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TCF's sudden Genre Change

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“Cale-nim, my heart longs for you the moment we met, will you allow me to stay by your side?”
“Cale-nim, oh Cale-nim!!! my heart, my soul, even my nonexistent arms and legs, my entire being belongs to you and you alone”
“I don’t care who my competitors are, but young master, I can cook and slaughter for you, what more would u want?”
“ Dongsaeng, haha, HAHAHA, my dear Dongsaeng, I love how you drive me crazy”


It’s been 2 years now since I woke up as the trash of the Henituse household, Cale Henituse. Though we still have constant skirmishes with the White Star’s forces, I can still consider it peaceful until this…


‘Damn White Star making me work so hard’. It’s been a devastatingly long day. It took 2 straight days to completely get rid of Arm in the Northeast.
‘Well at least I can now have my well-deserved sleep’ The kids climbed atop the bed and surrounded Cale in no time.
“Aaaah I really am a peace-loving man, hope this lasts forever” Cale murmured before he slept.



“Cale” A familiar voice spoke.

“Huh who tf ?” ‘He went through hell today and someone wakes him up? Really?’

“Cale, it’s me” ‘Ahh. Of course, this guy does.’

“Motherfucking sealed God?? What do you want?” Irritation completely showing in Cale’s voice.

“You are an error, this world is changing” the sealed God said in an eerie manner.

‘What the hell was that supposed to mean?’ It’s not like he didn’t know that already, he shouldn’t have been here and all his actions have completely changed the story.

“Yeah sure, I know now leave my dream alone” Cale had enough for the day and pretty much just wanna doze off.

“A major change will occur, something not even you can sol-“

“Just stop talking ugh” Cale forcibly cut off the sealed God’s powers.

‘Whatever it is, I have Choi-Han, I’m sure he can handle it.’

And that was the last peaceful sleep Cale Henituse ever had.

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“Why is the human not waking up?!”
“Nyaw, he must be so tired yesterday” Two cute and familiar voices echoed.
Hearing the children’s worries, Cale knows he’s bound to get up soon, but he decided to run just a little tardier and internally promised ‘just five more minutes.
“I know right! He’s been unconcious for 1 day, 18 hours, 15 minutes, and 32 seconds now!”
“Just two mor- WHAAT?” Cale instantly sat up and opened his eyes.
“Horaaaay the human is now awake” the red kitten exclaimed.
“Huhuhu, I was 5 seconds away from destroying this world, oh I’ll inform everyone now!” A snotty young dragon said while sobbingly flying away.
“Don’t do that again human” On intimidatingly added.
The two children from the cat tribe surrounded him in no time.
Well, Cale was never ashamed of how weak his constitution is, he never intends to participate in the actual fights anyways. Also, he’s literally surrounded with abnormally strong people so there’s not much comparison to do, but this... this is just embarrassing.
Because of sleeping for almost 2 days, he can feel his entire body stiff, the thought of having to move again made him sigh heavily, this was misinterpreted by the two cats in the room as well as the young dragon accompanied by a handsome black-haired swordsman.
*Boogsh* Hurried loud steps entered the room
“Cale-nim are u feeling okay?” concern visible in Choi-Han’s face as he slowly creeped towards the edge of the bed to ‘support’ his liege.
“Yes Choi-Han, I’m good.” Relieved by the statement, Choi-Han gently smiled.
“Here human eat up” several pieces of soggy and tear-soaked apple pies made its way to Cale’ mouth he happily munched.
‘Aaah life just the way I like it’
The cozy and warm atmosphere suddenly turned tense when Choi-Han spoke the following words.
“Cale-nim I have something important to discuss with you” Choi-Han’s seriousness can be felt in the entire room. Cale instantly recalled the sealed God’s voice in his dream.
‘So, the Sealed God isn’t just talking sh*t, something must’ve happened while I was asleep’ Cale straightened up and sensing the heaviness of the matter, the 3 kids exited quietly. Raon, who was at the door on the way out, peaked and said, “Just call for me human, okay?”

Once, there are only two people left in the room, Cale spoke.
“What happened Choi-Han?”
“…..” The silence but obvious stare of Choi-Han that feels like his looking at a pray made Cale flinch. ‘Scary, I guess it must be more serious than I thought, perhaps it’s related to the Forest of Darkness and his former family.’
“Choi-Han, it’s okay, you can tell me, and I’ll help you, the entire Henituse household will help you”
“……” Cale again was answered with silence. ‘Welll sh*t this is nerve-racking.
“U-uh, the entire Rowan Kingdom will help, Crown Prince Alberu will assist as we- “
The mention of his sworn brother’s name was the only word that got response, and Cale didn’t miss how Choi-Han’s brows furrowed, obviously displeased.
‘Gosh, did they fight? Is this what the sealed God was talking about, an internal strife between the original main characters?’
Cale’s mental discussion was stopped by Choi-Han’s voice.
“Only Cale-nim can help me with this”
‘Huh, what did he just say? Well, if that’s the case then it might not be as big as I thought.’
“Okay then say it”
“….” *Boogsh* *Creak*
Faster than a blink of an eye, Cale was laying down, both arms raised together, restricted by a strong callous hand, atop Cale was Choi-Han riding his waist. ‘WAIT HUUH?’
“Ch-choi-Han let’s calm down” ‘Was he that displeased when I said Alberu’s name? does he think we’re accomplices? I can’t freaking die now, I have to say something’
Choi-Han still riding Cale and pinning his arms, eased his face forward and closer to Cale. Their faces just an inch apart.
“Let me make love to you tonight”

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“Let me make love to you tonight”
“Let me make love to you tonight”
“Let me make love to you tonight”
“Let me make love to you tonight”
“Let me make love to you tonight”
‘I see, so sleeping for almost 2 days straight causes severe hallucinations, still this is some bat shit crazy imagination, anyways, if this is really a dream, then…’
Convinced that his deductions were correct made Cale calm and have the confidence to stare back at Choi Han’s penetrating gaze, faces barely an inch apart.
“Choi Han, pinch me”
“Why Cale-nim”
“So I’ll wake up”
“Wake up?”
“Yes, because this is some sort of dream or illusion”
Instead of being pinched, Choi Han released his hold on Cale’s hands slowly, Cale was about to comment when he saw Choi Han’s expression.
‘Why does he look hurt, why does he have that pained expression?’
Choi Han was ready to straighten up and get down from his liege’s waist and out the door when Cale using his now freed hands held his head steady.
Wearing a shocked expression, wide eyes, and an o-shaped mouth. Cale uttered the following words
Cale saw a floating text at the top of Choi Han’s head that can be read as “0%”

