulled his chin up and kissed him firmly. Mobius kissed him back, clinging to him. "It wasn't your fault, Mobius, the baby... It wasn't your fault." He murmured, holding him close as Mobius melted into his embrace. "You did all that could. You fought to keep me safe. I'm the one who failed you."

"Never!" Loki had to smile at that, glancing up to see his brother's watery eyes all the way up on his throne. 

"I'm keeping this one."

"I'll get him an apple." Thor replied. "And so it shall be so."

Chapter Text

Mobius hurried after the tall Frost Giant as they left the throne room. He had thanked Thor for his mercy and Thor had just shooed him off, grumbling something about how Mobius better treat his sibling right.

“Are you okay?” Mobius boldly slid his hand into Loki’s, tangling their fingers together and squeezing gently. Loki glanced down, surprised, and then looked over at him fondly.

“I missed you.” Loki’s voice was hoarse. “When they told me that you didn’t remember me… I wanted to scream.” He paused. “I did scream.” There had been so much loss in a short time, and while most of it had been good, Loki was struggling to adjust. He couldn’t just forget all the years of being subjected and tormented. Loki didn’t want to waste time on revenge-- Odin and Laufey were dead and they were the ones to blame. Thor had gotten to kill them both, and while he wished he could have had a hand in that, Loki was just glad they were dead. He wouldn’t miss either of them.

“I fought so hard to come back to you.” Mobius’ voice was sorrowful. “They had me cuffed to my bed so I couldn’t escape. I couldn’t get back to you. And then they took all I had left of you away too.” He took in a shaky breath, finally voicing the thought he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about since his memories had been restored. “Loki, I don’t know if I can go back. I can’t live with what they did to us or what they did to me.” He looked over, using his other hand to wipe roughly at the unshed tears glistening in his eyes.

“As if I’d be letting you go back anywhere now that I have you.” Loki gave him a warm smile that spoke up protectiveness more than anything. The Jotunn squeezed Mobius’ hand back in return. The possessiveness was there, yes, but Loki wouldn’t force him to stay. “If you want to stay here, with me… there might be goodness here that you can find to do.”

“You want me to stay with you?” Mobius seemed so genuinely surprised that Loki was almost hurt. Did Mobius not realize how much Loki had missed him? Had Mobius not realized just how much he had made Loki his own back in Jotunheim? Jotunheim seemed as if a fever dream– so far away and yet so horribly near. Loki didn’t want to think about Jotunheim anymore.

“I want you to be mine forever. And I will be yours.” Loki spoke plainly. There didn’t seem to be any reason to mince words. He and Mobius had a history and Loki wanted them to finally have a future.

“I-I’d like that too, Loki.” Mobius responded softly. “I want to remember before. Can you restore those memories too?” It was brave of him to ask but Loki had been thinking about that too. He wanted to know what it had been like before they had been separated and forced to forget each other.

“I will.” Loki smiled sadly. “But not today. I’m still recovering.”

“Of course.” Mobius squeezed his hand. “Where are we going?”

“Our rooms.” Loki kept his gaze forward. “I have to visit the healer’s.” He lied. “And I’ll need to go alone. Will you wait for me here?” He walked Mobius to the door. Mobius gave him a searching look but whatever he saw in Loki’s eyes made him nod. Whether his lie was bought or not, Loki didn’t care. He just needed Mobius to allow him that space right now. It wasn’t space he wanted, but he needed to know about before first.

“I’ll be here.” Mobius promised.

“I’m sure my mother will be here soon to meet you.” Loki warned with a mischievous smile, gathering the human up in his arms. Frigga was so excited Mobius was here. “She wanted to hear all about you.” He whispered in his lover’s ear before he kissed Mobius deeply, encouraged when Mobius grabbed at him to pull him closer. He hissed in pain and Mobius released him instantly.

“I’m so sorry–”

“Mobius.” Loki murmured. “We’re healing. This will take some time, but it’s all going to be okay. You’ll see.” He kissed Mobius one last time. “I’ll be back soon.”

“Hurry back.” Mobius reached for him but he was already pulling free, giving his dragon one last lingering look.

“I will.” He promised. Loki didn’t want to leave Mobius’ arms. He had missed him too much for all of this, but he needed to know the truth and he wasn’t going to learn it secondhand from Mobius’ memories. He needed to know from his own mind first.

