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Lena Luthor has piercings. That was no hidden secret.


Or at least, only Lena Luthor knew how many piercings she had.


Kara had known for a while that her buttoned up very close friend but not quite romantic friend had a lot of piercings in her ears. She could see the light shining through some of them if the angle was just right, and sometimes she wore them all to game nights. It had always made her a little jealous that she was unable to get more on earth, having gotten her ears pierced on Krypton before-well. She kept it to herself that she had drawn little dots onto her lobes with a felt tip pen before her shower one night, just to see. She had done the same thing with the urge for a tattoo, something else that she was limited from trying.


But it wasn’t a big deal, really. It helped her blend in better to have less defining characteristics no matter how badly she wanted the scientific equation for intergalactic stardust tattooed on the inside of her wrist. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons aside, it was probably for the best. She had gotten really good at channeling her jealousy into appreciation and admiration.


That admiration sometimes turned into Lena letting her look through some of her collection, and then when they were closer they’d play dress up if the night was late and they were bored. It was a childish satisfaction to sift through the gobs of earrings and bracelets and rings even if she had seen everything at least three times. Playing dress up with too much wine and alien liquors had allowed for deeply mundane conversations as Lena made her try on pairs of earrings that were worth more than three months of her rent. Kara didn’t mind. She wouldn’t dare admit she enjoyed how gentle Lena was as she slipped the jewelry into her lobes. It was intimate. It made her wonder if her mother, her real mother, had done this with her.


Lena’s knuckles brushed against her jaw as she carefully fit a different chic earring into Kara’s piercing, her fingers warm and gentle.


Oh . These. Yes.” She nodded, her one massively dangly earring chiming against the top of her shoulder.


“These?” Kara asked, the tip of her nose numb and the urge to cuddle into her best friend growing stronger as her drink sank into her.


Lena picked up the makeup mirror and held it high enough for Kara to see. “These are what you should wear when you kick Edge in the dick.”


Kara laughed , the alien alcohol giving her a hair-trigger funny bone. “ Stop , no. That would be so bad.”


The earrings were intimidating. A dangling collection of silvery needle-like shapes that tinkled like the tiniest wind chimes. They were sexy and dangerous.


“Supergirl does not kick people in the dick.” Kara pinned her best friend with what she thought was a stern look, never mind the fact she was poorly stifling a grin.


Lena pursed her lips, unamused as she leaned in close. “I know. I was talking about you .”


Kara blushed, Lena’s low alto and the warmth of her pressing into her shoulder doing something funny to her alcohol-soaked body. “N-no, Kara Danvers doesn’t kick people in the dick either.”


Lena rolled her eyes impressively and turned back to the mess on the low circular coffee table in her living room. “Well Lena Luthor does .”


“I already left him on a shipping container in the ocean for you.” Kara pointed out emphatically, make sure that Lena remembered that she very much did leave him in the middle of the ocean out of pure spite. He had his phone anyways, it wasn’t a total marooning.


“So then I’ll kick him in the dick for you. Easy trade, yes?”


“I-yeah, sure.” Kara gave up, turning her head to let Lena try another set of earrings on her.


“Good. Now. This job you mentioned earlier? I’m curious.” Lena held the mirror up again, showing Kara the pretty geometric patterned rectangles that now adorned Kara’s ears.


Right -that. So Catco is doing an online series of articles in June for Pride. Sexuality, health, history, lifestyle, street style-yadda yadda-” Kara waved her hand to move herself along. “-and Nia and I are helping organize and head all of that with a couple other employees. Nothing Pride-related behind paywalls this year, Nia almost lost her job talking back to Andrea but I guess she got through to her somehow. Kid’s got some teeth when she needs them.”


“You’ve been a wonderful mentor and friend to her, that’s why. I see a lot of your drive for justice and fairness in Nia.”


Kara blushed again at Lena’s gentle praise and deflected with a duck of her head. “Oh, she had that already.”


Warm hands framed her jaw and tilted her head back up, sending her heart rate skyrocketing as Lena leaned in so close. She could see the gold flecking in her green eyes, clear and curious like sunlight on moss.


“Kara? Take the compliment, please.”


“Okay.” She meeped, unable to stop herself from looking at Lena’s wine stained lips.


Thank you. Now tell me what your first article is even though that’s months away, I’m nosey.”


Lena’s hands slid from her face and Kara snuck a steadying breath, her heart doing something funny in her chest. She beat down the annoying feeling that felt like attraction and scrambled through her frazzled thoughts.


“I-uh-I’m starting with style. Like how clothing and body modifications are a form of enduring self expression and to buck societal standards. I’ve already put a request in with a couple big city’s el-gee-bee-tee centers to look through their archives.”


Oooh that sounds fun. Let me know if you want company.” Lena grinned and rifled through a pile of earrings.


Kara swallowed thickly and let Lena change her earrings out again, making sure she wasn’t looking at her lips this time.


She failed.


“Yeah, sure.”



Over the next couple days Kara gained guest access to archives all over the country and started sifting through decades of digitized documents. There was quite a bit, and she tried not to rush too much to give herself a chance to absorb.


She started with history surrounding National City’s past, reaching out to the community center to get in touch with queer elders. Her goal was the unaltered truth, raw and stripped bare. She would soften the blows if needed to make the articles more palatable to the general public, but Kara had already put her foot down on sanitizing any gathered quotes. She would weave the gentler words if it meant uplifting voices for truths to be heard.


As Kara really delved in she started meeting up more and more with the other CatCo employees for discussions and planning. She wasn’t used to being in a group project of people actually pulling their weight and Kara found herself enjoying the process of research. In between work she started looking up other articles just to read and to be better informed about this tiny chunk of history that she hadn’t had the privilege of learning. It was fun , but it was also heartbreaking at times and Kara would fall into deep conversations with Nia and some of her friends. The project had also given her more time to really work with the young reporter and take it as an opportunity to strengthen their friendship-something she sort of got to do as Supergirl but not as Kara .


It was one of those instances where she found herself hosting a working girl’s night with the two of them and Alex, Kelly, and Lena in attendance for tasty drinks and cheap pizza. Things had been going well and research had petered off after their meal to make room for curiosity and conversation. Kara was feeling warm and cozy tucked into her couch with Nia to her right and Alex hogging the left while Kelly and Lena fought with a wine bottle cork in the kitchen. Or she could hear them trying in between frustrated grunts and giggles.


“D’you want me to get that?” She called, clicking on another document folder that contained lesbian magazine scans from the early nineties.


No -“ They chorused, and then after a particularly hulk-ish grunt there was a delicate pop and explosion of cheering.


Kara couldn’t help but grin in response and scrolled a little further. Nia peeked over her shoulder and pointed at her screen of thumbnails.


“What’s that one?”


Kara made an I dunno sound and clicked-only to have a screen full of a magazine cover of two women scantily clad and in each other’s arms. Unedited.




“Kara, what the fuck-


Oh shit-my bad, Kara -“


She jabbed at the escape button as her face burned bright.


“Okay-so that was an erotica magazine.” She quietly informed Nia.


Alex mphed into her beer bottle and Nia got suspiciously quiet.


“…can you click on it again? And tell me where you found it?”


Kara slowly tilted her head towards the younger woman, her brows rising to her hairline. “May I ask for what purpose?”


Nia, surprisingly, was dead serious. Her brow was furrowed and Kara could see the gears turning in her head as she typed away on her own laptop, still glancing at Kara’s screen.


“I think that might be a good springing point for me and Laura’s articles on sexual health and stuff.” She pinched at her lip. “Maybe even something you could use for padding for your history of publications. Erotic and kink magazines were more important than you think.”


“Erotic and what ? We left for two seconds.” Kelly squawked at the end of the coffee table.


“One of the first pride parade founders was a bisexual woman in the kink community! Now corporations are sanitizing everything and forcing out the people who made pride what it is-


Nia’s voice grew louder the longer she spoke until Lena reached over the back of the couch to hand Nia her refilled wine glass.


“It’s alright, darling. You’re with friends.” Lena murmured and rubbed at her shoulder. “Go ahead, Kara.”


Really , Luthor?” Alex teased.


“Really, Danvers?” Lena parroted, leaning onto the back of the couch close enough to warm Kara’s shoulder. “Click on it again, I didn’t get to see it.”


