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The second Mobius saw the uncontrollable branches on the timeline he knew the TVA was taken down. He felt freedom was just around the bend for him. As overwhelming and lost as he may have felt in the moment, Mobius knew freedom was his next step. It was such a strange thing to have been held captive for hundreds of years without knowing it. Mobius found he struggled with understanding why he felt so strongly about what it was that he was feeling now. He had never known freedom, yet he had never known captivity. Despite that, he fought for freedom. He told himself he fought for freedom because the other thing he fought for felt like a dagger to his chest.

Loki was a chaotic menace to all societies on the timeline. No one except Loki could find joy during the end of the world. As Mobius stood in the TVA office space that was littered with files, small fires were burning from the fighting, and bloodstains on his clothes, he found himself smiling thinking about the god. For hundreds or even thousands of years the TVA had withstood the toll of time. Leave it to the god of chaos to tear it down in the few short months he had been labeled as a mere Variant. This great awakening started and ended because of Loki.

“Mobius! We need to get out of here now!” Hunter B-15 shouted as alarms started blaring even louder. He turned around toward the only exit in and out of the old office space. She had a new cut on her cheek that hadn’t been there when they were watching the sprouting multiverse, but the hope he saw blazing in her eyes made him smile. Despite her urgent tone, Mobius felt as if he had all the time in the world.

“Some of the other hunters were talking and don’t trust the structural soundness of these headquarters. We aren’t sure where we are or if this place is somehow going to be overridden by a new timeline. It's safer we all evacuate.” Hunter B-15 explained as she grabbed Mobius’s upper arm and began dragging him towards the door. He suddenly remembered that he had come back to this room for a reason.

He slipped out of her hold and ran over to what used to be his desk. The was a singular pen that didn’t get blown off his desk during the fighting, along with a yellow papered notebook. The chances were slim, especially considering what Hunter B-15 had just explained, but he needed to know he had at least tried. Once he was finished writing, he took a moment to consider taking his jet ski magazine with him. He decided wherever he was going in his new chance at life, there had to be a jet ski. Instead, he dropped the magazine on the desk and got his Tempad charger before going back to where Hunter B-15 was waiting for him. They shared a look that said everything. They were really doing this. Whatever was next was just at the other end of whatever portal they opened with their Tempad. Mobius nodded and they left the room. They traveled through the labyrinth of hallways that would take them to a larger area of the TVA where usually different monorail trains and hovering cars took people too and from this building to other buildings. Mobius had seen this area busy at times, but this was something he had never seen. He actually never realized just how many people resided here… how many people had been held captive here.

Hundreds of guards, agents, and everyone in between were all gathered in a crowd of mass chaos. Loki would be thriving here, Mobius thought. Again, a smile crept on his face just at the thought. Agents were opening portals left and right. People were shouting, crying, and fighting with each other. The shock of winning was slowly wearing off as Mobius realized he needed to figure out his next move quickly. Time was no longer irrelevant here. Time was against all of them actually. Mobius looked over to Hunter B-15 and saw her going through a file on her Tempad.

“All past classified information about all of us is no longer classified. We can all find who we are… well, who we were,” Hunter B-15 responded after she noticed Mobius looking over her shoulder. The silent question of are you going to look? was hanging in the air without being said.

Mobius looked down at his Tempad and typed,.


Suddenly out of nowhere a rumble shook through the boarding area. He looked out the window and saw balls of fire hitting different targets. He had never ventured out past these halls, but it had always looked like there was life out there. Now it looked like another one of the apocalypses he had been chasing with Loki. Panic filled the air as people started running through any and every portal, not caring where it took them. Mobius looked over at Hunter B-15 to find her already looking at him with tears in her eyes.

“My file says I was from Louisiana. Mobius… I have to go back. I have to find who I was,” She said, Mobius just smiled and nodded. Another rumble hit the building, some of the glass windows shattering. Without a second thought, he pulled Hunter B-15 into a hug.

“Good luck, my friend,” He said genuinely. They separated and she opened the portal. The last he saw was a brave smile on her face as she stepped through to her new life. The portal closed behind her. Mobius officially had no one. He was no one. He had no memory or family or friends. He was truly alone and now had to leap into a new world.

A dull ache remained in his chest as everything hit him full force. Loki was gone. He had said his goodbyes in a hug that he secretly wished could have lasted an eternity. Loki was happy though. At least, if he was still alive that is. He could be with Sylvie now. They could run around causing chaos like Loki’s do best or settle down and enjoy a life they never knew. Either way, that should be enough for Mobius. Vaguely he remembered a saying about caring about something enough to let it go. A part of him still wished all of this could have ended differently. That he could have been the one Loki found a connection with. That maybe, just maybe, Loki could have read the small hints Mobius had been dropping since Loki showed up at the TVA. However, to Mobius he knew looking back and wishing wasn’t going to be anything compared to the life he was about to go live; the freedom he was about to experience. Loki had changed him in the only way the god of mischief and chaos can change someone. Mobius would treasure that for the rest of his days. The many days that were waiting for him were just on the other side of a portal.

Mobius looked down at his Tempad with the single letter typed just as more glass shattered, snapping him out of his pity party. As quickly as he could he typed in the first place that came to mind that started with the letter. Many of his jet ski magazines had taught him a few places outside the TVA that he felt he could fit into.


Making sure he had his high powered GPS tracking on his tempad turned on, Mobius then opened the portal. Holding his breath, he took a step forward.

The first thing Mobius felt was the sun. A warm, soft sun. It took his eyes a moment to adjust. It probably took a moment longer to adjust than most considering the most outside time he's had in an unknown amount of years was limited to missions that only took minutes. That still didn't stop Mobius from shielding his eyes with his hand and taking in what he could. The portal had opened up right at the top of a cliff that looked out into the never-ending ocean. Mobius took a few steps closer to the edge of the cliff, just enough to see there was white sand running to his left and right farther than he could see.

Spinning in a small circle, Mobius took in his other surroundings. He seemed to be at an abandoned cliffside. There were other homes, mansions more like, a ways away from his current spot. He could see far enough that there was an obvious trail heading down the side of the cliff to down to the beach, but there seemed to have been some mudslides or rocks falling that blocked the path, leaving it abandoned. The flat part where he was spread a few unused acres that disappeared into a thick forest.

Mobius knew he had to find a place to live, however without anything proving he was a real person or money, he knew that was going to be close to impossible. Mobius decided he needed to get somewhere close to civilization before he could conquer this step. Rolling up his sleeves and loosening his tie, Mobius began his trek straight for the woods. He didn’t know much about what to expect in a California forest, but he knew enough about survival that it didn’t seem too intimidating. At least, not while the sun was semi-high in the sky.

When the sun began going down was when Mobius started getting jumpy. The slightest sound would make him whip around in search of a non-existent predator. Mobius continued forward, well what he assumed was forward. At this point, it could have been diagonal or anything but straight. He was turned around and feeling the fatigue of what a nightmare these past few days had been. He hadn't had a moment's rest. He only had adrenaline running through him to keep him alive. Since being pruned all the way up until now, all Mobius knew was he had to survive. Now, he was feeling the aches in his feet from wearing shoes meant to take you through an office, not a forest. He wasn't sure how old he was, but his back was making him guess he was around four hundred years old. He was sweating and thirsty. His eyes were drooping, which may have led him to stumble a few times.

“Come on. Almost there…” Mobius mumbled to himself. Almost where he wasn’t sure. Not until he saw something in the clearing ahead of him did he know where he was supposed to be.

It was what seemed to be a wrecked or abandoned camper. The paint that must have been white was a soft yellow now. It had a peeling orange painted stripe curled around the whole vehicle. It was covered in sticks, leaves and fallen branches; but it seemed to be in okay enough shape. Mobius picked up his pace and limped his way towards the camper. It didn’t seem like anyone had been around this thing in years. This thought made him stop and look at his Tempad to see what year it was he teleported to. Even in his exhausted state he couldn’t help the analyst in him telling him to fully examine his timeline location. After seeing the year on his Tempad, this situation made more sense. It would have been three years after Thanos’ Snap. It made more sense why there was an abandoned camper here. The poor people that owned this probably turned to dust on a camping trip.

Mobius’s exhaustion was taking over and he had to force himself not to get back in his TVA Agent mindset of how long it would be until the Avengers fix the Snap. He knew the whole timeline, well the whole timeline based on different Loki’s, but he knew how things were supposed to happen with or without a Loki present. Instead of thinking, he tugged open the camper door that was a little stuck due to lack of use. Opening the camper was exactly what he thought he would find.

There was dust that had settled over the small kitchen and the couch. The windows were broken with tree branches pushing through them. Other than a few leaves and items were strewn about, the camper was completely abandoned. Mobius looked to the couch and started hitting the pillows, trying to get the settled dust off them. In the end, he could care less about the dirt of dust as he plopped himself down on the lumpy cushions.

With his remaining conscious brain cell, he pinged his spot on his Tempad. Hope still filled him, but he knew the odds. Either way, Mobius fell asleep to the thought of Loki tracking him down and possibly giving him one more hug.


Sitting on the step where this whole nightmare had started seemed poetic in a way. Being betrayed by another version of yourself that you wholeheartedly trusted seemed poetic as well, but the irony was lost to the heartbreak. Loki just sat. He felt drained, both physically and mentally. He replayed every moment with Silvie trying to find where he could have jumped ship and left before feeling the ache.

The kiss had taken him by surprise, but it served its purpose of showing him that he cared for her, just not the same way he cared for…


At the thought of the gray-haired man, Loki summoned strength from some dark, untapped place and stood up. He ran through the doors of the interrogation room to only be met with complete chaos. Minutemen were running down the halls, orders being given and taken through the communication devices they wore. They were all responding to the meltdown that had been the sacred timeline. He ran through the halls without anyone even blinking an eye at who he was. No-one stopped him because he was a variant running through the halls of the TVA as they would have done before. Loki would have enjoyed finally being treated like more than just a mere variant if he had not started to think through how suspicious it felt.

