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The White one walked such a depraved path. His innocence stripped away from the psyche.


He wasn't even considered humane anymore. The tiniest quick glimpse, the mere slightest touch of his small fingers that grazed past U-DO's waves.


That alone sealed the poor U.R.T.V.'s fate, everything had happened so quickly it was already too late, reality's cruel wheels of fate had begun to turn.


Madness started to ensue, as the flashbacks started.


However, in his eyes, reality wasn't the only thing that was so cruel.


His immortality, his disease, not a blessing nor a gift.


An eternal curse that the poor boy had to bare with for the rest of his life, if immortality was a gift, it was a poisoned one.


An ability that only Albedo possessed, he was emotionally shattered at the fact that Rubedo would die just like a regular human could.


However, Rubedo understood him like nobody else could, he understood the pain and sadness that Albedo felt.


A heart to beat forevermore, a soul to not die no matter how hard he wished for it to decay.


He could not be cast into oblivion, it just wasn't possible.


A glimmer of hope dangled in front of him, it was a false salvation.


The very same existence that had infected him in the first place, somehow if he was infected with it enough like he did before-


He could die, however only one person was capable enough to grant him that sense of satisfaction was-


Rubedo, his precious dragon.


Even after the events of the contact of U-DO stopped, Albedo still heard the mad whispers inside his mind, the rants echoed almost like some sort of infernal choir.


Alongside the madness that echoed in his head now and then, Rubedo's name thudded in his head.


His dearest twin brother, the one person he didn't want to let go.


Albedo grew a sense of dependence on him, just even a mere second of not being by Rubedo's side caused the poor kid grief.


As a timid child, Albedo sought purpose besides being a U.R.T.V but as time went on he grew distant from finding what his true purpose was, now rather wanting to die in the hands of Rubedo himself.


Ah such folly, purpose didn't mean anything to him at all, he just wanted to link with U-DO again, by any means possible.


He believed he didn't have a purpose, nor did other people.


Albedo's mind was clouded with such a nihilistic view on things, through adulthood he became egotistical and heartless, a drastic change since how he was as just a child.

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The deranged child's sanity had started to deteriorate even further, he believed that he was the eternal chain, the infinite telomerase.


Oh, but he wasn't wrong at all.


Flesh such as his couldn't be severed, not even the sharpest of blades could slice it off permanently.


The lastest discovery of nanotechnology could never repair itself as fast as Albedo's regenerative abilities could.


Upon a sunny afternoon, an demonstration was played out.

Albedo turns around, letting a big sigh escape.




Loudly, Rubedo lashed out with Nigredo holding him back, his expression seething in absolute angrish at the atrocity that Albedo had done before him.


"What were you even thinking, #623 is badly injured!"


The white twin simply scoffed back in reply, crossing his arms with a eye roll.


"So, is that what's this all about?" 



"All he has to do is regenerate the injuries away, so what's the problem?" Rubedo's heart suddenly stops beating, while Albedo's words begin to sink in.


Looking shocked, Rubedo backed away before cocking his head slightly in confusion.


The white twin puts his arms behind his head, awaiting for his older brother to give an response.


"What do you mean, regenerate..?"


Suddenly, Albedo pulled out a gun as a manifestation of energy materialized from his hand.


"Regenerate, don't you know what that is? Watch and I'll show you." 



The gun roars as a bullet is released, instantly piercing the ball of energy while blood splatters across the wall.


Meanwhile, Albedo's headless body begins to wobble as the other two scream in sheer terror.


Speechless, Nigredo holds tightly against Rubedo's pale uniform, while Rubedo suddenly feels his teeth grind.


"You idiot, why do something so DAMN stupid..!" Again, Nigredo tightly pulls Rubedo away as Albedo's head finally finished repairing itself.


In shock, the twin's violet eyes start to shake. His face screws up on the verge of falling apart.


"What are- you saying Rubedo, don't tell me you can- regenerate like... me?" 


Letting out the last of his anger, Rubedo releases one last big yell before pushing Nigredo away gently.


"Are you crazy, of course not!"


Nigredo shakes his head, staring down upon Albedo before replying grimly.


"It's.. something only you can do Albedo, not us. We were born with distinct unique abilities- remember what Dad told us?"


The realization shattered Albedo, as a few quick sobs escaped.


He didn't want this to be true, Albedo didn't WANT to believe this!


Rubedo, his beloved twin would die from anything unlike him.


"No-! This can't be true! You're lying-!" Albedo yelled before crying even more, tightly gripping against Rubedo.


The older twin simply looks away, while trying to hold himself together as he quickly embraces Albedo from behind.


"No... NO-! I don't want you to die, Rubedo!"


"I don't want you to leave me..!" 


Albedo's whole body begins to tremble, now in a emotional mess, barely managing to pull himself together.


Calm azure eyes quickly attract Albedo, as he slowly looks up with Rubedo hugging tighter than before.


Albedo simply collapses into his arms, as both their uniforms are wet with his tears.


"Albedo, please- please don't cry... You'll make me sad as well.."


The day ends in an awful sunset, as the three walk back to the residential quarters in fear of what happened.


Albedo, he'd changed on this very day.


Something sparked, and it wasn't a good realization.


It was a very epoch of his life, the change that spiralled everything out of control.


The following day, the Old Milita incident was about to begin, the descent operation that would send the world into a mad frenzy.

Silently watching Albedo from behind, Nigredo oversaw the deranged twin dig graves by the local garden of the Institute.


The rambling set him off the most, every second word- Rubedo.


Obsessed he was, and Nigredo couldn't believe what Albedo was saying.


The discovery that his loved ones would die around him, had turned the poor boy mad.


Rubedo stayed around the Institute less upon hearing Albedo's odd behaviour, spending more time with Sakura inside the domain dives.


Of course, Albedo cottoned on and had ideas of his own.



If he couldn't have Rubedo for himself, then why should others have him for themselves?




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The two brothers' peaceful sleep was suddenly interrupted, once the sounds of gunfire and helicopters were heard in the distance.


A.W.M.S units flew, sending violent tailwinds as many windows were shattered.


"Albedo, where is he, I haven't seen him since last week..!?" Rubedo rushed off as he jumped over the gate which separated the Institute.

In worry Nigredo suddenly shot up before reaching out to him, "No, Rubedo it's too dangerous-!"

Once the two met up outside, their attention was attracted upon seeing that the sky had turned into a dark grey.

Rubedo suddenly stopped in horror as a single pillar of light appeared.


"It's the Song of Nephilim, damn it!"


Their feet crunched hard against the grass, ignoring their father's strict orders to stay within the facility's vicinity.

The link master pointed towards the forest, before looking back towards his current direction.

"Quick, head off towards the other pathway. I'll head straight into the entrance!" Rubedo called out before rushing off towards the very center of the warzone.

Now with Nigredo by himself, he proceeded to the other side of the burning cityscape.


Slowly, Nigredo walked towards the backside of the city, his small fingers scraping past the burnt walls of a pharmacy.


The sight was absolutely depressing, the whole area looked lifeless and caught in an unending blaze.


His fellow comrades were out of control, shooting bloody holes into innocents.


However his jade eyes widened in fear, upon seeing Albedo on the other side.


Covered in U-DO's waves like some sort of threatening aura, the forsaken god of which Nigredo was tasked to destroy alongside Rubedo.


The purple energy that surrounded the deranged twin suddenly bursted, sending Nigredo's fellow comrades flying alongside soldiers.


"Why, hello Nigredo."

Albedo spoke with snide, dangling the pod keys before quickly grasping it into his hand.


"You've come back to me, how thoughtful." His tone oozed with sarcasm as Nigredo looked around the area, terrified by the awful scenery.


"What the- what have you done-!" Nigredo spoke with gritted teeth, as Albedo turned around and finally showed himself.


His clothes were ragged and torn, covered in blood of presumably from the people he had killed.


A small sigh escaped Albedo, while a wide grin quickly formed.


"What have I done, what about what you and Rubedo have done to ME!?"


Startled, Nigredo spoke as white URTV suddenly appeared from behind, with a small chuckle escaping afterwards.


"Poor Nigredo, you don't understand me, do you? It's about time someone ought of told you the truth about everything now- right..?"


Nigredo suddenly went back, as energy started to form from Albedo's hands.


"Don't worry, I'll enlighten you. I'll tell you everything...!" He spoke before a large blast sent Nigredo hitting a wall, instantly rending him unconscious.

On the other side of the city, Rubedo ran while he looked around for any survivors.


So far, either everyone else was turned mad or were dead from the violent assault of U.R.T.V's relentless attacks.


The dancing flames of Old Milita were reflected back into his blue eyes, as he quickly dropped to the ground in despair.


He slammed his fist onto the burnt concrete, with his mind slowly beginning to think that there really was no hope.


Most of his fellow units died, hell even people he swore to protect died as well.


Sakura, he couldn't see her again, as the pod key was obviously taken from Albedo but unfortunately he didn't know that.


He figured that Yuriev stored it away due to the Old Milita descent.

Nigredo opened his eyes before groaning in pain, his vision spun while his back felt like it was on the verge of breaking.

He quickly realized that he had fallen from a tall building, even though the memory was hazy, he was able to piece it all together.


Suddenly from what Nigredo could see, Albedo's feet landed on the ground as he finished levitating.


"Now then I suggest that you don't move, I need a nice clear shot after all."


Firing more concentrated energy, Nigredo suddenly flung himself back with all his might.

Essentially dodge rolling away as the blast hit one of the pillars.


However unfortunately the debris quickly made Nigredo trip, dislocating his leg instantly now leaving him vulnerable.

Flickering purple light attracted Nigredo's attention, as he slowly turned his head to see a ball of conjured energy, seconds away from exploding.


"Didn't you listen to me from before? This all could've been avoided- if you stayed quiet about it all."


Upon impact Nigredo's head flung back, as blood splattered across the walls.


Knocking him out again, Albedo's small hands grabbed hold of his neck about to strike the final blow.

However, he was shortly stopped upon hearing Rubedo's voice call out.

"Albedo, what the hell are you doing..?!"


In response his deranged brother turned around to see him, seething in anger.


Throwing aside Nigredo's body, his brother walked towards him confused at his initial response to it all.

"You never seem to understand me, do you Rubedo?" Albedo smirked, "I'm doing all this for your sake, yet you're pointing fingers at me. That I'm the monster. That I'm the one who's caused you all this grief."


"But really it's your fault, that I've turned out this way!"


Rubedo stepped in close, putting a foot down before staring directly towards Albedo.


"Albedo-! Just stop this! Let Nigredo go and stop this now-!"


 Hus brother sighed before shaking his head in disbelief.


"You're the anti-existence remember Rubedo, you're supposed to kill me-!"


Before the situation could get any worse, Rubedo quickly grabbed Nigredo and raced down the stairs.

Heading straight towards the entrance of the cityscape.


"Rubedo.. leave me..." His beaten up comrade spoke as Rubedo suddenly noticed blood trickling down his face and chest.


"No-! Don't say that!" Rubedo yelled, "I'm not leaving you behind-! Stay with me!" Nigredo's eyes slowly closed as Rubedo's face began to flow down with tears, crying in frustration as his running pace increased.


"Somebody, anybody-! Save us damn' it-!"


Suddenly, a spotlight turned on as Rubedo slowly looked up to see a massive mech.


"Two of the designer children located." A deep male voice spoke, as an unknown young man jumped out, landing on the burned ground.


"My name- its Chaos, if you come with us we can take you to somewhere safe." Picking Rubedo up, he shook his head, still crying about Nigredo's condition.


"But Nigredo's bleeding, and Albedo... Albedo is-" Rubedo collapsed, as Chaos tried to remember who Albedo was.


"Albedo, No. 667. We haven't been able to find much information about him." Caanan spoke as he picked up Nigredo's bleeding body, "Right, let's head back to Helmer. Then we can decide on what to do next with the boys."


Laying the two boys gently against the back seat, Caanan pulled the accelerator as the Asher flew across the grey skies, suddenly from a tall building a raven-haired man watched from a distance.


"So, they have succeeded in their mission in the end. However, I still feel darkness lingering." Jin scowled as the pillar of light slowly disappeared, with folded arms he watched many U-TIC helicopters surround the area.

Now with his business finished with Canaan he entered his mech and pulled the accelerator.

In a matter of seconds the mech was sent soaring.

(Fourteen Years Later, Kukai Foundation, T.C. 4755)


The door shut as Junior let out a big yawn upon looking over to his right, he saw Gaignun still writing his signature down on the many sheets of paperwork.

Strangely, unfazed by the massive amount of paperwork.

"God, now that was exhausting!" Junior spoke with a rub of his head, before sitting down with a big sigh. "Ah, you mean the name changing paperwork right?" Gaignun replied, moving his fork around his uneaten breakfast.


"Yeah, it was pretty annoying actually. But I'm glad it's all over now, heh-heh!" The red U.R.T.V spoke with a big grin, however his attention was caught once he heard Gaignun laugh quietly to himself.

With a cocked brow, the red URTV sighed before putting his hands on waist.


"Hey, what's so funny..?"


On Gaignun's end, he thought it was absolutely amusing, at the fact that his brother hadn't really grown up at all.


Even as an adult, Junior still maintained mannerisms similar to the likes of a child.


"Making sure you realize, that you need to have some responsibility as well. I can't keep looking out for you all the time you know." He replied, drinking the last few sips of his coffee.

Uninterested upon hearing another of Gaignun's lectures, he rolled his sapphire eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, you just don't wanna sign the medical paperwork and all that shit? Am I riii-ght?"


Suddenly Gaignun choked on his coffee at Junior's bad attempt at humour, "Junior..!" He laughed in reply before getting up, "Where are you going, don't you have to submit the paperwork soon?"

Junior spoke worryingly, but was quickly reassured once Gaignun shook his head.


"I'll be five minutes, I promise." He gently smiled before closing the door behind himself.

Now walking off to see Helmer, Gaignun suddenly stopped his pace upon feeling an odd aura start to surge.


"...It's probably another one of those headaches again."


He reassured himself before reaching out  for the doorknob, focusing on shaking the eeriness off that he'd felt.

Despite his many attempts of trying to ignore the apprehension, the spiritual link began surging- beyond his control.

Being unable to stop the spiritual link Gaignun assumed that it definitely wasn't Junior wanting to ask him something.


He knew that he'd just talked to him a few moments ago, however just before he could think further about it all, the spiritual connection fully resonated.

Without a choice, Gaignun mentally prepared himself before folding his arms over.

Once he opened his eyes, he was met with the very source of uneasiness from before.


Everything became much clearer, especially knowing now that his awful apprehensive thoughts as of late weren't nothing but mere dreams.


Albedo. he was never dead at all, and Gaignun knew it would've been nothing but foolish to assume so.


Somehow, he managed to survive the Milita descent operation unharmed- well physically unharmed that is.

His expression was scornful and loathing while also amused at the same time.

But Gaignun figured that he wouldn't've changed at all since his sudden departure.


The white URTV leaned back against the throne with an signature smile, letting his back rest "comfortably" against the tall throne-like pillar.

The throne was draped across with red cloth, with a few blood smudges from presumably "entertaining" himself beforehand.

Even though Gaignun wasn't the one to counter back, his mind was constantly thinking and strategizing.


"Ah, it's been a while hasn't it?"

"Even now, you seem to enjoy playing the role of the unaware yet innocent pacifist." 


Ignoring his provocations Gaignun turned away, his eyes averted to see the front of the Foundation in an attempt to untense himself.


"I really don't have the time to be messing around, why are you even contacting me..?"

Albedo eyed the nearby Kirschwasser before looking back towards Gaignun, "Oh, don't worry," He spoke back in false reassurance.


 "I merely wish to come by just to thank Rubedo for all that he's done."


Why, Thank?


Gaignun's face screwed up in confusion,  but quickly he then realized why Albedo was even here in the first place.


"So, you still insist on lying. Don't bother thinking about getting inside the Foundation."


A smirk spreaded across the white URTV's lips, with an aura of exploitation shining in his eyes.


"Tell me Nigredo, how could the likes of you even lift a single finger against me, although a conflict between the two of us would be- quite interesting."


Albedo's eyes suddenly turned predatory, as Gaignun quickly braced himself.


"But really, that's not the only person I'm here for, the realian what was her name again..?"


"Ah that's right, MOMO she's going aboard the Durandal isn't she, alongside the engineer of Vector."


"You know exactly where she is, don't you?"


Damn, Gaignun went aback at that.

His palms started to shake as he tried to turn away- but couldn't.


The bastard got him caught in a corner, as Gaignun desperately tried to hide any hints of losing composure.


But Gaignun knew how this would all play out, especially with the likes of Albedo, he wasn't backing down on obtaining the Prototype that easily.

"Now then, where is she?"


Gaignun quickly countered back before pulling a slight scowl in response.


"What possible use could U-TIC need to use her with, aside from that it would take anyone ages for the security system to be hacked here anyway."


The deranged brother scoffed before holding his head up, forming his hand into a fist.


"It's not for them, How idiotic of them to even think that I'd give them the Prototype realian for themselves!"


Gaignun wasn't surprised at all by Albedo's response, but just hearing what he had to say made him think- what really was his true intentions if not working together with U-TIC?

The white URTV's sight changed to see his unnatural fingernails.

"The Foundation's security systems are just mere toys, and those lowly mongrels of who you call guards. I tried my hand at one of them, I'm sure it would've proven quite the sight at the entrance, if you know what I mean-"

Ignoring his mocking laughter, Gaignun was given a quick glimpse of the scene.

He gasped before his eyes shook in unfathomed fear, his jade ones intensely flashing in deep resonance.

A massive pool of blood seeped from outside the entrance door.


With both his fists balling themselves, Gaignun looked up in absolute disgust and shock, "You- you were outside the Foundation gates this morning... weren't.. you?"


"'I'll use force if need be, and if you're still in the area, I suggest you leave now at once otherwise..."


Ah, Albedo grinned at that.


Gaignun could fire the lazer cannons from the Durandal, but realistically what would that accomplish?


Yes, Albedo's Simeon would need a new wing attached and maybe a good attachment of it's massive draconic legs.


A white brow rose, curious at Gaignun's form of an counterattack despite his quiet and non violent nature.


"Otherwise what Executioner?"


"Words such as yours they're just empty meaningless threats... Much the same as you aren't they-? You're nothing more than a lonely little bastard!"


Albedo suddenly arched back in laughter as Gaignun shook his head with a scowl.


Gaignun prayed mentally to himself, that Junior wouldn't walk in to their argument.


It would've been exactly what Albedo desired, to get the Red Dragon in a uncontrollable state of rage.


"I almost forgot, how's Rubedo going along? I hear he still has head consumed in cherry blossoms..."


Gaignun's jade eyes widened in fear as Albedo leaned forwards, "Why so pale, afraid I might snatch the Dragon away from you? Have you not heard that good siblings learn to share?"


Gaignun's skin began to crawl, he shook his head desperately trying to ignore Albedo's provocations towards him.


"We're being quite the selfish type now, aren't we-?"


Suddenly a green beam of light sliced Albedo's arm apart as he went back in recoil, while Gaignun's eyes flashed attempting to fire again.


In the process, Albedo was sent back staggered, his head flung back immediately before blood was splattered.


A few moments of silence followed as Gaignun slowly looked back to see the damage he'd done.


Delicious pain pulsed down towards his spine much like his blood, his heart started to beat in sick adrenaline.


Gaignun's face cringed in disgust upon hearing the small satisfied sigh leave his throat.


But he should've known better than to fight back, Albedo had always got an awful sense of gratification from his body being damaged.


Albedo's arm was damaged and torn clean off, but mainly his upper body was affected the most.


"Aw, you missed Nigredo."


His voice dripped with sarcasm while he sneered from a distance.


Gaignun's face suddenly cringed away, as he got a quick glimpse of Albedo's body repairing itself.


"Pathetic that you are, you haven't changed at all you're still stubborn as I remember. Tell me, have you grown this weak due to that duty of your's?"


The black U.R.T.V simply closed his eyes upon hearing another of Albedo's infamous mad laughs.


"Don't worry yourself Nigredo, If I were you I'd be saving the emotional outburst, for once you've seen my entire performance..!"


The spiritual link suddenly stopped as Gaignun was left with crackling static.


"We have to protect her with our lives, not just from U-TIC but Albedo as well it seems." He thought to himself as the room shrouded itself in slience.

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Unsettled, Gaignun's mind felt rattled and all over the place, constantly thinking about what Albedo said before.


"Duty." he sighed before looking back towards the office door.


"I shed that skin long ago. Why dwell on something that no longer exists?"


But of course, he held his emotions away from the public.


Gaignun always had a bad habit of hiding his pain behind a smile, believing that others shouldn't get involved into his family matters.


Almost like some sort of hazy dream, Gaignun remembered the one night at the Institute.

Hearing the gun roar once he fired it, when the bullet had made impact, the poor child was left with an unsettling image.


A prominent color had always stayed stuck in his head ever since.




Red when the bullet came into impact, red was quickly splattered across his father's face.


Nigredo suddenly dropped the handgun, as the echoed sounds of it's metal thudded hard against the floor, ringing through his ears.

Even as an adult, Gaignun couldn't escape these painful times.

It was the very reason why he wanted to help others in the first place.

But it wasn't until now, he'd realized for such a long time how much of a heavy burden he carried upon himself.

A painful duty placed upon by his father Yuriev, a mission that he long desired to abandon.


To netrualize the Red Dragon therefore, killing Junior.


Manage and subdue the Dragon's violent nature.

The accursed phrase constantly echoed and throbbed inside his head.


Just a mere child, he was.


Nigredo, he was being exploited this entire time.


While brain zaps after brain zaps surged within himself, as his quickly body shivered.


However, he simply dismissed it as just a  shiver because of the cold breeze.


Before Gaignun could think about it further, he suddenly heard a familiar voice call out from behind the door.


"Gaignun-! You said you'd be five minutes! I've been waiting for at least fifteen, where have you been..?"


Gaignun couldn't help but smile upon hearing his brother's voice, the world hadn't changed around him at all, but unfortunately neither did Albedo.


Albedo- was still obsessed, even after fourteen years had passed.


Gaignun suddenly broke his long slience, "I'm coming, I'm just handing in the paperwork now." His voice gently reassured.


Just being with Junior reminded him of what it was, before the world fell into disarray of U-TIC's ambitions.


The kindness was a nice distraction but it never lasted.


His barrier could be easily penetrated, his emotional barricades would crumble from behind public eyes.


Many thoughts flowed through his mind, he desperately tried to ignore all his problems, but of course- they eventually came back.


Why should people suffer because of him?


Why stay behind his "little" desk, weak and merely rusting away- to be long forgotten and pathetic?


Heh, the phrase sounded like something Albedo would say.


But, he had to do something, but would could he do... really?


No. he wasn't going to accept this.


He'd had enough, the suffering of the past had affected so many people that he'd held close to his heart.


It was about time that the truth was finally revealed.


Junior had to know, Gaignun couldn't hide the fact of Albedo's existance any longer.


Gaignun arrived to Helmer's office, while lost in deep thought, he gently placed the paperwork down.


"I'm assuming you want the names, Gaignun Kukai and Gaignun Kukai Jr. correct?" The U.R.T.V nodded before his hand slid past to reach the doorknob, moments away from twisting it.


"I've noticed something as of late." Helmer spoke, quickly grabbing Gaignun's attention, "You seem more quieter than usual."


Gaignun suddenly held his breath, remembering that he didn't want anyone get involved.


He suddenly felt his palms start to sweat, while trying to think of what to say.


"It's just.."




A morning like this couldn't get any better, and now he struggled to lie.


Gaignun looked away before clearing his throat.


He couldn't lie, he sighed before his hand dropped it's secure grip around the handle.


"Just some trivial family matters, but I've already dealt with it."


Thank God Helmer believed him, as Gaignun finally opened the door to see Junior waiting on the other side of the room.

Chapter Text

Gaignun closed the door and finally met up with his brother on the other side of the Durandal.

Junior leant back against the wall with crossed arms, although his oldest brother was smiling, his impatience wasn't short behind either.

"Man, you take damn ages with those meetings of yours, don't you?" Junior smiled with a quick roll his eyes. 

In response his brother laughed quietly to himself, knowing beforehand how'd Junior would react.

"Wouldn't you rather have all it done and out of the way, than to take up more time?" Before the two could talk further, their attention was attracted by a familiar female voice that spoke from a distance.

It was soft and gentle, yet somewhat strict sounding.

"Master Gaignun, the Elsa cargo ship has finally docked, Shall we unlock the entranceway to the Foundation?" Gaignun turned around to Shelley and Mary, both with the happiest of smiles of his return.

Upon remembering his discussion with Albedo from before, he suddenly spoke out in desperation.

"Yes, right away- we can't afford to!-"

Gaignun quickly pulled back, before rephrasing himself with a clear of his throat.

"I mean, of course. Let them in."

Confused at his initial response, Junior cocked a brow in suspicion.

"Geez, you're all over the place today aren't you, if there's something on your mind you can talk to me about it!" Junior gently reassured but Gaignun didn't feel ready at all about telling him, it was definitely too soon for that.

Gaignun shook his head before giving a quick nod back in reply, but of course Junior couldn't help but feel a tad skeptical about his response.

"I'm alright, just- make sure that the Elsa has a adequate amount of docking space."

Mary immediately changed the subject, to at least lighten up the current topic.

"The both of you were so caught up, that you even forgot that the Prototype was coming today!"

The two brothers couldn't argue with that, they were so focused on getting the paperwork done, that they completely lost track of time.

It was a rare occurrence that the likes of Gaignun would ever forget an important day such as this, but he couldn't blame himself too much.

For a moment, he went deep into thought, remembering about what Helmer said from awhile ago.

He knew once the 100 Series Prototype had boarded their ship, they'd be instantly tracked by the U-TIC Organization.

But he knew couldn't slip up not even the slightest, he'd have to take the risks that were involved.

Which meant keeping the Prototype under secure custody, snapping back to the current situation he looked back to see Junior shake his head with a big smile.

"Nah, nah we're ALL about it! aren't we Gaignun?"

Gaignun replied with a smile, "It's been on my mind for a while though, please make sure you make our guests welcome."

"I heard that their original ship was caught in a Gnosis attack. Most of their crew couldn't make it to the escape pods' time. So I think it's best we pace ourselves and make today leisurely for them."

At first, Junior nodded in slience, but suddenly an idea came into his mind.

"You're talking about that private resort beach we have right, They'd enjoy that alot actually, considering what crap they had deal from before." A break from everything was the perfect idea, at least for now anyway.

MOMO stayed close to Shion's side, her amber eyes looked across the tall skyscapers that the Foundation was known for.

To the poor realian, it would've looked incredibly daunting.

Since this was her first day outside, besides being locked inside U-TIC's headquarters.

The long slience felt odd, so Shion turned around to face MOMO with a gentle smile.

"So, this is the Kukai Foundation I've heard so much about, It really is such a beautiful place isn't it?"

Shion suddenly heard approaching  footsteps coming from behind.

"Slow down, Chief-!"

Of course it was no other than Allen, panting in exhaustion while desperately trying to catch his breath.

"You girls walk so fast, I can barely catch up! One minute you're in THIS store and then the next-!"

Before Allen could continue his rant, the three turned to see Junior waiting for them.

"Gee, you do really talk alot, don't ya Allen?"

However Junior's attention changed once his eyes met with MOMO's.

She almost bared a striking resemblance to Sakura herself, with a quick blush Junior's face turned red.

"Damn, no kidding huh, she really does look like her, doesn't she?" He thought to himself, "But I gotta pull myself together-" Before he could think further, MOMO approached with him with her signature gentle smiles.

Her amber eyes shined in adoration, as she bashfully swinged her body side to side.

"What's, what's your name..?"

Nothing but um's and ah's escaped his mouth, as he desperately tried to answer back.

But MOMO didn't mind at all, she grabbed his small hands, before looking up with another smile trying to reassure him.

"It's okay if you're shy, my name is MOMO!"

After some time, he took a deep breath before mustering enough courage to speak back to her.

"My name- it's Junior, it really is nice to meet you MOMO." A small smile escaped before the two gave a gentle handshake, he couldn't help but still keep looking back at her.

All these feelings he felt were now explained, he began to understand why he felt so familiar with her, even though this was their first meeting.

"For some reason I feel an familiarity comin' from her, but I think I can understand it now, it's the promise I made with Sakura I'm sure of it..."

"Fourteen years ago, I vowed to protect you- no matter what."

MOMO cocked her head as she saw Junior deep in thought, her small hand waved in front of his face before Junior quickly shook his head.

"Sorry, I tend to do that sometimes... heh-heh!" He scratched his red head before looking back at Shion and Allen.

"Damn, I completely forgot to introduce myself to you two!"

Shion gently shook her head in disagreement, "It's alright, I'm Shion Uzuki the Chief Engineer of Vector, I'm sure you heard of what happened recently.."

"Yeah I know who Vector Industries are. You guys have sure gone through hell, if there's anything we can do, we'll be happy to help out."

Shion quickly waved her hands in disagreement, "It's fine, really! I'm just trying to figure out where to go from here now that we've arrived."

Junior suddenly remembered about resort beach idea from beforehand, his face screwed up in annoyance of even forgetting the idea so soon.

"Well, funnily enough, I came here to take you all down to the private resort we have, some time off wouldn't hurt would it?"

Suddenly MOMO's eyes widened in happiness, glimmering in excitement as she looked towards Shion with a big smile.

"There's a beach too! The Foundation really does everything doesn't it!"

Smiling upon seeing the excitement shining in her eyes, Junior continued discussing about the plans for the week.


"Well, our lift will arrive late into the afternoon tomorrow, I just wanted to at least give you all time to prepare of course."

The group disbanded as Junior went off back to the Durandal's shuttleship, strangely he fell into silence.

He was happy about everything else but, he couldn't shake off this odd sensation that kept stabbing inside his chest.