Kara muttered a sure , having nothing to lose and selected the image again. And then the next one, and the next, until they were all gathered around Kara’s laptop filling the space with conversation and reactions to what was on her screen. At some point Nia abandoned her notes and started cracking jokes as they got into the goofier 2000’s graphic design and photography styling. The subject matter had grown relatively tamer again into the 2010’s, which is what made the next image so jarring-


Oh JESUS Christ- “ Alex bellowed with a laugh as Kelly screamed.


On screen was a nice ad photograph of artfully cropped male genitalia advertising a leather waist harness and line of cock rings.


Nia choked into her wine with a delicate s aloof . “Well, hello , I guess.”


Kara knew what cock rings were, or, had heard of them. “But… why?” She asked, feeling her blush heat her face. It was a nice photograph of an attractive looking model.


Nia stared at the screen. “Uhhhhh-”


“Longer lasting and harder erections. Usually.” Lena supplied softly. “And a non-medicated attempt to treat erectile dysfunction in older men, though-” She gestured to the screen. “-not always.”


“And you know this how?” Alex asked, holding her beer bottle up to block the screen.


Lena didn’t say anything from where she was leaning into the top of the couch, but the jostle of the hand Kara could see suggested a shrug. Kara tried not to be nosey, but she noticed when her best friend’s heart rate jolted at Alex’s comment.


“Business people are kinky motherfuckers.” Nia commented. ‘I know, like, four accountants alone at CatCo that go to the local sex dungeon.”


How do you know that?” Alex was looking more bewildered by the moment.


You get stuck in a cubicle all day and let me know.”


Kara glossed over Nia’s reply to Alex and clicked on the next image in the database. Her screen went from tanned muscular hips to a torso shot of a woman laid bare out on silk sheets wearing a chest harness, the image cropped from collar to almost too low showing off the same brand’s body jewelry for piercings-


Okay this is getting into porn territory, let’s look at something else.” Alex horned in, reaching over and hitting the escape button on Kara’s laptop. She sounded vaguely uncomfortable and Kelly cackled into her glass.


Kara didn’t react, too distracted by how Lena’s poor heart sounded like thunder in her ears after switching to that last photograph. She could see more thumbnails of similar ads and decided that yes , that was a good place to stop for now. She delicately closed the laptop and pressed her hands flat to the metal casing as if she could keep the archives at bay, still distracted by Lena quietly not reacting.


“Right. So. Movie?” She tried, still feeling flustered.


“Movie.” Nia agreed, and started fiddling with the remotes on the coffee table.


She barely caught it, but Lena let out a shaky breath as if she had been frozen by that image. Kara knew her best friend didn’t have a strong preference for sexual partners, but this was new. She tried not to let it distract her as Nia queued up the streaming platform and started listing out titles as she squished into Kara’s side to make room for Lena. She would have to just try no to think too much into it.



Unfortunately, Kara could not stop thinking about it.


It was laughable how predictable she was sometimes. At least she had managed to last about a week and a half before her curiosity got the better of her. Kara had made herself physically draft up a good portion of her work first before she let her attention wander back to the archive she had been clicking through that night. She settled into her couch with her laptop and nudged her glass of ice water onto the coffee table.


“Okay, Metropolis…” She muttered, hands flying across the keyboard as she brought up the server she had been browsing through. “...where are you.”


About ten minutes later with some patient clicking and backtracking, Kara found the correct thread where she saw the folder for the nineties lesbian magazines. Her heart did a funny loop in her chest when she found the folder she was looking for a little further down the list.


Age Protected Access - Adult Erotica and Advertisements


Kara rolled her eyes at herself. She clearly hadn’t been paying attention that night-and clicked on the folder. The very first image was of the man again. The maroon-purple lighting of the photo styling made his skin look deeply tanned, allowing the silvery reflection of the d-rings on the harness to pop. He was clean shaven, which gave a full unadulterated view of the cock ring. Kara was a warm blooded woman, she could appreciate the sexual appeal of a body even with Krypton’s boxed-in aversion to desire and pleasure hanging in the back of her mind. She thumbed to the next image of the woman and felt that same tingle of appreciation.


Whoever she was, the woman modeling some pretty nipple rings was equally attractive, her fair skin lit by the same style of lighting but in reds and yellows. Where the male model had been cut with probably zero-percent body fat, she was slender yet soft, just as well groomed. Of course Kara could pick out the stereotypes perpetuated within the queer community that often led people to unsatisfactory and even dangerous relationships with their own health-but they were nice photos. Photos meant to showcase a product even if it was teetering into pornography. She clicked to the next photo, a different model in a black and red leather jockstrap.


Kara clicked and clicked, her water glass draining as she came across new issues and different pamphlets of the same company, recognizing the models from their shape and minor discerning features-like… moles. And freckles. Sometimes there were tattoos.


And then Kara was clicking into an ad campaign of jewelry that she was honestly quite surprised to find documented. Normally certain piercings would be shown on mock-forms that suggested how they were supposed to be worn. But not this next ad.


She came face to face with the same fair-skinned model from the beginning of her browsing, still laid out on luxurious sheets but this time in a simpler chest harness and new body jewelry.


And a much more generous image crop.


Kara deliberately backed out of the image preview into the gallery to gather her wits before she could look too closely. She could see even more photos showing cropped shots of more jewelry being promoted and swallowed thickly. This was the last chance she would get to turn back, turn back now and… she didn’t want to. She was painfully curious. Sure she could google whatever the hell she was looking at, but these images were right in front of her.


Kara drained her water glass with a finality.


She clicked on the image of the woman she had just closed.




“Yeah… yoooouuu… definitely have that pierced.” Kara muttered to herself, her blush crawling up her neck as she inspected the image.


She allowed herself to look closer, examining the simple leather straps around the model’s chest and the dangerous looking jewelry in her nipples that were essentially circles made of silvery spikes. She also had her underwear pulled to the side to show off a matching bar through the hood of her clit.


The sheet was draped just so in a way that nothing else was visible below the piercing. It was a blatant indication that yes this was exactly what it was for. The product-and to titillate into wanting to purchase-but not past that. It was somehow a tasteful presentation of the subject matter even if it was highly inappropriate for normal work hours. Kara paused and did a quick search on this particular issue of the ad pamphlet, but her phone yielded no quick results.




Kara balled her lips over her teeth and delicately pressed the next button-


-and slowly descended into a jittery mess over the next fifteen minutes as she clicked through the gallery. 


There were simple bars and bejeweled circles that were designed to sit atop the hood of the clitoris. Then there were dangling charms from the top of the bar, and then hanging from the bottom fanned out on the fabric arranged against the model’s body for a modicum of decency. Stars and hearts and cherries of all things. And then weighted attachments and chains started getting involved, finely crafted and delicately thin attached to the top of the piercing and stretching up out of the frame. Mouse type under the product description suggested wearing the body chain attachment with a set of nipple rings found on page twenty-seven.


Each photo was professionally lit, focused on the product, and the model was perpetually neutral. Every time Kara blinked she could see the pattern of freckles on the woman’s skin. There were a few high on the inside of her thighs and hips, beauty marks spaced out like constellations on her skin. There was also one far inside, awfully close to the piercings that had been shown off. By the time Kara had clicked through all of the images for clitoral jewelry she had become increasingly familiar with the model. She was sure if she was presented with a stack of faceless photographs she could pick her out in a heartbeat.


From there the images focused on body chains, harnesses, nipple jewelry, and any combination of those. And then collars. Collars to pair with harnesses or to be combined with the body chains. Collars of soft supple leather in thin finely tailored straps and shiny fastens, sometimes linked to matching wrist bands with a heavier corded chain. Kara added more beauty marks on the woman’s stomach and chest to the mental catalogue of the others she had memorized on her hips. In the very center of her throat, sometimes hidden, was one more. Never did she see the curve of the woman’s chin, nor her hands. Whoever the woman was, Kara was a little jealous that she’d never have a chance to shoot her shot.


Mercifully, the series of adds featuring the model concluded-and unmercifully the catalogue moved on to men’s body jewelry. Glued to the couch, Kara continued clicking, spiraling deeper until her phone buzzed half an hour later with a call from the DEO. She jerked out of her frozen slouch, blinking as she tore her eyes away from a line of piercings along the shaft of-


“H-hello?” She garbled into the phone.


Hey, can you come in for like half an hour? We need some translation help and Brainy got himself accidentally wasted on gin and juice again. Nia is pleading the fifth .”


Kara decided it was incredibly uncomfortable to have genitalia piercings on her laptop screen while her sister asked her for a favor.