Something felt off. The whole TVA was in disarray, sure, however, this was different. Loki had always been smart, perceptive even. As a child, his mother would expect him to make the wiser choices when he and Thor went on adventures despite the fact he was younger than his brother. This moment felt like one of those moments. The numbers on the walls were different because they were not only numbers, they had letters too. Loki picked up his pace and tried to tell himself that the boring brown and orange decorations could have been playing a trick on his mind.

Going past the archive shelves made Loki feel safer, remembering the time he spent with Mobius reading file after file. He also remembers the time their fingers brushed as they read the same file or the way Mobius would bump his feet under the table to make sure Loki was still working even when he was obviously drifting off.

Rounding the corner of the archives, he finally spotted the man he was looking for. Loki felt like he was about to start crying again for the third time today. As emotionally overwhelming as it felt to see Mobius again, Loki also felt a sense of calm come over him because he knew Mobius would never do what Sylvie had just done. Mobius was his safety.

Loki stopped running and started walking right over to where Mobius was reading over something with Hunter-B15. He shouted the man's name and continued talking. His recent situation of meeting Kang was fresh and raw as he described it. He felt shocked to the point where he had no idea what he was saying. He only stopped talking when Mobius spoke words that would break him for the second time:

“Who are you? What is your name?”

Loki felt like he had cotton in his ears. There was a faint buzzing sound in his head as he looked over the railing trying to find something on the ground himself. Instead, he looked at the statue of the man he knew Silvie probably just killed. All the pieces came together. The different floor numbers, the feeling of wrongness, Mobius not knowing who he was, and now this statue of Kang rather than the three Timekeepers. Despite it being easier to deny, he knew what was happening. Loki pulled the last bit of strength he had and admitted to himself what he desperately wanted to deny.

“This isn’t my timeline…”

Loki stayed hanging over the railing for five more minutes trying to gather himself. Tears streamed down his face again, but he made no move to wipe them. The remaining strength he had left was keeping him standing.

“Okay, who did you say you were again? We’re kind of busy trying to fight a multiversal war, but I understand you’re confused so just take your time,” Mobius’ voice spoke over Loki’s shoulder. It sounded the same, but it was missing the warmth that usually came from the agent. Loki took a shuddering breath then looked over to the other man. This Mobius took a small breath as he saw the tears on Loki’s face. He had a clipboard and papers ready to fill out, but instead, he reached into his jacket pocket to retrieve a handkerchief.

“It hasn’t been used,” This Mobius assured him. Loki took the offer and wiped his face up. He gestured to give it back, but this Mobius just made a gesture with his hand to keep it.

“My name is Loki. I’m from a different timeline. I was there when the timeline started branching off. We fought… I fought to keep it intact so we could avoid this chaos. I thought it was the right thing to do… But I think freeing the timeline is also the right thing.” Loki spoke brokenly. His voice was cracking and he didn’t try to hide it. The only thing he did to keep the last of his pride was try not to make eye contact with this version of Mobius. He knew if he looked in those blue eyes that don’t show any sign of recognition, it would break him.

“How do you know my name?” This timeline’s Mobius asked after a few minutes of quiet writing.

“I know a different version of you... I knew a different version. He cared about me.” Loki smiled at the memory of Sylvie telling him this. Loki hated that the memory was attached to the woman that betrayed him, but he cherished that it was common knowledge that he had been cared about. He knew in his heart it was true that Mobius cared about him. It just made the pain even worse knowing he lost the last person that did care.

“I believe you, Loki. I just don't know if it's the right thing to send you back to that timeline or if it will create another branch.” This Mobius spoke more gently now. Loki wasn’t sure if it was because he thought he was crazy or if he genuinely believed this could happen. At that thought, Loki’s head whipped up and he looked at where this version of Hunter-B15 was looking at a Tempad. Loki walked over to her and snatched it up, ignoring the pleas to give it back.

He quickly looked up his name which brought up a ton of information that was marked as previously classified. It also showed a very intricate branch depicting where he got thrown off his original timeline twice now. He hit the most recent branch, knowing that it could take him to the TVA he knew. Maybe his Mobius was there waiting for him. Loki looked at Mobius and saw him holding back a few guards that were ready to prune Loki. Loki was giving him an asking look to see if it would be okay to open a portal to send him and his broken yet hopeful heart to a different timeline.

“The whole timeline has gone to shit anyway. Good luck, kid.” This Mobius said. Tears formed in the corners of Loki’s eyes. He nodded his thanks and opened a portal with the coordinates of the TVA from his timeline. Without even taking a breath, he stepped through the portal, only realizing last minute he just stole a Tempad.

Walking through the portal and ending up in a different timeline in the same place was extremely bizarre. Loki was noticing the differences more now. The three space lizard statutes were still standing tall, but this TVA was quite literally burning to the ground. The archives shelves were knocked over and a few were on fire from random fireballs being thrown from the ceiling. Loki knew this was an attack; this was the multiversal war.

Another attack hit a few feet from him, shaking him from his daze causing him to run in the direction of Mobius’ office space. He knew the way by heart now, but the closer he got the more scared he got that he would just find more fire and carnage. There were a few bodies of Minutemen and Agents littering the hallways. Loki kept a sharp eye out for a gray-haired man, but he was hoping Mobius would be okay. He had to be.

“Mobius!” Loki yelled once he got to the office space. One corner had been completely obliterated and was set on fire, thankfully it was a different corner than where Mobius had his desk. Loki jumped over a knocked-over chair and ran to the empty desk. He wasn’t sure what he was trying to find, but he knew this whole area had been abandoned.

Loki saw Mobius had left his suit jacket on the back of his chair. He quickly picked it up and draped it over his shoulder. Loki was taller than Mobius and knew the jacket would never fit his lanky form, but he had an instinctual feeling that he wanted at least one item that belonged to the gray-haired man to keep if he would never get to see him again. A small, nurturing voice in Loki told him to take it with him in case he could find Mobius so the man wouldn’t get cold. The floor shook with the bombings that were just outside. Loki rifled through loose papers on the desk taking note that the jet ski magazine that was always laid out on the desk was still there, but it was in a different place than where he normally hid it.

“Leave it to you to think about jet skis in the middle of an apocalypse,” Loki mumbled to himself with a slight grin on his face. Loki had been told many times throughout his life that he had an obsessive personality. He easily got caught up in whatever magic he was learning until he was yelled at by Odin to quit talking about the same useless trick. But Mobius and his jet skis proved he was a mild case in comparison.

Loki leaned against the desk and scanned the floor for anything else that might have proven Mobius made it out of here alive. If this was the last stop Mobius had come before taking off, he’s not sure what could have happened. He could have been pruned in this very spot for all Loki could guess. Just at the thought he brought the jacket up to his nose and inhaled. It smelt like that last hug. Mobius usually smelt like some soap that probably promised to be unscented and a mix of musky sweat. Loki sat close to him on many occasions to know this smell, but during their hug, he got a new perspective on his scent. It was something warm, almost like a campfire, yet clean like fresh-cut grass and saltwater. Loki felt helplessness overwhelm him as he opened his eyes and realized he would never get to understand what he felt towards the human. He'd never get to explore it or see if it was more than the betrayals he had only known.

As Loki was deciding if he should just stand here until the fires got bigger and eventually consumed him, he noticed a note with his name on it written in very familiar handwriting. He picked up the yellow note pad that was sticking out from under some ceiling tiles that had fallen.


I’m not sure where I’m going, but I’d love it if you could come. Track my Tempad using the GPS number below.


Loki immediately pulled out his stolen Tempad and typed in the number scribbled on the note. He ripped the note off the pad and shoved it in his pocket while the coordinates were loading. Loki laughed through shaky tears when it finally said Mobius was on Midgard in California. He pressed to open the portal just as a bomb hit the office space, knocking the god off his feet.

The Tempad flew from his hand and slid across the floor. Loki’s head was spinning after he hit it on the corner of the desk behind him. His hearing was buzzing and his vision was blurry. Shakily he rolled from his back to all fours, fist holding on to Mobius’ jacket, and began crawling in the direction he saw the Tempad fly. It was inches from a newly blazing fire. The heat was intense, reminding Loki of his torture at the hands of Thanos. A ceiling tile fell on his back, making the god fall flat on his stomach. Loki’s head was still spinning but he scrambled to get the Tempad. He reached back and got the tile off his back then started moving backward from the smoke and fire. He didn't realize he was choking on the smoke until he had to lean over and throw up.

When he finally stopped gagging, he sat up and tapped the Tempad to open a portal. Loki had no strength left in him to stand, so instead he pulled his body through the portal using his hands and his feet to scoot himself. He had felt his hands touch the moist ground and pushed himself with the last of his strength into a forest. The portal shut behind him as Loki began choking on his own vomit.

Mobius was startled awake. He didn’t know how long he had been asleep, but he knew it had been a while. The sun was setting outside his window. He had studied how time worked everywhere, so he put together it was the end of the next day already. Or possibly it had been two days since he passed out in this camper. But that wasn’t what had woken Mobius. It had been the sound of a flock of birds suddenly flying off and trees being disturbed that woke him. He sat up on the futon.

The next sound he heard was a wet choking sound. He had heard and seen many things while traveling on the timeline and he knew this was a human sound of someone in major distress. He hopped up and opened the flimsy door to the camper. The person on the ground was convulsing ever so slightly from where they laid on their back. They were covered in soot and blood. Mobius ran over and kneeled next to…

“Loki!” Mobius cried. The god was in such poor shape that he was difficult to recognize from afar. Immediately, Mobius rolled Loki on his side and started helping clear his mouth with his fingers. He noticed in one of Loki’s limp, blistered hands was his suit jacket. The sight broke his heart in a way he couldn’t comprehend. Tears sprang to his eyes as he rested Loki’s head on his lap now that he had stopped vomiting. He still had the god laying on his side so he could only see half of his face. Mobius wiped off as much ash as he could from Loki’s cheeks and pushed his hair behind his ear. His head was wet. When the Agent pulled his hand away it was soaked in blood. Mobius couldn’t help the loud sobs that followed the realization.