Loki sneaked out of the city, not an easy feat for an injured Jotunn, but he managed. He climbed into the thick forest and made his way into nature. Birds sang in the trees, a few flapping overhead, startled by his appearance. He followed the tangled path, holding his dagger close in case some Asgardian surprised him. It had been a rough adjustment for the Asgardian people to have two Jotunn living in the palace, but Thor had been true to his word. Loki and Farbauti were protected by the crown, and while there was tension at times, all of them were adjusting.

Finally, Loki arrived at his destination– a cave that led into the side of the mountain and opened up to overlook a stormy sea. He had chosen solitude for a reason. Loki didn’t know what he was going to find in his own mind. He didn’t know what it might awaken in him. He didn’t have the best grip on his magic when his emotions were running wild, especially in his weakened state. Loki wouldn’t risk Asgard. He wouldn’t risk Mobius.

And considering that he had never tried to unlock his own memories… Loki had figured it was best to do this on his own. He didn’t want to hurt anyone he loved. He wasn’t that person anymore– not that he had ever been the villain Odin had tried to make him into. Odin. Just hearing his adoptive father’s name made his skin crawl, recalling terrible memories of him and Laufey. At least Frigga loved him. His fathers had never seen anything worth investing in him.

Loki looked down at his blue hands, fingers outstretched wide, as he called for his magic. His vision flickered and then his red eyes turned to glowing green, the seidr shifting down from his head for the second time today. Using his magic so much in one day would cost him but Loki had to know the truth about him and Mobius. He had to know what they used to be before they found their way back to each other and made something new.

It was funny, feeling how much he loved  Mobius. It bolstered his magic instead of draining him more quickly and so emboldened, once his hands were wrapped in green light, Loki raised his hands to his temples and grabbed hold. It was like performing brain surgery on oneself, operating while navigating wild, untended terrain. Figuring out what to cut through and what to leave alone. And then he found them, tender memories that had been so cruelly stolen, tucked away in the overgrown branches of his own mind.

Mobius was younger– had less wrinkles– looked less sad. He wasn’t so weighed down but he looked at Loki in a way that was heartbreakingly the same. Loki knew at that moment, in seeing their past together flicker all together back into his mind, that he and Mobius were always supposed to be by each other’s side. Mobius had a way of winning him over no matter what realm they were in.

Loki watched as he bloomed under Mobius’ love and affection, blossoming under the other man’s interest. In the background, Odin loomed, his disapproval a sharp thorn as Loki knew what was coming next. Why? Why had such happiness been stolen from them? He would have to unlock Mobius’ memories too and see if there was another key as to why. Perhaps there was no true answer to that. Perhaps it had just been because Odin had hated him, because Odin had deemed himself destiny.

Thor had asked for help and Ravonna had sent the man she had helped steal away from him. Why? Perhaps she had disagreed with Odin’s decision. Perhaps she had secretly wanted Mobius to be happy too. Loki would find out the truth. He had to.

The Jotunn collapsed to the ground, his knees sinking into the cold puddles, and stared numbly out at the ocean. There was so much, all at once, that for a brief moment he felt nothing at all. And then it started to trickle apart and he screamed for all they had lost. He screamed out all of his anguish, mourning all he had suffered. Grief threatened to choke him as he fell to his hands, frozen tears streaming down indigo cheeks. Loki stared at his broken expression in the reflection. His Jotunn form had been a source of conflict back then too– Mobius wanting to see it and Loki hating it far too much to risk sharing his monstrous side. How funny he would come to appreciate this form once Mobius got a chance to love it.

Grabbing his magic, Loki forced his body to change back into his Asgardian form. Long, wavy black hair hung over his pale face as he forced himself to rise from the bitterly cold waters. It was time to head home. It was time to return to Mobius. It was time to return to Asgard.

However, Loki never made it back. Too weakened by his own condition, he collapsed on the way back, lost to the thick woods.

Chapter Text

Loki woke up in a small, cozy cabin covered in warm furs and woven blankets. They raised their groggy head, wiping their pale hands over their face roughly. There was movement in the room over and so they raised their voice. Loki wasn’t about to be caught unawares.

“What happened?” They asked, sitting up in the bed. “Where am I?”

“You are safe.” Heimdall appeared in the doorway, holding two cups of tea. “You are safe, your majesty.” Loki hesitated, studying Heimdall before they finally relaxed. Out of most of the Asgardians, they had come to trust Heimdall the most upon their return.

“What happened?” Loki pressed, taking the welcomed cup of tea. They were cold to their bones– an odd occurrence for their body so used to being in their Jotunn form that being cold was foreign to them.

