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The World Is Watching

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"You're not alone, Marcy. I'm right here, just hold on to me, okay? Hold on tight." Sasha's words were scrambled and slurred as she pulled Marcy's limp, bleeding, barely-concious body through the palace doors towards Joe Sparrow, hearing the echoing sounds of battle- Grime and Andrias, to be exact- behind her. With the little strength she had left, she threw Marcy up onto Joe's saddle and hopped aboard, leaning over and clinging to her near-unconcious companion as the bird took flight.

"I've got you, I've got you, I've got you..." Sasha mumbled repeatedly as she removed Marcy's cloak, letting the wind put out the still-smoldering fabric before wrapping it around her torso and pressing down on the gaping gash on her chest.

As Marcy's eyes shot open and she let out a choked scream, the sound tore Sasha apart. She wrapped her arms around the wounded girl, partially to stem the bleeding and partially just to hold her. She was thankful she could barely hear her over the wind as Joe picked up the pace.

She wasn't exactly sure when she stopped screaming, too focused on keeping her alive. Sasha could feel Marcy's faint heartbeat and felt as if she pulled away from her it might stop. They spent the whole flight to Wartwood clinging to each other, Sasha's mind wholly stuck to the soft thumping of Marcy's heart.

Sasha had been too busy hightailing it away from the evil newt king and his flying castle of peril to realize that she had never flown Joe before. She was quickly reminded of this when he jolted into a dive towards the small familiar town, landing ebruptly enough to fling both her and Marcy several yards ahead. The pain of eating the dirt path was not nearly as harsh as the pain of being separated from her.

"MARCY!" She scrambled towards her, her hand instictively moving to her wrist to check her pulse. Marcy slapped her hand away.

Marcy slapped her hand away.

"Marcy!" Sasha cried, relieved by the somewhat positive sign of life that wasn't just pure screaming. She could hear faint clamoring in the distance, likely of Wartwood's citizens, but paid little mind to it.

"Look, Marcy, can you hear me? I know this'll hurt, but I gotta apply pressure." She pressed against the blood-stained cloth, only now realizing both of them were soaked in crimson. "Oh, sh-shit..." The crowd started to approach, a small purple frog with a black dress- Sasha remembered Marcy mentioning her name being Maddie- being the first to reach them. She heard somebody shout something about looking for a doctor.

"Doesn't- it doesn't hurt." Marcy stuttered, her hand gently pawing at Sasha's arm.

"Tha-that's good, right?" Maddie spoke in a wavering, raspy voice. Sasha wasn't sure and opted for a positive guess.

"Yeah, it's good."

"Pl-Ple-Please don't make, don't make me leave." Marcy mumbled, causing Maddie and Sasha to exchange confused glances.

"No, you don't have to leave." Maddie took Sasha's place putting pressure on her chest as she took Marcy's hands in hers. Her focus on Marcy drowned out the hum of the citizens sparsely gathering around them.

"I, I lo- I love being here. Don't- just don't make me leave." Marcy looked directly at Sasha, as if she was directing the request to her.

"We don't want you to leave." Maddie mumbled as she gestured for Sasha to hold the wound. "I'm gonna go see if I have anything that can help, just keep her awake."

Marcy was panting, her eyes beginning to lose focus. "I... ple-please don't- just don't make me go. I-I-I don't want to go. I love- I've loved being here with, with you, an-and Anne."

"No, you're not going anywhere, okay? You're right here, with me. You're not alone, Marcy, you never have been, and I promise you that you never will be."

"Y-you... you know you're te-terrible at that- at keeping promises." Marcy's hands rose to meet Sasha's, which were still pressing down on the wound.

"Not anymore. Not this time, not ever. Listen, don't- don't talk, okay?" Sasha chuckled ruefully, starting to sob. "Why are you talking all the time?"

"He... he got the box."

"Doesn't matter right now. You're gonna be fine."

"You, too."

"What- what do you mean?" Sasha whispered as she began to shake. Marcy's gentle grip softened, her hands resting over her heart. "M-marcy, c'mon, what do you mean? I-I know how much you love explaining stuff, tell me what you meant!"

Sasha felt a small, cold hand grip her shoulder, ever so slightly pulling at her. "I have to keep the pressure on." Sasha pleaded.

"No, you don't." Maddie answered, and Sasha pulled away, her hands hovering above Marcy's cor-

She fell back, her vision blurring from tears.