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Boys Blood

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A soft exhale escaped my lips as the airport came into view, I could feel a knot forming in my stomach and the taste of metallic fill my mouth. Even though every summer my sister and I went to California for two weeks with our dad rather than staying in forks going on planes never seemed to get easier. I shut my eyes and took a deep breath, I could do this, Bella and I agreed Phil and our mom would be better off traveling and we were preventing them from doing that. I didn't have a lot of friends in Phoenix, maybe this could be a new start. Oh god, there's only a little over three hundred students in Forks, if I couldn't make it at the big ass school in Phoenix how could I-. Bella's hand on my shoulder snapped me out of my thought process, I looked at her and smiled, she could always tell when I was starting to panic. Finally our mom parked in the drop off lane, I took another deep breath before I got out and grabbed my two suitcases and one carry on bag and Bella's one from the trunk. My thoughts were interrupted by my mom giving my a hug and kissing my forehead, I hated when she did that but I let it slide, we were leaving after all.

When we got on the plane I tried to distract myself, what was around me? What was everyone near us wearing? Finally I got to Bella, she was wearing a sleeveless white shirt with lace around the trim and a pair of jeans and she carried a parka on her lap. Finally I got to myself, a pair of black skinny jeans, my favorite pair of boots, black Demonias that made me six foot one, without them I'm only five foot eight. I wore two studded belts around my hips, one slouched and the other was through my belt loops and then I wore a red and black striped sweater with a Mindless Self Indulgence t-shirt. I looked back at Bella and laughed inside my own head, even though I was only born fifteen minutes after her we were polar opposites, she liked classical music and I liked basically anything with a little screaming and angst, she dressed like a book worm and I dressed like, well, I guess an emo or mall goth. I wondered if there was anybody in forks who dressed like I did, I don't even want to think about it. I stuck my headphones in my ears and began listening to The Faint to pass the time.


Seeing my dad again was ... Awkward? None of us were big talkers so the car ride from Port Angeles to Forks was very quiet, Charlie tried making small talk he asked about how the weather was today in Phoenix and how the plane ride was. I told him it was nerve wracking but uneventful, no turbulence and thank god no screaming babies. When we pulled up to the house I realized it was different, there'd been an addition made to the house making it a three bedroom two bath. "When did you get that done?" I asked Charlie as I pulled my suitcases from the back of his trunk. "It just got finished about a couple weeks ago, I knew you two wouldn't wanna share a room and a bathroom like when you were kids." I nodded at the thought, he was right about that and I'm sure Bella agreed, too.

I drug my suitcases up the concrete stairs and through the threshold of the house, the inside looked different as well. He put new hardwood floor throughout the house to match the addition and painted the walls a light beige. He got a new black couch but kept his old recliner. Apparently I'd been standing there for too long because Charlie waved me up the stairs, Bella was already halfway up. He led us both to our room, he talked to Bella for a few minutes before coming to my room. "The lady at the store helped me pick out some stuff for your room, if you don't like the wall color we can go pick out a different paint color that's easy enough but if you want new furniture you'll have to get a job and get it yourself." He sounded kind of ashamed to admit he couldn't afford the new furniture for Bella and I.


"It's okay, Dad. This is perfect, the addition looks great." I lied through my teeth about the room being perfect, the walls were light brown, I had a wooden bed frame and a desk that looked like he got it from someone who offered it to him for free but that was okay, it's the thought that counted. He stood there for a minute before nodding. "Well, I'll be downstairs if you need anything." I didn't respond, it was nice that Charlie didn't linger. I liked my space and he liked his which was great, we wouldn't clash had my mom been the one we were moving to she probably wouldn't shut up the whole time. I put my suitcases on my bed and began to unpack them, I set my desk up with my laptop and plugged it in. "Swans residence" I read aloud to myself "Wow, he even got wireless internet. It's public though, I'll have to have him call the company and put a password on it."

It took me about an hour to rearrange my room the way I wanted it, I put my bed against the wall and my desk across from it so I had the other side of my room clear for the bookshelf Renee was supposed to have movers ship with the rest of our things, that's if she remembered to do it. "Bells! Baron!" I flinched at my old name, Baron, oh god I had to tell him I didn't go by that name anymore. I slowly crept down the stairs behind my sister, we both sat at the kitchen table, two boxes of pizza set in the middle. "I ordered us some pizza." He announced as he began passing out paper plates in front of us. "Hey dad." Bella spoke up, he looked at her, waiting for her to continue. "Baron actually goes by the name Felix now. He likes to be called by he and they. They're nonbinary." I felt like hiding behind the slice of pizza Charlie had just put on my plate, I stared down at the slices of pepperoni and the string of cheese that was still connected to the pizza, effectively causing a few long tendrils of cheese going from one side of the table to the other. "Okay, well... I'm not exactly sure what that means but I'll do my best."

The rest of dinner was silent until we all heard a loud engine coming from the front of the house. "Billy must be here. Come on guys." We followed Charlie out front, a big red truck was parked in our driveway with a man in a wheelchair and a teenage boy beside him. They both had long black hair, high cheekbones and bronze skin. "Thought I'd drop off the truck for you so you didn't have to come get it." "Drop... The truck off?" Bella mumbled to herself? "Surprise!" Charlie half yelled. "I bought you both a truck, you'll have to share it but I thought you guys might need a ride to school in the mornings." I snickered a little bit, yeah, pulling up in my dad's cop car wouldn't be the coolest thing ever. Bella was hugging Charlie when I looked back up. "So uh who's this?" I smiled, pointing my head towards the teenage boy. "I'm Jacob, we used to make mud pies together when we were kids." "Oh yeah, I think I remember that." I blushed at the fact I didn't recognize him. "Anyways we gotta get back to the Rez, Sue and Harry invited us over for dinner." I grabbed Bella's hand and practically dragged her inside the house. "Did you see how cute he was?" I grinned cheesily. "Yeah you were practically drooling, Felix."

Charlie came back inside a few minutes after us. "Alright, well you guys should go get some sleep so you can get to the school a little early so you can get familiar with the building." Bella and I both went to or respective rooms, I grabbed some boxers and pajama pants and went to one of the bathrooms and took a shower before I went to bed, however sleep didn't come easy and most of the night I just stare at the ceiling.