It felt exactly like a knife, as it dug and delve deep before giving a sharp violent stab, causing Junior to quickly grip his chest tightly.

"Why, why the hell do I feel like... this? Weird, It's probably nothin'.."

Gaignun watched his brother enter the office with a big smile as he closed the door behind himself.

"Someone's quite happy today." teased Gaignun with a smile as Junior shook his head, "For the last time, it's not like that..!" The redhead quickly rolled his eyes with a small smile.

Unfortunately, Gaignun had to cut the humor short as his smile suddenly faded.

"Hey... What's up are you feeling alright?" Junior's tone changed as well, as Gaignun simply shook his head in silence, hesitation started to fill his mind whenever Gaignun looked directly at him.

Gaignun bit his lip, conflicted if he should tell him.

But was it really too early...?

"There's something I've been wanting to discuss with you."

He sighed before placing the cup down, A red brow rose in suspicion as Gaignun took a breath.

"Fourteen years ago, wasn't it? We were stuck and stranded in Old Militia. You remember that well, don't you?" Junior immediately nodded as he silently listened with a worried face.

"I just want to let you know, Ever since that day we signed that contract and now. I'll be by your side- no matter the circumstance."

Although Gaignun wasn't the best with emotionally putting his words together, Junior knew what he meant.

A smile suddenly appeared across the red head's face before quickly nodding back.

"I really do appreciate all you've done for me, I wouldn't've gotten this far without you, to be completely honest..."

"All this time, I've been afraid Gaignun, I've been running away from it all.

But, it doesn't have to be always be like this-"

Before Junior could finish, Gaignun suddenly spoke with a shake of the head.

"You're right in one way, but you haven't been running at all."

"This past you carry, it's a heavy load that no normal person can deal with purely by themselves."

"You're still here, in despite all of that."

Gaignun suddenly smiled as his eyes lit up proudly, before he closed his own in reflection.

"You're still smiling, and that really is resilience in my eyes."

Speechless, Junior suddenly wiped a few tears away before nodding firmly back with a gentle smile.

"Thank you so much it truly means alot to me, Gaignun..."

Chapter Text

A few hours had passed as everyone else was either shopping or checking out the Foundation's various facilities.


The red U.R.T.V muttered to himself in his room, as he had a pile of bullets and a bracelet chain sitting next to him.

With a protruding tongue of concentration, he carefully tried to merge the ether and the chain together- well, shit.

The bullet wouldn't stay in place, damn it!


He tried so many times to keep it in place, it just wouldn't stay connected onto the chain.

Almost losing hope, Chaos suddenly opened the door to see Junior shaking his head in frustration.


"Hey Chaos, whatcha' doing?" He spoke with a flat tone, though still instrested in what Chaos had say.

"The Director asked me to check up on you, since you haven't wandering around for a while."

Looking a closer, He saw the silver bangle on the bed then realized why Junior sounded so flat beforehand.


"Ah, I know what you're trying to do, let me try." Chaos smiled as he grabbed the bangle, suddenly a bright golden aura shrouded it, instantly connecting the two missing components together.


Junior went aback in shock, "Wow, Chaos how did you do that..!?"

Chaos let out a small laugh in reply, "I guess you just have to construct the ether flow more precisely."

"I'm glad to see you doing well, I hope you bring joy to whoever you plan to give this to."

With a gentle smile, Junior nodded with a wave as he watched Chaos close the door behind himself.

Now relaxed, the red head let his body hit the freshly made bed with a relieved sigh.

Helmer replied back to Gaignun with disappointment, "I see, so we have another enemy to be aware of. Retaliation will be necessary if they to do any means of an assault." His fingers ran past the phone line anxiously, as Gaignun on the other end simply sighed.


"U-TIC and Albedo, aren't going to back down it seems. Even still... I'm just worried about Junior."

"I fully understand why you feel the way you do Nigredo, the two of you have been side by side since the Militia incident."


"If Junior found out about Albedo's current status, he too would've started to worry."

Gaignun suddenly looked back to his brother's bedroom with a gentle smile.


"Abeit, a more rushing through and aggressive considering it's him we're talking about, of course."

Helmer on the other hand couldn't help but laugh at that, it really was true.


Even though Junior was rash and gullible at times, his loyalty really did show no bounds.

Even if it meant death, he'd protect his closest comrades.


"You think the days of being at the Institute have rubbed off on him?"

Gaignun's right hand uncurled to see the permanently printed palm, just even seeing it took him back fourteen years into the past.

"Perhaps so, he hasn't changed since then."

"So, Director what are your plans now?"


Gaignun's face screwed up in hesitance again, reluctant to tell Junior about the current situation with Albedo.

But he finally made up his mind, he realized that hiding the truth wasn't protection at all.

"I'll have to arrange a time to talk with him again, and I'll definitely pass on the message about U-TIC's current movement."

"Thank you."

Gaignun hung up the phone with a sigh, just before another thought could slip through the whole Durandal suddenly shook.

It rumbled as a barrage of missiles exploded on impact, sparks flew from the Durandal's red metal plate.

Gaignun turned around to see Junior looking outside, trying to get a good visual of their unknown attacker.


"What the hell is going on now!?"


Much the same as Junior he peered down below to see many explosions chaining together, one after the other destruction followed.

"I don't know, but you don't mind seeing who's out there? I bet even the realians can't get a good look at the front."

Without hesitation, silently Junior firmly nodded as he ran towards the A.G.W.S hangar.

The VX-9000 activated as the head lit up a bright crimson signifying it's start-up process.


He pulled the accelerator back as he was sent soaring through the starry battlefield, while slowly looking around he saw nothing but destroyed remains of various battleships.

Junior quickly realized that, whoever was here, was no ordinary pilot.


Most crafts his size wouldn't be able to handle nine aggressors at once.

His eyes widened at the symbol that flashed on his monitor- the melee weapons were down.

Naturally, he turned on the intercom and finally connected Mary from the bridge.

"Ah it's you Little Masta'? What can I do for ya?"

"Do you mind turning on the melee-"


Suddenly the communication lines went down as nothing but loud static flickered in his ears, as he frantically scrambled to figure out a way to reconnect back again.

"Shit! Come on, I can't afford to-!"

Junior suddenly stopped talking once a massive white and pale blue draconic craft came into view, his eyes squinted to see if he knew the design.

He spoke loudly into the intercom before requesting an IFF signal to see who was piloting on the other side.

"Who the hell are you, are you the one who attacked us...?!"

The IFF signal was accepted without an response to his answer, the screen violently flickered against static barely showing an image, but once it finally stopped Junior's jaw dropped.


Junior understood why his right chest throbbed while on the way to investigate, he initially dismissed it as just him shivering because of the cold.

However, he realized that now- it was far from just an uneasy breeze going across his skin.

His hands started to shake by themselves, before slowly he looked up towards the transmission screen.

Hatred suddenly burned deep into his eyes like the brightest of flames, as the familiar grin started to appear in front of him.


"You- you damn bastard!" Junior managed to choke out with gritted teeth, while simultaneously trying to control the anger that surged through his mind and body.

His brother's eyes narrowed before he spoke in a tone that oozed with sarcasm.


"Hello, my dearest Dragon or shall I appropriately address you by your preferred name, Little Master..?"


God, Junior cringed at the various names he had been called, now regretting even coming out to investigate the unknown attack.

But he was even more dumbfounded at the fact that Albedo was even still alive at all, the last time he'd seen him was at least a good fourteen years.

That timid child he knew from way back, was now a damn obsessive psychopath.


More notably, he'd matured to almost resemble Gaignun somewhat- albeit more white of course.

But his eyes hadn't changed at all- they remained the same, cold and malicious.


"Ah, but a rose by any other name would smell just as bittersweet as you, my precious Rubedo..."


His brother's voice purred a whisper as Junior closed his eyes in frustration, desperately trying to ignore his presence but of course Albedo quickly cottoned on.

"Not even a "hello dear brother, I've missed you!" It's not surprising at the slightest, you've always been that way, haven't you Betrayer?"


Junior watched in silence as the Simeon moved a meters closer towards his craft, but of course he quickly assumed a defensive stance.

"A while ago, I was hoping we could at least segue to our little reunion."

"But of course, Nigredo hated the idea of me coming to pay a visit in the first place!"

Junior quickly fired a few shots, as the Simeon's barrier vaporized the bullets themselves.


"Damn, I knew something was wrong!"


"Of course Gaignun was trying to stop you-! He wanted to protect-!"


Albedo suddenly countered with a white brow upwards, "To protect the Dragon, despite waving his sickle near your neck?"


Simeon suddenly counter attacked with a massive beam saber slash, as it caused the 9000 to stagger.


"Ah, hypocrisy at its finest.

But you're also hiding something from me, aren't you?"


Junior's entire mech started to surge in a electric shock, trying to repair itself from violent damage that the Simeon caused.

His violet eyes turned predatory, as Junior's body began to flicker red, his palms began to sweat as he tried again to fight back.

"Do you realize that you're developing an emotional attachment to someone who cannot feel any emotions in the first place?"


"These emotions that she shows Rubedo, are merely programs that tell the poor girl how to feel for herself, but it makes sense considering that all she really is just a disgusting pale imitation of her."

A sick grin spreaded across, as suddenly Junior lashed out with violence now beginning to resonate and pulse.


"Shut up, what the hell would an contaminated bastard like you know about us!"

Albedo went aback in feigned confusion, before suddenly violently clashing against Junior's craft.

Yellow and orange sparks began to fly as Junior gritted his teeth trying to break through the Simeon's barrier.



"Perhaps, it's you that's contaminated!"


Junior's mind suddenly began reflecting upon the past, while his whole body started to shake in restrained rage, mere moments away from erupting.


"You abandoned me, Rubedo." "and left upon Old Militia, left me there to suffer of what felt like days."

"Alongside that, you also cut off the link to let us fall victim to U-DO itself!"

"With no choice but to merely succumb, to fall prey! To be violated by what we feared!"


"It really is ironic. In the end - you were supposed to protect us from it weren't you, Link Master..?"


Albedo's eyes narrowed slightly as a smile slowly formed across his lips.

"How awfully sadistic, not only are you a monster- but you're also a liar as well."

Junior turned away, desperately trying to ignore Albedo's provocations but all kept failing again.


"Ah... We're very much alike, aren't we-? Maybe, it's what's brought us back together again after the long fourteen years of slience,"

"But every day since then, you ignore me, you hurt me, you break me and make me suffer, time after time again."


Junior's rage erupts as his chest begins to throb, his eyes now consumed in a overwhelming fiery of red.

"I didn't have a damn choice did I?!"

"If I did I would've saved you-!" He managed to choke out, as the Simeon quickly fired paralyzer drones around pale A.G.W.S's frame.

Junior's eyes widened in fear, as the controls suddenly stopped responding while his whole body was completely shocked paralyzed from the waist down.

With gritted teeth Junior attempted to move around but with every attempt caused a sharp surge throughout himself before he'd recoil back in pain.

"Can't the dragon unsheathe his talons..?" Albedo's voice teased with a sneer, as Junior managed to slightly turn towards his deranged twin.

"You effin' bastard, I'll kill you alongside the damn organization right now-!"

Albedo watched as Junior was mere moments away from screaming in agonizing pain, as bolts zapped through his body continuously.

Albedo's fingers slid past to press the Simeon's dashboard to reach the central core system, as the red head's eyes widened in shock.


"That bastard, He wouldn't DARE-!"


"I wouldn't mind at all reducing you all into nothing but piles of salt..."

"But I really don't want our show to end just before the final fireworks!"


"My time runs short, so I'll give you something to savour with for a while Rubedo-!"

Lastly, the Simeon soared towards Junior's craft, before giving a final violent horizonal slash that pierced through the A.G.W.S's plate.

Blood was spewed forth as the cut ended up getting through to the cockpit.

"Al-Albedo-!" You bastard-!"

Junior slowly outstretched his arm, desperately trying to reach his accelerator handle, but simply fell into unconsciousness.

While dazed, a spiritual link surged and connected as Gaignun was finally able to get through.

"Are you alright? We heard a loud noise coming from behind the Durandal. Did end up finding the source of the attack..?"






Junior didn't respond as Gaignun's heart immediately sank in worry, with a frim face he disengaged the link.

Mary immediately went outside the Durandal with Chaos, to search for the VX-9000 amongst the space wreckage.

After a while, the two found the craft lying down against some old wreckage as small sparks flew from it.

"He's sustained heavy amounts of damage, not just his craft but himself as well.. whoever he was fighting seemed to be very skilled in craft combat."

Chaos displayed a visual on screen as MOMO held Ziggy, shaking at the sight of Junior's beaten and bloody body.

"Nanotechnology will be required but the craft will need to have serious repairs done to it... I'm- I'm sorry we didn't react to this quicker.."

"It's fine, bring him in and I'll deal with the rest. This assault went completely undetected, which- frightens me in regards to the future."

Gaignun suddenly spoke firmly as he headed towards the back entrance of the Durandal.

Chapter Text

At what seemed like hours upon hours of sleeping, he awoke staring up towards the roof of his bedroom.


"I can't believe it," He thought to himself before attempting to move his body, but suddenly his chest and waist throbbed.


Junior winced as he immediately went back towards the pillow again, now feeling incredibly frustrated.


"I knew he was alive and out there somewhere!"


He slightly turned his head to see MOMO looking quite worried, she raised her hands before giving Junior some freshly made tea.


"Sorry to disturb you, but I figured tea would make the pain go away. Just take it easy- okay?" God, he thought that this act of kindness was absolutely adorable, with a small smile he accepted it before taking a sip.


"Not bad, but my chest still hurts though, Ugh..!"


Just hearing the red U.R.T.V call out in pain, made her even more worried.


Upon further inspection, the blood was so prominent, that it had stained through Junior's white tank, the poor Realian couldn't help but gag a little at the mere sight of the gash.

Quickly shaking the sight away from her head, she immediately prepared the medicine.

Chaos worryingly looked outside whilst watching the many stars go by, even from a distance Shion could tell something was wrong.


"Is there something on your mind?"


"Yeah, it's just- even though we destroyed the mothership- I have a bad feeling that the U-TIC Organization will strike again."


Shion placed her digital keyboard down before walking over towards him, "Then we'll be ready for when that time comes won't we? Realistically, we outnumber them. Especially with us using KOS-MOS, she's built for every single battle situation."


Chaos was never the one to usually worry like this, most of the time he was calm and collected- but he simply couldn't help but feel an odd sense of dread.

Once MOMO had left, his room filled with slience.

The U.R.T.V sighed as he gently pulled up his top to see the awful wound below.

Even just looking at it, it progressively pissed him off futher.

It would take a few good days for it to heal itself naturally, even the use of nanotechnology was out of the question as well.

Simply waiting for the wound itself to recover was truly the only way right now, much to his dismay; it restricted him to only side-support rather than up-close hand-to-hand combat.

"But- I can't wait around here to recover-! I have to at least..!"


With an inaudible swear, he tried again with all his might to get up, but the wound throbbed with even the smallest amount of strain on his back.

A annoyed sigh escaped, he realized now that MOMO was right, and that he shouldn't be over-exerting himself like this.

Any more sudden movements would open the wound again, and that would've made the recovery process even longer.

Staring at the ceiling became even more damn boring, as the redhead finally turned over to sleep for the night, accepting the fact that maybe tonight wasn't a good time to move himself.

His green eyes watched the other ships and other craft past by, praying that they'd be docked to the Foundation soon.


Gaignun's mind couldn't help but feel so cautious about this unnerving peace around him, he almost foresee another direct attack towards the Durandal's front side.


With tightened fists, he gave a order to the 100 Series for good measure.


"Notify us if any attacks come near the starboard side, I'll be checking up on my brother."


Down he pressed on the elevator, while hoping that Junior's injuries weren't too severe.


Protecting him was a matter of priority, despite his duty stating the opposite, but Gaignun didn't care.

He threw it aside and kept calm like he always did ever since he was a child.


Anger, anger would only make the mind uncontrollable and irrational- it's what Gaignun believed.


To make the most rational choice based on a problem that had currently arisen, logic was always his answer.


He knew from the very beginning, ever since his days at the Institute, that fighting wouldn't accomplish anything.

But with the current times, unfortunately, the use of violence was the only way forward now.

His mind contemplated about all this while making his way down the residential hallway.


Even after a long while had passed with his discussion with Albedo, he was still cautious about U-TIC's next move, either a defensive action or an offensive strike.


Green eyes suddenly narrow, he realized that he should really enjoy the time that he had on him while it lasted.


Slowly he opened the door and to his surprise he saw his brother thankfully asleep.


He sighed sliently to himself, with relief entering his mind now.


Gaignun knew that Junior wouldn't be able to sleep at all, if he was in heaps of pain, so sleeping was always a good sign.

Quietly, he closed the door behind before heading off towards the Durandal's bridge again.


His attention however was grabbed by a small tap from behind, he turned around to see small concerned looking amber eyes.


"Uh, I don't believe we've met- you look a tad firm? Is there something wrong?"


Gaignun suddenly went aback at her question, even though she didn't know his name, she willingly wanted to help him out anyway.


"Sorry, I guess I'm just deep in my thoughts."

My sincerest apologies for not introducing myself earlier- my name is Gaignun Kukai. I'm assuming you've met my brother right?" He smiled as the realian nodded with a big smile, her eyes glowing with adoration.


"Yeah, he's been really nice to me ever since my first day here! To be honest everyone has! I'm glad my mom sent me to such nice people!"


Gaignun laughed upon seeing MOMO's cute smile, "Well, she wanted only the best for you MOMO, and we will only follow through with the very same. We'll make sure you're happy here, and that's a promise." 

MOMO gave a gentle nod before a small smile formed, "I really appreciate all the effort you and Junior put in, thank you." She gave a small wave before heading off towards Ziggy's maintenance room, leaving Gaignun to continue back towards the bridge with a small smile.

"Shion, understand that I cannot compute emotional thought." A big frustrated sigh escaped the engineer, as alas another day of trying to get KOS-MOS to act normally failed once again.

"I can clearly see that." She firmly replied while trying to hide her anger away with a few scratches across her brown head.

At first, Chaos sliently watched Shion traverse through the many digital screens to see KOS-MOS' current status.


"I can see why you're so frustrated, when you put years of hard work into something and it doesn't come out quite the way you expect. I'd be the least mad too." Chaos stood up before taking a closer look at KOS-MOS directly, her expression as usual was unchanging and static.


Shion wished that KOS-MOS would behave like a normal human, she particularly wanted her to be more rational with her decisions in combat, due to the unfortunate circumstances that happened in the past.


Suddenly Matthews opened the door quickly startlingly Allen in the process.


"Ah, Captain Matthews-! Sorry about that you kinda-"


Before Allen could finish his words, Matthews sighed in reply before raising a brow.


"What, I can't at least give my crew a visit while we're safe out in space?"


He shook his head before looking away from Allen's face.


"You really are a damn moron aren't you?" 


Allen began to stammer but suddenly stopped upon hearing the laughter coming from Chaos and Shion together, "He's only teasing Allen." She smiled before walking over towards him.


"So, does the catapult need maintenance again?"


"No, just a visit this time Chief. I figured it was time considering Hammer and Tony are ACTUALLY doing as they're told for once!"

Shion laughed with a small smile, "Yeah we know what Tony's like with the controls... once he gets fired up there's no knowing what he'd do!"

"Haha.. very funny, I do find death funny as well, once Tony unnecessarily pulls the accelerator..!" Allen spoke with sarcasm as a nervous laugh escaped, quickly Matthews pursed his lip.


"Shuddup and quit your damn whining! I wouldn't mind the android throwing you off the ship than us at this point!"

The comedic aura suddenly stopped once Tony spoke through the intercom.

"Uh, Captain you might want to come and have a look at these readings..." Adjusting his "Caution I'm a Boozer" hat he sighed before walking off, "Just when things settled.."

Shion suddenly spoke out grabbing his attention.

"Wait a second, I'll come along as well." 

The two reached the Elsa's bridge, both of them suspiciously looking over beyond the vastness of space for other ships nearby.

"What is it now Tony, a false damn reading!? What have I-!" Before Matthews could have another word escape, Shion stood forward with a scowl.

"This presence, I'm certain It's the... U-TIC Organization."

Suddenly the whole ship shook as everyone quickly held onto to something for balance, suddenly a unknown mech came into view holding a massive spear.

"Hand her over immediately." A older female spoke through the speaker, automatically opening an IFF signal with the Elsa without permission.

"Like hell we will, didn't you already learn your damn lesson from before you idiots!?" Matthews spoke out before immediately starting the Elsa's defensive systems.

"Right, time to send her flying!" Tony called out with a yell, as a massive electric beam bursted forth from tbe Elsa.

Quickly the E.S Isschar deflected the beam entirely before throwing it's spear towards the Elsa, piercing it's pale green plate.

"Oh NOW you're paying for that." Hammer called out before firing a barrage of missiles from the side, while also requesting the support of the Durandal.

While on the other side, the Durandal's view seemed fine, the urgent distress signal flashed brightly on their monitors.

"Director Gaignun-! The Elsa is requesting our support! They're under attack by an unknown craft!" One of the girls called out while showing a good visual, his eyes narrowed before nodding at an idea.

"Right, we'll support them right away. Make sure the weaponry is a matter of priority rather than our defensives considering it's only one target."

The realian nodded as the Durandal travelled forward towards the Elsa's location.

Gaignun suddenly began a spiritual link while on his way towards the residental quarters.

He cancelled it to his surprise upon seeing Junior walk towards him, "If it's about the Elsa I'm all about it, leave the combat to me. I'll give em a lil nudge." 

"A reminder to not get careless, I know exactly what you're like in the heat of battle."

"It's no ordinary craft apparently, so keep your guard up."

Junior nodded firmly before running off towards the main bridge to perform a counterattack.



Chapter Text

The elevator bridge stopped as Junior looked up to see the massive Isschar attempting to throw it's spear towards the Elsa again.


Before the spear could even get the chance to envelop itself in fire again Junior bolted towards the main controls, quickly he resonated with the Durandal before quickly lifting up his head before releasing.


"You won't even leave a damn scratch on it now!" He yelled before a large blue blast was released from the Durandal.


It collided hard against Pellegri's armor almost to the point of going through into the cockpit.


Electric discharge shocks surrounded and coursed through the Isschar's armor, as it desperately tried to move closer towards the Elsa.


No matter how hard Pellegri pulled the accelerator, the craft wouldn't move an inch closer, the realization suddenly hit that the boosters being damaged severely by the Durandal were the cause.


"Hand the 100 Series Prototype, you're sadly mistaken to think that I'm finished yet!" She called out before separate drones were released, a massive electric barrier surrounded the Elsa as the U.R.T.V's eyes widened in fear.


"Those damn bastards, they're going to surround them! We have to get in there quick!"

In the girls bedroom, MOMO was sound asleep despite the loud explosions that came from outside the Elsa.


An odd shadow appeared from outside her room before a red light started to filter underneath the door.


The door suddenly smashed open as bits of metal flew across the room instantly waking her up.


"U.. U-TIC's here again, I have to find Ziggy..!"


She looked around desperately for her cyborg guardian, but he was no where to be found.


"Why are they even here, I thought we stopped them a while ago!" The realian thought to herself as she slowly backed away from the auto-tech.


MOMO wasn't much of a good fighter, she was only proficient in healing others.


So she grabbed her wand and bashed a ether infused star hard against the auto-tech, but it only stunned it just enough for her to escape.


Now near the starboard side of the Elsa, she discovered that their ship was completely overun by them now.


MOMO was backed up against a corner as the many auto-techs now detected her presence in the center of the room.


Shaking in fear, MOMO looked up defenselessly before covering her face in an attempt to protect herself.


Her eyes widened upon hearing loud metal clunking hard against the floor before suddenly a slash sliced through the many robots into two.


They surged with electricity before falling apart, MOMO was met with a metallic hand offering to help her up.


"I apologise for arriving so late, the maintenance of mine took much longer than I anticipated."


MOMO shook her head before staying close to Ziggy's side, "It's alright, I'm just glad you're here now but I'm worried about the others..!"


Ziggy's pale blue eyes looked over towards the elevator in suspicion, quickly he grabbed MOMO hid inside one of the rooms.


Once the elevator doors opened, Chaos and KOS-MOS stepped forward.


Thank god the cyborg thought to himself before dropping his defensive stance, once he opened the bedroom door it quickly attracted their attention.


"We only just managed to escape some auto-techs down there with the use of emergency system, was it invaded up here as well?" Chaos asked before looking through to see the ship's map of what areas were deemed safe to travel through for now.


"Just to reach MOMO, I had to destory a few. Although it seems they're coming from the enemy mech outside."


Looking down below from the window, MOMO and Ziggy watched the Isschar and Durandal fight back and forth.


But what was more noticable was the massive yellow electric barrier thar surrounded the ship, one single touch or scrape that went past it would easily caused some a serious electric shock.


KOS-MOS peered down below as well before calculating a battle strategy.


"It appears that we cannot leave until the yellow barrier is disengaged."


"Meaning that, the E.S Isschar will need to be damage significantly enough to stop the barrier from activating again."


The realization suddenly hit Chaos, as he looked back towards the three in understanding of KOS-MOS' idea.


"Therefore- that will stop the auto-techs from entering the ship!"

The battle was completely one sided, no matter how many times the Durandal tried to fight back the Isschar would somehow keep sending the auto-techs through.


In despair, Junior simply slammed his fist down before letting out some more profanity.


The battle kept repeating itself again and again, with no end in sight he started to fear that it was all over for them.


Suddenly a wide horizonal slash cut through the Isschar's armor just enough that Pellegri lost control the barrier.


Gradually it faded as the auto-techs stopped functioning, slowly she looked up to see a green mech hovering in the distance.


"Take your leave now, otherwise I will resort to fighting back. It would be most unwise to fight now."


Looking around herself, she saw the Durandal attempting to fire back again as well as the Elsa.


With no other choice but to retreat, she sighed before soaring away from the battlefield.


"Tch! why you- Jin Uzuki! This isn't over!"


Shion's jaw completely dropped upon hearing her brother's name be called out.


"Brother- is that- is that you..!?"


Immediately Shion ran to ship's commucation lines and attempted to contact him.


"When and how did you learn how to fly a craft and those moves- wait-a-minute don't tell me you quit another one of those jobs again!"


Jin sighed before pulling a gentle smile back, "Relax If I didn't come on time, all of you would've been in deep trouble."


"In regards to my craft, I've been using this thing for quite a while now. It's quite good with hand-to-hand combat but struggles with aerial attacks sadly."


Shion rolled her eyes in the realization that her brother hadn't changed at all since the last time she saw him last, "Please, you don't have to act so proud because you've saved us and besides you still haven't answered my question yet!"


After Jin turned off the weaponry systems, before hopping out onto the Elsa now continuing the call via earpiece.


"Relax, Relax!? You've could've died-!"


"Now there Shion, don't you think you're stressing out a bit too much? We'll talk once I arrive at the Elsa."


The call suddenly ended as it left Shion feeling a frustrated mess of emotions.


Well, she was happy a little that her brother was back to see her again but that only meant going to visit her parents by the local cemetery again.


Stopping the communication line, Matthews cocked his head in confusion as he watched the engineer walk out the room in silence.


"What the hell was that all about, some hectic day it's been."


Allen sighed before looking back towards the door, "It's just her family matters are pretty- complicated."

Chapter Text

Even though the group were still tensed up from the previous battle, they all decided to wait for Jin at the Durandal’s dock area.

Further across from the dock area were two red benches, MOMO sat down in silence with her mind still shocked about what happened from before.


Meanwhile, Junior watched the many civilians go by as well as the realians hard at work, but it made him wonder what MOMO's true purpose was the actual reason for her creation.


Well, one thing he knew was that MOMO was solely created by her father to somewhat replicate Sakura Mizrahi, however Juli despised the idea of MOMO's sole creation based on their late daughter.


It was the very reason why till this day, why Juli had always found it so hard to connect with MOMO on an emotional level.


His small frame slightly scooted over towards her, just enough to be able to reach her.


"Hey, what's on your mind?"


The redhead spoke with concern before he watched the pink realian look over towards him with a grim expression, she looked frightened but he guessed it was presumably from what happened with Pellegri and the auto-tech's invasion over the Elsa.

Her small lips quivered in hesitancy, before finally mustering the courage to tell him what was really on her mind.


"I- I had a dream yesterday, It was... really strange." Junior's expression suddenly changed now looking quite cautious however MOMO continued on.

"I can remember it clearly, someone- they spoke out to me. They said they wanted the key inside me. The key to open Old Militia. Some place called the abyss."

His eyes widened in shock once he realized what all this meant, "But, to even get the Y-Data you'd have to...!"


 "Those bastards, so that's what they want. The Y-Data! So they can access the original Zoha-!"


Realizing how loud he was, He quickly calmed himself down before looking back towards her with a rub of his redhead.

"So-sorry, I sorta got a bit loud back there. Go ahead- continue on MOMO." He sat down now in a more relaxed position before MOMO continued further.


"I was expecting that sort of reaction, I figured that maybe you'd understand what it all means..."


"There was a lot more being said but-I couldn't hear anything else since I started to wake up."

"Maybe... it was a dream, I don't think there's nothing to really worry about." MOMO tried to reassure him, but he wasn't convinced at all.

A dream about the Y-Data threatened to be stolen, No matter how hard the U.R.T.V thought he couldn't figure out who would've spoken to her.

But he figured it couldn't be any of the U-TIC administrators, they don't even have the power to communicate through a person's subconscious mind...? 


The question was stuck in his mind, but he quickly shook off once he saw Jin exit from the doors of the Elsa.


"Sorry I was late," Before he could continue he turned around to see the two looking quite flustered, as Junior looked up and immediately recognized the black kimono. 

"The two of you look really tensed up, did something happen while I was gone?" The U.R.T.V suddenly stood up before worryingly rubbing his crimson hair back and forth, "I honestly don't know, MOMO is saying she's alright considering it's all a dream. But she's mentioned someone talking to her though threatening to take away the Y-Data- I know damn straight U-TIC can't do weird shit like this."


