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All day it had been the same, patients coming and going with minor complaints that really would just go away if they took a painkiller and stopped whining about it. Law glanced at his computer. The next patient was someone worried about a rash. Really, if this turned out to be another ketchup stain – he had actually had one of those today – he would throw himself out of the window.

Sighing, he reluctantly made his way to the waiting room. “Mr Eustass?” he called.

In the corner, a young man with bright red hair got up from his seat. Law eyed him from head to toe. This Eustass-guy – Kid, as was his first name – was hardly an eyesore. Broad, muscular, handsome… A mischievous smile appeared on the doctor’s face. This could get interesting.

He led the patient to his examination room and told him to sit down. Law took a seat behind his desk and looked at the file that his computer showed. “I see you have a rash you’re concerned about,” he said in his professional voice.

Kid snorted. “It’s not a rash. Just a redness. And I’m not concerned.”

“You’re at the doctor.” Law smirked. It was obvious the man was just embarrassed. And if he hadn’t caught the patient checking him out, he might have believed the tough guy story. “Show it to me.”

Okay, perhaps he shouldn’t have used his seductive voice, but it worked anyway. The redhead pulled off his shirt, revealing some rock hard abs.

Law took his time to look the man up and down, ignoring the death glares that were sent his way. Finally, he stood up and walked over to his patient. The rash was on his back, which was kind of too bad, Law would have loved to touch those abs. The rash itself was nothing to worry about, it would probably disappear in a day or two. When he told Kid, the patient immediately got up, throwing his shirt back on again. “Great, wasted my time. Later, doc.”

But Law wasn’t going to let him leave like that. Kid was almost at the door already, when the doctor asked with a mischievous smile: “Did you ever had a prostate exam?”

His hand hovering over the doorknob, Kid brusquely turned around. “Don’t you have to be in your forties before that’s necessary?”

“Who’s the doctor here?” And Law put on a new set of gloves, letting the rubber snap against his wrists.

Kid hesitated for a moment, but then seemed to accept his argument. Smirking, Law pointed him to the examination room. “Take off your pants, lean on the table with your elbows and squad down a little,” he ordered and couldn’t help but grin when the patient did grumbling what he was told. Law took a second to check out the man’s perfect ass, lubricating his fingers slowly. This was going to be fun.

Kid flinched when the finger entered his body, but he supposed that was part of the exam. He hadn’t expected there being so much moving around though. And definitely not… “Fuck!” He cursed loudly and his arms almost gave in. “What the hell…?”

“Found it,” Law said triumphantly. The prostate wasn’t hard to locate. He gave another poke at it, just to mess with the redhead.

Panting, Kid looked around as much as his position allowed to scowl at the doctor. “Maybe I should give you a rectal exam.”

A smile played around the doctor’s lips, retracting his fingers. “I suppose it has been a while…”

Before he knew it, he was pinned against the examination table, his lips claimed by his patient. Kid wasted no time in undoing Law’s belt. His own erection, awakened by the prostate exam, pressed against the doctor’s thigh. “Turn around,” the redhead growled.

Law happily complied, though he first pressed a condom in Kid's hand. Seems like the day was getting interesting after all. The patient positioned himself behind the doctor, before slamming inside the black haired man’s body. Law moaned. A hand wrapped itself around his half-awakened member, and pumped in time with Kid’s thrusts. The doctor braced himself on the examination table while the redhead behind him was probably trying to fuck him into it. Not that he complained.

Completely lost in the pleasurable sensations, it took Law a few seconds to realise something was different. Perhaps it was a draft of wind, but it make him look up. In the doorway a pale female doctor’s assistant was standing.

“What?” Kid barked at her, having ceased his movements.

The blonde woman with a bob cut and many scars across her face looked at them unimpressed. “When you’re ready, doctor, your next patient is waiting.”