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Choi Han’s POV
“C-cale nim?” the sudden touch made Choi Han flustered.
“Choi Han, what’s that number in your head?”
‘Number in my head?’ Choi Han instinctively peeked at his head only to be greeted by the ceiling.
Choi Han gave his liege a confused and worrying look.
“Call for the kids” Cale stoically said.
‘Ah he must’ve been disgusted so he’s changing the subject’. Choi Han hurried outside to hide the pain and tears pouring down his eyes.
‘I just wanted to massage his stiff muscles and joints, I guess he thinks we’re still not that close to do that.’
Cale’s POV
‘What was that 0%? I don’t think Choi Han can see it, even the kids couldn’t’
Suddenly a familiar voice echoed on Cale’s mind.
“This is what you get for not making me finish hmph!” The sealed God said with sass.
“Explain. Everything.” Cale replied clearly not amused by the sealed God’s teasing.
“Tch. Fine but don’t interrupt me!” Cale only nodded.
“This world undergone what you would call a ‘genre change’”
Cale, having read almost the entirety of his life as Kim Rok Soo, instantly got a grasp of what happened.
“So, what genre?” Cale asked.
“Uuhh about that..”
“Say it before I ask Choi Han to beat you up”
“….the fuck”
‘Really? A reverse harem?’ He’d read so many books not to understand that this smells trouble, especially because he has a feeling that he’s the-
“Yes Cale, it seems you’re the heroine”
“Then the number I saw, it’s a love meter?”
“Uhhh yes?” The hesitation apparent on the sealed God’s voice. Cale just raised an eyebrow.
“Uuuh, in a way it’s a love meter but uuuh with some altercations?”
“O-okay, so you already saw Choi Han’s right? it’s zero because you have yet to encounter all the initial targets, the story hasn’t started yet.”
“So the story will only progress when I interact with the other ‘targets’? ugh saying their my ‘targets are weird asf.”
“And 1 love target needs to reach 100% to finish this story?”
“Uhh about that”
“What?” Cale replied with full annoyance.
“Th-there’s another twist you see”
“Each love target must reach 100% in order to end the story”
“WHAT?! What happens if I don’t finish the story?”
“The targets that didn’t reach 100%......will die 3 months after the story started”
The sealed God’s statement caused deafening silence, until Cale calmly spoke.
“So how do I make it 100%?”
“Simple, you just have to seduce them until they become crazy for you”
Cale didn’t reply but the Sealed God shivered when Cale smirked evilly almost like he was going scam someone.

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Chapter 5
Cale’s priority will always be himself, and other characters dying would mean him being exposed to danger and most likely to die as well, so he knew exactly what to do.
And if he had to do it anyways. ‘I’ll do it perfectly.’

Last night, the sealed God explained to Cale some more details. Like, he will only know it’s a love target when he touches a specific body part of the said target, and a love meter will pop up, in Choi Han’s case it was the side of his groin that Cale accidentally touched when Choi Han was getting off him.

Cale had a lot do, first he wants to completely identify all the love targets which is easy since he already had a few people in mind, the hard part would be locating the specific body parts to trigger the start of the story.

Cale doesn’t really like tedious work, but he’s willing to do all he can to stay alive and he had to do it as soon as possible, so he immediately meets with another main character, with a clear mission in mind.

-- The crown prince’s room in the Palace

Alberu is annoyed and dumbfounded.

Alberu had to postpone a council meeting regarding the succession affairs because his beloved Dongsaeng sent him a code red alert through their personal communicating devices. They came into terms that a code red alert will be sent for the gravest situations like the destruction of a nearby country or a foreign invasion.

Alberu rushed out of the meeting room only to be greeted by a very calm red-haired commander, sitting cross-legged while drinking tea in the most chill way.

“Aaah, the tea here really is amazing, would you also like some your highness?”

“Haaaah, you know I just had to cancel a really important meeting, right?” Alberu took a sit opposite to the sofa Cale was sitting on.

Alberu didn’t really appreciate Cale’s interruption, but it’s better than having an actual emergency.

“So why exactly did you come here?”

Cale’s demeanor suddenly turned more serious. Cale put the teacup on the table and stood up. Cale slowly but with sure steps approached the sitting crown prince and positioned his two hands on Alberu’s face, caging Alberu’s head in between his hands. Cale leaned down and whispered in Alberu’s ears.

The diminishing distance made Alberu flustered. And the following words made his ear numbed and the people almost lost the future king of the Roan Kingdom.

“Shall we take a bath together, your highness?”

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Chapter 6

Alberu’s POV

“Do you like it here? What about this part hyung?”


‘Just what is this development?’

“Shall we take a bath together, your highness?”

‘Did my eyes and ears got so bad? If not, then this must be a dream or else, Cale putting his hands on someone and saying those enticing ridiculous words should never happen.

Faced with silence, Cale removed his hands and moved towards the bath, “I’ll wait for you at the tub your highness.” He said without turning around.

Ever since Alberu was born, he was meant to be King. He was raised to always be logical even in the most nerve-racking situations. However, like a moth drawn to a flame, Alberu, despite having trained all his life not to be swayed by temptations couldn’t stop his feet from following the back of his red-haired commander. But thinking about it deeply, it’s fine, because it’s Cale after all. The guy always makes him do things he never thought he’ll do.

This thinking led to this scenario that will definitely go down to history books if known. The soon-to-be King of the Roan Kingdom was being scrubbed by none other than the Hero of the Western Continent. Both naked.

“Do you like it here? What about this part hyung?”


Alberu’s rationality seems to always disappear when he’s in the presence of his Dongsaeng, because in no circumstance will he allow someone to scrub and touch his body freely unless it’s his trusted servants that has been serving him when he was still a baby, especially a grown naked man at that. Though he can’t see Cale’s body because Cale is behind him and they’re both facing the same direction, the mere thought he’s with a naked Cale is driving him, yes, crazy.

He doesn’t feel nice, the light touches of his Dongsaeng doesn’t feel good, at least he never will admit even if it was. He can’t really think of a reply because it’ll be extremely weird if he replied with a, “yeah I like it, keep doing that.” So, he just let Cale be.

Though his logic goes down the drain with Cale, he can still act like he’s totally unaffected by the heat produced by Cale’s magical touches. Alberu never felt so relieved to have a spotless poker face, unlike a mentor of his.

But Cale as usual, knows exactly how to crumble down Alberu’s defenses. Cale’s hand that was previously roaming in his chest that’s already testing Alberu’s restraint, dangerously slipped lower down to his abdomen. Suddenly, something snapped in Alberu’s brain. It felt so pleasurable, strange, he had to let out a sound.

“Aaah….Cale” And man he wished Cale was deaf.

Alberu couldn’t lie to himself any longer. He likes the touch, Is he too pent up these days? Probably. Is he attracted to Cale? No? Is this just because of his immediate physical needs? Perhaps. He’s too deep in the pleasure of Cale’s pleasant touch to think about anything. He just knows one thing at this very moment. He wants the pleasure to continue.

So he asks, he’ll deal with the potential wedge that might be formed between them personally and professionally later, Cale started it anyways.

He was about to ask, was about to. But Cale already retreated his hand and when Alberu turned around, Cale was already in a towel.

“See ya, your highness. Let’s do it again sometimes”

And just like that Cale is gone, and damn Alberu can only pity those who’ve gone against Cale.

“Is this what it feels to be scammed?” He says that but he can’t stop the smirk that involuntary formed up his face.

“You’re really driving me crazy.”

“Haaa, I need more soap.”