“I-uh-yeah, erm-” She closed her laptop and stood up-


-and froze, her face burning as she realized that she was not entirely unaffected. Her heartbeat was heavy in between her legs and she definitely needed to change her underwear.


“-I, uh, I’ll be there in a couple minutes. Is that okay?”

Yeah, it’s not an EMERGENCY emergency. Are… you okay?


“Fine! I’m fine.” Kara squawked, scrambling for an excuse. “I just was doing some work, y’know. Article stuff. I’ll be there soon.”


...okay. Don’t break the sound barrier or anything.


“Y-yeah. No worries. See you soon.”


Kara hung up and rushed into her bedroom, attempting to leave her uncomfortable arousal behind as she shed her clothes and jumped straight into a cold shower.



Kara didn’t go back to the database after that night.


Not because she was embarrassed, but because it was distracting .


She wanted to keep looking at the archive even though each image had been seared into her retinas. But she didn’t, and she wrote her pieces as they flew through spring and she tried to lead a normal life besides her super-heroing. Still, the memory of those images has her cursing her superior ability to recall information and trudging to her shower for a chilly rinse on a rare night. It felt too awkward to take care of herself in the old fashioned way when these thoughts were of real people, but she allowed herself some self gratification when she wasn’t thinking of the freckles dotting the inside of the model’s thighs. It was a funny thing to be hung up on, but it kept the guilt at bay.


And all through this she still spent her time with her family, her friends, with Lena.


Lena with clear, clever eyes and a range of expressions in a single shift of her brows. Lena with her lips painted with a red so dark Kara was certain they contained the secrets she kept in the small spaces around her heart. Lena, with her wit sharper than a surgeon’s knife even through the easy touch of her kind caring.


Kara’s attempts at holding her feelings in check became more and more frail. She was positively certain now that she had eased herself into a messy soup of attraction and craving. Falling into a crush of your best friend was a messy ordeal after all. But what she hadn’t realized until it was too late-was that this wasn’t a plain old crush at all. It was a true attraction and Kara wanted to rip her hair out.


It was yearning. Mooning. She was mooning over her best friend like some high school nerd mooning over the new athletic boy in a young love story.


It was frustrating. Rao take her she was falling into an age-old trap and she was helpless to save herself.


Of course, continuing their sleep overs and girls’ nights weren’t helping the situation at all either. It made the painful exercise of not letting herself snuggle too close, or let her hand slide too low, all the more difficult. Lena blessedly gave no sign of noticing Kara’s self-inflicted torture. Whether it was true oblivious behavior, or a gentle letting-down, Kara didn’t know which would be worse.


A mean little goblin in the back of her head whispered thoughts of hope when she thought about it too long. Maybe Lena knew what was going on and was just biding her time. Maybe she could see how Kara was floundering and wanted to see how long it would take her to realize she was only struggling against herself. Floundering like Flounder in the Little Mermaid when pressured into adventure. Though her internal voice of reason seemed to be woefully silent on the subject of Lena.


Like now, as she listened to her best friend rifle through her clothes behind the heavy divider curtain for something more comfortable to sleep in. She had already borrowed her shower, having brought a full change of clothes for the evening but was forever unsatisfied with her choices. Lena had argued that Kara’s clothes were just that much more comforting than her own, which made zero sense to her even if she could never find the fire to argue.


The truth was, Kara liked when Lena wore her clothes.


It wasn’t possessive, but flattering. She was Lena’s safe person, and in return she was Kara’s. There were clues that hinted at more, but Kara was distracted from thinking of them when Lena emerged from her bedroom. She had thrown her damp hair up into a messy bun and had pilfered the old Midvale High pullover that was comfortably soft after years of washing. It was the sweatshirt Lena always gravitated towards when she wanted something loose and comfy after a particularly difficult work day. Sometimes she would pair that pullover with baggy sweats, or Kara’s old soccer shorts. Sometimes she’d borrow some leggings or light cotton PJ pants with a cute pattern on them. Tonight she had tugged on a pair of Kara’s smallest sleep shorts.


They were her favorite pair, light blue with little white pineapples printed on them. And while they were a little loose on her, they fit Lena in all of the right places.


“Honestly, Kara, I’m still mad at Carr for what he said about that street style article. As if he has any authority for how to present the history of gay mens’ clothing-“


Her comment was more of a gripe with no real threat, having sold CatCo to Andrea over two years ago. Kara barely heard her, her mouth dry as she stared at pale lithe legs and her favorite shorts stretched tight over the curve of her-




It was at that moment Kara realized she had been staring blatantly at her ass, because Lena had turned and she was very much staring at the front seam of her borrowed shorts. Her eyes snapped up to Lena’s face and it took a herculean effort not to dissolve into her embarrassed blush.




Lena was holding two different bottles of wine, her head and hip cocked to the side. A gentle furrow had formed between her perfect brows.


“Are you okay?”


“Yep. Just a long day. But to be fair-I don’t have that authority either.” Kara covered quickly, her voice threatening to jump into squeaky octaves. “About gay mens’ street style, I mean.”


“Mmmh, true. Red or white?” Lena dropped it for now, but her eyes stayed sharp on her.


Kara thought of the deep red lipstick and how fair it made Lena’s skin look-




Lena eyed her a moment longer, prompting a reassuring smile from Kara. “I’m fine, I promise.”


Her smile mollified Lena enough, and she turned back to the kitchen for a corkscrew and glasses. While her back was turned Kara squeezed her eyes shut and took a quiet deep breath in an attempt to recenter herself. She couldn’t afford to let her weird crush take hold of her tonight. Not now, not when Lena would be sitting right next to her in favorite short sleep shorts. Kara released her breath and let her eyes flutter open. As she exhaled she relaxed into the couch, drawing up her confidence like armor. She would need it.


“It would feel childish to go behind his back to Andrea.” She told her reasonably. “I need to speak to the rest of the group first, just to gauge if I’m overreacting.”


“That’s not childish.” Lena answered matter of factly. “Snapper is known for his controlling nature.”


Kara stayed silent for a moment, watching her friend fill their glasses and then pad over to her on the couch.


“I feel like he’s testing me.” She admitted, accepting her wine. “He was hard on me like this in the beginning.”


Lena hummed quietly and eased herself into her corner, legs tucked neatly up under her. “Well if he’s testing you, then my suggestions won’t be beneficial to you. If it’s truly a test, it’s for you to learn.” She caught Kara’s eye with a wry smile. “But I’m always happy to listen to you bitch about it.”


Kara matched her smile with a mournful grin and sighed. “I know.”


Lena eased off on the topic and they watched a few short documentaries that looked reasonably interesting and slowly emptied the bottle of wine in a haze of mindless commentary. Kara had texted J’onn after the second one and splashed a little of her personal alcohol into her glass for a pleasant buzz. Before their fourth one Lena climbed out of the couch to open the red, a little wobble-legged as she walked a little crookedly into the kitchen. Kara watched her grab the bottle, the corkscrew, and then frown in concentration at her hands for a moment.


“Bring it here, I’ll open it.” She offered, flapping a hand on the top of her couch.


Lena’s shoulders slumped and her frown slid from concentration to relief. “Oh thank god, I forgot what I was doing for a moment.”


“Do you really think we should open that then?” Kara asked, brows rising.


Lena shrugged and picked up the bottle. On her way out of the kitchen she scooped up Kara’s alien alcohol and walked crookedly back to the couch. “It’s Friday night, isn’t it? I can order some pizza. Carb soaking, or whatever they call it.”


Kara took the new wine bottle from her and watched her glass fill with a generous pour of the amber liquor, then decided not to tell her that eating bread wouldn’t really help them at this point-but it would taste good. “I feel like you aren’t telling me something.”


Lena snorted and capped the bottle, sinking slowly onto the couch. She looked tired, but in high spirits, which made Kara feel a smidge better.


“Maybe I just want to spend time drinking and eating cheap pizza with my best friend.” Lena reached over, pressing her hand warm and flat to Kara’s thigh a little above her knee.


Her touch was scorching through her thin yoga pants, and it kindled the embers in her belly. Kara focused on keeping her grip light around the wine bottle as she peeled the foil off the top and tried not to think about other articles of clothing Lena’s heat could burn through.


“Can we get a cheese and a pepperoni? Or just a half and half?” She prompted, twisting the corkscrew into the top of the bottle and jerking it out with a musical thop .