“You pushed your magic a little too far. You didn’t have the strength to sustain it.” Heimdall answered.

“And you found me?” Loki asked.

“Mobius found you.” Heimdall couldn’t hide his smile if he tried. “He’s very persistent. He knew something was wrong and he came and got me to help him.” Loki huffed softly into their tea as the new memories they had unlocked came flooding back to their awareness. Mobius had been persistent since they met– determined to wear the Frost Giant prince with his warmth and gentleness… his love. Fuck.

“That he is.” Loki had to smile. “Where is he?”

“You recovered your memories.” It wasn’t a question.

“I had to.” They couldn’t help the hint of defensiveness that crept into their voice.

“You don’t have to push him away.” Heimdall said almost sternly and Loki looked away.

“I know.” Loki replied. “I’m not.” They hunched over themselves, staring down at their reflection in the tea. They didn’t recognize themself like this anymore. They raised a hand to touch their own chilled cheek. “I just needed to know the truth before I unlocked his memories.”

“He was frantic.” Heimdall informed Loki.

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because he won’t.” Heimdall shook his head. “He loves you very much.”

“I know.” Loki sighed bitterly. “I’m just not sure I deserve it. I’m not worth all the trouble. Did you see those burns on his hands? He got them while trying to save me after I tried to kill Laufey.”

“Why did you try to kill Laufey?” Heimdall asked. “It nearly got you killed.”

“He hurt him. ” Loki wrung the cup in their hands, nearly spilling it over the bed. “I promised to keep him safe and I couldn’t keep him safe. I couldn’t even keep myself safe!”

“Do you think he’ll be put off by this? Loki, he loves you – he’s not going to blame you for what happened.” Heimdall had seen the scars that night had laid on them both. “It sounds like you two need to talk.”

“I don’t need to talk, I need to be punished! ” Heimdall stepped back, his eyes opening wide. Loki hissed, baring their teeth, daring Heimdall to contradict them. They had been a slave, a whore… why did everyone expect it to be so easy for them to forget the rules and the abuse that had been carved into their skin? Loki knew their place. Or at least they did.

“Mobius?” Heimdall ducked out of the room and Loki grabbed fistfuls of blankets, ready to scream their frustration. Blood pounded through their veins and their magic rose to the challenge. They were ready to defend themself if someone even tried to give them the beating they no doubt deserved.

“For what?” Mobius stepped in, his brow wrinkled. “What are you talking about?” Mobius glanced from Loki to Heimdal behind himl and then back to his lover. Loki shrank back, resolutely avoiding Mobius’ concerned blue eyes. “Whatever’s going on,” Mobius lowered his voice, “I’m here to help.”

“I will leave you to it then.” Heimdall wisely stepped out of the cabin and Loki reached for their magic, the green swirling around their hands as they finally faced Mobius.

“What’s going on?” Mobius’ eyes traced the tightness of Loki’s jaw. “You’re all ready for a fight.”

“Are you going to punish me?”

“No, Loki.”

“I deserve to be punished.” Loki answered through gritted teeth. Mobius eased onto his knees, kneeling on the bed, reaching for the wild animal that had replaced his lover. Loki couldn’t stop being wild– they didn’t know how to tame this wretched pounding of their heart. They were going to hurt Mobius again if they didn’t stop– but they didn’t know how.

“No.” Mobius shook his head. “You’ve been hurt enough, my love.”

“That's all I know!” Loki raised their voice and Mobius winced. How he hated how true that statement was.

“Not anymore.” He replied sternly. “I’m here now.” Loki eyed him distrustfully as he reached further still, his fingers brushing against Loki’s sharp cheekbone.

“Go before I hurt you again.”

“I’m not going anywhere, Loki.”

“Go!” Loki raised their magic, striking Mobius and sending him flying back against the wall.

“No.” Mobius couldn’t move– Loki’s magic held him fast. It was cold, driving the very air out of his lungs. It took a minute to realize Loki’s magic was piercing through him– hurting him. Loki studied him, darkness drawing over their face. “You don’t have to do this.” Mobius managed as his teeth began to chatter.

“I’m going to lose you at some point.” Loki growled. “Why should we wait?”

“I’m not g-going to l-leave you.”

“Then you’re a fool.” Loki dropped Mobius, dragging themself out of the bed and stalking off into the forest. “Don’t follow me.” They glanced back. “I unlocked your memories.” Loki said softly. “The answer to your question is in there– why I’m doing this– it’s for your own good, Mobius. I’m no good for you. I never was.”

“You know I won’t agree.”