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Chapter 7
“Hmm this is awkward…” Cale muttered.
“HAHAHAHAHA LMAO, what you did with the crown prince was bold as it was funny ROFL” A sinister voice laughed out, that Cale ignored for the nth time.
“HAHAHAAH man I wish you could’ve seen his face before you left, so freaking funny”
He doesn’t need to turn around to know that his hyung is definitely pissed and at the very least annoyed. After all, who in the right mind would be ok being touched like that, and a future king at that. That’s why Cale immediately escaped after accomplishing his goal. He probably can’t ask for money any time soon, but if that’s what it takes to get this game over with, then it’s a sacrifice he’s willing to bear, he’ll just run the treasury dry once the game is over.
But the problem is that… the game has yet to start.
Cale doesn’t know just how many more love targets are there, but he at least has an idea. Usually, a reverse harem novel has 4-5 love interests, also, it’ll probably mostly be composed of the original main characters, because it’ll be a big problem if it’s a character like “citizen # 1”, though that’s highly unlikely since male leads are supposed to be extraordinarily skillful and breathtakingly beautiful.
Though his search got narrower, he still had 2 major problems. First, he can’t just ask every main character to take a bath with him, right? He suggested that to his Hyung because, Alberu doesn’t reside on the Henituse household so Cale wouldn’t have to hide, also he’ll definitely keep it a secret. His second problem is, what if Ron is a male lead????
Cale involuntarily trembled, the mere thought of even getting naked with the assassin/butler is sending shivers down his spine. Seeing Cale, his now number-1-source-of-entertainmment like that, the sealed God felt like he had to do something.
“Well, you’ve amused me earlier, so I can do you a small favor, I’ll tell you the 3rd male lead, pft HAHAHAAHAH”
Cale will never turn down help, even if it’s unwanted, though something about the sealed God’s laugh is giving him the creeps.
Is he still laughing because of mine and Alberu’s shower session? Or…. Something else entirely??

“I thought you’re gonna lead me to the 3rd male lead, why are we at the Henituse prison? Is the 3rd male lead from the bear tribe or something?” Cale teasingly asked. Of course, Cale knows with absolute certainty that there’s no way a bear will be a male lead, how is going to seduce a bear anyways? Offer his arms or something?
“You might wish it’s the bear hehe” replied by the sealed God
“We’re here”
The sealed God made Cale stop at the deepest part of the Henituse prison, only one man is detained there. Cale knows exactly who is in that cell.
“Noo waay”
The sudden sound startled the man inside.
“Huuh? Whose there?
“That voice—C-cale n-nim? I-is that you?? Ohh Caaale niiim”
What greeted Cale was a sight of a handsome but exhausted white-haired man with tattered clothes and a barely functioning body smiling as if he’s seen his Messiah.
“Hmm this is awkward…” Cale muttered.

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Chapter 8
Cale had to let out a heavy sigh. What’s in front of him is a mentally deranged and disabled man with literal ‘bomb limbs’ that seems to think Cale is a God.
Aren’t male leads supposed to be really capable, WTF is this? --- and then an idea hit him.
“Haa..haa.hahahahah wait, it’s okay…it’s okay” His limbs are bombs so that means I don’t have to touch a lot, is the thought that made Cale feel relieved.
“Hey sealed God?”
“You said a target will die when he doesn’t reach 100% right?”
“It’s as you say.”
“Then I’ll just touch him once, then let him die”
Cale stepped forward, crouched down and tilted Clopeh’s chin
“Hmmm… so where do you want me to touch you first?” Cale has no intention to save Clopeh nor does he pity him. But Cale isn’t such a bad guy, so that’s the only consideration he’ll give. To choose where he’ll be touched by Cale before eventually dying.
If only Cale’s thoughts are the same as a certain someone’s interpretation. Then a major problem that completely changed Cale’s progress in the game could’ve been prevented. Alas, that’s a story for next time.
“Ugh, you’re making me regret this”, Cale had to focus all his energy just to stay in the same cell with such psycho.
As for Clopeh, though the disgust is blatantly apparent in Cale’s face, doesn’t seem to mind, contrary, he seems to love it.
“T-Then, t-touch me h-here, C-cale-nim!” Because all his limbs though unusable, are securely tied in his chair, he kept on bowing down his head and pouting his mouth, it was an extremely weird sight for any normal and not normal people. At first glance, he seems to be imitating a dancing chicken, but for Cale, who has great intellect, he understood that Clopeh is using his lips to point at something.
Though Cale refuses to believe that Clopeh is pointing to where Cale thinks he’s pointing. Cale’s eyes subconsciously scanned the area Clopeh is pointing at, seeing that Cale got it right, Clopeh tilted his head more and pouted more enthusiastically.

“This little sh!t”, Cale had to let it out. Because out of all the places to start with, Clopeh was undeniably pointing as his nipple.

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“Pssst humaaan why aren’t you eating? Here I’ll give you one-tenth of my steak, though I already chewed on it”
“Youngest is right!! You’ve been puking since yesterday”
“Nyaaa my siblings are right!! eat now or we will destroy everything!”
Cale passed out.
“HUMAAAN” 3 voices of children echoed.


“You little sh!t” Cale was stupefied. Really? His fucking nipple? Cale was very much ready to storm out the cell that detained such sicko, but a voice stopped him.
“HAHAHAHA,wait a minute Cale, his “spot” might be his nipple”
Cale looked at the air in which the sealed God is floating in with a ‘wtf-are-you-saying-look’.
“Give it a try, if it is the nipple, then doesn't that make your life easier? At least you don’t have to touch other parts of his body”
Cale shivered. Now that he’s thinking calmly about it, he’s bound to touch Clopeh’s body, if his “spot” turns out to be his nipple, then he never has to see this psycho again.
So with one deep breath, Cale gathered all his strength and reached out his index finger to the white-haired man’s very pink nipple.
The moment his pale finger and the nipple made contact. A bizarre and gruesome sound entered Cale’s ears.
“HNNNNNNGGGGH” Just the sound made Cale hesitate cutting his ears off, and when Cale’s head subconsciously looked for the source of the sound, a millisecond just before passing out, what greeted him was a face expression that definitely sent him to the deepest part of hell.
It was one of the most renowned swordmaster from the north, the idolized, Clopeh Sekkah’s,


Agehao face.

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Chapter 10
Cale is undeniably in a rush, and yet he’s been in bed with the smallest appetite for 2 days, now being in bed as much as one could is Cale’s life principle, however, this case seems to be an exception because even if Cale wants to get up, the nightmare that happened 2 days ago nails him down the sheets.
Another 2 days has passed, and Cale feels that he’s on the way to recovery, as long as he doesn’t see Clopeh or anything that reminds him of it. So he decided to get up, because Cale is well aware of the tightrope he’s threading in. Though the ‘3 months timer’ has yet to begin, he has to move fast.
After eating the first breakfast he managed to swallow after vomiting out everything for several days, and consoling the children that already made an outline how they’re going to destroy the world if Cale doesn't eat, Cale immediately headed out to where a scary potential male lead resides.

The kitchen.

Cale is a coward, something he knows ever since. Whether he’s living as Kim Rok Soo or as Cale Henituse, he’ll always be a scaredy-cat, but he takes pride in that, especially living as Cale, after all WHO THE F*CK WON’T BE SCARED AT THAT?!

What’s in front of Cale is a pale, dark-brown haired, handsome chef, brandishing a kitchen knife with a very SADISTIC face. Yes, the stoic and skilled resident cook of the Henituse household by day, and the vicious and cruel torturer by night, Beacrox Molan.

“Do you need anything young master?” Cale, who was sloppily hiding behind the kitchen door, shook like a leaf, ‘ugh scary’. Apparently, Cale was hiding from a trained assassin? Cale confirmed that fear really makes one do crazy things.

Cale tried his best not to slouch like a hundred-year old turtle, as he slowly made his way beside the chef.
“Uuhh, here you go” Cale handed Beacrox a small wrapped box.

“Young master?”

“It’s a gift for cooking for everyone” Cale tried to hide his fear by appearing as stoic as possible.

“I get paid though”

‘Tch, just f*cking take it’ --- was the thought that Cale suppressed under a smile.

“Then just consider it a show of my personal appreciation for you”

Beacrox’s eyebrows furrowed but he still accepted it.

“Aren’t you going to open it?”

“Hmm” Beacrox slowly, with hesitating hands, tore the wrap. What greeted him was a gold piece of paper.

