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As Gaon and Yohan stood on the bridge, looking out over the city, there was a sense of tranquility in the air.  However, that tranquility was broken by Yohan’s phone ringing in his pocket, making him look down at it in confusion before he reached into his pocket and pulled out the phone, looking to see who was calling him.

         “Elijah?” he murmured, making Gaon look over at him as he answered the phone and placed it to his ear.

         “Elijah?” he answered.

         “Yohan!  Hurry and come get me!” Elijah cried.  Yohan’s face shifted immediately from that of peace to one of concern.

         “Elijah, Elijah, where are you?” he demanded, causing Gaon to frown at the tone of his voice.

         “I-I don’t—” Elijah started making Yohan huff.

         “Just send me your location.  Can you do that?  Send me your location, I’m coming now” he declared.

         “Okay” Elijah replied before she hung up, Yohan’s phone buzzing with her location a few moments later.  Once he had her location, Yohan ran for the driver’s side of his Escalade, Gaon immediately following after him, getting into the passenger’s side.

         “What happened?  What’s wrong with Elijah?” he asked as Yohan pushed the “start engine” button and put the car into drive.

         “I don’t know, but she sounds like she’s in trouble” Yohan growled as he stepped on the gas, speeding away towards Elijah’s location.




When they arrived, they found Soo Hyun surrounded by the punks that had been attacking people recently.

         “Soo Hyun” Gaon whispered, immediately getting out of the car, Yohan doing the same.

         “Soo Hyun!” Gaon shouted, just as a scream rang out, making both him and Yohan turn to see a man reaching into Soo Hyun’s SVU, looking as if he was trying to pull someone out.

         “Elijah!” Gaon shouted this time, about to run over to her when Yohan took off towards the van.  While he ran towards the van, Gaon ran over to Soo Hyun and gently touched her on the arm.

         “Are you okay?” he asked.  Soo Hyun looked over at him and nodded before they both turned to look back at the punks.

         “What the hell is going on here?” he demanded.

         “They were attacking innocent people, so I decided to stop them” Soo Hyun answered.  Gaon hummed and nodded in understanding.

         “I see” he murmured.




Meanwhile, at Soo Hyun’s van, one of the punks was still trying to get Elijah out of the car but she was a strong and smart girl who continued to hit and scratch, not letting him touch her.  Just then, the man was suddenly yanked off of her, causing her eyes to widen as she watched Yohan take the man by the neck and smash him into the frame of the door, the man crumpling like a rag doll.  He then looked into the car, concern in his eyes.

         “Are you alright?” he asked.  Elijah whimpered, just as her eyes widened and she pointed behind him.

         “Yohan!” she shrieked, causing Yohan to turn, only to get wacked in the head with a piece of lumber by another punk.  He didn’t even stand a chance, crumpling just like how the other punk he had attacked crumpled.  Elijah looked down at her unconscious uncle before she looked up at the punk who attacked him, the man raising his piece of lumber to attack again.

         “Gaon!” she screamed.




At Elijah’s scream, Gaon’s head whipped towards the car, his eyes widening at the sight of Yohan unconscious on the ground, another punk about to hit him again when Gaon’s feet began to move on his own and before he knew it, he was running at the punk, kneeing him first in the side, causing him to stumble away from Yohan and the car before he punched him in the face, sending him to the ground.  Gaon then ripped the piece of lumber out of his hand and threw it away, glaring down at the punk before he slowly turned to look at the other group of punks, who all had raised their weapons to strike.  He then slowly began to walk towards the group of punks, rage boiling in his eyes as he got closer to them until he was standing face to face with their “leader”, the one who Soo Hyun had her gun trained at.

         “Do you realize…what you’ve just done?” he snarled.  The man smirked before he raised an eyebrow.

         “And what did I just do?” he replied.  Gaon slowly lifted his arm and pointed to Yohan, who was still unconscious on the ground, as he looked the man in the eye.

         “You…just attacked a judge.  And not just any judge, oh no, you attacked your hero, the man you worship like a god, your savior, Kang.  Yo.  Han” he snarled.  The leader’s eyes widened as he slowly looked at Yohan’s unconscious body before he let out a horrified gasp and took a step back, as if he couldn’t believe that he had done that.  However, before he could even try to run, Gaon stepped forward and grabbed the man by the front of his shirt, causing Soo Hyun’s eyes to widen.