Jin crossed his arms before letting a sigh escape, "Pellegri might be back, so I'll staying around for a while- that is if Shion agrees of course."


Of course, on the other side of the dock area, Shion overheard and turned around before pointing towards him about to start up about his many abandoned jobs.


"What happened to working as a doctor, I THOUGHT you opened a doctor's office Jin! Now- now you're a used bookstore owner!?"


Jin always had a really bad habit of switching jobs regularly, every job never lasted more than six months which obviously pissed Shion off greatly.


The brother crossed his arms before raising a black brow in reply, "You're pointing fingers at me, what about you- aren't you stirring trouble for your comrades?"

Before Shion could yell out anything else, Chaos suddenly intervened before looking at the both of them.


"It's actually the opposite, she's been a great help with assisting us in combat especially with KOS-MOS around, our battles are less stressful with Vector's weaponry being borrowed."


Shion put her hands on her hips before leaning over slightly to where Jin was, "Do you see now, don't go criticizing other people before hearing them out first."

Jin suddenly laughed as her face screwed up in confusion.


"Ah, Shion you haven't changed at all since the last time we saw each other. I'm really glad for that honestly." 


"But it's about time we settled for the night, I'd imagine you all would be exhausted from what happened today."


Shion and the others nodded before heading inside the Elsa, however MOMO and Shion instead headed straight towards the kitchen area of the Elsa rather than the lounge.


Once they entered the kitchen, first was the really hard part- figuring out what to even cook up for the crew.



MOMO gathered the many pots and pans, so many in fact that they towered over her almost about to fall out of her hands they were that stacked up.

Luckily in the nick of time, Shion caught them before they fell onto the floor.


Happily, MOMO searched the cupboards for various spices while standing on a stool, for a realian she wasn't tall so she'd often use a stool for extra reach.

She grabbed the paprika and the garam masala before finally placing the large bowl onto the table.


With all her strength she mixed the ingredients together, as Shion poured the other many ingredients in whilst helping stir.


The poor realian's hands started to turn red as Shion took over to stir, MOMO then grabbed the rice as she gently but carefully poured it into the pot.


"How long have you been cooking for MOMO, it seems like you've been cooking for ages you're that good!" Shion spoke before turning around with a smile, the realian got off from the stool as she looked back towards her.


"I don't really know, For a while, it was purely self-taught  but I vaguely remember my mom teaching me."


Shion was absolutely stunned at MOMO's speed, just after chopping up the meat she immediately started cooking the sauce.  


"I should finish my introductions to the others, will you be fine by yourself?" The realian nodded as Shion waved goodbye before closing the door, not looking at where she was going she bumped into someone in front of her before falling onto the ground.


"I'm sorry, I should've known better than to not watch where I'm walking."


"Wait, you're Gaignun Kukai- the Director of the Kukai Foundation aren't you?"

Gaignun nodded before extending out his hand to help her up, "That's right and you must be Shion that I've heard so much about, I actually came by to see you- since well... I've heard about what happened upon the Woglinde."

For a few moments, Shion looked away before giving a small nod back in reply.


"That's right, many of my crew were killed in the Gnosis massacre. Only a few of us were able to reach the pods in time."


He cringed away upon picturing the many deaths before worryingly looking back towards her.


"I just wish that we heard the news sooner, then maybe we could've of-"


Shion shook her head in disagreement before taking off her digital glasses, "It's fine, the attack was completely unexpected- sadly none of us saw it coming and that's when the Gnosis showed up."


"Well, If there's anything at all that you need help with, don't be afraid to ask us."

The engineer silently nodded before walking off towards the lounge area.

Just after a few moments went by, Gaignun's eyes lit up a vibrant green as a spiritual link started. 


Meanwhile in the lounge area, Junior suddenly stood as he walked outside to accept the connection.


"Hey, what's up somethin' on your mind?"

Gaignun leant back against the steel wall, now remembering about his discussion with Helmer from a few days ago.


"It's about time I told the truth, there's something that's been on my mind for a while now, I wanted to warn you but I didn't want to disturb the long peace we've achieved."

Hesitancy again started to build up inside Gaignun's mind, but he shook it off before releasing a sigh.


"You do remember our other brother right, I- I had a discussion with him and unfortunately he's also after the Prototype."

The redhead's heart sank, remembering that he too had seen Albedo beforehand. A deadly encounter that ended in his chest being violently slashed.


"Yeah, the bastard was actually the one who caused this nasty gash across my chest, I forgot to tell you earlier. It's just- when he gets me like that... I just can't control myself!"


"I completely understand that, I'm at fault as well since- I was afraid to you tell sooner." Gaignun gently reassured him before looking over towards Pleroma.

"But I managed to hold him off for awhile, but it seems we need to tighten up our security." 


Junior firmly nodded before looking back toward his permanently printed palm, "Yeah, but I can't help but feel like it's my fault- I shouldn't've just abandoned him like that Gaignun.. now he's out there wanting to-" The red U.R.T.V fell silent before Gaignun shook his head in disagreement.


"It was never your fault, don't take the blame for it at all , and in regards to Albedo- once he realized that you had a strong attachment with Sakura, everything fell apart from there.

The dependence, it turned into an obsession.

That day with U-DO's waves that wasn't your fault either, I saw that vision as well. I saw our planet be destroyed just the very same as you did. 

With that being said; Remember that I'll be here if you need to talk at all."


Junior nodded with a slight smile in reply, "Thanks, I'll take that into consideration. I'm just really thankful because- despite all the shit that went down you were still there for me."


"You've done so much for me, hell- not just me but Mary and Shelley and everyone else as well."


Gaignun nodded in response, he was glad that his brother was now relived but he couldn't help but feel like he was hiding something more than what he spoke of.

"You're a matter of priority as well, you've played a big part of my life as well. I mean- you carried me across Old Militia with the little strength you had.

If I was left there, I.. I would've died."

 Junior closed his eyes before shaking his head, "We've passed all that now haven't we, we're here now. Besides- It wasn't just me alone that's gotten us to where we are today.

 Do you remember the reason why we built the Foundation in the first place, Gaignun?"

The black U.R.T.V nodded in slience before Junior smiled back with his azure eyes shining proudly.

"Even though we only started the main interior design a few good months ago- the conversation me and Helmer had it feels just like yesterday.

The two of us- we designed this place with the very same concept in our minds, we wanted to help people despite the shit burdens we carry."

"That's the reason why we're still here, even after those fourteen years of hell. I'll promise you that someday... I've gotta make it up to you."


Gaignun smiled before feeling inside his pocket to feel the brown metal box, "There really is no need, If anyone should be giving gifts; It's me."

"Just make sure to come by after you've eaten. Something is waiting for you inside the office." The spiritual link stopped as it left Junior wondering what gift Gaignun had prepared for him.

Chapter Text

The curry and desserts started to fill the room with a sweet yet savoury aroma, as the two girls placed down plates and glasses.


"So, how did the cooking go while I was gone?" Shion asked with a smile as MOMO's eyes lit up proudly yet still shining in cuteness, "I did it really well, you're going to love it!"

MOMO suddenly lifted her head once she heard the doors open to see the rest of the crew come in, "Man, that smells amazing!" Junior exclaimed before stretching his arms back.


The table was full from left to right with various sweets, of course in the center was the main dish- Shion's special family curry.


Everyone had arrived as slowly one by one their plates were served with the rich yet spicy meat, then the fluffy rice was spooned on as lastly the sauce was poured on the side.

They all took a big spoonful as MOMO waited anxiously on how well she did, as soon as everyone had tested their curry she sat down and began eating.


Their faces lit up in enjoyment, from the sauce to the many flavourful spices- they absolutely loved it.


MOMO had the cutest smile on her face as she simultaneously watched the others eat, although she felt a little odd since Gaignun wasn't joining them but she figured he was in another conference meeting.


Shion spoke with a smile as she turned around to see MOMO still spooning around hers, "I just can't believe you were able to remember every single step from my family recipe, I guess realians have pretty good memory banks, hey?" 

The realian's eyes lit up with sheer happiness before giving a small nod, scooting over more towards Shion- just enough to face Junior as well.



After the much well needed time to relax, Junior immediately headed off to Gaignun's office.

Upon opening the door, he saw a small bronze colored box sitting by itself.

As soon as his eyes saw the note- he knew it was Gaignun's handwriting.

It was neat and cursive, with each letter precisely written clearly.


I figured that, you needed some sort of reward for helping us out thus far. I have to admit I got a few odd looks due to me placing auction on this. So I really hope you don't go messing around with this. You are the oldest after-all.

A quick reminder, the private beach will be open tomorrow- so don't forgot to take MOMO along.

- That is if you have a better idea for a "date" location?


"Hah hah- very funny. You know damn well we aren't like that at all Gaignun!"

The redhead spoke with sarcasm before he rolled his eyes, a small smile suddenly escaped as he began to slowly untie the ribbon.

Jaw dropped, absolutely amazed at what Gaignun had given him.

A stainless steel MAKAROV, which came complete with its original cover.

Junior absolutely adored antique guns, anything antique really.

He quickly reloaded the gun before checking out it's design from the sides, it had a small frame but it packed a punch in compensation for it's small size and ammo capacity.

Before he could inspect the gun further, the thought suddenly hit him- he'd completely forgotten to give MOMO the bullet chain.


Quickly slipping the gun away back into it's box, Junior rushed off towards the Elsa's residential quarters.

Upon arriving, MOMO looked over with her usual gentle smile as Junior sat next to her.


"Hey, sorry I was so busy this week- Me and Gaignun kinda' got caught up in some stuff with the development of the Foundation-

"But, I've taken some time whenever I could to make this- I'm.. I'm not the best at gifts but here you go."


Gently Junior placed the golden chain into the realian's hands before her face lit up with sheer joy.

He smiled before pointing out the small writing on the side to her, "Hey, check this out- it's got a pretty cool phrase on it! Sayonara baby!"

MOMO closed her eyes before catching Junior into a warm embrace, "Thank you so much. I absolutely love it!" Her smile was so precious, adorable and sincere.

Slowly, he connected it around her hand to form a small bracelet.


She tilted her hand back slightly as the shiny bullet dangled a little, once he looked back towards MOMO her eyes suddenly had the same look of innocence as Sakura's.

"Now, no matter how far we are from each other, you know that you'll always be protected." Junior spoke back with a blush, with the best of his ability he tried to hide it away.

The realian shook her head before gently putting his hands down.

"It's okay, you don't need to feel embarrassed!"

The redness faded as he then nodded back in response with a smile, "Sorry it's just I've never been in this- situation before and I..." To feel more comfortable, he rubbed his crimson hair back and forth.


"Junior, it's- it's MY first time too." 

"I've never seen what it's like outside in such a long time. They kept me locked away refusing to let me go until I handed the Y-Data over."

"But, Ziggy saved me and then I was able to see what it was like! Even before I was captured- Papa had always kept me inside my pod. Well... I did see my sister and him now and then. but- I couldn't talk to them."

Junior crossed his arms over before he let out a small sigh, "I-I really do feel sorry for you, You must be so afraid- of any outside interaction thanks to them."


In truth for a long while she was, who would blame her for feeling this way after being forcefully locked away and isolated from the rest of the world?


She remembered the cell door opening as Margulis entered the room alongside a few guards, his eyes looked over to see the food tray not even touched at all- still the fork and knife at their default positions.


"What's the matter, it's important that a realian such as yourself gets their proper nutrients. Or would you rather starve to death here?" MOMO didn't reply back her eyes looked away towards the food tray, to at least not be looking directly towards him.


"Tch, it doesn't matter. As long as we obtain what's necessary." With a glare, MOMO watched the Chief Inquisitor leave the room as the sounds of the cell locked again.


The room faded into darkness once more as she was alone again, with her arms wrapped around herself with legs against herself she waited- waited to be saved.


After a long while, she curled her body getting ready to sleep- until suddenly she heard one of the guards call out in pain as a explosion occurred.


Metal clunked across the floor as the noise became louder and louder, heading off towards where she was.


Upon looking up a tall cyborg came into view before he unlocked the cell with a key.


"It's alright, I'm here to save you." He reassured with a small smile before frowning upon hearing the loud alarm blare suddenly, "I was afraid they'd put the alarm- we have to hurry and find an exit." Suddenly he grabbed hold of her arm and dashed off, as they began to hear the many footsteps of guards behind him as well as many gunshots.


MOMO's panting became more frequent as tension kept rising, "There they are, OPEN FIRE!" one of the guards called out as MOMO felt her heart start to race.


"Ziggy, we need to hide!" She called out as he nodded in understanding, "It's fine I'll hold them back- lock this room and hide under the desk!" He passed the key and with a hesitant nod she ran inside the room behind them.

Gunshots ricocheted across the walls as Ziggy continuously fired the lazer cannon against them, one after another they fell down against the electric surges of each painful shot.

With the rest of the men that chased them now dead, Ziggy and MOMO barely managed to escape.


Margulis had arrived to see the many bloodied bodies of his men, still with the electric discharges of Ziggy's weapon zapping their bodies.


Behind him however stood a tall man dressed in white, and alongside him a silver haired realian.


"You could've come sooner you know, now they're gone and we can't find their current location."  The unknown man smirked in reply before walking off, obviously having an idea in mind of how to retrieve her- solely for his own goals in mind.


Snapping back to reality at hand MOMO gently shook her head before holding Junior's hands, "You've shown me that I shouldn't be afraid anymore, Remember what you told me before? You're right, For the longest time- I've been scared. I was alone in there of what seemed like hours- days..!"

"But I've seen now that- there's people who want to help others, not for their own reasons but... because they generally care." Junior smiled before giving a frim nod, "That's right, we all want the very best for you, even if that means going out of our way to make sure that happens." Suddenly tears flowed down her face as a small smile appeared.

The two hugged each other before Junior gently pulled away.

"I mean it," He smiled before looking up towards the night sky, "I'll protect you MOMO- no matter what happens."


"Th-thank you... so much."

Chapter Text

With a push of a button, Pellegri opened the doors to see Margulis watching his men desperately trying to track MOMO's current location.

Interrupting the search, she stepped forward with folded arms.

"I know where she is now, she's in a state of refuge on the Durandal. But it's likely heavily guarded up since the last attempt of ours."

 "I apologize for letting them-" In response Before she could finish, Margulis shook his head before closing his eyes, "It's fine, even the surprise assault of Uzuki went past our noses as well."

"It's just- how are we going to get in there?"


The two suddenly felt someone else's presence, as the many guards turned around to see a Kirschwasser walk towards them.

Pellegri rose a brow before sussing out the girl from all sides.


"Wha- why is there a girl here..?"

Before she could wonder further, an unknown voice suddenly spoke out as immediately she looked around the room for its origin.

Still even after a few moments she couldn't find the source.


"Admiring her are we? but I guess I can't blame you, it was the very same look that gutless bastard gave me upon our first meeting."


His voice sounded oddly calm and soft like the finest thread of silk, his tone on the other hand was contemptuous.

With haste Pellegri scowled back before calling out for all to hear.


"Show yourself immediately, or we won't hesitate to open fire-!"


Her voice demanded, however shortly the two noticed a long peculiar cape.

Upon further inspection they saw a tall man leaning against the wall dressed mainly in white with other parts of his clothing black.


His violet eyes narrowed before looking over towards Marglius, the Chief Inquisitor sighed before he turned around to see him, "You're late, I wouldn't've expected that from the likes as you at all."


Albedo scoffed in reply before looking back down at his claws with a smile, "Better late than not turning up, I'd say."


His eyes glanced over to see Marglius again deep in thought about how to get MOMO without the Durandal knowing.

However a realization suddenly hit the colonel, if he could cause enough mass confusion so that everyone was distracted- it could work.

But- it required the Song of Nephilim, a device he was hesitant to use.

Albedo suddenly interrupted his train of thoughts with another smirk, "Ah don't fret yourself, that's very easy to accomplish now, isn't it?" The U.R.T.V. 'reassured' him.

"You have the likes of me after all. I can prove to be much more useful than your men."

One of the guards turned around to see the U.R.T.V with crossed arms, looking over towards the many guards typing.

The commander looked over towards him rather cautiously, as Pellegri assumed a defensive stance. "It makes me wonder, how did you get in here without us knowing in the first place?" 

With a loud laugh, Albedo replied.

"Sound's like your pitiful dogs need more training."


The Kirschwasser cringed upon hearing her Master again suddenly arch back in laughter, upon hearing the many clicking of guns.


"Aw, what's the matter? You all don't believe that I'm capable enough?" Albedo spoke with feigned concern as his hand traced past a few chairs before reaching one of the guards, white fingertips suddenly lift and strangle the guard's neck as gagging was soon heard.

Aggressive yet playfully he whispered into his ear, with grip getting progressively harder.


"Such mannerisms of dogs, mongrels. Do you still want to point your barrel against me?"


Still able to choke around the guard's throat, one of his hands deftly went down and grabbed the gun he held before pointing its barrel towards his temple.

Marglius couldn't believe his own eyes- that Albedo had the actual audacity to go ahead and murder one of his men in front of him.

However everything started to go horribly wrong once his fingertips squeezed even more tighter, the guard quickly realized that Albedo was simply no longer "playing" around- but rather wanting to see how long he could last.

Tighter and tighter his fingers constricted the guard's airways as he gasped for breath, all the while a small laugh suddenly escaped- he hadn't felt like this in such a long time.


It was the only way to simulate the anger that came from his older twin, but he noticed that now the other guards were moments away from pulling their triggers.

From the corner of his eye he noticed that Margulis stepped forward, about to intervene whilst thinking of the best way to settle the situation at hand.

A white brow rose before suddenly his arm pulled the guard across towards them, as the guard's body now dangled mid-air.


"Don't tell me you're going to grieve for this poor bastard's death now, are you Marglius?"


Ignoring his distaste, Albedo looked back towards the guard who was now moments away from death, as his eyes started to glimmer with sick amusement.

The URTV's smile curved before throwing the gun across the floor, now leaving the guard with absolutely no chance of escaping.


"Laughable that you are and yet so tragic, a mere solider; that can't tell the difference between a bark and a bite."


"This whole scenario feels awfully familiar... such a shame that your hostility can't be a replacement for my loathsome brother's..."


Just the mere thought of Junior made the madman even worse as the guard's breathing became slower and less frequent, until suddenly he heard metal brandish from behind.

His eyes shift over menacingly before narrowing back in contempt, what could a mere human do to immortal flesh?

Any type of laceration Albedo could endure it would just grow back, yes the pain to him was tenfold but oh so delicious in return.

His blood would dance, veins would pulse, his mind would crave!

Crave for such an familiar sensation going across his skin. 

Anyone would do for the time being, even if it wasn't his twin.


"Enough of this, put him down!" Pellegri called out as she threatened to thrust her spear forward, however Marglius suddenly put his hand over her spear before he shook his head.




"Let me handle it." His voice ordered before walking over towards the deranged U.R.T.V, with a small sigh his grip suddenly dropped the guard back into his seat- barely breathing.


Even though Marglius hated Albedo's sadistic hobbies with a passion, he knew what Albedo went through as a child.


He'd been supervising him ever since pubescent age, he remembered the time when a lone Kirschwasser somehow carried Albedo's lifeless small frame across the burning streets of Old Militia.


Suddenly she collapsed in front of U-TIC's main base, and Sellers found the two before calling the guards to take them in.

Upon his arrival he was shortly taken into custody however unbeknownst to them- he still delirious and violent.

Albedo was surrounded by many books of ancient religion and poetry.

With nothing else to do for the time being, he read on what felt like hours and hours, days upon days. 


His small hands printed against the glass window, as he looked down to see the many craft pass by.


 "When can I see you next Rubedo, when do I get to feel your warmth resonating again?"


Years passed as Albedo reached adulthood, he heard the cell doors slide open again- now free to walk around as much as he wanted.

His small room consisted of the basics, only having a wide window to look down from.


Just gazing upon the many stars was already starting to get quite boring, but not before long Albedo finally broke his long slience, as he turned around to see Margilus standing behind the cell.

"Did you enjoy watching me suffer and encaging me like some sort of diseased animal? Isolating me from the outside world?"


Marglius cautiously watched back in silence, wondering if letting him out was a good idea in case he ever tried to attack the guards again.


"I had my reasons for keeping you in there." He finally spoke back with folded arms as Albedo simply laughed back in response.


"You'd hate me if I killed the man who left that aching scar across your face.”

The U.R.T.V sneered from across the cell room as the colonel suddenly reached towards the hilt of his sword, “Oh, did I hit a nerve?” He laughed mockingly as Marglius quickly put his anger aside, before setting the keys down on the table.

"I'm not fazed, nor do I care for the stuck-up mindset you've grown so attached to. I can just as easily throw you back at Old Militia alone if that's what you desire."

"What am I saying, you'd love that anyway- considering how much you've changed since then."


The memory faded as Marglius snapped back thanks to Pellegri he sighed before looking towards Albedo again, "Apparently you can use the Song of Nephilim if we can use that- then." A white brow rose upon hearing the use of the Song being involved, "You know, that the Song is quite- destructive to the mind and yet you want to follow ahead with this plan of yours?" Marglius nodded with hesitancy as Pellegri whispered into his ear, "It is wise to leave this to him, that song you know what will happen if it's played we'd be at the risk of-!"

"I know, but it's our only option now. Especially with a surprise assault now no longer a viable choice." Marglius interrupted before looking over back towards the screen again, with closed eyes he sighed.

"Don't be long, and notify me before it begins- so we at least know when to prepare ourselves." The U.R.T.V laughed to himself before walking off to the E.S Simeon, the engine started as the white craft began to lift off the ground.


"So, he wants the Song to be unleashed so that he can acquire ma péche?" Albedo mused to himself, "The key that sleeps deep inside her subconscious, the key to the new world- right Rubedo?" 


The Simeon soared off as a tailwind blew from behind, leaving Marglius wondering what Albedo's intentions truly were.


The Kirschwasser peered from the window just enough to see the world below her, the girl sighed to herself knowing very well that her actions would've caused quite the confusion on Second Militia.

She used to work as a 100 Series Reailan for the Kukai Foundation, often helping Gaignun deliver his many reports of the Foundation's development to Helmer.

Gaignun to her was the most kindest man she'd ever met in her entire life, very much the antithesis of Albedo's malicious and twisted behaviour.

She couldn't help but think that Albedo felt lonely in some way, upon rescuing him in Labyrinthos- she felt a sense of attachment despite how badly Albedo had emotionally treated her.

She missed Gaignun, she loved his kindness.

But even though she missed him, she knew that Albedo wouldn't let her go back and see him, not in a thousand years.


It didn't matter anyway, she figured that by now Gaignun would've known of her sudden absence and assumed that she was working for Albedo now.


Whenever Albedo wasn't there and she was left alone, she'd often wonder to herself- could realians ever feel love?


Well, she knew what Albedo's opinion of it all was of course, in regards to realians feeling emotions he had always thought that they were programmed not naturally conveyed by themselves.

Snapping back to reality, she walked off towards the dark space station, being mindful to use the secret entranceway to avoid the many by-products that had taken over the space station itself.



"Master Wilhelm."

The red-cloaked man spoke before taking a step forward, as Wilhelm turned his chair around to face directly towards him.

"I see you've brought an update of our situation, tell me how is KOS-MOS going right now?"


'KOS-MOS is still in her early stages of combat, but however U-TIC has begun moving towards the Foundation itself, The U.R.T.V will also be working along with them."


A white brow suddenly rose, "You mean the U.R.T.V #667 Albedo Piazzolla right? Ah- things are certainly going to be interesting now aren't they?"


"The world will continue to thrive itself on this drama, it won't take long for Shion as well to make a move across this chessboard of infinite possibilities."


He smirked before looking back into the compass of order, the testament disappeared as Wilhelm looked back outside the window to see the Elsa begin to move.



The Elsa turned slightly to face the Durandal as they headed towards the massive red ship, Matthews then turned around before releasing a frustrated sigh.



"Alright, you two- quit your damn whining we're going to dock back into the Durandal again so don't screw this up!" Hammer and Tony both sighed as the two resumed back to doing their jobs again, as Matthews then quickly caught the attention of Chaos.


"In regards with you, can you check from behind us to see if we have anyone else following us?"


"I'm on it Captain!" Chaos spoke with a smile before heading off, Hammer scratched his head before looking back towards the monitor, "I wonder how he keeps up the happy attitude for so long?"

Chapter Text

Once Shion had arrived to check up on KOS-MOS, funnily enough The Professor was there already getting the android ready for the maintenance. 


All around the room were tall robots, presumably the many attempts of recreating the perfect robot- Erde Kaiser.

The perfect robot to withstand any battle, the ultimate craft that stand against the likes of the Dark Professor's "Dark Erde Kaiser", Shion always thought the whole thing was just a bunch of nonsense but regardless she still requested his help anyway.


"Ugh, I can't believe this." The Professor spoke frustrated, scratching his head to figure out why she wasn't rebooting correctly, "What seems to be the matter Professor?" She asked before looking over to see KOS-MOS in a deep sleep.


Scott sighed before standing up, "It seems she's in a deep sleep, no- not even sleeping she's turned off. We can't perform any types of updates until she's functioning right again."

The three were suddenly interrupted once Junior entered the room looking pretty pissed off, "Hey. What's the big idea of charging me extra for some A.G.W.S weapons I ordered yesterday?"


Shion sighed in awareness with a scratch of her brown head, knowing well of how everything was about to play out before her.

Silently she watched the Professor leave his assistant behind, to of course counter back at the URTV's argument.


"This is exactly what I mean, this is the very reason why we don't give out A.G.W.S discounts to the likes of you! I SWEAR kids these days I tell you!"




"I'm NOT a little kid!" Junior scowled in reply while shaking his head, upon arriving to KOS-MOS' pod he knew immediately that something was wrong.

The two sighed before leaving her argument for another date, getting closer to the android Junior understood why Shion felt irritated the last couple of days.


"So, you can't wake her up, Huh?" He spoke with folded arms, "Yeah, she hasn't woken up ever since the Gnosis incident, I'm just afraid she won't wake up again."

The red U.R.T.V shook his head before pulling a smile, trying to convince her otherwise.

"Nah, chin up Shion. I know that KOS-MOS wouldn't just abandon you for no reason. She might be just exhausted from the many battles she had."


"Speaking of being exhausted, you sorta look really tired- I mean our trip isn't until tomorrow so it's important we rest up since we're gonna be on the same team for volleyball!"

Shion nodded before she smiled back in reply, "That's right, you better not let me down tomorrow!"


"Heh, Likewise. I'll be around the Durandal if you need me, and besides I bet you can tell that a certain someone here wants me to leave anyway."

With a wave goodbye, he left the Robot Academy as headed back to the lounge area of the Elsa.

On the edge of a pier, Chaos sat as he watched the blue sky suddenly change to a bright amber.

Beautiful scenery such as this often putted aside his stress for a while, just hearing the ocean's waves and the many seagulls was enough to relax him.


Suddenly he heard approaching footsteps from behind but upon turning around he realized it was Jin, he remembered that he had just finished cleaning up his bookstore and said he'd make time to join him for their long awaited reunion.


"So, how did the cleaning go? Did Jun mess up the books again?" Chaos asked with a small laugh, "Yes unfortunately sometimes I wish I could leave my store in peace, knowing that someone responsible is looking after it."


The store was filled with mountains upon mountains of books, so much that it stacked high enough to block the entrance itself.


Many of the books that he'd put back, they had been switched around thanks to Jun's forgetfulness.


"It makes me wonder, when did you set up the bookstore?"


In reflection Jin closed his eyes, going back through the many memories that happened during the bookstores establishment.


"Well. I set it up as soon as Shion started working for Vector, I figured that working as a doctor would've been pointless considering that we now rely on nano-treatment."

"Besides that, how have you been recently? I mean- it's been what fourteen years since we've last seen each other?"


Chaos nodded before relaxing himself, taking in the fresh breeze of the sea.

"That's right, it certainly was a while ago- the day when you helped out during the Old Militia descent." Even though it had been a long time, Chaos could still remember operating the E.S Asher through the thick smoke and destroyed buildings.


The sounds of madness echoed in his ears, while he desperately tried to resist the Song of Nephilim's eerie wavelength.

Canaan and him were well aware of the space station's destructive apparatus, the wavelength was enough to pass through anyone's psyche and to put them in a state of insanity.

Especially- realians.


The memory faded as Chaos let out a long sigh, "Well, you know I'm not the type to worry but- I've been concerned about U-TIC lately, it's just that they're not doing anything right now, it worries me about what's going to happen next. We can't predict what they're about to do now."

Jin nodded in reply before sitting down next to him, "I completely understand the way you feel Chaos."


"This undeniable feeling of dread, it's what you feel right? I've been feeling like this as well for a while now."

His green eyes watched the waves crash against the rocks, before he closed his eyes before looking back at Chaos again.


"I'll assist in any way I can, but I think Shion would be upset if I prolonged my stay any further."


"She despises the fact of visiting our parents, every year we lay flowers on their graves. I just wish she could understand how I feel. How her actions can affect other people."


In a way he was right, but Shion already had a lot of problems to deal with by herself.

Just simple report delivering was hard for her, she was constantly on her feet with KOS-MOS' development- constantly tweaking any bugs in her blackbox system.

The world itself depended on KOS-MOS and her abilities, to drag the Gnosis into reality itself rather than the outer domain.


"Maybe, just give her some time to think on it for a bit. That way she'd be able to come up with a decent answer the next time you ask."

With folded arms, Jin looked out towards the amber horizon before the calm breeze blew past his face.


"That is if she even wants me to talk to her, But when I really think about it- perhaps you're right Chaos."


Chaos stood up before nodded back with a gentle smile, "I have to thank you as well, that thought had been bugging me for a while- I'm glad I was able to help you out."