“Read it!” Cale uttered with nervousness and anticipation. ’I'm sure he’ll like it, right?’

“Lifetime Supply of Gloves?”

No reaction was visible on Beacrox’s face.

“U-uuuh, s-soo” ‘Tsk so he didn’t like it? So how can I get close to him?’. Cale was about to offer Beacrox a day-off or a person to torture at night, but Beacrox spoke first.

“Young Master, tell me your orders” Beacrox kneeled down on one knee, and bowed his head, and pressed the paper to his chest, it’s just like how a knight pledges his allegiance to his Lord.

Cale suppressed the impulse to celebrate by covering his face with his signature ‘scamming face’.

“Glad you realized what I had in mind”

“Give me my first task young master”

“Heh, your first task is---

to open your mouth, and be tasted by me”

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Chapter 11
‘Sh!t, was that too much of a show of confidence and dominance?’ Cale let out a cool front but is actually sweating buckets inside.

Beacrox, who was in a kneeling position, stood up and raised the corner of his mouth.


In one swift motion, Beacrox is standing tall with only a few inches apart Cale, who was visibly slouching and is definitely thinking of a way to escape.


Another small step made by Beacrox made their bodies just a breath away.

‘Sh!t, he's gonna kill me’ Just before Cale shouts the young dragon’s name, Beacrox pulls on Cale’s slender waist, and tilts Cale’s face upward.

Beacrox whispered directly in the red-head’s ears.

“Young master, you’re the one that will be tasted” Beacrox, a known germaphobe doesn’t seem to have a problem licking the side of Cale’s face.

“Aaahh” only a whimper can escape Cale’s mouth.

“You don’t like it?” Beacrox held Cale’s face firmly and sucked on his neck.

“Aaaah, hmmm” Cale’s knees started to give out, heat growing inside him.

Seeing this, Beacrox had to let out an amused laugh. “Young master seems to be feeling good huh?”

At that moment, Cale suddenly stepped back. Pale hands pulled on black hair. With their faces apart, and Beacrox’s head held, Cale pushed Beacrox's chest away to create some distance.

“You cocky servant” Cale put on his hollywood actor-mode, on. Seeing that his cook was taken aback, Cale did what he does best, make use of the opportunity.

“Open your mouth.” With an authoritative tone, Cale held Beacrox's jaw still, urging him to open it.

The cook obliged, a sinister desire in Beacrox’s eyes was too well-hidden to be noticed by Cale who happens to be racking his brain cells for his next move.

“What should I do next? young master?”

“Kneel down” Beacrox whose mouth is still open, dropped to his knees.

“Take off your shirt” Again, Beacrox obediently followed.

As Beacrox was busy taking off his apron and unbuttoning his shirt, Cale grabbed a nearby chair and sat directly in front of the half-naked kneeling cook.

Cale, with his cold and evil smirk, gave Beacrox a series of orders.

“Take of my shoes”

“Cover your eyes with your tie”

“Put your hands at your back” Cale, then proceeded to tie Beacrox’s hands with his discarded shirt.

Cale gulped as he viewed his masterpiece. In front of him, was a hot, drooling, blind-folded, half-naked, and kneeling man.


“Then I have no choice but to dig in.”

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Chapter 12 Awakening (2)

Beacrox in his typical clean and polished appearance with his simple white shirt and apron is a regal and a beautiful sight to behold already. But a disheveled, messy, and drooling Breacrox is a whole other experience. An experience that is making Cale feel things.

Cale who was leaning back on his chair with his legs crossed. straightened up his back and untangled his legs.

“Aaah, I need a proper footrest.” Cale raised his legs and placed them atop his left shoulder.

Though subtle, Beacrox’s body shook, though for a completely different reason Cale had in mind.

‘Is he shaking because he wants to kill me badly?, but I can’t think of another excuse to touch his body.’

‘Oh well, though he’ll hate me after this, he’s too loyal to the Henituse household to actually murder me,I hope.’

‘Welp, I’ve gone this far, might as well achieve my goal.’


A harsh sound echoed after Cale used his foot to slap Beacrox’s right cheek.


This time the foot made its way to the left cheek.





After consecutive foot slaps, Cale’s legs gave out, and Beacrox became a hot mess with red cheeks.

“Oh, who would’ve thought that your skin easily reddens, I like it” Cale gave a sly smile.

“Makes me wanna do it again” Cale kneeled down and palmed Beacrox big pet. His other hand explored Beacrox’s well-built muscles.

“Uggh” Beacrox with heavy pants and drool can only utter a moan.

Cale, who's starting to get frustrated because he has yet to find the “spot”, palmed the anaconda harder.



“Hngggggh” Heavy pants and erotic sounds filled the kitchen.

“I-im close! young m-master!” Beacrox, who had no problem staying still earlier, jerked his anaconda towards Cale’s palm.

Perhaps, just 10 or 20 seconds more and he would’ve cum. But Cale’s hot palm lost contact.

“So it was your navel huh?”

Beacrox who was so close to reaching ecstasy was lost ‘Huh? my navel, what?’

Cale retrieved his precum-soaked hand and stood up.

“Thanks for the meal” Cale happily left the devastated Beacrox after he licking his hand.

Little did Cale know, that he accidentally awakened a kink unbeknownst to even Beacrox himself.

The very second Cale’s foot stepped outside the kitchen, a glowing screen appeared in front of him.

-Congratulations! Dear player.-

-The Game Begins-


Chapter Text

As Cale was laying down in the bed with 3 cute furry children as he recalled what happened after he stepped out of the kitchen.
A screen flashed in front of his mind

-Congratulations! Dear player.-
-The Game Begins-

-Capture the hearts of your love targets to save their lives and win a special prize-
-To aid you, in missions as you play the game, an assistant will be given to you-

The screen vanished, and Cale, now feeling the exhaustion after his ‘activities’ with Beacrox, drifted off to sleep.



Morning came.

‘Tug, tug, tug’ (n/a: lol I can't think of knocking sounds lol huhu)

Cale woke up to the heavy tapping of the door

“Good morning young master”

What greeted Cale was the sight of a gentle-smiling Ron, but Cale knows just how fake that benign smile is. Just like what he expected, Ron handed him a cup of lemonade.

‘It’s even extra sour today’

“Young master”

“Hmm?” Cale didn't miss how slightly off Ron’s tone is.

“Don't you have some explaining to do, young master?”

Cale had to swallow the bitter-sour lemonade in his mouth.

Cale’s already pale skin, lost all color.
No, no way.

He definitely didn't see that.

As reckless it may seem for Beacrox, Cale was extremely careful, he asked the wind elementals to stand guard and quickly report to him if anyone is near the vicinity. Though the elementals aren't that skillful in combat when compared to the monsters surrounding Cale, their detection ability is no joke. But still, Ron Molan is a feared assassin, with stealth as his forte, so was he perhaps, not noticed?

‘Aaaagh, f*ck this’ Cale’s mind was a mess, but he decided to not admit anything yet, after all, only the suspect can out himself.

“What could it be? hmm” Cale flashed an impolite and irritated smile, basically telling Ron, to f*ck off.


“Tss, what is it” Cale genuinely expressed his annoyance. ‘Damn it, if you’re gonna confront me, then just get it over with’

No matter how much Cale protested in his mind, Ron just gave him a blank stare.

“... Nothing, young master”

“If that’s the case then get out, I’m sleeping more” Cale replied keeping his ‘annoyed but actually scared’ face.

