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Dating In The Supernatural World Is More Complicated Than It Is

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".. I don't know what to do Seth. I think I'm falling in love with him. " 


Seth at first was downright confused as to what Bella may have referred to but in the end he knew who she was talking about.


" You mean Jacob? "


She nodded in agreement. " Uggh, why is dating so complicated? And to top it off, I have an ex who's a bloodsucker and my childhood best friend morphs into a wolf for Pete's sake. You probably have dated a beautiful girl or two I bet. "



The young man chuckled in amusement answering " To be honest, I never dated like at all. But I wouldn't mind if you introduced me to some cute girls or hot guys if you're up for the challenge. "



" Are know into guys romantically? " Bella asked openly.  " You don't have to tell me if you do want to. It's your choice Seth. "



" It's alright. I told my mom and sister about it. They support me one hundred percent, also Leah came out too." 



" Wow, I'm happy for you both. You guys deserve love like everyone else. " She could not contain herself and hugged Seth warmly. He embraced her right back as if they were family.



" You are the little sister that I never had. Honestly, we need to introduce Leah to that stunning blonde friend of yours. " 



" Noted and will ask her if she is interested in meeting your sister. I have a feeling that they may hit it off. "



The duo continued to chat until they arrived back to Billy's house.



" Jacob is a good person. He obviously love you Bella. "



" I know and I am going to live my life the way it's supposed to be. "