“Sure, I’ll get one of each.” Lena agreed, and settled back down into the couch right next to Kara with her phone in her hand.


Kara hadn’t meant to look down at the unfair display of fair skin pressing into her thigh, but she did. Lena was sitting in a lazy sprawl, the foot of the leg leaning on Kara’s thigh tucked up under her other leg resting comfortably with gravity. It was one of the most unrefined sits Kara had seen her favor when she was buzzed and felt safe, except this time she was wearing her small sleep shorts. And there was a lot of skin. And Kara hadn’t realized how many dark freckles dotted her body all the way up to disappear beneath her clothing.


“Okay, ordered.” Lena announced and tossed her phone to the cushion next to her.


Her voice startled Kara out of her blatant staring and she busied herself with pouring Lena a new glass of red to hide her blush. The glass was passed and the wine left to sit on the coffee table next to the curved bottle of amber liquor in two careful motions, and then Kara was lifting her own glass to her lips for a steadying drink. The liquor slid down her throat like warm honey, coating her tongue with the taste of something vaguely earthy and floral. Underneath it the sharp bite of the alcohol was dulled to a nip, pleasantly numbing and relaxing the tenseness from her shoulders.


Kara didn’t look at Lena’s legs again that night, first preoccupied with her drink and then the cheap pizza. Even as they slowly sank into the couch together with legs tangled and Kara wedging her shoulder underneath Lena’s, she didn’t look. Even as they used each other as support later to stumble through a rough night time routine and flop into Kara’s bed, she didn’t look.


But she could feel her.


Pressed against her back as if she were trying to soak up her body heat. Pressed so tightly against her shoulder blades she could tell she hadn’t been wearing a bra the entire evening. So tightly that when she shifted to adjust more comfortably her hips pressed into Kara’s rear. Under the influence of a drink she wasn’t used to, it was sweet torture and Kara reveled in it. She was almost asleep, boneless with her face crushed into her pillow and Lena’s warm nose pressed into the back of her neck when her mind wandered to the pictures of the jewelry model.


Her body warmed for another reason and Kara frantically tried to push the memory aside. It was far too inappropriate to be thinking of such things while the woman of her hidden affections was laying against her. She turned her face a little further into the pillow and started recounting the numerous facts she had learned that evening. Kara didn’t get very far, interrupted by a sleepy sigh from Lena that she felt through the entire length of her body. Instead of going back to the photos, her mind was stuck on that evening. Long lithe legs of pale skin and a perfect pedicure of black nail polish to match the hands of pianist’s fingers. The leg pressed into hers, dark freckles dotting toned thighs-


Kara’s eyes snapped open.


Dark freckles.


Two of them, high on the inside of Lena’s right thigh. Then the one in the center of her throat. Kara knew of a few more dotting her chest and shoulders from other outfits or low cut dresses and her heart skipped uncomfortably in her chest.


She had seen those freckles before.


She had stared at those freckles before.




Her sluggish, alcohol soaked brain stumbled through a crude parsing of memories, calling up the many ads of jewelry and collars and body harnesses… and superimposed them onto Lena in her mind.


It was heart-stoppingly terrifying, things clicking and sliding into place the longer she thought about Lena laying bare on silk sheets. Lena with piercings in her most intimate areas. Parts of her that she had stared at in high resolution full color studio photographs. But still… she couldn’t be completely sure. Not without a more thorough investigation. Especially before she even dared to say anything out loud-if at all.


If ever .


Kara laid there in a panicked mess, the heat racing under her skin and pooling heavily in her belly careening dangerously out of control.


A freckle dotting the center of her throat.


The constellation across her chest and shoulders.


The two high on the inside of her right thigh.


Kara swallowed thickly and took a steady breath against the roiling arousal threatening to tear her to pieces in the safety of Lena’s embrace.








Kara closed her eyes and tried to think about the different coloration patterns of giraffes.








She turned her face into her pillow, willing sleep to take her.









Ever since Kara drunkenly realized that she was about ninety-eight percent sure Lena Luthor had modeled body jewelry for whatever reason , she couldn’t stop thinking about it.


She fixed her article (Snapper had been right), wrote up the remaining three, and in a late-night fit of desire went back onto the metropolis archives one last time and secretly took a copy of every single image of the woman she thought was Lena. For comparison purposes only, of course. She kept them in an encrypted folder on a small password protected hard drive in the bottom drawer of her home desk. If the images weren’t of Lena, it would be easy to destroy and beg Rao forgiveness for her folly. But if it was?


She had to be completely sure.


Kara would never forgive herself if she was assuming incorrectly about this increasingly delicate matter.


So she started observing. Or rather, started trying to match Lena’s freckles to the pictures she had hidden away without bringing suspicion upon herself. It was one thing to compliment your best friend’s necklace, it was another to stare blatantly at her boobs with a flimsy excuse. And she refused to use her x-ray vision. That was just too invasive and she had moral standards.


Kara observed for a few solid weeks, her suspicions slowly confirmed with each freckle matching up in the tell tale constellation. A low cut top revealed the freckle low on her sternum. A complaint about unplanned period cramps showed the one next to her belly button as she pulled her shirt up to rearrange her hot water bottle. Lena borrowed the small sleep shorts another two times, showing off those two incriminating freckles high on the inside of her right thigh. A short sleeve t-shirt showed the ones on her biceps. There were others, of course. Small ones high on her ribs, a set of three on her left hip, the one hidden underneath her underwear. Ones she couldn’t see but knew were there-or at least assumed they were.


It made her feel a little bit manic.


It didn’t help that it felt like Lena knew her wits were frazzled. Her smiles seemed more flirty, her touches lingered longer. Kara thought she was sitting closer, leaning across the desk more if her shirt was low or a button slipped free. But never around others or their friends. It only seemed to change when it was just the two of them.


Maybe she was just… imagining things. Wishing that her own feelings of attraction were being returned.


Or maybe she wasn’t?


She was horrendously smart, but this sure did make Kara feel like she didn’t have two brain cells to rub together. Kara couldn’t make up her mind, still too focused on freckles and what it all meant.



It was late, but Kara was wired.


She had been at Lena’s home for hours starting as a work visit that devolved into an invitation to stay for dinner. That turned into gossip as she quietly slid her laptop into her large purse by the front door. It happened frequently, so nothing was out of the ordinary for her to beg off a shower and to change into some of her clothes that had somehow made it into a drawer in Lena’s bedroom. Her friend had claimed a shower after her and she busied herself with cleaning up the dishes and wiping down the counters in the kitchen as she waited. Anything to keep her from thinking of freckles while Lena was in the shower and very very naked.


Hearing the water shut off was a relief, and even more so when she heard the hair dryer run a few minutes later. That ease was dashed as Lena made her way back out into the kitchen in a thin tank top and shorts, cheeks still a little flushed from her shower. She had seen Lena wear similar clothes more times than she could count. What nearly made Kara pulverize the sponge in her hand was that she could clearly see that Lena wasn’t wearing a bra.


And she could tell that her nipples were pierced.


The air seemed to be sucked out of the room and a little warning siren wailed in her head as she chanced a glance at Lena’s face. Somehow, she thankfully wasn’t paying attention to Kara, but something on her phone instead.


“It’s later than I realized.” Lena muttered, raking her hand through her dark tresses.


The gesture pulled the fabric of the tank across her chest in a gentle tug, and in turn pulled Kara’s eyes back down to the not-so-subtle points underneath her shirt. She felt like she was going to boil up.


“Oh-um. Just let me know when you want me to head out.” Kara managed, forcing a false nonchalance into her voice as she quickly rinsed the mangled sponge. It would be best for her to leave she reasoned with herself.


When Lena didn’t answer after a moment Kara looked up and found herself pinned under sharp curious eyes. “You know it’s okay to stay. Right?”


Kara swallowed thickly, knowing that if she did she would be severely distracted. And Lena would ask why .


“Yeah-I just. Don’t wanna encroach.” She tried weakly, already knowing it was a lost cause as a grin snuck unbidden onto her lips.


“You haven’t tonight, so far.” Lena mirrored her crooked half-grin. “Stay? Watch a nerdy science thing with me?”


Kara sighed. She couldn’t say no without causing concern now . But as her mind raced and she dried her hands on a towel, she realized she didn’t want to say no anyways. She was turning into a masochist.


“Okay, fine.” She relented and threw her hands up. “But no deep sea stuff, I’ll have weird dreams.”


