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Amity could hardly contain her excitement as she walked along the path through the forest. It had been two weeks since she'd been "kidnapped" by Hooty and brought to the owl house. Two weeks since she and Luz officially became a couple. The young wish bit her lip, blushing like a tomato. She still got goosebumps every time she thought about her and Luz being together. It seemed almost impossible to believe and yet it was true. She had a girlfriend! A girlfriend! And that girlfriend was Luz Noceda. Sweet, kind, caring and silly Luz who her heart melted for every time she laid eyes on her. 

Amity sighed dreamily. When Luz first came to the Boiling isles she had never once thought this was where their relationship would lead. They'd gone from enemies to friends and now they were girlfriends. It was like the Titian himself had blessed her with this new reality. Of course they hadn't told anyone yet though. Apart from Eda, King, and of course Hooty no one else knew she and Luz were now in a relationship. Amity suspected Ed and Em might know but if they did they hadn't said anything. The young witch smiled. As annoying as her older siblings could be sometimes, she wouldn't trade them for anything. It was thanks to them she was even able to go out tonight. Their mother had wanted her to accompany her and her father to blight industries to demonstrate their newest product to their buyers. She didn't know what this new product was but knowing her mother it would of been something painful and violent. Thankfully Ed and Em had told Odalia that she'd been feeling sick and that they thought it would be best if she stayed home. 

Right now her mother thought Ed and Em were at home taking care of her. But her siblings were doing the exact opposite. They too had decided to take a night out on their own. Amity didn't know where they had gone but knew they hadn't left home together. If she had to guess, the youngest blight suspected her siblings had both taken the opportunity to go visit their secret partners. Good for them. Amity hoped Ed and Em were going to have as great a night as she was because this was going to be her and Luz's first official date. The young witch had no idea where they were going or what they would be doing. Luz had planned the whole thing on her own so their date would be a surprise. Was she nervous? Of course she was. But at the same time she was also excited. She already knew tonight would be one of the best nights of her life.


Eda smirked behind her cup of apple blood as she watched Luz pace back and forth across the living room nervously. Ahh, young love was both beautiful and amusing to watch. Now she understood why Lilith had teased her when they were younger during the time she'd been dating Raine. Raine. Her heart still ached every time she thought about them. She hoped they'd managed to escape those two coven heads. Nothing had been announced on the news yet about the head of the Bard coven being a traitor so she hoped they'd got away. She would have to go looking for them when she found some time. Titian knows she wanted to see them again so badly. 

Luz stopped pacing momentarily to look out the window, scratching her wrist anxiously. 

"Kid. Relax." Eda told her before pausing briefly to take another sip from her cup. "You've spent the last two weeks planning this date. You're not gonna back out in fear now are ya?"

Luz spun around. "Of course not!" She exclaimed. "Me turn down a date with Amity?! Why would I ever do such a thing?!"

Eda chuckled. "Alright, alright calm down." She said as she placed her cup on the table and stood up. "I'm just messing with you."

Luz sighed and wrapped her arms around herself. "Sorry Eda." She said. 

The owl lady frowned. As much fun as it was watching Luz and Amity fall head over heels for each other, it wasn't fun watching her apprentice panic like this. Eda made her way across the room, resting a hand on Luz's shoulder and kneeling down.

"Alright. Spill." She said. "What's worrying so much? I thought this date was something you were looking forward to."

"It is." Luz's eyes fell to the floor. "I'm just scared I'm gonna mess it up somehow. Like I always do."

"What are you talking about?"

"Back home people always said I came on too strong. They said I was cheesy and pushed to hard." Luz looked up at Eda, her lip wobbling. "What if their right and I end up doing the same thing to Amity? She'll think I'm weird."

"Hey, hey calm down. Those are just the nerves talking." Eda gave Luz's shoulder a small squeeze. "Look kid. Amity clearly likes you and enjoys spending time with you. She's not gonna think your cheesy or weird or anything like that. Trust me by the end of tonight you'll be wondering what you were so worried about in the first place."

"Maybe you're right." Said Luz. "I just...I want to make sure this date is perfect. Amity deserves perfection."