         “Gaon—” she started but Gaon ignored her as he continued to glare at the man.

         “You know attacking a judge is a crime, right?  And do you know what crime that is?” he hissed.  The leader shook his head.

         “Attempted murder.  And, because you’ve attacked all these innocent people as well, that’s aggravated assault.  Depending on how many people you’ve attacked, and whether or not you’ve killed any of them, determines how long your sentence is.  And let me tell you something, the sentences add up, until you’re suddenly spending your life in jail” Gaon snarled.  The leader whimpered in fear as Gaon leaned forward and got in his face, so close that their noses were almost touching.

         “Your actions have consequences…and this is the result of your actions” he snarled before he turned to Soo Hyun.

         “When you’re done here, come to the mansion.  We need to talk” he declared as he shoved the leader towards her, the man stumbling as Soo Hyun looked at him in confusion.

         “Where are you going?” she demanded. 

         “Home” Gaon replied before he turned and walked over to Soo Hyun’s car, kneeling down beside Yohan, who seemed conscious, but just barely, not unconscious like he thought.  Gaon then let out a heavy sigh before he reached out and took Yohan’s hand, wrapping it over his shoulder before he carefully pulled him up of the ground as he slowly stood up, pulling Yohan up with him.  They then slowly began to walk back to the Escalade, Gaon reaching into Yohan’s pants to grab out the car keys.  He then unlocked the car before he walked over to the back passenger’s side door and opened it, carefully placing Yohan inside before strapping him in.  Once he was strapped in, Gaon shut the door before he walked back to the passenger’s side of Soo Hyun’s car and looked inside at Elijah, who had tears streaks on her face.

         “Come on, Elijah, let’s go home” he murmured.  Elijah nodded and unbuckled herself as Gaon reached inside and carefully scooped her into his arms, Elijah’s arms coming around her neck as she buried her face in the crook of his neck.  He then carried her back to the Escalade as well, opening the front passenger door before placing her inside.

         “You can buckle yourself, right?” he asked.  Elijah nodded and buckled herself in as Gaon walked back to Soo Hyun’s car and opened the trunk, reaching inside to grab out Elijah’s wheelchair.  Once he grabbed the wheelchair, he slammed the trunk shut before walking back to the Escalade, putting the wheelchair in the trunk before slamming that shut and walking to the driver’s side, opening the door before getting in.  He then stepped on the brake before pressing the “start engine” button and putting the car into drive, driving back to the mansion, Soo Hyun watching the whole time, just as a few other squad cars arrived and some patrol officers got out, running over to them. 

         “Lieutenant Yoon” one of the officers greeted.  Soo Hyun looked over at them before she handed the leader off to them.

         “I’ll leave this to you” she stated as she walked back over to her car, slamming her passenger side door shut before she got in the driver’s side and shut the door, sitting there for a moment before she let out a groan and leaned forward, resting her head on the steering wheel.




Meanwhile in the car, Gaon was speeding home, glancing every now and then in the rearview mirror at Yohan before he looked over at Elijah, whose eyes were red, tears still streaming down her face.  He smiled softly at her before he took one hand off the wheel and held it out to her, making her look back at him in confusion.

         “What are you doing?” she demanded.  Gaon smiled.

         “You can hold my hand if you want.  To calm yourself down or whatever” he offered.  Elijah tsked and looked away from him, staring out the window, making him chuckle softly.

         “Well, it’s here if you want it” he murmured, leaving his hand out, just in case Elijah wanted to hold it.  His hand didn’t stay empty for long because a few moments after he offered his hand, a smaller hand slipped into it, giving it a squeeze.  Gaon smiled slightly and gave the hand a squeeze back as he kept his eyes on the road, never seeing the small smile that graced Elijah’s face.




When they arrived at the mansion, Gaon parked the car before looking over at Elijah.

         “I’m going to take Yohan inside first.  I’ll be right back” he assured.  Elijah nodded as Gaon got out of car and walked around the front to the passenger’s side, heading to the back passenger door and opening it.  He then unbuckled Yohan and helped him out of the car before they headed over to the front door, Gaon unlocking it and opening it before stepping inside.  As he helped Yohan into the house, Ms. Ji walked over to them, her eyes wide in shock.

