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The Owl and the Wren

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rap rap rap, a soft knocking noise. Mifuyu tightened her eyes shut trying her very best to block out the noise. She would be moving tomorrow she needed rest, perhaps if she ignored the noise the source of it would realize their mistake and wait until morning to request whatever they needed. Rap Rap Rap, the noise continued, louder than before. Mifuyu buried her face in the pillow, it was unladylike of her, sure but she needed a fair sleep for tomorrow she would be moving back into Mikazuki Villa. Though it would make good practice for when she did move, it certainly wasn't pleasant. RAP RAP RAP, this time the knocking faltered somewhat though Mifuyu didn't seem to notice as she tore off the comforter and stormed towards the small foyer, Mifuyu ripped open the door, knowing exactly what she was to say to this night nuisance, "Do you have any idea what hour it is?" Mifuyu snapped "What in the world is so important that you have to bother me at this hour?" Mifuyu's rage subsided for a moment to notice a rather surprised Ikumi Makino standing beside the outer door frame, letting her eyes travel for a moment she noticed a teary-eyed Nemu situated in her wheelchair at the base of the cobblestone steps, the young girl looked so innocent in the slight moonlight, not the mature novelist that Mifuyu had come to know. A few seconds of silence occurred as Mifuyu took in her situation before speaking, "I apologize for my outburst" Mifuyu gave a small bow, Ikumi was the first to speak, "Ahh, no, Kumi and Mumu disturbed you" Mifuyu looked puzzled before turning her attention to Nemu, the young girl's face stained with light tears though it was now a slight shade of pink. Mifuyu's tone softened "Why are you here?" Nemu averted her gaze "I-I had a nightmare" Nemu stuttered softly, Mifuyu stared at the young girl before her for a moment, Mifuyu blinked "What about?" she asked. Nemu flinched, shuddering slightly, Ikumi spoke up "Kumi doesn't know, Mumu only wanted Mifuyu" Mifuyu heaved a sigh "Very well then, come in" Mifuyu made her way up the steps as Ikumi came down to maneuver Nemu and her wheelchair up the steps. Mifuyu held open the door, wincing as Nemu's wheelchair bumped up the steps and finally wheeled into the porch. Ikumi wheeled Nemu into the small kitchenet. Boxes lined the doorway into the living room "I'm sorry, I don't have much in the way of refreshments" Mifuyu's voice was apologetic and soft, "But I could make you both a cup of tea, if I can find my guest mugs that is.." Mifuyu moved around Nemu's wheelchair to the countertop which gave support for the kettle. Mifuyu switched the kettle on and busied herself with locating her guest mugs. In the end she only managed to locate her personal mug and one of the guest mugs. Mifuyu sighed "Well one of you can use my mug.." Ikumi clasped her hands over her mouth, "Oh no, Kumi was just about to leave" Ikumi traversed her way back to the front door, opened it and left, closing it behind her. Mifuyu stared for a moment before turning back to her preparations, the kettle had clicked off by this point as Mifuyu selected two teabags from her collection and dropped each into one of the awaiting mugs. Mifuyu turned to Nemu, "Would you like some milk or cream in your tea, do you take sugar?" "Just a bit of milk, please"

Nemu's response was a low mutter, Mifuyu gave a slight nod pouring the boiling water onto each of the teabags, letting it steep as she gets the milk carton from the small fridge. She then pours two splashes of it in Nemu's mug before putting it back and grabbing a teaspoon from the silverware cupboard, and mixing Nemu's tea. Mifuyu sighed, collecting both mugs in each of her hands and making her way to the living quarters, beckoning Nemu to follow her. Mifuyu set the mugs on two plain beige coasters, they weren't much but they did their duty. Mifuyu sat in the sofa, watching as Nemu wheeled herself into place across from the sofa. Mifuyu pushed Nemu's mug towards her, "Thank you" Nemu mumbled softly. The dim light the small lamp on the end table provided seemed warm and comforting putting both at somewhat ease. Mifuyu spoke first, softly and stilted as to not bring up unwanted memories, "So you said you had a nightmare, what was it about?" Nemu seemed to flinch "It was about that day.." Mifuyu nodded taking a sip from her mug. Nemu continued, her voice almost inaudible though it was soft, "I hate it, I hate that I can't talk to anyone on any sort of professional level, I can't even talk to my own mother.." Nemu's eyes filled with light tears, "I think about it, I think about her when I see myself in the mirror, everything she took away.." Nemu's voice devolved in light sobs, Nemu picked up her mug and took a long drawn out sip, as if to avoid speaking for a moment longer. Nemu placed her mug back down on the coaster before taking her glasses off and rubbing them clear of the fresh tears that had formed, she put her glasses back on before continuing in a hushed tone, "But then I think of you and the twins and I see no difference between me and her" Mifuyu wanted to interject right then but took a sip from her mug and let Nemu continue, “When the Kamihama Magia Union wanted to find her body, I was skeptical or rather unwilling to see my killer’s face again” Nemu averted her gaze "Is it selfish to not want closure for a family that recently lost their daughter? I mean they don't even know what happened.." Mifuyu nodded slightly taking a sip of her mug, gracefully closing her eyes, "Generally yes, it is selfish, parents deserve to know what became of their child, the child they loved and cared for.." Mifuyu stopped reflecting for a moment "Most parents, that is.." Mifuyu continued "But her situation is different, her death was intertwined deeply with magical girl things, for her parents to understand we'd have to reveal secrets about magical girls and what she did.." Mifuyu sighed "It's best they think she died for her foolishness, after all tainting one's memories of their daughter wouldn't do any good" Nemu dipped her head to stare at the reflection in her tea "I guess that would the most common of courtesies.." Nemu shook her head "I still don't know.." Nemu stared at Mifuyu "Though I guess I should just forgive her and move on.." Nemu hesitated for a moment "Seeing as that's what you and the twins did for me and Touka.." Mifuyu shook her head "You saved Kamihama from her, that's all anyone could ask for" Mifuyu stole a quick glance at Nemu's legs, tucked in with a knitted blanket. Mifuyu's voice cracked "You gave up too much for anyone to blame you" Nemu nodded solemnly, "But even so.." Mifuyu stood up, walking around to where Nemu was, she wrapped her arms around the younger girl, "Do you remember what I promised back when the trials were held?" Mifuyu whispered softly, she could feel Nemu break into soft sobs. Mifuyu continued, her tone soft and soothing "I promised to guide and teach you and Touka as a veteran should" Mifuyu hummed softly, "It'll be alright, you're okay" Nemu smiled softly, her face stained with tears.