Eda smiled and ruffled Luz's hair. "Let me tell ya something Luz. Spending time with you alone is always perfect for your cute girlfriend. She's gonna love it tonight and so will you. No why don't you go say goodnight to King before Amity gets here. By the time you come home he'll probably be asleep."

Luz nodded. "OK. Thanks Eda." She said before making her way towards the stairs. 

"No problem. Oh and Luz?"

Luz stopped halfway up the stairs and looked over her shoulder. "Yeah?"

Eda smirked and pointed a finger at the young girl. "No funny business ya here? Don't do anything I would do."

"What?! Eda!" Luz whined, blushing hard. 

Eda snorted and laughed. "Ha! I'm only messing with ya again kid. I know your far more responsible then I was at your age. That's the only reason why I'm allowing you to have this date so late at night. Now go on. Get a move on before you girlfriend gets here."

Luz shook her head, smiling a little as she headed upstairs. Once she was gone Eda sat back down on the couch and rested her hands behind her head. "Ah, a baby's first date." She said out loud, a proud smile on her face. "Look at you go kid."

(A little while later)

When Amity finally arrived at the owl house she found Hooty in the middle of typing his newest letter to send to Lilith. The bird demon looked up from his typewriter when he heard her approaching. 

"Oh. Hey Amity." He said as he pushed the typewriter into a nearby bush.

"Hi Hooty." Amity replied as the bird demon sunk back inside his door. "Writing another letter to Lilith?" 

"Yep. Lulu replied to the last message I sent after you and Luz became a couple. She says she's happy for you both by the way." Hooty began to turn the handle on the front door. "Come inside."

"Hold on." Amity held her hand up. "Before I head inside, I want to talk to you first."

Hooty gasped loudly and slammed the door closed. "Really?!" He cried. "Someone wants to talk with me!"

"Calm down bird-tube." Amity said while reaching inside her pocket. "As annoying as you can sometimes be, you are also one of the greatest demons I have ever met. It's thanks to you that me and Luz are together now. Even though you did kidnap me to make it happen."

"I only kidnap my friends." Hooty replied innocently.

"Um...anyway." Amity continued. "You're the reason I'm dating the girl of my dreams. If you hadn't helped us out Luz and I would probably still just be friends. So to show you my gratitude I made you this."

The bird demon gasped again when Amity pulled out a piece of cloth from her pocket and unwrapped it. It was a large cookie filled with hundreds of different flavoured bird seeds. 

Amity laid he cookie flat in both her palms and held it up to Hooty. "I don't know what type of seeds you like so I added one each from all the ones I could find." She explained. "I hope you like it..."


The young witch jumped back as the cookie was quickly snatched out her hand and gobbled up by Hooty. The owl demon snapped his beak as he chewed on the treat then smiled once he'd finished it. "Whoa! That was amazing!" He said as he slithered back into his door. "Thank you! No one has ever given me a gift before! No wonder Luz likes you so much!"

Amity blushed and smiled shyly. "It's fine." She said while fiddling with her hands. "So err...can you let me in?"

"Of course, of course." Hooty opened the door and swung it back. "Come inside."

Amity stepped through the door, thanking Hooty as she passed by. As she entered the living room she found Eda sitting on the couch watching the evening news from her crystal ball. 

"Oh. Hey kid." The older witch said when she noticed Amity. "Didn't hear you come in. How have you been?"

"I'm good thanks." Said Amity. "How about you?"

Eda shrugged. "Eh. Not great. Not bad. Bit of both I suppose. I guess I'm doing a little better now that the owl beast and I have got a truce going on. Not sure how long it will last but I guess we'll see." The owl lady then smirked and raised her brow. "So. Looking forward to your date?"

Amity's face flushed. Her hands went behind her back as she bounced on the balls of her feet shyly. "Yeah." She smiled. "I am. Is Luz almost ready?"

"She went upstairs to say night to King. One sec, I'll check to see if she's done for you."

Instead of standing up and heading towards the stairs like Amity had been expecting, the young witch jumped when Eda suddenly yelled at the top of her lungs. 


"What?! Err, night King! Hugs and kisses and all that!" 