Forgetting what time it is due to their long conversation, when Chaos looked back the sky had turned dark. Saying goodbye he went off to meet up with the others at the Elsa.

The next following day, Junior and MOMO went out to prepare themselves for the beach trip.

Of course while MOMO tried to find a suitable swim dress, he waited outside the shop to pass time. To distract himself from the waiting he looked around the Foundation to see the many other shops.

One of the most notable parts of the Foundation itself, was the variety of shops it had in it's central square.

Alongside the many beautiful sights, was a park filled with exotic flowers and artificial birds flying around.


Beauty was one of the words that could best describe the Foundation, even after 6 months of building and planning the Foundation wasn't at one-hundred percent completion.


There was still so much to do, but of course due to U-TIC's recent attacks all development was put to a halt until further notice.


Finally MOMO had finished up the shopping, however Junior noticed that her hands start to shake and quickly grabbed the heavy load of bags.


"Thank you, I guess I bought alot of stuff while I was in there. Sorry.." She spoke while rubbing her pink head back and forth, Junior laughed before shaking his head in reply.


"Nah, it just means you'll be MORE than ready for today!" The two laughed in unison before sitting down on a bench, it had been a long while since Junior's mind wasn't clouded with his past.


It was hard to forget so even the of smallest things would really help out, his mind filled with relief- knowing that he was at least making MOMO happy- remembering Sakura's promise.

While the two were out shopping, Gaignun finally finished off the name change paperwork of which was due a few days ago.


The phone suddenly rang as he picked up. knowing already that it was Helmer calling him.


"I apologize for submitting the forms quite late Helmer, Unfortunately- I haven't been able to think straight."

Helmer shook his head before looking over to face the window, "It's alright Nigredo, even though its over-due by a few days, I can easily make an exception for you." 

Gaignun pushed aside his heart racing inside- just even hearing of his past name was enough to make him cringe.

Instead he let out a sigh in response, "I'd appreciate it if you'd stop referring to me as by that name- that name is now redundant."


Helmer suddenly remembered that Gaignun loathed his old name, "I completely forgot,  I guess it's just a habit of mine that's grown since these fourteen years had passed."

He continued while reading Gaignun's written form on the digital screen, "Right, so you're officially Gaignun Kukai now. You don't need to worry about sending these off- since I'll send the signed forms later on today for you."


"Thanks, before I leave- there's one thing that's been bothering me. Have you noticed that the U-TIC Organization hasn't moved at all?"


"Not even moving an inch ever since we stopped Pellergri."


Helmer raised a brow at that, now cautiously looking at their current location- Gaignun was right they hadn't moved at all since their last battle.


"Interesting, what are really planning?" Helmer thought aloud, as Gaignun sighed before he folded his arms.


"I really don't know it could be anything, I'll send my brother down to investigate later on today. Just after their break I'll contact him."

Helmer nodded in agreement as Gaignun hung up the phone, looking over towards the beach- worried about the events that were about to unfold.

Chapter Text

Just before Junior and MOMO were about to leave, he suddenly received a spiritual link request from Gaignun.


"I assume you enjoyed your shopping trip, I know it's a pain but- you'll have to delay the beach trip until a bit later." Just hearing about the trip being delayed so abruptly made him raise a brow.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't think of reason why it would have to be delayed so soon.


"I had talk with Helmer a few moments ago, and we're worried about U-TIC's status. Ever since Jin stopped Pellegri they've been awfully quiet. I was wondering if you could take a closer look of the area around them."


"Which also reminds me, we've received word of actual survivors- buried beneath the debris from when you and Mary infiltrated one of U-TIC's information centres."


"Luckily, they can't obtain any intel for now, but as you can guess it's only a matter of time before the situation becomes even worse."


Junior suddenly interrupted him in shock, "You're kiddin' right? There's still people inside that damn thing?" 


Gaignun's sight changed to see the nearby portrait on the desk, "From what I've been told, Yes."


"But just remember- don't act rash, and most importantly if the situation turns dire- come back. I don't want you risking yourself anymore than you have to- all right?"


With an eye roll Junior sighed, "You're always worrying about me aren't you, anymore of this and you'd be ending up like a father."


Gaignun couldn't help but laugh at that, always he'd be giving Junior advice- akin to a father.


Even though Junior's rashness bothered him a little he couldn't help but smile, even after fourteen years Junior hadn't changed at all.


Still immature at times but however as a whole, it didn't mean that Junior was a constant failure - quite the contrary.


Junior was able to make tough decisions even if consequences were involved, he'd always prioritize others than rather himself.


"I'll notify Mary to come along, in case the same mistake happens again."


He was well aware of what Gaignun meant, meaning that he wanted him to avoid all forms of combat for a while.


The bloody gash across his chest was so deep, it affected Junior's ability to fight.

The littlest strain from any sudden movements, would cause excruciating pain through his entire body. 


Frustrating as it was not being able to fight back, he shook it off- making his mission more an priority.

"Right, I'll head off soon. Let me just say bye to MOMO before I go." Gaignun nodded as the connection stopped, Junior turned back to MOMO who waited patiently for Junior to be finished.


"Say, Gaignun said he wants me for something you don't mind if we go to the beach a little later?" MOMO nodded back with a small smile, "Go on ahead, I'll head back to the Elsa." The two waved at each other before heading off towards their destinations.

Upon reaching the A.G.W.S Hangar, Junior hopped into the VX-9000 as the Durandal's back doors slowly started to open.

On the corner of his eye he saw a large pink A.G.W.S alongside him also getting ready to depart, "Did ya fix the craft from last time, I remember it got pretty damaged since when we busted the Ambix up."

Mary nodded before turning her IFF systems on, "Yep, and I made sure to fix up the 9000's combat abilities this time. Sorry about disabling them earlier! Apparently The Professor wanted to test our crafts out for maintenance."

Her index finger slid past her chin, trying to reflect back on what Gaignun told her earlier about the rescue mission.

She stood there with Shelley as they waited for Gaignun to arrive, both their eyes lit up upon seeing the black U.R.T.V. enter the room.


"Master Gaignun!"


The two went to his side before a small smile escaped, "I've only been gone for a few minutes, and yet the two of you act like I've been gone for ages!" A small laugh escaped as Shelley looked up, "I guess- it's because we're just really grateful for all you've done for us Gaignun."

Mary interrupted her sister with a small smile, "Afta' all you did save us, we least oughta give some appreciation for going out of your way." Gaignun nodded before looking up towards the old fashioned clock, the day of the rescue operation played before his eyes with a open slam of the door.

He'd arrived to see the two girls chained up but also heavily sedated, however during this time Gaignun had no idea what cruel experiments were being conducted and what they'd done to Shelley and Mary.

He'd freed the Godwin sisters from their suffering, and brought them back alongside him to the Foundation.


During this time, he wanted to save everyone from whatever had plagued them- but it just wasn't possible and Gaignun knew why he couldn't save everyone.


Amidst the Foundation's seemly happy atmosphere, intense waves of turbulence still lingered outside it's boundaries.


A name suddenly rolled out of his mouth, a name that belonged to an relative gone astray- someone beyond salvation.


"Albedo, I just wish things turned out differently but... It didn't have to end this way... If only if he didn't find out about-"

With a sigh, he closed his eyes before proceeding to walk towards his desk.



"Master Gaignun?"


Shelley suddenly interrupted Gaignun's train of thought, looking towards him worryingly.

"Who is this, Albedo person? I've heard you mention his name before alot lately- especially last night when I went past your office." 


"You remember the times were I said I've felt unsettled? I know now that It's his presence. There's no mistaking it. But it's not just me however- Junior spoke of feeling this as well."


Mary spoke out, her face now worried just the same as Shelley's. "You mean, that the Little Master is suffering all this time... without tellin' us?" 


"I understand why he'd be hiding his issues away, It's just that- our conflict that we share. It's something we don't others getting involved in."


"Is there anything we can do, Master Gaignun?" Shelley asked concerned, with a quick shake of the head Gaignun turned back towards them.

"There isn't but- Just seeing the two of you happy. It's what matters the most now. I'd be willing to push my issues aside, just for a moment to know that the two of you are happy here."

The two sisters smiled, it had been ages since the two were treated with honesty and consideration.

"It's all right Gaignun, the two of us aren't the ones to pry on private matters- that should be left alone. Mary, Shouldn't you be with the Little Master to investigate the incident?"

Just hearing Shelley talk about the U-TIC investigation, made him remember about the favour he had to ask Mary.

"That's right, it's what I wanted to ask you. Would you mind assisting Junior with the investigation? I assume you know well of what happened beforehand?" 

The yellow haired girl nodded, Junior wasn't exactly in the best state for any forms of combat.

Especially after the conflict with Albedo a few days ago, a horrible reunion and of course Albedo wasn't finished.

Gaignun could feel Albedo's chaotic wavelength go through him, the unsettling vibe constantly entering his mind.

Dragging, it felt like his body was being dragged into an abyss.

Again, it wasn't just him who'd felt this, Junior felt it but much worse- horrible nightmares came with it as well.


"I'm afraid that things are only about to going to get worse, U-TIC beforehand have showed no attempts to hold down their weapons."

"Especially their pursuit for MOMO, that is why she's the most important guest here."

Even Albedo is dogging the realian as well, its imperative that we secure her here."


Mary stepped forward, "You can leave MOMO with me, It will be easy since we both share the same room. I know another person protecting her would be little bit too much- since she has the cyborg lookin' after her but more support doesn't hurt."

"Of course, more support would be well appreciated Mary, and I'm sure MOMO wouldn't mind it either."

Gaignun nodded before handing over the map coordinates for their craft, "Just under Pleroma- is where they're located, try to avoid any forms of combat due to Junior's current condition."

Without hesitation, Mary left Shelley alone with Gaignun as she walked off to meet up with Junior.

Mary's thoughts were suddenly interrupted once she saw Junior's waving hand on the digital screen.

"Hey, you're zoning out. Are you alright?" He spoke with concern, Mary nodded as she started the craft up.

"Sorry about that, just a lotta things on my mind today. So we're heading off to wreckage nearby the old U-TIC information centre right?" 

He nodded with a thumbs up as the two crafts flew off as the hangar doors closed themselves.

The crafts soared across the starry landscape, while also keeping in mind to hide themselves away from the many U-TIC battleships.


It wasn't long until the designated location started to show up on their monitors, as quickly the two landed near the side entrance, rather than the main entrance to avoid getting spotted- if at all.


The two jumped out of their craft to feel the same unsettling air flow past their faces, with at least one of their objectives now done on their way there.

The both of them immediately started searching for anyone who was trapped in the area, praying that they could at least bring someone back with them.


The side entrance's door automatically opened as they rushed through, while running past the debris they scanned each pile to find any survivors along the way.


Then- There!


On the corner of the U.R.T.V's eye, he saw two of the Durandal crew stuck behind some burning debris.


Frantically, the two looked around for a way to put out the overwhelming and tall flames. Perfectly and oh-so convenient two fire extinguishers were located by the side of an elevator.

Without hesitating, Junior grabbed it before it sprayed across the flames- instantly putting them out.


"Ah god. Thank-" One of them managed to choke out before collapsing into Junior's arms, due to the fatigue that came from the excessive inhaling of the smoke.


"Hey, it's gonna be alright just hang in there!" He spoke with a concerned expression, just as the two were about to leave the area- they were completely surrounded by Marglius and many guards.


Guns clicked, threatening to open fire as Junior simply scowled back, "Damn, not now we were just about to leave!" He thought to himself while slowly backing away with Mary, "I knew that Pellegri was right about sensing intruders. but I didn't think it would've been you."

Rage suddenly entered the U.R.T.V's body before threatening to reach out for his twin pistols, "Oh yeah, who WERE you expecting then? Get out of our way or we'll force you to move you damn bastards! You U-TIC freaks don't even put up a fight- just like turtles you come out when it suits you... cowards."

Before the "fight" could proceed further, Mary stepped in front of him blocking any attempts of Junior being able to fight.

She turned around to face him, before tugging his black longcoat, "Junior!" "Remember what Gaignun said, our main priority is to leave this area- not start a fight!"

The realization suddenly hit before he rubbed his head in frustration, he spoke in a whisper while still trying to find a way to escape the area.


"Ri-right, sorry... but how are we gonna leave now?"


Before the guards even had the chance to open fire, a sudden horizontal slash sent them flying and hitting hard against the wall.


Back and forth the two watched the many slashes cut through the guards one by one, with the guards defeated all that stood in their way was Marglius himself.


The colonel chuckled to himself before brandishing out his blade, looking around the room for the unknown attacker.

Upon remembering the swordplay, a familiar name entered through his mind.


"This is unlike you, I wouldn't think that the likes of you would resort to such pathetic tactics."


Finally Jin showed himself before pointing out his blade, "You know, pathetic is cornering someone who clearly can't fight." With a shake of the head the two clashed swords as Junior found an escaping chance on the other side.

"Thanks Jin!"

With a smile Jin nodded before going back to Marglius with a scowl, "So what brings you here Uzuki, to settle our score or to simply save them? I thought I'd ask considering your selfishness."


"Heh, the only person in this room who's selfish has always been you colonel- and you can't even deny the truth of that either- it's your true nature."


Another clash sent the two distancing apart, but not for long Marglius rose up his sword before scrapping his blade down- turning it into an upward slash.


"I'll carve that unpalatable tongue from your mouth, and I'll make you regret even stepping a foot here!" A few violent bashes of Marglius' sword sent Jin back- desperately trying to fight back against his strength.

Constantly their blades kept sliding and colliding off as yellow sparks flew from them, the pain that Jin felt was almost unbearable- his spine on the verge of breaking due to the many times he was pushed back.


The two swordsmen imbued their blades with energy before doing many more countless slashes towards each other, a sudden spinning slash from Marglius made Jin stagger before his blade was flung back.


Upon looking over, he saw his katana stabbed into the ground- making close combat pointless.


"Face the reality, there's no point in even wasting a second on any consideration for this planet- it's done for."


"Why, why waste your breath on those who will persecute you later?"


Jin looked away as he felt the fiery blade mere inches away from his face, the flames were so strong that his frosty blade aura had melted away.


"To desire, is that really wasting breath? Maybe perhaps- that the same can be said about your wishes Colonel."


Before he could continue, he noticed that Marglius's grip on his sword weakened, no longer strong like it is whenever he's fighting.


 " Fate has leaned in your favour, and yet you decide to end the battle? Why?"


Marglius scoffed before putting away his sword, "As much as I like to, now isn't the time to be settling things- besides I have places to be."


With narrowed eyes, Jin slowly stood up before unstabbing his sword from the ground, "I'd highly advise not following through with whatever that you have in mind for this world, what do you think he'd say-"

The colonel scoffed in reply before walking away, just before he opened the door he turned slightly to face the injured swordsman.


"Don't mention his name an a excuse, you know where he is now. No longer is he with us- he trusts that we'll be choosing out own paths- and ours alone Uzuki." 


Marglius hadn't changed at all since their days of training, Jin could still remember what his grandfather told him before he left.

Young Jin sat down alongside his grandfather while the flames danced in front of them, it was a cold and quiet night.

It was the very same day that Marglius had mysteriously left the minka, leaving just Jin to continue his grandfather's training.


Fireflies buzzed in the distance as Jin swung his sword instantly cutting the training dummy into two, while his elder's words echoed inside his mind.


"The blade is for carving one's desire, not for turning against the masses. Remember this Jin."


Suddenly stopping his subconscious thoughts, Jin jumped into his craft as the system's interface started to flash.


Even though he felt weak throughout his body at the time, his mind relaxed itself knowing that both Junior and Mary had left the building safely with the other two individuals.


Before his symptom's could get worse, he headed back to the Elsa to get treated for his injuries.

While at the Durandal, Junior waited for the results from MOMO about their injuries.

The door opened as MOMO came out while also accompanied with Ziggy by her side, "So, how are they?" The realian shook her head in worry before looking back down at what she wrote.

"They've suffered some bad internal injuries and burns, it will take a few good weeks before they can move again..." 


MOMO couldn't help but feel bad, every mistake done and every second wasted made her feel even more worthless.

Seeing them in the hospital beds alone was a constant reminder of her "wasted" efforts, "We're tried everything but all it comes down to, is just natural recovery... I'm sorry- I couldn't do anything else."


Before she could feel even worse, Ziggy's deep yet soothing voice comforted her.


"It's alright MOMO, I can tell in due time they'll get better soon. Once I receive word that they've recovered I'll take you to see them."


With a small and hesitated nod, MOMO gave a slight smile before heading off alone to the Elsa.


After she'd left Junior sighed before looking over towards him, "My mind has being worrying about this for a while, ever since I got back but- you know when I went inside one of their information centres right?"

"MOMO said they'd suffered some pretty bad internal injuries but when we arrived- smoke was everywhere so I figured all they'd have was limited lung capacity."


"Where the hell did the internal injuries come from? The debris was more than less blocking their way. It just concerns me- like maybe we didn't come quickly enough..."


Ziggy shook his head before sitting down, "The Director did say he's only just discovered that they've somehow survived all this time."


"But listen, even if they're in the risk of dying today- there's still a chance with nano-technology."


Junior looked up towards the ticking clock, while his heart started to thud a little.

He interrupted before letting out a small sigh, "All we can do now, is simply wait and see if they recover by more natural means. Right?"


Ziggy silently nodded in reply as he watched him stand up, even though his mind was cleared his entire body was still tensed up from the stress.


"I guess it's almost time for the private beach, but before that happens I should tell Gaignun my report before I head off."


The cyborg nodded as Junior waved goodbye before walking off, while he watched Junior go down the elevator he suddenly realized that he was late for the maintenance meeting with Juli, and went off towards the maintenance lab.

Chapter Text

The cyborg's feet clunked against the floor with every step, even just looking back towards his metal hand reminded him of the past.

The day when he awoke to see that his body was completely replaced with nothing but metal, the man was completely overwhelmed by his transformation but even more worried about Sharon and Joaquin's condition.

His body pinned down onto an unknown device similar to the likes of a bed, no matter how hard he tried to get up- he just couldn't.


Going forward to the present he knew that their deaths were long gone into the past, but there were some occasions when he'd often reflect upon the good times from when they were still alive.


However it wasn't until the memories would always construct that one tragic day, the day when that bastard Voyager took his wife and child’s lives.


He found them brutally dead, what it was even more upsetting at fact that they were so helpless to begin with.


Ziggy had tried suicide but even that wasn’t an escape for him, later on his body was found and that’s when an unknown group of individuals retrieved his dead corpse.


As of now, he really had no other choice but to continuing living no matter how painful the past was.


If Sharon knew the new responsibility that Ziggy was given, she too would’ve said to keep on living for MOMO's sake.


Shaking off the past, Ziggy opened the door with a key-card before seeing Juli face to face.


As always she’d had the maintenance bed already set up for him, he laid down before Juli looked at him with concern.


“Jan Sauer, you seem bit unsettled, is everything alright?” Of course Ziggy wasn’t the one to let others get involved with his problems, he always tackled things alone when necessary.


Survival in his words, always meant to think about the situation at hand- and only  the situation.


Emotions, while it may seem heartless to not feel them in battle- he always thought that feeling emotion whilst in combat was a distraction.


His metal hand gently scraps past to clear the fog covering the window, upon peering down below he saw Junior and MOMO getting ready alongside the others.


"I'm- fine, I'm wondering if I could increase lifespan- for MOMO's sake of course."

MOMO- the artificial daughter that Juli couldn't help but not feel attachment towards, no matter how hard she tried she couldn't see past the reason behind her creation.


Joaquim created her with the sole intention of recreating Sakura once more, by reconstructing their late daughter's consciousness into MOMO, his wish was partially realized. 


Upon MOMO opening her eyes, she was immediately surrounded by U-TIC troops and taken against her will.


During this time, all that MOMO had grew accustomed to was the constant beeping of her father's digital monitors, as well as the sounds of bubbles that surrounded her obscured body.


Even though she couldn't see, she heard what her Father told her before he walked out of the room.


"I imagine that once you're awake, you want to become human."


"You can gain humanity, by avoiding sin- and by doing that in due time you'll become my Sakura."


Her father had turned mad, the ambition was so great that it sent him spiralling into madness.

Just before he decided to end his own life, he looked over towards some old blueprints.

 His very last creation before he died was an odd upside-down triangular space station that was located on the far right side of space.


Within it contained a dangerous song that could be unleashed if the user desires to play it, a song so destructive it shatters the normal psyche and sends people to the brink of insanity.


However only a few people can actually hear the haunted melody itself, to everyone else who cannot the maiden's haunting voice will hear absolutely- nothing.


Her father took a few steps before peering down to what seemed to be an abyss, once he looked up the sky to see it swarmed with newly unleashed Gnosis.



He spoke now looking grimly down below again, "I believe that you won't be seeing me once I'm gone- but we can only hope that once MOMO is born into our world- that she is born into a world with open arms."

Juli snapped back to reality again before clearing her throat, "My apologies, you said you wanted to extend your lifespan for another four years, right?" The cyborg simply nodded in response while watching her silently start to flick on the many switches.

"Doctor Mizrahi, it seems like you have something on your mind? If there's a request you need to be done for MOMO's sake. Don't hesitate to ask me."


She shook her head before looking back towards her old family portrait, Juli realized that she couldn't hide the fact of MOMO's existence any longer.


Many times Gaignun came by and had told her of how much MOMO desperately wanted to see her, but Juli simply told him the same excuse- every time.


Knee deep in work or busy with other important matters that day, Gaignun regretted every day breaking the bad news to her.


"I'm quite alright, my mind keeps wandering off due to not having better sleep as of late." To distract herself Juli immediately started to type across the digital keyboard, as one after another Ziggy's status screens were shown before her.


Upon further inspection, the cyborg had suffered a few scratches and dents presumably from his rescue operation upon Pleroma.


Juli sighed, she'd forgotten that the cloaking device could only last a few moments before it switched off. 


Even worse when Ziggy tried to enable it again, he realized that one of the guards had damaged it during the many battles he had along the way to the cells.


After she watched the cyborg lay back down, she started the repair process program before pushing in a back-up disc.

Upon arriving to the Foundation's private beach, the group were greeted with the gentle waves of the ocean.

The waves echoed through their ears as the sand was crunched beneath their feet, it was only seconds before Shion doubted at all if the beach was even artificial.


Just before setting up the volleyball net she flipped open her comm device and contacted Allen, upon answering Shion was greeted with tons of laughter in the background alongside a few hics.

The engineer sighed before shaking her head in frustration, Absolutely dumbfounded that Allen would be drinking on the job.


"Allen, weren't you supposed to be fixing KOS-MOS' combat module? Why on earth are you even drinking on the job?"


Barely managing to even stand, Allen wobbled a bit before getting a good grip on the table.


"Oh, He-hey there Chief.... I- I'll do KOS-MOS later, can't a guy get a break for once an a while?"



Shion had entrusted Allen with this task for weeks, and their report is due in the next few days, Shion didn't have the time for dawdling or hell- even this nonsense that was going on!


"Honestly once you're *sober* ring me back, otherwise you've got some files waiting for you to be submitted once your party is over." The transmission ended before she released a annoyed sigh, looking up she saw Junior alongside chaos and MOMO waiting for her.


"Allen giving ya trouble?" Junior spoke with playing around with the volleyball, "Yeah, he's gotten himself drunk and now he can't even publish and fix KOS-MOS' combat module in time." 


Chaos was quite shocked as well, he knew that Allen wasn't the one to put off work at a time like this- especially when reports were overdue. "Well, we can hope he- uh breaks out of it soon." The engineer nodded before the four started to set up the net, with a wipe of the dripping sweat down her forehead it was finally set up.


With a big leap Shion started the game with a powerful spike which scored their first point, "Hey not bad Shion, I knew I picked the right partner!" Junior spoke with a smile before waving his hand over to reach the ball, of course due to his short stature he fell face first into the sand.

Rubbing the gritty sand out of his eyes, he saw an extended hand reach out to him.

Bending down to reach his height, "Are you okay? Nothing bruised or broken?" MOMO spoke with concern, With a quick shake of his head he got up before wiping the sand off his bare chest.

With a leap to the side Junior whacked the ball hard, sending it at high speeds before scoring another point.

The hit was unavoidable as both MOMO and Chaos completely missed in attempt to block it!

"Aw hell yeah! Did ya see that?"

Just before the URTV could continue to celebrate, Chaos materialized a pair of wings before scoring a shot.

Jaw dropped in absolute confusion and angrish, he tapped his foot before crossing over his arms.


"Isn't that cheating..!?"


Chaos laughed before rubbing the back of his white head, "Gotta pay more attention, it is a game about concentration after all!"

Their game seemed to last for ages, however after a few hours had passed, Shion scored the final point with a powerful spike.

Again, unable to block the incoming shot the two won the game.

The bubbly realian smiled before giving a high five to Shion, "You're not bad at all! The two of you really kept the tension going! Hehe!~"

The engineer smiled back in reply, but quickly remembered about Allen's current situation back at the Foundation's bar.

"I'd love to stay over for dinner but- Allen has got himself in a- inescapable situation..."

Just before Shion was about to leave, grey clouds started to form and circle as her heart slowly dropped.


"... Th-Thunder. I- I hate.. thunder...!"

Crouching down Shion held her head whilst her entire body began shaking, with concern MOMO called out for the others to help out.

Shion looked back to see the concerned faces of her companions, "I'm so... I need to... go...! I wish- it would... stop!"

Junior ran over before helping her out, "Damn, are you alright there? If you want I can take you back via the cab."

"Originally, I was gonna take MOMO back with me but since you're like this- I can't leave you here."

She shook her head before standing up, "It's- it's nothing. I'll... I'll be fine. I'll get KOS-MOS to pick me up." Shaking her head, Shion walked back to the outer entrance as Chaos shrugged.

"She's an odd one at times, but I really can't blame her. Shion's been through a lot lately."

Almost reluctant to leave, the three returned back to the Elsa.

"Is Shion going to be okay?" MOMO spoke with her head popping out to see Junior on the other side of cab.

"I guess so, I mean if she says she's fine then she's gonna be able to deal with it."

His hand moved over towards the many buttons before undoing the window, wondering what Gaignun was doing- considering how late into the afternoon it was.

Ah, the final conference call for the evening.

Gaignun sighed before hanging up the phone, just after he got up from his chair he saw the Godwin sisters enter.

"Ah, come to say hello?" Shelley shook her head before looking towards him frimly.


"This is an emergency. Someone's broken through the Foundation's security system. They're- they're headed towards the main elevator. But I can't figure out who's behind this."

"Odd. Set up the closure systems for point 0289. Close all gates to prevent the intruder from escaping."

"I'll try and contact-"

Before Gaignun could finish, the three suddenly heard boots thud from behind the door. 

Without any time to react Gaignun, Shelley and Mary were forcefully held and trapped.

Cornered by U-TIC military soldiers, the three struggled to escape from their tight grip.


Mary managed to call out in a muffle, desperately trying to fight back.

Chapter Text

Worried and confused, Junior tried to get through to Gaignun but got no response.

It was odd, since every time Gaignun would always answer even if he was busy with paperwork.

"Huh... That's weird. He isn't accepting my spiritual link connection." The red URTV thought to himself while he looked outside.

Tilting her head enough to see, MOMO looked back with concern.

"What's the matter with Gaignun? Can't you contact him..?"

"Well, the last time we had contact was six hours ago when he asked me to investigate the information center."

The URTV rubbed his crimson head in frustration, confused about what the hell was going on.

He looked ahead past the cab driver to see the sunset, now worried if he'd make it back before dark.

After a long walk back, Shion arrived back at Vector while completely exhausted.

While on her way there, she'd forgotten that KOS-MOS was in fact... still asleep inside her pod.


"Oh, Hey Chief. How was the volley game?" The engineer angrily crossed her arms in reply before she shook her head, "So, you're finally sober. Why were you even drunk on the job? You know, you can actually get sacked for submitting our papers late."

"Sorry, I mean we can get sacked." Allen nodded slowly before doing a nervous laugh, he wasn't the one to let himself get drunk to the point of passing out.


But everyone else was so enticing but he didn't know for sure at the time, he only thought he'd be out for a few hours!


Ah but Allen had to think of something to do with Shion and fast, "I was wonder if you- uh wanted to go out for lunch tomorrow? I'll pay in advance so there won't be any problems ahead of time."

With a big sigh Shion finally smiled, "I guess that wouldn't hurt, as long as we get these done before the due date."

The engineer's eyes tiredly look over towards the dorm before looking back towards Allen, "I wasn't expecting the game to tire me out so much, I'll be up early in the morning to finish off these reports." Allen nodded as Shion rubbed her eyes, getting ready to sleep for the night.


Suddenly steam arose from the black and red pod, a white and black-gloved arm arose before pulling her entire body up.

In complete shock, She covered her mouth before shaking her head- unbelieved at what she's just seen.

"What the-  What's going on! KOS-MOS..! she's-! She's getting out of her pod without our... permission like she did on Woglinde! Allen! What's... going on here..!"

Just as shocked and confused as Shion, Allen as well couldn't answer.


"I-I... I honestly don't know Chief... KOS-MOS... she's acting on her accord for some reason. Can we at least find out her objective?"


KOS-MOS silently looked behind herself to see Shion worryingly look over towards her, of course she spoke back with her usual monotone voice that Shion had grown accustomed to.


"Shion. I sense enemy activity amidst the Kukai Foundation. I must leave immediately.  do not make any attempts to follow me. This matter can be resolved with my abilities."

"Allen Ridgeley, please ready the motor transport straight away. I'll be heading off- shortly."


With no choice, Allen brought up her equipment interface before summoning the bike outside, "Alright. It's all set. We'll be putting our full trust in you. Don't mess anything up." KOS-MOS simply nodded before she ran off towards the hangar, upon arrival she hopped on before revving the bike's engines- sending her off towards the Foundation itself.


On the way there, KOS-MOS looked up solemnly up towards the sky.


