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As the Dust Settles

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Klavier sat, trying not to shift too obviously in the stiff-backed chair. "Thanks for having me over for dinner," he said, risking a glance at the other occupant of the table.

Kristoph just smiled, seemingly unaware of the awkward atmosphere. "It was no problem at all," he said breezily, cutting into his potatoes. "After, your first win in court should be commemorated, yes? And you defeated a legendary defense, at that."

"Well, it was really all because of you, bruder," Klavier replied. "If you hadn't tipped me off, Wright would have gotten away with forgery and an innocent man would have gone to prison. Ach, who knows how long he would have continued if someone hadn't caught him."

"Very true," Kristoph dabbed at his mouth, though his napkin was pristine as always. "But Klavier, if you are really pleased at justice being served, why haven't you been celebrating? I don't think you've even taken a single bite."

Klavier shrugged, drumming his fingers on the table absent-mindedly. "The band's started to take off, but the stress is getting to me I suppose. I don't really have much of an appetite." He picked up his fork, then put it back down. "Actually, there's something I've been meaning to ask you..."

"Oh?" For a moment, Klavier could have sworn he saw his brother's face harden, but after a moment the gentle smile was back. "What is it?"

"It's just..." How could he put it in words? "There's something that's been bothering me about that trial."

At this, Kristoph shook his head. "You're worrying too much about that trial, Klavier. The evidence was irrefutable, and justice was served."

"But I'm just not sure about-"

"Klavier." There was no malice in Kristoph's voice, but Klavier couldn't help but flinch. "If you don't learn to put your verdicts behind you, you'll never be able to do your job properly." He reached over to place a hand on Klavier's shoulder. "Now, go get some water and when you come back I want you to leave that case behind, alright?"

"I... yes, you're right. I must be overthinking this." Klavier forced a grin in return, and stood up. "I'll do what you said. I'll put it behind me." The grin felt more natural as he walked towards the kitchen. Klavier turned to face his brother again. "Thank you for the advice, bruder."

"Of course, it's no problem. I only want what is best for you, Klavier."