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Secrets And Threats

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Door Frame Threats

by Moonbeam


Stiles knocked on the door knowing this was a bad idea. When he looked at the door he remembered the Alpha bursting out, when he thought of the alpha he remembered the horrid smell of burning flesh which was all his fault. There was every possibility he was going to have his throat ripped out when the door opened. The threat had always been distant and terrifying but now having seen Derek rip his own uncle’s throat out he had been having vivid and disturbing dreams about exactly that. He was the one laying on the floor, the one begging for life, the one who is gushing blood after a quick and vicious swipe from Derek’s sharp claws.


Being scared of Derek was a reaction, much like the desire to climb up his body and kiss him was a reaction but the overriding feeling now was definitely the fact that Derek was going to rip his throat out after he opened the door.


The door never opened and Stiles sighed before turning around, the relief mixed with the dread at the fact he was going to have to work up the courage to come back. He span and his entire body twitched as he jumped and fell against the door behind him which gave against his weight, his arms windmilled for a moment before gravity won and he fell through the open doorway and landed heavily on his backside. His head thumped on the wooden floor behind him and he laid there for a moment staring up at the burned wood of the roof before Derek’s face overtook his vision.


“What do you want?” Derek growled.


“I’m fine thanks,” Stiles pushed himself off the floor until he was sitting and could stare up at Derek properly. “No, don’t help I’m fine.” Stiles said as Derek walked away from him not bothering to even acknowledge him.


Stiles stood and brushed himself off. Derek really, really needed to do something about this place. Honestly, he should just knock it down and start again but the man did not take well to constructive criticism so Stiles decided to just focus on one thing today. He didn’t seem to have actually broken anything, he would probably get a bruise on his backside and the back of his head was tender but he shook himself off and trailed after Derek.


Stiles found Derek is the burned out shell of his old kitchen. There was a tiny fridge and camp stove both of which were running off a gas bottle. Derek was shoving things into the tiny fridge not looking at Stiles.


“What are you doing here Stiles?” Derek said not bothering to turn around.


“I need to talk to you about something.”


“Talk.” Derek ordered turning and glaring at Stiles.


“Does Scott have to submit to you as his alpha?” Stiles asked keeping himself in the doorway, he would never get away from Derek if he wanted to kill him but a head start was a good thing. He’d left his keys in the jeep just in case.


“Scott should be here, asking me himself.”


“Derek, can you just tell me?”


“Scott can stay a lone wolf if he wants. He’s stupid if he does. He’ll be even weaker than he was before.”




“The bigger the pack the stronger the wolf.”


“Is that why you turned Jackson?” Stiles knew it was a bad idea while he was saying the sentence.


Derek stalked over to him slowly, his eyes electric blue and a sneer on his face. His hand moved slowly, it came up from next to him and grabbed a handful of Stiles’ shirt before he pressed him back into the door frame. The burned wood pressing painfully into Stiles’ spine.


“Sorry, crap don’t kill me!” Stiles said turning his head towards Derek’s face.


“What I do is none of your business. You are human. Stay out of it!” Derek growled directly into Stiles’ ear. Before he let go quickly stepping away letting Stiles drop down until his knees caught and he was able to stop his descent to the floor.


“I can’t.” Stiles said not being able to help himself.


“Why not?” Derek turned back to his, his canines sharp and dropping quickly.


Stiles pressed himself back into the wood behind him and lifted his hand in front of his chest as though he would be able to fend Derek off. “Because Scott is a werewolf and if you can’t help him I will.”


“I offered him a place in the pack!” Derek ground out standing less than a metre from Stiles.


“After you killed Peter and tore away his hope of a cure.”


“There was never a cure.”


“I know.” Stiles admitted, he’d always known it was too easy, but he’d hoped and he’d allowed his friend to hope just in case.


“Of course you did. Scott is a child and you worked it all out. Now work out that it’s time to get out.”


“Why?” Derek took a tiny step closer and Stiles felt his heartbeat kick up a notch, he was going to die of a heart attack before he hit twenty.


“The hunters are coming. Tell Scott to come and join my pack and then get the hell out.” Derek said.


“If the hunters are coming then I am going to be here to help.”


Derek shoved a hand onto Stiles’ chest and pushed him back roughly. Stiles let out a harsh grunt feeling the corner of the wood biting painfully into his shoulder blade. Derek didn’t let up his hand at all, he pressed in harder making Stiles grunt in pain again.


“You will die if you do not leave now.” Derek pressed him into the door frame until his eyes started to glisten. “You will leave your father all alone so get the fuck out.”


Derek stepped away and walked out of the kitchen disappearing. Stiles slumped down his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath and breathe through the pain in his back and shoulder.


Stiles stood up and straightened his back which sent spikes of pain down his spine but forced his legs to move out of the kitchen and through the front door. He made it to his car but gasped when his back pushed into the seat at his back. He sat forward and put his seatbelt on driving away even though he hadn’t managed to get answers to all of his questions.


When he got home and took his shirt off his back was already bruised and there was a long line of blood where the wood had broken his skin. He cleaned himself up and thought about what Derek said when he saw his father asleep on the couch in front of the television.


Did he need to leave Scott to join Derek and fend for himself?


The End