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the road less traveled by

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Jacqueline enters the Cullen household, her nose wrinkling as the sweet scent of vampire enters her nose. She stays in the doorway long enough for her to become accustomed to the smell before walking up the stairs, where she could sense Bella was located.

She enters the lounge and frowns at the sight she sees. Rosalie, Alice, and Esme are surrounding Bella in a protective huddle. In front of them, Emmett and Jasper stand in battle-poised positions. Edward is looking out the window by the balcony, yet his body is tense as well. 

Carlisle steps forward with a warm smile on his face, “Welcome back Jaqueline. How was your internship at Michael’s Garage?”

“It was fine. And for the last time, call me Jackie.”

“That’s great to hear. Now, I understand you may be confused about what you see but we’re taking necessary measures. Your temper is something to not be underestimated.”

“Uh, okay? Can I see my best friend now? You know, the one who I haven’t seen in three months ?”

“Of course, but there’s something you need to know first—”

“You turned her?!”

“Lord, heaven no. Edward would throw a fit.” 

The man in question whips around and glares at the duo, “Just tell her already.”

“You see… Bella is not alone in her body anymore.”

The native woman crosses her arms, her mind spinning as she thinks of the meaning behind those words. Her arms drop back down to her side in shock when she realizes, “You don’t mean…?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“But I thought vampire dick didn’t work that way.” 

Emmett breaks at that and snorts into his hand. Carlisle manages to squash down his chuckle, “I thought so as well. It appears Bella is a special case.”

“Isn’t she always?” Jacqueline scoffs. 

“Hey!” The girl protests. 

“What? It’s true.”

“No, it’s not!”

Jacqueline stares at her —well, what she could see of her— for a long time before deadpanning, “I have a list, Bells.”


Jacqueline steps around Carlisle and when she receives no protest, she steps past Emmett and Jasper as well. Esme and Alice move aside for her, leaving only Rosalie. 

“Listen, we don’t have a lot in common but if there’s one thing we do agree on, it’s that Bella is always to remain safe and protected. I won’t hurt her. You have my word.”

Rosalie studies her for a few more moments before stepping to the side, finally revealing Bella. All the air leaves Jacqueline’s lungs at what she sees. 

“Well, you look like shit.” She says bluntly after a minute of silence. 

“Thanks for the vote of confidence Jax,” Bella laughs self-deprecatingly. 

Jacqueline mutters an apology before taking a seat beside the girl on the couch, “How do you feel?”

“Like shit.”

She snorts before tentatively asking, “Are you happy?”

Bella glances down at her stomach, looks at her found pale immortal family, then looks back at Jacqueline, “Yeah… yeah, I am.”

“Then, who am I to judge?”

Bella smiles, bright and full before reaching out a pinky. Jacqueline wraps her own pinky around Bella’s before whispering, “I’ll always have your back, Bells.”

“I know, Jax. I know.”



Sometimes Jacqueline thinks back to two years ago when she and Bella were stumbling through their feelings for each other. Every time there was a spark between them, Bella would pull away because she refused to use Jacqueline to get over a guy. She could never break her best friend’s heart in such a way. 

Jacqueline wishes she could tell Bella she wouldn’t have minded if she did. 

Bella will always be the one that got away. 

She knew Bella was no longer in her grasp when she came back to her in the woods, her hand shyly tucked in his . Edward Cullen is his name. In Jacqueline’s opinion, he wasn’t much; Bella could do better. Then, she looked at Bella’s face that was so blissfully happy and content, and knew she wouldn’t fight for her. 

Jacqueline couldn’t fight for her. For it was already lost. 

She looks at Edward with a watery smile and says, “Don’t fuck this up again.”

He whispers back, “I won’t.” And that was enough for her. 

Jacqueline loves Bella in every way and she knows some part of Bella loves her back. However, no matter how big that part is, the part of Bella that loves Edward will always be larger. So, she lets her go. 

Some part of her will always regret letting the beautiful brunette go. But a bigger part of her looks at Bella’s face when she’s with Edward and realizes that she made the right decision. 

Bella’s is his, not hers. That will always hurt. But seeing Bella happy while being his and not hers makes up for it.



Jacqueline jogs up the steps, a carefree grin on her face, “Bells, something awesome happened at work today!”

“Tell me all about it,” The girl responds, a smile forming on her face as she stares at her best friend. Jax will always be her sun. Even now in this big house filled with melancholy thoughts, Jacquline manages to effortlessly light it up. 

“Okay, so this dude came into the shop and when he sees me in my overalls, he starts going off about how women can’t be mechanics. How they belong in the kitchen, taking care of the kids, all the usual misogynistic bullshit. Then, I tell him I’ll be his mechanic for the day and he turns so pale he almost looks like Edward .”

Bella giggles and pats the space beside her invitingly, “Then what did you do?”

“I cut his brake line, duh.”

Alice and Emmett whip around from their place on the long sofa, giving up on pretending like they weren’t listening. 

“Jax!” Bella gasps, scandalized. “You didn’t .”

“Nah, unfortunately, I didn’t. I would get sued and I can’t really afford that right now.”

“Then, what did you do?”

“Hm? Oh, his brake line was already cut. Apparently, his ‘psycho ex’ cut it. I wonder why.” Jacqueline throws up air quotes around the psycho ex part and Bella plays along, “Oh, what could it possibly be? He sounds like a real charmer.”

Jacqueline chuckles, “Maybe his small dick energy? Ya’ know, he reminds me of Edward when I first met him. Remember, I came out of the woods to spook you and he came up to me all like ‘ grr my girlfriend mine grr. ’” She scoffs, “And I’m supposed to be the dog.”

“Well, he has his moments.”

“Dude, he still does it.”

“No way!”

With a dry expression, Jacqueline raises a hand and points to the floor, “He’s listening to us from the kitchen.”

“EDWARD!” Bella shouts. Moments later, meant for Jacqueline’s enhanced senses only, Edward whispers, “Sorry, Jackie.”

Bella turns to Jacqueline, “Did he apologize?”

Jacqueline chuckles, “Yeah, he did.” She taps the floor twice to let him know he’s forgiven. 



“You don’t look so hot.” Jacqueline whispers and places her palm on Bella’s forehead, “You feel as warm as my body in the summer.”

“Okay, now you’re exaggerating.” Bella huffs and slaps her hand away. Jacqueline allows her hand to go with the movement, not wanting to injure Bella when she’s in such a state. 

“Do you want me to get some ice for your ankles?”

“My ankles?” She asks incredulously. 

“Bells, they’re swollen to hell. It would help you relax a bit. I don’t think ice could do too much for your head, anyway.”

“That would be nice, actually.”

“Okay, be back in five.”

Three minutes later, ice is on Bella’s ankles and Jacqueline is trying her best to muffle her laughter.

“On a scale of one to ten, how stupid do I look right now?”

Jacqueline takes in the girl’s overly content expression that looks dopey, the weird position her ankles are in to keep the ice on them, and Edward behind her, who by the looks of it, is also muffling laughter. 

“On a scale of one to ten?” Jacqueline repeats, “Probably a twenty-six.”

Bella pouts, “Not a twenty-seven?”

“Only a twenty-seven if you do the J.R Smith meme.”

Bella rolls her eyes. Then, she squints her eyes as if she’s doing an eye exam and opens her mouth slightly. Jacqueline loses it.



