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Pop Tarts

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Bucky stretched his arms over his head as he descended the stairs, it creaking with his weight at every step. His eyes were still bleary and unfocused from sleep but his sense of smell was sharp as the aroma of something sweet caught his nose.

Bucky turned the corner and almost choked at the sight.

Sam was standing at the counter, shirtless, and eagerly staring down at the toaster with an array of different. . .pastries, Bucky guessed, cooling on plates. The mix of different smells would seem overwhelming but it was honestly very pleasant.

Sam turned his head at Bucky's presence, offering Bucky one of his signature bright smiles that put the early morning Louisiana sun to shame.

"Morning sunshine." Sam greeted almost teasingly, knowing Bucky wasn't really a morning person.

Bucky, who had to force his eyes away from Sam's chest, grumbled a response as he knuckled at his eyes, trying to rid the rest of his drowsiness away.

"What is all this?" He questioned instead, eyeing the many boxes that were labeled 'pop-tarts' on the granite countertop where Sam was braced against.

"Don't tell me you never heard of pop tarts. The boys are crazy for it." Sam said just as the toaster went off and he grabbed the piping hot pastries, hurriedly putting them on another plate.

Bucky hummed, shuffling his bare feet across the cold floor tiles to reach over and grab a box of the pop tarts. He turned it over slowly in his hands, inspecting the brightly covered package. Apparently this flavor is "peach cobbler" but it didn't look like peach cobbler. Bucky furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"A little high in sugar for a breakfast meal, no?"  Bucky asked but he couldn't deny the appeal of the sugar rectangles. They were colorful and they smelled amazing.

Sam rolled his eyes, "Your old man brain is speaking for you again."

Bucky blew a raspberry and softly hip checked Sam.

"It'll burn off during my workout anyways." Sam shrugged and it was then Bucky noticed that Sam wasn't dripping in sweat and panting like he was being chased by a pack of wolves which was his usual state after his morning workouts.

Bucky hopped up on the counter, feet softly hitting the wooden cabinets below as he swung them back and forth. He didn't usually eat this early in the morning but it was kind of hard to disregard the sugary sweetness that had his stomach growling eagerly.

Sam hummed in content as he bit into one, "This one," he paused as he swallowed the bite, "is really good. I think it's my favorite. Try it." He offered, grabbing the other pastry to push it towards Bucky's mouth. The smell of chocolate hit his nose before he took a bite. Bucky ended up biting off more than half, almost taking Sam's fingers with it.

"Jesus, Buck, I said try the pop tart, not my fingers too." Sam scolded lightheartedly.

Bucky ignored Sam, too busy relishing in the fact that this was the best thing he ever tasted in his very long life. Sam noticed this too, a smirk finding his way on his lips as Bucky rose his eyebrows almost as if he was surprised at how good it tasted.

"Chocolate Fudge, baby." Sam said before Bucky could ask, handing him the other piece which Bucky took eagerly.

"What other flavors are there?" Bucky asked curiously, wiping the crumbs off his mouth with the back of his hand.

"There's a bunch. These are just a few. I bought cinnamon roll, chocolate fudge, peach cobbler, blueberry, and strawberry." Sam listed off on his fingers as Bucky eyed the slowly cooling pastries hungrily.

Sam's alarm sounded off on his watch, and Bucky recognized it as Sam's workout alarm. Sam shut it off quickly, not standing the sound, and grabbed a water bottle, downing it within seconds.

Although it was a routine that both he and Sam had gotten used to, Bucky hated seeing him go. But he knew Sam going out in the early morning sun to workout for two, sometimes three, hours every day made him feel secure and confident in the way he performed in the field. Sometimes he'd join Sam on his runs, but this morning he already made up his mind that he was going to try every single one of the flavors of pop tarts Sam went and bought.

Suddenly, Sam snaked his hands around Bucky's waist, sliding him closer to the edge of the counter to meet Sam's hips where he was positioned between Bucky's legs. Bucky cupped Sam's face, and he thought, albeit cheesy, that he could fit his whole world in just the palm of his hands. Hands that once murdered without a second thought of his own but could now trace his lover's high cheekbones delicately with the pads of his thumb. Hands that could gently pull Sam's face closer towards his to eventually mesh their lips together in a chaste kiss.

Sam pulled away with a slight grimace, "Just one kiss. I'm not making out with you while you have morning breath."

Bucky rolled his eyes with a small pout, "It's pop tart flavored morning breath, so it can't be that bad."

Sam couldn't help but let out a light laugh, "You're gross and I'm leaving."

Despite Bucky's struggle to keep him in his space, Sam eventually broke free and took off towards the door to start his morning workout.


Two hours later, Sam trudged up the wooden steps and into the house, welcoming the AC that cooled his sweat slicked skin. Normally, he would wear at least a t shirt when working out, but seeing how it was at least a 100 degrees outside, he didn't have a death wish, nor did he feel like sitting through one of Bucky's safety lectures.

Bucky was just finishing off the last pop tart when his ears perked up at Sam entering the house. He paused and looked down almost guiltily at the now empty plates that were once filled with a variety of different pop tarts that Sam warmed up this morning.

Sam walked into the kitchen, aiming for the refrigerator to grab a cold water bottle when he caught sight of Bucky. They both paused and stared at each other, Bucky with crumbs on his lips and Sam's slowly ticking up into an amused smile.

Bucky broke the silence.

"So, blueberry is my favorite."

Sam burst out in a fit of laughter.