After a few minutes of uncontrollable sobs and apologies from the gray-haired man, Mobius sprung into action. He gently placed Loki’s head on the ground and went inside the camper. Brutally opening every cabinet in the whole camper, Mobius searched for towels or a first aid kit or anything that could be useful to him. His search didn’t come up empty.

He found a lighter that still worked, a sewing kit, a sheet that was clean enough, a washcloth, a bucket, and a water bottle. Mobius went back outside to the rusted water hook up next to the camper. He started pumping the handle to get the water flowing. The first sputters of water were rusty, dirty brown color then finally it started running clear and cold. Quickly, he filled the bucket and the water bottle. He took it over to where Loki was still unconscious and began putting his first aid and emergency training skills to work.

He ripped off the god's clothes until he was just in his underwear so he could see where else there were injuries. Other than a lot of bruising and some blisters from burns, Loki’s body seemed to be okay. The vomiting must have been caused by smoke inhalation. Mobius decided to focus on the source of blood from Loki’s head next. He easily found the cut that was on the back of his head. He cleaned it with water and moved Loki’s black curls out of the way. It wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be, but he still worked quickly. Using the lighter to sterilize the threaded sewing needle, Mobius then started to work on closing the wound. He was shaking badly but kept telling himself this was for his Loki. Once he was finished with his very sloppy, makeshift stitches Mobius ripped the sheet in a few strips to wrap around Loki’s head and other small cuts. There was one cut on his arm that seemed like it had been deep but was healing quickly. That gave Mobius a boost of hope that Loki’s magic could heal him faster.

That small burst of hope must have also carried with it some physical strength. Mobius was able to pick Loki up and stumble back to the camper. He set Loki down on the futon and covered him with the remainders of the sheet he had picked up. From there, Mobius just kneeled next to Loki and smoothed his hair back. After a while, the god began to stir. Mobius made no intention of moving from his spot nor did he want to even think about moving.

Loki felt sensations before he could open his eyes. He felt someone running their hand through his hair and another one on his chest. It was a blissful feeling that he didn’t want to leave if it was a dream, but he was curious if it was real.

He cracked open his eyes and found Mobius’ worried eyes looking right back at him. Loki couldn't help but smile a little at the man. Mobius smiled too, but his smile seemed to hold the weight of the world behind it. That's when Loki realized the man’s eyes were red-rimmed and puffy as if he had been crying. Out of pure instinct, Loki moved one of his hands to the one belonging to Mobius that was resting on his chest. He gave it a soft squeeze.

“Hey, you,” Mobius whispered. A fat tear rolled down the side of his crooked nose.

“Hi…” Loki croaked out. Mobius chuckled as more tears fell. Loki realized this was the first time he had ever seen the man this emotional. Sure, he had seen him excited and frustrated, but he’d never seen him like this. It was scary in a way because it made Loki’s feelings towards this man root deeper.

Neither of them said anything for a while. They just took in the fact they were both alive and together. Eventually, Loki got thirsty and asked for a drink, but even then, their hands stayed tangled together.

“Come up here?” Loki asked when he saw Mobius start wincing from sitting on his knees for so long. They hadn’t shared a bed or even a bench so this was crossing over into territory Loki wasn’t confident in. Maybe it was because he inhaled so much smoke at the TVA or because he was riding endorphins after being touch starved for so long, but he wanted to be smashed on this awful Midgardian couch with this man.

Mobius must have known these couches doubled as a bed because he pulled it and it changed from being a terrible couch to a terrible bed. However, once Mobius was laying next to him, Loki could care less about the furniture. The two men laid on their sides facing each other. Loki fumbled with the sheet he was covered in to cover both of them. He realized then that he was only wearing his underwear. Loki blushed a bit and Mobius did too.

“You were really hurt. I had to clean you up,” Mobius explained. Loki just nodded and pulled the blanket up for some sense of modesty.

“Thank you for everything. For cleaning me up and for inviting me here...” Loki said sincerely. Mobius nodded and picked up their intertwined fingers, leaving a soft kiss on Loki’s hand. Loki flushed and felt out of his element. He knew they had to establish what this was relationship-wise. But that possible rejection could wait. For now, Loki settled on his usual defense mechanism.

“Even if here is a complete dump, I still appreciate it. Tomorrow I’ll use my sedir to fix up this place.” Loki said softly. Mobius smirked, showing he saw right through the god’s act.

Both men woke up to the sun shining through the broken window of the camper. Throughout the night they became more entangled with each other. Mobius had one of his legs wrapped around Loki’s and their ankles were pressed close. Mobius had thrown an arm over Loki’s back, holding the taller man to his chest. Their hands were still intertwined. Loki stirred from his sleep first, lifting his head off Mobius’ chest. The movement woke the other man.

“How are you feelin’?” Mobius mumbled. The rough, deep rumble of his voice caused Loki to shiver. He had never been turned on by just the sound of someone's voice. His mouth dropped open slightly as he looked at Mobius’ blue eyes that were cracked open slightly. Mobius must have felt the shiver and mistook it for a chill because he pulled up the sheet higher.

“I feel fine,” Loki whispered back. The other man smiled and reached up to push a wild Loki curl back.

“Let me look at your stitches,” Mobius said as he propped himself up on his elbow. Loki sat up and let Mobius unwrap the makeshift bandage. The gray-haired man saw that the cut was completely healed. The thread was just laying in Loki’s hair. The sight made Mobius breathe a sigh of relief. Loki had his magic back and was healing like a god would be expected to heal. Once he was done looking at his head, he flopped back on the futon. Loki turned to look at Mobius with an eyebrow raised.

“You’re completely healed. As much as I’m relieved, I’m equally pissed that I had to traumatize myself by sewing you shut.” Mobius said. Loki just smirked and laid himself back so he was propped up on the other man’s chest.
The two just stared at each other, the tension growing stronger. Loki felt a pull as he slowly leaned forward towards Mobius. The other man must have been feeling it as well because he lifted his head and met Loki halfway.

Their lips met in a tentative kiss. Loki felt his heart pounding in fear rather than the fireworks or whatever romanticized feelings most people got. He was afraid of what this would mean or if the other man would regret this. However, his fears were slightly soothed when Mobius lifted a hand to cup Loki’s cheek, running a calloused thumb over his cheekbone. Loki wanted this so badly, but he was so scared if he took this one kiss, this one moment of kindness, that it would be his last. He felt a sense of worry that if he involved himself further with Mobius that he ran the risk of tainting the other man with his horridness. That thought alone had Loki flinching back from the kiss.

“Are you okay with this?” Mobius asked. Loki shook his head slightly then nodded. That response caused Mobius to drop his hand and pull back.

“I don't think that was a yes, so I’m going to stop,” The other man said. Loki felt rejection spike through his heart even though he was smart enough to know this was more of a consent issue rather than a rejection. Either way, he let a soft whimper leave his lips before he could stop himself. Mobius grabbed for Loki’s hand instead, trying to fix the sad sound that left Loki’s mouth.

“Listen, I just don’t want you to… I feel a great affection- I really like… you.” Loki said, stumbling through his words. Mobius would normally banter with the green-eyed man, making fun of the usual silver tongue stumbling over his greatest weapon, but looking at Loki’s eyes filling with tears, Mobius knew now wasn't the time.

“I really like you too, Loki. Just tell me what's going on in that noggin of yours.” Mobius joked a bit, softly grabbing a piece of Loki’s hair and twisting it around his fingers. Loki closed his eyes, the unshed tears finally making their appearance.

“You are good. Genuinely good, Mobius. I am so far from being good that I’m past the opposite. If I pull you into my mess, I could ruin you. I don't want that for you. You don’t need me to come and Loki up your life before you've even had a chance to live it. You deserve to jet ski any time you want and laugh as much as you want. You just deserve… more.” Loki had finally spit out the last word, truly sticking the dagger into Mobius’ heart and twisting it. He kept twisting that piece of hair between his fingers, pulling his best TVA poker face to cover just how hurt he was hearing the words. Mobius decided that he was going to sit up while thinking through the words he wanted to tell the god. They were soon sitting right next to each other on the lumpy futon, their fingers were locked together like a lifeline and Loki was clutching the sheet around his bare shoulders.

“Loki, there is nothing more that I want than for you to Loki-up my life. Why do you think I told you where to find me? Even if I have been studying every moment of your life, I want the Loki I met a few months ago. I want to see you every morning and want to spend time doing absolutely nothing with you. You may think you are the definition of bad, but I think you’re the perfect balance of good and mischievous. I guess that's why you are the god of mischief.” Mobius said. Loki chuckled and wiped his tears that continued to fall. For once, Loki seemed to have nothing to say back so instead, Mobius continued.

“I want to kiss you, Loki. I want more than that, actually. But, I will wait until you want the same thing or you’re in the same place I am.” Mobius finished with a small kiss on Loki’s cheek. Loki took the soft kiss and filed it away as the most intimate act he had ever experienced.

“I am where you are. I have been for a while, I just want you to know I will probably make you regret this.” Loki joked just before he leaned back into Mobius’ space to kiss him.

This kiss was much more heated than the first. Loki felt assured that this kiss wasn’t going to sully any goodness that Mobius contained. Mobius knew he was given permission to kiss the god the way he deserved. Their hands traveled with the only goal of feeling more. One of Loki’s hands traveled down from Mobius’ chest down to the soft belly Loki had a special affection for. Mobius threw all caution to the wind and grabbed the other man's ass. That touch worked more as a hair-trigger because Loki was clambering onto Mobius’ lap faster than the gray-haired man could process. Mobius was thanking all his lucky stars that Loki still didn't have a shirt on because he had been dying to run his hands up the smooth expanse of his back.

“Off, off, off. Now, now, now.” Loki mumbled, pawing at the agent's tie and shirt. Mobius laughed breathlessly before helping Loki with his shirt. He felt a bit of pride and confusion that he was the source of attraction for the god. He had seen the people Loki had sexual escapades with. They were all perfect down to their teeth shining white. Mobius never had vanity as a part of his personality but at this moment he had never felt more aware of his body.