         “Master Gaon!” she exclaimed.  Gaon looked at her before he motioned to Yohan.

         “Can you help him to his room?  I have to get Elijah” he explained.  Ms. Ji nodded and walked over to them, taking Yohan out of Gaon’s arms, the two of them heading towards Yohan’s room while Gaon turned and headed back outside to the car.  He then opened the trunk and took out Elijah’s wheelchair before wheeling it over to the passenger door, opening the door. 

         “Okay, let’s head in” he declared.  Elijah nodded and Gaon stepped forward, scooping her out of the seat before placing her in her wheelchair.  He then shut the door and locked the car before he pushed Elijah towards the mansion, both of them heading inside. 

         “Where’s Yohan?” Elijah asked as they entered the house.

         “I asked Ms. Ji to take him to his room” Gaon explained as he shut the door behind them and locked it before he grabbed the handlebars of the wheelchair and pushed Elijah over to the elevators, making her look up at him in confusion.

         “Aren’t we going to go see him?” she asked.  Gaon smiled.

         “We are, but I want to check on you first” he replied as they continued to the elevator, Gaon pushing her inside before he stepped inside after her.  He then hit the button for the second floor, the elevator soon going up.  When they reached the second floor, Gaon pushed Elijah over to her room, allowing her to open it before he let go of her handlebars, letting her wheel herself inside before he followed in after her.  Elijah then wheeled herself over to her bed, Gaon walking over and watching as she maneuvered herself out of her wheelchair and onto the bed, sitting on the edge of it.  Once she was sitting on her bed, Gaon walked over and sat beside her, both of them sitting in silence before Gaon looked over at her.

         “Are you okay?” he asked softly.  Elijah nodded, making Gaon sigh.

         “It’s okay to admit that you’re not, Elijah.  You just went through something scary…it’s okay to admit that you were scared” he soothed.  Elijah said nothing but Gaon was good at reading people, and he could tell from the trembling of her bottom lip and the way tears were pooling in her eyes that she most certainly wasn’t as okay as she claimed.  He then sighed again before he looked at her.

         “I’m going to do something now…push me away or tell me immediately if you don’t like it, okay?” he instructed.  Elijah looked at him in confusion, but he just smiled before he reached out and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in for a hug.  Elijah froze and lifted her hands to push him away, but when she realized how nice the hug felt and how safe it made her feel, she let out a whimper and buried her face in his chest, letting out a sob.  Gaon smiled softly as he reached up and gently stroked her hair, hushing her.

         “It’s okay, you’re okay.  You’re safe now, you’re okay” he soothed.  Elijah let out a wail and wrapped her arms him, causing him to tighten his arms around her and give her a squeeze.

         “I’m right here, Elijah.  I’m right here, no one can hurt you anymore.  Those men can’t hurt you anymore” he promised.  Elijah let out another sob as Gaon just continued to stroke her hair, hushing her and soothing her as she cried.  After a while, Elijah pulled away from the hug and wiped her eyes as Gaon smiled gently.

         “Feel better?” he asked.  Elijah sniffled and nodded as she looked over at him.

         “You can’t tell anyone what you saw” she murmured.  Gaon chuckled softly.

         “Who would I tell?  It’s only you, me, Yohan, and sometimes Ms. Ji in this big mansion” he reminded.  Elijah shook her head.

         “No…you can’t tell unnie” she replied.  Gaon raised an eyebrow.

         “Unnie?  Oh, you mean Soo Hyun?” he asked.  Elijah nodded.

         “Yeah” she replied.  Gaon smiled and nodded.

         “I won’t” he assured, just as a thought occurred to him.

         “Oh yeah” he murmured as he pulled out his phone, pulling up his text messages.  He then quickly sent a text to Soo Hyun, telling her where the Kang mansion was before he put his phone back in his pocket.

         “Who were you texting?” Elijah asked.  Gaon looked up at her before he smiled slightly.

         “Soo Hyun.  I need to talk to her” he explained.  Elijah frowned.

         “Can’t you just call her?” she asked.  Gaon shook his head.

         “No…this conversation is better when done face to face” he explained before he pushed himself to his feet.