She drove past the many bystanders and various cars along the road, as fast as she could- she had made getting to Gaignun a matter of priority. 

The black URTV tried to shove them away, but their strength pinned him down to the ground much the same as the Godwin sisters.

The very end of his chin had started to touch the cold floor, but it wasn't long until he winced upon feeling his wrists start to ache.


The pain he felt was unbearable as his hands grinded themselves together, with their brute force causing them to both turn red.


With the little strength, he had left Gaignun looked up to see Mary and Shelley, one pissed off and the other looking towards him worryingly.


Just before he could think another idea, the door suddenly shut itself before initiating it's secure lock sequence.


The very same sequence that stops any intruders from breaking through, thus making any forms of escape impossible unless a key card was used.


A yellow damaged key card is thrown onto the floor more specifically, an A-class one.

The highest level card that there was in the Foundation.


It gave access to pretty much every area of the Foundation itself.

Including all residential rooms and the main office.


What he thought what even stranger than the key card itself, was that only the Durandal staff would have access to these types.


So he figured the intruder would have to be someone strong enough, to knock out quite a few guards.


His thoughts were interrupted once he'd looked up to see Albedo's foot kick away the used card.

Just seeing his pellicular white cape was enough for him to be recognized in a heartbeat.

Gaignun's heart would sink upon feeling the malicious aura hang in the air, so really just by using the spiritual link he could tell if Albedo wasn't far or not.


But beforehand he couldn't and he didn't know why.

Gaignun had always been able to feel his wavelength before, but why not now?


For some reason even the Durandal's motherframe Pieta, didn't detect Albedo's presence.

The number of people he would've killed to get this far, it horrified him.

But it wasn't the first time that something similar had been done either.

Mary tugged forward before speaking through gritted teeth, "If you think that you're getting any information about her you can forget it, once we're free- we'll make you regret comin' in here!"

From Gaignun's perspective, he hadn't seen the two so fierce and dignified before.

Only now knowing that they'd go out of their away to protect the Foundation, if it came to it.

In response a cruel yet amused smile suddenly spreaded across the white URTV's lips, aware of their incompetency to fight back.

The girls knew that it would've been useless to fight back, all they could do was at least notify security to push him back until the likes of Junior arrived.

But even then calling security was out of the question, most of the guards would've been knocked unconscious anyway.


It was ironic since the Durandal was always spoken highly of its security measures, often regarded as unhackable.

But amidst everything that was happening, Gaignun couldn't help but feel an odd suppression going through him.

Almost like a sapping sensation, he wasn't was unable to utilize his ESP abilities like he normally could.


His power just wouldn't surge, only small flickers of bolts that wouldn't progress further.

But he figured that it was the tension getting to him, since his emotions were in a scattered mess.

It made it quite hard to telepathically connect with others in first place.

He was interrupted once he heard Shelley call out, the coldness of the gun's steel brushed past Mary's face threatening to open fire. "Get your guns away from Mary! We've had our fair share in people trying to exploit us!"


The white URTV turned around before he tutted, raising a white brow in the process, "Exploitation? Ah, if the two of you only knew his purpose, the reason for his pitiful existence."

From the corner of his eye he noticed that Gaignun had turned away, almost aware of what Albedo was about to say.

"I find it quite fascinating that you've grown an odd indulgence for polyamorous relationships Nigredo."

"But I'm not surprised at all, after all you'd do anything to forget about what's happened between us, now wouldn't you?"

Gaignun closed his eyes before he looked away, trying to wipe out Albedo's sick attempt at humour from his mind.

But it wasn't possible, he felt like such a disgusting comment couldn't be left ignored especially if he should any signs of himself slipping up.


"They're solely assistants to the Durandal."


"Besides, I wouldn't merely think to do anything demented, it's simply not my nature." 


Albedo cocked his head in false confusion, "Not in your nature? Surely you're lying! Your exploitative behaviour was from the very start! You were ordered to exploit Rubedo, were you not?" 

Unfortunately, Gaignun remembered that day well, the day he'd been told to neutralize the Red Dragon.

Of course if he didn't follow through, the role would've been passed over to Citrine instead.

Even before entrusting the role to him, Yuriev predicted that Gaignun would- and without a doubt abandon his duty altogether.

To be known as someone who committed fratricide, it absolutely horrified him as a kid.


To be labelled as a murderer for the rest of his life, he despised the fact of being solely created to essentially kill his own brother.

His jade eyes suddenly moved over to see the girls still struggling away, whilst his mind was desperately trying to control his emotions.

But he couldn't blame himself for not being as composed as usual, the two of his closest associates were being threatened for pure amusement and nothing more.



"You've wiped your mind clean from that past, haven't you? Especially since my absence- there was no one to remind you two of what really took place!"


The black URTV's eyes widened in shock upon seeing Mary's face curl in attempted resistance, fighting literally fighting to hold the tears back.

"... Masta'... Gaignun...-!" It's.. kinda..hurtin'... now..."

Before Mary could get another word to escape her lips, she weakly fell to the ground while Gaignun and Shelley watched in horror.


The other sister braced herself as Albedo approached her, her purple lips pursed as the more closer he got to her.


"The two of you have got quite the cruel Master, -I really do pity the both of you."

"Just maybe you've become infatuated and accustomed to your Master's negligence?"

The purple secretary lashed out through gritted teeth, "That's enough. Leave this place at once. Gaignun has already expressed his distaste for your arrival!"


The madman laughed aloud at that, "Distaste? Hardly! If anything Nigredo should be feeling quite delighted to see me again on such short notice!"


"Right now knowing him well enough, methinks he'd be much more worried about you."


His sight changed to see Gaignun who still struggled to get away, his hand desperately trying to reach Shelley in the process.


When Gaignun spoke out his tone was assertive yet not firm enough for a proper yell, "Albedo. please stop this- and let them go. Can't we at least talk about this?"

With closed eyes, Albedo laughed before looking back with a malicious grin.


"Since when did the likes of Ebony and Ivory live together in complete harmony, Nigredo..?"


"I'll have you know that us talking should be the least of your worries Executioner."

"Considering your incompetency to bite back after all."


Gaignun's mind had begun to panic, to him just a single phrase like that could mean possibly anything.


With all his might Gaignun yanked forward, trying as much as he could to move forward but couldn't.


His voice called out in a devastating yell, now realizing what Albedo ultimately meant and why he was actually here in the first place.

To nullify the Foundation's entire security system, just enough for the reinforcements to enter from the main entrance.

The entire room had suddenly shrouded itself in a flickering pink light, from outside it had radiated enough for KOS-MOS to see.

Upon further inspection, Shelley's mind was being violated.


"I'll never forgive you- for what you've done to Gaignun and... Mary!"


Her face inched away in disgust, her heart started to beat erratically upon feeling the suppression enter her.

"...I can tell, you know where she is. ... Don't you? You came- with the sole intention of loosing out security systems..!"

The palpable sense of fear, it was so touchable that it crawled across her skin.


Shelley quickly realized the way she was acting, it was unlike her at all- she was usually so calm and composed.

From another person's perspective, most would've thought that she'd be emotionless, but really deep down Shelley was compassionate.

As a child she'd be so quiet and often isolated herself from the world just to be with the one person she was comfortable with- Mary.

But everything changed once the two were taken against their will.


The girls were captured and sedated for illegal experimentation inside a rundown pharmacy.

Such a day was unforgettable in her eyes, it was the very reason why she'd grown so close to Mary as of now, and why she's so protective.

Her heart suddenly stopped upon feeling the eerie aura radiate from Albedo himself had taken her back.


Everything right now had an odd sense of familiarity to it all.

Although a bit hazy, she was absolutely certain enough that she was captured by U-TIC.

But at a time where interestingly  the organization had many different members compared to ones now.


 "You're quite the sharp one aren't you? Despite bringing intel from the other side, you still manage to completely miss my presence in the end. Ah, that greatly amuses me."

For the longest time she hadn't felt afraid, really Shelley hadn't felt anything relatable at all since their capture ages ago.

With narrowed violet eyes Shelley shook her head before trying to push him away, trying to disrupt the reverse link he had made.


Weakly Gaignun looked around to see that the guards were really nothing more a figment of their imagination, in truth- they couldn't move at all even with all the brutal force they mustered.

Now knowing this he wondered to himself, what was really holding them down in the first place?

Much more importantly, why even was Albedo here? Why would he need to restrain the three in order to get information from out of them- of which he would've obtained much earlier beforehand?

The more Gaignun really thought it about, the more it just- didn't make any sense.

Was it another means of delaying the inevitable? He was so certain since he heard about Albedo's encounter with Junior- no doubt he would've learned of MOMO's deep connection along the way.

With a sigh he simply concluded that there was something much more that the group weren't aware of.

Possibly another trump card waiting for the right time to be used.

Albedo had finally stopped as Shelley's body slowly fell against the wall.

His eyes widened upon seeing that now both Shelley and Mary were unconscious. 


"It's a shame, it's not like Rubedo at all to miss out on a experience such as this."

"It would've been most enjoyable with his involvement, truthfully it has been far too long since the two of us have spent any form of some decent quality time together."

Ah god Gaignun cringed hard at hearing that, Junior always had despised any forms of torment, especially from the likes of Albedo himself.

Finally able to catch his breath, Gaignun made eye contact before shaking his head.


"I just- don't understand, why do you want him so eagerly?"

The question was nothing more than amusing to him, Albedo figured that he'd would've known his intentions by now.

"Don't you know, that surprises are best kept unspoiled? Besides- it's much more satisfying when it's merely just two of us."

The obsessive URTV simply smiled before he looked back in a dark and possessive manner.


"But I wouldn't get yourself so involved as you are now, I think our dragon quite enjoys my company, so another visit from me wouldn't hurt him at all." Face to face Gaignun saw the bastard's wicked grin,  slowly he shook his head utterly refusing to believe him.

He felt his heart begin to cave in also in a way awareness, aware that Albedo would finish him off purely to "entertain" himself for the night or to either lure Junior in.

Whatever Albedo's reasons were, Gaignun tried to close off his mind, to shut out his voice that rang so deeply inside him via a spiritual link.




The white URTV asked in false concern, trying to grab his attention.

Immediately he braced himself for whatever Albedo had in mind, torture undoubtedly.   

He cocked his head in sadistic curiosity, wondering how far he could go before the likes of Junior could arrive.

On the other hand, Gaignun's heart had begun to visibly beat and race, his palms were drenched in sweat from "guessing" so many times.


"...I can tell that your mind is occupied Executioner, I'm curious- who are you thinking of?" 


Ignoring his "question", Gaignun's attention changed once he'd had found a opening.

On the other side of the room was the emergency support signal, he figured it would've been absolutely perfect for the current situation.

All seemed well once he'd taken a few steps, until suddenly felt his collar tug and drag back, now back to face Albedo again.


"Don't you know you can't run off without answering someone..?"


Gaignun's fingers dig deep into Albedo's jumpsuit, attempting to somehow push him away.


("Enough of this. I don't have the ti-!")


"You do have the time." Albedo interjected with a cocked white brow, "Now, answer me." He demanded with a wicked grin.


("...I'm not thinking about anyone.")

Finally letting go of Gaignun's suit, Albedo pulled away.

"Oh well, I guess I'll have to search for the answer now ...won't I?"

Before Gaignun could even answer back, he felt a warm sensation hover around his abdomen. 

"Tell me now, can you feel... this?"

With a quick yet powerful thrust of Albedo's arm, Gaignun was suddenly sent back with his back against the wall.

"... Albedo-!"

He called out before his teeth grinded, attempting to resist the painful stabbing that coursed throughout himself.

Like an odd paralysis, no matter how hard he tried he couldn't move at all.

But even amidst all this he turned around before sighing to himself, quickly realizing that thankfully the sisters were still unconscious.

Just before Gaignun could even turn back around, he heard Albedo's voice coo a soft yet overpowering whisper.


"...What about this-? Hm?"

Another stab went inward, just enough to open up Gaignun's inner subconscious.

A hazy yet visible memory appeared, which showed Nigredo alone.

He was alone and discarded as his small frame leaned against a tall building, presumably from when Yuriev demanded for him leave the Institute due to his "insolence".


But he was greeted by a smile and small out extended hand,  it wasn't until he was pulled up that he saw Rubedo.

He'd come back for him, just after hearing some rumours that had surfaced of his sudden departure.

Despite what his Father thought, Rubedo without hesitant took him back to the residential quarters.


Just after Nigredo had been taken back, the Old Milita descent started a few days later.

The memory faded as Albedo temporarily drew his hand back.

" So, you really do hold a soft spot for him? -I figured as much."

The cruel present suddenly snapped back into view, as immediately his subconscious stopped playing out any further.

Over and over he'd kept wincing, desperately trying to ignore the pain that coursed down his spine.

But after a while he finally managed to look up, towards the mad URTV himself abeit still visibly shaken and weak.

"...Enough of this, Al-Albedo."

"I... I can't even begin to imagine, how he'd feel upon seeing me like this."

 However, Gaignun suddenly realized that it was the worst thing that he could've said.

He closed his jade eyes at his mistake, absolutely regretting what he'd said at that very moment.

 "Ah, who knows. maybe even the likes of Rubedo would quite enjoy himself knowing that his failsafe is the one being destroyed- rather than vice versa!"

His heart sunk upon even hearing his brother's name being mentioned, he couldn't believe that even now his mind was still thinking about him.

He'd usually be able to stop something this, even just the feeling of absolute powerless putted on him edge.


The pain he felt was agonizing, It felt- disgusting.

Everything that he'd witnessed up to this point was disgusting for that matter, and what made matters worse was that ultimately Albedo had unfortunately succeeded.

With now the other side being completely taken over.


Everything seemed to be falling apart, he then asked himself if it really was the end?

They've intruded this far, surely they couldn't rebound now?

However a wave of familiarity entered him suddenly, an odd sense of beauty yet destruction.


The air went dead silent around them but after what felt like a few minutes of waiting, the ceiling suddenly gave way before revealing the blue android herself.


With a diagonal slash downward, Albedo called out before being sent back, slamming his back against the other side of the room.

Relief had finally entered Gaignun's mind before he'd felt his chest, free from Albedo's control.


While at the same time, he was completely speechless and dumbfounded at her arrival.

Especially with her timing being absolutely spot on, just as things were about to get heated.

With a opening to escape, KOS-MOS blocked the other side as Gaignun took the other two girls away.


"Do not be alarmed, Gaignun Kukai. I merely sensed that something was amiss here. So I figured to check."


The android's speech as suddenly cut off once Albedo did a sharp electric jab towards her throat.

After a few of her somersaults, KOS-MOS grabbed a hold of one of his arms before she twisted his wrist, causing his tendons to snap like twigs.

Gaignun's face cringed in shock upon seeing KOS-MOS' headgear damaged, worried her fighting abilities would falter.

"No need to worry, leave the following matter in my hands. Regroup to Shion and the others."


"Close off the outer section of the Foundation and secure the back exit and make sure no one is there. You'll know why soon enough."


Whilst in the hallway Gaignun nodded before locking the door behind himself, a massive sigh escaped before he looked down to see the two completely unconscious.

Bending down to reach Shelley, Gaignun looked back towards her unconscious body.

"I'm glad we're safe but- what has he done to you? I can only just imagine until you're awake again. I'm- I'm sorry I couldn't..."

The black URTV looked away, but however he was interrupted upon feeling a sudden warmth radiating, upon looking back he saw Shelley finally open her eyes.

"Shelley, are you- all right?" She nodded before looking back towards her younger sister, "I heard everything, I was just- a bit dazed... that's... all."


"It's fine, you did well regardless- but I'm more worried about Mary."

"If you're really concerned about me all I'm suffering from is just a bad headache. But nothing a good aspirin can't fix."


Gaignun shook his head before standing up, "If you feel weak, try and get some rest, I don't want anyone else getting hurt anymore than they have to."


"KOS-MOS, it's odd usually she comes here under Vector's special instructions- but there really isn't any time to sit around."


"I won't be long, Just contacting the others."


Shelley nodded in reply before laying against Mary, praying she'd wake up fine the same as her.


Chapter Text

After what felt like ages, the spiritual link finally surged as Junior sighed.


"There you are, I've been trying to contact you! What the hell is goin' on back there..!?" 


Gaignun sighed at even answering his question, really- where the hell could he even start?

So much had happened he couldn't think of what to say.

His body leant against the wall, before looking outside to see two coloured blurs collide into each other.

Each suffering a powerful blow, the battle from his eyes seemed endless.

"Unfortunately we were ambushed by Albedo, the best way to describe what happened- let's just say it was an unnerving time stall."

The red URTV's eyes widened before worryingly looked, "What about Mary! Shelley!? What about-!"

Gaignun looked back to see Shelley against her youngest sister, asleep trying to recover.

"I'm... fine and Shelley's just recovered, but Mary hasn't woken up yet."

"He's done this in an attempt to stop most of the security systems, thus take the Prototype again."

 "But strangely- KOS-MOS came without Shion, and now she's holding him back while we regroup."

The black URTV sighed before remembering what Albedo said previously.

"...What worries me more is the fact that we're no longer protected, MOMO's location would've been already shared through their higher division."

"I've come to the conclusion that protecting her as we are now without effectively fighting back, it's an option closed out to us now."

The red head looked down towards his twin set of silver-plated makarovs, an idea quickly sprung to mind.

"Right, so you're saying that..."

Gaignun nodded before he looked back towards the battlefield again.

"That's right. We'll have to push them back. By all means possible."

Just before Junior could continue, he turned to see MOMO asleep despite the loud explosions.

He shook his head before letting out some vulgarity. "Yeah, I figured It was all a setup. That bastard."

Just before Junior could wake her up, Gaignun quickly grabbed his attention.


"Before you go rushing off, there's something I ask of you as well."


"Whatever you do, whilst fighting alongside them, don't fall for his provocations."


If only that was so easy, Junior was always such an easy target especially if MOMO was involved.

Just hearing his name was enough to piss the older twin off, "I can't guarantee, but I can at least find MOMO somewhere safe for now."

Junior continued once an idea had slipped through, "What about the Elsa's lab, they can easily go elsewhere while we push them back?" 


It was a good idea but it came with many issues, the group was unaware if U-TIC had brought any type of aircraft or machinery.

One shot could easily stop the Elsa from flying or even fighting back.

It was once a mere luxury vessel- not a battleship, it had weapons but they weren't strong for multiple situational combat.


KOS-MOS was always the one for every situation, built to adapt and counter back to literally any enemy type.

But even the android has some flaws, her sense of logic wasn't the best- even if she acted independently she'd often chose the WORSE course of action.

The black URTV sighed as he tried putting his concerns at rest temporarily,

"We can at least see how it all plays out, once you've dropped her off- head out towards the east outskirts of the Foundation."


"That's where you'll find KOS-MOS, beyond the main Foundation entrance." 


He nodded back in reply before getting up the map interface, trying to track Ziggy's current location.


"Right, I'll head over there soon."

The blue android wobbled a bit, trying to regain her lost balance.

With a quick shake of her long blue locks, the crimson fluid was flicked away but remnants still remained.

Every action was quick and precise, but the battle itself didn't seem to change sides at all.

Time went at a snail's pace as KOS-MOS dashed forward before doing a horizontal slash.

With his arms now unusable, her robotic arm clenched deep before finally pinning him down.


"Must be quite odd to be in such a metallic body, you're used to being alongside *him* don't you remember- Mary Magdalene?"


The white URTV sneered before KOS-MOS shook her head with a static and emotionless expression on her face.

A white brow cocked upwards upon seeing her eyes suddenly flashed a bright blue.

With a quick and evasive back step, KOS-MOS witnessed an unknown aura surge from within Albedo himself.

Even looking through the database, she just couldn't identify it.

The android's feet began to grind and drag across the grass, as slowly the aura started to push her back.

She looked solemnly towards him, watching cautiously as the dark flicking lights weaved around.

The aura that radiated off him- it felt so eerie yet overpowering.

KOS-MOS braced herself, knowing well that anything basic would've been reflected back at her.

Her eyes were suddenly attracted to a curved smirk, as malicious yet overpowering eyes stared from a distance.


"Ah, just have a good look won't you?"

"Perceive the power of will and succumb to it all the same!"

KOS-MOS looked back towards her palm before out splaying her fingers, attempting to neutralize the overwhelming aura.



"The... absolute power of will, it is someone's state of consciousness is it not?"

"Their very being. Their very purpose."


KOS-MOS felt the cold airflow through her hair, her artificial skin tingle and crawl with the sensation of battle.

For the first time, she scowled back before her abdomen released the X-BUSTER lock- threatening to open fire.

Knowing the risk of its area of effect capabilities, KOS-MOS changed its target priorities.

Mary had temporarily taken over the android's body, her very consciousness had spread through her mainframe.

Her expression greatly changed once she'd faced the URTV again, now more solemn-looking than her usual self.

"Know this well, I'll be forced to subdue you if you harm them. Apologies but- I have no other choice but to stop you!"

Light blue surged everywhere, flickering blue lights had begun to emit from the android herself.

Almost in a way of a warning, for people to stay clear of her range of fire.

"I'm sorry Shion that I'm acting beyond your orders but..."

"Let it be done!"

Blue crystalized spikes suddenly protruded from her back before her eyes shined a pale blue.

Seconds away from firing back towards him, the android braced herself as literally beams-No. blue rays rained down upon the battlefield.

They continued their assault, spraying outward before homing back onto Albedo again.

An explosion occurred before KOS-MOS watched the debris aftermath.

Mary had left her system, presumably guessing that the battle was over.

With a quick flick of her wrist, KOS-MOS turned around to see the rest of the crew except for a few notable others of course.

They had just arrived to see KOS-MOS unleash the mass barrage of attacks, all of their reactions in complete awe.

"KOS-MOS, that.. that was amazing! You- you didn't hurt any civilians this time?" Shion couldn't help but step forward to her side, "0.00% were injured Shion, only our enemy target was neutralized."

Just before the group could talk further, her sight changed to see the debris again, The android's hand suddenly went out to signify further movement was being made.

Of course, it was far from over.

With their hands covering their eyes a wild tailwind blew against them, fighting against the wind Junior looked ahead before walking towards the debris.

With his pistols by his sides, any sudden movements would cause the boy to lash out.

Just before making another few more steps, a violent blast sent Junior back before he landed back onto his feet again.


Once the dust had cleared, the white twin was revealed whilst rubbing the dirt and blood off his arms.


The group were prewarned of Albedo's regenerative abilities, a scratch... hell even having the bloodiest gash meant nothing to him.


The white URTV had made a sick hobby of ripping off his own appendages anyway, spilling more pints of blood would be glorious in his eyes.

"Glad to see you've remembered at least one of your promises, Rubedo. I was almost afraid you'd forgotten me." His voice spoke with false adoration, "Ah, but a past such as ours... It was never easy to forget."

"We were once puppets of war thanks to our father, weren't we dear brother?"

Junior was suddenly taken aback as everyone else stared in concern, hesitant to jump in and to even ask if he was alright.

But they knew, his comrades damn well the burden he carried its reason why they'd never interfere with the two.


"It really is revolting, isn't it? Other people trying to involve each other. Merely integrating themselves into your life."


"You know well, for the longest time what I had to deal with. Even after all the time that's passed, it hasn't really fazed you at all. The dissociation between us. Our disconnection."


"But I'm curious, tell me. Despite knowing all this- does it bring you pleasure?"


The question sent shivers down his spine, Junior knew deep down he was the complete antithesis of his twin.

Never in a thousand years, would he ever get off on seeing others suffer.

Suddenly gripping tightly around his guns, he felt the urge to point one towards his brother's face.


"The pleasure in knowing my pain, Rubedo?"


The group noticed that one of Junior's shoes had dug deep into the ground, while his mind had started to burn in frustration and anguish as it did before.


He'd had begun to realize that there wasn't an escape from all this, and that only facing him directly would somewhat quell his brother's resentment. 


But every one of their fights had always felt like an endless tennis match, unending and undying.


Placing his hand upon his rapidly beating chest, he knew deep down how to settle this- but it's was against Gaignun's better judgement of course.

Junior broke his slience as he faced him directly.

"I don't feel pleasure Albedo, only remorse for what I've done."


"I only want to stop this, It's all... I've ever wanted from you."


"I wanted to change things, I wanted Sakura back! I wanted us to be- how we used to be damn it-!"


"But I- I have to fight, there's no changing that fact."


"I guess as Gaignun would say, our paths are set out and chosen based purely on a person's conscience - and that it's up to us to follow through with them. If we like 'em or not."

"... In case you haven't figured it out yet- I've decided to follow through with what Sakura ultimately wanted."

It was that very second he'd had felt Albedo's resonance throbbing and beating in his right chest.

His resolve was clear, his decision was final..

With a quick nod, the group separated by going off into different directions in a means of a full-frontal assault.

On the other side of the Foundation inside the docked Durandal, Mary slept alongside Shelley in the residential quarters.


Shelley's fingers pinched her face in annoyance, unable to sleep due to what happened before inside Gaignun's office.

"What that man said about me before- I can't believe I'm thinking about this again..."


"But on the same token, I'm glad that Mary is now safe."


Shelley silently got up from her bed and walked over towards the lounge, just before she could start to brush her hair, she suddenly heard Gaignun's gentle voice from the kitchen area.


"Is everything all right?  I've been worrying about what happened earlier- and I figured to come and check up on the both of you."


Shelley shook her head silently before sipping the last of her glass of water, "Thank you for your concern but- I'm... more worried about you."


"Are you sure it's alright for you to be up- this late at night Gaignun? Don't you have those reports to fill out later?"


Ah Gaignun knew what she meant, the very same two chunks of paperwork he'd forgotten about a few good weeks ago.


Ever since the battle that broke out between U-TIC and them, he'd been halting his office work to focus on the current situation at hand.


"Paperwork, that sure doesn't rule out empathy. I would drop everything to just to see how you are- really."

Her eyes suddenly glimmered with an aura of affection, while also not surprised as well of Gaignun's sincerity and kindness.


"I really do appreciate everything you've done for us, I'd do the same any day for you as well."

"... Oh, that's right-"

Upon remembering his question, she sighed before looking over towards Junior's bedroom.


A slightly messy and small room, filled to the brim with action and adventure novels alongside some antique items that he'd bought.


"I just- hoping that everyone comes back not badly injured, I mean... the Little Master- we know that he tends to lose control easily."


The black URTV nodded his head before releasing a small sigh, "Oh believe me, once the likes of Albedo is involved, the situation starts to fall out of our jurisdiction- very quickly."

He suddenly noticed that Shelley had started to think about something else, but he presumed it was about what happened before.

"I feel like I haven't changed. I still feel like how I was since- I was just but a mere child."

"I watched hopelessly as he played as fools. All of us."

Frustration had almost overcome her, as her hands embedded themselves deep into the couch.

"I.. I couldn't-!"

Just before she could shed a tear, Gaignun walked over before turning her around slightly.

"It's alright, it wasn't just you Shelley, we all couldn't stop him. -...But in the end we're here now. Even though our fight isn't over just yet- I sense that Junior and others will come back here unscathed."

"And about him mocking your ability to detect future ambushes-"


"I wouldn't made you my secretary If I didn't believe you were good enough Shelley. Your relatable and dependable. You've always been resilient despite what's happened around you."

"You handle unfortunate circumstances well- and you often tell us ahead of time."

He pulled away before sighing, gently smiling.

"You're enough for us, and enough for me. I can't ask for someone better."

Emotion had overcome her as her entire body shook, unable to stop the slient flowing tears she sighed before smiling back in response.

"Just us talking like this, it truly means alot." 

"... But I can't help but think of how far we've come."

Her hand slowly began to trace down the arm of the couch, while reflecting back about Foundation's development.

"In just a few short months, we've created this place." A big sigh escaped before she looked back towards him.

"Right, it's truly hard to believe that we've gotten so much time in so little time."

"I guess we knew that U-TIC would strike again, hence why we sped up the construction."

"... I know we've cooled down from it all but- I have a feeling that U-TIC has one more plan ahead for us."

A purple brow rose up in concern, she figured that once they'd be pushed back, they wouldn't even think of coming back to a surprise assault them again.

But Gaignun was always constantly on their trail especially with their attempts of seizing MOMO.

It was a rarity that Gaignun would slip up, he would ensure that he'd provide accurate reconnaissance to the group and Helmer himself.

With a concerned expression, Shelley looked towards him biting her lip about what Gaignun had to say.

"... What plan have they decided, Master Gaignun..?"

With a sigh, he turned to face her firmly, "To unleash-"

"The Song of Nephilem."

Chapter Text

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Went Miyuki's shoes as she raced towards the communication desk, of course not being mindful of who was around her.

"Sorry, sorry! Coming through...! Make way for Miyuki Itsumi!"


Miyuki went as she collided against Allen with a big thud, "Honestly, one day I'm going to have a concussion with you running around like that..!" 

Once his dizziness had stopped, the fuzzy brown blur turned out to be Miyuki herself waving to grab his attention.

She shook her head before helping him up, "It's just that Shion sent an emergency support signal!"

Allen suddenly went aback upon remembering that Shion was resting at the Foundation, and wouldn't be coming back to work for a while.

"The- the foundation and there's a fight going on?! Why didn't you tell us sooner!?" 

Suddenly he shook the assistant's body, in absolute frustration of her stupidity.

"Let go whoawhoa whowhoa- of me....!"

Finally, he'd let go of her before he'd crossed his arms with a sigh.

Without noticing, she suddenly fell backward hitting her head in the process.

"...Owie.. you're the worst you know that, I'm surprised Shion doesn't say anything..."

He simply shook his head before looking down upon her, "Listen we can't help the others and especially the Chief, if you're not going to take this seriously Miyuki."

The two continued to bicker until they heard distant laughter from the other side of the hallway, "Ah-ha! Sounds like a job for the almighty Professor!"

"(Who definitely doesn't consume most of his time with concerning blueprints. Hoohoohohoh!~)"


Shaking both their heads in disbelief, Miyuki and Allen then looked at each other.

