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Rythem in Raindrops

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Luz was pacing back and forth in the living room, stalking back and forth across the living room like a caged tiger and peeking out into the backyard at the portal every three to five minutes before resuming her trek back and forth across the living room. 

Camila watched her silently from the kitchen, coffee cup in hand and carefully hovering in front of her face to hide the grin on it. Luz had been like this for at least an hour now. Camila had long quit keeping track, but at the bare minimum, it had been an hour. 

To see Luz so excited, or maybe nervous was equally as good a word, about her girlfriend coming to spend the night made Camila grin.

Okay, sure. She hadn't exactly been thrilled with the whole doppelganger thing when Luz had finally, actually come home from "summer camp". The magic thing and the witch thing and just… Well, there were a whole lot of things that she was still coming to terms with even now, six months later.

One thing that had taken the least amount of time to get used to, and that she was infinitely glad for, was Amity Blight.

Her daughter's witch girlfriend had been a surprise, to say the least. After she had… mostly, gotten used to it all though she had never been so glad to meet a lilac haired, pointed ear elf, witch girl.

'She's not an elf, she's a witch, please don't call her an elf, Mami!" Luz had practically begged and Camila had only nodded along. 

She could tell just by watching them that the two were ridiculously smitten with each other. The way that Amity looked at Luz when she thought no one was looking made her heart ache a little, but not in a bad way.

It was a look she recognized quite well. After so many nights listening to Luz cry alone in her bedroom at night or come home from school trying to pretend she was fine when it was readily apparent to Camila it was not, she couldn’t even begin to describe the relief she felt. 

Relief that someone other than her finally saw how amazing Luz was.

“Mija, relax, she’s only five minutes late,” Camila tried to soothe but it seemed to have the opposite effect.

“Five? I thought it was two! She’s never this late, do you think something happened, should I  pop through the portal and check?” She whipped around to face her mother who did her best not to roll her eyes.

“I’m sure it’s fine, Luz.” Camila sat her cup down on the counter and walked around to lay a gentle hand on Luz’s shoulder. 

“No, mom, Amity is never late. She’s punctual to a fault! I need to…!” Before she could finish that sentence, the portal door swung open, and out stepped a familiar, lilac-haired witch, a backpack hanging off her shoulder. Camila felt her daughter’s muscles practically melt under her touch as she relaxed at the sight of her girlfriend. 

Before she could so much as blink, Luz was darting out the back door and down the steps. Camila watched from the doorway as Amity’s face lit up just before Luz went careening into her. They were both squealing with laughter as Luz gathered her up and spun her around the yard. 

“Luz, put me down!” Amity giggled, arms wrapped around her girlfriend's neck.

“You were late, I was worried,” she pouted but did set Amity back onto her feet. Amity just giggled and pressed a quick kiss to her cheek. 

No matter how many times it happened it always threatened to turn Luz’s legs to jelly. 

“I know, I’m sorry, I got caught up talking to Eda and King. He wants you to bring him more snacks next weekend when you come to the Isles,” she said with a grin and Luz snorted, nodding.

“Right, I’ll write it down.” 

“Are you two going to come inside or stand in the yard all night?” Camila called, making them both jump, remembering that they were, in fact, not alone. 

“Coming, mami!” Luz turned and called, threading her fingers through Amity’s and giving a light squeeze before they hurried across the grass to the house. Luz glanced up at the gray and dreary-looking sky. It looked like it was going to start pouring at any time, so probably better to move this inside.

“So good to see you again, Amity!” Camila greeted the teen with a smile and she smiled back, though still flushed.

“Thank you for having me, Ms. Noceda,” she said and Camila waved a hand.

“None of that now,” she said. “I have to leave for work in a few minutes but you two have fun tonight, okay?” she asked and they nodded.

Luz was practically vibrating with energy, she was so excited to have Amity sleeping over tonight. 

“I left some money on the counter, you can order a pizza,” Camila said as she walked out of the living room and down the hall. 

“What’s a pizza?” Amity whispered and Luz chuckled.

“It’s food, don’t worry, you’ll like it. It’s a lot like pizzap…. But without the lightning,” Luz assured her and Amity hummed, brows wrinkling.

“What’s pizzap without lightning though?” She asked and Luz chuckled.

“It’s good, trust me, Cariño." Luz smiled and Amity nodded, a smile curling onto her lips as it did every time the pet name rolled off Luz’s tongue and Luz knew it too.

Five minutes later her mom was off to work, telling them to have a good time and that she would be home long after they were asleep most likely. 

“Have fun, and Luz?” Her mother called as she walked down the front steps, turning at the bottom to face both girls standing in the doorway. 

“Yeah?” Luz asked.

“Don’t do anything Eda would do,” she warned and Luz flushed, Amity giggling beside her as her mother turned and moved down the walk to her car.

They waved as Camila drove off down the street, then Luz turned to Amity, beaming.