“That’s why I’m leaving.” Loki turned back to the door. They had their answers. Their magic had heard what Odin said to Mobius behind their back. They had their reason. Fuck Odin and his knowing. And yet Loki would not risk it.

Chapter Text

“Do not pursue him, Mobius.” Odin said. “Loki is fair, but he is not for you. He will be the death of you. He will disappear when you need him most.”

“I love him.” Mobius protested, his brow wrinkling. “I believe he loves me too.”

“Love isn’t enough with Loki. It never will be.”


Loki did what she did best– she left. She shifted to a female form she rarely ever felt like and she stomped off through the tangled woods, back into the lush but wild Asgardian wilderness. There were several places to hide where no one would ever find her. Loki didn’t deserve to be found. She hoped that Mobius would take her words to heart– she hoped he’d leave her alone, so she wouldn’t have to blame herself for his death too.

She hid, staying away from any of the paths some of the locals explored on. She headed deeper into the wilderness before she found a cave. She made it her own, carving out a place where she could make a home all her own.

She’d keep Mobius safe. She’d stay away. She’d finally be able to protect him like she had so far not been able to do.


“He’s not coming back.” Mobius shook his head. Thor watched him carefully from across the table. “It’s been weeks. Loki’s gone.”

“If Loki’s gone, it's because he wants to be.” Thor said calmly. “It’s in his nature. He’ll come back when he’s ready.”

“He won’t come back if I’m here.” Mobius responded. “I know that much.”

“He was so happy to see you.” Thor frowned. “What happened?”

“He unlocked our memories. He recovered something Odin said to me in private– something I never told him.”

“Can I ask what it was?” Thor asked.

“He told Loki he’d be the death of me.” Mobius blew out a shaky sigh. “Loki’s already blaming himself for not being able to protect me back on Jotunheim.”

“It’s not his fault.” Thor said softly. “Laufey and Odin– they made him bear such hate he never should have to bear.”

“It can’t be undone in a handful of weeks and some kind words.” Mobius looked over at Thor. “They beat him. They raped him. They let animals attack him. They– they were going to sacrifice him to this monster– and they strung up Farbauti in his place because of me.” Mobius blinked. “It was awful.”

“It sounds like it was very difficult.” Thor bowed his head. “I know I can’t undo what happened to him, but I have to try.”

“I’m glad he has you.” Mobius smiled sadly. “I just wish he’d let me in.”

“Loki always thought Odin had a way of knowing about him. He won’t cross what he thinks Odin prophesied.”

“Do you think Odin was telling the truth?” Mobius asked. He wondered if Thor had any more insight than he and Loki did.

“Honestly– I think Odin was just being cruel.” Thor ran a hand over his face. “He hated Loki and it took me so long to realize why.”


“Loki never broke. He didn’t bend like Laufey and the Frost Giants. He thought he was our equal– and he was!” Thor hurried to add when Mobius glanced over at him, a frown pulling his mouth down. “He is. He’s my brother. They are a part of this family and they always will be. I put an end to Odin’s reign because he wouldn’t let me bring Loki home.”

“You killed him?”

“I forced his hand.” Thor looked grim. “I could not forgive what was being done to my brother. Not when I learned the truth of it. Not ever. Mother’s support was enough to see the job done.” He glanced down at his hands. “It’s not how I wanted it to go. I never wanted to be king, not really. Loki was always more suited to it than I was. I’m a little too brute force.”

“That brute force saved Loki and I both.” Mobius inclined his head towards the king of Asgard. “I am forever grateful for that.”

“Take this.” Thor handed a box over. “Open it.” Mobius opened the box slowly, slamming it shut once he saw what lay inside. “ He wanted you to have it.” 

“I can’t take this.” Mobius made a distressed sound. He couldn’t face the possibility of this, not without Loki.

“I won’t force you.” Thor raised an eyebrow. “But it might help with your situation with Loki. He clearly fears losing you to death.”

“I’ve started to realize that.” Mobius responded thoughtfully. “I will consider it.” He relented. “If it gives me a chance to bring him home…”

“We all want Loki home.” Thor rose from the table, clasping Mobius’ arm. “I trust you will make the right choice, Mobius. I am impressed with Loki’s choice in you.”

“The TVA?”

“I will handle the TVA.” Thor smiled a terrible smile. “They owe me.” He glanced over at Mobius. “They owe us both.” He remarked wryly.

“No argument there.