She was sure she was going to have weird dreams anyways, deep sea documentaries regardless. Not when she could accurately match Lena to the model she had stared at for hours.


So they settled on Lena’s massive white leather couch, the lights dimmed and throw blankets casually draped across shoulders and laps. It would be silly of Kara to say that everything was fine and dandy. It was, in a sense, but something had shifted between them in the kitchen. She had a hard time focusing on their show. Her mind kept wandering to Lena not far from her, tucked into the corner of the L-shaped couch. There was a cushion between them but Kara swore she could still feel her body heat.


She could still feel her heart looping in her chest.


Lena had more than just her ear piercings.


Lena had modeled body jewelry.


Kara knew what she looked like.






At some point her eyes stopped focusing on the television and she stared into space, her mind reeling through picture after picture after picture of Lena spread out on silk.


Lena criss-crossed by finely made silvery chains linking delicate rings-


“I guess we should save this one for another time?”


Lena’s gentle question stirred Kara from her spiral. She had almost wished she hadn’t.  Kara could feel her face warming as she became aware of how warm she was all over, and even warmer yet when she glanced over and saw that Lena was watching her.


Watching her.


For one terrifying moment, Kara wondered if she had said something out loud. Or if her thoughts were loud enough that Lena could pick up on them like a radio station. Either way, Lena’s eyes were dark and calculating as a knowing smirk danced around the corners of her lips. It was as if she knew that Kara was thinking about her. There was a fleeting moment when an intense expression flashed across her face before smoothing back into gentle ribbing. It was enough to feel like Kara had gotten sucker-punched in the gut, and enough to make the heat erupt in a roil deep in her belly.


She cleared her throat weakly. “I think I’m a little too distracted, I’m sorry.”


Lena shrugged a shoulder and gave her another crooked grin, her eyes glittering. “Well, I hate to distract you from your thoughts.”


Kara couldn’t help but blush brightly, trying her best not to let her eyes drop to Lena’s chest.


She failed.


“I, uh-” She tried to clear her throat again, her mouth bone dry. “Uh.”


If only Lena knew.


...maybe she did know? Kara was too muddled to think straight. She wouldn’t be surprised if Lena did know and she was just too tied up in her own head to realize it.


“I’m just teasing you.” She glanced at her phone. “And it is nearing eleven. We should probably head to bed.”


Kara nodded, unable to trust her voice for the moment. It was a small blessing that they had barely made it through twelve minutes of what they were trying to watch anyways, so she didn’t feel too terrible about her head getting stuck in outer space.


They climbed up and out of the couch, shut everything off and turned all of the lights out as they headed back to bed. It would be futile to assume that Kara’s nerves eased, but they only grew worse. Realistically she knew that if she didn’t want anything to happen, she would be fine. But the truth of the matter was that she craved for something to happen. She ached for it. Standing next to Lena in the bathroom of marble and shiny stainless steel had her wanting to lean into her shoulder as she brushed her teeth. Wanting to reach out and touch as Lena’s elbow nudged her when she was flossing.


But she didn’t.


Kara took an extra moment to try to collect her nerves in the bathroom, keeping her eyes firmly glued to the floss container in her hands as Lena slipped past her. It was just one night. Just like all of the other nights they had stayed at the other’s apartment. She flossed carefully, using up another full minute just to try to calm herself a little more. But when it seemed that her brain wasn’t going to wind down any further she gave up and washed her hands. Before she left the bathroom she stripped her sports bra out from under her shirt, almost considering keeping it on to sleep in.


The bedroom was dim, lit only by the small lamp on Lena’s bedside table. It washed her golden and Kara was so afraid she would stumble she pushed off in a floating hop-skip. As she looked up, her toes skimming the fine carpet, she did end up stumbling anyways into the side of the bed. It wasn’t her fault. Lena shouldn't have been looking at her like that.


Like she wanted to swallow her whole.


This whole evening had absolutely been on purpose. From the long conversations to the invitation to stay the night, to the thin tank top now riding up on her waist exposing the low curve of her belly. Dark eyes that she could fall into.


Something loosened in her mind and Kara climbed up onto the turned down bed, no longer hiding the way she was looking at her. That one singular look had been an invitation without the words and she gladly careened into Lena’s orbit. It was the right move. Lena’s eyes widened in excitement and her full lip caught on her teeth. Whatever nerves Kara had been beating back boiled into a simmering heat, dipping low and setting the adrenaline in her blood racing.


She hadn’t realized she had crawled across the bed until she had planted a hand firmly on the other side of Lena’s shoulder and leaned in. Her heart leapt into her throat in a panic and she paused-until Lena’s hand curled around the back of her neck to pull her in. Another roil of butterflies did a lap around the inside of her rib cage and she finally leaned in with a shaky sigh as heat raced under her skin.


Kara had kissed a couple people in her life, but kissing Lena was different.


She was kissing her best friend.


She was kissing one of the smartest people in the world.


She was kissing the woman she was helplessly attracted to both physically and emotionally.


Kara pressed in, shivering with relief as Lena enthusiastically kissed her back. She sank down into the sheets and felt Lena smile against her, toned arms curling around her shoulders as she crushed Kara to her chest. She was so warm and solid underneath her, a beacon as she kissed her again. And again, and she was gasping softly against her lips as a hot tongue laved over her lip.


Kara stopped thinking. At that moment all she could focus on was how indecently Lena was kissing her and simultaneously frying most of her brain cells. She could still taste the mint of her tooth paste.


A gentle nibble at her lip shot a bolt of desire down her spine and through her body, stealing the breath from her lungs. She wanted it, wanted more , but she needed to pause. Just for a moment to catch her breath and figure out what the hell was going on.


“Sorry-I... just …” She mumbled, unable to pull away without a few more quick pecks.


Kara let herself fall into another heady kiss that made her blood roar in her ears. But Lena eased up and loosened her arms around Kara’s shoulders so she could prop herself up on her elbow. She was glad she did, she almost felt dizzy with the whirl of emotions.


“You just ?” Lena teased, grinning brightly.


Kara could tell she wasn’t as calm as she was pretending to be. Her eyes were still dark, her face beautifully flushed, and her heartbeat thrummed in her chest. She could see her pulse fluttering under her jaw as long slender fingers looped lazy circles on the back of her shoulders. And mirth . Joy. Lena was happy and Kara felt like her chest was composed of sunshine and sweet strawberries.


“How long have you been teasing me?” She asked, happily letting her eyes roam all over Lena’s face and neck.


“That depends on your definition of teasing.”


Kara rolled her eyes and pressed her nose into Lena’s cheek, still wanting to be close to her. “Fine. How long have you been flirting?”


“Try again.” She could feel her smiling.


“Leading me on?” Kara asked again, kissing the corner of her mouth just because she could. It all felt so shiny and new, but comfortably like coming home. This is where she was meant to be.


“Once more with feeling.”


Kara leaned up again at the softness in her voice to study her. Yes, she could see the excitement and the attraction. She could see the way Lena wanted to eat her up. But she could also see contentment. A calm ease laying waste to her nerves.


“Trusting yourself with me.” Kara amended, finally putting a name to what she was seeing.


“Good answer.” Lena grinned, and accepted another few slow kisses. “But how long?” She murmured against her lips. “It felt like too long. I was afraid you were too busy paying attention to other things. You do have a lot on your plate though, I’m not offended.”


Kara pressed her forehead into hers, her cheeks warming with embarrassment. “I’m sorry.”


“What’s been distracting you?”


Kara swallowed thickly, thinking of the freckle that wouldn’t have been visible save for intimate moments. Lena’s hands were smoothing rhythmically across her back now, easing her closer until Kara was slipping a leg loosely in between hers. She just wanted to be close to her in whatever capacity that ended up being. She wanted more inappropriate ways of being close, but it would be a little crude to outright say it. It would be silly to assume Lena didn’t want the same if her thin tank top had anything to say about it. But if she could prevent herself from barreling ahead too brusquely, she would. She cleared her throat gently and spoke the truth knowing that it wouldn’t bring them any good to lie, even a little white one. Kara eased back up on her elbow, blushing as a hand slid down to rest high on her ribs.


She had to ask.


She was ninety-nine percent certain, but still. She had to ask.


“So… when were you gonna tell me that the picture we saw that night was you?”


Lena’s grin turned devilish.


