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Like the moonlight

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Gaon woke up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty. He looked at the nightstand and found that there was no glass of water there. He looked at the clock - it was 3 am.

Gaon got out of his bed, his big and comfortable bed that he'd never thought he'd have a chance to sleep in, and stepped out of his bedroom.

He walked quietly in the dimly lit corridor, his shoes discarded in his room making no sound of his footsteps.

The house was so quiet that Gaon couldn't help feeling like he was in a haunted mansion wandering in the dark like this.

He went downstairs and walked into the kitchen without provoking any unwanted attention nor getting any interruption. After finished drinking a glass full of water, he sighed into the empty room.

Looking around the deserted house, he couldn't help feeling a bit lost. The house this big with only two residents had made him feel lonely, even more so than he living alone in his tiny house.

If he, a guess, felt like this, he could not imagine how Yohan and Elijah must feel like living in this house.

The wound on his back was almost completely healed. Actually, he could go back to his house already. But right now he still couldn't decide when he would go back. There was no chance to be here again if he went back for good. This was the best opportunity he got.

He would have to hurry and try to find something to get to know the real Kang Yohan and what he actually wanted, and then he would go back. When he was fully recovered he would have no reasons to stay here any longer, no excuses to prolong his stay.

He cleaned his glass and then walked back up to his room. When he was on his way to his room he heard a strange noise coming from the opposite direction. He turned and followed it to the door of Yohan's bedroom. The more he was near it the more clear the sound was.

"No... don't! Please... No!"

"Cheif?" Gaon called from the outside. "Are you alright?"


He tried the knob and it wasn't locked so he opened the door and went inside. The room was dark. The light went out, but the moon shone so brightly tonight, giving faint light through the window, illuminating the room.

Yohan was on his bed saying something so quietly Gaon couldn't hear it properly so he went further into the room.

"Don't go, please... stay with me... don't leave me alone... please... don't go..."

His eyes squeezed shut, his brows knitted together as if he was in pain. And probably he really was, but not physically. Yohan was having a nightmare and Gaon wasn't prepared to witness it.

Yohan reached out one of his hands in the darkness, like a lost child calling for someone. Gaon could not help himself. He walked closer to the older man and took that outstretched hand in his. Yohan grasped his hand immediately, intertwining their fingers together.

Yohan sighed softly, it seemed like the tension had finally drained out of him. His eyes fluttered a little before he opened them. Gaon saw tears running down the corners of his eyes.

When those eyes met Gaon's, a small smile spread across Yohan's face. "You're here," he whispered.

"I'm here," Gaon answered softly.

Those eyes never left his face but Gaon had the feeling that Yohan didn't actually see him at all. "Tell me you won't go away again."

Gaon saw the pleading in those eyes and he couldn't deny him. "I won't go. I promise."

"Please, don't leave me... I need you." His voice was so broken that Gaon felt it tear into his heart. He tightened the hold of his hand, reassuring the man before him.

"I won't. I'll be here. You can go back to sleep now."

Yohan sighed and closed his eyes again. A single drop of tears rolled down the corner of his eyes.

"Thank you," he murmured.

Gaon watched the rise and fall of the older man's chest with his heart tightening in his own chest. He had never seen Yohan being this vulnerable before. And he was certain he would have never seen it if the other man was fully awake.

Gaon wasn't sure who the real Kang Yohan was - a devil in disguise, hunting people just for fun or just a broken man wearing a cloak as armor, hiding his wounds beneath the fine clothes and his pain beneath the cold facade.

Gaon wasn't sure what to believe. Could a devil be broken? Could a man so broken that he became the devil? But seeing him like this made his heart hurt.

There were so many questions in his head right now. What had this man been through? Who he actually thought Gaon was?

But now he knew the answer to one question: How long would he stay here?

Gaon looked at the hand that still holding tightly with his and decided now he would stay here until he knew the real Kang Yohan. He would stay until he found out all the answers.

Gaon didn't know whom Yohan'd said he needed but if he could be that someone to Yohan, he would. And he would stay until he was sure Yohan didn't need him anymore.

Maybe for a few days. Maybe for a few weeks. Maybe for a few months.

Or maybe forever.