It had been three days and Mobius had yet to open the box again. It contained one of Idunn’s apples, a beautiful treasure, an honor to even be considered to receive one, and yet his mortal brain struggled with the implications. Mobius had always been at peace with his humanity—his mortality— until Loki. Loki’s worry about what would happen— losing Mobius to something as trivial as old age—

Asgardian life spans were vastly different from Midgardian life spans. Thousands of years different.

A soft knock sounded on the door— not Loki—but Mobius got up and answered the door anyway. He did not expect to see Farbauti standing there.

“My queen.”

“Just Farbauti. I’m no longer the queen of anything— I’m not sure I was ever much of a queen of anything at all.” She remarked sadly. “I’m here because of Loki.”

“Have you heard from them?” She shook her head.

“I have some insight.”

“I’d be happy to receive it.”

“Loki was pregnant.”

“Yes…” Mobius’ chest ached at the reminder of that almost. His heart ached for Loki.

“Jotunn have to deal with similar complications as do Asgardian and your people.” She cocked her head to one side, studying him. “Heightening emotions, increasing mating drive…”

“Hormones.” Mobius breathed. That actually made a lot of sense. How had he overlooked this before? The pregnancy was a huge event that Loki had experienced… that and the subsequent loss…

No wonder Loki was ready for a fight. They had lost far too much. One thing after another. Of course it would be too much. 

“And then Loki lost the baby. They lost the last thing they had left of you.”

“I would have given anything to be here with them.”

“I know.” She sighed. “Loki’s grieving and whatever’s left in their system from the pregnancy isn’t helping.”

“I mean no offense, but how do you know?”

“Because I’m their mother.” She lifted her chin up proudly. “Because Laufey didn’t let me carry any other children to term after Loki.”

“They were so upset they couldn’t protect me and then they lost the baby on top of everything.” Mobius pinched his nose. “I have to find them. Shit. No wonder they said they needed to be punished— they’re punishing themselves.” Fuck. Mobius needed to find Loki fast. He glanced over at the box. Perhaps the apple could help sway Loki to come back with him. They could figure things out from there. 

They didn’t need to be together. Mobius just needed Loki to be safe and surrounded by people who loved them— even if it couldn’t be him.

“I will help you track them.” It wasn’t a question.

“Thank you.” Mobius ducked his head in gratitude. “I will let Thor know that we are going.”

“I will meet you at the city gates.”

This was it. Mobius grabbed the box and opened it, eating the apple quickly as he made his way to Thor. They were going to rescue Loki from their self-imposed exile— if they were even still on Asgard— and everything was going to be better. It had to.

Chapter Text

“Can I ask you something?” Farbauti asked after they were a few days out. She had picked up Loki’s trail pretty quickly the first day and Mobius had to wonder how Loki had managed to move so far in their weakened condition. The trail was old, but Loki hadn’t covered their tracks. They had just moved quickly, as if all of their past had been chasing them.

“What is it?” Mobius asked.

“Why do you love Loki so much? What do they have to offer you? They have nothing.” Mobius had to admire how straightforward Farbauti was. She didn’t mince words. He didn’t have to guess what she meant. She just said it.

“I don’t want anything back from them. I don’t need anything from them.” Mobius shook his head. “I just want to take care of them. I want them to be okay. Loki’s suffered so much, and I can’t explain it, but I just want, no, need to make sure they’re looked out for… even if they want nothing to do with me.”

“You want them safe.” Farbauti raised her head, red eyes studying Mobius. “Jotunheim was never a place where we could be safe. Safety was something foolish to wish for.” Mobius reached over, touching her face gently. He traced the scar carved into the side of her cheek, running his hand over her sliced arm. It was from when she had been strung up that awful night on the ice, that night full of heat and pain. Her arm had healed, but the scar remained.

They all had scars from that damn night.

“You’re both safe now.”

“I wish that was true.” It was all but spat out. “Asgard is no place for a Frost Giant like me. Jotunheim was no place for a Frost Giant like me.”

“You’re safe.” Mobius squeezed her hand. “I’ll look out for you both.”

“The Asgardians favor you.” She said. “They gave you an apple. I’m sure you are feeling the effects by now.”

“They just want Loki to be happy.”

“They respect you.” Faurbauti pursed her lips. “They tolerate me.”

“Frigga likes you.” Mobius pointed out. He had noticed the queen was fond of Farbauti. She went out of her way for her– and not just because she was kind.

“She likes everyone.” Farbauti rolled her eyes, but then she softened somewhat. “I do consider her a friend.” She relented. “Thor is cautious. I’m cautious. Loki is missing and that makes this all more odd than it needs to be.”