         “I’m going to go check on Yohan now” he declared.  Elijah nodded and Gaon smiled before he turned and headed to her bedroom door, opening it before he paused and looked back at her.

         “Hey” he called out, making Elijah look up at him.

         “You gonna be okay?” he asked.  Elijah nodded.

         “I’ll be fine” she replied.  Gaon nodded again before he stepped out of the room, quietly shutting the door behind him.  He then headed downstairs, heading through the study to Yohan’s bedroom, quietly opening the door.  Ms. Ji looked up from where she was gently dabbing a cool cloth on Yohan’s forehead and let out a soft sigh as Gaon walked over to her.

         “How is he?” he asked gently.  Ms. Ji sighed.

         “He seems to be fine; he’s asleep now.  What happened?” she asked.  Gaon let out a groan as he ran his hand through his hair.

         “You know those punks who have been attacking foreigners?  Or just anyone they see fit?” he asked.  Ms. Ji nodded.

         “I know of them, yes” she replied.  Gaon then motioned to Yohan.

         “Yohan was saving Elijah from one of them when one of them attacked him” he explained.  Ms. Ji’s eyes widened.

         “What was Elijah doing there?!” she exclaimed.

         “She was spending the day with my friend, Soo Hyun.  I guess Soo Hyun saw them attacking some people, so she decided to go and put a stop to it.  Elijah was in the car” Gaon explained.  Ms. Ji looked at him with wide eyes, just as his phone buzzed, making him pull it out of his pocket and look at it.

         “Oh, it’s Soo Hyun.  I’ll go let her in” he declared.  He then shoved his phone back in his pocket and headed for the bedroom door before he looked back at Ms. Ji.

         “I leave him in your hands” he declared.  Ms. Ji nodded as Gaon smiled and turned, heading out of the room and towards the front door.




Gaon then walked over to the front door and opened it to see Soo Hyun standing there awkwardly.

         “Hi” she murmured.  Gaon smiled slightly before he opened the door a little wider.

         “Come in” he instructed.  Soo Hyun nodded and hesitantly stepping inside as Gaon shut the door before turning and heading back to the study, Soo Hyun following slowly behind.  As they headed towards the study, Soo Hyun looked around, her eyes big as she took everything in.

         “You…live here now?” she asked.  Gaon hummed.

         “In a sense” he replied as he stepped into the study, Soo Hyun following after him.  He then stopped in the middle of the study, Soo Hyun standing a few feet behind him, before he turned around to look at her, the small smile no longer on his face; a look of anger replacing it.

         “What were you thinking?” he hissed.  Soo Hyun looked at him in shock.

         “Wha—” she started.

         “You left Elijah, alone, in the car, with no protection!” Gaon shouted.  Soo Hyun shook her head.

         “She was perfectly fine—” she started when Gaon growled.

         “She was not perfectly fine; she was almost attacked by those punks!  You seem to forget, Soo Hyun, that Elijah is handicapped.  She is paralyzed from the waist down!  How is she going to get away?!  Huh?!  Did you even think about that?!” he snarled.  Soo Hyun blinked.

         “Why are you—” she started.

         “And why didn’t you call for backup earlier?!  If you had called for backup earlier, none of this would have happened!” Gaon roared.  Soo Hyun huffed.

         “I thought I had it under control!” she exclaimed.

         “OBVIOUSLY NOT!” Gaon roared.  Soo Hyun looked at him with wide eyes, stunned, before she huffed.

         “Why are you so angry?” she asked.  Gaon snarled.

         “Because what you did was stupid.  Your rashness was the reason why Yohan was laying in his bedroom, unconscious.  Your rashness is the reason that Elijah might never want to hang out with you again.  Your rashness could have been the reason that Yohan, Elijah’s only living family, would have been ripped away from her.  Did you even think about that?  Did you even think about other people before you jumped into action…or were you only thinking about getting justice?” he hissed.  Soo Hyun blinked, tears coming to her eyes, before she hung her head. 

         “I’m sorry…I wasn’t thinking” she whispered.  Gaon tsked.

         “It’s not me you have to apologize to” he declared.  Soo Hyun lifted her head and looked at him in confusion.

         “What?” she whispered.  Gaon shook his head.

         “I’m not the person you should be apologizing to” he repeated.  Soo Hyun started at him before her eyes widened in realization.