Refusing to believe that the likes of the Professor would even be useful in their current situation.

"Um, Professor I think we can handle this." Allen nervously smiled before rubbing the back of his head, hoping he'd leave.

"Nonsense boy, move!" The old man demanded before pushing him aside, slamming across on random keys.


Surprisingly it actually worked the current location of the group was shown via the digital screen.

The Professor immediately analyzed the location for the best possible situation.

"Right, it looks quite crowded..."

"This may be- troublesome.."

Helmer looked outside to see that the sky above had been consumed with nothing but a sinister dark grey.

His dark hand imprinted itself against the glass, praying for the group's safety.

He was interrupted once he heard his office doors open.

Upon turning around, he saw a pale blue-haired realian had entered his office, looking quite anxiously towards him.

"It seems you're flustered, what's on your mind?" 


Her fingertips pressed against themselves, almost hesitant to share what was actually wrong with her.

Her pitched voice finally spoke, although it was mixed with anxiety.

"Our situation has turned dire sir, not even the Durandal can land an accurate hit on our enemy. What- what should we do?"

"Even Shelley and Mary are clueless."

Helmer's finger rubbed past his face, as he went deep into thought of how to counterattack against U-TIC's reinforcements.

The last he heard from Gaignun, was when the Godwin sisters had recovered from their terrifying experience from before.

Even though the situation felt completely one-sided, Helmer was willing to at least try out one last strategy to give the group a fighting chance.


He prayed that this solution would work, he knew the consequences if everything failed, the Foundation's last line of defense would be broken, alongside MOMO being taken again.

"We may need to request Vector's assistance again, but I'm not quite too sure of Shion's assistant... What's her name- Miyuki?"

The realian nodded before she tried to find Allen's current location.

"Yes. Miyuki and Allen are currently located inside the Robot Academy Center. Inside the Elsa. Shall I contact them?"

Helmer nodded before he continued to peer down below, "With haste."

After a massive blast of the space continuum being ripped apart, Albedo landed back onto the ground.

On the other side of the battlefield, Junior was almost knocked unconscious.

Dirt, Junior tasted nothing but earthly dirt in his mouth.

He remembered his small frame being flung back before tumbling hard against the ground, enough to make a dirt trail.


"No..!" He yelled through gritted teeth while desperately trying to hold his body up.

His eyes watched helplessly, as left and right his comrades were thrown aside by the aura's violent combustion.

The red URTV slammed his fist down determined to not fall, knowing well of the consequences if he did.

Even the likes of KOS-MOS were badly damaged, with the upper half of her body only remaining.


However, his heart skipped a beat upon feeling his body be suddenly evaluated.

Quickly Junior reached out towards his throat, trying to rip Albedo's hand away.

No matter how fast they could've reached her, MOMO's location had already been tracked by one of U-TIC's administrators.

Despite that what even worried them more was where she'd be taken.

...Back to Pleroma or somewhere else?


Shaking her head in frustration, Shion had tried to contact Ziggy multiple times, but all she'd hear was loud static. 

Her attempts were short-lived, once she'd heard the sounds of Junior struggling.

His airways were desperately trying to stay open against the might of his brother's hand clasping them tightly.


An image suddenly flashed past as he saw MOMO looking worryingly into the eyes of a security guard, desperately trying to save his life.

His twin's violet eyes looked over towards the Foundation's urban streets, just from a distance smoke could be seen.

The smoke and the distress of the civilians could easily be the perfect diversion for his "entrance".


Everyone would've been so focused on evacuating towards the shuttleships, that they'd pay absolute no attention towards MOMO herself.

He looked back to see his red twin's partially red shaded eyes, moments away from trigging the Red Dragon from within himself.

"Pfft, yeah. Like you can even access the Foundation's streets. They're fully boarded off from access!"

"Even if you could, I'd kick your ass in a damn heartbeat!"


Just before he could continue his entire body was thrown down, with his brother's strength pinned down against him.

"My my Rubedo, you sure talk big for someone who's been severely beaten!"


With a sudden yet violent impulse of energy, his brother's small frame was sent back hitting across the ground again.

Now with barely strength left, Junior looked up to see his brother looking down on him greatly amused at his "flimsy display".

"Rubedo, I really must thank you kindly for opening the foundation to me, you've only made our "reunion" flow much more swimmingly!"


Even without a single thought entering through, he knew exactly what Albedo meant.

If he managed to grab ahold what he held dear against him, his death wouldn't be short behind either.

Exploitation had already shined in his brother's eyes before he took off with the Simeon.


The dread that came from their defeat had suddenly entered them all, in such a short yet quick time their efforts were truly in vain.

The foundation had been partially consumed in flame, as some of the buildings were burnt down into nothing but mere debris.

With MOMO "presumably" now in their hands the reinforcements alongside the helicopters quickly left the Foundation itself.


Just before Shion could even think of attempting to stand up again, the front gate suddenly flung open to reveal Gaignun and Shelley on the other side.

Ignoring the horrific scenery his sight primarily focused to see Junior, from his side it looked like he'd merely suffered a hard blow.

Without wasting time, he went over to his side and immediately checked his pulse rate.

Upon closer inspection, he'd collapsed into unconsciousness presumably just after Albedo had left.


Nanotechnology would've taken a while to repair the injuries everyone had, but in Junior's case it seemed that it would take much more than simple nano treatment.

Gaignun turned to see Shion stumbling towards him, holding her arm down to stop the constant painful throbs.

Before she could fall, he grabbed her instantly retaining her balance.

"Th-thank you, we.. we did all we could to prevent him from-!"


Before she could finish the URTV shook his head before walking her in.

"I can't ask anymore than what you've all done. Please get treated alongside everyone else."

The engineer nodded before looking back to now see the Elsa docked.

Once she was finally able to walk on her own, Captain Matthews' voice suddenly spoke through the ship's intercom.

("Hey Uzuki, get inside-! You look like you're about to bloody faint! Bring everyone else with you inside as well! We'll get you all sorted!")

Filled with some reassurance the group followed Shion inside, before heading back towards the Durandal.

Chapter Text

Nothing but the sounds of typing keys and screens filled the bridge.

One after another, the screens kept shifting.

Anxiously, Mary waited for new information about MOMO's location to arrive.

But even with the use of the 100 Series realians, her location still couldn't be located.

"It's no good, we've checked the Foundation's major areas all over!"

With a big sigh, Mary immediately swiped through the Foundation's location interface, hoping to at least find her last known location.

She was interrupted once she heard the elevator doors open, immediately her worried eyes met Gaignun's concerned face.

"We've searched the Elsa alongside a few minor areas of the Foundation, we just can't seem to find her."

His worries had only grown more once he'd saw that the Durandal's tracking systems were strangely blocked.

All of the security systems came up green, and none of the others were down either.

It was odd as only an environmental issue would cause this, unless it was another hacking attempt.

He folded his arms over before releasing a sigh, now looking over towards the main screen.

"I can only pray that she's found somewhere safe to hide for the time being."

Mary turned and nodded with hesitation, even though she tried to remain focused, her mind still worried about Junior's unknown condition.

Her finger flicked away one of her single golden locks, enough to face Gaignun properly.

"It's sorta' hard to focus in a way, I'm sure you understand. The Little Master being this unwell and everythin'- it really does worries me."

The black URTV nodded before he looked over towards elevator, taking in what Mary said about Junior before.

"I'll head down to his room, and give you all an update on how he is."

"He's an close associate, I can't blame you all for being so worried."

"We know what he's like after all, even in the most dire circumstances- he always finds a way to push through it all."

The two girls nodded in reply before resuming their work, now leaving Gaignun to head back to Junior's room.

Weak blue eyes suddenly open to see his familiar bedroom, filled with books and various antique items.

 A few groans of discomfort escaped before attempting to sit up.

Shit. Junior's entire body ached, still throbbing in pain from his last fight.

His right hand slowly lifted from underneath the sheets, to see the bullet chain still securely around his hand.

The delicate and attractive bracelet took him back to when MOMO him first met, her kind eyes were the most prominent feature that he could remember about her.

The way she'd cheer people up, her constant enthusiasm even when battles really turned bad in their favor.

Of course alongside these memories, Albedo surely came up again.

His mind couldn't remember clearly the last time they "really" confronted each other.

Being humiliated from before, had only made him feel even worse, almost to point of doubting himself.

But a thought suddenly hit him, when did he ever doubt himself?

It such a good question, ever since setting the Foundation up- he never did.

He "never" have a reason to, purely since he constantly wiped his mind of it all.


Even though Junior pretended that his past didn't exist, it still haunted him endlessly.


But regardless he had to do something, to at least help out with MOMO's search.


Unknown to everyone else, his mind constantly screamed to be relieved from this pain.

The pain of making everyone suffer because of him and because of Albedo as well.


All this time, he felt so guilty because of his actions.


During the link connection from fourteen years ago, he knew that he shouldn'tve cut off the link, he knew what would've happened.

Just merely thinking about it had sent him back, the location his comrades- everything appeared before him.

He heard young Albedo plead to him, his loud cries.

His voice had rung inside his mind as Junior gripped tightly against the bed in resistance, mentally screaming for the PTSD trip to end.


"Rubedo! Why let this happen to us.!?" 


His younger self stood in slience as the rest of the URTV's simply stared towards U-DO in fear.

It arose from the very center before shattering the spiritual link completely- leaving everyone else unprotected.

U-DO infected them one by one as Nigredo watched before the door in sheer terror.

All around them his fellow comrades had turned into hideous monsters, they weren't even recognisable anymore.

But the realization that suddenly hit Albedo was even worse, the waves of U-DO itself were now beyond Rubedo's control.


Tightly he grabbed against Rubedo's pale uniform, trembling and praying for it all to be a dream.


"Why- why did you cut the link..!?"


"Rubedo, answer me!"


"Just- make it all stop... Please!"

No matter how hard Albedo shook for his attention, he simply wouldn't reply back to him.

His mind was in complete shock and horror upon witnessing the loud hellish "shrieks" of his deformed comrades.

Once his younger self had finally turned around, he helplessly witnessed Albedo incidentally make direct with the mysterious waves.

Junior watched himself sprint towards him in an attempt to neutralize the waves, but it was already too late. 

He felt his subconscious begin to deconstruct itself, now taking him back to reality.

Once he'd snapped out of it, he panted in fear now drenched in sweat.

After wiping it away his right palm revealed itself, showing its permanently printed numbers.


Big three sixes were permanently embedded into him, always a constant reminder of his past of what he threw away.

Chapter Text

From every corner of the urban streets, tragedy had struck.

The realian could feel her lungs being clogged up from the thick smoke, to simply hold her breath from it all wasn't helping either.

All around her helpless civilians screamed for their lives, while others were literally begging for the debris to stop crushing them.

The entire scene looked like something straight out from a horror film.

Thump, thump, thump.

Her hands tried to pump oxygen into the guards airways, in an desperate attempt to save his life.

But his pulse was slowly fading, with his body fighting against the excessive blood loss and lacked oxygen.

However admist his bloody cough splatters, he finally managed to speak a few words.

"...Forget about me, you need to- run! Get away from here..."

Grabbing his hands tightly she shook her head, absolutely hesitant to leave her position.

"Wh-why?" Her sight suddenly changed to see a transparent Goblin, with it's massive arm's about to take a violent swing.

She suddenly threw her body into a evasive roll, before hearing a few bloody whacks from behind herself.

"Run goddamn it, RUN!"

With a quick yet hesitant nod, MOMO ran for her life refusing to look back at the gruesome sight.

His bloodcurdling screams echoed loud inside herself, as she tried to shut them out.

Hit after hit the guard succumbed to the worst pain imaginable, "I guess... is it.. I'm so sorry Director-!" He spoke through gritted teeth, before stabbing the Gnosis as a "last resort".

His heart suddenly stopped once he'd felt another person's presence, "It's a battlefield here- why... the hell are you dawdling around here...?



A tall shadow suddenly stretched across the ground. With narrowed eyes he was positive that the individual was the source of all this.

With a weak head lift the guard's body went up a little, just enough to see more of the shadow that was present.

"You...bastard! You summoned- the Gnosis here didn't you?!" 


Suddenly he pinned completely down to the ground in such a short amount of time.

For the first time he was afraid to open his eyes, hesitant to see who'd had overpowered him.


He knew that deep down it definitely wasn't a Gnosis nor a rebelled civilian.

All that he knew was that whoever it was, they looked almost the same as Gaignun- figuratively speaking anyway.

In comparison his the individual's tall frame pretty much towered his.

Any attempts of escape were impossible, due to both of the sides being blocked by the other "Gnosis"  and the unknown attacker himself.

Soft as silk a voice grabbed his attention in a instant, "Oh, what if I did? but I don't suppose that the likes of you can run, now- can you?"


As much as he hated him, the guard couldn't disagree with what he'd said.

He couldn't run since his legs were heavily damaged up from the "Gnosis".

Any attempts made would of caused severe agony all over, but on the other hand he absolutely despised his attempt at "humour".

"Don't act smart. All you'll ever be is a disgrace to us all!"

"You'll receive- no redemption... You god-damn-!"

The URTV was completely unfazed by what he'd said, if anything it had brought him immense pleasure from hearing him scream so spitefully.

"Now I am truly hurt, I come with the purest of intentions- and this is how I'm greeted to the Foundation?" 

"I thought it was some sort of resting place, a haven of sorts for the "emotionally" and "physically" wounded!"

The guard fiercely looked back while holding his chest together, still struggling to get away from his hand forcefully holding him against the wall.

With a tut, Albedo shook his head before he spoke aloud.


"Hypocrite that you are Nigredo, you've always been quite the cunning yet pathetic manipulator and liar."

"But nevertheless, I wouldn't mind at having a bit more fun, I can't say that I'm quite satisfied enough with throwing Rubedo's helpless body around from before."

Horrified the guard pressed himself against the wall further back, not wanting Albedo's intentions to go further.


His mind was at a mental war of coping between the pain and with what was happening around him.

However inside himself amidst it all, he mentally he remained dignified composed, just as a soldier would.

"...It doesn't matter if I live this out- or not. All I care about is pushing bastards like you back!" 

Albedo suddenly tugged his uniform hard before slamming him back towards the wall.

"Come on then. I'd love to see you try! I mean... people trying to fight me maimed as they are- isn't really a rarity around here."

He felt everything snap like breakable twigs, now doubting if he'd be able to hold up any longer.


The URTV's overpowering strength coursed through into his hands as the purest form of ether.

But it wasn't ordinary ether that was infused, this particular ether flow wasn't something that he'd ever seen before.

It something much more recent, akin to something more self conjured.


"...Oh, Don't worry. I can easily get away with a few more-"


His eyes widened upon hearing even more screams call out from behind himself, more of them cropped up.

For mere mirages, the Gnosis were almost the exact same as their actual counterparts- albeit more weaker.


Just before he was about to make an attempt to stand, violently he was pushed back down again by Albedo's foot.

A white brow rose in sadistic realization, as the guard suddenly spluttered blood out before squinting to see.

Everything had turned into a blurry mess, however a strange sense of relief entered him.

He knew that MOMO had left unscathed, which eased him a little.


The peace was abrupt once Albedo's foot grinded inward into his back, before one last yell of pain was cried out.

A stinging yet sharp sensation bathed himself,  before he drew his final breath.


Due to the mass confusion and the violent massacre, the alleyway section of the streets was completely unprotected.

Transparently the mirages disappeared, similarly to if one was directly touched by a Gnosis itself. 


"Ma pêche, needn't worry no more- You'll be swept away from this dreary little situation you're in."  His voice spoke in false adoration, still trying to find her presence.

The Simeon suddenly landed conveniently to his side, and without hesitation he boarded the white craft before summoning the AIRD system with a cruel smile.

"I'll make sure that you'll come back with me, and if you somehow resist-  I'll just have to make things a little more interesting and desperate for you!"

Meanwhile at Pleroma, Margilus watched the screen suddenly shut off unexpectedly, but the reason came shortly once he'd heard many approaching footsteps from behind himself.

"Sir, we've lost contact with Albedo. Whenever we try and contact his earpiece we receive just static!"

"...Pellegri, perhaps you were right but- with whatever his desire is it will in turn give us access to the original Zohar- not one of the emulators."

"As of now please notify everyone else on the lower division that soon the Song of Nephilem will be played."

With a silent nod, the rest of the soldiers walked off towards the elevator, to descend to the lowest level.

While on the Durandal, Gaignun entered his brother's bedroom to discover that even after all time that had passed- he still couldn't sleep.

"What's wrong, can't you sleep? With a slient nod Junior agreed, "Yeah, MOMO she's on my mind, and Albedo too."

"... I know it's not him because the spiritual link isn't engaged but sometimes I hear him calling out to me."


Just before Junior sat up to get off Gaignun suddenly stopped him, knowing well ahead of time at what he was planning.

"Even if she's in his arms now. She'd feel a little at ease, when she knows that you'll be on your way there alongside them."

"Call it cliche if you will, but it's how I believe the future right now will be- if we act and plan accordingly of course."

Without a doubt he knew what Gaignun meant by that, if they'd jumped to conclusions it would've only given Albedo the upper hand of it all.


"No, it's not. But we can't screw around anymore. Especially with him. I- I don't want to be the reason why the Y-Data goes missing and why she won't ever- speak... again." 

Gaignun nodded before sitting at the edge of his brother's bed, "That's right, the promise you made to Sakura, correct?"

"...That's right, I solely exist to forfill it. Her mission to make others happy. I have to follow through with it all."

Chapter Text

A few hours ago, Vector Industries

"You're saying you were trying to support us- then why didn't you come sooner..!? My team and I were knocked senseless-!" Shion was absolutely ballistic, filled with nothing but annoyed rage.

She suddenly interrupted once Allen came onto the scene, trying his best to calm her down.

"Listen- Chief, we were trying to get some reinforcements but the estimated time was too long- so we cancelled it!"

On the other hand Miyuki tried to remain calm, but guilt had already overcome here in mere seconds.

"Pl-please calm down Shion, I tr-tried my best..!" Miyuki "reassured" her, but of course she wasn't going to buy it.

"Tried your best!? TRIED YOUR BEST? They ALMOST died because of-!"

Allen suddenly interrupted her, cutting in front of Miyuki.

"Chief. Calm down!"

"Calm?! I'm being calm! What concerns me even more is Jin could've... He could've helped us but he was completely unaware of the intrusion!"

Their argument was suddenly stopped once a faint noise could heard from outside.

"Wait. What is that? It's like a song almost..?"

The engineer looked up in an attempt to hear the faint singing clearer, however the other two went back in complete confusion.

"Chief, have you gone mad? I don't hear anything."

"No, I'm absolutely sure. it's a faint song. Just listen harder. Surely the others can hear it as well."

In Gaignun's office, the two URTV's now sat in dead slience while they looked outside in apprehension.

Small waves of dread entered them suddenly, just enough for Gaignun to raise his head towards his brother.

"...Hey, do you hear that?"

Without a doubt Junior could, the Song of Nephilem's haunting song wasn't something he'd forgotten about so easily.

It was same exact song that played during the Old Milita incident. 

"Yeah, of course. There's no doubt bout' it."

"Some idiot at U-TIC, they've played the damn song...."

With a slam of his fist on the table, Junior stood up with gritted teeth.

"What are those bastards even thinking of? Don't they know that the song is destructive..!?"

A red brow suddenly rose cautiously once he'd watched Gaignun suddenly stand up.

To him it seemed like a innocent headache, but really something- much worse.

"Strange, I keep feeling so unsettled. Like- I'm being watched?"

The redhead's eyes widened in shock before he shook his head, now feeling an odd sensation course through himself.

"Gaignun, you feel it too? This darkness- It... It reeks of familiarity, doesn't it?"

Again the dread stabbed hard inside themselves, before the awful realization suddenly hit them both.

In reflection Junior closed his eyes, before looking back out to see the single pillar of light.

"It wouldn't be U-TIC themselves, since they're more an offensive type- Wait. It can't be-!"


His right chest twisted  before a shock of pain was released, quickly sending the red URTV falling to his knees.

Immediately Gaignun went to his side, his eyes widened upon seeing his brother's ones flare into an semi-red shade.



"This pain I know it so well... I know who's behind this..! That monster... Albedo! That goddamn' bastard! The Gnosis are being- called out and dragged into our plane of existence!"

"That song it can't play any further, otherwise all hell will break loose-!"


Junior managed to choke out, with hand clenching into his chest to stop the pain from throbbing.

With a slient nod Gaignun looked outside to see a swarm of Gnosis gather, whilst helping his brother up from the ground.


"Right, while we head for the bridge I highly suggest shutting the song out of your mind until we've met up with the others." Junior flicked his guns upward, before getting a head start dash across the hallway.

He quickly dashed across the main hallway with his mind in a frantic mess, now worrying about everyone else and how'd they coped with the waves of the mysterious song.

"I gotta'- reach Shion and the others...!" Chaos! Old man! Hang in there..!"

Chapter Text

Quickly the rest of the group met up with each other on the Durandal's bridge, all of them destined to find a way to stop the insanity inducing song for good.

Their sight changed once they'd seen Junior and Gaignun on the elevator.

The doors opened with the red URTV doing a small jog to reach them on the other side.

"Hey. I know it's pretty damn' rough right now, how you all coping? Is everyone all right?" Shion nodded with a firm face, always she remained dignified even in the most dire of situations.

"We're fine, but I think Tony has another of his "whacky" ideas of his." Junior folded his arms with a smile, "Oh yeah. Tell me about it. I bet it somethin' crazy about charging head first into the Gnosis with the Elsa."

"Anyway... we might be requestin' Vector's assistance again. Sorry to bother your co-workers this late."

The engineer shook her head before placing one her hands on her waist.

"No, no it's fine what do you need?"

Gaignun stepped forward before showing a digital visual, "This particular pistol, you know the one that reveals invisible objects? We require it's usage to stop the song from playing."

"Oh... that. That requires a triple A cartridge in order to even fire it."

Junior paced around a little in annoyance before looking back at her.

"Okay- right then. So where do we find a triple A cartridge..?"

"I remember Kevin putting one inside of KOS-MOS but we'll need the diving device- you know the one created by the Professor?" 

The group were all interrupted once the Professor had appeared from LITERALLY no where.

"Fate has called for my assistance once again! Hohoho-!"

"I heard your conversation- so you need the diving device up and running eh-..?"

Junior suddenly narrowed his eyes, before scrutinising the older man with a scowl.

"Why the hell do you sound so damn' suspicious..?"

Ignoring Junior completely, the old man immediately pulled out a few pairs of odd futuristic red pairs of glasses.

"These glasses that are specifically designed for the machine, come along- we don't have much time I'm afraid."

He was suddenly stopped by Ziggy, "May I assist these three? Since KOS-MOS will be absent."

The four looked at each other before the redhead stepped forward.

"Yeah why not old man? Some extra help wouldn't hurt at all."

Time was now precious, not a mere second could be wasted at all.

With two powerful adversaries practically overwhelming them all, not slipping up at all was vital for their success.

Mary suddenly grabbed their attention with an on-screen visual, with the seconds literally counting down before the Gnosis would ultimately invade.

"Y'all have approximately 2000.5 hours before the Gnosis reach the Foundation's inner entrance, just make sure you all make it back in time all right?" With a firm nod Junior agreed, before the four descended downward to the Professor's lab.

Once the elevator stopped, the four were greeted by quite a few large robots.

Some focused on weaponry while others were purely on display, The Professor walked towards the desk console before "revealing" the device with a quick flick of a rag.

Once it was revealed Shion immediately recongized the machine straight away.

"Oh, I remember using this back on the Woglinde with KOS-MOS' testing- isn't this the Encephalon?"

The older man shook his head before bringing up the machine's current status.

"Yes- but not quite. It''s a device that strictly allows anyone to access a individual's subconscious domain rather than pre-set locations by the database."

It only took Junior a mere second before he came to Shion's side, instrested with the Professor's creation.

"You mean- you mean we can.... travel sorta back to past or somethin'?"

"Yes that's right! But I'll have to pick two subjects in order for this to work. We can't find this cartridge without a base location first!"

The three thought to themselves for a moment, figuring out who'd go first.

Suddenly Junior and Ziggy stepped forward to volunteer.

On the desk the two looked down to see a few pairs of glasses, and naturally they'd inspected them.

The glasses felt strangely light for them looking quite bulky.

The cyborg had an idea before he then turned around to face the Professor.

"Sharon and Joquian, do you think- do you think I can see them again just one last time if that were possible..?"

"I can't promise any guarantees all right, but maybe you will. It highly depends on your subconscious domain after all."

"Whenever your ready. Place the pairs of glasses on."

With a quick nod the two braced themselves, "Ya ready old man? If any shit stirs up... We can easily dive back out."

"I am, if we are somehow separated- I only wish the best of luck for you."

With a thumbs up Junior nodded before placing the two placed the glasses on.

Reality had begun to blur and disfigure, the two closed their eyes as they felt their hearts beat at a very strange rate.

The two suddenly fell on top of the machine now sound asleep, which then sparked off Shion anxiously.

"Hey, are they alright..?"

"Of course, they've entered their domains. Let me see if I can track Ziggy.."


Chapter Text

"Jan... Jan...? Are you all right? Joquian said you hadn't woken up yet."


Just hearing his old name Jan Sauer was enough to wake the cyborg up completely.

But once he'd woke up he was absolutely shocked at his appearance, all of his metallic parts were gone like he'd reverted back to being a regular person.

His wife pulled a look of confusion before sitting on the edge of his bed, "Mmm, Maybe you're not well like he'd said. Oh- maybe it's amnesia?"


Ziggy shook his head before he sat up, looking around his room for Joquian.

"My apologies... I've.. slept for quite sometime where's Joquian?" 

With a gentle smile she went out looking for the child, once Ziggy had looked outside- it was absolutely beautiful.


The birds sang just like any other day, it was bright and sunny outside without a hint of any terrorism.

Nearby was a police station and a hospital, so the house that they'd chose was perfect.

Once he'd let his feet touch the floor, Ziggy didn't feel the usual coldness of his metallic feet.


Even his clothes reverted back, it was almost like a time warp back- but it made sense.

He'd traveled back into the past to search for the cartridge.

His pale eyes looked around the room before he opened the door, to see the neatly decorated hallway.


However what caught his attention was the family portrait hanging on the brown wall.

"A day before the tragedy, soon I know what will happen- they'll die by the hands of Voyager."

"I wish I could've prevented it all, but the goal is a major priority. This whole place- it's just an illusion from my subconscious and nothing more."

Upon walking down the staircase he saw Joquian waiting patiently below, and with a smile Ziggy caught him in his arms.


"You're awake! You're actually awake! I was so scared that you wouldn't wake up!"

The boy wiped his tears before giving a big smile back, everything was acted out so perfectly.

Even this very moment, he remembered that the following event would be their visit to the local park.


Known for its beautiful riverside, the three often visited whenever Ziggy wasn't working.

Work often cancelled out any forms of  quality family time together.

Ziggy tried to shut his mind out of knowing the future, in an attempt to control the apprehensive sadness that dwelled inside himself.

He knew that the moment was coming, and that it would played out before him.

Noticing his grim face, Sharon tapped his shoulder before increasing her walking pace.


"You seem not yourself today, is there anything I can do?"

He shook his head before looking out towards the park, "It's nothing, just feeling a bit groggy this morning."

Once the three had arrived, Ziggy sighed in relief now being able to stretch out his aching arms behind himself.

From behind himself he watched Sharon unpack the many types of food she'd prepared.


Everything from sandwiches to small cakes, Sharon was quite the cook from what he could remember.

When she wasn't at work she'd often cook delicious delights at home.

Sharon's attention was attracted once she heard the birds sing their beautiful melodies.


A small group of sparrows, all huddling against each other for warmth due to the cold gusts of wind.

Ziggy couldn't help himself but be in absolute awe of the scenery around him, he wasn't expecting this at all.

Her gentle soothing voice suddenly spoke out with a smile, "It's beautiful isn't it? The serenity of what nature can bring."

"I just find it so fascinating, don't you?"

He nodded before sitting down next to her, "I do. It certainly is interesting, how sitting here is enough to put your worries at ease."

On their way home a black flicker caught his attention, his heart had almost stopped.

"Jan? Are you all right...?"

Again he shook his head, ignoring what he'd just saw.

"I'm seeing things, perhaps I should sleep early for tonight considering I have work tomorrow."

In truth he didn't have work tomorrow, he knew it didn't.


He had a few days off, he just- wanted to erase his mind from seeing his long known adversary.

Once he'd arrived home he immediately headed back to bed, trying to shake off "possibly" seeing Voyager.

On the edge of his bed he sighed before laying back down, staring at the ceiling often was a regularity.


Some nights he just couldn't get to sleep, his mind was constantly switched on.

Terrorists were always around their area, but by the time they could do anything the police stopped them just in time.

He knew that someday, that he'd would have to face Voyager again and once more bare witness the death of his loved ones.

Chapter Text

Finally he'd been able to close his eyes, after what felt like hours of endless tossing and turning.

Once he'd opened his eyes he was located in a white room, was it even a room or a distant unknown realm of his very subconscious domain?

Ziggy didn't care once he was face to face with that god forsaken bastard.

But he'd taken on a different appearance, dressed from head to toe in nothing but pitch black.

His long winged cape quickly attracted Ziggy before he shook away the hesitancy to speak.


"So, he meet again. Voyager. Why are you here? Tell me." Despite seeing him again, Ziggy's voice was calm yet hinted a little bit of assertiveness.

The black robed man turned around with a smirk before taking off his mask, "It's been a while, Jan Sauer."

Ziggy went back before hearing the mans wicked laughter, naturally he rose both of his fists and assumed a defensive position.


"Ah Jan, you haven't changed have you? You know what comes next don't you?" Voyager clenched his fist before a violent burst of energy exploded.

By a scrap of his face Ziggy actually managed to dodge his first strike.