“Loki’s being missing puts you in question.” Mobius stated. “Makes you the odd one out.”

“It makes my being here more awkward. The people seem to like Loki despite his Jotunn heritage. They’re certainly not sure about me and I’m not all that sure about them. I’m too blue and too cold. Loki can hide their heritage– I cannot.” She sighed, pushing some branches out of the way. “They went this way.” She pointed. “They were hurt.” She pointed out some dried blood. “It’s okay. They’ve probably healed by now. We Jotunn heal quickly.”

“Good thing.” Mobius remarked. “Jotunheim would be even more dangerous if Jotunns couldn’t.” Faurbauti chuckled at that comment.

“You’re right about that, Mobius.” She paused, glancing over her bare shoulder. “If Loki won’t take you– would you take me?”

“As what?” Mobius jerked back. “What are you asking?”

“If you claimed me, the Asgardians would feel calmer about my being around.”

“My heart belongs to Loki.”

“I don’t mean like that.” She tsked. “The last thing I want is a relationship, especially with the male of any species. But you’re kind and you don’t mind the blue of my skin. You seem to even like it.” She snorted. “You’re the closest to becoming one of them, after Loki anyway.”

“I don’t have to claim you to protect you.” Mobius gave her a tentative smile. “If Loki won’t have me, I will make myself a home elsewhere. I won’t remain in Asgard.”

“But they gave you an apple!”

“I didn’t ask for one. I took it only because it might help get Loki back to safety.” Farbauti paused, turning when studying him.

“You really do love them.” She tsked again. “Pity. Loki knows even less about what to do with love than they do with safety.”

“Do you?”

“Safety and love have been dramatically lacking.” She laughed, moving back to the trail. “I hope you’re stronger than you look.” She looked up at the rugged stretch of rocks stretching upwards.

“Why?” Mobius came to stand next to her.

“Because the trail stops here. Loki must have climbed.” She started feeling around for hand holds.

“Any chance they went around?” Mobius joked. It would be a tough climb. He had packed some gear, but still. If it hadn’t been for the strange vitality the apple had given him, he would have shot down the idea of climbing at all.

“Loki didn’t want you to find them.” She cast a scrutinizing eye Mobius’ way. “They climbed.”

“Up it is.” Mobius took off his pack and started rummaging for the gear they needed. 

“I’ll keep you from falling, Midgardian.” She grinned, tying the rope for Mobius’ harness around her waist before launching herself up to the nearest outcropping. She swung herself up to the next one easily. Mobius scrambled up behind her. This was certainly one way to build trust with Loki’s dam, but Mobius already liked her, so this was easier than it might have been back on Jotunheim.

Onward they climbed, even as Mobius’ arms and legs began to burn— his muscles starting to lock up. Farbauti reached the top, calling out a warning before she hauled him up the rest of the way.

“Thanks.” Mobius gritted his teeth, stretching his legs and arms. “That’s going to hurt for a few days.”

“You did good.” She smiled. “Loki is close.”

“How can you tell?”

“I can smell their meal.” Her nostrils flared. “Come, Mobius, let’s see if we can’t win Loki back for you.”

“I just want them safe.” Mobius grumbled.

“And you want them.” Her eyes sparkled. “We will try for both. Never concede until you have been beaten.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Mobius and Farbauti removed the rope and the harness.

“I trust you to stay away from the edge?” She glanced over at him, the sun catching on her red eyes. Mobius didn’t understand how Asgard could look on the Jotunn and see only monsters. They were beautiful.

“Yes.” He nodded.

“Good. Now follow.” They headed out again, picking their way over large boulders and deep crevasses. There were cracks large enough to lose a human in and so Farbauti stayed close to Mobius. Loki had picked a formidable place to hide and Mobius was grateful for their mother coming to help. He wasn’t so sure he would have made it on his own. “There.” Farbauti pointed out an entrance in the rockiest part of the cliffs. “Loki’s in there.” Loki would be hiding in the most dangerous part of the cliffs.

“Aren’t you coming?”

“This part of the journey you have to do on your own.” She gave him a sly look. "You lose them-- you have to win them back."

“Thank you for all your help.” Mobius smiled up at her and to his surprise, she smiled back.

“It is good to have you for family, Mobius.”

“And you.” Mobius meant it. Farbauti’s eyes widened in pleasant surprise and then she waved him on. Ah, right. Mobius had a Loki to woo. A Loki to bring back. A Loki who wanted to be as far away from him as possible.

