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A Literal Actual Moonbase!

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General Office Slack Channel

Cameron: Hey @beejd, are the maintenance guys still in the building?

Beej: no

Cameron: I can’t get in

James: the password is still 3425

Cameron: I think the pin pad is disconnected, and somebody took the spare key

Benjaneering: oh it’s been like that for a while

Benjaneering: i tried to go in at 7 but the door wouldn’t open so i decided to get a breakfast bagel

Cameron: It’s 9:15?

Benjaneering: there was a line cameron

James: so… is there anybody in the building?

Beej: looking at the security cam now

James: k thanks

Beej: Paul was the last person in

Beej: at 6pm last night

Cameron: @pauls Are you still there?

Paul: Paul Saunders is currently away from his phone. He will respond when he returns. Thank you for your patience.

James: damn it

Graham: I’m phoning him

Graham: His phone is turned off

Cameron: Are either of you coming to the moonbase right now?

James: around the corner

Graham: Kathleen and I are stuck in traffic

Benjaneering: you might wanna get here soon

Benjaneering: something is coming out of the roof

James: um I think I see it

Graham: is it smoke?

James: looks kind of like a spaceship of some kind tbh


Important News Slack Channel

Paul: @everyone I am pleased to present your first look at the official Loading Ready Run Secret Orbital Moonbase

Cori: paul idk what to tell you but if you’re telling everybody it’s not a secret

Benjaneering: did you lock us out to work on your pet project???

Paul: we can get so much content out of it

Paul: the viral marketing writes itself


Private Chat: Graham Stark & Paul Saunders

Graham: paul c’mon…

Graham: no pet projects in the moonbase

Graham: especially not this time of year

Paul: do you want me to unmake it?

Graham: …

Graham: …


General Office Slack Channel

Graham: we’re keeping it

James: NO we are not

Kathleen: um yes we are. This is the coolest thing i have seen all year

James: there has to be a rule about this in the tennant act @beejd

Beej: lol no there isn’t. And i like it around. It’s like this anime i watched

Cameron: that’s nice beej

Benjaneering: paul can we get into the moonbase?

Paul: it’s not yet fit for human habitation

Graham: what did you do to the office? i have CONCERNS

Paul: oh

Paul: the office

Paul: come in. That’s fine.

Beej: oh good


Important News Slack Channel

Paul: By the way, Studio B can track the moonbase now


General Office Slack Channel

Kathleen: we’ve got to call it something else

Graham: yeah 2 moonbases is kind of confusing


Paul: pronounced lursome?

Kathleen: um… no

Paul: why not?

Kathleen: I’ve read some weird stuff

Paul: but it’s a perfect description

Graham: I’ve gotta agree with Kathleen here.

Graham: may I suggest enterprise?

Paul: that’s my next ship

Graham: fine

Beej: call it Macross

Ian: no, The Bebop

Kathleen: call it George

Paul: why?

Kathleen: cus it’s funny

Heather: Lunar Module?

Kathleen: like the Desert Bus hosting space?

Heather: yeah

Kathleen: that works

Ian: a logical option

Cameron: Sounds good to me.

Beej: i like it

Paul: then we agree


Important News Slack Channel

Paul: The Loading Ready Run Secret Orbital Moonbase is now known as the Lunar Module

Paul: Ok you can’t all fly in the module. There’s only enough room for two people.

Kathleen: don’t tell me what i want paul

Paul: you're not allowed to take pets

Kathleen: never mind


New Slack Channel

Channel has been renamed "Lunar Module"

Paul has added Graham, James, Ian, Beej, Benjaneering, Kathleen, Heather, Cori, and Cameron to the channel

Paul: ok we need to figure out who's going into space

Paul: I don't want any of our important staff going. Security policy.

Graham: can't you make an exception for your best friend???

Paul: sorry g

Paul: you'll get there eventually

Cori: send Bartleby

Paul: could a puppet send the data we need?

Cori: who cares?

Paul: I DO

Paul: I was thinking of sending Ian and Ben

Ian: because we're expendable?

Paul: because you're good at taking notes and ben is good at fixing things

James: ben is our most reliable employee

Benjaneering: I'll come back. Jeez.

Paul: it's safe


Private Chat: Graham Stark and Paul Saunders

Graham: you've run simulations right?

Paul: yes

Graham: good

Graham: send them to me


Private Chat: James Turner and Paul Saunders

James: send me all your simulations of the trip

Paul: I'm a response adult, James

James: we agreed not to do any experiments in the third week of November

James: I trust you but not your experiments


Private Chat: Ian Horner and Paul Saunders

Ian: data viz plz


Lunar Module Slack Channel

Paul: @everyone Here are the simulations

Paul has uploaded the file

Ian: thx ur the best 😁


Ladies of LRR Slack Channel

Heather: what's up with Ian @corianderd

Heather: we were streaming rhythm cafe and the only words he was saying were “i am going to space”

Cori: he's fanboying

Cori: this is normal

Heather: ok just checking

Kathleen: graham keeps staring at the simulations and it is ADORABLE

Heather: brendan is getting planning permission from the city

Cori: why is beej talking to the city?

Heather: turning the launch into a ticketed event

Kathleen: good. Our bank account’s getting low.

Kathleen: rocket parts are bussing expensive

Cori: you can swear now

Kathleen: do not. Bussing. Tell me. What to do. Coriander. Dickenson.

Cori: omg sorry

Heather: and i thought i was the scary one…


Loading Ready Run Twitter Account

Come see LRR take on a new adventure as Ian Horner and Ben Ulmer become the first private astronauts in the world! Tickets available at the LRR website.


Lunar Module Slack Channel

Ian: today’s the day

Benjaneering: GET HYPE

Paul: i cannot wait

Ian: cori had to make me sleep

Cori: and are you grateful?

Ian: yes dear 😻

Cori: ❤

Paul: get ready to launch friends


Important News Slack Channel

Graham: the government is here

James: @pauls you need to come here now

Paul: on my way


Lunar Module Slack Channel

Ian: it’s been 45 minutes what is going on @everyone

Cameron: Paul has been talking with the government people.

Cameron: It’s not bad.

Cameron: Kind of like a car crash. I can’t look away.

Heather: i could send them on their way

Beej: honey, i love you, but no

Cameron: ?

Beej: you don’t want to know

Cameron: And the government guys are trying to come into the building...

Ian: should i be worried?

Beej: g and j are trying to stop them

Cameron: It’s not working.

Ian: i’ll sit tight

Benjaneering: @pauls what does it mean if the big red button is blinking

Ian: there is a countdown

Benjaneering: @pauls this is vv bad

Cameron: OH NO


Private Chat: Graham Stark and Paul Saunders

Paul: can you bail me out please

Graham: yes but you have to drive us home

Paul: ok


Important News Slack Channel

Ian: so the good news is we landed safely

Benjaneering: the bad news is we’re in Dildo, Newfoundland and Labrador

Graham !wikibot Dildo NL

Wikibot: Here is a link to Dildo, Newfoundland and Labrador on Wikipedia

Graham: …

Graham: Road Quest season 2 please

Graham: or you’re fired

Ian: ooh, job security 🤩