         “Where—” she started when Gaon smiled.

         “I’ll take you to her” he offered.  Soo Hyun nodded and followed Gaon out of the study and up the stairs, following him to Elijah’s room.  Gaon then knocked on the door before he reached out and pushed down on the handle, opening the door.

         “Elijah?  Can we come in?” he called out.

         “Yes” Elijah called back, making Gaon smile before he stepped inside, motioning for Soo Hyun to follow him.  When they entered the room, Elijah was still sitting on her bed, only this time she was dressed in her nightgown, looking as if she had just showered.

         “Oh, Unnie!” she exclaimed when she saw Soo Hyun.  Soo Hyun smiled weakly before she looked over at Gaon, who nodded before looking at Elijah.

         “I’ll leave you two alone” he stated before he turned and headed to the door, stepping out and shutting it behind him.  Once he was gone, Elijah looked at Soo Hyun and raised an eyebrow.

         “What are you doing here so late?” she asked.  Soo Hyun looked at her before she sighed and walked over to her, sitting down beside her.

         “I’m sorry, Elijah” she murmured.  Elijah frowned.

         “For what?” she asked. 

         “For putting you in danger.  I shouldn’t have done that.  I shouldn’t have left you alone” Soo Hyun explained.  Elijah looked at her before she looked away.

         “It’s okay—” she started when Soo Hyun shook her head.

         “No, Elijah, it’s not okay.  I shouldn’t have done that, I should have called for backup and waited instead rushing to deal with it myself.  I could have seriously gotten you hurt…and I don’t think either Yohan or Gaon would forgive me if you were hurt” she murmured.  Elijah chuckled softly.

         “Probably not” she agreed.  Soo Hyun looked over at her and laughed softly.

         “They’re scary, aren’t they?” she teased.  Elijah smiled slightly.

         “Yeah” she agreed.  Soo Hyun smiled softly before she sighed and looked at Elijah.

         “Elijah…I really am sorry for tonight.  Do you forgive me?” she asked.  Elijah looked back at her before she hummed.

         “Maybe…but only if you promise to take me out for tteokboki again” she declared.  Soo Hyun looked at her in surprise before she laughed and nodded.

         “Deal” she agreed.  Elijah then grinned.

         “Then I forgive you” she declared.  Soo Hyun smiled and dipped her head.

         “Thank you” she thanked.  Elijah nodded before she yawned, quickly covering her mouth with her hand.  Soo Hyun’s eyes widened and she quickly stood to her feet.

         “Oh, it’s probably very late.  Do you want me to tuck you in?” she asked.  Elijah shook her head.

         “No…Gaon normally does it” she replied.  Soo Hyun blinked before she laughed softly.

         “Okay…you want me to go get him?” she asked.  Elijah hummed.

         “Yes please” she replied.  Soo Hyun nodded.

         “Okay” she whispered before she turned and headed out of the room, only to jump when she saw Gaon leaning up against the wall.

         “Jesus!” she exclaimed.  Gaon smiled before he motioned with his head.

         “Come on, one more person you have to apologize to” he declared.  Soo Hyun frowned but followed after him as he headed down the hall towards the stairs, heading downstairs.  They then headed through the study to another bedroom, Gaon opening it before stepping inside, Soo Hyun following him.  Inside, Yohan was sitting up in bed, leaning up against his headboard.  When he heard the door open, he turned, raising an eyebrow when he saw Gaon and Soo Hyun standing there.

         “What is she doing here?” he demanded.  Gaon smiled. 

         “You’ll see” he replied before he turned and headed out of the room, leaving Soo Hyun alone with Yohan.  After he left, Yohan and Soo Hyun stood and sat in awkward silence before Yohan looked at Soo Hyun.

         “What do you want?” he demanded.  Soo Hyun looked at him with wide eyes before she bowed low.

         “I came to apologize” she replied.  Yohan raised an eyebrow.

         “For what?  For taking my niece without my permission?  For putting her in danger?  For almost getting her killed?” he snarled.  Soo Hyun flinched before she sighed.

         “For all of it.  It was wrong of me to leave her alone in the car; I should have called backup and waited instead of rushing into danger headfirst” she murmured.  Yohan hummed.