“I don’t know what to do!” Bella sobs and Jacqueline rubs her back supportingly, ”I know I’m hurting him and I hate myself for it! But- but this is my baby girl Jax, I can’t get rid of her!”

Jaqueline pauses in her careful ministrations, “How do you know they’re a girl?”

“Alice saw it, Jax! She described her to me, she’s so beautiful Jax, she’s so beautiful… You’re going to be an aunt, Jax! Aren’t you happy? Please be happy—”

“Oh, Bells, you poor thing,” Jacqueline coos, clutching Bella tighter.

“She’s my baby, so I get the choice, but I don’t know if I can keep hurting him. I’m dying Jax and it’s hurting him! W-What do I do?”

Jacqueline flinches at the word ‘dying’ but she can’t bring herself to reject it. She’s seen how Bella is getting weaker and weaker every day. The baby is literally draining the life out of her. 

“I don’t know, Bells.” She mumbles, tears coming to her eyes as she realizes there’s now a time limit with her best friend, “I don’t know.”

“But you always know.”

“I’m sorry,” Jacqueline whispers because honestly? That’s all she can say. “I’m so fucking sorry.”



Jacqueline loves hunting. It’s one of the few things she can do to take her mind off heavy topics. It’s either that, working on cars, or cliff-diving. But, her next shift isn’t until Thursday and there’s going to be a storm tonight, so she’s out of luck on those two.


Jacqueline runs through the trees and allows herself to just be. The dirt underneath her feet, the wind whipping across her face, the birds circling her to warn prey of an incoming predator, the smell of a deer...

She takes off in that direction, pushing off of the pads of her paws to keep herself quiet.


Deer are easily startled creatures. Her first hunting experience taught her that. How was she supposed to know deer could dodge that well ? The pack teased her about getting her ankles broken for months. She shakes her head to dissipate the embarrassment.


She tracks the doe for nearly an hour. She wants to take her time in this fantasy before going back to her horrific reality. She decides to finally pounce when the doe stops for a drink at a small pound. 


Her canines dig into the doe’s neck unforgivingly and she sits back on her haunches to bring it down with her. It goes with a pitiful whine and two minutes later, it goes limp. The blood of her kill soaks her throat as it goes down and she snarls distastefully. She doesn’t get how vampires enjoy this shit. 


As she enjoys her kill, she hears a small noise coming from her left. Thinking it’s a hunter, she takes a step back. A small fawn hops out and her heart drops. She looks down at the dead doe, then back at the fawn. To anyone else, the animals just looked similar. But she could see the way the fawn had the exact same coat as the doe and their tails were the same size. The fawn belts out as its eyes take in the sight of its dead mother.




Jacqueline growls loudly. Listening to instinct, the fawn takes off running. She doesn’t go after it. It’ll probably be dead in the next two hours, anyway. She looks down at her kill and huffs before transforming back. She stares down at her naked body and rolls her eyes when she sees her torso is covered in her blood. Even her underboob has blood on it, what the hell? 

“Just my luck,” she grumbles. 


Hesitantly, she takes a finger and runs it over the blood. She puts it back in her mouth and frowns. It still tastes like shit. She wonders what Bella would think.

“Wait.” She murmurs to herself. “If the baby is half-vampire, shouldn’t Bella be eating human food and vampire food?”

Her eyes widen, “Holy shit! Bella needs blood .”

A short while later, she finds herself entering the Cullen household with a plastic cup in hand. She hurries up the steps and Bella looks up at her in surprise, “I didn’t know you were coming over today.”

“Me neither.” Jacqueline laughs before handing her the cup, “Drink this.”

“What is it?”

“Just drink it.”

Across the room, Jasper and Rosalie stare at the pair with wide, understanding eyes. Bella looks at her suspiciously but brings the straw to her lips and takes a sip. Her eyes widen, “It tastes good. What is it?”

“Deer blood.” Jacqueline sinks down to her knees as relief comes over her and all the stress from the past week leaves her, “It’s deer blood, Bells.”

“Holy shit, Jax.” Bella smiles and Jacqueline wonders how she’s still so beautiful with blood staining her teeth, “You’re a genius!”

Hours later, Edward pulls her aside. “Thank you so much, Jackie. You have no idea how much this means to me.” Edward whispers to her with genuine eyes and she smiles, “Don’t mention it, dude. I’m just glad I could help.” 



Bella’s strength is mostly back in two weeks of her new diet. Jacqueline rolls her eyes as the girl thanks her for the umpteenth time, “I can’t thank you enough Jax, I haven’t felt this great in a month!”

“You thank me one more time, I’m knocking your teeth out.”

They both know it’s an empty threat. Bella laughs, “Whatever.” They sit in silence for a few minutes. Then, Clair de Lune fills the air. Jacqueline’s eyebrows raise, “What the hell is that?”

“Edward playing the piano.”

“I knew he was emo but goddamn. He plays piano too? Ayesha Erotica would be jealous.”

Bella rolls her eyes, “Stop making fun of my husband.”

Jacqueline ignores the way the words make her heart ache and asks, “Wanna dance?”


“I took a waltz class.”

“Uh-huh,” Bella says, “And when was this?”

“A couple of years ago.”

“Who taught you?”

“My dad.”

“Your dad, Billy. As in ‘handicapped since ‘97 Billy’ taught you how to waltz?”


Bella stares at her disbelievingly. Jacqueline breaks, “Okay, it was more of a traditional tribe dance that Billy gave me instructions to until I got it right. But, it was close enough to a waltz.”

On the other side of the wall, Edward snickers. Jacqueline rolls her eyes, you’re eating this up, aren’t you? His laughter grows in volume at her thoughts. 

“...fine. Let’s waltz. I know if I don’t, you’ll call me a racist.”

“Aw Bells, you know me so well.” Jacqueline puts a hand over her heart and Bella flicks her on the forehead, “Help me up heathen.”

Jacqueline helps her up and before long, they’re in the middle of the lounge with the sofas pushed aside. Emmett is already recording from the stairs. 

“Ready?” Jacqueline asks and Bella nods.

“Hit it, Eduardo!” 

Sassy silence is all she gets in response. She never even knew silence could be sassy. Then again, she never knew vampires could be so emo.

She sighs, “Respectfully, please turn on the instrumental, Mr.Cullen.”

Bella’s lullaby fills the air and they begin to dance. 



“I never knew you could dance like that,” Bella says the following day, her feet in Jacqueline’s lap; the tan girl massages the soles carefully.

“I didn’t know you were vampire catnip, so I guess we’re even.”

“No but seriously though, you dipped me and everything!”

Jacqueline chuckles, “If you’re getting this excited over a dance, perhaps Eduardo isn’t treating you right.”

Silence is all she gets as an answer. She looks up and tilts her head, “What’s wrong? Why do you have that look on your face?”

“What look?”

“The ‘you guessed something pretty accurately that I didn’t want you to, so I’m not gonna talk about it’ look.” She smiles sympathetically, “It’s not good to bottle things up Bells. I had to take therapy just to get my shift under control.”

“...Edward hasn’t touched me.”

Jacqueline raises her eyebrows, “Do you want one of my dildos?”

“No! Jax, jesus.” Bella buries her face in her hands. “I mean physically, not sexually. He hasn’t held my hand, hugged me, or even kissed my forehead. I’m starting to get worried.”

“I’ll talk to him.” 

Bella looks up, “Really?”

“Why not? He needs to be there for you physically as well as emotionally. He’s acting like you’re going to jump on him or something, so he needs to ration. It’s not like you married him for dick.”