Ron flashed yet again his signature smile, “Then I shall take my leave no-”

*Booogsh* heavy sound rang across the room as the door was forcibly opened.

“YoUUnGGGG mAaaaSssTeeeeeeerRR”

“So nooiiisssy”

“I greet young master Cale and MY SWEET LITTLE BABIEEEES” the green-haired butler, ‘Hans’ ran to the 3 furry children lying on Cale’s bed.

“Waaah Hans is here!” the kids exclaimed in unison.

Contrary to the kids' reaction, Cale’s already agitated mood has only gotten worse. ‘Tch, the old man was just about to get out’

“What are you doing here?” Cale stated in the most annoyed face he can muster.

But Hans, who probably eats positivity every morning, seems to pay it no mind at all.

“Oh right! I almost forgot why I came here because of these fluffy sweethearts” the hand that was petting the children stopped for a moment, this gesture earned Hans sad faces from the children, then went back to cuddling with Cale.

“Spit it out” ‘Haaah just get the old man out’

Suddenly, as if he wasn’t the man who was cuddling with the fur babies just a second ago, Hans’ face turned serious.
Seeing this demeanor, Cale straightened his back and turned serious as well. ‘I have a bad feeling about this’.

“Young master”

“Just say it”


Hans paused as if he’s hesitating to continue.

“Get on with it. Now”

“...Choi Han”

“What about him?” Cale panicked.

“He was stabbed”

“huh? it’s not that serious then” Cale was stupefied. Even the three children tilted their heads synchronously.

Though there are monsters that are ridiculously strong that they have yet to encounter, Choi Han can put up a fight. It wasn’t the first time Choi Han dealt with an intruder, plus Choi Han isn’t the only monster around, Raon, Eruhaben, and even Sheritt felt nothing, so it was probably just a small fry.

But Cale couldn’t get rid of the iffy feeling in his chest, what could be making Hans act this way?

“Then what’s wrong?” Cale subconsciously uttered.


“Huh? Beacrox what?”

“Beacrox stabbed Choi Han”


Chapter Text

Cale hurriedly got dressed when a black claw tugged on his shirt.

“Humaan, can I come with you?” Raon uttered, backed up by pitiful expressions of 2 furry children.

“No, stay here. Hans, take care of the children. And Ron lead me to where Choi Han is”

“A-are you gonna fire him, young master?” Hans puzzlingly asked.

“Haaah? Why the hell would I fire Choi Han?” Cale irritatedly said.

‘Choi Han got stabbed and I’ll fire him? What nonsense was that’ Cale was almost urged to smack Hans in the head but he remembered even Hans was stronger than him.

Hans breathed heavily as if relieved, “You truly are a kind young master”

‘the f*ck’

Truthfully, Cale was stupefied. An internal strife between monsters that resides in the same domain as him is troubling. In the first place, why would Beacrox stab Choi Han, it just didn’t make sense. Though their relationship isn’t the best, it was more of a love-hate relationship. Beacrox in Cale’s perspective is a rational man, he wouldn’t act on impulse alone, so there must be a reason for it.

But Cale decided to cast aside all his thoughts because Choi Han’s state is the utmost priority for now. He also decided to not bring the children with him, he may be a selfish prick but it might be too much for the kids to see Choi Han in an ugly state, it also doesn’t help that Beacrox was the one responsible for it.

After getting dressed, Cale, led by Ron, proceeded to the health quarters of the duchy.

“Let’s hurry” Because Cale can never let the main protagonist die.

Ron stopped in front of a room with a large door, this room is where the wounded are often treated, the room is rarely used as of the moment because it’s the season of peace.

Ron knocked at the door and announced Cale’s entry.

Cale doesn’t really appreciate such a gesture, but he can’t be bothered anyway.

“Young master Cale is entering”

Ron pushed open the door and what greeted Cale was Choi Han.

Specifically, a perfectly healthy sitting Choi Han.

‘Eeeh? wasn’t he stabbed?’

“Young master, I shall take my leave now” Ron said as he stared daggers with Choi Han.

“Choi Han”

The moment Cale uttered his name, Choi Han kneeled and pressed his head to the ground.

“Cale-nim, I’m so sorry, I committed an unforgivable sin”

“E-even t-though you believed in me and trusted me huhu

Though his eyes aren’t visible, Choi Han was definitely crying, actually he’s sobbing. ‘I know coming here changed the events of the book, but why did Choi Han become such a crybaby’

Choi Han’s sobbing became even louder

“Huuhuuuuhuuuuh Caaaaleeee-niiiiiim!, Im sorry huhu Caleeee-niiiiim”

‘Wow can anyone just cut him some slack, ever since he transmigrated to this world, he’s been through all kinds of shit, and now he has to coax this grown man?

Cale sighed internally and kneeled down.

“Choi Han raise your head”

“C-cale-nim huhuhu sorry”

“Haaaaaaa, I know so raise your head now” Cale suppressed his annoyance inside.

“Huhuuuhuu, o-okaay”

Choi Han slowly raised his head and wiped his tears swollen eyes with the back of his palms.

‘He looks like a frog, kinda cute. Wait wtf am I thinking’ Cale rid his mind of such repulsive thoughts.

He then positioned his hand on Choi Han’s shoulder and caressed his back.

“Choi Han calm down and stop crying”

After a few minutes, Choi Han was able to calm down and compose himself.

“Okay are you fine now?” asked Cale

“Y-yes Cale-nim”

“Okay, let’s sit there and explain everything”


“WHAAAT? So Beacrox suddenly attacked you while you were alone at the training area?”

“Yes Cale-nim”

“Are you sure it’s Beacrox?“

“Yes Cale-nim” Choi Han answered with a gloomy face.

“Are there witnesses?”

“I didn’t feel anyone apart from the two of us”

“Do you have any idea why Beacrox would do that?”

“N-not really”

“Hmmm. I see”

Cale was lost in thought, before coming here, he was hoping that Han’s report was just a misunderstanding, but since Choi Han doesn’t lie, then it must be true.

‘Is that why Ron was acting odd earlier?’

“Are you fine now? How's the wound?” Cale asked as he noticed the peaking bandage from Choi Han’s abdomen.

“It doesn’t hurt that much Cale-nim, but thanks for worrying,” Choi Han replied sheepishly.

“So where’s Beacrox now?”

“A-about t-that. Over there” Choi Han pointed at another room inside the ‘clinic’.

‘If my memory serves me right, isn’t that reserved for the critically wounded?’

Cale immediately looked at Choi Han “Choi Han”

The swordmaster guiltily looked down.

‘Sh!t, so that’s why he was so sorry’

Cale ran to the door and hastily opened it.

And what he saw was a bandaged up and a barely conscious Beacrox.

Chapter Text

The door opened and a weak voice rang out.

“Y-young m-master?” A barely audible sound escaped the lips of a man with a bandaged arm, waist and had minor cuts all over his body.

A sight that Cale isn’t used to, especially Beacrox because the cook is the exact opposite of weak.

Cale moved towards the side of Beacrox’s bed as swiftly as he can.

Cale has a rough idea of what happened. Beacrox stabbed Choi Han that made him retaliate?

But that just wouldn’t explain why Beacrox would be beaten up this much.

Cale also wants to identify the reason why Beacrox did such a thing, but he just couldn’t make himself to ask seeing Beacrox’s condition. He’ll ask once he heals, definitely.

While Cale is in deep thought, perhaps feeling guilty, Choi Han kneeled once again, this time on one knee, and held Cale’s hand.

