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Movies and Cuddling <3

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Tokoyami was walking, calmly, through the wet grass outside his house. His hand intertwined with Aoyamas's. They walked at a steady pace. Tokoyami was dressed decently, in a button up shirt, colored dark blue, slightly more black then blue, but still blue . Matched with black jeans, and basic black vans. Aoyama was also dressed decently, his hair done in his usual style, yet somehow more shiny. Though he had put a sparkly substance in his hair, bringing out gold specs. His light shirt, ruffled cuffs as well as his collar, was matched with black ripped jeans. He had Tokoyami's jacket on, it was blue, with white crow silhouettes planted all around it.
They weren't walking anywhere specifically, they were just walking. It was slightly dark out, the sun setting, clouds offsetting the rest of the darkened sky. They'd just left Tokoyami's house, as he had had to eat dinner with the family he didn't particularly enjoy, but not for bad reasons, more so their over attention. Aoyama had eaten with them as Tokoyami's family had grown quite fond of him.
Once they'd left, they began walking to seemingly nowhere.
"Where should we go, Aoyama?" Yeah Tokoyami asked, as if he'd just noticed they'd walked down the whole street, almost unconsciously. Not even realizing they'd somehow intertwined their fingers, also unconsciously.
"Where would you like to go?" Aoyama responded, resisting himself from his normal French tints for no apparent reason.
"I'm not sure." Tokoyami muttered the words yet Aoyama was still able to hear him over the light drizzle of rain.
"Ok ok I have an idea." Aoyama pulled him along while running towards the a back road they'd used for training in the past . Tokoyami was stunned, and caught off guard. So he was just sort of being dragged through the darkness, quickly growing and surrounding them. His shadow was being suppressed as he didn't want to hurt Aoyama, though in the dark he was hard to control.
Aoyama had his footing perfect, he was running through everything flawlessly. Like he'd done it thousands of times in the past.
They arrived at a building, and Tokoyami didn't even realize it was they're dorms until they'd turned the corner as they were behind the building.
Aoyama lead him to the front and through the doors.
"You really hyped up going home?" Tokoyami questioned.
"No just follow me." Aoyama whined. "What do you have a place to be ?" Tokoyami joked.
Tokoyami followed him exactly, it appeared no one was in the common area, asleep Tokoyami assumed. Aoyama opened the door in front of Tokoyami, the door to Aoyama's dorm room.
They had come to Aoyama's room, mostly because Aoyama was cold and didn't wanna stay outside at night.
They sat at the edge of the bed, still only holding hands. The door was closed, and they were alone.
They were both a little wet, due to the drizzling rain outside.
"Do you need a change of clothes, mon amour?" Aoyama said searching through his closet from dry clothes for himself and possibly Tokoyami, not even realizing what he'd accidentally said.
"Uh yea, thanks" Tokoyami blushed a little.
"Here you are" Aoyama handed Tokoyami an outfit.
Tokoyami went to the bathroom to change, though he easily realized Aoyama's shorts wouldn't fit him. He just ended up staying in his boxers because they were close enough to shorts anyway. He folded the shorts back up, and took a look at the shirt he'd pulled over his head without looking at what it was. The mirror reflected back Tokoyami's body, the boy saw himself, in a golden shirt, with ruffles on the sleeves, though they were short. Most likely a girls shirt, he found it surprisingly comfortable. He personally didn't think he looked good in only his boxers and a golden shirt. But the second he opened the door and returned the small pants, he realized Aoyama disagreed.
Aoyamas mouth opened, as if he couldn't control it. He blushed and looked away when he realized what he'd done.
"I guess you could say, my jaw literally ✨ dropped ✨" Aoyama spoke almost as if he'd pronounced the emojis.
Tokoyami though, was also in a small state of shock, he hadn't even noticed. Aoyama's hair had already dried, but it was messy, and he was wearing a pair of white shorts that went down to just about his finger tips. He wore a light yellow tshirt, with nothing on it. He looked really good in Tokoyami's eyes, though he wouldn't admit it.
"Hey I'll be right back ok" Tokoyami said, as he took his jacket and left for a second. He decided to put his jacket in the dryer for a bit, in case Aoyama got upset.
"Wanna watch a movie?" Tokoyami asked, poking Aoyama in the side.
"Well it's only 8 pm, so why not" Aoyama, this time dropping his French hints intentionally, though it was still present in his voice and the way he said words, but he'd dropped the French words.
"Hey, why'd you stop" Tokoyami's curiosity getting the best of him.
"Oh the French. Uhm well, to be honest, I haven't needed to use it, and it's nice to lay back even if it's kinda a part of me now. I feel comfortable around you." Aoyama not realizing he'd said what he said.
"Well, we have been closer recently." Tokoyami remarks.