“Isabella Marie Swan!”

“I didn’t marry him just for sex, okay?! It was an added benefit.” 

“Added benefit!” Jacqueline repeats incredulously as she goes into hysterics, “Bells, you are fucking iconic.



“Fuck.” Bella curses as she shifts the wrong way. 

“What’s up?” Jacqueline looks up from her phone. 

“Pregnancy pain, the usual.”

“You throw up yet?”


“Then, your pain is probably gonna be worse today.”

Bella throws up the finger and Jacqueline giggles, “You’re acting like me when I’m on the second day of my period.”

“Fuck off .” 

The native gets up, “Let’s try something.” 

“Fine.” Bella gets up and Jacqueline waits patiently. Lord knows the girl is tired of being treated like glass. 

“What are we going to do?” Bella asks as she finally gets to her feet. 

“You’re doing nothing. Just come over here and stand in front of me.”

Looking confused, she does so. Jacqueline presses her front against her back and asks, “Ready?”

Bella turns bright red when feeling the 6’3 girl’s boobs dig into her back, “Yep!”

Jacqueline laughs, “You’re acting like you’ve never seen me naked before.” Before the brunette can respond, Jacqueline places her hands under Bella’s belly and gently pulls up. Bella falls back against her chest with a blissed-out groan.

Rosalie appears in front of them immediately, “You’re not hurting her, are you?”

Jacqueline rolls her eyes, “Chill out. I’m just holding all the baby weight for her.”

The woman tilts her head, “Huh.”

“When you take off 10 - 15 pounds from a stressed person, it’s gonna feel good.”

“How long can you stay like that?”

“I know I can stay like this for three days before feeling the muscle strain. Given that she needs to sleep, unlike some people, I’ll be stuck here for about four hours.”

Rosalie smiles, “At least you know.” Then, she disappears in a gust of wind. 



“Bells!” Jacqueline bounces into the room happily, clapping her hands, “Guess what just happened!”

“You got accepted into Stanford?”

She snorts, “ Hell no. I just got ten grams for 30$!”

“Get the fuck out.” Bella says, more attentive now.

“I’m foreal.” She digs around in her purse and grabs one of the little baggies, “See?”

Dude .”

“Wanna get high?”

“Absolutely not !” Rosalie protests, sitting up from the armchair. “That’ll hurt the baby.”

Jacqueline rolls her eyes, “You’re such a buzzkill dude. The baby is literally half-mosquito. She’ll be fine.”

“Stupid dog.”

“Leech. Plus, my mom smoked when she was pregnant with me and I turned out fine.”

Rosalie blinks, then she bursts out laughing. Jacqueline rolls her eyes before calling out, “Alice!”

“Yes?” Alice asks, appearing in front of them in a cloud of sparkles. Okay, she didn’t but it sure as hell seemed like she did. 

“If Bella was to smoke a blunt, would it hurt the baby?”

Alice hums, then her eyes glaze over. Jacqueline doesn’t say anything, used to the weirdness of it all. Alice’s eyes come back into focus and she smiles, “No, it will not!”

Alice.” Rosalie growls.


“You can join us if it worries you so much.”

Bella’s eyes light up, “Join us, Rose! It’ll be so fun!”

“As if.” Rosalie scoffs. 

Several hours later, Rosalie is sitting in the armchair with red rings surrounding her golden eyes, “I fucking hate men!”

“You said it, sista.” Jacqueline raises a hand. Rosalie leans over and high-fives it.

“They’re always so holier-than-thou. Like, all you got is a dick and some extra testosterone! Who made you the ruler? Why are women always seen as inferior! It’s so fucking frustrating. Why are we always expected to cook, clean, carry the babies, then act fucking submissive all the time?!”

“PREACH!” Bella shouts, clapping her hands. 

“Don’t even get me started on how if we reveal one inch of our stomachs, all of a sudden we’re sluts!”


“And- and when we say no, it’s like they take it as an invitation to change our minds! Like, I don’t want you douchebag, get off of me and take your tiny dick ass home!”

Jacqueline hands her the blunt, “You’re supposed to relax, not get more riled up babe.”

“Don’t call me babe,” Rosalie snarks as she takes it from her hands.

“Yeah, I’m your babe, not her.” Bella pouts and Jacqueline pats her thigh comfortingly, “Yes, you are.”

“Okay, I think it’s time for bed.” Edward appears.

“Eddy-Teddy!” Bella reaches out her arms, “I missed you!”

“I missed you too honey, now let’s go to bed.”

“Yeah, go to bed Bella.” Jacqueline snickers.

“You too, Jackie.” Edward crosses his arms and the native pouts, “Ugh, fine .”

It takes him more than a couple of minutes to get them on the sofa in comfortable positions. When he finally does, he throws a blanket over both of them. He’s turning to leave and deal with Rosalie when—


“What, Jackie?”

“You can stay ya’ know.”

“I can’t sleep.”

Jacqueline frowns, “That’s not what I meant.”

Edward’s eyes soften.

“She misses you.”

“I know.”

“And you miss her.”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Then, why…?”

“Go to sleep, Jackie.”


“Sleep. Now.”




Jacqueline stares down at the sleeping Bella on her chest, smiling fondly. The girl always found a way to snuggle her when they napped after a good toke. She gently slides out from underneath the girl and leaves a pillow in her place.

“Why are you leaving?”

She tilts her head as she stares at Edward, “This isn’t my house.”

“But you make Bella happy.”

“So do you.”


“Be there for her.”

He sighs and runs a hand through his hair, “I don’t know how. At first, I avoided her because I couldn’t bear seeing my true love die from something I could have prevented if I had been more careful. Then, you started coming around and she started to glow. You gave her the blood, the antidote, and now she’s happy. And you keep going. You help her every day and I just can’t compare. I don’t know how to be her Jax when you’re not here if I’m just me. I hate making her miserable but I don’t know how to fix it. How do I fix three months of mistakes?” Edward looks up and asks one question that takes her breath away, “What do I do Jackie?”

“She’s my baby, so I get the choice, but I don’t know if I can keep hurting him. I’m dying Jax and it’s hurting him! W-What do I do?”

Jacqueline walks up to him and punches him in the face. 



“They’re spending time together again,” Esme whispers to Jacqueline, “Thank you so much.”

“Don’t thank me, mama. It was the least I could do.” 


“Oh, you’re like the mom of the household, aren’t you? Does that make you uncomfortable? My bad—”

“No, you’re fine sweetheart. I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“Oh,” Jacqueline laughs in relief and glances back to the couple on the loveseat, “They’re a good pair.”

“Yes, they are. I’m glad he took your words to heart. I can’t help but wonder… what did you say to him to make him understand the errors of his ways?”

Edward falls to the ground. He holds his jaw and he stares up at Jacqueline in a mixture of pain, disbelief, and fear. 

“That’s for upsetting Bella. Now, listen closely asshole. Obviously, if you pretend to be someone else, you’ll be similar. But you will never be them. She loves you idiot! She loves the way you are, so don’t try to change! And of course I have better experience with pregnant women. On the Res, everyone is family. I don’t have enough fingers or toes to count how many times I’ve changed the diapers of so-called second-cousins! You’re a vampire , it’s in your nature to be alone. It’s obvious you’d struggle with pregnant women. Cut yourself some slack dude, not everyone can be as awesome as me.”

“I see why she loves you.”