“I'm truly sorry Cale-nim, I went overboard and didn’t realize it was him” ‘because I sensed murderous intent’ Choi Han didn’t include the last part.

‘It’ll be too much to handle for Cale-nim, besides what’s important right now is that I’m holding his hand, Kyaaaah! I will not wash my hands for a week because I’m his knight’

The Gloomy puppy kneeling just a second ago suddenly became cheerful.


A notification-like sound was heard. And a screen similar to what appeared before emerged in front of him.

-Congratulations! Dear Player

You have accomplished your very first progress-

Followed by the love meter reappearing atop Choi Han’s head.

From the 0% it turned to 29% and turned again to 34%.

‘I guess the 29% is his initial affection level for me huh, but a 5% increase? from touching my hand?’

“Hehehehehe” Cale had to let out a laugh, ‘this might be very easy for me’ he thought.

Confused about why his liege was laughing, Choi Han spoke “Cale-nim?”

Cale then ruffled Choi Han by the hair gently and muttered, “ It’s okay Choi Han, I don’t blame you“

Choi Han couldn’t help but feel very happy and slightly embarrassed. ‘I guess this is what knights feel when they’re praised by their masters’



‘Ha the power this body holds’

“*Cough cough cough*”

A sound that came from Beacrox interrupted the lovely moment of the knight the liege, (in Choi Han-s perspective)

the sudden sound worried Cale, and quickly tended to Beacrox, thus letting go of Choi Han.

“Beacrox? hey what's wrong”

“Young Masteeer”

“Yes? I'm Here”

“My head” Beacrox frowned, severe pain very much evident

“Okay, I’ll get a healer” Cale was about to rush out when Beacrox’s supposedly injured arm grabbed him.

The force of the pull was too much for such a frail body of Cale that he lost balanced and ‘unintentionally’ landed atop Beacrox body.

Worried that he’ll injure Beacrox even more, Cale tried to get up

But Beacrox knew exactly what he was doing.

He hugged Cale’s body with one arm and whispered “Stay like this, please”

And an injured person should get what he wants right?, Cale just let him be.

Beacrox sneakily and slyly smirked at Choi Han, whose face bears an unfamiliar glare.

Alas, Cale remains unaware.

Chapter Text

Far far away from the sly Beacrox, pitiful Choi Han, and the ever so clueless Cale Henituse, in the chambers of the Royal Palace, lies a very confused servant and a problematic golden-haired (actually not) crown prince.

Lennon is facing a huge crisis.

He's been a faithful servant of crown prince Alberu ever since he was a baby, as someone who knows Alberu's origin, he became one of the most trustworthy comrades of Alberu. He feeds, protects, dresses, and bathes Alberu every waking day. Naturally, over the years they have developed a relationship close to the point that Lennon knows what Alberu wants and needs before Alberu himself realizes it.

Because the paperwork of a king-to-be is akin to the height of the Ten Finger Mountains in the southwest border, Lennon tries his best to decrease Alberu's worries and daily responsibilities as much as he can. Like already choosing the clothes Alberu will wear in all events for the next 7 months. Organizing reports depending on Alberu's preference before delivering them to his desk.

Lennon has the ability to assist Alberu in every predicament, he prides himself on this fact, until now.

It started about a week ago, where the crown prince will suddenly space out and stare at the window. Lennon thought it's due to fatigue, but he soon trashed that idea when Alberu started going to his private training quarters more frequently.

Rather than fatigue, he seems to be agitated. But Lennon just let it be because even though Alberu has been acting weird, he's still performing all his duties impeccably until Alberu uttered the words Lennon wished to never hear.

"I wish to take a bath by myself"

One sentence was all it took to shatter Lennon's world.

"I wish to take a bath by myself"

"I wish to take a bath by myself"

"I wish to take a bath by myself"

"I wish to take a bath by myself"

The words rang inside his mind a hundred times.

'What happened'

'My little crown prince'

'I have been with him since he was the size of a puppy'

Tears streamed on his face, and apparently, it wasn't just Lennon who got their world turned upside down, so are the other servants.

'Our crown prince huhuhuhu'

'Maybe he's sick'

'Or he just doesn't like us anymore, waaaaah huhu'

Suddenly, Lennon thought of a great idea, using their mental connection, he relayed his message to the other servants.


On cue as if rehearsed, all the servants burst into tears.

"Uwaaaaaaaaah crown prince, we-hik, we just want to serve you hik"

"T-thats right *sob* huhuhu, please at least let us do this"

They even closed their eyes altogether

The servants are confident this will work, their crown prince might be cold and distant to some, but his heart is weak to those he cares about.

However, the moment they opened their eyes, Alberu was already in the bathroom.

Aside from Lennon who still has to organize some documents, the servants all went out to cry their hearts out and went on to do their other chores.

After quite some time Lennon finished his tasks and was about to leave the room, but then he decided to let Alberu know.

He approached the bathroom door, he was about to open his mouth but a sound from the inside prevented him from doing so.

'What was that?'

Curious, he decided to ease just a little bit closer to hear.

And the words he heard, embarrassed him.

"Hnnnggh Haaaah, haaah"




'oh, he's just relieving himself, nothing much'

Though a bit embarrassing, Alberu's current action is completely normal, he decided to just go out, not to disturb Alberu's activity, but another sound came out, and this time, Lennon was sure what he heard wasn't normal.

"Hngggh Cale, Haaaah"

'No, no way, I definitely heard it wrong, he didn't just say Cale as in Cale right'

"CALE, haaaah CALE, when are you going haaah to haaah come back here"

'Well, Cale is a common name, it's definitely not who I think it is,' Lennon convinced himself once more.

"Cale Henituse, haaah, the hero of this continent, Hnggh Do I need to give another job, just to call you, hah"


Lennon's mind did its own work fast. After a series of shock, disbelief, and denial, acceptance was reached.

And Lennon came to a conclusion.

The crown prince has one-sided feelings for the commander, Cale Henituse.

'Oh my god'.


Lennon is a loyal servant, but not the same can be said to his mouth.

In just a day, as Cale was busy nursing the 'injured' Beacrox and as Alberu was busy thinking up excuses to contact Cale,

A rumor has spread in the entire Royal Palace.

A rumor that happens to involve the two most renowned figures in the kingdom.

Chapter Text

A messenger bird landed atop Cale’s window, tied on it is a letter bearing the royal crest, Cale untied it from the bird’s right foot and ripped the letter open.
“To Cale Henituse
To commemorate the 759th day of a peaceful Roan Kingdom, and to celebrate the new alliances formed with Ratuis Kingdom and the Kingdom of Heinvil, on the 26th day of the month, a ball will be held at the Royal Palace.
For being the commander and the one who led the heroes in the past war, everyone is looking forward to your presence.”
Cale wasted no time and ripped the letter.
“Raon, ring the crown prince right now”
“Owkieee human”
Raon and the two cats left the room as per Cale’s instructions because he couldn’t promise he wouldn’t swear at his motherf*cking hyung in front of the children.
Just after a few seconds, the call went through, and a typical sly smile that Cale had enough of is attached to Alberu’s face.
“Well well, what could be the reason for this midnight call from my lovely dongsaeng?” Alberu flashed a devilish grin that gave Cale that shivers.
‘Ugh so uncomfortable’, Cale thought inside. But two can play the game so Cale immediately adjusted his annoyed face and flashed an almost identical smile.
“Can’t a lovely dongsaeng call his even lovelier hyung when he misses him?” Cale uncharacteristically smiled innocently that stunned not only his hyung but also the eavesdropping servant silently rooting for his master.
“H-hahaha-hha, y-yeah of course y-you are totally welc-come to c-call me when you uh yeah”
Lennon couldn’t hold back from sighing, his crown prince is down real bad.
Cale, unaware of the mess he caused, continued, waving the torn letter he asked, “Your highness, what’s the meaning of this?”
Barely recovering from Cale’s sudden attack, Alberu suppressed his glee. “I take it that the content of the letter already answers your question?”
“My dear hyung, the light that provides hope for the citizens of this kingdom, have I not told you that I don’t like attending such bothersome things? ”
No matter how many times Cale did this, Alberu is always irked by Cale’s sarcasm, luckily he knows how to fight back.
“My precious dongsaeng, the silver shield hero that saved all the citizens not only of this kingdom but the entire continent, the people wish to see your divine appearance, and witness your God-given intellect.” not forgetting to exhibit a sarcastic smile as well.
“Ha ha. I’m not going” Cale got rid of his facade and deadpanned hanged-up on Alberu.
“Haaaah so annoying, I’m already doing so much. Haaaaa, I just wanna have the slacker life” With one last complaint for the day, Cale allowed his body to get absorbed by the bed.

