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Kanade opened her living room's window and sighed "It's so hot…"

Usually she would just stay in her room with the AC set at the lowest temperature and compose quietly, but today was Sunday. Sunday meant Ena was coming over, whether to stay and just do whatever or to go out on a date was for them to choose when she got there. So for now she was just trying to make everything as neat as she could, hoping that Ena would like to stay in, since going out with 41°C wasn't something she wanted to do.

With the last window open now, Kanade checked the time. One hour left for her girlfriend to arrive. She couldn't help but get excited. No matter how routinary this had become, she always got giddy thinking about seeing Ena. This was one of the things she loved about being in a relationship with her, looking forward to everything they did together as if she was a kid again.

Kanade looked around her apartment, searching for something left to put in order. She knew Ena wouldn't mind if it wasn't tidy, she didn't love her for that, but she still wanted to try to have everything in it's best condition every time she came over. Including herself. And right now she stinked. She hadn't showered for at least 4 days and being as hot as it was, you could tell. With 50 minutes left now she had more than enough time to have a fast shower.
"I have to do it for Ena. What kind of girlfriend will I be if I let her worry about me because of this? I can do it I can do it IcandoitIcandoit" while repeating those words like a mantra she got a new set of clothes and ran to the shower before she lost her motivation.

Some time passed and she was now sitting in front of the door while scribbling some melodies, waiting for a ring that could come at any time now. Nothing inspired her more than this sensation, so she would make use of it until Ena got there.

The door rang

"Ah" In a rush, she standed up and opened the door as fast as she could. She wanted to see her. With the door already open she relaxed and thought that maybe she would seem too desperate. But just for seeing her earlier she didn't mind. Ena would never think that of her.

"Welcome home, Ena" while smiling at her, she opened the door wide so she could come in.
"I'm back, Kanade" Kanade closed the door and Ena kissed her cheek as she always did.

Locking their hands, Kanade guided her to her room, with now the window closed and the AC on, as it should be. Ena got comfortable and went to stand in front of the AC, raising her arms.
"Aaah this is heaven... walking outside right now feels as if I had died and went to hell I swear" Kanade couldn't help but laugh at Ena's antics
"Let's stay in today then. I don't even want to imagine how hot it’s outside"
"Yes please let's do that" She said while lying in Kanade's bed, letting out a sigh with eyes closed still enjoying the AC.

Kanade meanwhile was still standing, looking at her girlfriend fidgety. She wanted to cuddle, but how could she ask that to Ena when she just walked all the way in the heat to go see her. She didn't want to be greedy, so she stayed in place. Ena noticed the lack of girlfriend by her side and opened her arms, not looking at Kanade. "I prefer being hot while holding you that cold without you, so come in"
Kanade beamed and got into bed, hugging Ena close while making herself comfortable in her neck.
"You always read me like an open book Ena"
"Of course I do! What kind of girlfriend would I be if I couldn't do at least that?" Ena said proudly and kissed the side of Kanade's head. She really loved kissing her at every opportunity she got. Kanade didn't mind, it made her feel loved, and being loved by Ena was her favourite sensation.

While stroking her hair, Ena kept pampering Kanade with kisses and caresses. As comfortable as she was, Kanade didn't want this to be one way so she looked up to Ena


"Hmm?" As she looked down, Kanade moved to kiss her lips. "I love you"
Being caught off guard, Ena blushed and tried to hide her face with her hands

"I love you too" Kanade noticed this change in demeanor and grinned, setting herself above Ena and putting her hands atop of hers.

"I want to see your face Ena, can I?"

"Ugg why? I'm fine like this. This is perfectly comfortable, yes."

"So I can kiss you" Kanade could see her blush getting deeper in her ears, but she still agreed and moved her hands, putting them in Kanade's nape. Kanade cupped both of her cheeks.

"You look so good in red, Ena"

"Sh-shut up, don't tease me! You are getting so bold lately…it's not a bad thing though" Ena looked at Kanade with hopeful eyes "So, what are you waiting for? Kiss me" Now it was Kanade's turn to get flustered, but even so she started leaning down

"Here I go then"

Their lips touched. It was a soft and slow kiss, what they both liked the most. Kanade's right hand was caressing Ena's cheek while the left one moved to support herself. Ena meanwhile ran her hands through Kanade's hair, massaging her nape from time to time.

They stayed like this for some time, whispering loving words between kisses and cuddles. This was exactly the kind of day Kanade was expecting to have today with her girlfriend, just them enjoying each other's company in the coldness of her room. Now Kanade was lying beside Ena again, spooning the brunette while she scrolled through some cat videos.

"Look, Kanade! This is the one I was talking about! Isn't he the cutest?" Ena moved her phone so Kanade could see the video easier. It was of a cat trying to get his owner to pet him. Even if Kanade wasn't fond of cats, she couldn't deny he was cute.

