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Love Eternal

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Sirius observed the wreckage that was formerly the country cottage of his best friends. Ever since the supposed “prophecy” Dumbledore had told Lily and James about their lives had turned upside down. Coming from an ancient and noble house Susie possessed a lot of knowledge about obscure branches of magic. He knew prophecy’s were subjective, could change based on decisions people made, and were usually self fulfilling. He had no doubt Dumbledore knew that as well, a thought shared by the rest of the marauders and Lily when he’d shared the book on prophecy he’d asked Reggie to smuggle out of the Black family library.

Ever since then they'd begun to doubt Dumbledore and his “good intentions”. Even if prophecy was set in stone and absolute, Harry wouldn’t have been able to defeat Voldemort for a very long time with extensive training. The potential was there sure, all pureblood families took their newborns to Gringotts when they turned 7 months to have the Goblins test their cores, and check for the possibility for a creature inheritance.

Since Harry had the blood of the Potter’s and the Blacks (from his grandmother) there was a chance of him having a creature inheritance that would manifest at 17. It turns out that Harry possessed the strongest core the goblins had seen in many decades and would indeed have come into a creature inheritance, and not just any but a very rare one not seen since the time of the Hogwarts founders. Harry was a male omega Neko. Nekos were thought to be extinct, their blood, hair, nails, tears and more were powerful substances that were sought after for their magical properties, omegas both male and female produced powerful offspring, they were stunningly beautiful, and from the moment natural born Nekos tuned 17 basically immortal. But wizardkind had slowly eradicated the entire race. Like most creatures Nekos had a predetermined mate, using them as breeding stock sapped them of their immortality since they needed the love of their mates to feed their life force. Forcing them into unions with the highest bidder, as magical governments had been doing since recorded history, had the race slowly dying out until the last Neko disappeared some 900 years ago. Harry was going to need to be protected they'd decided, from Voldemort as well as from Dumbledore, the old man may profess not to want positions of power, but his place of the ICW and Wizengamot told a different story. The marauders were planning on fleeing the country and hiding from Voldemort, Dumbledore and their scenes, power plays, manipulation and wars.

Not that those plans mattered or that Harry would reach that age now, steeling himself Sirius started the walk into the still smoldering wreckage to retrieve the bodies of his best friends and his godson. Before reaching the door the crack of apparition rang out, Sirius just managed to duck before a blasting curse took his head off.

“Here to mourn your master or our friends Siri?” Remus growled at his lover.

With pain and heartache in his eyes Sirius turned to Remus “I didn’t betray them Remy, I convinced them to use wormy as secret keeper, it seemed like a less obvious choice than me, but this is still my fault” Sirius said with his voice breaking at the end as tears and sobs threatened to break out.

Remus wanted desperately to believe Sirius “Show me your arm Siri” he demanded.

Without hesitation Sirius bared both his arms to the man he’d loved since they were 13 “I swear on my magic and my life I didn’t, and would never, have betrayed James and Lily”

Remus could feel the magic responding to the vow, verifying the truth. “I’m sorry Siri, I should have doubted you-“

“Don’t” Sirius said “I should have told you we’d switched, I didn’t, not because I didn’t trust you, but because the less people who knew the safer the secret”

Remus nodded his understanding, let’s get our friends out of that mess, they deserve to be buried properly, not left in the cottage-“

He cut off speaking as he heard an infant starting to cry “Sirius did you hear that?”

“Hear what Remus? You’ve got a bit of a genetic advantage with your senses you know” Sirius said as he pulled out his wand, expecting that they were in danger.

Remus could hear the crying beginning to increase and he grasped Sirius arm tightly “Siri!” he exclaimed, scared to hope but wanting to hope all the same “I think Harry is still alive, I hear an child’s crying. They stared at each other for a second that seemed to stretch into eternity before both sprinting into the ruins of the cottage and up the stairs to their godsons bedroom. The scenes inside the cottage would haunt them for years to come, they had to pass the body of their best friend on the way upstairs and upon entering the room they saw the lifeless body of Lily Potter, slumped against the crib with her arms spread out as of protecting her son even in death.

But amidst the ruins of the house, in his crib was their godson Harry, whose sons had stopped as soon as he saw his uncles. A smile lot of his face as he reached out to Sirius.

“Paf’oot” he squealed happily. Clapping his hands upon seeing godfather, causing Sirius to smile for the first time since the warning charms him and James had placed alerted him that his friends were in mortal peril.

Hearing a crash outside Sirius grabbed Harry and shot Remus a worried glance. “Keep you wand ready Remy, we need to hurry and get to Gringotts and contact the ministry, whatever that was we need to deal with it quickly. I think we need to leave the country, possibly even Europe, Harry is in danger and I don’t trust anyone but you right now.”

Remus nodded his silent agreement as they stated walking down the stairs. When they walked outside to see Hagrid getting to his feet, having obviously fallen after landing from portkey he became suspicious, Sirius and James had placed charms on one another to tell if something g like this happened, just as he’d done with Lily. Hagrid would only be here on Albus’s orders and there was no reason he should already know what had happened unless he’d been monitoring them, without their knowledge or consent, which raised all kinds of alarms for the young werewolf.

“What are you doing here Hagrid?” Remus asked in a deceptively calm voice, trying to keep the suspicion out of it.