Once Mobius was down to his underwear also, they both started to slow down and share softer, gentler kisses. Loki pulled back to look over Mobius’ body. He had never seen him in this state of undress before. He took in his arms that had clear muscle definition and his shoulders that were visibly strong. Of course, his chest was flat and had specks of gray hair in the center that led down to Loki’s favorite spot; the soft tummy that was just a little rolled over Mobius’ underwear.

Loki pushed the gray-haired man back on the terrible couch and immediately started leaving soft kisses on the soft belly laid out for him. Loki wasn’t blind or oblivious and also felt the hardness tenting the front of the man's underwear. He ran a hand teasingly over it, just to see how the other man would react.

“Oh!” Mobius gasped. Loki stopped his soft kisses and looked up to find the man’s normally peach-toned skin was a flushed red from his cheeks to the bridge of his nose down to his heaving chest. One hand shot down to grab Loki’s wrist while he pushed himself up on his elbow with the other.

“I, uh, don’t remember if I’ve done this before,” Mobius admitted in a release of breath. Loki nodded, understanding the TVA did something to all variants that turned into agents like Mobius, making them all forget their past lives and experiences. Loki could see Mobius was nervous as well as looking for a reaction from the god that would confirm he should be embarrassed.

“We can go slow. Or we can stop. I, uh, also have something to share.” Loki admitted as well to even the playing field.

“My file says I’m gender fluid, it just never discloses what my physical sex actually is. I decided a while ago that I like having both physical sexes so… I have both. Jotunar are intersex creatures, so I guess that explains why I have always felt more comfortable in this form.” Loki said, not looking at Mobius. The camper was silent for a moment until Mobius flipped their positions so Loki was laid out underneath him. He hooked his thick fingers under the waistband on Loki’s underwear and looked up for permission. Loki saw that his partner's usual blue eyes were just small circles of the color compared to how blown up his pupils were.

“I don’t know what’s more of a turn-on; the fact you don’t care I’m an amnesiac-virgin or that you trust me with such a personal secret.” Mobius chuckled. Loki rolled his eyes fondly then nodded his permission to be stripped of the last of his clothes.

Time seemed to slow as Mobius really looked at Loki’s bare body. Loki’s heart hammered in his chest at being exposed to the one person he felt knew him behind any barrier he could ever put up. Mobius was down-right panting. He didn’t remember if had ever seen someone naked, but he decided no one could ever compare to the artwork laid out in front of him. Loki kept his thighs pressed together, so the agent gently spread them apart. Loki was visibly turned on where both sexes were concerned. His penis was hard and pink. Just under his smaller sack, his vagina was swollen and dripping. As if driven by a spirit, Mobius reached forward and ran his finger over the weeping slit. Loki sucked a hissing breath through his teeth and turned his head away from Mobius. His thighs shook from the effort not to roll his hip to get that thick, wandering finger inside him. The barely-there touches from Mobius’ exploration were driving Loki closer to the edge than any touch he had ever experienced.

“Please, more…” Loki finally whispered. He never wanted to beg, but his body was aching for anything his partner would give him as long as it was just more. Experimentally, Mobius slid one thick finger into Loki’s wet canal. Loki finally looked at Mobius and realized the man was already staring at him. Once his finger was fully in, Mobius raised an eyebrow looking for instruction.

“Just move it slowly then add another.” Loki guided. Mobius nodded and eagerly followed the directions given. For not remembering if he had done this before, he sure had gifted hands. His fingers rubbed the right spots just slightly and when he added a second finger, he stretched Loki in the best way. Loki reached down to play with his clit, driving himself dangerously close to the edge. Mobius watched Loki’s practiced movements then tapped his fingers away to rub the same little nub.

“Fuck, that's good…” Loki moaned. It really was good. Mobius was unsure, but his movements just came across as gentle rather than unsure. Gentle in a maddening way, but Loki liked being teased to the edge sometimes. He surprisingly tipped over that edge when Mobius accidentally crooked his thick fingers upwards to his sweet spot. It was so unexpected that even Mobius gasped as he felt Loki contract around his fingers, getting them even wetter.

“Was that an orgasm?” Mobius asked dumbly once Loki stopped clenching around his fingers. Loki chuckled and opened his eyes. Mobius knew what an orgasm looked and felt like from his own hand. He just hadn’t, to his knowledge, touched a vagina until today. He actually realized he never thought of one until now.

“One hell of an orgasm, yes. Now, if you could kindly put your cock in me.” Loki quipped. Mobius laughed and carefully removed his fingers from Loki’s body. He reached down and took off his own underwear, feeling embarrassed at the size of his penis compared to Loki’s. Loki’s was thin and long, where Mobius's was much thicker and much longer. Loki’s testicals were also smaller, but Mobius wasn’t sure if that was because just behind them hit his slit. He wasn’t sure if he was normal, but Loki just looked sexy where he felt he looked… well, awkward in comparison.

“I knew you would have a wonderful cock,” Loki said, reaching a hand out to wrap around the other man. Mobius' thought process stopped once Loki had a hand on him. He had to breathe deeply through a few of the god’s soft strokes because he was so close. Any and all composure left Mobius when Loki squeezed his cock. Loki slid one of his long legs around Mobius, pulling him so he was hovering over him.

“Just breathe,” Loki whispered to the man holding himself over him. Mobius clutched his hands into fists from where they were framing Loki’s head. Loki guided Mobius to his wet opening. Something about the act was intimate beyond just the act of intercourse. Loki was actively connecting their bodies while Mobius was gazing into Loki’s beautiful green eyes. Once Loki guided Mobius part the way there, instinct kicked in and he flexed his hips forward the rest of the way into the tight, wet heat. Loki let out a breath as his eyes fluttered shut.

“You’re so big,” Loki groaned, arching his back ever so slightly. Mobius flushed a deeper red, feeling some of his self-consciousness creeping back up. He wasn’t sure what was considered good or bad socially when it came to sex, but looking at Loki’s scrunched eyebrows and closed eyes, he just assumed it was bad.

“Sorry, Loki. We can stop. I, uh…” Mobius mumbled and started to pull out. Loki’s long legs wrapped around his waist so he couldn't move.

“No! It's wonderful. You’re made for me, Mobius. Please, just move,” Loki said. Mobius smiled and leaned down to brush his nose against Loki’s.

“I never want to hurt you,” Mobius said.

“You could never,” Loki said back.

From there, Mobius moved his hips back slowly then pushed forward again. He took Loki’s advice to just breathe because he felt a zing of pleasure that he had never felt before. For every sigh that left Mobius, a groan or moan would leave Loki. The latter wound his fingers through gray hair and pulled softly. Mobius reached down and rubbed that spot that had made Loki come undone before. Loki’s hips jerked and his cock dribbled out some precome. Loki clenched around Mobius, causing the older man to stutter forward and come without warning.

“Shit!” Mobius shouted. Loki reached down and began stroking his cock quickly to a fast release. The two stared at each other panting, blissed out, and smiling.

“I’ll get better at it, I promise,” Mobius mumbled into a quick kiss. Loki swatted his ass and chuckled.

“You were perfect, Mobius. Don’t doubt yourself,” Mobius just rolled his eyes and pulled out so he could lay next to Loki. He saw some come slipping back out and without thought, he took his thumb to push it back in. That did something to Loki because the next thing Mobius knew, he was laying down being pulled into a hot, open-mouth kiss. Mobius felt himself twitch again in interest, but he knew he physically couldn't do that again. The two separated and flopped back on the couch. Mobius groaned at the pain in his back from the previous activities and the awful sleeping arrangements.

“Let’s clean this place up, shall we?” Loki sighed, a mischievous smirk crawling across his face. Mobius knew what was going to happen next was probably going to make him fall harder for the green-eyed man. Loki sat up and freed his hands.

His long fingers began to dance in the air. Mobius was fascinated watching Loki, that he didn’t realize the camper around him was changing at the god's command. Loki cleaned all the dirt and leaves from the camper. He fixed the broken windows and manipulated a much better futon. There was a bed space above the driver’s area that neither man had even looked at, but Loki added some lights up there and a comfortable bed and pillows. He closed his eyes to fill the energy that could come from the camper, but he found the battery was dead and the gas must have been stale. He sent his sedir to fix that and the popped tires to make sure if they needed or wanted to drive out of the forest into civilization they could. Though, Loki quite liked the idea of him and Mobius living in their own bubble. When Loki was finished, he laid back next to his new lover and curled into him. Mobius granted Loki a kiss and a squeeze on his ass.

“This is amazing, Loki. Much better,” Mobius chuckled. Loki flushed with the praise, trying to make himself smaller to curl into Mobius. He pressed a kiss on Mobius’ chest.

Both men dozed off into a slight sleep. Mobius was the first to wake. He got up and went to the small bathroom that now had running water. He rinsed off then got out and looked at himself in the mirror. He looked happier than he had ever seen himself. He felt a sense of future now that his Loki was with him. Maybe they could just live the rest of their lives in this camper or maybe they could integrate into a suburban community. Maybe they could get married or maybe they could make a family. Or maybe, just maybe, they could just love each other.

Loki woke up to Mobius shaking him softly. The god groaned and rolled over again, sending the message that he was not finished sleeping. With his new position, Mobius had a wonderful view of Loki’s backside. He gently ran his hand over it, making Loki fully wake up and flip over.

“How can you go from innocent virgin to molesting me while I sleep overnight?” Loki asked, causing Mobius to laugh. He leaned down and kissed Loki’s forehead before turning around and going to the driver's seat of the camper. He knew enough about driving that he had to search for the keys to start this dang thing.

“I want to get out of here and maybe get food or coffee. Definitely coffee. Where are the dang keys?” Mobius mumbled. Before he could look in the passenger side glove box, he had a completely naked Loki pressed against his back, kissing his neck. Mobius resigned to the sensation and let the god suck a small spot beneath his ear. What started as a pleasant sensation ended with Mobius having a flashback that this had happened before.