“She loves both of us but the part of her that loves you will always be bigger than the part of her that loves me. I’ve come to terms with that. Now, go in there and be the person she needs. Not me , but you.

“Thank you.”

“Fuck off.”

“I just told him she loves him just the way he is.”

Esme hums, “For some reason, I feel like you’re leaving some things out.”

“Well,” Jacqueline smiled wryly, “I may have punched him in the face.”

Esme laughs heartily. Jacqueline thinks it sounds awfully like twinkling bells. She can almost see why humans are so enraptured with these creatures. From the corner of her eye, she sees Jasper move closer to her, no doubt looking to feed off of her positive emotions. 

Esme pats Jacqueline’s shoulder, “Oh, my darling girl, you’re a riot.”

Jacqueline grins, then looks over at the couple. Edward is already staring at her, his eyes uncharacteristically soft. She raises an eyebrow but he just smiles at her. She supposed it’s his way of thanking her… again?

Jacqueline smiles back. 

Then, he turns and kisses Bella and she has to pretend her heart isn’t breaking. 



“Hey, Jax.”

“Hey girl, wassup?” She replies, balancing the phone using her shoulder and cheek. 

“Nothing much, just being pregnant.”

Jacqueline laughs, “And how is that going for you?”

“As good as it can be.”

She hums, “Anything you need, Bells?”

“Can you come over? I haven’t seen you in what feels like forever.”

“It’s been four days.”

“…okay but it feels like forever .”

Jacqueline chuckles, “I didn’t think you’d want me to come over.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

The sunkissed woman can feel the girl’s frown through the phone. 

“Well, you and Edward were going through Honeymoon Part 2 and I didn’t want to interrupt.”

“You’re not interrupting, Jax. Come over today, okay? Everyone misses you.”

“Even Rosalie?”

“Even Rose.”

“And Eduardo?”

“Especially him. He won’t stop asking about you.”

“I’ll be there.”

“Okay. I love you, Jax.”

“…” Jacqueline pauses. It’s always been love you Jax or love you muches! but it’s never been I love you. 


“Oh, sorry! I love you too Bells. I’ll be over in ten, okay?”


Bella seems so excited when she hangs up that Jacqueline can almost compare it to how happy she seemed whenever Edward would appear in her room while they were talking and Bella would hang up on her so they could smooch. 

But that’s totally wrong, right?



“The dog is back.” Rosalie smirks as Jacqueline walks in but the mechanic can see the poorly-hidden relief in her eyes. She doesn’t call her out on it. She just flips her the bird. 

“Jax!” Bella gets up from the couch and runs over to her. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. She does get up but she doesn’t make it more than two steps before Edward is forcing her to sit back down. 

“Hey, Bells.” Jacqueline walks over and bends down to hug her. The girl wraps her arms around her eagerly with a bright smile, “Where have you been?”

“Here and there. I was working on the bikes too actually.”

“Again?” Bella asks, frowning. 

“What bikes?” Edward interjects and Jacqueline gives him a two-fingered salute in greeting. She gets a smile in return. 

“Oh, when you were… gone, me and Jax worked on bikes over the summer.” Bella explains, “We never finished them because, well, you came back.”

“Oh.” Edward stares down at his hands, guilt overtaking his being and Jacqueline scoffs, “You came back, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Then you already owned up to your shit. Stop being sad about it if you already made up for it.”

Edward chuckles and rubs the back of his neck, “I guess you’re right Jackie.”

“You caught us at a good time actually.” Bella says, “We’re about to go for a walk. Wanna join us?”

“Ugh. Fine, I guess.” Jacqueline smiles, “But you have to let me go first.”

Bella releases her from the embrace with a bright blush on her cheeks, “Sorry!”



Jacqueline was fairly positive she was just going to be a third wheel. However, that’s far from the case. She stares down at her hand, which is currently being held by Bella’s left hand. She looks at Edward, whose hand is being held by Bella’s right. 

She decides not to question it. 

“Where’d you get this scar from?” Jacqueline asks Bella, staring down at the white line that’s highlighted against pale skin. It almost looks like a—

“It’s a bite mark from that vampire that hunted me three years ago. His name was James.”

“Holy shit.”

Bella laughs, “Yeah. Edward sucked the venom out before it could spread though.”

“What about the others? Vicky and Vince?”

Victoria and Laurent were destroyed by Jasper and Emmett.”

“Ah.” Jacqueline nods as they walk under a flowering dogwood tree. She looks up at the flowers pensively .

“It was a scary experience, but I made it out alive. That’s all I can really ask for— Ah!” 

Jacqueline jumps, her shifter genes throwing her up higher than what would be expected of a girl her size. She snags the flowers she wants and allows herself to fall back to the ground. She lands in a SpiderMan-like crouch. 

“Here.” She stands and hands Bella a flower. The girl takes it gratefully, “Thank you, Jax! Oh, it’s so pretty…”

Jacqueline glances at Edward and slowly gives him the other flower she grabbed, “It matches your skin.”

He chuckles and plucks it out of her hand, “Thank you Jackie.”


She places her hand back in Bella’s and thinks maybe, just maybe she can get used to this.



“She loves you.” Edward says quietly, his palm resting on Bella’s bare stomach.

“Really?” She asks, her eyes watering.

“She adores you, Bella.”

“I love you too.” She whispers down to her bulging stomach. 

Jacqueline watches the scene with a fond smile. The thought of Bella and Edward together doesn’t quite hurt as much when she witnesses moments like this when they’re so caught up in each other that they begin to ignore the world around them. It’s like they create their own and everyone else can only watch and wish they will have that type of love in their life one day. 

“She loves you too.”

“W-What?” Jacqueline splutters, snapping out of her daze.

Edward looks at her with a soft smile, “She loves you too. I can hear it.”

“Yes, I can feel it.” Jasper speaks up and everyone in the room looks at him in surprise. “The tot’s emotions aren’t that strong but I can tell most of its affection is split between Bella, Edward, and Jackie.”

“Wild.” That’s all she can really say. 

Bella looks over at her with a teasing smile, “I guess we’re both gonna be moms, huh?”

“I guess we are Bells.”

Edward looks at Bella with an open, affectionate look. Then, he looks at Jackie and his expression doesn’t change. If anything, the fondness in his eyes becomes more apparent. Jacqueline’s heart skips a beat when she realizes this. 

Oh, fuck me. 



“How are we going to deliver the baby?” Bella asks Carlisle and the doctor grimaces, “Due to how strong the womb is, we’ll have to cut it open with our teeth.”


“It will be very risky, but I assure you you will survive this.”

Bella looks down at her hands and frowns, “How can you be sure?”

“…I can’t. I’m trying to remain positive.”

Jacqueline glances between the two incredulously. 

“If it makes you feel better, Carlisle will be doing it. He has the best tolerance to blood and his cuts will be precise.” Emmett speaks up and Jacqueline’s jaw drops. 

“I mean, I guess.” 



Jacqueline sits up, removing her head from Bella’s lap. She puts her palm out, making sure everyone in the room can see it, and brings her claws out. 

“Helloooo? Shifter here! I can easily help deliver the baby! Plus, I don’t have to fight the call of her blood.”

Carlisle blinks owlishly, “I can not believe I did not think of this before.” 

Jacqueline huffs and falls back down, her head landing back in Bella’s lap. The girl immediately begins to run her hands through the native’s hair. “Me neither, doc.”

“Oh, wait! Rosalie, have you set up the nursery yet?” 