Chapter Text

Alberu’s POV

“Ah sh!t LENNOOON HE HANGED UP ON MEEE” Alberu just wanted to get even with Cale, he didn’t know he’ll hang up so soon, this is the first time he had a conversation with Cale after some weeks, so he wanted to prolong it as much as he can.

“Agh damn, I f*cked up, what do I do?” Alberu’s dejected puppy gaze fell unto his trusted retainer.

Alberu and Lennon even went to the trouble of making up a reason so he could call Cale.


A few days ago–

“Lennon spotted his liege holding a white flower. Upon closer inspection, he realized that Alberu was muttering something. He decided to snoop closer.

“He loves me, he loves me not”, Alberu plucked one petal.

“He loves me, he loves me not”, and another.

“He loves me, he loves me not”, and another.

“He loves me, he loves me not”, and another

“He loves me”, and finally.

Lennon couldn’t help but flash a smile seeing Alberu blush while not letting go of the flower stem.

He knew at that moment that his liege is down bad.

Lennon couldn’t help it and suggested a way.

“What about visiting him?”

Alberu quickly dismissed Lennon’s words.

“My pride won’t allow it”

“....then make him visit you?”

“hmm…” Alberu raised an eyebrow urging him to continue.

“Conduct a dinner party?”

“Ask for a meeting?”

“Use the kids as an excuse?”

Alberu had to admit that his servant is on to something; however, he still had to say no to all these.


“Because a pest would be tailing Cale” Alberu replied.

‘A pest?’ Lennon almost had the urge to ask but he didn’t. He was sure his prince was talking about Choi Han.

“Then, why don’t we, the servants, just separate Choi Han with Cale?”

Suddenly, Alberu’s lifeless body rose and became energetic. He grabbed and shook Lennon’s shoulder excitedly.

“You’re a genius”

Lennon was ecstatic, he couldn’t wait to deliver the news to his fellow servants. Intricate plans are already forming in his head. He’ll isolate Cale and Alberu by asking Choi Han for help in the kitchen, or maybe he could ask Choi Han to check on the knights at the training room when suddenly, his train of thought was halted by a ridiculous idea the crown prince muttered.



“Prepare for a royal ball”

“....” Lennon was flabbergasted.

“As fast as possible”

A barely audible “huh?” escaped Lennon’s mouth.

“I want it to be the grandest ball with a lot of people”

“Invite at least five representatives from all the territories we have ties with”

“Oh and make sure you fill the palace with gold and everything expensive because Cale loves those stuff”

“Also, invite some knights and commoners so it wouldn’t be too obvious”

“Wait, what if Cale gets irritated because he doesn’t like too many people?”

“Oh, I’ll just take him to a…rest..alone..with…….me hehe” a blush eminent on his face that he quickly hid after receiving a judging look from his trusted servant.

“Ehem, what do you think, Lennon?”

Lennon supports his liege’s romantic journey but a royal ball is too much.

“Your highness, I beg you to reconsider, a royal ball with the Ratius Kingdom and the Kingdom of Heinvil will already take place, hosting another royal ball would dampen too much of our resources.”

“hmmm” Alberu sat down to think.

“I have an idea, your highness”


“Let’s just invite Cale Henituse to that royal ball, it’ll serve as a good excuse as well”

“Sounds good, when will this ball take place?”

“About 2 months from no-”

“Too long”

“Then we can adjust it by a month”

“Still too long”

“But your highness”

“I…I want to see Cale so bad” Heavy sighs in between were heard.

Alberu’s words shook Lennon’s eyes.

Seeing his liege that overcame betrayals and has won countless wars with an emotionless face that’s now crying like a puppy because of love, fuels his spirit.

“I understood, please excuse me, your highness, I will now send the letters to the various kingdoms” Lennon bid farewell and pledged internally.

‘Don’t worry prince, you will definitely win his heart at the ball, I’ll make it so.’

Lennon swears that he will make Alberu the most dazzling man at the royal ball.

Tall magical trees covered with snow reminiscent of peace, and branches pitch-black resembling death exist. A large, frozen, icy lake surrounds the capital, and tall mountain ridges that can almost touch the sky protect the land from its enemies, that is the Kingdom of Heinvil.

The Kingdom of Heinvil managed to live in tranquility and order. Perhaps it is due to the nature of its people of being peace-loving, or maybe it’s because of how secluded the place is, but the Kingdom of Heinvil has yet to face a serious catastrophe.

However, a couple of years ago, an evil group called ‘Arm’ wreaked havoc not only on several territories but all the continents. Perhaps it was due to the complacency, Heinvil did not bother making much preparations and security was lax. It did not take long to realize how foolish they were. In an instant, the surrounding territories were destroyed, and they knew that Heinvil was next.

The Kingdom of Heinvil’s destruction was already set in stone. With no hope of surviving aside from their tall mountains, the Kingdom and its citizens readied themselves. But the Goddess of luck smiled upon them, just before Arm entered the Heinvil mountains, flying knights, cloaked mages, and armored knights from the famed Roan Kingdom stopped and ultimately defeated Arm. It is no exaggeration that the Kingdom of Boulders is their savior.

Determined to not make the same mistake again, the King wasted no time pledging alliance with the Roan Kingdom. They also made an oath to always give Roan Kingdom help whenever they ask for it. Though they are very grateful to the Roan Kingdom, the 3rd Prince, Rixen Veldanosia of the Heinvil Kingdom couldn’t help but feel insulted.

“This is ticking me off” Pink lips muttered a sound of irritation.

“Chill out Rixen, you know it’s not deliberate” The pink-haired princess, Ambrosia spoke in a calm voice.

“I know, but how important is that ‘Cale Henituse’ that the royal ball would have to be moved 6 weeks earlier” Rixen exclaimed.

“Though I don’t know much, he apparently played a big role in the fight against Arm, I heard he’s the one who came up with the battle strategies they implemented to fight here in the Heinvil mountains”

“Tsk, you’re too nice Ambrosia”

“And you’re too stiff brother”

“I just have a lot of work to do, I can’t believe I have to work even harder if I want to attend the ball, just because of a commander. How can a commander even be so busy that his only free time is exactly on the 26th?! ” Rixen couldn’t help but sigh and rub the center of his forehead.

“Hahaha, brother you should take the royal ball as a chance to rest and relax, maybe you could even find your fated lover there? hahahaha” Ambrosia teased.