         “And do you think I should forgive you?” he asked.  Soo Hyun looked at him before she shook her head.

         “No…not after I almost got Elijah killed” she murmured.  Yohan chuckled.

         “At least you’re a fast learner” he mused before he sighed.

         “Gaon won’t like it if I don’t forgive as you’re his best friend…I suppose I can forgive you…as long as you swear to me that you’ll never put Elijah in any danger like that ever again” he declared.  Soo Hyun looked at him with wide eyes before she nodded.

         “Yes sir” she replied.  Yohan nodded.

         “Good.  Now, get out of my house.  I don’t like strangers here” he declared.  Soo Hyun blinked before she nodded.

         “Yes sir” she whispered before she turned and headed towards the door, opening it and stepping out. 




As she walked away from Yohan’s bedroom, Gaon walked over to her, a small smile on his face.

         “So?  How’d it go?” he asked.  Soo Hyun shook her head.

         “Bit of a weird experience…but he forgives me” she replied.  Gaon smiled wider.

         “See?  He’s not so bad.  He’s just like a Pitbull; looks intimidating but really is a big softie underneath” he declared.  Soo Hyun looked at him in shock before she huffed.

         “Are you sure we’re talking about the same Kang Yohan?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.  Gaon smiled.

         “Of course we are” he replied before he motioned for her to follow him back to the front door.  He then opened the door for her, Soo Hyun stepping out before turning to look at him.

         “I guess…I’ll see you around?” she asked.  Gaon smiled and nodded.

         “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to visit” he promised.  Soo Hyun smiled weakly before she nodded, Gaon smiling as he shut the door, leaving Soo Hyun alone on the front steps.  Soo Hyun stared at the front door for a moment before she sighed and turned, heading back to her car.  As she opened the door, she paused and looked up at the large mansion, shaking her head before she got into the car and shut the door, turning on the engine before backing out of the driveway, driving away.




After seeing Soo Hyun off, Gaon headed back upstairs to Elijah’s room, knocking on the door before turning the handle, stepping inside.

         “Sorry, you didn’t wait too long, did you?” he asked as he walked over to the bed, where Elijah was lying down, her eyes just barely open.  Elijah shook her head sleepily as Gaon chuckled and took the covers, tucking them up to the top of Elijah’s chest before he smiled down at her.

         “Get some sleep, okay?  If you can’t sleep, or have nightmares, you can always come wake me up” he offered.  Elijah nodded sleepily, making Gaon smile fondly before he turned and headed out of the room, shutting off the lights before he left.  Once he left, he headed back downstairs to Yohan’s bedroom, opening the door before stepping inside.

         “Why did you bring her here?  You know how I feel about strangers in my house” Yohan grumbled from the bed.  Gaon tsked and rolled his eyes as he walked over to him and sat down on the edge of the bed.

         “Because I felt it was important.  And I needed her to realize that if she’s going to be friends with Elijah, she has to be more thoughtful about what she does or what she gets herself into, especially if Elijah is with her” he explained.  Yohan hummed as Gaon looked at him.

         “How are you feeling?” he asked.  Yohan huffed.

         “Could be worse” he replied.  Gaon hummed.

         “You have a concussion, don’t you?” he asked.  Yohan nodded slightly.

         “I probably can’t go to work for a while” he agreed.  Gaon hummed.

         “Well, that’s okay.  I’ll take care of you in the meantime” he replied.  Yohan looked over at him and huffed.

         “Aren’t you doing that already?” he asked, a fond smile on his lips.  Gaon turned to look at him and smiled slightly.

         “I am” he agreed.  Yohan chuckled and Gaon smiled before he sighed.

         “I’m glad you and Elijah are alright” he murmured.  Yohan tsked.

         “Like you would let anything happen to us” he teased.  Gaon looked at him before he smiled.

         “That’s very true” he agreed.  Yohan chuckled before he gave Gaon a gentle shove.

         “Go get some rest.  It’s been a long night” he instructed.  Gaon nodded and stood up from the edge of the bed, walking over to the door and opening it.  Before he stepped out, he paused and looked back at Yohan, smiling softly.

         “Good night, sir” he murmured before he stepped out of the room, shutting the door behind him.  Yohan stared at the door before he smiled softly as well.

         “Good night, Gaon” he whispered.