“Moby, we still have time before the meeting starts…”

Mobius jumped from Loki’s embrace and rubbed the spot on his neck. Loki looked concerned and heartbroken at the reaction, but Mobius was too stuck in his own head to fix it. That voice in his head… It was definitely a man’s voice, a little rasp to it that Mobius remembered loving. Had it been a memory the TVA took from him? Was he in a relationship before?

The bathroom door slamming shut broke Mobius from his trance. He heard smothered sobs then the water started running. Groaning at how he was already messing up his new relationship, the gray-haired man went to the bathroom door.

Meanwhile, Loki was on the other side of the door crying harder than when he found the other timeline’s Mobius that didn’t even know him. All he felt was pure rejections. Sif was right, he would always be alone. Maybe Mobius regretted what they had done earlier this morning. Maybe he realized after Loki’s little joke that he had given part of his new life to the wrong person. Loki knew he would never hurt this man, he wasn’t capable of it, but Mobius didn’t know that. Loki took a heaving breath and jumped in the shower to clean himself. The task was easier said than done in his current emotional breakdown, so he ended up using his magic to clean himself and dress in Midgardian clothing; a white, long-sleeved cotton shirt and a pair of black jeans. Loki's hair was still laying in soft curls over his shoulders. He sat on the closed toilet and continued sobbing uncontrollably into his hands. He let a soft whimper slip out when he was started by the soft knock on the bathroom door.

“Loki… Come on out so we can talk,” Mobius said, an exasperated tone leaking into Loki’s ears and tearing his heart up more. Loki shook his head and continued crying. Damn it, he was falling for this man… had fallen for him. He couldn’t believe he let himself believe he was actually being loved back.

“I’m coming in, okay? You’re scaring me,” Mobius said, then opened the flimsy door to the sorry excuse for a bathroom.

“I’m sorry!” Loki sobbed, latching himself onto Mobius’s soft middle. The other man’s hands went right to his hair and started pushing it back calmly.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, kitten. Just listen to me, alright? I think some of my memories are coming back. When you kissed my neck… I remembered someone else doing that before. It wasn’t as wonderful as your kisses, mind you. It was just a quick memory coming back and I reacted to it,” Mobius told Loki softly. Loki lifted his head to look at Mobius. A shiver of fear ran through him that now Mobius was going to leave him to find this other person, but Mobius was so well versed in Loki's thoughts that he leaned to kiss the tip of Loki’s nose.

“I’m not going anywhere, no matter what memories appear. I’ll get to learn about who I was and maybe it can make me better to who I can be with you. You’re it for me,” Loki let a few more tears fall as he took in Mobius’ calm words. He sounded so sincere that Loki was tempted to just outright believe him. After all, Mobius had never lied to him. Instead of sharing his internal battle, Loki just nodded and leaned back to hug Mobius’ belly. The pair stayed like that for another forty minutes, but Mobius was fine with it. He knew that even with all his past life memories back, he still would never feel a love like this.

The next day started out much the same as the one before. The two men made passionate love on the futon then dozed for a post-coital nap. Mobius was feeling more confident in his sexual advances. He asked before trying anything, which Loki found endearing. This time, Mobius ate Loki out through two orgasms before fucking him to his third. Loki sucked Mobius to the root for only a minute before the older man was pulling his hair to stop him before he tipped over that blissful edge. To say they needed a nap was an understatement. When the two got up, they cleaned themselves and the sheets before deciding they needed food and other supplies. Loki kept insisting he could conjure up anything they needed by using his sedir, but Mobius wanted to see what life was like.

Loki got the camper going with his magic because they couldn’t find the keys. The dirt path the camper had been parked off of seemed unused for the first few miles until Mobius made a turn on to a paved path. Loki was quietly surprised Mobius knew how to drive, but Mobius said it felt like he had done this before, like his muscle memory was kicking in now that the TVA wasn’t suppressing his memories. The god didn’t comment further on that because he still had a fear that Mobius would leave him in search of his old life.

Eventually, after thirty minutes of driving, the two spotted their first busy freeway. Mobius smiled wide at the cars speeding this way and that, while Loki started realizing people here on Midgard would recognize him as the being that terrorized New York. The more time he was spending on Midgard, the more he was realizing that he didn’t belong. He could live here if he spent the rest of his time in isolation, but Mobius was getting a chance at freedom. He was excited to meet people and see what it was like to make choices and have fun.

Mobius noticed Loki growing quieter and quieter the closer they got to other people. He wasn’t going to pretend he didn’t have a slight clue about what Loki could have been thinking. The god had created a reputation here on Earth that he probably couldn’t hide from. But Mobius was hoping others here could be like him and realize that even bad can change to good. Especially where they were on the timeline, he was sure people were looking at Thanos as the greater of the two evils and seeing Loki as a kitten in comparison. Mobius didn’t press on the situation. He just reached over to Loki sitting in the passenger seat and held his hand. They stayed like that until the freeway started having gas stations and grocery stores popping up. Mobius pulled into some store called Trader Joe’s and decided that must be where they could find food. Maybe even some wine. That morning while Loki came on his tongue, he had a memory of the drink. He wasn’t sure if it was because Loki tasted like a glass of fizzy champagne or a deep red, but he knew he wanted to try it.

“I’m going to stay here. Here are some of this currency and an identification card. Mortals are obsessed with these things, so I figured you need one in case they ask for it,” Loki spoke as he was conjuring up the green paper and a plastic card from thin air. Mobius listened and took the money. He knew from his files that this was American currency and an ID.

“You’re coming with me. Don’t even think about arguing with me,” Mobius said and got out of the driver's seat. Loki huffed, rolling his beautiful eyes. To both of their surprise, Loki listened without arguing. Instead, he just laced his fingers with the shorter man and squeezed for dear life.

When they got to the front of the store, they were greeted by a woman with a shaved head in a flowery shirt. Mobius knew this was going to be the best experience of his new life. She winked at Mobius when Loki wouldn’t drop his hand to get the red shopping cart, making Mobius give her a look that was saying see what I have to deal with? It was the second human connection he had made since fleeing the TVA and he couldn’t believe how alive it made him feel.

Aisle by aisle, the two men looked at the different foods that were offered. Loki seemed to feel more and more comfortable as their trip continued. He was even comfortable enough to start showing his sweet tooth off when they got to the desserts.

“We had something like this on Asgard! We need to get this,” Loki shouted happily, almost skipping over to the slowly filling cart. Mobius grabbed him by the bicep and pulled him down for a soft kiss. Loki pulled back slowly, blinking owlishly.

“I love seeing you like this. Now get some cheese or bread or whatever other boring food you like. I’m going to get us some wine,” Mobius said, gently slapping Loki’s ass to guide him to a different aisle. Loki nodded and turned, still seeming like that kiss had put him in a trance.

As Loki walked away, he realized just how close he was to just blurt out those terrifying three little words. He felt it so strong and knew that's what this was. He remembered his mother telling him what love would feel like. She had told him it would be unexpected kisses, fights, hugs, and comforts. She said it would feel confusing and overwhelming, but so right in every way. She was right. Loki got some cheese that looked similar to the kind they had at home then wandered off to find his lover. Find him he did, looking at the wine bottles with wide eyes. Loki realized for the first time today, Mobius looked overwhelmed with the options.

“I’ll pick this time,” Loki said smoothly, resting his hand on the other man's lower back. Mobius nodded and tucked himself into Loki. It was another first for Mobius to actually let himself become dwarfed by Loki’s size. Loki got a bubbly wine and a red wine he felt Mobius would like then ushered them to the checkout. Mobius got back to himself enough to pull out the money, handing it to Loki with a shaky hand.
“I need some air,” The gray-haired man mumbled. Loki nodded and watched Mobius calmly walk out the doors.

“He’s a handsome guy. You must feel lucky,” The man scanning their items said. Loki felt a burst of butterflies fill his stomach as he looked down at his shoes.

“You have no idea how lucky I am. He’s everything to me,” Loki gushed. It was out of character to share so much with a stranger, but Loki feeling genuine love for another being was also out of character.

Loki took the cart of now paid for and bagged groceries out to the parking lot where he found Mobius already sitting in the driver's seat of their camper. His face was buried in his hands, but Loki still knew it was Mobius. Loki looked around to see if anyone was watching him before he used his magic to get the groceries into the camper. He didn’t really care where they landed at the moment, just as long as he could get to his Mobius.

“I’m sorry, Loki. I shouldn’t have just left you in there like that,” Mobius started, his voice choking up. This was a side Loki had yet to see and it was breaking his heart. He grabbed the man from the driver’s seat and pulled him over to their couch. Mobius immediately curled into Loki’s lap and started taking deep breaths from where his face was pushed into the god's neck.

The pair sat like that until Mobius was calm enough to actually speak. Loki left soft kisses in his silver hair and rubbed circles into his back. The same way his mother had comforted him when he was frightened or upset. Frigga taught him to love and he was going to do his damn best to show it.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Loki asked softly. Mobius nodded and sat up a bit so he could look the other man in the eyes.

“I think I had a mom before. I mean, I know I biologically had to have one, but I heard her laugh. The song playing in the store was similar to one I’ve heard before... I heard it with her laughing and telling me she was lucky to have me as her son. Loki, I had a mom,” A tear slipped down Mobius’ crooked nose. His blue eyes were sparkling with excitement and pain. Loki smiled and placed a kiss on the tip of the other man’s nose. Loki got up and retrieved one of the Tempads from where it had been on the counter. He handed it to Mobius and nodded.

“All your information is here. We can read it, see the dates and even go back to that time. We freed the timeline to create our own destiny. Now it's just up to us to make the next choice,” Loki said kindly. Mobius nodded but still didn't take the Tempad from his lover’s hand.

“Maybe we can go back to our secluded spot in the woods before looking it up? As much as I enjoyed other people, it was a bit overstimulating,” Mobius chuckled, another tear falling. Loki wiped the single tear and kissed the silver-haired man's lips. They traded a few kisses before Loki went to the driver's seat.

“Whoa! Do you even know how to drive?” Mobius asked, running to where the god of mischief just started the camper with his magic.

“I’ve commanded many modes of transportation. How hard can this be?”