Rosalie smiles. Jacqueline marks it as the second one she’s seen the girl do so. “Yes, it’s almost finished.”

“Can I see it?”

“No. Be patient.”

She pouts but lets it go. Then, her ears pick up on the sound of running. “Uh-oh, looks like Eduardo’s back from his hunt.” Seconds later, Edward is standing in the middle of the lounge, his eyes a shining ochre from a fresh kill (s). 

“I hope I didn’t miss anything while I was gone.” He says with a smile as he sits down at the end of the sofa. Jacqueline tosses her feet into his lap. He grabs them and begins to massage them gently but effectively. 

She ignores the way her heart skips a beat at his touch and answers, “Everyone just realized they’re not the only ones here with claws and fangs. You didn’t miss much.”

“How was your hunt?” Bella asks, her hand still running through Jacqueline’s long locks. 

“I hunted mountain lion, enough said. How are you feeling?”

“Better now that you’re here.”

“I feel so betrayed right now,” Jacqueline says dryly. 

Edward chuckles and gently traces his thumb over the skin of her ankle, “She didn’t mean it like that.”

“Sorry, Jax.”

The wolf huffs and waves it off, “Whatever. Tell Eduardo when the baby’s due.”

“It’s either going to be Tuesday or Wednesday.”

“Wow. Have you thought of the names?” 

“Yes. I combined our mother’s names and got Renesmee but it didn’t feel right. So I played around with Jax and my mom’s name. I got Raenee. That was just god-awful so I tried your and Jax’s mom and got Raesme. I hated it, so I said fuck it, let’s just name her Olivia.”

“…” Edward looks down at Jacqueline, eyes wide and begging for help. 

“Just think about it some more, Bells. I’m sure you’ll get it.” Jacqueline says soothingly and Bella nods, “I will. It’s just so frustrating!”

“I know.”

Edward squeezes Jacqueline’s ankle in thanks. 



“Good morning, Jackie.” 

She smiles drowsily, “Mornin’ Ed,”

“How are you feeling?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be asking Bells that?”

“Well, the contractions aren’t hurting her yet. I came in here to check on you, baby.”

Something rolls through her at hearing that name come from his lips. Then, she processes what he says and shoots up, “CONTRACTIONS?!”

“Love, lay back down.” He presses down on her stomach and she reluctantly goes back down. 

“They’re Braxton-Hicks. She has about two hours before she needs to start pushing.” 

Jacqueline relaxes, “You scared the hell out of me.” 

“I’m sorry.” He apologizes quickly, “I just wanted to let you in the loop.”

“You’re fine. I think I just overreact when things concern Bells.”

“That makes the two of us.”

“Has she decided on a name yet?”

“Yes, she actually has.”

“Oh, what is it?”

“Bloodrayne Justice Cullen.”

“That’s badass.”

“Yes, it is. She plans on just calling her ‘Rayne’ to not arouse suspicion from outsiders.”

Jacqueline smiles and curls up under the covers, “I’m gonna call her Rae.”

Edward leans down and kisses her forehead, “I’ll call her that as well.”  


He chuckles, “I suppose I am, aren’t I?”

Jacqueline hums, her eyes already closing. 

“I can’t have you missing the birth of our baby girl, can I? I’ll wake you up in thirty sweetheart.”


It doesn’t occur to Jacqueline that Edward doesn’t say my, but rather says our.



When Jacqueline enters the delivery room, all she sees is chaos. Rosalie is pacing in front of the bed. Jasper is being escorted out by Emmett and Alice. Esme is holding Bella’s hand, whispering soothing words into her ear. Carlisle is prepping all of the equipment one last time. And in the corner, Edward is going through a crisis.

“I’m going to be a dad, I’m going to be a dad, holy shit I’m going to be a dad…” 

Jacqueline rolls her eyes and stomps her foot down on the ground. The effect is instantaneous. Rosalie stops pacing, her shoulders minutely dropping in relief. Carlisle looks up. Edward snaps out of it. And—

“Jax!” Bella reaches out for her and Jacqueline hurries to her side, “Hey beautiful, how are you feeling?”

“Like I’m about to give birth.”

She shorts and presses a gentle kiss to Bella’s forehead. The brunette sighs and releases Esme’s hand to weakly wrap her arms around Jacqueline. 

“I can feel her Jax, she’s ready to come out. Our baby girl is almost here.”

“I may not be a doctor but I can tell that she’s ready to come out, Bells.”

“I think I’m ready.”

Jacqueline pulls back, “Are you sure?”


“Just like that pregnancy test?”

Bella glares at her.

“Okay, let’s get this show on the road then.”

Jacqueline stands at the end of the bed and brings out her claws. She glances at the doctor and he nods, snapping his gloves on as he does so. Edward is by Bella’s side in a flash, holding his hand out like a sacrifice. Bella grabs it with a thankful smile. Rosalie appears beside Esme. Alice and Emmett stand in the doorway. 

Jacqueline takes a deep breath, then she cuts into her skin with terrifying precision.

Bella screams. 



Three hours have passed. 

Jacqueline has puked twice. 

Alice, Emmett, and Rosalie were forced to leave the room because of how much blood there was. 

Esme and Edward both follow them soon after, their endurance running out. Before he leaves, Edward gives a hug to Jacqueline and kisses her temple. He says nothing but he doesn’t have to; she understands completely. 

He’s sorry. He’s so sucking sorry and she knows that because he looks so frustrated and disgusted with himself that he just couldn’t endure. 

“Edward!” Bella calls out, “Remember I love you!” 

He nods stiffly but Jacqueline can see the words haven’t gotten to him. Without thinking about the consequences, she presses a quick kiss to his lips, “She’ll be fine, Edward. You have my word.” 

He looks shocked for a half of a second, then he’s pressing multiple, frenzied, desperate kisses to her lips, “Bring her back to me, okay? Both of them.”

“I will, Edward. I promise.”

Then, he leaves and Jacqueline goes back to work with bile in the back of her throat and tears in her eyes. 



“Well, you certainly look like a Bloodrayne.” Jacqueline whispers down to the blood-covered infant in her arms. The baby keeps her eyes closed and her mouth thoroughly shut. “But for all the ruckus you caused, you’re awfully quiet.”

“Can… Can I see her?” Bella asks hoarsely, her arms raising to resemble a cradle. 

“Of course.” She places the baby in Bella’s arms and the mother smiles, “It’s nice to finally meet you, Rayne.”

Rayne opens one eye and Bella coos, “You’re just the cutest little thing. Jax, come look at her eyes!” 

Jacqueline walks over and peers over Bella’s shoulder to see the baby’s face. 

She sees it. Her eyes are green. A stunning, moss green that takes her breath away. Her eyes water, “She’s beautiful.” 

“I already love her,” Bella says in awe. 

Carlisle watches from the corner of the room, a beaming smile on his face. A new addition to the family is always something great to witness. 

“Same here.” Jacqueline laughs wetly, “She’s not allowed to date until she’s forty.”

“Edward’s supposed to say that.”

“Shut up.”

“Jacqueline, how about you get changed so you can take the baby down to meet the family? I don’t think they would react well to you being covered in blood.” Carlisle says gently. 

“Y-Yeah, right.” Jacqueline presses a kiss to Rayne and Bella’s foreheads and says a quick I love you before —very reluctantly— leaving the room. 



Jacqueline walks carefully down the steps with Rayne cradled in her arms. She doesn’t know what Bella would do to her if she dropped the baby within an hour of her birth. 

