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Why do criminals doesn't have any day off?

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When the hour hand hits the number they have been waiting for, the people who are watching suddenly stood one by one greeting each other a have a pleasant day! Great work! See you tomorrow!

To be honest, when the hour hand was still a minute away, An Yining was already outside and practically enjoying her freedom.

She is an office worker at Mo Company, and her boss is- unfortunately- her father.

She was happily walking while surfing through her phone, chatting with her boyfriend that her two father are against of. But why does she care? It's just a fling anyway. 

An Yining was about to call for a taxi when a white van suddenly stops in front of her. 

She gulps suddenly as if something is going to happen. 

The window rolls down so slowly, as if it is going to take your breath away from the suspense.


"Oh? ***!" Yining beam a smile, fortunately it was one of her colleagues at work.  "Where you off to?"

"Going home, wanna take a ride?"

An Yining nodded but the ominous feeling she felt didn't subside. Did one of her heels broke? I guess not?

"Ah fuck!"

The projector suddenly turns off and everyone shift their head to look at the proper policeman who suddenly curse so loud.

"Why did you guys put some voice changer!" Shen Yexi frustratedly shouts while watching the mini-drama on to the projector together with the other groups of units and some people who are here to be a bystander only. 

"That's part of the thrill, Captain!" An Yining who is sitting at the VIP part shouts and laughs.

Today is a special day for our very own heroes. It's National Police Day and what we are celebrating right now is an event that is held at Gu City, sponsored by Yan City's Central Bureau of Public Security's President Fei Du. 

4 of the best mentioned unit are actually participating for the events and that mentioned, each unit will have 2 participants and they will be randomly team up. 

The first unit is of course the Yan City's CBPS with Captain Luo Wenzhou and Officer Tao Ran, next one is Special Investigation Team with Captain Shen Yexi and Officer Sheng Yao and when I said 4 units the other two are the special unit of this event. 

The first one who is basically an expert at inhuman and unethical way of killing is the Special Investigation Unit with Captain Zhao Yunlan and Officer Guo Changcheng. And finally, the last one who is kind of more advance with the way they handle their criminals, the RZ Unit with Captain Hu Bugui and Officer Fang Xiu. With these two, you feel like you are watching Men In Black in person. As in, literally.  

"Ai, this is indeed frustrating too. The last victim jiejie is so beautiful who is she?" Zhao Yunlan the head of Special Investigation Unit blurted out beside Shen Yexi. 

But suddenly Zhao Yunlan felt like someone just stab him from the back.

At the back corner of the convention were the judges are sitting, they consist of 4 people in total two of them are the game master while the remaining two are an expert psychologist.

The first judge is the one who kept on giving a killing aura while staring at the back of his lover, Professor Shen Wei he is a teacher at Dragon City University while the other one who is also a teacher is Dou Xun. Both are quite the cold princes.

While the remaining judges are: Doctor Jiang Hu who is a special member of SIT and Doctor Kou Tong who's also a special member of ST Base and became quite the secret member of RZ Unit. 

Today's theme is about the crime that almost every people in the world knows about, you'll just hear the word white van or you'll just see a white van driving you can literally feel the chills inside your body. 

The Killer White Van and Tool Box.

Shen Wei and Dou Xun and with a little help from Dou Xun's naughty lover Xu Xilin came up with this, even though it is a famous crime and basically everyone knew who already the two criminals are. These three gave it some a little bit of a twist. 

From the vip corner of the convention, together with An Yining sitted next to her are the actors who act on the mini-drama which got played earlier. Even getting a curse word from Captain Shen.

There are actually four men, and they are Shu Jiu who is a legit actor, Xu Xilin the famous, Su Qing the cosplayer and Huang Jinchen well, the famous 11235.

With this said, the event consist of two teams fighting against each other we have Team 1: TPG and Team 2: MPG (please ignore and don't ask about the meaning of the acronym word 😂)

Team 1: Shen Yexi, Hu Bugui, Luo Wenzhou and Fang Xiu. 

Team 2: Zhao Yunlan, Tao Ran, Guo Changcheng and Sheng Yao. 

And to be honest, team 1 doesn't have any leader since majority of the members are all the captain in each of their units. And yes, poor Fang Xiu.

Team 2, who agreed making Zhao Yunlan the leader have the better relationship. Though, what seems to be the problem is that, Zhao Yunlan and Sheng Yao are quite boasting with each other. While Tao Ran our great gege is giving the best pat heads on our Guo Changcheng. And we can literally see Lao Chu on the side wanting to grab Tao Ran's hand.

Coming back with the topic, the two teams needed to find out which of the 4 actors are the real criminals, on their table laid down each details they needed to know. 

Kou Tong who's busy scanning the area felt a little excited, he can see each of the participants expression and all he can say is that fantastic! But when he look from his side, the psychologist who should be next to him was nowhere to be found. Dang it, he's quite the beauty and according to him the doctor looks like a half british man. 

He wanted to talk to him about stuffs but right now, he's nowhere to be seen. 

Kou Tong faces the other judges, "Uh, excuse me?"

Dou Xun looks at him, even Shen Wei.

"Have you seen Doctor Jiang?"

Dou Xun keeps staring while Shen Wei answered Kou Tong's inquiry.

"I think I saw him went there."

And with that cue, the participants at Team 1 are now having a panic seeing Shen Yexi stand up abruptly. "Fuck, why did no one help Scatterbrained Hu going to the public toilet!" He grumbles and walks out.