As it turns out, driving a miniature house can be very difficult. Not that Loki would admit to it, but getting out of the parking lot took much more work than it should have. Loki constantly slamming the breaks had Mobius laughing from where he was stumbling, putting away their groceries. Eventually, Mobius had to put a stop to the whole show and drive them back to their campsite. Loki was just glad to see Mobius laughing and happy that he could care less that he, an actual god, just got kicked out of the driver's seat.

Once they got back to the spot they had originally come from, the energy was much lighter. Mobius and Loki had been bantering back and forth for forty-five minutes, relieving the sadness that was in Mobius’s eyes and replacing it with something much more playful.

“I’m starving. You want anything?” Mobius asked as he went to their new food.

“I wanted to see something outside quickly. I’ll be right back,” Loki said, kissing the other man on the cheek before leaving the camper. He continued to walk through the forest for a few miles until he came to a clearing.

The god stood at the edge of a cliff that overlooked the ocean. He cleared the path that had been left overgrown with roots and fallen rocks so there was now a clear path leading down to the beach. The whole area and view were breathtaking. So much so that made him realize something; he was home. The god knew he needed to make it more permanent. He tolerated living out of that vehicle, but he wanted to give his love an actual home. Part of him, the part that terrified him the most, even wanted to have a home for kids someday. He had been using his birth control spells now that he and Mobius were constantly making love, but he knew eventually they would both get to a point where Loki would let the conception happen. The thought made him chuckle before turning his mind to the task he had assigned himself.

He closed his eyes and envisioned what he wanted to build for Mobius. He knew he wanted their new home to be cozy, yet modern and elegant enough. Loki started with the exterior of their home. It was a white, pitch roofed home that had two decks that wrapped around the home. The windows were down to the floor to let as much light in as possible. For the fun of it, the god added a pool to the backyard and some grass. The back of the house had the majority of the windows, considering it had the best view of the ocean. A red door to the front was the finishing touch before he envisioned what the inside would look like. Loki added light wood floors and soft yellow walls. He made sure there were at least four bedrooms in the whole house and a few bathrooms. The decorations kind of came to him without much persuasion from his sedir because it was all his imagination. This kind of magic was different from creating an illusion. It was much more energy-consuming because he was actually conjuring tangible things from around him to build this home. The trees in the clearing and the rocks all fell victim to the building of this new home. The furnishings and other items started popping up on their own accord as Loki opened his eyes to see what he had created. It was almost perfect. He focused a little more to connect their home to the electrical grid and plumbing that was in this part of town. He was sure they would have authorities showing up at their door in a few weeks, but Loki knew how to enchant people now so he wasn’t the least bit worried about the silly Midgardian laws.

The newly built house was only about three miles or so back to the camper so Loki pushed some of the trees back to create a dirt road that connected to the other dirt road to give them access to leave as they pleased. He added a few lights to the outside of the house and for a finishing touch, he created two jet-skis that were now parked on the side of the house. The sun was setting so Loki hurried back down the new road to where he had left Mobius. He found the man in question standing outside the camper with a sandwich in one hand and his other hand resting on his hip while he looked at the new dirt road that just popped up.

“Loki, I don’t know what you were doing but if it was killing trees-”

“Just get in the damn vehicle and shut up,” Loki said lovingly. Mobius sighed and took another bite of his sandwich before listening. He knew Loki well enough now that he knew that tone just meant whatever was going to happen or had happened was out of his control.

Mobius set his half-eaten sandwich down on the counter before sitting in the passenger seat. Loki snapped his fingers and put a plate under the sandwich using his magic without saying anything. Mobius pretended not to notice, but he filed that away for later so he would remember Loki was the neat freak of the two. Loki started the camper and drove them down the newly made dirt road. The gasp that left Mobius’ mouth when the new house came into view was worth the tiredness Loki was feeling from literally creating their new home.

“Loki… You made this?” Mobius asked. Loki parked the camper on the driveway and turned it off using his sedir. Mobius was out the door before Loki could confirm that he was the best lover in the world and did create a whole house using the elements around him. He just followed the other man to where he was standing at the front of the beach house staring at the red door.

“Go ahead,” Loki prompted. Mobius reached out slowly as if scared this was all an illusion rather than something tangible. When he grasped the handle to the door, he shot Loki a grin before heading inside.

It was technically Loki’s first time inside as well. He had only been in here in his mind, so seeing that even the small details such as pots and pans in the kitchen and a coat hanger at the door were really there was still exciting. However, as Loki watched Mobius wander through the first level of the open floor plan, he started feeling his insecurities take over. Mobius hadn’t said a single word as he opened the door to the only bedroom downstairs and ran his thick fingers over the countertops. Mobius stopped where he was in the kitchen and just stared at Loki with a look the god couldn't decipher.

“If there’s something you want different or if you don’t like it, I can change it. I know I kind of took this step without even speaking to you first… Oh no… I didn’t even ask if you wanted to live in a house here! With me! And there are three more bedrooms upstairs you haven't seen yet! Mobius, I would understand if you didn’t feel the same way-”

“Loki!” Mobius shouted. Loki shut up right away, but couldn’t force himself to look Mobius in the eyes. Instead, he found the fruit bowl on the counter to be very amusing and began playing with an orange that was in it.

“Loki, look at me,” Mobius said after a few seconds of silence. Loki looked up and was shocked the other man had walked silently around the counter to stand right in front of him with a smile on his face. Mobius rested both hands on the side of his face and made sure Loki was really looking in his eyes as he spoke.

“There is nothing in the whole entirety of time that I would want more than to live with you in this house you created. I’m just trying to wrap my mind around the fact you did this for us. God, Loki… I thought there wasn’t anything left that you could do that would surprise me, but this? This proved me wrong. Now what I want to do now is to undress you and have you in every single room of this house,” Mobius finished by pulling Loki in a hot kiss. Loki sighed into it, relieved that Mobius was pleased with him.

True to his word, Mobius stripped Loki completely bare and picked him up so he was laying on the island counter. The bowl of fruit was now on the floor, but once Mobius put his mouth on Loki’s cock, nothing seemed to matter. Loki felt beyond exposed to the man that was fully clothed, so he bent his legs a bit to frame the other man's head. However, all that did was give Mobius access to his slit which the other man immediately slid a finger into. Loki arched his back and threw his head back with his mouth open. Mobius was suckling at his tip so wonderfully that Loki knew he was about to spill embarrassingly quickly. They had never done this before, but Mobius was such a giving lover that no matter what he lacked in experience he always made up in enthusiasm.

“Love, I’m going to come…” Loki warned. Mobius sucked harder and flicked his tongue in a way that Loki knew he needed to ask where he learned that from. That was all it took for Loki to come into the gray-haired man’s mouth. He groaned and clenched around the finger that was still lazily pumping in and out of his slit. Mobius pulled away from the god's cock to see the finished product of his handy work. Loki was flushed and still blissed out. The man throbbed in his newly acquired jeans, wanting nothing more than to flip him over on the counter and fuck him. But he really wanted to christen every room in this incredible home, so instead, he pulled his own shirt off and wiped Loki up a bit. Then, he pulled on Loki’s long legs so they were wrapped around his hips and pulled him to sit up.

“Ugh, you’re the worst,” Loki said, as he latched onto Mobius so he could be carried into the living room. The god was lighter than he looked so Mobius had no trouble taking him to the living room and laying him across the fluffy white rug.

“When we have kids, this rug is going to have to go,” Mobius mumbled into Loki's neck, sucking a bruise below his ear. The older man didn’t think of the words tumbling out of his mouth until they were in the open, but luckily for him Loki just nodded and moaned at his words.

Mobius stripped down the rest of the way, tossing his underwear and jeans in front of the fireplace. He reminded himself that they would need to come back to this spot at night and make love on this rug in front of the fireplace. Loki flipped over so he had his ass in the air, presenting it to the other man. Mobius shivered and ran a finger over the dusty pink pucker revealed to him.

“Won’t that hurt?” He asked, feeling dumb. Loki chuckled and turned his head to look at the other man. He could read the battle clear on his lover's face of wanting to do something so bad, yet being too much of a pure heart to actually do it. Loki flicked his wrist so his sedir could loosen him up and lube him up as well. He also conjured lube to give to Mobius so he could slick himself up too. Loki had to move from his spot to help him figure out what to do with the gel-like lotion, but once Mobius had his dick nice and wet, Loki resumed putting his ass in the air.

“When I have more patience I’ll teach you how to stretch me open for you, but for now just get in me. It won’t hurt, I promise.” Loki said to his lover. Mobius had to decide that he trusted Loki knew his own body and limits. He got on his knees and pushed the head of his cock in the tight hole. Both men gasped for different reasons, yet it was all due to pleasure. Loki felt some pain that was pleasurable while Mobius felt a sensation of being pushed out and pulled in at the same time. He knew he wouldn’t last long enough to enjoy this or make it enjoyable.

“Loki, I’m old. I can’t-”

“Just fuck me until you feel like you're going to come then pull out.” Loki cut off Mobius. The agent nodded and listened to the more experienced god. This position and this version of intercourse were doing something to Mobius that he could only describe as animalistic. Once Loki told him he could move, Mobius pounded into the other man in a way that neither was expecting. Loki's long fingers tangled in the fur of the rug while Mobius left bruises on Loki’s hips with his own grip. Skin hitting skin, gasps, and groans were all that could be heard. Mobius felt that familiar warm feeling flooding his belly so he immediately pulled out.

“Slowly!” Loki shouted then waved magic as quickly as he had spoken. Mobius thought he had hurt his partner and immediately pulled the god into his arms, peppering kisses on his head, apologizing profusely. Loki chuckled and leaned up to steal a kiss.

“Anal sex is a different beast. I should have told you sooner that you have to pull out slowly for very… unsexy reasons.” Loki said. Mobius stopped his shower of kisses once he pieced together what Loki was hinting at. The gray-haired man groaned and turned a shade of red that Loki had never seen in his life. Mobius buried his face in Loki’s dark curls. Loki started laughing. It wasn’t malicious at all, he was just enjoying embarrassing his lover a bit; pushing him out of his comfort zone.