“It started as a rebellion, and I followed through because I wanted to-in the end. Part of it was connected to an AIDs awareness campaign, and that’s something important to help towards.” She tilted her head sideways on the pillow, studying Kara’s slowly reddening face. “Has a single topless picture really riled you up so much?”


Kara could hear the accusation in her tone. It wasn’t meant to be harsh, but Lena was curious. She should have expected that she would ask for details. They were barreling ahead anyways and she couldn’t help but hesitate for another moment even as her body screamed against it. But -she had been right. It was her.


“Uh-n-no. Campaign?” She deflected pitifully.


Lena’s grin softened and her fingers traced across her ribs. “I can tell you about it later. And you’re lying. What’s wrong?”


“Nothing! I just. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”


“I don’t mind. Think of it as a catalyst.”


Kara blushed. Lena shouldn’t be allowed to say catalyst like that. She shouldn’t be allowed to say catalyst like that while looking at Kara like that .


“For what?” She asked stupidly, knowing exactly what she meant.


“For whatever may happen after.”


“That’s annoyingly cryptic.” She had to grin at that. Teasing. It was a familiar foothold. She could tease.


“I’m waiting for more data to make a better judgement call.”


Kara couldn’t help but snort a laugh. Lena’s comment was so dry it belonged in her lab. But a slow rising arch of a perfect brow told Kara that she was serious. She could tell that Lena wanted things to escalate, but only if Kara was willing to play the game with her. It was sweet in a nerdy way and it… helped. More than she realized it would. Lena didn’t push her for more, but now she felt like she could say it.


“They scanned the whole catalogue. The one we saw that night, and then-the uh, the later issue with the uh. That.” She could feel her blush creeping down her neck.


That ?” Lena looked genuinely curious.


Kara swallowed thickly, thinking of all of the jewelry Lena had modeled. All of it.


“Your. Um.” She was certain her face was bright red at this point. “There isn’t a polite way of saying it.”


Something about her comment tickled Lena and the mirth returned, her own face warming with a pretty blush. She slipped from curious to teasing again and Kara was quite certain she was going to burn up into a pile of embers and blonde hair.


“So say it. It's alright.”


Lena’s voice was molasses. Warm and deep and the sweetest thing she had ever heard. Kara swallowed again, this time wetting her dry lips with her tongue. Her heart felt as if it were trying to break free of her ribs.


“Your clit piercing.”


Lena’s hands stilled. Her brows rose in surprise and her lips parted in a soft gasp.


Oh . That .”


Kara could only nod, her voice hiding in her throat. But she didn’t pull away, fighting the urge to bury her face in the pillow next to Lena’s hair. She was glad she didn’t, because she would have missed the way Lena’s surprise melted into a simmering look.


“You really have seen a lot of me then.”


The low timbre of Lena’s voice sent arousal cannonballing into Kara’s belly, rippling out in tingling heat and pooling indecently between her legs.


“I have. But -I liked you before that. Y’know.” She hastily tacked on as Lena’s fingers crept under the hem of her t-shirt. Kara knew that Lena knew that, but she still felt compelled to clarify.


“I know. Like I said. A catalyst.” Her fingers stilled on the curve of Kara’s waist, her voice turning shy. “You really looked at all of it?”


All of me ?


Kara leaned in and kissed her, pouring reassurance into her touch. For all of Lena’s bravado, she was just as nervous as Kara felt. Jittery, balancing on an edge. Finally, she could feel Lena relaxing underneath her and her hands smoothed up her back, rucking her shirt up around her ribs. Kara gave her another gentle kiss to her lips, her nose, her cheek, before leaning back up on her elbows again with renewed confidence.


“Claiming research purposes would be insincere, but that’s my official excuse.” She grinned, happy to see she had successfully curbed Lena’s apprehension.


Lena blushed from the attention. “What about your unofficial excuse?”


“You’re beautiful. I saw something I liked.”


Lena blushed at the praise, her eyes so dark the ring of watered-mossy-green was thin around her pupils. The delicate muscles in her throat contracted as she swallowed and Kara wanted to put her tongue on the freckle dotting the center of her throat. She waited as Lena parted her kiss-swollen lips and paused to rearrange her next words in her head. When she did, it nearly stole the breath from her lungs.


"If you wanted to see me wear something, you only needed to ask."


Kara couldn’t help but press closer, her mind dissolving slowly into heat. Heat that coaxed her into seeking some sort of gratification-if Lena was seeking it too.


“Do you still have it?” She asked, breathless.




“Them. Your piercings.” Kara offered stupidly. Lena grinned crookedly, her nails ghosting over her bare back.


“I removed the ones in my tongue, but yes. I still have the rest of them.”


Her tongue .


The rest of them.


Her mind swirled down into the hazy heat full of images of glittering metal decorating deep pink flesh, connected with thin ribbons of gold and silver chain-




“May I see them?”


The words blurted from her mouth the way a penitent man would humble himself before his god. Breathless, with awe. And just a tiny little flicker of healthy fear. That flicker evaporated as Lena’s crooked grin showed more teeth.


“What will I get in return?”


Anything-everything- echoed in Kara’s head.


She knew that this wasn’t actually meant to be a trade, just another teasing comment with real hunger behind it. They both wanted the same thing from each other, and Kara leaned back in to kiss her soundly. Warm hands pressed flat and greedy to her back as Kara slowly eased herself to barely hover directly over her. The warmth and pressure of strong thighs squeezing at her hips almost had her giving in. She was so close .


“A reaction to the catalyst.” Kara finally asked against her lips, and then took the full plunge. “May I taste you?”


“How many reactions?”


Lena’s voice was the deep molasses again, and it was all Kara needed to relax down and into her embrace. Down into the cradle of her hips as her own did a subtle, experimental rock. Lena’s lips parted again, this time with a hot blush and a soft and silent gasp. Her thighs tightened around Kara’s waist, the dull points of her short nails dug solidly into her back. She leaned up and stared right into Lena’s eyes-then rolled her hips languidly and purposefully into the apex of her thighs. Red crept down Lena’s neck and pinked the tips of her ears. Her eyes were ravenous.


“As many as you want.” Kara offered simply as her blood roared in her ears. She could feel the expansion of Lena’s ribs against her front, rhythmic and luring.


“What if I want a lot?” Lena was already pulling her in again.


“I want a lot too-”


Kara’s last word was lost in Lena’s lips and a breathless whine.


For a few long moments, Kara was just focused on figuring out what felt right. Lena was an enthusiastic and calculating partner in this as she was with any of her other endeavors. Her mouth was curious in her kisses, searching for what made Kara’s breath hitch. In response to the more nipping kisses Kara pressed her hips in a slow drag against her, a rocking motion that didn't quite do something for her but she had found the little sweet spot that made Lena drag her nails down her back with a breathy high moan. It was an arresting sound that Kara wanted to hear again and again.


After a particularly firm press of her hips, Lena removed her hands from where she had dug them into Kara’s ass and fumbled with the hem of her rumpled t-shirt up around her ribs. As Kara kissed her hotly she slid her hand from Lena’s knee, up the back of her leg to splay greedily across the curve of her hip for a moment before sliding underneath to palm her rear. She used the new leverage to roll even more firmly into Lena, her mouth panting open against Kara’s with a quick throaty moan. Her hands tugged harder at her shirt and Kara let her peel it off of her, too far gone to care for modesty as Lena pressed her hands greedily to her bare chest.


“We aren’t moving too fast?” Kara asked as an afterthought.


“I think we’ve been too slow for years.” Lena answered and cupped her, thumbs pressing onto Kara’s nipples.


“Okay, good-“


They returned enthusiastically to what they were previously doing, this time Lena’s hands were hot all over her chest. Kara barely lasted a few moments, Lena’s touch too distracting as she tried to slide her thin tank top up with one hand. Lena took pity and hastily tugged the garment off and all Kara could think was that the real living and breathing Lena looked even more incredible than faceless model Lena. She could see the metal glinting, bracketing dusky pebbled nipples.


Kara sank back down with a murmured beautiful , gasping softly as fingers blazed down her back and pushed at the waistband of her sleep shorts and underwear. She wanted to let those long fingers disrobe her and do wonderful things to her, but not yet. Kara was fixated on the way she could feel the warm metal pressing into her breasts as she kissed Lena into a stupor. She gave her mouth a few more kisses, then turned her face to nip at the edge of her jaw. Then she gently bit down and sucked on her pulse point. Not hard enough to mark, but just to tell her she was capable if she wanted it. Lena squirmed underneath her with a whine and her hips bucked up into Kara’s.


