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I never really gave much thought to how I would die. Well, not anymore than I imagined the average person thought about it. I knew the statistics, I thought about it when some reckless idiot would cut me off on the Interstate, I thought about it when the plane I was on would hit a bunch of turbulence. I thought about it a lot when my high school went on lockdown because a school nearby had an active shooter. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I never really thought to it outside of stressful situations. Until I died in a car accident. I did everything I was supposed to do in life. I got good grades, I didn’t smoke, I only vaped a little, I never got high, I drove responsibly, sure I did some underage drinking but I stayed safe! Hell, I still went to college during a global pandemic and managed to get good grades. I did everything right, yet a drunk driver still killed me. 

And then, ya know, I thought that was it. Life may have been sucky but at least I was free. Except I didn’t go to an afterlife. Oh no, instead I was reborn. And honestly, I thought that was really cool at first. I could do my life over with no regrets. And I spent a few months thinking that was the case. But everything was blurry and overwhelming in those early days. It took awhile for my senses to start functioning well enough for me to process my surroundings. So imagine my surprise when I discovered my new father was Charlie Swan and my new mother was Renee. And that my name was Isabella Marie Swan! I was reincarnated as Bella Swan in a world where monsters actually existed. I had never wished for that past my middle school days. This was kind of a nightmare. But I figured this was fine, I could work with this. I wouldn’t even meet any vampires until I was seventeen. And maybe it would have been fine had I been more like Bella. 

There was one thing I knew for certain. My name may have now been Isabella Swan, and I may be living in Twilight, but I was not going to make the same choices. I promised myself I would live with no regrets and I meant it.