Castrate my boobs, maybe. 

She takes the last step onto the floor. Six vampires appear in front of her with eager faces. She jumps and her arms tighten around the baby, “Jesus!”

“Sorry, we’re all rather excited.” Esme laughs, “Can we see her?”

Edward holds his arms out and Jacqueline approaches him slowly. When she’s in front of him, she dubiously asks, “Do you know how to hold a baby?”

Jackie .”

“Okay, okay!” She laughs before placing Rayne in his arms. He stares down at her for the longest and Jacqueline awkwardly hovers, wondering if he’s having a midlife-crisis. 

“She’s- she’s beautiful.” She relaxes; she had reacted that way too when Carlisle put her in her arms.

“Thank goodness, I thought you didn’t like her. I was about to say Bella’s not going to have another one anytime soon.”

Edward eyes the dried blood under Jacqueline’s fingernails, “Definitely not.”

“Wait until you see her eyes,” She laughs as she stands beside him, peering down at the hybrid child. 

“What color are they?” He asks as he pulls an arm out from under Rayne and places it around Jacqueline’s waist instead. 

“Green,” She says with a small smile, “Her eyes are green.”


“Edward?” She asks, her hand coming up to his chest. “You okay?”

“My eyes were green when I was human. As well as my biological mother’s.”

“That’s a good thing,” Jacqueline tilts her head, “Right?”

Edward smiles, “It’s a great thing.”

By coincidence, Rayne opens her eyes and Jacqueline’s breath is taken away. 

“Oh!” Esme whispers in awe from beside them. 

You see, Rayne had only opened one eye, her right one. She never opened her left. 

“I wasn’t expecting that,” Jacqueline laughs and uses a finger to trace Rayne’s cheek, “You’re just a special little thing, through and through huh?”

Rayne’s right eye is a brilliant green. The left is a dark, doe brown. 

“She had to have some of you in her,” Edward says with a laugh. 

Jacqueline rolls her eyes and rests her head on his shoulder, “Mhm.”

“Are you tired?”

“Maybe just a bit.”

“Okay, enough of this lovey-dovey crap! Give me my niece!” Rosalie snaps, her patience finally wearing out. Edward chuckles but gives Rayne up to the blonde. 

“She’s going to be spoiled rotten,” Jacqueline mumbles as she watches the Cullens fight for the right to hold Rayne next. 

“She sure is.” He looks down at Jacqueline and she’s blown away by the emotions in his eyes, “Thank you so much Jackie.”

“No prob, dude.”

He frowns, “Don’t call me that.”

“What, why not?”

“I’m more than your dude.”

Jacqueline’s face warms and she uses her hair to hide her face, “Sorry.”

“Love, I don’t understand how you can be this huge, confident wolf most of the time but turn into a schoolgirl the second I say something sweet to you.”

Jacqueline pouts against his shoulder, “Shut up.”

Edward laughs lightly before dragging her closer to him so her face rests on his chest. It’s a little bit uncomfortable because she’s taller than him but she likes the way his skin feels against hers. 

“I wouldn’t have you any other way, though.” He mumbles and she grins. Then, he bends down and kisses her. She blinks in surprise, “What was that for?”

“That was my way of thanking you Jax,” He whispers as he presses his forehead against hers, “I can’t explain how grateful I am for the god that led you and Bella to me.”

“I’m an atheist.” She says blankly. 

He just snorts and presses another kiss to her lips. 

Jacqueline kisses her best friend’s husband and doesn’t feel an ounce of guilt about it. The Cullens don’t bat a single eyelash to any of it. 



It takes a full two weeks for Bella to walk again. 

During this time, Edward and Jacqueline take on the role of parents. They’re actually making bottles together, some with milk and others with blood when she finds them. 

“Hey,” She says softly from the doorway. 

Jacqueline turns with a smile on her face, “Bells! I didn’t hear you come in.”

“How are you feeling, honey?” Edward asks, appearing by her side. 

“Tired, but happy. Where’s Rayne? I thought she would be with you two.”

“Well, she was until Rosalie stole her from us.”

Bella laughs and reaches out her arms. Jacqueline walks into them and wraps her own around Bella’s shoulders. She rests her cheek against the girl’s hair and just inhales

“I’m so glad you’re okay.”

“Me too, Jax. ”

Edward watches them fondly. He leans against the wall and crosses his arms. He’ll wait for his turn.

“I love you,” Jacqueline murmurs. 

“I love you too.” Bella replies and glances over at Edward, “Why are you over there?”

He blinks in surprise. Oh, looks like he’s going to share his turn. He joins in on the hug and presses a kiss to Bella’s temple, “You look amazing.”

“Don’t lie to me.”

“No seriously, you look good for someone who just gave birth to a hybrid.” Jacqueline says jokingly and Bella giggles, “Okay, that’s enough . Lead me to our baby girl.”

Bella takes Edward’s hand in hers and Jacqueline retreats back to the bottles. Well, she plans to. She takes one step back and Bella asks, “And where exactly do you think you’re going?” 

“I’m finishing the bottles—”

“Nonsense, c’mon.” Bella’s other hand takes Jacqueline’s. “I’m sure Rayne will be fine with what you already made.”


“No buts, let’s go.”

She sighs but concedes defeat, “Fine. I’m only coming because I want to see your reaction to her eyes.”

“They’re green, aren’t they?”

“Somewhat.” She answers vaguely. 

When Bella bursts into happy tears at the sight of Rayne’s heterochromia, Jacqueline’s glad she came along. 



“Hello?” Jacqueline greets the unknown number cautiously, “Who is this?”

“Hello, love.”

“Oh, hey Eddie. How’s Rae?”

“She’s napping now.”

“Hm. How is Bella?”

“She misses you.”


“I do too. Come over, okay?”

“I thought…“

“What could you possibly think that would make you stay away from us for three weeks ?” His voice was sharp, hurt obvious inside of his tone.

“I don’t want to come between you two more than I already have.”


“Edward, I kissed you. Several times. That’s not- that’s not right. You’re my best friend's husband and I kissed you while she was in labor and I didn’t regret it. I can barely look you or Bella in the eyes and everyone is acting like it’s normal —“


“What?” She sniffles. 

“Open the door. I’m outside.”



The sensation of Edward entering her feels like so many things. Coming home, heaven, and above all, love. 

“Edward,” She sighs contently, running her fingers through his hair as he slowly thrusts inside of her. 

“Jackie… fuck…” His face contorts in pleasure, his hand coming up to wrap around her throat. 

“Edward, c’mon. I won’t break .” She moves her hips up and he slides in deeper; she whimpers. 

“Tell me how much you want it.” She trembles as the hand tightens around her throat, “Tell me how much you want me .”

The words send electricity through her and she whines as her cunt grows wetter around his cock, “Want you so bad. P-Please.”

“Not good enough.”

“I- I need you. Edward, I need you. I need you to fuck me, please fuck me!”

He leans down and kisses her roughly. Their tongues twist around each other furiously; it’s so sloppy that spit dribbles down Jacqueline’s chin. 

She taps out first, the only one of the two who actually needs to breathe. Her vision goes slightly hazy from the loss of oxygen and she pants as she tries to get air back into her lungs.  

Edward grabs both of her legs and puts them over his shoulders. He exits her slowly, until only the head of his cock remains inside of her. Then, he slams back inside of her. 

Her mouth drops open in a silent moan and her eyes roll into the back of her head. 