“We have more rooms!” Loki said, hopping out of Mobius’ arms and pulling the other man to the dining area. Mobius started laughing now as well, coming up behind Loki and kissing his shoulders. Loki flipped their positions and started to suck Mobius off as the other man leaned against the table. When he got close, Loki whisked them away to the bedroom downstairs.

The two got more and more creative as they continued their sex marathon through the house. On the stairs, Loki talked Mobius into letting him lick his hole for a while. Mobius was embarrassed at first but towards the end, he was reaching behind him and pushing Loki’s face deeper between his cheeks. The bathrooms had Loki getting his slit eaten out as Mobius stroked himself to keep his erection. One of the two spare bedrooms upstairs had Mobius fucking Loki’s thighs while the other had Loki returning the favor.
When they got to the main bedroom both men were giddy. Mobius tossed Loki on the bed and crawled up his body. They shared kisses and licked each other's mouths. Loki spread his legs wide, to give Mobius access to the single act they hadn’t done during their christening. Mobius slid his weeping erection into Loki’s vagina, causing them both to moan. That sent them into a fit of giggles while Mobius thrust playfully. Loki flipped them and ended up riding Mobius’ dick as if his life depended on it. Mobius rubbed Loki's clit with one hand and stroked him with the other. Once Loki came, Mobius let go finally. It was the most intense orgasm either had had. Loki had never come vaginally and from his cock at the same time while feeling another man spill into him. He felt his head fuzz with lust as he collapsed on Mobius, riding out his endorphins. Mobius felt like he had been holding his breath for hours and coming inside Loki was like releasing his air and sucking in craved oxygen simultaneously. Neither man moved or spoke for a good twenty minutes.

“Mobius… Are you okay?” Loki whispered. Mobius realized he had been dozing off. He wrapped his arms tighter around the lieth body on top of him and kissed Loki’s sweaty forehead.

“I have never felt better. How about you, my love? Everything feeling okay?” He asked, remembering that Loki had an orgasm in almost every room. Loki nodded, pressing a kiss right above Mobius’ heart. Mobius could feel the god wanted to say something, but he knew how stubborn he could be so he waited for Loki to find his own time to say it rather than push him.

“The rug downstairs… You said we would have to get rid of it when we have kids. How many do you want?” Loki asked, finally picking his head up to look into the other man's eyes. There was a shy, scared look in his eyes. Loki had never thought he would find someone that would love him much less wanted to have kids with him. Mobius smiled and kissed Loki’s cheek.

“Well, you did add a lot of bedrooms.” Mobius had joked, causing Loki to swat his bicep and roll his eyes. They shared a soft laugh before a thoughtful silence.

“I want as many kids as you’re willing to have. It’s your body, Loki. It’s up to you. If you don’t want any or if you want four hundred, I’ll be here.” Mobius said softly, his fingers roaming over the god's soft, creamy skin. Loki’s eyes teared up because he never had anyone consider his own body before. Loki never had much respect for it, using it as a means to an end at times. For someone to let him choose what he wanted with his body... he was about to break his birth control spell right then and there.

“I want your babies. I want lots of your babies. I just want to get used to us first. Is that okay?” Loki asked. Mobius chuckled and kissed Loki softly. He pulled the god deeper into his arms.

“Of course it is Loki. Anything you want is what I want.” Mobius assured. Loki smiled and fell into a deep sleep moments later. Mobius stayed awake a while to watch the night sky out the window. He pressed kisses on Loki’s head randomly as he realized just how in love he really was.

When Mobius woke the next morning, he couldn’t believe how sore his body was. He smiled a bit, remembering all the new things he and Loki had tried. He also couldn’t believe how amazing this house was and that it was truly theirs. Mobius looked at Loki sleeping soundly and smiled again. He was smitten and there was no denying it.

After a few more minutes of just taking in Loki’s sleeping face, Mobius slid out of bed and wandered into the walk-in closet. He shouldn't have been surprised to see there were clothes in there already hanging and in the built-in drawers. Mobius’ clothes were marked on the left-hand side of the closet with a wooden ‘M’ and Loki had something similar with a wooden ‘L’. The small details blew Mobius away with the thought that Loki put into creating this. The god had only been missing for about fourty minutes before he had met Mobius back at their campsite. It took him literally no time at all to create something that was a complete fit for the two of them.

Mobius got dressed in some khaki shorts and a light blue button-up shirt. It was a soft linen shirt, unlike the stiff shirts he wore while at the TVA. Thinking of the TVA drove Mobius to his next action. He went downstairs and started to brew some coffee, then went out the front door to get their Tempads from the camper.

Only once the coffee was done brewing and he had a steaming cup of the black liquid did he start typing his information into the Tempad. Mobius had felt emboldened by Loki. He felt that he could look at his past and see who he was as long as he had his Loki to anchor him back to where they were now and the life they were going to build. Mostly, Mobius just wanted to know the basic details about himself; his age, birthday, where his parents were, past relationships, and what caused him to get caught up with a bureaucratic evil such as the TVA. While the Tempad was loading his newly unclassified information, he went back upstairs to Loki. He needed to do this, but he wasn’t about to do it alone.

Luckily, Loki was already awake and sitting up in bed when Mobius entered the room. Loki was pressing on a few of the fresh bruises on his bare skin that Mobius had sucked and pressed there. The look on the god's face seemed pleased, but he rolled his eyes when he caught Mobius looking pleased as well.

“You’re a true brute. My inner thighs are rubbed raw because of you.” Loki said, trying to sound put out but obviously he enjoyed being marked by his lover. Mobius sat on the bed and kissed Loki’s forehead. Sometimes, it was best to say nothing at all to the god.

“Anyway, what do you want to do today? I haven’t taken you to the backyard yet. There's a pool. I know it’s kind of pointless considering there's an ocean just down the side of the cliff, but I thought it would be fun to have a place that doesn’t force you to get sand in unmentionable areas.” Loki continued to talk, as he did best, offering different activities they should try or just being hard on himself for not making a perfect home, even though to Mobius he had.

“I want to look at my TVA files and piece together my past.” Mobius interrupted. Loki’s mouth stayed open from his last suggestion. He remained like that, looking over his lover's face like he was trying to read what the right words would be. He snapped it shut and looked down and where he had tangled their hands during his little rant.

“I can enchant you as well if you want me to bring back all your memories. I know how to now.” Loki offered. His tone gave away some bitterness that was still attached to Sylvie, but the offer was still genuine.

“I appreciate the offer, but I feel like there will be less to take in if I read it. I mean, I’ve been reading about multiple apocalypses for years and different nexus events that should have left me an emotional wreck. Maybe I’ve trained myself to compartmentalize enough to help me learn who I was. Besides, anything I learn in my file or memory that resurfaces already feels like it is about someone else. I’m not that person anymore. The TVA took him from me, but I kind of like who I am.” Mobius said. He had a soft smile on his face as if he had already made peace that this was going to be difficult to do but it needed to be done nonetheless.

“Let me just… get dressed. I feel like this is something I need clothes on for.” Loki said, trying to lighten the solemn mood that had built in the room. He got out of bed and curried off to the closet. Mobius enjoyed the view of Loki leaving before he got off the bed and started to make it. He remembered Loki liking things neat and clean, so he hoped this small gesture would show his love.

Loki was dressed about the same time he finished making the bed. They shared a soft look before Loki led him downstairs so they could sit on the couch together. Some of their clothes were still on the floor in front of the fireplace, causing them to burst out laughing. Loki used his magic to send the clothes and bottle of lubricant upstairs before settling with his lover on the couch. Mobius sipped his coffee while Loki took the Tempad and began opening holographic files into the air. Mobis took the leap and selected the first one.

“So my parents really did name me Mobius Mobius Mobius. That’s… disappointing. I was hoping that was a TVA error.” Mobius had joked, looking at the birth certificate in front of him. Loki kissed his cheek and chuckled softly, letting the other man take in the information. He was born in a small town in Dallas, Texas to Mary and Michael Mobius. The next thing Mobius saw was his birthdate. October 21, 1846.

He felt his blood run cold. He was supposed to be dead by now. Hell, he was older than Steve Rogers! It also confirmed that his family had been dead for a while. Loki must have sensed that the other man was shocked by this turn of events, so he rested his hand on Mobius’ thigh. He didn’t know when he was taken from his timeline yet which would determine when he “stopped” aging, but he did know his real age was around 175 years old. Math was hard for him in his current state of mind.


“I want to keep going.” Mobius snapped back. He knew Loki was going to offer to stop, but Mobius was pissed. He wasn’t going to let the TVA take even a minute more of his time. He closed that file and pulled up the next about his early childhood. He was the youngest of four boys. He was raised on a cattle ranch where his father bought and sold cows as well as did blacksmith work. He did well in school and caused little trouble. There was a note on one of the pages that said he was described as “sensitive” and “inquisitive”. Mobius guessed those descriptions held true because he would still describe himself as such.

The next files were more about his adolescent years. His oldest brother broke his nose twice in the same year while play-fighting, leaving it crooked. Loki read the detail and leaned over to kiss it. Mobius let out a wet chuckle, not realizing he was crying. He let a deep breath go and turned the page. His eyes bulged out when he saw FIRST KISS as something that needed to be documented.

“Aw, that's sweet,” Loki said, having already gotten past the fact there were much more details of other more intimate firsts further down the page. Mobius read the first kiss section. He was 13 when he had kissed 15-year old David Heck in the hayloft. The boy had been an extra farmhand over the summer and the boys got close. It happened while they were roughhousing. The file said Mobis initiated the kiss after he had been pinned and the kiss was reciprocated.

“Don’t make fun. I’m sure your first kiss was something similar… Oh, wait it was! You were in the training grounds with Fandral when-”

“This isn't about me!” Loki shouted, cutting off Mobius and his endless knowledge of Loki’s life. Mobius laughed, feeling a weight off his chest when he realized Loki was okay with reading about his past relationships. Well, so far at least.

