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knock knock knockin on heaven's door Prompt

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So, we can all agree that the confession happened at night right ? Possibly even quite late at night.

And the next scene we have is during day time. But what happened right after the confession ??? I don't think Amity has crashed at the Owl house, she is 14 after all and I don't think her parents (mom) whould have been ok for their precious Mittens to stay at the infamous rebel's house. So she had to go home at some point but I don’t think for even a second that Luz did not walk her home !

The canon I have is that Eda offers a ride home but well, both Luz and Amity want to be alone together so they decline the offer ! 

That is just how it is when you finally confess to your crush and it goes well. You just want to spend as much time alone together as possible. 

So walking is the best option here.

And Eda, because she is just that awesome, understands it well enough and just sends them off like “Ok, but be quick Kid, it’s late !”

BUT when they finally got to Amity’s house, it’s even later into the night and who here think that Amity would let Luz go home alone at night ?

I don’t !

So off they are, back to the owl house.

And when they got there Eda is like *face palm, wave* “I know, be quick !”

And back again to Amity’s but then both of them got so engross in whatever they are talking about or not even talking but simply being amazed at how they can be together and that they love each other, they don’t realize that as soon as they got to the Blight’s Manor, they go back for the third time to the owl house.

But this time, there is a note stuck to the front door “I knew you two would be back again. Just take Owlbert and go to bed Kid !”

And they are about to fly back to Amity’s house but who do they see behind them ?

Yes, Ed and Em, here to pick Amity.

And I’m pretty sure they were there from the beginning and just ended up stalking them all the way here and there, because it’s very late and they are not going to let their little Mittens alone at night BUT they were still taking notes to make fun of her later.


That’s the canon I have : Luz and Amity being so in love they end up walking a marathon, not ready to let go of each other as Eda understands what it is to be young and stupidly in love and as Ed and Em are just being their usual selves and are spying on their little sister and her new GF. Fight me !