Amity heard the sound of Luz running upstairs followed by a small crash as something was knocked over. 

"I'm fine!" Luz called down to them.

Amity smiled and shook her head. Oh Luz. After a few seconds her girlfriend appeared at the top of the stairs. She quickly made her way down, skidding to a stop right in front of Amity until their noses were just an inch apart. The two locked eyes, matching blushes appearing on their faces.

"Uh...hi Amity." Luz laughed while rubbing the back of neck.

Amity laughed too, scratching her wrist again. "Hey Luz."

The human girl took a small step back, biting her lip before slowly raising her hand. Amity reached out and grabbed her hand, feeling butterflies in her stomach. Their meetings were always like this at first. The both of them a blushing mess when in the presence of the other. But after becoming girlfriends physical contact was becoming less scary and awkward. Plus they really enjoyed holding each others hands. It made both girls feel like they could take on the world together. 

"So? Are you ready to go?" Luz asked once her nerves had settled down.

Amity nodded and the two of them turned to leave.

"Hold on a second kiddo." Eda called out, causing the two to turn around. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

"Huh?" Said Luz.

Eda rolled her eyes before placing two fingers to her mouth and whistling. A few bumps and crashes were heard from upstairs before Owlbert flew down into the living room and swept the two surprised girl's off their feet. 

"Ohhh Owlbert." Luz lightly hit the side of her head. "Duh. Thanks Eda."

"No problem kid." Eda settled back down on the couch and waved them off. "Be back before morning or I'll assume you got into more trouble I will need to bail you out of."

Luz rolled her eyes. "Yes mom." She said sarcastically before looking back at Amity. "Ready?" Amity wrapped her arms around Luz's waist and nodded. "OK. Hold on tight."

Eda watched the two lovebirds sail out the front door and into the night sky. The sight reminded her of the nights she and Raine flew off into the night together. Hopefully one day she would be able to do that with them again.

(Amity's Pov)

The youngest member of the Blight family felt like she was in heaven. It was official. She had fallen for the greatest girlfriend in the whole wide world. Luz's surprise date had been a private dinner she had set up on a cliff side over looking the ocean. A dinner that had taken place right below the cherry blossom tree they had created the night they defeated Grom. Luz had also made sure to buy all of her favourite foods! They'd only been together two weeks and yet somehow her girlfriend already knew all the food she liked to eat. After having their small dinner Amity and Luz sat together beneath their tree, their shoulders touching and their hands clasped together. 

"Luz this was...amazing." Amity looked at her girlfriend. "This date couldn't have gone any better. Thank you so much."

Luz blushed before sitting up. "Well. Don't thank me yet. Because there's still just one last thing I need to do to make this moment even more memorable." 

Amity was confused at first until Luz reached inside her pocket and pulled out a thin pink box. "What is that?" She asked.

Luz turned so she was sat on her knees and presented the box to Amity. "I got you a present." She mumbled shyly.

Amity gasped quietly. "You...did?"

Luz nodded and gently pressed the box into the purple haired girl's hands. Amity stared at the box in disbelief before slowly raising the lid. She gasped again, tears forming in her eyes. Inside the box was two separate necklaces. They were both silver and each had one side of a heart attached to them. 

Luz grabbed one of the necklaces and put it on. "I saw these last week and just knew I had to buy them. I spent every snail I had but I think it was so worth it." The young human grabbed the other necklace and gently placed it around Amity's neck. "See?" She said as she held both hearts up and connected them together. "They match just like we do."

Amity smiled before suddenly launching forwards. Luz was surprised when her girlfriend suddenly embraced her in a bone crushing hug but didn't hesitate to hug her back all the same. 

Amity sniffed, holding her girlfriend tight before whispering in her ear. "I love you Luz Noceda."

Luz inhaled sharply. Tears of her own began to fall as she squeezed Amity tighter. This was the first time one of them had said those words to each other. She'd been wanting to say those words to Amity for so long but until now had never managed to gather enough courage. Now though there was no more fear holding her back.

"I love you too Amity Blight." She said as she rested her chin on the young witch's shoulder. "So much."