“Come on, we can put your stuff in my room,” she jerked her head toward the stairs and Amity nodded.

Upstairs, Amity sat her bag on the bed before catching a glimpse of the echo mouse sitting in its terrarium on Luz’s dresser and she smiled, moving to reach in and give him a scratch.

“Hi, Fernando.” She smiled and the little creature squeaked under her finger.

“He missed you,” Luz said with a grin and Amity chuckled. 

“Did he now?” She asked with a knowing smirk as she glanced at Luz from the corner of her eye, watching her with a dopey grin. “Here I thought you would have missed me…,” she teased. She barely finished the sentence before Luz launched at her and wrapped her arms around her waist, head on her shoulder.

“I did miss you!” She whined and Amity giggled, squeezing the hands wrapped around her middle.

“I know, I missed you this week too,’ she said and Luz hummed. “So, what do you want to do?” She asked quietly, growing a little fidgety knowing she and Luz were now alone.

“Oh! I got something this week I think you’re going to like!” Luz sang and danced away to her desk. Amity just grinned at her before she picked something up and spun around holding up…

“Is that the new Good Witch Azura book!?” Amity’s voice cracked as it came out and Luz just grinned back at her. “I thought it wasn’t coming out till next week?” Amity looked at the shiny cover of the sixth Azura book with open wonder. 

“It is, but they had a special midnight release on Tuesday and I went and got us them, I got you your own copy.” Luz held the book out and Amity took it in softly trembling hands. 

She looked almost on the verge of tears before throwing her arms around Luz’s shoulders and burying her face in her neck. 

“You’re the best!” Amity mumbled into her neck and Luz smiled, squeezing Amity to her in a tight hug.

“Cualquier cosa para ti, mi diosa de pelo de algodón de azúcar,” Luz mumbled into her hair, enjoying the contact after over a week. Attending normal human school again was akin to torture but the weekends she got to spend in the Isles with her friends and girlfriend were like coming up for air after holding your breath to long. 

Amity squeezed and hid her bright smile in Luz’s neck. She had asked Camila weeks ago what those words had meant and she, with a mirthful look, translated the little phrase word for word. 

Luz remained blissfully oblivious that Amity was well aware of her ‘Cotton-candy haired goddess ’ moniker and she intended to keep it that way, at least for now, knowing how embarrassed it would make her to learn that Amity knew. 

She chose to say nothing instead and pulled out of the grip but not before laying a kiss on Luz’s cheek.

“Thank you,” 

“So…” Luz trailed off, holding up her own copy of the book with a bright grin and Amity knew exactly what she was about to say.

“Azura book club!” They both shouted before bursting into giggles and a flurry of movement as they moved back downstairs. 

Luz was quick to flop onto the couch with her book, Amity arranging herself at her feet. 

“So why don’t we read the first couple chapters and then we can talk about it?” Luz suggested and Amity nodded. “Great, we can order dinner after.” 

They were quick to fall into a comfortable silence, both getting lost in the words of their favorite witch. 

Well, Luz would probably say Azura was her second favorite witch now. Much as she still loved the green-haired, fantasy witch, she liked the lilac-haired one sitting across from her a whole lot more. 

They were so absorbed in their reading that Luz never even heard the quiet pitter-patter of rain begin outside, falling gently on the roof.

She might not have either if not for the loud peal of thunder that made Amity jump ten feet into the air. 

“What was that?!” She yelped, looking around nervously, as though she expected something to jump out at her at any moment.

Luz sat up and blinked, turning her ear toward the ceiling and listening. Sure enough, she could hear the patter of rain.

“Oh, it’s raining,” she hummed.

“Rain? Is your house going to be okay, should we put up a barrier?” She asked and Luz frowned, watching Amity grow more nervous by the second, especially as another wave of thunder rumbled through the air, making her jump again. It occurred to her that the handful of times Amity had been to the human world over the last few months, it had never been raining. 

“No, it's okay, Amity,” she smiled. “It’s just a little rain…” Her girlfriend didn’t look any more placated by that statement than before and Luz smiled gently at her. “Hey, it’s okay, come on…” she said and stood, setting her book aside as she moved toward the back door. 

“Wait, Luz…!” She hesitated as Luz moved to the door and threw it open.

Rain was coming down in a steady stream and Luz grinned to herself before shooting down the stairs with a loud ‘whoop’ out into the rain, feet splashing in the puddles already forming in the grass. 

She made it all the way across the yard before whirling around to look at her girlfriend standing in the open doorway, watching her with a nervous frown. Luz grinned and waved wildly. 

“See, it's okay!” She shouted over the rumble of thunder, but even from here she could see Amity tense. Not that she could blame her.

Between boiling rain and knife season, anytime something fell from the sky in the Boiling Isles it was decidedly a bad thing. 

Amity stood there, twisting her fingers in her hands nervously, afraid.