"What movie would you prefer to watch ?" Aoyama asked. He chose to change back to the previous subject, he remembered what he'd said to Ochaco before they'd beat Thirteen, thanks to mostly Ochaco.
"Could it be, you like him ?" He recalled his own voice, even though it was aimed at her, he couldn't help thinking about himself. The boy he didn't want to admit he liked because they were exact opposites was now in his dorm room, getting ready to watch some movie. The boy. His exact opposite. When Aoyama first realized he might've had a small attraction to Tokoyami, he'd done some research. Tokoyami's species of bird, well the species of bird Tokoyami's quirk turns him into. If his quirk made him follow most ways of said birds, he'd be attracted to shiny things. Of course the fact Aoyama took into interest. Aoyama pushed them thoughts away as he wanted to build friendships at the school as a result of not being in any of the bigger groups.
"We should watch Hamilton, if you don't have Disney+ I can log onto Mina's" Tokoyami said after a bit of thinking.
"You full blown buffoon. You really think I don't have Disney." Aoyama being Aoyama was completely surprised Toko didn't realize.
"Makes sense, Twinkle" Tokoyami got a bit more laid back as they put on Hamilton.
They got a bit into it and Aoyama had a moment of realization, two things caught his attention actually.
One, how close him and Tokoyami were sitting, and two, why does Tokoyami of all people want to watch Hamilton.
"Wait, Toko, Why might you have suggested Hamilton of all things." Aoyama said, replacing his French titles, with a personal nickname.
"Mina got me into it one the bus to the training camp because her and Jiro needed someone to listen to it with." Tokoyami replied, minding the nickname.
The movie slowly crept up onto Phillip's untimely death. The plot point was currently right as Phillip was looking for the man who dissed his father. Funnily enough Aoyama was already tearing up, to be bawling within minutes if not seconds all because he knew what was coming. Tokoyami noticed him trembling. Tokoyami stretched himself over top of Aoyama to get his tv remote. He didn't have the strength to go around or even pull himself over without touching him, he didn't think much of it. And neither did Aoyama through him mourning over Phillip. Once he'd retrieved Aoyama's remote, he promptly paused the movie without even a second passing.
"Toko" Aoyama winced through his words, due to his tears.
"I'm sorry but I'm not about to sit here and hear you cry through these scenes. I don't know why this is so emotional for you, but I can't let it happen. Even if it's because of a movie." Tokoyami didn't mind the nickname, in fact he didn't know why, though he would by the end of the movie, he liked it, yet only coming from him.
"Fine, though I will need a moment of time before I can steady." Aoyama sniffles.
Tokoyami seemed a bit nervous but he'd continued going with what'd he'd seen others do, he tried his best to comfort him, despite his edgy dark guy persona, he wouldn't ever want to be the downfall of any of his friends or classmates, whether it be in a fight, emotionally, or physically. Tokoyami slowly moved closer to Aoyama, they'd both been under blankets and surrounded by pillows and stuffed animals.
"Aoyama, hey, uh do you mind if I" Tokoyami couldn't finish his question.
Though the boy didn't know what Tokoyami would've asked, he hoped it was for a hug, or to cuddle. So even without knowing, he wrapped his arms around the boy and cried into his chest.
Tokoyami smiled and ran his hands through the boys hair. Aoyama calmed down, but didn't let go, they cuddled throughout the rest of the movie.
"Did you like the movie Yama?" Tokoyami asked the boy, still in his arms.
"Yes Toko "
Aoyama liked the boy, and they were affectionate towards each other, but they never said anything about it.
"Aoyama. You know, uh, you know ravens like shiny things" Tokoyami muttered.
"Yeah why? mon amour." This time he realized what he said. He covered his mouth with his hands and his face flushed with embarrassment.
"Well, uh, you tend to wear a lot of glitter and uh i" Tokoyami didn't know why he was saying what he was saying.
"Aoyama I think I really like you." Tokoyami got himself together and looked away from Aoyama.
"Toko, I know you've noticed me calling you 'mon amour'" Aoyama finally acknowledged the name he'd been saying.
Tokoyami responded only by resting his head on Aoyama's shoulder.
"my love, eh, i could get used to that." Tokoyami thought aloud.
Tokoyami picked up his head to ask a special question, when i Aoyama laid his head down into his lap. Tokoyami ran his fingers through the boys long, sparkly hair.
"Yama, could i call you my boyfriend?"
"why yes, mon amour"
It was around 11:40 pm. They both decided they needed to head to sleep. Tokoyami was to tired to carry himself to his room, and with their new found feelings towards each other, neither one had a problem staying together.
Tokoyami has his hand in Aoyamas hair, the other wrapped around his back. Aoyama was cuddled against him. Arms around Tokoyami's waist. Aoyama was sound asleep after barely 5 minutes through the cuddle.
"Goodnight Yama" Tokoyami whispered, kissing Aoyama on the forehead and laying himself down to sleep before school the next day.