He fucks her just like that until she’s a mess of drool and pathetic cries. 

“Are you close, baby?” He grunts as her nails dig into his back. 

She doesn’t respond.

He releases her throat, grabs a handful of her hair, and yanks

She lets out a pitiful whine and he repeats himself, “Are you close?”

“Y-yes…” is her garbled response. He leans down and presses an open-mouthed kiss to her adam’s apple. Her breath hitches and he smirks against her skin before pulling away. 

“Do you want to cum?”


“Beg for it.” He commands. 

She arches hers back and her breasts brush against his chest, “Please let me cum…” She looks up at him through her lashes, “ Master .”

“You fucking minx,” He growls and she giggles, high-pitched and breathy. 

He pounds her with wild abandon, his balls slapping against her ass every time he slams back inside. Her walls flutter around his dick and her toes curl as  incoherent moans escape her lips. The skin of his back cracks underneath her claws. 

He hisses and in a movement that’s too fast for the human eye to see, he grabs her hands and pins them above her head with one hand. 

He rubs her swollen clit in small, smooth circles and she throws her head back in bliss; his cock continues to slam into her unrelentingly. 

“I want you to cum for me.” Edward rasps, his voice guttural and rough. “Cum for me love, cum for your master.”

She whines and her dripping cunt spills wetness onto his fingers. He wants to taste it but the desire to see his woman orgasm bests the urge. 

“C’mon baby, cum for me,”

Jacqueline burns . Her nerves are set ablaze, a fire burns in her abdomen, and heat spreads underneath her skin. She closes her eyes as her muscles tense up and her pleasure reaches a crescendo. 

“I love you so much Jackie, please cum for me.” 

Her walls tighten around him and her muscles tense as her release finally overtakes her. Her clit pulses under his thumb and he rubs the nub faster. She screams. 

Fluid gushes out around Edward’s dick, staining the sheets underneath him. He fucks into her leisurely, more of her wetness squirting out of her with each thrust. She writhes in his grasp as her pussy spasms and contracts around him. 

Stars burst from behind her closed eyes and she slumps down, panting heavily. Aftershocks grip her and she goes completely limp, the rising of her chest being the only sign of life.

“You did so good for me love,” He coos to her, releasing her hands from his grasp. “You made me so happy.”

The praise makes her head feel fuzzy and light; she likes it. 

Edward pulls out of her and the last traces of her orgasm gushes out onto the sheets. He chuckles, “So messy.”

He slips two fingers inside of her and she shivers. He slowly fucks her with his fingers for a few minutes. Then, he pulls them out and holds them to his mouth. 

Jacqueline watches, enraptured, as he puts his fingers inside of his mouth and sucks. The sight sings a pang of arousal through her. He looks at her through half-lidded eyes and takes his fingers out of his mouth  before pulling her into a messy kiss. 

“You taste so good,” He whispers against her lips and she moans at the taste of herself on his tongue. 

Minutes later, her head is laying on his chest and his arms are curled around her, one of his hands rubbing the small of her back comfortingly. 

Tears come to her eyes and before she can stop it, they fall. He gently wipes the tears away with his thumb. 

Those tears were not ones of sadness. 



“Why are you still outside?” Edward asks, his eyebrows furrowing. 

Jacqueline stands on the doorstep of the Cullen household. She shrugs, “Just lost in thought.”

He narrows his eyes, “You’re lying.”

She glances at the window that she knows Bella is behind and hesitantly asks, “Is she mad at me? I’ve been gone for almost a month and…”

His eyes soften. He pulls her into his arms and gently pecks her lips, “Of course not. Jackie, we love you. Rayne loves you. The family loves you. You’ll always be welcomed here.”

She nods and takes a deep breath, “Okay. Let’s go.”



Jacqueline coos at Rayne. Bella and Edward sit on opposite sides of her, watching the interaction with fond smiles. The child reaches up a hand and Jacqueline watches the tiny appendage curiously. The hand lands on her cheek. Then, the woman sees .

She sees herself from the view of someone else; somehow, she knows she’s seeing from Rayne’s eyes. 

Her staring down at Rayne, her face blank but eyes full of shock and adoration. The first time she held her in the delivery room. 

Her hiding behind her hands before suddenly revealing her face saying “Peek-a-boo!”

Her and Emmett wrestling in the backyard while Rosalie watches them from a nearby tree. 

Her listening attentively to Jasper, who is describing his experience in the confederate army and how he managed to shift his mindset to a healthier one. 

Her laughing as she watches Alice and Esme argue over who gets to braid her hair. 

Her nodding seriously as she discusses the Volturi with Carlisle. 

Her kissing Edward. Her feeding Bella grapes. 

She sees all of this. 

 “Mama.” A voice that sounds far away but close at the same time whispers. Then, Jacqueline’s vision clears. 

She stares down at Rayne in shock. The child’s hand is still attached to her cheek. 

“That’s her gift.” Edward explains, “She can transfer her thoughts and feelings to other people. We’re speculating that she may be mute when she grows up.”

“She called me mama,” Jacqueline whispers as tears fill her eyes. 

Bella rests her head on the shifter’s shoulder, “She called me mommy.”

“She called me mama.” She repeats. 

“I think she’s going into shock.” Edward muses quietly. 

“I’ll get Carlisle,” Jasper says before vanishing out of sight. 

“She called me mama...”



The first time Bella kisses her, it catches her off guard. Jacqueline is playing with Rayne’s toes when the girl just comes up to her and pecks her lips. 

She blinks, “The hell?”

“Swear jar!” Alice sings, appearing in front of them with a glass jar that has a paper note taped to it which says RAYNE’S COLLEGE FUND

Jacqueline grumbles before taking out a wrinkled dollar bill from her pockets and dumping it in the jar. Alice vanishes. 

“What’s wrong?” Bella asks and Jacqueline smiles impishly, “That’s the first time you’ve ever kissed me.”

Bella grins and kisses her five times in rapid succession, “I’ll make up for it.”

“There’s another way you can do that.” 

“And what’s that?”

Jacqueline hooks her fingers in Bella’s belt loops and pulls her close. Their boobs press against each other. Jacqueline tilts her head down to whisper into the girl’s ear, “You know how.”

Bella swallows harshly before whispering, “I think Rosalie would be willing to babysit for a while.”



Jacqueline loves Bella and Edward. 

They both love her. 

She knows this and yet, doubts keep seeding themselves in her brain. She wishes they would just disappear. They all come from one particular question that she doesn’t have an answer to. 

What are we doing?

It stays in her brain for weeks. Eventually, she breaks. She takes out her phone, goes onto google, and types into the search bar: if I’m dating my best friend and her husband, what am I?

She gets various answers. 

A mistress.

A home wrecker.



She huffs and rephrases the question to if I’m dating two people, what does that mean?

She gets a lot more website links. She scrolls through these and gets two general responses.  

You’re a cheater. 

Threesomes are hot. 

She’s about to give up on this search when she sees it. 

Non-Monogamous Labels: what they are and why they’re growing in popularity. 

It doesn’t really call out to her but she clicks on it because it has big words. She scrolls through it for a while when she sees it. 

Another form of relationship non-monogamous people participate in is polyamory: the practice of engaging in multiple romantic (and typically sexual) relationships, with the consent of all the people involved. 

Her heart skips a beat and she quickly exits out of the website to type the word into her search bar. Fewer links than all of her previous searches appear. She clicks on the first one she sees. 