She looked up just as a wet hand laid itself atop hers, startling her into looking up at Luz, who just grinned assuredly at her.

“Hey, it’s okay, Cariño, trust me…” she slipped her hand into Amity’s and gave a gentle tug. She resisted at first but Luz was patient and only gave another light, encouraging pull. With a nervous look, she allowed herself to be led out into the rain.

The first cool drops on her skin made her flinch but then as more and more pelted her skin, wetting her hair and clothes, a smile started to work its way onto her face. 

It was cool and soft and didn’t hurt at all. She stared up at the sky in open wonder. She could feel it start to drip off her nose and eyelashes and grinned, holding up her cupped palms to catch the little drops of water and let them pool there.

How strange… odd… wonderful it was, to stand in the rain and catch it in her hands without being scalded or impaled. She was grinning to herself when she looked up and felt her cheeks turn red.

Luz was watching her with the softest, smitten expression Amity had ever seen and she could feel her face burning as she made eye contact and neither looked away.

“See?” Luz asked quietly and Amity nodded, only jerking a little when another roar of thunder rolled through. 

“It’s so… strange…,” she mumbled. “Strange but… good.”

Luz was struck by an onslaught of intense and overwhelming emotions as she watched the pure awe and delight wash over Amity’s face as she held the rain in her hands and watched it fall gently from the sky, pushing her to do something, to move.

“Hey, you know something humans like to do in the rain?” She asked suddenly and Amity looked at her, curious.


“Dance!” She grinned and reached out to grab one of Amity’s upturned hands in hers. “Come on, come on!” She pulled her gently down the stairs and into the middle of the backyard.

“Luz, we don’t even have music!” Amity yelped as she came to a halt in front of her grinning girlfriend. 

“We don’t need music, just listen,” she said, nodding her head and Amity blinked before doing as told. All she could hear was the pitter-patter of softly falling rain but, somewhere in that there was a sort of natural melody in the air. Rain hitting the grass, the roof, the portal door watching them not far away, and water sliding across concrete and falling onto metal somewhere nearby. A rainstorm symphony.

“Just follow my lead.” Luz grinned and then they were twirling around the yard in grand sweeping movements, the sound of their ringing laughter accompanying the everpresent sound of rain. 

Neither was sure how long they ran around the yard, hands clasped and laughing themselves breathless but eventually, they slowed to a stop, standing in front of each other and panting, red-faced and giggling. They were both soaked through, clothes and hair plastered to their skin. 

Amity couldn't help but laugh at the way Luz’s hair fell into her face in a wet floppy mess, not that hers was probably much better. She pulled a hand free to gently push it back, her hand settling on Luz’s cheek. She smiled, leaning into the touch and an inferno of affection lit Amity’s insides ablaze as she gazed back at her, rain still pouring around them, though the thunder no longer made her so much as blink.

Not with Luz’s hands wrapped around hers and looking at her like that .

“Well?” Luz asked with a smile and Amity opened her mouth to say it was nice but the affection welling up in her chest had other ideas.

“I love you.”

Was what came tumbling off her lips instead.

They both froze, staring back at each other with wide eyes and mouths hanging open.

“I… I mean…” Amity fumbled her words. That was not what she had meant to say, not at all. Sure, she had thought the words more than a few times over the last month or so but never had she dared to utter them aloud. 

What if Luz wasn’t ready for that? What if she didn’t actually feel that way? What if….?

Her mind was moving a thousand miles a minute and completely oblivious to the morphing look on Luz’s face from shock to awe.

Then, before she knew what was happening, Luz had stepped forward and kissed her. Hardly their first but this one shocked her more than any one that had come before. It was short and sweet but no less heartfelt than the rest, bringing Amity’s quickly derailing thoughts to a screeching halt. 

Luz stepped back and Amity blinked.

“I love you too.”

“You… you do?” She murmured quietly, the question almost getting lost in the rain. 

Luz nodded, threading her fingers with Amity’s and taking half a step forward. 

“Of course I do,” she mumbled, squeezing her hand, once, twice, three times and smiling at her.

“Oh… well…” Amity stammered.  

They were both pink but grinning at each other. 

Luz was mesmerized by the droplets of water running in little rivulets down Amity’s face and dripping from her lashes.

She reached up with her free hand and wiped away the water from her cheek with her thumb.

“We should probably go in and get dry before someone gets sick…”

Amity’s eyes widened at that.

“Is it poisonous?” She asked, stepping back and looking up at the sky, making Luz laugh. 

“No, no, no poison, don’t worry about it, come on.” She tugged Amity back toward the house. 

“We’ll get dry and I'll order the pizza,” she said. “How do you feel about anchovies?” She asked and Amity looked at her.

“What’s an anchovy?” She asked.

“Guess we’ll just do half and find out,” she hummed as they walked hand in hand back into the house.