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Being Pregnant with Carlisle Cullen’s baby would include

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You and Carlisle had been married for a few years now, and you were a mother figure to the rest of the Cullen’s, including the newly turned Bella, and had been there with them through thick and thin.

You had been the kindest to Bella throughout her pregnancy, taking care of her and you had seen first-hand the effects of a vampire pregnancy had on her.
So, when you found out that you were pregnant with Carlisle’s baby, it was only natural that you were frightened and confused.

When you first told Carlisle that you thought you were pregnant, he simply thought it was a case of bad flu mistaken for pregnancy, but being who he was, he decided to put your mind at rest by putting a stethoscope to your stomach to listen for a heartbeat.

Seeing how Carlisle thought that this was just a case of a phantom pregnancy, you can imagine his surprise when he heard the steady thrum of the baby’s heartbeat.
While he was checking, you were watching his face for any signs, and the second he heard the heartbeat, his eyes went wide, and his mouth opened in shock.
He immediately shot up and before you could ask him anything, he was already grabbing your hand to take you to the hospital to confirm what he heard.

And sure enough, you were 13 weeks pregnant. Neither of you knew how to react, Bella pregnancy was practically to term in barely a few weeks, so why was yours so different?

There was no doubt in Carlisle’s mind that you were completely loyal to him, so he wouldn’t even entertain the thought that you had gotten pregnant from someone else, and after a while, you two just accepted the fact that you had no idea why your pregnancy was so different from Bella’s.

You had no need for blood and in the end up, your pregnancy ended up rather pleasant, you didn’t even get any stretch marks from it! You supposed the baby was so good because of Carlisle’s influence.

After a while, the shock and fear had worn off and everyone was actually getting quite excited for the new arrival.
Alice and Rosalie were fighting over who would be allowed to throw the baby shower, Emmet was trying to convince to pick the strangest baby names, Edward was composing lullabies on the piano, Jasper was making teddy bears from scratch, and Bella was picking out baby books.

So that left you and Carlisle to decorate the baby room, and you decided that you wanted to paint the room yourself, and Carlisle did his part by putting together the crib and carrying in the baby furniture.

And finally, the time came to birth, it was a spring birth, and you had a beautiful baby girl. You decided to name her, C/N. She was different from Renesmee, she didn’t grow at an accelerated rate, she grew like a human, and she had no desire for blood, even when offered.

In fact, no one would have thought that Carlisle wasn’t her father if it weren’t for the fact that she looked exactly like him.

Your baby girl loved playing doctor with Carlisle as soon as he came home from work, and you had lost count of the number of times that you had watched Carlisle playfully chase her around as she ran as fast as her chubby little legs could take her after she had ‘stolen’ his stereoscope.

So, all in all, you have a new addition to your family and you all live in soft domestic bliss because that is what you deserve.