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Of Blights and Men

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Another glorious boring day at Hexside, students walking to their next classes, the teacher's speaking to one another, and a certain human wore a smile on her face at the sight of her friends. “Salutations my family in arms,” shouted Luz. Willow, Gus, and Amity looked to see their friend wearing the great smile she had for a week now. “Hey, Luz you're looking good today.” Amity complimented before blushing bright pink, “Yeah, after everything that's happened and what I've been through I feel extremely confident.” Gus and Willow exchanged a look of surprise and joy for their friend, “Really?” Willow asked, “I have so many questions. Like what exactly have you been through to gain this confidence?” Gus followed, unable to contain his curious excitement.


Before Luz could respond the speaker came on, “Luz Noceda, Willow Park, and Augustus Porter report to Principal Bump’s office immediately and you too, Amity.” Dread coursed through Amity’s veins, her mother was back, and if she called her friends who knew what she had in store for them. ‘No, no, no, this can't be happening.’ Amity thought while drowning in her panicked mind Luz and the others looked at each other scared but determined to face whatever Odalia Blight had to throw at them. “We’ve been up against all sorts of insanity and stood tall. We can do this.” Luz said, flexing her arms proudly, “Yeah, and we got each other's backs.” exclaimed Gus as Willow adjusted her glasses, “Like I said we may be children but we're witches, powerful ones.” 


With that, the team made their way to the office. “Hey.” Amity perked her head up to see Luz standing in front of her, seeing determination in her eyes. “C’mon, we can do this together.” she cheered, extending her hand to the nervous witch. Amity smiled shyly “We can do this together.” Amity repeated, grabbing the hand of her crush as they ventured to the office. The four young friends entered Principal Bump’s office with courage written all over their faces but quickly switched to surprise when they caught sight of the Blight twins Edric and Emira. “Hey, mittens.” Edric waved “What’s up?” Emira squeaked shyly, “Curiouser and curiouser.” Amity muttered, whatever her mother had planned seems much bigger than she anticipated.


The young witches sat down rewriting the courage they displayed on their faces. “Luz, Willow, Augustus, Amity, Edric, Emira.” Odalia called out, not sounding like her usual intimidating self, “Starting today I…” she paused. Amity and the twins quivered with anticipation, “Apologize.” the children’s eyes widened with surprise Principal Bump included. The last time they were called to the office they were expelled but an apology was not what they were expecting. Amity couldn't believe what her mother said. Was this true or another one of her dirty tricks?, “Y-your Lying.” she shouted, the twins held each other tightly knowing what their mother would do if they or even Amity talked to her like that.


Odalia looked at her daughter with sincere yet saddened eyes, although considering past events she couldn't blame her daughter for not believing her. “Amity, it's the truth. For once I'm telling you the truth.” Odalia said with tension in her voice, “I believe her.” said Edric “C’mon, Mittens when was the last time you heard mom say sorry?” Emira joined, sharing the same disbelief as her siblings. Before any form of argument could be started, Luz settled the atmosphere. “I’d like to hear what Mrs. Blight has to say,” she said, placing a comforting hand on Amity’s shoulder. “Thank you, Mrs. Noceda.”


Amity sat back down and everyone else remained calm, “As I was saying I apologize for all the terrible things I've wrought upon you all.” continued Odalia, her eyes beginning to water, she suddenly turned to Willow who was surprised to see this move from the woman, “Willow, you and Amity have been thick as thieves since you were young, you were the best of friends. Until…” she paused, the words plugging up her throat, “You tore us apart.” Willow continued, still angered by that past deed, “Yes, I was blinded by my pride and greed, I was focused on what I wanted. I was too full of myself to see what was happening …What I had broken.” tears rolled down Odalia’s cheeks. It started as a drop then became a waterfall, the children could not believe what they were seeing, the one they perceived as a greedy shark was crying like an infant.