Mobius picked out the way down to the cave entrance, far too close to the edge of the cliffs for his liking. He knew better than to rush. If he fell from this height... well, not even Idunn's apple could save him.

“Careful.” Farbauti called as he almost stumbled. The rocks were uneven and jagged-- just the place she would suspect Loki of hiding in. They had found a good spot-- had found safety. She found that she was proud of them.

“I got it.” Mobius grabbed a branch, pulling himself into the cave. He had made it: the easy part of this journey was over. Loki would be hard to convince. Mobius knew that going into this, but he had to try. They had come too far to give up on each other now. “Loki?” He called out. “Nowhere left to run.” He joked, trying to make sure Loki knew he came in peace. “Are you–oof!” Loki appeared out of nowhere, blue and wild, shoving him back.

“Just leave me alone, Mobius!” It was a broken plea, one Mobius would have paid more attention too if he hadn’t tripped, stumbling back. He grabbed at the branch before he could fall off the cliff, but the branch snapped under the sudden weight.

“Loki.” He reached for the Frost Giant, blue eyes going wide as he teetered back to the edge– and then he slipped.

"No--" Loki reached for Mobius, to pull him back to safety, but their fingers just missed. Loki could only stare as Mobius fell, still reaching for them. "Mobius!"

Chapter Text

In the seconds it took for Mobius to fall back, Loki’s mind was already racing. Was this it?! Was this when they fucking made all of Odin’s terrible words come true?! They couldn’t be the reason Mobius died, not like this. Not ever. Loki had left, had denied themselves the one person  they had let themself love, so Mobius would survive...

...And now, he was about to die. And it would be all Loki’s fault. Again. First, the shit with Laufey, then losing the baby, Mobius’ baby, and now this…

Maybe that was why Loki just didn’t care anymore, launching themself off of the cliff after Mobius. They dove down, after the man they loved. Mobius’ eyes were closed, but he looked peaceful, as if he had known this was the risk and had been willing to pay it. Of course, he had been willing to pay. The gods, fate, whatever was out there— had given Loki the love they needed most. A love that wouldn’t give up even when they had.

“Mobius!” Loki screamed, reaching for him, shifting in a way they had been forbidden to do years ago. Odin be damned. He wasn’t around to yell at Loki anymore. Loki wasn’t confined to this body— their magic didn’t know the bounds Odin had tried to limit them with, and so they changed, swooping down after Mobius with strong wings.

And then Mobius opened his eyes. They widened almost comically, taking in what Loki was sure was quite the spectacle. They were quite the mess, but they usually were. Large claws hooked around Mobius’ belly and then Loki flapped their huge wings, soaring up just before Mobius’ head could snap against the ground.

“Loki.” It was an awed breath even as Loki could feel Mobius trembling in his grasp. “You’re incredible.” And then Loki had to focus because their emotions started to swamp them. They had to get Mobius to safety and then they could fall apart. But holy shit, Mobius had come back to them, had searched them out. Mobius had almost died and it—it was all too much! Loki forced their straining muscles to make their wings work until they were back at the top of the cliffs and then they gently placed Mobius down before collapsing, instantly shifting back to their Jotunn form.

“I’m sorry–I’m so sorry!” Loki was vaguely aware that they were sobbing, but they were so tired– their body was humming from the amount of strain they had just endured. Their magic was singing but feeling so weak. “I’m so sorry, Mobius.” They hiccuped.

“Shh.” Mobius was touching their face, stroking tears away. Farbauti was next to the both of them, touching them both tentatively as if she wasn’t sure if they were ghosts or not.

“You’re okay.” She sounded teary too. It touched Mobius to realize she had been worried about him. How he managed to have two Frost Giants caring about him was beyond him– but Mobius was grateful for them all the same. Farbauti was apart of his family now too.

“I’m okay. Loki saved me.” Mobius’ touch was so gentle, it almost burned. Loki deserved to be punished! Not this. Not rewarded with kindness and love. “Loki, please.” Mobius pressed a kiss to their brow even as they tried to push him away. It seemed Mobius remembered their last conversation in extreme detail, enough to guess at Loki’s current mental state. “You’ve been punished enough, my love. Let Odin’s words go. Let the need to be punished go. Please don’t push me away again.”