Hours later, she finally puts her phone down. It buzzes as soon as it hits the table. She lifts it back up and sees a text from Alice. 

Ali <3: finally figured it out, huh?

She grins. While the sexuality was obviously seen as immoral or as a different form of cheating by a lot of people, it was still a label . She now has answers for the doubts in her head. 

And that’s enough for her.


Jacqueline thanks the driver and steps out of the taxi. She stares up at the house in front of her, paying no mind to the cab that’s pulling off. She’s been at college for the past three months, unable to come home due to an illness that spread throughout her dormitory. Due to policy, she had to stay inside and quarantined so she wouldn’t spread it to others. 

Oh, if only she could tell them that her shifter genes made it so that she could never get sick. There was no playing hooky for her.

“I’m home now, that’s all that matters.” She whispers to herself and runs a hand through her hair, the diamond ring on her finger sparkling beautifully in the sunlight. 

She begins to walk up the stone path. Then, out of the corner of her eyes, she sees a small, pale face peek out the window. It disappears a moment later.

Jacqueline opens her arms and waits. 

“MAMA!” Rayne screams happily as she bursts out of the front door, her enhanced speed making her a blur for human eyes. 

“Hey RaeRae,” Jacqueline is forced back a step when the hybrid slams into her with the force of a Ford truck. She smiles all the same. 

“I missed you!” The girl grins up at her mama, “So did daddy and mommy!” 

“I missed you too!” Jacqueline laughs as she picks Rayne up and places her on her shoulders, “What have you been doing baby?”

Rayne’s green eye twinkles as she begins to talk, “I finally convinced Uncle Jasper to teach me how to fight! Daddy taught me some more piano and Auntie Rosie taught me how to do French braids…”

Jacqueline listens to the babble with an affectionate smile. She enters the Cullen threshold and frowns when no one comes down to greet her. 

“So that’s how y’all feel?” She asks herself before nodding to a part in Rayne’s story. She walks up the steps and promptly gets the shit scared out of her. 

“WELCOME BACK, JAX!” Everyone screams. 

Jacqueline’s jaw drops as she takes in the white banner streaming across the room that has blue letters which read Welcome back home, Jacqueline!

“You didn’t.”

“We did!” Alice laughs, “Do you like it?”

“It’s amazing.” She whispers, still taking in everything. 

“Welcome back, mutt.” Rosalie smiles, comfortably tucked in Emmett’s arms.

“Your presence in this household again is something to celebrate,” Jasper nods, wrapping his arms around Alice’s waist. 

“It’s great to see you again, darling girl.” Esme murmurs and Carlisle nods in agreement beside her. 

“You guys, I’m going to cry!” Jacqueline holds a hand to her mouth. Rayne giggles before hopping off her shoulders and running to Emmett, no doubt to ask him if he can sneak her some cupcakes. 

Apparently, they made her too hyper. Stupid parents!

“I missed you so much, Jackie,” Edward says as he suddenly appears in front of her. “Words can’t explain it.”

She smiles and pulls him into an embrace, “You’re acting like I was gone for an entire decade.”

“It felt like it.” He whispers earnestly before kissing her forehead. 

“Stupid vampire speed!” Bella huffs as she walks over to the duo. She cups Jacqueline’s cheeks and kisses her, “‘missed you so much, babe.”

“Did you miss me or my tits?”

“Both.” Edward and Bella answer in unison. 

Everyone in the room laughs, even Rayne although she doesn’t get the joke. She’ll just have to ask dad to explain it later. 

“We bought weed too by the way,” Emmett speaks up and Jacqueline seriously thinks she’s just entered heaven. 

It’s many, many hours later when she finally gets to be alone with the loves of her life. They’re walking under the moonlight sky, all of their hands intertwined with Jacqueline in the middle. 

“I never expected it would end like this.” She murmurs after several minutes of silence. 

“Like what?” Bella queries. 

“Like this .” She looks down at their hands, “In love with both of you. Happy.”

“Me neither.” Edward says softly, “I had no idea what was happening to me, why I was feeling the things I did. I thought of myself as disgraceful for feeling things for another woman while being married to the love of my life.” He glances at Jacqueline and smiles almost shyly, “Well, one of them.”

“Ditto.” Bella laughs, “I think I’ve always known a part of me loved Jax. Edward, when you left, she was the only one who didn’t treat me like glass, but she also respected my boundaries. She made sure I was always taking care of myself, going outside and eating healthy. She was my sun. Then, you came back on my doorstep and I realized a part of me still loved you. It was bigger than the one that loved Jax.”

“Ouch.” Jacqueline frowns. 

“I’m not finished. When I was lying there on that sofa and you walked in Jax… it was like I knew everything was going to be okay. And it was. You picked me up off my deathbed and made me smile. I don’t think I’ve thanked you enough for that—“

“Trust me, you have.”

They share a laugh. 

“Well, I don’t feel like I have.” Bella quickly gets back on topic, “Jax, you kept helping me when you didn’t have to. I wasn’t dying anymore, there was nothing to cure, but you kept helping. I think when you waltzed with me is when I realized the parts of my heart that loved you and Edward were now equal. I panicked for a bit, because I knew you still loved me no matter how many times you said you didn’t, but you didn’t make me choose. I’m so lucky to have you in my life Jax, I don’t what I’d do without you.”

“Simp,” Jacqueline whispers, wishing she had a free hand to wipe her watery eyes with. 

“I love you too.” Bella kisses her cheek. 

“If we’re being honest here, then I’ll say I wasn’t expecting to fall for you, Eddie.” The wolf reveals and the vampire chuckles, “When did you realize you did?”

“I think I realized I liked you when we went on that walk and I gave you two those flowers from the flowering dogwood. I realized I was in love with you when I kissed you in Bella’s delivery room.”

He gazes at her lovingly, “I still have those flowers,”

“You’re such a sap!” Bella giggles and Jacqueline nods in agreement.

“Only for you two.”

The native rolls her eyes before asking, “What about me?”


“When did you realize you love me?”

“It's complicated.”

“This entire relationship is complicated.” Jacqueline deadpans and Bella holds back a laugh. 

“Well, I realized I was harboring feelings for you after you punched me in the face.”

Jacqueline winces, “Sorry.”

“I deserved it. Anyways, I know that is definitely when I knew. I felt so guilty about feeling something for another woman while my wife was pregnant that Jasper began avoiding me. Then, Alice had a vision while I was in the same room.”

“You didn’t tell me about this.” Bella tilts her head and he shrugs, “I didn’t want to soil the future. The vision I saw was the day Bella began walking again. She walked in on us making bottles, remember Jackie?”


“When I saw Alice’s vision, everything suddenly made sense. My growing feelings for Jackie, hers for me, and Bella’s indecision. We were all meant to be together.”

Jacqueline smiles nostalgically, “God, I was a mess.”

Edward nods, “Yes, you were. Thankfully, I managed to knock it out of you.”

“If knock means you fucked me within an inch of my life, then yes, you definitely knocked it out of me.” She says it so drolly that Bella snorts. Edward looks down at his feet sheepishly. 

They walk in silence for the next few minutes. Then, Jacqueline says, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Me neither,” Bella agrees, “We have our own little dysfunctional family.”

“I would change one thing.” Edward disagrees and Jacqueline tilts her head, “What is it?”

“I would’ve used lube when I fucked you within an inch of your life.” 

Jacqueline howls. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

- Robert Frost