“Luz, ” she started, Luz pointed at herself to know if the Blight’s mother was talking to her, she confirmed with a nod while wiping her tears away, “You're a remarkable young woman and have achieved so much for someone your age, the same can be said for you, Gus.” the young witch blushed, “Well, I am quite the artist when it comes to illusions.” he boasted with the trio out of the way, it was time for Odalia to deliver a long-overdue apology to her children. “So…” Emira started, “What’s happening…?” Edric continued “Mom?” Amity finished, “My dear children, all these years I've pushed you to be the best but I pushed too hard. I forced you to obey my rules, cut off your friendships with people who loved you for who you are, and have broken the three beautiful hearts more times than I can count, I know you may never find it in your hearts to forgive me but know that, I am sorry... for everything.”


The hearts and minds of the young witches were moved by the Blight’s words, here for the first time Odalia Blight had a heart. It was then that Alador the father had stepped out of the shadows, his hand over his heart, a look of guilt written on his face. “And I am sorry as well.” the three young Blights stood up in surprise their innocent father had something surprising to say, “For what?” Amity asked, “Yeah, you didn't do anything.” Edric followed. Their father looked at them with sorrowful eyes, tears building up to the brim “Exactly.” he finally said, “I stood idly by as your mother forced her grip upon you, instead of saying something or putting my foot down I stood in the corner like a child waiting to be heard.” Alador hid his face not wanting his children to see their father as an emotional train wreck. “I let her goad me into tearing Amity and Willow apart, I failed as a father because I couldn't protect you from the people who brought you into this world, I...I…” he fell to his knees still covering his face, “Dad, you're not a failure.” said Emira placing her and on his shoulder, “Yeah, you make the most amazing abomination gear in the whole demon realm.” his head perked up to see the twins smiling, he made mistakes in the past but that did not make him a failure, he then looked at Amity, his youngest daughter who did not have much to say, “Of all the mechanisms I've created, you three are by far the greatest.” Alador said wiping the tears from his face, now calmed down after his emotional outburst.


With all of the emotional drama out of the way, the time for answers had come. “Mr. and Mrs. Blight, last time we met you tried to destroy me. What's with the change of heart?” asked Luz eager to know the reason behind this change, the two Blights looked at each other for a moment then back at the human “When Amity defended you and expressed how she felt about you three, we realized...well I realized I can't control my children but let them be free.” Odalia said with a smile “I swore I'd never become my mother, but her ghost-shaped me.” her smile fading away. The young witches stood in silence looking at each other for a moment still trying to process everything that transpired. “Luz Noceda, we've wronged and hurt you and your friends, though our words cannot heal what we have done all we hope is your forgiveness,” Alador said bowing respectfully. 


The six young witches looked at each other again clearly thinking something, “Give us a minute.” said Gus as he and the others gathered in a huddle, after what seemed like hours the children were ready to deliver the verdict. “Mr. and Mrs. Blight after careful consideration we the jury have reached a verdict.” Gus started, “I can't say things are patched up between us, but it's a start.” Willow said smiling hopefully, Odalia and Alador smiled back, however Amity remained slightly unconvinced, “Mom, dad...Did you really mean all of that?” her parents nodded, smiling at her with sincere and humble eyes, she rushed to her parents gripping them into a tight hug, “I forgive you.” she said tears streaming down her eyes. “We know dear,” said Odalia happily, “Now you and your friends get back to class before you miss anything important.” Alador chimed.


The children walked out of the office full of pride, Amity looked back at her parents one last time giving them a hopeful smile. As soon as they left Odalia and Alador made their way back to Blight Manor, today was a surprise and tomorrow would be a better day for their young. On the way up to the gate, a thought occurred to Alador “You know something dear.” “What is that?” Odalia asked, “That Luz Noceda girl is remarkable for a girl her age, I think she'll make a wonderful daughter-in-law.” Odalia rolled her eyes playfully “One can hope darling. One can hope.”