"Voyager...!" With a strike towards his face, the robed man was sent back a little bit before suddenly vanishing.


After a few moments had passed, he appeared before blindsiding Ziggy from behind.

A violent stream of ether sent Ziggy slamming back against the ground, despite his right arm throbbing he charged forward with a raised fist.

With a scowl Ziggy threw a hard punch before- he completely missed?


It went through Voyager completely, it just couldn't understand why he couldn't fight back against him!

Voyager suddenly grabbed Ziggy's wrist before aggressively twisting it, and with a unknown force he was lifted.

His throat closed in onto itself- practically now strangling him.

Admist Ziggy's gags he managed to speak down below, "Voyager...!"


"Why did you kill them? The- the two of them were the only two things I'd cherished. You knew that well."

"Despite knowing that- you killed them in cold blood."

Voyager's piercing red eyes went through Ziggy's very mind, his pale blue eyes widened upon seeing a familiar blood splatter across the ground.

Once he'd shaken off the memory he'd saw Sharon a little further behind the robed Testament.


She was almost self aware of what was meant to come, aware that she'd die in front of him.

She called out before protecting Joquian, "Jan! Listen to me! Close your eyes..! Please-!" Everything happened in a instant, before even getting the chance to look away he saw a massive barb of metal pierce the two.

After such a long time, Ziggy hadn't known how the two of them actually died.

He arrived to find them dead, and of course- he couldn't handle being so alone.

So he tried to escape from his cruel reality, but it ended in failure.


"Now you know the truth, it's the least I could do before your swift death." Again his throat was tightened, no matter how hard he tried the cyborg couldn't reach towards his own neck.

Just as he was about to feel his heartbeat fade, he heard the Professor's voice resonate inside himself.

"Abort the dive for Ziggy- it's obvious that the cartridge isn't here and besides... He's seen enough. I don't want him to suffer anymore than what he has."

"I don't even know how Junior is, since my cameras aren't coming up with anything- just static!"

The cyborg awoke in sweat before he opened his eyes, "Shion how long was I asleep for?"

Her index finger rubbed across her chin before replying back with a concerned expression.

"A few hours at best, are you feeling all right?"

Ziggy was silent for a few moments, reflecting through the horrifying experience he had.

Thinking of only the highlights of it all, "I- I somehow saw Voyager again. In regards to Sharon and Joquian... I saw how they'd actually died."

"Despite my dive, I'm concerned about Junior considering I heard about the communication systems being offline."

In worry the three looked towards the blank screen, wondering anxiously of how he was doing.


Chapter Text

Once Junior opened his eyes, the Yuriev Institute appeared before him.

Staff and URTV's walked about, presumably on their breaks.

However upon looking down he wore his pale uniform rather than his black longcoat.


Everything had reverted back fourteen years into the past, before he could reflect back his attention was attracted by two prepubescent children.

Their hair color standed well out along the rest of the standard units, one white and the other black.


He just couldn't help himself but his instincts kicked in, "Nigredo! Albedo!"

While running towards them, Junior felt absolutely confused about why everyone- hell why everything was acted out so perfectly.

It was a few days before the Militan Confilct, everything played out just the same as it did ages ago.


"Come on- how come everyone else gets to take a break and not us! We've been working all day!" Albedo complained with a roll of his eyes, of course Nigredo turned before rebuking gently.

"We're variants- remember? We have a lot more duties to keep everyone else in line. Besides- Rubedo has it much more tougher than us anyway."

The white boy placed his arms on his waist, before releasing a annoyed sigh.


"Yeah yeah keep talking, why don't you read that book of yours already? I'm getting quite tired of your voice already."

Typical Albedo, he hadn't changed either- still being spiteful towards everyone but Rubedo of course.

For some reason he absolutely despised girls, well- it was normal for boys to dislike girls but not to Albedo's extent.

Especially Citrine, he couldn't stand her and her elitism.


And what Albedo said absolutely proved his resentment towards them.

"You've gotta make my day worse don't you Nigredo, I discover today that there's a disgusting girls ward and now I have to complete a damn assignment with you again..! Can it get worse?"

After getting sick of Albedo's whining Junior shook his head before looking back towards him with a scowl.

"Hey, pull yourself together. Even if there's people you can't stand. You've gotta see past that no matter what."

Sure Albedo was annoyed as Junior sticking up for Nigredo, but he couldn't argue back to the likes of him.


He adored him and admired him so much, he couldn't possibly lose his trust.

"Anyway, we're heading off to the beach aren't we? We should hurry unless we want a good scolding from Dad."

The two nodded before following Junior into the pod room, alongside them the standard units waited.

On the other side was Juli and of course their Father Dimtri Yuriev.


The older man stepped forward before releasing the pod locks, "I'm surprised to see the likes of you late #666. Didn't you remember what I'd said about running late?"

With a annoyed yet sad nod Junior rubbed his crimson head, "Yeah I know. I sorta' got caught up with a few things. I'll head off now."

The three hopped in before hearing Juli's briefing on their mission, the variants turned around to see the intercom speakers turn on.

"Your mission is to cure the patient's illness. Your primary location will be a beach and further ahead a pale house."

"However your starting location will vary depending on the coordinates."

The three nodded before they leant back against the cold pod.

However Junior suddenly went aback upon feeling the sharp electric surge suddenly enter through himself.

Slowly reality twisted and turned before he closed his eyes, now inside Sakura's subconscious domain.

Junior's "pretending" act was actually working, not for a second did he screw up with his usual behaviour.

He wouldn't want to know what would happen if he did, perhaps a paradox would occur.

The sounds of seagulls cawed in the distance, as the waves gently crashed.

The three awoke to feel the sand against themselves, but Junior could never wrap his head around to understand the location.


Was it a beach or a forest?

Always he assumed it was a combination of both, with himself now no longer groggy he helped the other two back on their feet.


The white twin looked around in complete awe, he'd never seen a beach before in his life.

Nigredo took a few steps forward, before leaning a little forward to see the map coordinates.

"So, is our location safe enough? Dad hadn't told us if there was any threats to be mindful of."


Junior shrugged before tracing his finger across the map, trying to find the primary location.

"I dunno to be completely honest, maybe some environmental ones such as broken bridges and maybe the river tide- other than that I can't really say for sure."

His attention was attracted once he seen Albedo from a distance- calling out for the both of them.

"I think I've found the right path! You're slowing us down Nigredo! Hurry up already..!"

The other two looked at each other before releasing a sigh, Junior changed his pace into a run before catching up with his white twin.

After a long run across the beach they'd finally arrived at a pale yellow house, Junior walked ahead before peering into window.



He watched through the window, to see a mother and a child.

There was a brown haired girl who played a black baby grand piano, free from her worries.

In absolute awe he watched her fingers elegantly play across the many keys. She performed such a beautiful tune, a gentle ballad.

He couldn't help but smile at how beautiful it sounded, such a lovely melody couldn't be ignored.

He almost in some sort of trance of her beauty, however he was interrupted by a tap of his shoulder.

Once he'd turned around he saw his twin with a disgusted scowl, "Please don't involve yourself with her. She reeks of trouble."


The red URTV rolled his eyes, before telling him off with a sigh.

"She isn't hurting anybody... Just keep quiet!" Before another word could leave Albedo's mouth, he was suddenly covered by Junior's hand.

Ignoring Albedo's muffled voice, he instinctively pulled out his harmonica.

With Nigredo against the tree, he smiled before looking back towards Junior- happy to see him not as serious as usual.

"So you play along with her piano, that's pretty cute honestly."


The redhead shook his head before clearing his throat, "It's not like that! I- We've talked for a while."

"...Anyway we should probably go inside and suss out her illness now hey?"

The two nodded before opening the brown creaky door, upon hearing the three the girl smiled before immediately stopping her piano session.

"It's been so long since I've had any visitors. What are your names..?"

With a rub of his head he turned around to introduce them.


"Well- I'm Rubedo, these two are my brothers... Nigredo and Albedo."


Sakura suddenly laughed silently to herself before looking back towards Junior.

"Albedo, he has a pretty rough looking face. Please, there's no need to look so solemn!"

The white twin looked around before giving a sigh, muttering to himself before folding his arms over.

"Pfft, do you act so fake to everyone you look at..?"

Junior's heart suddenly skipped a few beats upon hearing that, he couldn't help but shake his head upon hearing such a disgusting comment.

After a few hours had passed, Junior realized that it was around this time that they'd needed to head back.

Although their discussion was nice, again it was another day that her illness wasn't cured.

The three awoke to hear the discussion between Juli and Yuriev on the other side.

With concern Juli shook her head before looking back at the screen.


"Are you sure it's a good idea to send the children off, to fight the waves this soon?"


Ah but Yuriev didn't care at all, all this was in a means to make contact with God itself.

He didn't care about the many sacrifices that were made for the project to be an success.

Even the patients who'd been planted with the extreme fear of U-DO, what only mattered was direct contact with it and nothing more.

Despite not knowing his true goals Juli discovered how truly selfish he was, and that he only cared about his own ambitions becoming an reality.

Chapter Text

After a long while of resting inside the residential quarters, Junior stepped outside to see a dark grey sky.

The Institute had constantly strange weather, whenever it be heavy rain or unexpected thunderstorms.

But he couldn't shake off the eerie vibe, as soon as he'd entered his subconscious domain- he felt incredibly unsettled.


Everything that was presented before him was a perfect representation of it all.

During Junior's time in the Institute he'd searched hard for the cartridge, but of course it wasn't around where he was either.

In frustration he shook his head, well aware if he didn't hurry up and find it somewhere.


"Think c'mon think!" 


His thoughts were shortly interrupted, once he saw a familiar standard unit run towards him.


"Wait, is that #623..!?"

Just before Junior could feel any form of happiness for 623's presence, he suddenly held his breath.

Shit, he remembered that he couldn't blow his cover.

So the best that he could do was to simply pretend that everything was fine- even though it wasn't.


His friend rubbed the back of his head before sitting down, it only took a second for Junior to realize that something was terribly wrong.

623's expression was devastated yet horrified, like he'd seen something traumatic.

The blonde URTV looked up before mustering the courage to even speak, "The other units- ...they think you're a monster right?"


Without a word Junior nodded before he turned away, "Yeah. They- they can't think like us and that's maybe why they hate me."

"My power although it helps stop U-DO. It's... destructive."

"And- sometimes... I can't control it. That day you remember it so well."

"The day that I lost control over the anti U-DO shift."


"If you hate me- it's fine. You've got a reason to hate me."


623 shook his head before grabbing Junior's hand, "I.. I don't hate you." 


The blonde haired URTV shook his head before placing his hand on the red one's shoulder, looking into his eyes with certainty.


"I said, I don't hate you. Why would I hate my best friend?"


He'd never said that before, either that or Junior couldn't remember this memory.

He was so touched by his words, so much that he was completely speechless.

But still, Junior had to raise the question at why 623 looked so grim.


"I appreciate you being there for me- but I can't help but ask what's gotten you down? You're usually smiling whenever I see you."

623 looked away before giving an response, "Your brother, I-I think he hates me. Overheard him muttering about how much he wants me dead."

The standard unit pinched his face in annoyance, confused at why Albedo would be so hellbent on killing him for no reason.

"I haven't done anything wrong, he says I'm intruding into your life and that I'm obsessed with you."


"Since you're the Link Master- I kept thinking  if you could at least ask him why and tell him to stop his... odd behaviour?"

Without a word Junior stood up before looking out towards alleyway, "I'll try and sort this out. Just stay in the main hub's vicinity."

The redhead ran off and followed Albedo's wavelength, although it was faint it was incredibly chaotic.


There was constant irregularity disturbances in Albedo's wavelength, whatever he was doing it was enough to stop all spiritual link connections.

However Junior suddenly had a terrible realization hit him, he hadn't seen Albedo make contact with U-DO yet.

So many assumptions came through, he could've been easily killing someone as well.

But he couldn't avoid this now, especially with this apprehension twisting his stomach this much.

The wavelength location strangely took him to Labyrinthos, a tall building located in the very center of Old Milita.

"Labyrinthos, -just what the hell is Albedo doing here?" With a creak of the twin doors, Junior saw a seemly endlessly staircase.

But it wasn't until he looked up to see the many many levels above himself.

It also descented down below as well, he couldn't help but feel so confused about it's structure.

Clunk went his shoes as he walked up the staircase, not slow but not too fast either.

Just enough to reach his unhinged twin in time.


His voice bounced off the walls, calling out Albedo's name now quickly became pointless due to the noise cancelling walls.

His pace suddenly stopped once he heard a familiar voice echoed from above himself.

"I sort've made a gamble with these, didn't even know these sedation drugs even existed! Try to not move unless you want to fall flat onto your pathetic disgusting face."

Junior went aback especially hearing that the use of sedatives were involved, whoever was alongside his brother- was definitely a close associate.


He could feel such an immense hatred literally radiating inside the spiritual link.

While he continued to walk up the staircase he went through the list of names, of the many people that he knew of.

But whenever it tried to sum it all up, it just didn't make any sense.


His question was finally answered once he'd opened the door, there Nigredo was mentally counting down the seconds till his untimely demise.

Slowly the sedations started to take affect, the black URTV looked woozy before collapsing against the wall- with his mind completely out of it.


Shaking his fists in restrained rage, Junior stepped forward before confronting Albedo with scowl.

However once Albedo turned around, the redhead's heart almost stopped.

"So, now you know Rubedo." He spoke eerily with a "smile", "Do you see now? What I am?"

Junior knew deep down that Albedo was very self conscious and timid.

But he didn't think at all that he'd resort to such violent measures from behind his back, just to be with him.


At the time of Albedo's slow descent to insanity, Junior just didn't know any better.

In the past his white twin seemed normal from his perspective, but of course Nigredo saw an entirely different person.


"I am what you're destined to destroy Rubedo, it's what I've become now!" 

"How seductive it is, surely you agree. To have such a negative existence overcome me like this."

With gritted teeth Junior shook his head in disagreement, absolutely enraged of his recklessness.


"You damn bastard, listen to yourself! Why the hell did you let U-DO infect you despite knowing the consequences..!?"


The white twin shook his head, "confused" at his brother's response.

"But Rubedo, it only makes sense."

He tutted before a strong spike of U-DO's waves occurred, "We're... We're the same- you and I. Monsters of who don't have a purpose."

Junior bit his tongue upon hearing such an accursed name, just hearing it was enough to bring back the tortuous past.


"You ran away from me upon knowing your mistakes, you couldn't atone for them. So the next best thing for you was to forget it all."

With an out-extended arm Albedo had manifested the strongest point of U-DO itself.


"But guess what! I don't need to worry anymore...!"

"Because I know that you'll save me Rubedo! That you'll save me from my "corrupted" disease!"

"You desired in the beginning to save us, to protect us from it's waves didn't you? Without a doubt you'll want to save me- right?!"


With both his arms raised, Junior threatened to unleash the link in an attempt to stop U-DO's waves.

("Damn, he's badly infected! I can't- save him like this! I wanted to at least change things for the damn' better!")


The redhead was suddenly attracted to a wide smirk, as a pulse of mental waves sent him back.

Chapter Text

Ah, this was definitely the worst type of a situation that he could be stuck in.


The entire scenario felt like an awful fever dream, it was beyond his uncontrol.

He couldn't even affectively fight back without his pistols, so pretty much he was defenseless- however it wasn't not for long.

An older man's voice suddenly spoke through his subconscious, enough so only he'd hear.


"Huh... Wha- the Professor...!?"

Ignoring the URTV's surprised look, he quickly interjected a plan to him.

"Oh, that's enough of your pointless bickering! I'm here to help! Use your imagination Junior!"

To him, that sounded like the most dumbest plan he'd ever heard of.

Junior shook his head with his hands on his waist, unbelieved at what he'd heard.


"Ah... you've gotta' be effin' kidding me right. How is THAT going to work?"


The red URTV stepped back um's and ahing to himself, desperately trying to think of a good way to fight back.

"Alright. Here goes nothing..." 

A red aura suddenly spiked and shrouded the boy's entire body like an crimson barrier.

With gritted teeth he called out for all to hear, "C'mon I hope this damn works! Last.... Symphony!"


A pair of makarov's suddenly materialized in both of his hands, before rapidly he shot literal holes inside his twin's body.

With victory shortly in his grasp, the redhead smiled before placing his hands on his waist.

"Right, It's bout' time I came back right?"


On the other side again, the Professor nodded before humorously slamming the keys.

Strangely it worked as Junior felt his body fade away, with the triple A cartridge appearing shortly after in his pocket.

"Hoho-!~ There it is!" The older man leaned forward before looked back Shion, with shock the engineer ran over to see the screen.

"So he's finally found it, How long will it take until his body materialized back here?"

The older looked back towards the screen, trying to give a rough estimate.

"Hmm, let's see.... approximately... Now!?"

The three looked behind themselves to see the red URTV a little dazed, now holding the small cartridge with a smile.

"Man, things could've gotten pretty damn heated back there... I'm glad I'm back!" In exhaustion he collapsed before shaking his head, unbelieved at the experience he'd saw.

Back at the Durandal Gaignun and Mary were interrupted once the other three came back, now with the pistol and the required ammo.

The black URTV turned back with a concerned look on his face, "I'm glad we now have the required ammo, but I can't help but feel concerned about the dives you two of you made."

"...I appreciate yet apologize for what you've went through." 


The cyborg stepped forward before handing everything over, "It's fine, I'd think we'd go through the very depths of hell if it came to saving MOMO."

"Anyway is there anything else that we'll need Director?"

He shook his head before looking back towards the required firing range.

"No, I don't believe so. Just for KOS-MOS to fire the weapon away from the Foundation and the Durandal Itself."

Funnily enough KOS-MOS suddenly entered the bridge, before standing beside Shion.

"I assume that you request my assistance- Shion?"

"I shall reveal the Song of Nephilem while I do this- please refrain from moving into the firing range."

Gaignun nodded before he turned around to see that Junior had mysteriously left the group.

"He was... just here a moment ago?"

Chapter Text

The realian was shoved by frantic people, trying to escape the violent yet destructive flames that had partially bathed the city.

She really had no other choice, there was really no else that she could go to.

Especially with Albedo now hot on her trail, she changed her pace to a fast run.

Her breaths changed into desperate pants, absolutely scared for her life to be taken back to the U-TIC Organization again.


"No, not again. I don't- I don't want to go back there..!"

Admist her running past the many rundown shops, she saw one of her older sisters enter a restricted area of the Foundation.

"That's- my sister! Hey! Wait up! Don't- don't leave me!"


MOMO made a tight turn around the block, praying to God that Albedo would've been halted by the massive districts layout.

It was a massive confusing intersection of many pathways, some lead to other shops while others would've took him back to the previous street.

Upon opening the gate there was a pathway that eventually lead to a alleyway, that was separated from the rest of the street.


"She- she's gone, where... where could've she gone off to?"


She heard foot approaching footsteps from behind herself, a tall shadow suddenly spread out with wings.

The peculiar winged cape's fabric weaved admist the cold yet dead slient air.

She was certain that she'd felt this fear before, she knew who this person was.


The same one from her dreams, more appropriately her nightmares.

He stepped forward closer to the petrified realian, who was now trembling while simultaneously shaking her head.

A single lift of a finger was enough to manipulate her mind completely, he'd cornered the girl before he took over her mental state.

A cruel yet malicious smile slowly spreaded across his lips, upon seeing her face wince in pain.


She'd fallen to her knees, now unable to stand the strong electric surges that came from the manipulation.

He'd succeeded, that bastard had actually succeeded in capturing her.

All that was left was the extraction, and of course to bring Junior along.


On her end, there was an unsettling and long period of nothing but pitch black darkness.

She was now in an unconscious state, now oddly unable to move or control herself at all.

Her arms ached and her mind surged in pain, as the last sound she heard was a craft hovering off from the ground- with her destination now uncertain.

Chapter Text

The red URTV was at the park area of the Durandal, alone to think to himself about the following events that would occur.

He couldn't help but not think about his brother, what he'd do and how MOMO would feel during it all.

She wouldn't want to forget their time together, but to also have someone delve into her memories- in such a unconsentable manner.

Junior, it didn't take long until he could feel her fear even from a mile away.


It was almost like some sort of awful sensation that crawled across his skin, the very same as Gaignun's apprehension from before.

"Just waiting for the pistol to charge is enough to put me on edge, damn' how much longer is it gonna take..?"

His printed right palm rubbed past the arm of the red bench anxiously.


Even the other realians and Durandal staff could tell he was unsettled.

His mind was now so focused on saving her, no matter the circumstances.

The URTV got up and headed towards the bridge, to meet up with the rest of the group and discuss.


The entire walk there he lowered his head down, not wanting anyone else to get involved.

That would've been the last thing he'd want, to upset other people unintentionally.

The red elevator took him upward, just hearing the transparent doors open was enough to make their heads turn.


"Sorry I came late, anyway- were we able to reveal the space station?"

Shelley nodded before bringing up a closer visual, it was shaped like a odd triangular downward prism.

With it's recognizable dark blue with red accents, Junior straight away recognized it in a mere second.

The cyborg stepped forward before taking a good glance, trying to find a side entry.


"Shelley, if there's a side entrance. Make some room to drop me off. I'll head inside shortly."

Before Ziggy could even reach the elevator he was blocked by Junior with his arms blocking the way.


"Whoa- hold it! Hey, where the hell do you think you're going?"


With his metallic hand on his shoulder, he looked into his eyes with concern.

"I.. I know you well, you'll lose yourself to your emotions and eventually let your brother overcome you. I'm taking precautionary measures. Please, don't take it personally."

"I've... lost people that I've loved as well, so I can relate to the pain you feel Junior."


"Trust me on this, I think it's best that I go instead. Besides if you give me a good idea on how he retaliates-"

Before he could finish Junior interrupted, "No way."

"Like hell I'd let anyone else involve themselves in my matters. It's a battle between us. I don't want anyone else to suffer, don't you get that?!" 

With a frustrated sigh, Junior shook his head absolutely confused at why his own comrades wouldn't understand him!

"I've heard enough, you've got the damn audacity to tell me to so cold and damn' emotionless!"

"To replace people with effin' battle strategies. You're not saving anyone like that."


"It'll be game over, for all of us. We'll lose her and the Y-Data."

"You don't know, you all don't know. What kind of lunatic he truly is."

Before Junior could turn around, Shion suddenly stopped him from behind, "Please- at least give us more detail of who this Albedo person really is!"

The red URTV stood in slience for a few moments, before replying- almost questioning himself if it really was worth telling them all.


"He's- my dark half. The other part of which I wrongfully abandoned. My other part of myself that I threw away. That's... That's all you need to know. I don't want to hurt you all right? So let go of me- Shion."


In silence Junior went off down the elevator, and straight away headed towards the hangar destined to go alone.

"Don't you think it's too risky.!?" Shion called out before immediately following after him, in an attempt to stop him before he headed off.

With a slam of the hangar door, he immediately hopped inside the pale craft before starting it's engine.

The red visor shined bright as the engineer fell to her knees, with a wild tailwind he was sent soaring across the starry landscape.

"Junior, please reconsider what you're doing-! Stop this!"

She cried out through the intercom, trying to somehow convince him to come back- but he'd turned off all the commutation systems.

Once the URTV left the Durandal he looked away, closing his eyes to forget about the past argument.

Chapter Text

Cold, the air was so cold around her.

After what felt like hours of sleeping, MOMO finally awoke to find herself in an unknown area.

"What is this place, and where is everyone..?"

Her hand went past the cold walls, while her eyes looked around for some sort of door.

However on her left was a body, just sitting there emotionlessly.


"Wait, it's you from the streets! ...From before! Please tell me that you're alright!" The realian felt her pulse, it was incredibly weak almost on the verge of death.

She sniffed before falling against her older sister, aware that she couldn't be saved.

Admist her painful sobs her sister rose her hand to touch her face, in a way that she wanted to tell her something.


"Due to my defiance, he's taken my consciousness away. I cannot convey. I cannot feel. I am all but empty. An empty shell of what once was."

"Someone who had purpose, and If I can't work- I... don't deserve to live."

With a shake of her head, MOMO grabbed her hands desperately trying to tell her the complete opposite of what she was saying.


"No, that isn't true, please don't say something so horrible!"

"Nobody needs a purpose to live, you're fine the way you are!" 

"My friends, they've taught me that free will is exists in all of us. Yes- even people like him."

"But there's a part of him inside me. With Junior he came along inside my memories. With something good there's also pre-existing something bad too."

"Admist all my memories- I've had some frightening ones as well."


The pink realian gasped once her sister suddenly collapsed, it was clear that she'd passed on.

Putting both her hands on her sister's shoulders, MOMO shook her head upset at their short yet horrific introduction.

"628, we- we never got to even properly meet and now... I've just witnessed you die before me."

"...I don't even know where I am! Or how I am supposed to even leave this place-?"


Her sight changed upon seeing a metallic door open automatically, releasing a cold gust of wind that blew through her hair.

Even though she felt terrified to delve further into the station's depths, a small sense of determination also fuelled her.

To learn more about where she truly was, and who resided here.

A dark chamber dwelled in the Nephilem's depths, Albedo sat upon the throne listening to the "ramblings" of a blue cloaked individual.

"I don't need to repeat myself, you know what needs to be done. Stop avoiding your duty." The white URTV turned around before releasing a sigh, "You do love spoiling the anticipation, don't you?" He laughed before slicing off an arm, "Just- tieing myself over for the time being."


"Even the likes of you will be fascinated by my performance."


Their discussion was interrupted once the two had felt MOMO's presence on the other side, on the other hand the cloaked man sighed before he disappeared, now leaving  the URTV alone.


"I really do hope ma pêche savours the leftovers, oh yes- they'll come soon in plenty." Albedo folded his leg over the other, waiting patiently for her arrival.


Admist the shadows another Kirschwasser hid, cringing at what was going to happen next, well aware of her Master's murderous tendencies.

Chapter Text

A long while had passed, since had MOMO finished "exploring" the horrible in's and out's of the Song.

Upon opening the door she was greeted by the horrible smell again- of rotting flesh and corpses.

It was a dark and bleak throne room, a rundown bloodied chamber.

Again the same cold air waved across her skin, causing the realian to have a few goosebumps to be raised.

MOMO shivered before wrapping her arms around herself, taking a quick good look around the darkened room that she was in.


"...This smell, it's starting to get stronger and stronger the more deeper I go."

"But... it's so cold here."

She took a few good steps forward whilst her hand went past the cold walls, anxiously looking around the barely lit area.

The air kept blowing across her, feeling like someone was on the edge of her shoulder breathing lightly against her neck.

However MOMO couldn't blame herself for feeling so scared, she'd just escaped the U-TIC facility, and now she's stuck in what seemed to be an abandoned space station of sorts.


But this other sensation she felt just now, it was something she couldn't ignore so easily.

The realian gasped once she'd seen a dead body cruelly "tossed" aside, with wounds that could be only described as horrific.


"Another person- who was unfortunate enough.. to..!" Before the realian could finish her words she suddenly retched at the sight, trying to cover her mouth to avoid throwing up.

However her attention was quickly grabbed upon seeing another person from a distance, he sat upon a throne with another supposed victim in his hands.


The URTV made quick eye contact with MOMO from across the room, maliciously smiling at an idea.

His voice had constantly putted her on edge whenever he spoke, it was oddly calm yet so sinister sounding.

She finally stepped forward, wanting a answer for everything she'd seen thus far.


"A-are you one, who's caused all this?"


"Distracted" the URTV's finger played with the indent of the sharp knife, seeing how long it would take before his soft skin would be punctured.


"Ah, eureka. So, you've finally noticed, hm?"


MOMO suddenly looked away upon hearing such a disturbed sounding laugh, but at the same time she couldn't help but feel absolutely disgusted.

"Tell me now, had it ever occurred to *anyone* of how many of them that I put out of their misery?"

His tall frame suddenly leaned forward away from the throne, "If they'd truly hated me- they'd try and at least stop me, now wouldn't they?"

God, she cringed hard at that, so true yet such a demented view on their uselessness.

MOMO couldn't answer such a warped question as that, it was true that the Kirschwassers were scrapped due to their work instability.

But still, Gaignun loved one of them.

Ages ago, the two had bonded enough for her stay despite their models being so obsolete.

Gaignun had saw past her sister's flaws, and accepted her regardless.

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted once MOMO had heard a loud thud, she turned away not wanting to see the "aftermath".


On the other side of the room, Albedo suddenly stood up from the throne with a raised brow.

"But it's a shame really, you realians have never had the luxury of complaining."

"Your precious beloved father, he never allowed such external thoughts."

No matter how hard she tried, her body wouldn't budge.

MOMO's heart had almost begun to beat outside her chest, now instilled with nothing but an inescapable fear.

Albedo drew out his hand enough to reach from a distance, before grabbing her into his arms- with her body shaking in his grasp.

"I see such a familiar man, caught so deeply in those eyes-"

His mind reflected, thinking back upon the image that went past him- so obsessively.

The realian held her breath desperately trying to hold her composure together, however MOMO could feel Junior's presence from down below- just at the entrance to the Song.

But such a mere moment of relief was quickly interrupted once Albedo had raised the question again, interested at who her mind was truly- "yearning" for.

The Song of Nephilem's doors suddenly open, with it's eeriness shrouding the entire building as per usual.

Light temporarily filters through, just enough for Junior to see what horrors had awaited him for the inside.

But luckily nothing was there, just a cold and slient entranceway.


Walking at a slow pace, he looked around cautiously especially once his eyes had met the blood stained walls to his left.

But wasn't until a feeling of dread entered him, it had suddenly made him realize that he'd felt this before.

Junior had felt the very same feeling once the Song of Nephilem played, he was absolutely certain that he could feel Albedo's presence nearby.


His hand ran past the cold steel walls as he went, still looking around for where MOMO had gone off to.

In an attempt to at least find out what floor he was on, He called out her name praying he'd at least get a response- but nothing.

His voice simply bounced and echoed off the walls.

