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Xandercles the Mighty

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Xander was content. As a matter of fact, he was more than content. He couldn’t think of a better word off the top of his head, but he was sure there was one. It didn’t matter, though. The one person he’d ask to come up with it for him was currently sucking on his left nipple, teasing it, nibbling on it, and flicking it with his tongue. It felt absolutely wonderful, and Xander had no intention of stopping Spike to ask him to play thesaurus.

It wasn’t just Spike’s skill with his tongue that made Xander content, although it played a large part in that equation. But it wasn’t everything, and everything was perfect, today. This afternoon, Xander had talked to a real estate agent, who had several suggestions for a house, and he and Spike were going to see them tomorrow night. Clem had come over later, and they’d played Final Fantasy IX all afternoon, and talked like fools about everything and nothing, making plans to go to Loscon 27 together later that month.

Xander and Spike had gone on patrol with Buffy afterwards, and she’d admitted that she hadn’t realized how good it had felt to have the support of those with ‘some kind of power’ beyond that of an average human. When they’d been sucked into another dimension, and she’d had to handle everything on her own again, she’d even missed Spike’s help. She was very grateful that they were both there to help, and that acknowledgement had given Xander a happy boost that had lasted all evening.

Now, it was just Xander and Spike, doing what they do best – loving each other. Spike pinched both nipples one last time before he moved down the center of his chest, and Xander arched into the sensations, moaning his approval. When Spike played with his navel, Xander squirmed. He hated that Spike now knew how ticklish he was there, but when Spike got serious, tongue fucking Xander as his fingernails scratched lightly down Xander’s sides, he forgot all about laughing, and rolled his body in a wave of pleasure.

What was it that Spike had called it? Undulated - that was it. Sexy word for a sexy move. He hadn’t even known his body could do that, until Spike showed him that pleasure had degrees. There was ‘okay’ pleasure, and there was ‘oh, that was nice’ pleasure. There was ‘woah, do that again’ pleasure, and ‘holy, fucking god, I never knew there could be so much pleasure’ pleasure. Spike was an expert on ‘holy, fucking god’ pleasure, and Xander never wanted it to end.

Don’t get him wrong, Xander had done his share to pleasure Spike, too – he wasn’t a selfish lover. But he was an inexperienced one when it came to the man-on-man kind of love, and so he often let Spike take the driver’s seat, at least for the first time or two they tried something new, until he learned the ropes. Take blow-jobs, for instance. The learning curve was a lot higher than he’d expected it to be on blow-jobs, but he was getting there – they both swore by the saying: practice makes perfect. Spike was an excellent role model when it came to anything oral.

And tonight, Spike was in the driver’s seat.

“Remember when you showed up at Puffy’s mansion, and found me and Death Song down in the basement?” Spike had murmured into Xander’s ear.

“Well, yeah. Not like I could forget that. You were gold.” Xander hummed his pleasure at the way Spike’s tongue flicked along the curve of his ear.

“I never did thank you for rescuing me.” Spike nibbled on his ear, and sucked on the lobe.

“I remember. You said you weren’t going to thank me.” Xander tried not to sound too petulant about it, as he leaned his head to the side, giving Spike more room to play.

“I was saving it up, ‘cause I wanted to make it special.”

“Special?” This could be interesting.

“Oh yeah, love. I wanted to make it a memorable experience.”

Spike licked his way down the side of Xander’s neck and sucked at the pulse point rhythmically, following along with the beat of the hot blood flowing through Xander’s veins. Xander had never had a vampire for a lover before. He had no idea exactly how conscious they were of such things. Now that he thought about it, he bet a vampire with a human lover followed the beat of his lover’s heart with an almost single-minded obsession. Instead of freaking him out, Xander realized he kind of liked that idea.

“A memorable experience? I like the sound of that.”

“I thought you might.”

That’s when Spike started on Xander’s nipples. He spent a long time on them, and they were crinkled and sharp by the time he moved on. They pulsed with the beat of his heart, too.

Spike took his time getting below the waist, and by the time he was sucking on the crease between Xander’s thigh and his body, his neglected cock was dripping precome all over his stomach. But that didn’t stop Spike. He slid up to clean up Xander’s belly with his tongue, then headed over to Xander’s other thigh. Eventually, he managed to get to Xander’s balls, and by then, Xander was hearing that pulse in his head, and he wasn’t at all surprised when Spike’s slick fingers slid between his ass cheeks with that same beat.

This part was fairly new. Not that there was any hesitation on Xander’s part; he’d been shown the benefits of his prostate the first time they’d used the pump bottle, days before anything larger than Spike’s fingers got anywhere near his ass. As a matter of fact, Xander had been a little surprised at how careful Spike was with Xander’s body. He’d never in his life have expected Spike to treat him like a valuable gift, but he did, and it emphasized the importance Spike placed on his relationship with Xander. That made him proud, and filled him with joy.

