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Cairo sits on his car seat and triggers the ignition of his car, he put his hands on the steering wheel and drives out of the parking lot. It is a not so random afternoon, the light that touches Cairo's face looks so beautiful just like the sunset, he looks at the busy road as he stops at the red light. His eyes searched for the radio and then he turned it on, he heaves a sigh of relief upon hearing the voices of the DJs. "Hello, hello! mga kabuddies! We are back after the long commercial break. Meron na tayong message partner! Yesss, our first client, talagang nakareserve itong slot for him and he requested not to reveal his name daw. Okay papasukin na natin siya!" "Hello, good afternoon!" A chuckle is heard, before a familiar voice filled Cairo's ears. "Good afternoon din po." It sent shivers down his body but he still manage to continue driving. He is confused at the same time nervous. Is it really him? Why is he there? These are questions on Cairo's head. "Hi, good day sa ating lahat, I just wanna send this message to someone I love the most, I bet you already know who you are, this is going to be the most honest message I'm gonna tell to you" . "Baby, I know we promised to the moon that we will be loyal to each other and we won't keep any secret, kahit ano pa yan." "I am very sorry, I failed you." " I keep a lot of secrets na ako lang ang nakakaalam." " Today as I said, I will be very honest with you, I will tell you everything" Cairo's heart starts beating faster, he don't know what to feel with this sudden confession.

First. " Remember when we were still in college? All those love letters that you've been receiving, some of them came from me. Hoping that you'll read it and realize what I'm feeling but it turns out you just throw them all away because you're too focused with your studies that you don't have time for romance. A part of me was happy, because I am the only one you entertain and spend your time with, but it's also hard y'know because you only see me as a best friend back then. " A small smile formed on Cairo's face unknowingly.

Second. " Back when we are so busy with school events, you always have something to do, but my heart always flatter when you look for me, you drag me wherever you go, in the end of the day you end up so tired but the smile of contentment and relief always looks good on you.

Third. "The way your eyes sparkle when you found out that the canteen is still open, and the way your eyes come in contact with mine telling me 'libre mo ko today? Plsss, pagod na pagod ako today sige na plss' while holding my hand and start pouting, the bright smile in your face when I said yes and you replied with 'I love you' di mo alam pero parang sasabog ang puso ko sa saya, nagpapasalamat ako sa ama dahil kahit kaibigan lang ako sayo maswerte parin ako dahil ako ang nakakakita nito."

Fourth. "Noong graduation natin, nalaman ko na balak manligaw ni Miggy sayo, he was your crush that time and you are open for potential boyfriends because we are done with our studies kaya naglakas loob akong umamin sayo, I was so nervous but sabi ko sa sarili ko it's now or never kaya tinuloy ko, and when you said "okay, work for it may kakompetensya ka na" with a smile on your face I was so happy that my heart will burst, I wasn't expecting that but it's really unbelievable to hear."

Fifth. "I became the happiest man on Earth noong sinagot mo na ako, we were resting at the back of my car watching the stars when you suddenly said yes, I was so confused as to what you are saying then you said 'You earned what you are working so hard for, it's a yes boyfriend mo na ako.' I sat up and looked at you in shock, you looked at me and smiled then you slowly move towards me to give me a kiss, I was frozen at first so I wasn't able to respond, you pulled away with a smirk on your face, "Tara na uwi na tayo, lumalamig na dito" I didn't let you get the chance to leave, I grab your wrist and sat you on my lap and right then and there we shared our first kiss, the moon and stars witness it all." Cairo make a fond expression reminiscing the memories his lover just bring back.

Sixth. "It's been seven years since we got together and three years since we decided to live together. Looking back, ang tagal na pala nating nagmamahalan, pero hindi parin nagbabago ang bilis ng pagtibok ng puso ko sa tuwing gigising ako sa tabi mo, you always remind me of how lucky I am to have you, I love how grumpy you are in the morning but become so clingy when you smell the delicious breakfast I am cooking, I love the way we kiss each other good bye before we separate for work, I love the fact that despite being so busy with work we still find time to spend with each other, I love our travels and every experiences in different countries, I love how you keep a photograph of us kissing in each one of it and I love how we end up in each other's arms at the end of the day on our comfy bedroom talking about things in life and talking about us. There, we promised that we won't hold anyone's hand other than yours and mine, that the spaces between your fingers are meant to be filled with mine and I promised you that someday that ring finger of yours will be occupied, someday a ring that is made by my love and passion for you will settle prettily on that beautiful fingers of yours." The car stopped because of the red light. Cairo grips at the steering wheel tightly, his heart soft and giddy, emotions started getting out of him as tears slowly fall from his eyes remembering the happy memories.
"Baby, I want you to know that I love you the most, in this chaotic world, you are my escape. You are the kind of paradise I wouldn't be tired of experiencing. Baby, come home now, miss na Kita." Cairo can't take it anymore, his tears started pooling over his face. "I hate you" he whispered softly thinking about his lover. He started driving again until he arrived home. Home, this is the home they planned together, he is so happy that a Gavreel Mendoza Alarcon whom he love the most is the one waiting inside. He parked his car and wipe his tears. He started walking at the gate and entered. There he saw his lover smiling at him he walks quickly towards him and hit him at his chest. Gavreel chuckled at his adorable lover. "Baby, ang sakit naman niyan dahan-dahan lang."
"I hate you! Bakit ka ganiyan ha? Gustong gusto mo ako pinaiiyak!"
"Baby, alam mong hindi totoo yan, syempre gusto ko lagi kang masaya. Di mo nga napansin yung hinanda ko para sa'yo oh."
Cairo looks around him, he noticed how dim the lights become, the lights hanging around the plants, the flowers at the table, and the candle light dinner set in the middle, his mouth widening in realization, shock visible in his eyes. He turn around where his lover was and saw him kneeling down with a purple velvet box in his hands. He gasps and cover his mouth in surprise, he starts tearing up. "Babyyy" Gavreel muttered, nervousness visible in his eyes. "Happy anniversary. I know I'm not perfect, I know I disappoint you sometimes and I know I have many flaws, thank you for being understanding and for loving me unconditionally. Another year has been added to our relationship, and just like in the past, I am here with all my courage, asking you to open another chapter of your life with me, loving me, taking care of me and making memories with me." Cairo's tears are all over his face his emotions overwhelming him. Gavreel slowly opens the small velvet box revealing a beautiful ring. "Cairo Lazaro, let me love you and take care of you for the rest of my life. Am I enough to be your husband?" Cairo chuckled at that despite his tears. He hold his lover's hands and help him stand up. He copped his face and look at him in the eyes lovingly. "You are more than enough." "Will you tie your heart with mine and carry it forever?"
"Yes, as long as the time forbids"
Gavreel let's the ring shine brightly at his fiance's ring finger just like how their eyes shine while looking at each other as they share a kiss, a promise of forever.