“Haaah, I’m sure I’ll just be stressed there, haaah this is all that commander’s fault!”

‘I swear I’ll pay him back for not letting me rest!’. And just like that, another pledge concerning Cale was made.

Chapter Text

In the large, brown, oval table situated at the Rituis Kingdom’s Palace, sat 15 men bearing serious expressions. With silence so deafening, and tension so great it can cut straight through the air. The man sitting at the head of the table exuded a terrifying aura. He had a bald head, a fierce face, and a long and messy beard that seemed to reach his torso.

“He’s late” a deep voice came from the man who seemed to be the head of the group.

The other men seated also possessed large muscular bodies and a terrifying presence, however, they all shivered at the man’s voice. After another series of dead silence. A blue-haired man holding a spear that stood just behind the head lowered his head and kneeled.

“Head, I have sinned, I ordered my men to bring him here, it looks like they failed.”

“” words uttered coldly.

The blue-haired knight wasted no words and pointed the tip of his sword unto his neck.


The very second the blade was about to cut the man into two, the gigantic doors of the hall opened.

A man with eye-catching blue hair, about 6’4 inches tall, bulging muscles that seem to want to escape his tight armor, emerged. Traces of blood apparent in his armor.

“Eyoo, I guess I’m late? ” the man casually strolled through the place.

“My bad, some small fries had to piss me off on the way” giving a knowing stare to the blue-haired knight as he wipe the blood on his chin.

*BOOGSH* In an instant, a palm and a fist collided. The impact was so immense, the thick table broke in a half.

“Sit down now. Raknid” ordered by the head as his palm crushed the other’s fist.

“Tch, just get on with it, I’m sleepy ” Raknid sat cross-legged on the floor as he picked his ears with his bleeding fingers.

The strict head that most people present in the room knew, though not explicit, seem to have a soft spot for his grandson, if another person behaved in such a manner in front of the head, a head or two would have flown already.

“This foolish kid! all you do is sleep, you don’t even train anymore”

“I can’t help it, what’s the use of training when no one can challenge me anyway”

“Such attitude! you can’t even land a punch on me”

“HAHAHAHA” a loud laugh echoed.

“Granpa, I have no intention of taking a weak old man’s life”

The people present couldn’t hide their mortified expressions. All of them had the same thoughts internally. ‘Weak? wtf??’ However, no one disagrees that Rankid can is much stronger than the head, even the head himself.

“TSK, THIS UNGRATEFUL PUNK!” He pounded the already halved table into.

“Rankid, Rituals Kingdom, is nothing but a lowly territory, you’ll encounter far more skilled and stronger people, especially once you become ki-”

“This is annoying, I’ll say this again grandpa, but I have no intention of being King, I rather just laze around and sleep. And the ‘strong ones’ you speak of? I’ll only believe they exist once I see them.” Rankid stood up and exited the room but just before he closed the door,

“HAHAHA, Rankid, my foolish grandkid, stronger people than you, do exist, if you wish to know how weak you are, then attend the ball of the Roan Kingdom, I’ll send the invitation to your room”


The door closed.

Chapter Text



“Woaaah, as usual, young master looks so good!”

“It’s true, only the young master can pull off black fabrics this well”

“I’m sure everyone will be looking at you and only you, young master”

“Yes, Raon-nim, Hong, and On look so cute as well.”

A heavy sigh was let out. ‘But I don’t want that.’

Cale could only complain internally. He did not have an ounce of interest in going initially, but the kids urged him to do so. They said it has been a long time ever since they attended a party and they also wanted to taste the castle’s food and desserts.

He said they can just go there but the kids were insistent in bringing him here, that’s why he’s now getting dressed up in a black inner shirt and a white coat adorned with a red jewel in his right chest.

‘Damn, I look good.’ A loud voice interrupted Cale’s narcissistic moment.

“Buahahaha, human! human! look at me! I’m so beautiful!” Cale turned his head to the young dragon prancing around with a red mask and a little red cape on his back.

“Look at us too!” On and Hong chimed in unison as they showed their masks and socks with cute frills in them. On wore black, while Hong decided on white.

Though Cale told them it wasn’t a masquerade ball, ‘but the kids can do what they want, I guess.’ Cale was too unbothered to care, plus they certainly do look cute so he just let them be.

“Woaaah” a certain maid doing Cale’s hair suddenly gasped.

“What is it? Cale asked, afraid that his hair might’ve been cut or damaged accidentally.

The young maid giggled.

“Nothing young master, you just look like an actual family, it’s super cute.”

Cale glanced at the playing kids and himself. And he couldn’t’ help but agree. Seeing the kids happy wearing matching clothes made him smile internally.

“I guess that’s true”

The maid contained her squeal internally and revitalized her resolve.

“I’ll definitely make you the most beautiful family in the ball tonight”

‘Well, you don’t really have to that’ Before Cale can voice out his complaint, the door opened and a black-haired swordsman appeared.


“Oh myyy”


The squeals and giggles being suppressed by all the servants erupted at once, and it wasn’t just because of how dashing Choi Han is, though beautiful they witness his beauty every day so they have developed a resistance against it already. The reason for their amazement was that Choi Han is wearing a white inner shirt and a black coat with a red jewel on his left chest.

Choi Han greeted Cale immediately, and once they were side by side, everyone can tell in just one glance, that they are definitely matching.

Perhaps, because Choi Han was too captivated by Cale’s beauty, he only just realized their linked outfits.

In an instant, the always calm and collected swordsman became a hot red mess.

“A-aah, C-cale-nim, you look pretty! I mean good, like really good!”

“....” The servants watching this awkward piece of wood can’t help but facepalm.

‘He’s got the face, he’s got the skills, but…. he’s too awkward with the young master’ that was the thought raising through everyone’s mind.

Fortunately, for Choi Han, Cale’s mind works a little differently than most people.

Cale’s eye’s wandered Choi Han’s entire body. ‘Damn, he looks better than me.’

Choi Han seems to take this the wrong way.

“U-uh, Cale-nim, I can change if you want” Imaginary dark clouds seem to float atop Choi Han’s head.

“No need.” Cale wasn’t so petty that he’ll make Choi Han change just because he looks better than him.

And by simply uttering two words, Cale instantly drove away the heavy clouds surrounding Choi Han and replaced them with rainbows and the sun.

Choi Han, with the brightest smile he can muster, offered his arm to Cale.

“Shall we go now, Cale-nim?”

Cale accepted and clung to Choi Han’s arm.

“LET’S GO HUMAN AND CHOI HAN” Raon hopped on Choi Han’s shoulder.

“NYAAAW” Hong ran to Cale’s side.

“I’M SO EXCITED” On jumped on Cale’s head.

This made Choi Han smile even brighter, a treat to the servants watching the ship they’re rooting for.

Cale then remembered the maid’s earlier remark, together with Choi Han and the three little kids, they look like a complete happy family, this thought made him curious about something.

Cale and Choi Han together with the kids were about to step on the carriage when Cale shot a question.

“Btw Choi Han”

“yes, Cale-nim?”

“Am I your husband or am I your wife?”


Cale realized he just asked a worthless question.

“Hmmm, nevermind, come on let’s get to the carriage”

It took every bit of Choi Han’s strength to move after Cale’s question, he knows he probably looks like the ripest tomato in the world right about now.

Though he may look like a mess now, he couldn’t hide the widest smile he had ever done ever since coming into this new world.

A chuckle escaped his lips.

‘i guess, currying favors with the designers and servants were helpful’


“Hey Choi Han, why are you still standing there? let’s go”