The last two times, well, the only two times they’d had sex – full on, penetrative sex, that is – Spike had prepared him this way: his mouth on Xander’s cock, and his fingers pressing on Xander’s prostate, pulling the first orgasm of the night out of him, turning him mellow, and more receptive to the entrance of Spike’s cock. So he wasn’t really surprised by the blow-job or the fingers in his ass. Not that he was disappointed or anything, because Spike’s blow-jobs were pretty damn spectacular, and his ability to multi-task was freaking amazing as he stimulated Xander’s prostate, sucked/licked/swallowed the head of Xander’s cock, and caressed Xander’s balls all at the same time.

But Spike had said memorable, and even if it was only the third time they’d done this, they still had done this before. But then the pretty damn spectacular part kicked in, and Xander forgot all about looking for memorable, ‘cause he was too busy having his cock, and his mind blown. When he came, he saw stars, and lights flashed behind his eyelids. God, Spike was good at that.

However, for some reason, Spike kept right on going. He kept up the stimulation on Xander’s prostate, making him gasp and shudder, and his eyes roll back into his head. Spike pulled back until Xander’s cock was lying on his tongue, and he softly worked it against the roof of his mouth, rubbing it gently. Spike knew to be careful of Xander’s cock, because they’d discovered that even with his amazing new super power of an incredibly short refractory time, Xander needed a minute or two before he was ready to start round two.

But before long, he was hard again, his stiff cock pumping between Spike’s lips. He wondered if Spike intended to make him come again like this, and what did that mean? Would Spike fuck him tonight or not? Because although he’d been fingering Xander for some time, he hadn’t bothered to stretch him the way he usually did. Maybe he was going to see exactly how many times Xander could come. They hadn’t really tested his new super power perk, so he had no idea how many times he could come in one night. Finally, he gave up on wondering, because he was missing the fun part, and he should never be thinking about anything except pleasure, when his cock was inside Spike’s mouth.

That was when Spike pulled his fingers out, and let go of both Xander’s balls and his prick. Xander blinked, surprised by the sudden end to the stimulation that he’d become used to, the pounding of his heartbeat suddenly once again a singular sound. He felt abandoned. But when he finally focused on Spike, he saw in the slow, sexy smile and the heat in Spike’s eyes that there was definitely more to come.

“Spike?” His voice was scratchy and uncertain, as if he’d been shouting, and okay, maybe he had been. Spike’s blow-jobs were pretty spectacular. He cleared his throat and tried again. “Spike?”

Spike’s smile widened into a rather self-satisfied smirk, the kind of smirk that at another time, Xander would call him on. But he had to admit, that at this point, he got the idea that Spike had earned that look. He just wasn’t sure why. Spike pulled himself up onto his knees and knee-walked up the bed. He ended up straddling Xander’s chest, and Xander rubbed his hands up and down Spike’s powerful thighs. Then Spike pumped slick into his hand, arched his back, and started fingering his own ass. He held out the hand with lube in it.

“Wanna help?”

Xander managed to snap his mouth closed before any flies flew in, and swallowed heavily. Hell yes, he wanted to help. But he hated to look too eager.

“Okay.” He’d tried for blasé, but he thought, from the humor in Spike’s eyes, that he’d failed pitifully. He swallowed again, and reached out his shaking hand to run his first two fingers through the slick in Spike’s palm. He stopped, unsure of what to do next.

Spike’s hard prick was pointing directly at the ceiling, so he had a pretty clear shot, since Spike’s balls were pretty tight, and close to his body, but Xander was hesitant to touch him. Not like it would be the first time he’d had his fingers on Spike’s ass, but it would be the first time he’d aimed at his asshole with slick fingers, and that was a big difference in Xander’s book.

Spike pulled his fingers out of his ass, wiped them off on the sheets, then grabbed Xander’s hand. He thrust his hips forward and pulled Xander’s hand behind his balls.

“What are you waiting for? A map?”

Xander finally got the hint, and slid his fingers along Spike’s crack until he felt the puckered skin of Spike’s asshole. He ran his fingers around and across, teasing as best he could with trembling fingers, but he guessed it worked. Spike’s eyes closed, and he smiled, running his fingers across his chest to pluck at his nipples. Xander wanted to just stop and watch Spike, because he seldom saw this kind of abandon. Spike was all about control, and to see him let loose and just feel the pleasure was a rare gift, and suddenly Xander got it. Yeah, this was a very memorable moment. One he hoped he never forgot.

But he knew that Spike would only allow this for so long, so he worked up his nerve, and slid his fingers inside Spike, humbled at the trust it took to let someone touch you so personally, so intimately. Spike was tight, and he pumped his fingers in and out a few times, while Spike played with his own nipples, his eyes closed and head thrown back in pleasure. Finally Xander curled his fingers back toward himself, and after a few fumbles, found Spike’s prostate.

He hadn’t realized that Spike was breathing until he gasped at the sensations Xander was pulling out of him, and his breathing sped up. His cock jerked, and a dribble of precome slid from the slit. Spike hummed his appreciation, his eyes almost closed, but Xander was pretty sure he knew what Xander was doing when he leaned forward and licked the precome off the tip before it could slide down his cock.