Hagrid had tears in his eyes as he answered “Dumbledore told me that you-know-who had killed Lily and James and that I needed to collect young Harry there” he said stepping forward only to be met with two wands pointing at his face, and a growl from Remus whose eyes flashed amber”

“How did Dumbledore know they’d died, it literally happened within the last hour, and furthermore what right does he have to make any decisions about MY godson?” Sirius demanded.

“Brilliant man like him, who knows how he knows the things he does, not my place to question him” Hagrid answered. “He said Harry was to go to his Aunt and Uncle, I’m here to bring him”
“Like hell!” Sirius yelled at the gentle half-giant “First of all, Harry is my godson and upon his parents death I became his guardian, Secondly, Lily’s sister hates her and magic in general, putting Harry with her would basically ensure he grows up unloved, unwanted and unhappy. And lastly I know for a fact that in their wills James and Lily said under no circumstances was Harry to ever go to them if anything happened to them”

“Hagrid I know you’re very loyal to Dumbledore but he has no legal claim over Harry, his only connection is that he’s the headmaster of the school Harry was most likely to attend, by trying to do this, it’s at best custodial interference, at worst kidnapping, now Sirius and I are taking Harry to Gringotts, and contacting the ministry to get all the guardian paperwork in order, please don’t try to interfere. We like you Hagrid, but if you interfere Sirius will use all the power at his disposal as Lord Black and the temporary proxy powers over the Potter lordship to bring the the might of the ministry against you, you’re already going to be questioned as a witness because of Albus’s actions, don’t make life harder on yourself.

“You’re taking him to Gringotts? Straight there?” Hagrid asked “I’m going to have to tell Professor Dumbledore but I don’t want no problems with the ministry, when my portkey reactivates it’ll take me to him and I’ll let him know what’s going on”

“When’s that scheduled to happen?” Sirius asked.

“Bout half an hour” the half giant responded checking his watch.

Sharing a glance the two lovers nodded to each other, silently communicating and knowing that they had to act quickly.

“I’m sorry for causing you trouble Hagrid, I know your heart is in the right place, but I don’t know if Dumbledore’s is” Sirius said “Bye Hagrid, I hope we meet on a better occasion next time.”

With that Siri’s and Remus grasped each other’s hands and apparated together to the steps of Gringotts.
Across the ocean a pixie like vampire was lost in a vision, her mate Edward was just as caught up in the vision he could see in his mates mind.

There was a lot of uncertainty in this vision, the one thing that was clear was that their brothers mate would be coming into their live, not for about 16 years but still they could see him clearly. A beautiful creature long thought to be extinct, he had piercing green eyes with flecks of silver, beautiful raven colors curls, high cheekbones, cupid’s bow lips, a small smattering of freckles that ran from the top of his cheekbone, across his nose to reach the other side, and poking out from the curls were a pair of cat like ears, as well as a tail. The word neko sounded in the vision, he was small, bigger than Alice, about the height of Esme at 5’6”. Or he will be, Alice reminded herself, the vision has shown flashes of him as he grew up, he seemed to be a loving, energetic, slightly mischievous, boy. But he was just a regular boy then the already murky visions got even more so and all she could see was this creature standing at what looked like a wedding altar hands clasped with their brother Jasper.

The vision ended and Alice was out of the room in less than a second with Edward hot on he heels. The rest of the family was downstairs, all in the same room but all engaged in different activities. “Guys I just had a very strange vision, but also a wonderful one. Jas, I saw your mate, and he’s beautiful” Alice said happily.

“There’s more, he’s a creature I’ve heard of but only in passing….. well actually no he isn’t yet, he seems to become one later one, but before he meets Jasper. The vision she has was very murky, not very clear either, but she did see him and Jasper together.”

Jasper’s heart would have stopped if it was still beating. A mate if his own, he longed for one for so long, happiness he’d never let himself feel begin to bloom inside him. “What kind of creature, and why would the visions be so murky”

“I don’t know why the visions aren’t clear, but I did hear what he is, he’s a neko”

“Oh my” Carlisle said “They were wiped out long long ago. He must be a wizard, the last known Nekos were held captive by them before dying out. They have the potential to be immortal just like us, they can even carry vampire offspring, but something about their magic creates a human baby, it’d be neither vampire or neko. Aro was friends with a Neko over a thousand years ago, I remember him telling me when I stayed in Volterra. It wasn’t a romantic relationship, but they were close all the same. The neko fell in love with a member of the Volturi guard. The story ends tragically though. Wizards tracked the neko down, his mate killed many of them trying to get the neko back but ended up being destroyed right in front of his mate. The grief was so consuming for the neko his magic destroyed him upon seeing his mate die. The guard arrived right after, and Aro has hated wizards ever since.

“Do you think we should tell them about what Alice saw? We might need their help in the future” Jasper said quietly.

Nodding Carslile agreed “I think so yes, as a family we need to go see them, I believe Aro will be eager to help us, both to honor the memory of a dear friend and to exact some kind of revenge against wizards. Let’s pack, Alice do you know where Jasper will meet his mate?”

“Forks, after he turns 17” Alice answered “We probably shouldn’t go there until closer to that time. I know we were planning to live there next but-“ her face slacked as she was caught in a vision “but to many would remember us if we go there, leave and return again when’s it’s time for Jasper to meet this boy”

“We will figure it out, for now, we have to go to Italy” Carlisle answered.