“No marks?” Kara asked.


Lena only shook her head a quick no , and that was all the direction Kara needed to keep moving. She kissed down her throat, using her lips and tongue to count all of the freckles she had memorized from staring at colorful jewelry ads in the middle of the night. From the dip of the hollow of her throat she fanned out, peppering her collarbone and chest until she had wriggled down far enough to draw her tongue across a pert pierced nipple. Lena’s chest hitched under her and Kara indulged herself with some of the fantasy that she had dreamt up, sucking and licking and teasing her with her teeth until Lena was whining and rolling her hips into Kara’s stomach.


She tasted of salt from the beginnings of sweat and metal, which she had expected. But this was Lena . And it was Lena with pierced nipples and Kara enjoyed that very much. She gave the impressively erect nipple one more greedy licking suck-and then counted the freckles across Lena’s sternum to start all over. After a few long moments of what Kara felt was almost an adequate amount of attention, the hands that had been fisting in her hair and gripping at her shoulders dug down underneath them. For a moment Kara was confused, and then the jerky motion and slide of fabric against her stomach clued her in to what Lena was vying for.


“Kara-please, please -“


Kara released her nipple with a final lick and groggily raised herself to her knees. Lena’s thighs still bracketed her hips and Kara stared as Lena pushed her pants down low on her hips. Her fair skin was flushed from her attention, glassy eyed and eager as Kara reached down and hooked her fingers into the waistband of her shorts. She could see the dark spot high on the inseam betraying how far gone Lena was. Kara leaned back on her haunches and easily slipped the shorts off of her. Lena hadn’t worn any underwear, and she was so ready.


A moment of shyness flickered across Lena’s face, but Kara kissed it away with a slew of murmured praise and compliments that had her blushing again. And then she was easing herself back down Lena’s body, her eyes locked on the simple unadorned steel stud in her clitoral hood. But now that she was here, she wanted to draw it out and relish the slow ache that had been burning her alive for weeks. Kara settled on her stomach and lavished her abdomen and the tops of her thighs with kisses, doing her best to relax Lena-not that she really needed to. To feel closer, she eased Lena’s legs comfortably onto her shoulders-and also to give herself a moment to finally look at her.


Lena was even more attractive in real life, deep pink and slickly aroused as her firm clit peeked out of its hood underneath the ball end of the metal barbell. Kara leaned in and drew the tip of her tongue through her with a gentle lick, prompting Lena to suck in a breath and carefully weave her hands into her hair. With an acknowledging squeeze of her hands on Lena’s hips, she started exploring her. Kara couldn’t put words to how she tasted other than good and addictive . She traced through her, dipped in to taste her, and committed to memory how the metal stud felt against her tongue, warm from Lena’s body heat. Curious, and a little recklessly, Kara took the piercing in her teeth and gave it a polite tug.


Strong thighs snapped up around her ears as Lena exclaimed a rough FUCK , her hips bucking up into Kara’s mouth. Kara couldn’t help but laugh, deep and rumbly against the zinging pleasure crackling out from where Lena pulled her hair. She released the metal from her teeth, gave her a slow steady suck on her clit in apology, and then slowly ate her out with reverence.


It was by far one of the best maelstroms of pleasure she had helped conceive and it brought her an earth-shattering humbling satisfaction that it was Lena at the eye of the storm. Kara didn’t relent, enjoying herself too much and the sounds Lena made when she wriggled her tongue into her or sucked her folds into her mouth or played with the metal stud again. She toyed with it using teeth and tongue and sucking lips until the thighs on her shoulders were shaking. The tight grip in her hair to hold her close was blinding. Lena’s body pulled taught underneath her, and then after a few sharp whiney pants she came against Kara’s tongue. She sealed her mouth over her with a sympathetic moan and could feel her orgasm pulsing rhythmically through her clit and the ghost of fluttering against her chin. Rao help her , it was as thrilling as flying after a long storm. Her musk was the wildness in the sea brine at the back of her throat as the wind whipped her hair.


Kara was eager to experience that again-next time with her tongue deep inside her, but the fingers in her hair loosened. Lena combed her hair back for a moment, tenderly, and then tugged on Kara’s hands still hooked in the crease of her thighs. She left her deeply pink and engorged clit with a final sucking kiss to follow the hands coaxing her back up. Kara hastily wiped her mouth on her bicep and followed, easing back down into Lena’s embrace. She kissed her and kissed her until her lips felt puffy and tingly and still it didn’t feel like enough. But at least her heart felt like it was finally under control again.


“Where did you learn to do that?” Lena finally asked, her voice rough as she nipped at Kara’s lip.


“Ice cream cone-no I’m serious!” She laughed as Lena groaned and tucked her face into the crook of her neck. The bridge of her nose was hard against her collarbone and Kara loved it.




She could still feel Lena, hot and slick against her abdomen from where her pants had ridden down so far they were nearly off. It reminded her that she was very much still turned on and hungry for whatever else Lena would share with her. Cuddling was nice, she could do that all day. She wasn’t content to cuddle unless that was what Lena wanted.


“Were you serious about me asking you to wear something?” Kara asked after nudging Lena with her nose into another searing kiss.


“I was. I am.” Lena punctuated with two more against her lip and chin.


“Do-do you have other jewelry here?”


Lena kissed her hotly and rubbed her clit against Kara’s bare abdomen with a lazy roll of her hips and sighed. She could feel the metal stud on her skin and it drove her a little bit crazy.


“I do. It’s a little container in the bottom of my jewelry box.” She finally answered, her voice throaty and dripping with pure sex. It knocked the wind from Kara’s lungs.


“…can I get up to get it?” She asked weakly as Lena rolled her hips into her again with another sigh, almost abandoning the thought entirely.


Lena studied her for a long moment, the softness of their current intimacy wreathing her flushed face. But her eyes were dark again. Hungry again. For a moment Kara thought Lena was going to roll them over and save the jewelry for another moment of release. And then her eyes were focused and curious, her teeth snagging on her kiss-swollen lip.


“Only if you also get the black bin out of my closet and let me dress you up a little too.”


It was a fair bargain-whatever it meant, and Kara murmured okay and leaned in for another kiss. It took her a long few minutes of lingering kisses and nuzzling mouthing expressions of affection to pull herself from Lena, wild haired with her shorts clinging to her hips. She could feel the slickness of Lena’s arousal cooling on her abdomen as she stumbled awkwardly to the vanity where Lena kept her makeup and jewelry. Kara knew the jewelry box well, and meticulously opened it up to expose the very bottom.


“The plastic one.” Came from the bed.


Kara plucked the small plastic box from the very bottom and made it back to the bed in a daze. Lena took it from her and Kara followed the tilt of her chin for a kiss, unable to resist. She almost let herself stray back to her hips, but listened to the gentle push and teasing chuckle against her mouth and shuffled hastily back into Lena’s massive closet.


At the very back behind the long winter coats she found the aforementioned black bin, and scooped it up without hesitation. When she made her way back out to the bedroom Lena was already lying on her side and picking through the jewelry. Even with messy hair and terrible lighting, Kara thought she was otherworldly. Annoyingly, the thick heavy throb of arousal between her legs was stronger at the moment. There would be a time for tenderness later, and Kara had plenty of that shored up to last a lifetime. First, they were inclined to vent the pressure that had built up for years.


Kara made it back to the bed and set the decent sized bin next to the bed. Lena paused in her browsing and gestured for Kara to open it-and her eyes grew wide at the decent collection of sex toys and other paraphernalia. Kara knew that the contents of the bin were probably worth a small fortune- unused . Only the best would make the cut for Lena Luthor.


Lena paused again and held out her hand. “Which one should I put on?”


There were five new pieces of jewelry on her palm. Some were bars with embellishments, some were more intricate with loops or there was even one with a small ornament meant to dangle. On the sheets next to the container was a thin golden colored chain pooled like water. Kara swallowed thickly and turned her eyes back to the jewelry in Lena’s palm. She had seen so many different styles on her-but the chain . That elegant line connecting from point to point. The geometry of her was the strongest pull, and she mutely pointed at a more simple piece that looked like a bar with a golden colored ring on one end. The ring had a delicately etched pattern on it.


“This one.” She managed after a beat, her voice caught in her throat.


She missed Lena’s grin as she picked out two other matching D-shaped bars with gold half loops on the end swivels. 


“Hand me the lube?”