"He really is. The way he moves his head to his owner's hand it's really adorable"

"I KNOW, RIGHT?! IT IS!!! Oh!! there is this other video where something similar happens let me show you its hilarious"

"Okay" Ena moved her phone back down so she could search for the video easier. That was the moment when Kanade knew the good time they were having was over. If she knew things were going to end up like this, she would have told Ena to go out anywhere and then end the day staying over at her place. She considered moving out too, but unfortunately that wasn’t something she could actually do.

“Kanade, are you okay?” without noticing Kanade tensed up, alarming the now worried Ena, who had turned around without her noticing. As much as she knew it was a bad idea she had to tell her, there was no way she was dealing with this issue without Ena noticing, or even by herself. With a trembling voice and squeezing Ena’s hands, Kanade started talking.

“Ena… I need to tell you something.”

“What is it? You can tell me anything,okay?”Ena returned the squeeze trying to calm Kanade, who took a deep breath.

“Okay… I’m sorry but… there is a spider in the door”

Ena froze. Kanade would never joke about this, she knew how much she hated bugs, and she herself felt the same way about them. Looking at her face Ena could see how hard she was trying to stay calm for her not to freak out. But no matter how calm she appeared, a bug was a bug.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! GO AWAY GO AWAY GO AWAY!!!!” As she screamed, she hid behind Kanade in hopes of getting as far from the spider as she could.

“W-wait Ena” Kanade now sat up and hugged her girlfriend, trying to get her to calm down. Even though they had the same fear, Ena's reaction was completely different from Kanade’s, as she would start screaming until the bug went away instead of just freezing. Kanade kept hugging the brunette while trembling. Now she couldn’t see what the spider was doing. What if it moved? What if it was now crawling her bed and- nonononono. she couldn’t afford to think like this right now. She had to stay calm and try to get them out of this situation.

“Ena please listen. I think it’s not moving. We can just get the insecticide and spray it okay? It's not going to get to us, I promise” This words were not just for Ena but for herself too. Yes, it had a simple solution. They were much bigger and had a way to kill it, so they just had to grab it, easy, right?

Her words managed to get Ena to calm down a little. She noticed the ruckus she was doing and how Kanade was also shaking while trying to calm her. She had to be strong for her girlfriend too, so they could get out of this.

“Okay… sorry” Ena held Kanade’s shoulders and looked behind her, seeing the inmovile spider atop of the door’s frame. She gulped, it had the height advantage but as long as they had the spray it shouldn’t be a problem.”Where do u have the insecticide?” Kanade turned around, going to point at it

“It should be on my-” It wasn’t there ”...desk” Her face turned pale when she remembered. Honami worked yesterday. That meant it got placed where it actually belonged.

“Huh? but there is nothing on your desk?” Ena replied confused, and then looked at Kanade’s face. “Oh my god there is nothing on your desk”

“Yeah… Mochizuki-san was here yesterday and put it on it’s actual place,I forgot” Kanade gulped “We will have to kill it ourselves.”

They both fell silent at the implication. Ena had some napkins on her purse so it was something they could do, getting close enough to the spider to smash it was the problem. Ena now held Kanades hand and looked directly at her eyes. It was her time to be brave

“Let’s go together. I have napkins in my purse, we can do this ”

Kanade gave a single nood, also looking determined, and they both standed up to get Ena’s purse, which was on her chair. Ena searched for the napkins while Kanade took guard, not letting herself look away from the spider. If it moved and they didn’t know where it went it would be infinitely more scary than the situation they were currently in.

“I Got them, here” Ena gave her girlfriend one of her napkins, while taking another one for herself. Now the problem was the height the spider was at. Neither of them could reach so they would have to use the chair.

“Who is killing it?” Ena made the question both of them were afraid to answer. But Kanade, as afraid as she was, had had enough with the situation.

“I'm doing it. I won't let this spider ruin our date any further. I will get onto the chair, Ena, you move it towards it slowly. It won’t get away” Ena looked at her girlfriend now with confidence. Kanade was right, they couldn’t let this spider ruin this saturday. It needed to get OUT and they were going to do it.

With both of them determined now, Kanade got atop of the chair and Ena grabbed it, slowly moving towards their foe not to startle it. Kanade was wary too, any movement she or the bug did could change the tides of this battle. Ena got the chair close enough to the spider for Kanade to smash it, surprisingly without startling it. Kanade raised her hand with the napkin slowly. It was her time now, the best chance she would get to end this. She took a breath and rapidly moved to hit it. The spider noticed and tried to run away but Kanade’s arm was faster than it. It was now smashed against the wall. They had won.

Kanade cleaned the scene with the same napkin and got down, putting it in her trash. Ena immediately went and hugged her tight.

“That... was so scary.” Kanade trembled in her arms, returning the hug

“You did amazing Kanade thank you so much, I love you”

“I love you too”.They stayed that way calming down for some time, before going out for the insecticide and now returning to how they were before the incident

It is said that every relationship needs at least one person capable of handling bugs. Neither of them could, but they will manage to make it work out somehow.