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Bella Gets Busy

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The Cullens had moved away, and they weren't coming back. Before they had left, Edward had informed Bella of the Volturi. Now that was all Bella could think about.

Bella sat sadly at the Cullens old lunch table. She was, once again thinking about the Volturi. She thought that maybe she would go to them and demand protection for Edward, so they could be together again. But that would never work.

“Hey Bella,” Angela said politely. Ripping Bella from her thoughts

“Hey, Angie. What’s up?”

“I was just thinking,” Angela paused, sitting next to the sad, brown-headed girl. “What if you just went out and did something? Like go tee-pee the Cullens old house or something”

Bella suddenly perked up, an idea coming to her thoughtless mind. “I actually think that's a great Idea” She rose from her chair and fled the school building.


Pulling her red truck into the driveway, Bella ripped the keys out of the ignition and ran to her room. Searching through one of her drawers, she found a round trip ticket the Cullens had given her for her birthday. Quickly packing a bag with some questionable Bella-styled clothes. She went to the kitchen and wrote Charlie a note that stated.

‘Gone to Italy. Be back soon. Maybe. -Bella’


Bella sat in the terminal, second-guessing her actions.

‘What and I doing?” she thought to herself

As she stood up, deciding to forget about it and go home. Her plane was called to board. She turned her head and watched people begin to line up.

‘Yolo’ She thought, getting into the line of people. Soon the plane was taking off to Italy. Good thing Bella was Italian.


As soon as Bella arrived in Italy she went straight to the Volturi. She knew what she wanted and she knew exactly how to do it.

“Why have you brought a human here?” Aro questioned as Bella was escorted into a large room, with three thrones in the front.

“Says she want to talk to you”

“Well then” Aro looked at Bella suspiciously “What could you possibly want from us?”

“I want you to change me” Bella stated

Aro just laughed straight in her face “someone get this idiotic girl out of here”

As a vampire escort began to grab Bella’s arm she yelled “Wait! Your powers won't work on me! I can be very valuable to you”

Aro sat up straight, taking a moment to think when he stated “Bring her to me”

The two met in the middle of the room.

“Your hand please”

Bella stuck out her hand. As Aro grabbed it to read her thoughts, he saw nothing. However, Bella couldn't help but notice the rush of adrenaline she felt when Aro touched her. She hadn't felt that since Edward, even then, nothing ever happened because he was like a saint or something. Besides, Bella was pretty sure he only knew about missionary.

“Your right” Aros voice came “I see nothing”

Bella felt goosebumps down her spine when she heard him speak his next line. “I’ll turn you myself”