Kara jolted into motion and rifled in the bin, finding a half used bottle of something that looked too expensive.


“Oh-and the mirror? From the bathroom? Please?” She asked with an apologetic grimace.


Kara simply garbled a yeah and did as Lena asked, even bringing a clean hand towel just in case. Lena had already dropped the rejected choices back into the plastic container and was liberally spritzing the three new pieces and chain with some sort of acrid-smelling body safe sanitizing agent. Without being asked Kara brought the mirror up, ready to hold it where Lena wanted her to. She watched her set up, mouth dry and her tongue felt unwieldy behind her teeth.


It was barely over in a moment. Lena twisted off the ringed end of the new jewelry, squeezed a drop of lube onto the metal and then herself-her breath hitching as she spread it around the top of the piercing and then on her clit as she pulled the delicate hood back, waited for Kara to hold the mirror close, and then carefully switched out the piercings with a few twists of her fingers with practiced ease. Just like that, the new jewelry was there, the golden patterned ring an extra gentle weight on her naked clit. She kept staring at it as Lena adjusted the mirror up and switched the ones in her nipples to match.


Her stupor was interrupted as Lena stretched to put the used jewelry and small container on her bedside table. But not for long as the golden ring peeking out of deep pink pulled her attention back. She was interrupted more thoroughly when Lena held the pooling golden chain in front of the piercing to block Kara’s eye line.


“Hook me up?”


Kara stared at the chain stupidly for a moment-and then blinked.


Oh . Oh. Yeah. Um-where do I start?”


She could hear the smile in Lena’s voice. “Start up here.”


She followed directions, focusing hard to keep her hands steady as she clasped the chain to each D-shaped ring and then carefully pulled it straight down her body. Lena stayed perfectly still as Kara gently lifted the ring up and attached the last clasp, completing the glittering simple shape. As she drew her hands away Lena stretched her whole body like a cat would, a low sound rumbling from the base of her throat as the chain stretched comfortably taught. There was still enough slack that she could seemingly move and twist without discomfort, but enough tension to tug gently on the three connecting points.


“That doesn’t hurt?” Kara asked, watching the chain gently pull against her clit.


“No. Quite the opposite.” Lena admitted, and then relaxed.


She was watching Kara again, that same expression creeping back in that made her want to tumblr down into the sheets with her and not come back up til the morning.


“What if I want more?” Lena asked as she glanced at the bin, and then a second time- “What if I want a lot?”


Kara grinned, allowing some of the frayed edges of her control to show. “I can give you more.”


Her answer had come out deeper than she expected it too, raw and plainly displaying her desire. Lena’s chest was rising and falling with a quickened breath at her tone. She watched Kara collect the mirror and place it safely on the bedside table, then rolled onto her side and started rummaging in the black bin. Kara watched her pull a couple things out of the bin, leather straps and silvery linking chains and a few silky bags. She deliberated for a moment, then picked two things out before tossing the rest onto the unused side of the bed.


As Lena fumbled with the drawstring on the bag Kara realized the straps were for a strap on harness and heat surged headily between her legs. Lena pulled a comfortable looking blue dildo covered in soft whorled ripples out of the bag, and held it down onto the harness.


“Are you okay wearing this?” She asked with a tight voice. She wasn’t begging, but it sounded like it was well on its way to be.


“Yes.” Kara rasped, not even wanting to deny her. “To start.” She amended.


She kicked hastily out of her shorts and ruined underwear, gasping loudly as Lena leaned forward and pressed a sloppy kiss low on her abdomen with a slurred I’ll come back to you after . After was now as Kara stepped into the harness and happily let Lena help adjust the straps and secure the toy. Not that she needed the help, but it felt nice for it to be Lena’s hand cupping the toy to her body. Lena’s hot fingers teasing her as she cinched the belt at her waist.


Lena’s hand left her and Kara’s arousal almost made her feel lightheaded as she watched her suck her shiny fingers into her mouth, long eyelashes fluttering against fair pinked cheeks as she tasted here.


“Yes. Definitely will be coming back to that.” Lena reiterated and slid herself up to the head of the bed.


Kara followed, prowling forward on her hands and knees unable to focus on any one thing. Lena had taken her last cell of gray matter and pinned it to her clit with the newly glittering jewelry. She paused and eased up onto her knees as Lena sat up, the lube bottle in her hand. Kara watched breathlessly as she squirted some into her palm and pumped her hand the length of the toy. The gesture of her hand pushing back towards her hips made the base of the toy press into her clit. It was an almost annoying zing of pleasure. Enough to keep her on the edge but she’d have to really work for it.


Her fizzly attention lingered on the new weight bobbing gently in front of her hips, and then back down to Lena as she watched her lay flat and leave a healthy dribble directly onto her clit. Kara could barely breathe, but she let her knees slide apart and sank down onto the bed as the closed bottle of lube rolled into the sheets. Lena eagerly eased her thighs open and rested them on Kara’s. She took the base of the blue dildo in her hand and gently rubbed the domed head of it against her slick folds. Technically, Lena probably would have been okay without slick manufactured help, but she understood the caution.


Kara, please-


Her almost-whine was more than enough to ease Kara forward, finding her entrance with the tip of her thumb. She sank into her, slowly, nearly coming undone at the loud guttural moan of pleasure as Lena stretched around the head of the dildo. Kara withdrew, peering down between them, and eased back in to feel the way the rounded lip of the flared head slid into her.


Kara started lazily fucking into her, watching enraptured as Lena slowly accepted more and more of the rippled slick dildo. Then Lena finally took all of her with a moan high in her chest as Kara pressed flush. Not a few sticky thrusts later Lena was encouraging her faster . Kara picked up the pace, withdrawing about half way and thrusting back in flush with a soft plap . Her face burned with the indecency of it.


Kara went faster. She went as fast as Lena asked, and then cursed colorfully as she watched her stretch underneath her and plant her hands on the headboard. Between the new stretch, Kara thrusting into her, and the bounce of her breasts it was enough to make the chain twang taught in either direction. The new jewelry was bright and flashy against the deep deep pink of her clit and the slick blue dildo sliding into her. Every time she thrust into Lena she set off a chain reaction of the strap on bumping the ring on her clit, to the motion traveling up through her body to the bounce of her chest, only for the chains to pull taught for a scant moment and tug gently on the flesh that was pierced. It was a good thing they were in Lena’s apartment because some of the moans she was making were what Kara could only describe as: pornographic.


Her hands were glued to Lena’s hips to hold her steady but she slid one up, pressed flat to her abdomen, and then she caught the chain with her fingers. Kara tugged on the chain, pulling it taught on all three points just to see what would happen. Lena’s chest arched to the ceiling and her hips rolled into Kara’s, off rhythm. Her moan turned into a choked sob of pleasure, a slew of colorful language spilling from her lips when Kara relieved her of the pull. It didn’t take her long after that to stiffen, her mouth falling open in a silent scream as she came enthusiastically around the dildo.


Kara eased into her, snug, and pressed in close over her to grind the base of the dildo into her pierced clit. Slender toned arms wrapped greedily around her neck and shoulders as Lena hiccuped a surprised breath, and then rolled into release again from the attention to her sensitive clit. Kara kept moving her hips and planted sucking kisses to the salty skin of her neck. Lena moaned a whimper as Kara changed from grinding back to full languid thrusts, slow but as steady as the tide. Just slow enough to give Lena as much slow draggy friction as she could muster while easing herself down into her. Her strong thighs squeezed at her waist, holding her close.


She was hot and actually sweating, but no ache thanks to her power. Her own arousal pounded heavily between her own legs, almost distractingly so. The base of the dildo had been an incessant pressure in a broad sense. She wanted precision.


“You aren’t tired yet, are you?”


Lena’s voice was a rough cut gem, the implication that she very much did not want to stop clear in her question. Kara found her pulse under the curve of her jaw with her teeth in tandem with a heavy grinding thrust that made the mattress creak. Nails tried to bite into the backs of her shoulders as she repeated the action a second time, the nip on the opposite side of her neck. Then one of the hands was reaching out beside them and scooting some items closer. Kara looked up and watched Lena retrieve a petite U-shaped piece of silicone with a bulb on one end and a more spooned end on the other.


“Good. Wanna put this in?”


In ?




In .


The precision she wanted.

Yes .” Kara rasped again, and happily surrendered herself to Lena’s touch and the deep rumbly vibrations of the new toy.