“Yeah, all right, that’s enough.”

Spike’s anxious voice cut through the fog that had hazed his brain, and he looked up into Spike’s eyes, worried that maybe he’d done something wrong. What he saw would have made him laugh if he hadn’t been so horny that he wasn’t sure which end was up, because Spike was close to that same edge. His pale cock was flushed pink, and the foreskin had pulled all the way back from the head, the way it did when he was about as hard as he could get. This show wasn’t going to last much longer.

Xander pulled his fingers out and Spike slid back far enough to roughly grab Xander’s cock and smear it with what was left of the lube on his hand. Then he positioned himself, holding onto Xander’s shaft, and slid down until he was seated firmly on Xander’s groin. Oh, holy fuck. Xander held his breath, praying that he wouldn’t come right then and there, because Spike was so amazingly tight, and he really wasn’t sure he was going to survive this experience.

Spike’s face was all screwed up, and Xander was afraid that Spike might have overestimated his ability to take Xander in, because he looked like he was in pain. Then he saw where Spike’s hand was, wrapped around the base of his cock, as if to hold off his orgasm, and Xander figured it out. Spike was in the same position as he was – so close that he was afraid he couldn’t last.

Xander started to laugh, uncontrollable, slightly hysterical laughter, but laughter just the same. Spike cracked one eye open and stared at him like he was not amused, but Xander felt his orgasm receding and he would have breathed a sigh of relief, if he hadn’t been laughing so hard. That was so much better.

“Amused, are you?”

“Sorry, Spike. I was just so close to coming, and then I realized that you were in the same spot, and it was such a relief to know that I wasn’t the only one about to bust his nut, and your face. Oh, man, you should have seen your face!”

Spike raised one elegant eyebrow, and did something amazing with his ass that drained pretty much all the blood out of Xander’s entire body in one quick, precise contraction. Okay, maybe not, but god, it felt like it. The laughter was gone in a flash, and he gasped as he grabbed Spike’s thighs, holding on tightly as his world spun around him.

“Holy fucking god!”

It was Spike’s turn to laugh, but he didn’t laugh long. Instead, he undulated his body, and there was that word again, but that’s what it was, and damn but it was miraculous.

They both moaned this time, and Xander couldn’t help but be impressed. The way Spike moved over him, writhing and squirming sinuously, was an incredible sight. His pale body seemed to glow in the light, sheened with perspiration and sculpted like a vision. Xander couldn’t help but touch, hands running up Spike’s sides, thumbing his nipples as that incredible body moved above him. He was luckier than he’d ever dreamed he’d be.

“Perfect. Just perfect.”

Spike smiled down at him, and kept moving, accepting the compliment as his due, rising and falling, rotating his hips, and pulling the most amazing sensations out of Xander. He wondered if a man could die from pleasure. Not that he was in any hurry to check out or anything, but damn, what a way to go.

Spike started to move faster, ramping up the sensations, making them both moan and gasp. Xander wasn’t too proud to say that he may have even begged. Flesh slapped on flesh, hips bucking, frantic and desperate, their hitching breaths coarse in the heavy air – the sounds of their coupling echoed in his head to the beat of his heartbeat.

Xander’s orgasm came over him without warning, and he shouted Spike’s name as the sensations crashed into him and ripped him to pieces. He lay there breathing heavily, listening to the thunder of his pulse pound in his ears. He didn’t remember Spike coming, but when he finally came down off his cloud enough to use his brain again, Spike was lying on his chest, breathing as harshly as Xander had a few moments earlier.


Spike let out a harsh bark of laughter. “Thanks, but no. I can’t seem to find my spine.”

Xander snickered. “Yeah, I’m with you on that one. I seem to have misplaced my limbs. Let me know if you see them around?”

“Once I locate my eyeballs, I’ll do that.”

Xander listened to the sound of his heartbeat, and Spike’s heavy breaths, and realized that memorable didn’t even come close.

“Well, I think you managed to top memorable, Mighty Vamp. I’d like to elevate that experience to the realm of damned incredible.”

“Course it was. I’m a damned incredible shag.”

Xander shook his head. “No argument from me.”

“Of course not.”

Xander rolled his eyes over Spike’s arrogant attitude. How did he manage to preen like that without a spine? He managed to get one arm working, and he ran his hand up and down Spike’s back, stroking him the same way he did Buddy. Well why not? Spike was his companion, too. He planned to hold on to Spike as long as he did Buddy and Death Song – they were part of him now, all three of them.

Spike sighed contentedly, and Xander smiled in satisfaction. He kissed the top of Spike’s crunchy-gelled head, and Spike laughed softly. Xander listened to the beat of his heart – steady and strong. He had an exciting life ahead of him, full of adventure, travel, challenges, and friends. He had the best companions anyone could ask for, he had love, and the sex was fantastic. His life was pretty damned near perfect. A guy could get used to this.