“I didn’t mean for you to get hurt!” Loki cried, pressing their face into Mobius’ leg. Their body shook under the weight of their grief and fear. “I didn’t mean to lose the baby!” Their shoulders shook at that admission, Loki gasping at the deepness of the despair they felt. They had just failed Mobius and then lost the last piece of him they had. Loki had wanted that baby, had wanted a chance to be their parent, to love and protect them. And then they had lost that too. It had been too fucking much. And then to hear it would be their fault if Mobius died– they couldn’t risk it. Loki wouldn’t have been able to survive that.

“I know.” Mobius shushed them softly. “It wasn’t your fault. Your body was too hurt, Loki. Laufey was to blame for all of that, not you, never you. That baby had the best parent in you even for the few days they had you.” Mobius held Loki the best he could, both of them crying in their own ways. It hurt. It hurt too much to keep it in any longer.

Moments passed before Loki could speak again.

“He hurt you.” A ragged breath that was long overdue cut off the endless sobs for just a few seconds. It made Mobius’ chest hurt to see how much pain Loki had been carrying.

“I’m okay now. I’m here. You’re here.” Mobius was pulling at them, resting his chest against Loki’s shoulder, willing comfort into them by pressing close. Loki welcomed the weight, hiding their face deeper into Mobius’ leg. Mobius could feel their breaths deepening as time slowly ticked by. “I love you, Loki.” Mobius whispered in their ear. “That’s never going to change. There’s nothing you can do to make me stop. I’ve loved you for a long time and I’m going to love you forever.”

“You can’t promise that.” Loki glanced up, hiccuping as they did so.

“Let me explain it this way.” Mobius answered carefully. “I can promise that and I will. Even if things end between us romantically, I will always have love in my heart for you. Always.”

“But you might die.” Loki’s face crumpled at the mere thought and Mobius knew that he was so loved by the miserable creature huddled next to him. Loki loved him so much that the idea of losing him was almost too much to bear.

“As might you.” Mobius kissed the back of Loki’s head. “But the love will remain.”

“But you’re human!” Loki protested, somewhat distracted and soothed by the kisses.

“I am.” Mobius hummed in agreement. “But you’ll find I have more years ahead of me than we previously thought.” Loki sat up quickly, jarring them both, before staring at Mobius with wide, red eyes.

“You ate the apple. You gave up your human lifespan without knowing I’d– without knowing I’d– you risked everything for me.” Loki’s eyes were wider still as they stared at Mobius. “I’m not worth that risk!”

“You are to me.” Mobius answered simply. “I’m willing to leave Asgard if that means you have a chance to be safe with your family. If I’m the reason you are out hiding, then I will leave. But there was no way I was leaving without making sure you were safe. I couldn’t leave without saying good-bye.”

“You’re leaving?” Loki truly only got one thing out of that whole speech and Farbauti smacked their arm.

“Only if you want me to.” Mobius soothed. “Do you want me to, Loki?” He asked, his voice cracking slightly. Loki knew Mobius loved them– especially in this moment here. The man was willing to hunt them down only to ask if they preferred that he leave. He wasn’t forceful. He was protective. He was gentle. He was kind. Mobius did his best to do the right thing even when it put him in positions he’d rather avoid. Loki knew Mobius didn’t want to go anywhere, just like they knew he would if Loki asked.

“I don’t! I only ran and hid because of Odin’s prophecy. I’ll be damned if I’m the reason it almost came true today.” Loki swallowed hard. “It hurt me to leave you, Mobius. It pained me to hurt you. I just didn’t want to be the reason you were hurt again.” Loki looked away. “I was the reason you were dragged to Asgard to face trial.”

“I was just happy to be reunited with you.” Mobius murmured. “And then you kept running.”

“I’m sorry.” Loki whined. “I’ll try to stop running.”

“Well, that only helps partially. We now know you can fly.” Mobius joked and Loki made a soft, keening sound, snuggling against the human, just barely at first and then all at once burrowing into those arms that opened up to them immediately.

“I won’t fly away either unless you’re with me.” Loki promised. Things didn’t feel so overwhelming now that they had cried them out, but Loki and Mobius both had a better sense that they had a long road ahead of them. Healing would be hard to come by and sometimes hard fought for, but it would be possible. Loki was realizing that their chances were better with Mobius by their side– not that they had ever wanted Mobius to leave. Loki had just wanted to keep him safe.

“Let’s go home.” Mobius stood up, offering Loki his hand. “Thor will be here soon.” He glanced over, reaching for Farbauti was well.

“Okay.” Loki said and Farbauti nodded her agreement. For better or worse, Asgard was their home now. They would try to make the best of it as they could– it would be an easier job for all of them now that they were back together.