The files on Mobius’ early adult life were more eventful. He went to school for a few years before becoming a banker. He still lived at home to help his father with chores around the ranch, but it was for his eldest brother to inherit so Mobius had to find his own path in life. He found it in practicing law. He became a lawyer in 1870 at 24 years old. He got a job that would take him to Houston, Texas. The file said he was one of the youngest and soon became one of the best.

His life seemed to be going fine until his mid-thirties. The files started getting bigger as more life events started. His mother died just after he turned 31. His father died two months after, everyone said it was from a broken heart. His oldest brother got married and Mobius became an uncle to twin boys when he was 32. He got in a saloon fight when he was 33 that landed him in jail for the night. The reason was some man was advancing on a woman that wasn’t returning the affection. While he was 34 he slept with 11 different men and 2 women. By the notes, Mobius seemed to spend more time naked in that whole year than clothed.

“I’m impressed. That has to break a slutty record somewhere.” Mobius had joked while his cheeks were burning red. Loki had gotten up to brew more coffee, so he had Mobius read each encounter out loud.

“That probably comes close to Thor’s weekly recond. Be proud of yourself, he is considered in some parts of the world the god of fertility.” Loki said, creating a bowl of chopped fruit out of thin air and bringing it over to the couch. Mobius took a sip of the fresh coffee then got a piece of melon. Loki opened the next neatly filed year of Mobius’ life.

Shit really hit the fan when Mobius was 35. He was in his first serious relationship. Mobius had fallen for another lawyer he worked with named James. However, due to the fact it was a relationship with another man, it was very secretive considering the risk. Loki always found it odd how Midgardians were so concerned with sexual orientation and felt the need to lash out if it was anything by heterosexual. Reading the way Mobius and his partner snuck around really made no sense to him. On Asgard, it was almost expected that everyone was a little gay. They viewed all love as beautiful, not just “acceptable”. Mobius must have felt the weight of each story because he eventually stopped reading and just looked at Loki.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked. Loki nodded and met the other man in the middle. It was a kiss that made Mobius feel grateful he didn’t have to hide how he felt towards this other man. They separated and continued their reading.

Even if the relationship between Mobius and James seemed sweet at first, it soon became unhealthy. Unknown to Mobius at that time, James had been married for 10 years to a woman and had two children. There were notes on multiple occasions James would become aggressive and hit Mobius. Mobius found out a year into their secret relationship that James was married. When he was 36 he broke things off with the man, but that only lasted a few months until the two were put to work on a case together that brought back all their old feelings. Of course, the cycle of abuse continued in their relationship. They would be in the honeymoon phase for a few weeks, then things would start growing tense then James would lash out. Before Mobius could break things off, they were back to their honeymoon phase. This continued until Mobius was 40 years old. That's when his nexus event occurred.

“... Why would I let someone treat me like that? I seemed to have everything going for me. I was a lawyer. I had my own house. I had a good relationship with my brothers. I had friends at work. Hell, I even slept with a lot of people! Why would I let this one-man control me and use me for years?” Mobius yelled, standing up. Loki was shell-shocked. He hadn’t expected to read something like that from someone like Mobius. What shook him out of his thoughts was the reminder that even the most confident, perfect people can get pulled into relationships like this. It can happen to anyone and obviously, it can happen anytime.

“Mobius, you didn’t have someone to tell you this was wrong. You didn’t even tell your brothers you were in a relationship with this man. I’m not sure you could even recognize the amount of abuse you were putting up with. It wasn't talked about during this time, especially in a relationship with two men.” Loki said. Mobius, being the smart and rational man he was, let out a breath and realized Loki was right. The person he had been back then was so far from the person he was now. He couldn’t piece together why he was in that relationship, but he could confirm that he probably just wanted love. Mobius sat back down, this time closer to Loki. He was practically curled in the taller man's lap, just trying to get comfort and confirmation that he was no longer that person.

“Alright, what was my nexus event? Just rip the bandaid off.” Mobius sighed, closing his eyes. Loki read over the final page in the file. He was too quiet for a while so Mobius looked over to see Loki just staring at the hologram in front of him.

“It says… It says you told James’ wife you were having an affair with her husband,” Loki said, sliding the hologram for Mobius to read. That wasn’t all it said.

Apparently, in the original Sacred Timeline, Mobius tells James’ wife of the affair then leaves town, after a final altercation with James, back to Dallas where he meets another man and lives happily ever after. However, in this timeline after confronting James’ wife, James tracked him down while Mobius was packing. James violently attacked him. Mobius had been clinging to life when the TVA intervened. Mobius wasn’t supposed to die from the attack. He wasn’t supposed to be attacked at all, the Sacred Timeline shows he was only supposed to get in a verbal confrontation then leave. The TVA stepped in and reset the timeline, but it was a special circumstance. They took James and ended up pruning him then reset Mobius to a different spot in the timeline, particularly in 1992 in Florida as a jet ski instructor.

“Wait, they put me somewhere else on the timeline to solve someone else’s nexus event? I’ve heard of it happening to victims of nexus events, I guess it’s just different…” Mobius said, obviously thinking back to the many cases he had studied. Loki realized just how much the TVA was lacking in regard to human lives. Mobius had been taken from his life and thrown across the timeline, forced to become someone else.

“This continues and says it was a botched mission. You were only in that time for two years before your memories crept back. You sought out a therapist and were taken again by the TVA.” Loki read. Mobius nodded, just taking it all in. The file of Mobius in his time at the TVA really proved time worked very differently. It said he spent over 400 years working for the TVA. The file had an extensive research portion on memory wipes and the worrisome graying of his hair even after they had stopped his aging. They had given him multiple serums to stop aging, but his hair continued to turn from light blonde locks to silver ones. Really, all of this didn’t even matter. Mobius was hundreds of years old, one his third chance at life, and was barely keeping it together while shopping at Trader Joe’s.

“Jet skis…” Mobius mumbled, shutting his file and just staring off into space. Loki felt a little helpless considering he couldn't do anything to help his lover absorb the information that was just bestowed upon him. Loki wondered if that was how Mobius felt when Loki watched his whole life for the first time. Of course, the TVA had just called it his file, but this was his life. It had traumatized him to witness his own death and his life he would never get to live. Now Mobius had just read about his own abusive relationship then his near-death due to said relationship before getting thrown to a random spot in the timeline.

Loki just watched Mobius closely. He squeezed his thigh but received no reaction. It was a few moments until Mobius finally shed a single tear. From there, it was like a dam breaking. He flung himself in Loki’s arms and continued to sob into Loki’s chest. Mobius felt like he had been hit with a wave of emotions. He was angry, sad, frustrated, fearful and so much more he couldn’t even name it. He was also feeling grateful that he had the man holding him.

“I’ve got you. I’m here.” Loki said softly. Mobius nodded and felt himself start calming. He focused on the deep breaths Loki was taking. He felt his brain stop racing and just focused on breathing. Breath by breath until he was able to look up at Loki. Loki smiled sadly, raising an eyebrow as if asking if his lover was okay. Mobius shrugged and let out a deep breath.

“At least I know I’m 42 despite how old I look,” Mobius said. Loki cracked a smile and rolled his eyes. He leaned in for a cautious kiss which was met by a more reassuring one.

“You do not look old. In Asgardian years I am 1,070 years old. Midgardian years that’s about 21. However, adding all my past traumas I would like to say I’m beyond my years.” Loki replied. Mobius nodded as if it all made sense, but at this point, nothing made sense anymore. The only thing that made sense was that the two men cared for each other deeply and nothing was going to change that.

The next day was a much better one. Gone were the questions of the past and worries of the future. The two men started their day with laughter and lovemaking. It was something Loki had fantasized about, never realizing that this could be his. The couple washed up and had breakfast out on the deck watching the waves roll in. Loki ate his fruit, occasionally feeding some to Mobius while he sipped his coffee.

“I was thinking… Maybe we could break in those jet skis today?” Mobius asked shyly. Loki just grinned and ran inside to get their swim trunks. He could hear Mobius laughing and yelling his name as he ran after him. Loki was already dressed by the time Mobius got to their closet. The god threw Mobius’ trunks in his face and continued to run back outside.

He solved the problem of getting the jet skis down to the beach by just transporting them there. As he waited in the sand for his lover to join him, he let the sunshine on his face. This feeling of happiness was something he would cherish forever.

“Loki!” Mobius shouted from the top of the cliff. Loki opened his eyes and turned to see Mobius waving his arms. Due to his lack of patience, Loki teleported the other man to the beach. Mobius seemed dizzy when he landed standing next to the god but got his bearings when he spotted the yellow and white jet skis. Loki had them magically anchored to the beach, so Mobius just hopped on one. He started it as if he hadn’t missed a single day since last riding one.

“Hop on with me!” Mobius shouted over the revving engine. Loki used his sedir to put life vests on both of them before climbing behind Mobius. He wrapped his arms around his middle and braced himself for the wild ride he knew the ex-agent was about to give him.

The feeling of wind in his hair and water spraying upon his face brought back happiness and freedom Mobius happily remembered. However, this was so much better because he had the love of his life clinging to him, letting out hoots and laughing as they tore through the waves. Loki squeezed Mobius tighter as he heard the man truly let out a belly laugh. Mobius brought them to a smooth stop and flipped around on the jet ski so he was facing Loki. Their knees were brushing and their toes skimmed the surface of the water. Loki leaned in first to kiss the other man. Mobius brought his hands up to frame Loki’s face. It was a nice, slow kiss that allowed both men to taste each other. When they pulled away, Mobius rested his forehead against Loki’s.

“I love you,” Mobius said softly. Loki shivered, never hearing those words come from a companion.

“I love you, Mobius,” Loki responded. The smile that spread on the other man's face was brighter and warmer than any sun in the galaxy. Maybe it was the fact that Loki hadn’t been loved so dearly by another that made the words feel so true. Maybe it was the fact Mobius had lived three lives to get to this moment. Or maybe it was because this was their destiny and it only took blowing up the multiverse to get here. Either way, their love was real and neither man was going to take it for granted.