But the URTV suddenly remembered that the space station had noise cancelling walls- for the most "obvious" reason.


Junior continued to walk until he was met with an unusual looking elevator.

Instructions were written on the digital console, a button to restart and a button to display the instructions again.

[Break one box to move up, or break many for subsequent levels.]


With a quick draw of his pistols he aimed slowly and accurately, firmly his other hand shifted into place- now holding the grip in a more secure grasp.

The gun's recoil suddenly sent him back a little, as the bullet pierced through the boxes' metallic plate.

With a few of the blue boxes gone, the elevator had begun to move upward- albeit at a very slow rate.


Junior watched the red, blue and green flickering lights on the elevator's button panel.

He wondered what the significance of their arranged colors meant, were they a code or perhaps it opened another massive part of the Song itself?

It made sense the more he'd thought about it, he WAS in the first tower after all.


The space station always had a complex layout, it wasn't a simple design concept by any means.

The whole place consisted of three large towers, with each one of them running on an endless electric supply.

With the final lock being sound coded, only Joachim and few other people knew the actual sound code to unlock the inner depths of the Song.

Once the elevator stopped, he looked up to see a wide hallway that intersected into two pathways.


One had a vent that would've taken him back to the beginning, if he'd ever made a wrong turn.

The other one however had another hallway on the other side, just outside from there was a major tower with a no glowing symbol embedded into it.

A little further was the third tower, but it was completely locked until a certain switch was flipped- presumably in the second one.


"I figured that bastard wouldn't've made it easy for us."

He entered the hallway, before immediately hiding himself away on the other side again.

There, was a realian with a massive bazooka accompanied by an usual blue coloured mecha crab.

"Right, I've... I've got to play this safe." He thought to himself before peeping out again, there was absolutely no way that Junior would be able to fight against them on his own.


He was planning to go through the entire Song stealthily, not merely infiltrate it and be suddenly noticed.

Bah! that'd be the last thing he'd want, for himself to start all over from the very beginning and take the blasted vent.

So, he flicked a gold coin before shooting it to bounce across the walls.


Once their attention had been occupied, Junior dashed to other side- praying he wouldn't be caught.

Surely enough he managed to make a run for it, without them suspecting a thing.

The door shut itself before he released a small sigh in relief, "This... entire place- it's literally some sort of death-trap."


"Damn, I just hope I can reach MOMO in time."

Chapter Text

The blue android sat by the edge of Shion's bed looking towards her, it didn't take long for the likes of KOS-MOS to hear about Shion's emotional struggle as of late.

To have a falling out at a desperate time like this unbelievable in Shion's eyes, all she was trying to do was to make the URTV at least reconsider his reckless decision.

But she knew that deep down whenever it came down to Albedo, Junior often lost control his sense of rationality. 

More often than not, he was blinded by his brother's provocations.


For the first time she noticed that Shion was quite distressed, an expression she hadn't seen before.

She looked so flustered, her mind couldn't cope on it's own with all this- it just couldn't.

Shion had long worked with others during her travels, and to lose a reliable comrade was the worst situation that they could be in.


"You can't really relate to me, can you KOS-MOS?"

"You haven't lost anyone dear to you before, so really- you can't feel upset for their departure and feel sorrowful for when they're dead."


The android to compute what she'd said and to reply in the best of her abilities, "As I told you before Shion, I do not possess logical human thought."

"I can only simulate such behaviour, I may not feel the very same thoughts as you. But that is purely based on my blackbox."

Of course Shion couldn't counter back at that, It was all based on Kevin's design.

Her personality was basic and scripted, any new emotions or feelings couldn't be added in unless a major update was in order.


But she couldn't help but feel a bit agitated, she'd lost so many people that were close to her.


Virgil, Cherenkov, her co-workers and even her parents.

Often at times she felt so alone, even if she was surrounded by everyone.

No one however could ever blame the engineer for feeling this way, for they all understood how truly she felt and how much she'd grieved for their lost lives to return once more.

Despite Junior now at the Song and presumably almost at the last tower, Chaos couldn't help but feel so apprehensive. 

Never had the group separated like this before, so he figured that it was only natural that everyone else would worry about the final outcome.

If anyone Chaos was the one to make his mind rationalize, but he was just too late.

If only he came sooner- he would've been able to fix everything, but at times Junior was stubborn when it came down to his battles.


His attention was suddenly caught once he heard the Elsa's door open, on the other side Matthews walked in with again- a glass of his personal favourite beer.

He rose a brown brow upon seeing one of his workers so down, Chaos was usually in such high spirits even in moments of despair.

He was quiet, way too quiet.

"You're still thinking about him,  I'm pretty sure that the Little Master can handle anything. -Haven't you seen the last time he fought with the Durandal?"


"In regards to your little fallout, he'll come around. Trust me."

"Once he's stuck, he'll call out for the lot of ya. It just how he is."

"He pretends to be strong at times, well- we all do."

"We may not have the power to push back anything that those bastards pull against us, but we can at least try and predict and counter back before it occurs."


Matthews sighed before pulling in his chair, watching the stars go by the same as Chaos now did.


"I'm not the best with words, but what I'm tryin' to say is- put your faith in him. Even if you're separated and absolutely hate the hell out of each other."

"The two of you came this far, there has to be reason why you've stayed so close all this time right?"

"So don't throw it all away, keep him close regardless."


Chaos smiled at that and Matthews wasn't wrong at all, cliché as it sounded their bond had truly brought them this far.

Through the pain and through the struggle, the group had always remained.

Matthews shook his head with a small laugh, before he turned around with a smile.






"Why are you smirking about, ya moron. I-I haven't turned soft..!"

Chapter Text

The compass of order had began to turn and glow vibrantly, as a bright turquoise light started to flicker across the walls.


"So, it truly begins. He'll delve into her subconscious domain."

"That in return will open us the opportunity, to view a quick glimpse into what the new world would look like."

"Now wouldn't be that interesting, Yeshua?"


Wilhelm "smiled" before he resumed his gaze upon the stars, knowing soon into the future that the resurrection of Zarathustra would draw near.

Deep in thought Gaignun entered his office, searching through the spiritual link to least find his brother's location.

It sparked for a moment causing the URTV to raise a brow, hoping that he'd finally at least find his trail.

Of course- it was just static again, he'd tried this a couple of times now throughout the day.


Even though each attempt ended in failure, he continued to surge through the spiritual link regardless.

It kept resonating and stopping again, it was almost enough to drive the poor URTV mad.

But now he summed it all up to purely Junior cancelling them all out, in a means to stop anyone from following him.


Gaignun was well aware of Junior's troubled relationship with Albedo in the past.

Fear had made the two grow distant from each other, and of course the two of them left with different reasons of why their bond had ultimately broken down.

Constantly their bond was a house of cards, a disturbing game of jealously.


When he stopped and thinked to himself, he understood why Junior had left so suddenly in the first place.

Although it was reckless in every sense of the word, he was at least- trying to protect everyone.

Even if it meant giving in to what Albedo ultimately desired from him.

Chapter Text

The more he ran, the more the tension had latched down his spine.

The more it- eventually overwrote his mind, intense hatred had already taken it's course.

Just hearing his voice at that very moment, was enough to tip the URTV into violent rage.


To take a quick breath he pushed his body back against the wall, looking up towards the ceiling so helplessly.

For he could not control himself, as the Red Dragon was beginning to emerge from within.

It was almost like an entirely different person once the Anti U-DO shift started, the change in his eyes was the most drastic change however.


It was enough to actually scare the realian herself his eyes would shine waves of violence alongside absolute resentment, despite his heart longing to be free from such a vicious cage.

But it was apparent that he couldn't control himself, and that all he could do was simply move on and confront Albedo for some sort of release.

But he suddenly stopped in his tracks, with his fiery eyes squinting in confusion.


Release... from what?


But before the boy could speak, he felt an intense wave of darkness quickly lingered inside himself.

Constantly it switched on and off again, was he near or so far away?

Junior couldn't tell it was almost like his brother's wavelength was- oddly disengaged.


However with Albedo's link being disengaged could only be one thing to him.

Right now the reverse link could've easily started, and it would've been only a few moments before her consciousness was completely gone.

Quickly he resumed his dash across the tower, praying to himself he'd reach the two in time.

But he knew deep down that Albedo wasn't the one to wait, he hated anticipation with such a passion.


If he wanted to torture someone, he'd do it instantly.

The white URTV wouldn't dawdle around waiting for the likes of him, it was just- out of character.

Visualizing the bastard as well had already made him so sick to his stomach, to the point where Junior almost questioned if he could take anymore of this.

But suddenly he felt her fear, radiating so deeply inside himself.


Although he couldn't see her directly or hear her, Junior could simulate her every thought and movement so well.

She hasn't felt like since her days of being locked away from the world, and here she was for history to again repeat itself.

Far from the Song the Durandal silently waited for it's commander to return, no matter on what angle Shelley looked- there wasn't another way for anyone else to enter.

Unless the Song gave access through the main entranceway, but logic came to her quickly- when would that happen at a time like this?

The major locks of the Song had already shut, preventing any forms of escape- no thanks to Albedo of course.


So regrouping and heading towards the very depths of the song was out of the question.

Every step was elaborate, this whole scenario wasn't just thought of out of thin air.

Ironically what Junior said was right in a way, the possibilities were endless once MOMO was in his tight grasp.

He could've easily held her hostage until the likes of his brother to arrive, to only then reveal his true disturbing intentions of course.


In short, he was unpredictable.


As much as she hated waiting in apprehension, Mary resumed her cautious watch of the stars.

Hoping that maybe she'd see Junior's familiar pale craft fly back, alongside MOMO.

On the other side of the Foundation, a male realian walked down the office hallway.

His design and mental wiring arrangements were unlike the usual unit however.

Canaan, he was so easy to spot if anyone had heard his name.


His amber orange hair was what always came to mind, especially his eyes.

Even though they conveyed no expression whatsoever, they were constantly calm.


It didn't matter what situation that Canaan was in, it would've been over in a heartbeat.

But even with the mess that currently involved the Song, he couldn't assist the group and leave his post so easily.

Strictly, he'd been ordered to update his mainframe above all else.


His combat module had greatly rusted throughout the years, especially after the events of the Militan Confilct with Chaos.

Upon reaching the lab department of the Foundation, a nano nurse hooked his body up to the many cords.


"Canaan, may I need to inform you about the procedure?"

The realian nodded before untensing himself, preparing to hear whatever she had to say.

Although naturally he couldn't help but feel a little nervous if he'd be sedated or not during it all.


"That would be good, go ahead."

"You may experience some sharp pains down your spine, but rest assured that all it is- is the placements of your new module."

Just for a combat module he'd need to make quite a few sacrifices to some of his pre-existing parts.

Mobility wise, he was swift and agile making use of a knife excellent for close quarter combat.


But in return however he'd need to throw away a few parts of his memory, thus Canaan would be unable to cast any forms of Ether.

Well, until the combat module setted through nicely.

He nodded before laying back down again, to now feel the sedation start to kick in.

Chapter Text

Allen walked past Shion's room, however he quickly reconsidered once he felt her distress almost radiating.

The two had worked together for so long, so practically he could always tell if there something wrong- even if Shion denied it.

He heard of what happened beforehand but Allen wasn't the type of man for- every situation.


He was a considerate type sure, but even in the most serious of situations he couldn't even keep his head on straight.

Constantly he'd question Shion's rationality of her decisions, of course he was also afraid that the two of them would get sacked.


"Hey, I heard about what happened and- I.. I wanted to know if you're alright?"

"I know I'm not the best with words but, I didn't want to leave you alone by yourself."


Noticing that it was her co-worker at the door, she took her off digital glasses laying them by the bedside table.

"I wasn't expecting anybody to come check up on me. Because of our situation with MOMO and all."


"... I really do appreciate it, Allen."


Allen's eyes widened in shock before taking another good look at her face, he just couldn't believe how sleep deprived Shion was.

Never was she the one to miss out on sleep, often keeping a good track on her sleeping schedule.

Just even closing her eyes in an attempt to sleep was a struggle, every night felt like endless tossing and turning.


"Ch-Chief, your eyes! Haven't you been able to sleep all this time..!?"

Shion tutted before folding her arms over, "Of course I haven't been able to, what kind of question is that?"

"Honestly, can't you recite what you're about to say beforehand...?"


In annoyance the engineer pinched her face, before letting our an sigh.

"I'm... sorry, I guess all this stress is catching up with me. That's all."

Just before Shion could turn away, Allen shook his head before he sat down as well.


"No, it's fine. Really."

"I would be pretty upset as well if a co-worker up and left like that as well."

When he looked back Allen still noticed that Shion "as always" was now trying to hide away her stress.


"Listen, I've got some pretty intense coding to do tomorrow for KOS-MOS. But I can come around and suss out MOMO's location for you."

"Even I want her back from whoever has her now, and I'm sure everyone else does as well Chief."

The engineer shook her head before standing up, wondering how Allen would convince Matthews to dock anywhere near the Song.

"Of course I want MOMO back, it's just I don't see a way that we can dock. Especially on a space station designed that way."

Even if she was right Allen wasn't going to back down so easily, even if there wasn't a place to dock.


With a shake of his head grabbed her attention again, "Well, I'll find us a place to dock. Even if it'll take ages to convince the likes of him." 

Shion suddenly abacked in shock, for the first time Allen was actually taking matters into his own hands for once!

Her door closed automatically before she relaxed herself again, wondering what their strategy would be for the afternoon tomorrow.


After witnessing again Allen's usual antics, Shion couldn't help but laugh to herself.


"Oh, Allen. You never change, do you?"


Even after the tragic events of the Archetype massacre, Allen hadn't really changed at all.

Still a kind hearted and a considerate guy, although he could still be ranked up there with the likes of Miyuki of course.

She rolled over and moved a little to reach the bedside light, before the room faded into a somewhat peaceful darkness.

From the Elsa's bridge the camera sighter zoomed up close to see the Song from all sides, however from his view there wasn't any signs of a entrance. 

"C'mon ya moron, can't see a bloody damn' thing from here. Can't you go in a little closer?!" 

Hammer rolled his eyes before swiping through all the angles that he could see, again no sign of any entryways at all.

The Song of Nephilem wasn't designed for ship docking at all with most pilots docking from inside it, but of course how could they even dock inside at all especially with all the horrible by-products running around?

"I'm trying but I can't see any entrances anywhere, cut me some slack will you?"

Matthews suddenly slammed across the dashboard, "Cut you some slack, honestly sometimes I can't decide between the two of you!"

"One's driven with adventure lust and the other is a total complete moron!"


With a big frustrated sigh, Matthews finished his rant before sitting back down against his chair.

After few moments had passed since their argument had started, Chaos entered the bridge with a wave.


"Sorry, I didn't interrupted anything... did I?"

Matthews shook his head before giving Hammer a hard whack across his head, "Nothing, nothing. How are you holding up, found a way to access this space station yet?" Chaos shook his head in disappointment, "No, not yet unfortunately. We're still finding out some information about how to even get inside."


"There's a barrier that's preventing us from entering, but oddly... It started once Junior was inside."


"So even if there was a docking area, we can't quite enter until that barrier is gone. Either whoever's inside needs to deactivate it."

With his hands on his waist, Matthews leaned a little forward to get a better view of the Song.

Without a doubt he could see the electrified barrier even from a distance, a single bolt would badly injure someone- including the likes of Ziggy.


Just about when the four were about to think of another way, Ziggy walked in before immediately recognizing the barrier.

"Interesting, it was the same one that blocked access to MOMO's cell room back at Plemona."

"I think- I think I know a way of how to stop it. But we'll need Vector's assistance though."

Chapter Text

A little closer the Elsa flew towards the Song, just enough to have a good peek at the barrier but to still be hidden away from view.

The barrier was large and constantly discharging bolts of sharp electricity, any skin that was unfortunate enough to scrap past would be greatly zapped.

Quickly Chaos hopped into his chair, zooming in closer to have a good look himself.


Analyzing the barrier and reflecting through his knowledge of disrupting these sorts of devices.

A while ago he'd self-taught himself how to disable any sort of barrier, as part of his training to become a ship assistant for the Elsa crew.

The cyborg noticed Chaos nodding to himself at a plan, "Before we'll contact Vector- I think I have an idea that might work."


"Can we try at least using a negative electric force to draw out the barrier manually?" Matthews and Chaos suddenly looked at each other, both thinking the same thing.

"... Don't tell me, you're gonna use the troublesome android girl for that?"

With a smile, Chaos nodded in agreement, "Exactly, soon she'll awake again. I'll come by the maintenance lab and ask later."


"But if I know our enemy well, I'm positive that no one wouldn'tve been able to access it so quickly."

"It'll take some time before they'd get their hands on the data, it's heavily secured I'd imagine."

The others nodded before they all watched Chaos take the elevator down to the B2 area, to check the current status of the catapult.


On the right side of the bridge, Tony flicked through the Elsa's cameras to undergo their usual check-up of the ship.

Everything from security to fuel supply, it was quite imperative that they'd stocked up without spending much money.

Especially with Gaignun's debt still being due, they couldn't spend any more money on repairs or upgrades.

Once Gaignun had sat down, he closed his eyes in disappointment, worried also of what was to come in the future.

"I apologize. Usually we'd be able to deal with an attack such as this."

"Only now I imagine that things are about to get worse, much worse than I've could've anticipated, it seems."


Helmer shook his head before looking back at the distressed URTV, "It's alright, I've been told already of what happened."

"But although I'm quite surprised for the Durandal's security systems to be so easily hacked."

Gaignun replied with closed eyes, well aware of the Durandal's frequent security disruptions.


"By the time that we'd found a way out, we discovered that the external barrier was unconsentably switched off."

"The disarray of the current situation, I'm certain that Albedo is involved- somewhat."

"But I'll have to cut our discussion short, I believe I'm needed on the bridge."

Helmer nodded before he turned around to see Gaignun twist the doorknob, "Gaignun, can you do me a favor?"


"...Make sure if our enemy makes any attempts to attack us again. Don't hold back. No matter what he threatens us with."

With a silent nod Gaignun opened the door, now leaving the Representative alone to think.

Helmer sat down now worried about how MOMO was, and what horrors she'd have to witness.

Chapter Text

MOMO wondered to herself, what U-TIC’s intentions truly were with the Y-Data.

All that she knew was that for a very long time that the organisation were desperate to get their hands on it, but it was never well explained to her at all.

She was only told to stay away from any well-known areas, which unfortunately included the Foundation itself.

The realian bit her lip in reluctance to speak, but couldn't help herself raising the question to him.

"Why is the Y-Data is important to you all, what is it’s true purpose?”


A white brow rose at her response, curious at why she hadn't known about the true significance of the Y-Data itself.

To even reflect back upon a time that father had told her the real reason why- it seemed impossible.

It was so many years ago she could remember herself inside the pod room and nothing more.

MOMO could barely remember her father’s last words before he even died, ever since her creation she always believed without sinning at all- she could possibly become human.


"Now that's certainly interesting, you're saying you don't know?"


"-Or maybe you're trying to hide your father's legacy."


Momentarily he looked away in reflection, before setting his gaze back again towards the pink realian, "Joachim, he gave you a sole purpose for your creation, the reason of why you purely exist, Pêche."

"But knowing you well enough, you'd surely want to discover more."

The truth about her father, MOMO couldn't help but question herself- was she truly ready to hear it out despite how bad of a father he was?

The poor realian couldn't help but be curious despite deceit covering his words.

Her mind was teetering between wanting to know and also not wanting to even hear a single word, especially if it came from the likes of him.

" I- I don't care about my father's true goal. Or... why he even created me."

"What matters most, is that he loved me- just like he loved my other sisters."

For a second Albedo fell into silence taking in every word that MOMO had said, chills were immediately sent down her spine upon feeling the dread enter herself again.

The feeling of helplessness had felt so familiar to her, but just a feeling itself was enough to take her back to when she was locked up in Pleroma.

She shook the thought off before slowly backing away, just enough to feel the cold wall touch against her back.

Her face suddenly cringed back once she was face to face with Albedo again, just his presence alone was enough to make her heart skip a few beats.


However what was even more terrifying was that if she was to remain stuck here, her memories would be wiped alongside her emotional circuit.


"It's quite funny- really, if you continue to deny the truth, then you'll only be choosing to live your life in a delusion."

Akin to a knife being stabbed through her body MOMO's heart absolutely pounded, as the unnerving yet oddly calm aura had dissipated completely.

The newfound presence felt like an awful sense of malice although strangely- it wasn't towards her.


"I'll kindly show you the reality- that you wish to IGNORE!"


The white URTV screwed his fingers into a claw grip before he violently tore his arm apart.

A frightening splash of blood suddenly gushed across the wall, before MOMO looked back to see that his left arm was ripped clean off.

The nerve-endings and tendons took some time to stop functioning, his fingers were oddly still moving a little despite being dismembered.


With quivering lips the realian flinched and looked up in apprehension scared of what else Albedo would do to himself.

Slightly uncovering her face, she saw his arm quickly regenerate itself, flesh and all now healed in a instant.

But MOMO couldn’t understand how he regenerated his body so easily, it wasn’t nanotechnology or any sort of ether.

Albedo cracked his left hand back and forth, enough to make his bones crack and reset into place.

Her horrified face alone was enough to intrigue himself, quickly realising now that making her faint was a very viable option.


"Ah how bittersweet pain really is, It's vital to realising one's pathetic existence- oh yes even yours."

"Free will and purpose, the two form the perfect catalyst- that drives us to ultimately achieve our deepest desires."



The realian shook her head in unwillingness to talk anymore further, but she couldn't help but think about what he'd just said.

Questioning her purpose wasn't something she ever did before, MOMO had long thought that everyone accepted for who she was- even if she didn't know quite why she even made in the first place.

But Junior was never bothered by complicated backgrounds, so he accepted her regardless.

It was the first time that she'd ever seen a form of acceptance before.


While locked away, she quickly learned of how cruel and sadistic some of people were around her, so exploitation wasn’t a rarity at all from where she came from.

MOMO started to stammer upon feeling quite intimidated, trying to think of a quick answer to at least "get her out" of the situation she was in.

But she ultimately knew why Albedo wanted the two of them here, and why she was here in the first place.


"Stop bringing him into this, right now... this very moment- it's between us... and no one else."

"Tell me, why do you hurt everyone that you see?!"


"Were you abandoned, were you hated for who you've become? Or- maybe... you can't stand not being able to die. So everyday you pray and you wonder to yourself-"

"Maybe one day I'll die, maybe one day he'll come and destroy me and I'll finally be free. It's what "you" ultimately desire- Right?"

"But you're blinded by such an selfish ambition, you're- you're so consumed with yourself that you've thrown away the love that was so deeply inside you- the connection from fourteen years ago."

"How do you expect for your own brother to even face you, let alone accept you for who you truly are- if you continue to hurt the very people that he cares about?"


He didn't say anything in response except for just pulling a amused smile, even though MOMO might've not known exactly the childhood trauma that Albedo went through.

But what she said was undeniable, it was the truth and of course his psyche was shattered, there was no way could he see the actual error of his ways or how his actions would've affected people.

In truth Albedo had always loved him albeit in such a warped and sadistic way, he could never convey his emotions correctly only through violence and "pleasure" he could do so.

He was deluded by a false vision, even if he died it wasn't a cure for his intense longing to be by Junior's side.

Yes, he'd die and be free from his immortality, but to be reunited with his brother would be completely out of the question.

Chapter Text

Upon reaching KOS-MOS' maintenance room, Chaos looked inside her pod to see her consequentially opening her eyes.

Moving back a little he let the android’s tall frame sit up, just enough to face him directly. "It seems that you require my assistance, Chaos?"

He nodded before watching the android step out from the maintenance bed, with the smoke from the pod slowly starting to disappear. "The electric barrier surrounding the Song needs to be deactivated."

Upon registering his request, her eyes began to analyse the scenery from outside, thinking of the best way to disengage it without Shion's advice.

"Please open up the back hangar, I'll be leaving to disengage it shortly."

With an agreed nod Chaos contacted Matthews to open up the back side of the Elsa, just enough so no air from outside could get through.

Without hesitation the android left floating towards the station, upon arriving she was greeted with a few violent zaps.

Holding out her palm she interfered with the circuit, causing it surge and explode.

In a matter of seconds the electrifying barrier was disengaged surprisingly, before a docking path was revealed upon the barrier disappearing.

She figured that something happened within the station itself, considering the ease of it being able to turn off.

Activating her earpiece KOS-MOS spoke through the communicator, before suddenly appearing as a transmission, instantly catching the crew's attention. "I have disabled the barrier, anytime we can depart."

To his surprise Matthews folded his arms with a smile, "Well, well. I'm quite impressed actually, you stopped it before any of us could- AND without hurting someone in the process!"

Emotionlessly she stared before replying back, "I do what is necessary to protect Vector employees and allies alike."

The transmission abruptly stopped once Shion arrived alongside Allen, upon making eye contact with the rest of the crew, she adjusted the thin rims of her digital glasses.

"So, how's it all going. Have we managed to stop the barrier yet?" Matthews nodded before bringing up a visual, "Just before you came in, your android of yours actually helped us stop it. She should be arriving back now."


Her teal eyes widened, absolutely furious in regards to KOS-MOS disobeying her again for the second time. "Wait a moment, are you telling me, she left without telling me- who's responsible for this?" The elevator stopped to reveal Chaos stepped who forward with a rub of his white head, "Me actually, I watched her deactivate it though."

"Oh," Shion abacked in realisation, "I didn’t realise that you were there with her, I thought she would've gone off on her own again as per usual."

Now with the barrier disabled the Elsa suddenly shook a little upon lift off, now heading straight towards their destination.

Upon arriving Shion walked off to analyse the area, leaving Matthews and his assistants behind, "So, this is the Song of Nephilem- huh? It sure seems to have a gloomy atmosphere to it."

Ziggy nodded before looking around the room the very same as her, "It does, apparently at present- someone’s been conducting mass murders here."

The engineer cocked her head before turning back to face him, "What do you mean by at the present?"

"Joachim Mizrahi, MOMO's father created this place before he died."

"Long before U-TIC's resurgence, Joachim resided his many projects here prior to the awakening of the Song."

Near a set of automatic metallic doors, Chaos closed his eyes while trying to find MOMO's presence.

Unbeknownst to the group his gloves glowed a faint yellow aura, suddenly his eyes widened upon discovering her location alongside Junior's as well.

Quickly grabbing the attention of the others Chaos turned around with a frim look, "MOMO, she's quite far away from us. but in the current situation she's in- we might not be able to arrive in time."

Disagreeing with him Shion walked off with the other two following her from behind, "Even if we arrive late, we've come this far, haven't we? We can at least support Junior when we get there." The two nodded before opening the set of the doors, to reveal a few by-products on the other side.

No, they- they’re not Gnosis. What are these-?”

Before Shion could finish Chaos suddenly interjected before blocking one of their attacks, “Displeasing as it is, there isn’t any time to be analysing the foe! This is unlike anything that we’ve faced before!”

With a yell Ziggy rose his fists, pulling one of them back to unleash an impactful jab.

One blow was enough to cause a shock-wave, instantly crushing 103’s arm apart in the process.

By a scrape of Shion's cheek she dodged 145’s sharp chainsaw slash, any mere second of lacked concentration would've been enough to completely slice her into two.

In a form of a counterattack she materialised an ether blade from her M.W.S, before pulling off a barrage of slashes.

With the one of the byproducts stunned Ziggy unleashed a flame bathed kick, instantly knocking bladed opponent out.

However the other frigid byproduct was moments away from unleashing a frozen haze, cold enough to completely bound the two in place.

Before the ice could reach Shion's torso, the android's arm instantly transformed into a blade, and with a swift yet violent stab 103 was killed.

Upon their defeat another set of doors opened ahead, revealing an elevator that was oddly still functional.

Once everyone had entered inside Ziggy started up the console, after a few bits of debris fell from the ceiling the elevator moved downward.

The cyborg folded his arms before looking down below to see a few violent realians alongside some machinery, "It seems that even a few of the battle realians have been affected by the Song, I suggest we tread with caution here." The other two nodded before preparing themselves for another few more violent and difficult fights.

The Durandal was silent as Gaignun walked alone, down the office hallway until he was stopped upon seeing Shelley, her expression the same as his, concerned and fearful of MOMO’s sudden disappearance.

He bit his lip just thinking about the question that he was about to ask, was enough to make him anxious about hearing how the search went.

“So, were we able to find her?” The purple secretary sighed in reply before pulling up the map, her finger swiping through all the locations that they’d checked.

“We still haven’t found her,” she spoke grimly, “We can’t even track the Little Master’s location.”

Gaignun’s heart stopped, he hadn’t seen his brother since U-TIC’s intrusion on the Foundation, not to mention he’d left without saying a single word.

With a sigh the black URTV closed his eyes, trying to feel Albedo’s wavelength within the spiritual link.

But he received no response, and figured that would’ve been the result, considering that Albedo was only a few more steps closer to unlocking Old Militia, of where the original Zohar- sleeps.

In response to MOMO’s exonerated reply from before Albedo simply laughed, amused at her “pathetic” attempt of defending Junior’s past mistakes despite not knowing the full story.

Even though MOMO couldn’t fully grasp Junior and Albedo’s convoluted relationship, she knew that one of the major parts of Junior’s departure was to in fact confront him again.

In short, their “reunion” was eventually going to come around, even if he hated the thought it or not the healing process would always come with a part of confrontation.

But even if Junior managed to reach the two in time, he wouldn't be able to remain level-headed for long.

She was well aware of that, even though MOMO felt threatened she couldn't help but feel bad for Junior's perspective of it all, again needing to subject himself to his brother.

It was that moment when the realian acknowledged the sacrifices for her life, the many people who died for her to be constantly protected.

But they all died thinking the very same thing, knowing that they'd at least served their purpose before life faded before them.

In a way MOMO wished that she could've hidden herself away, but it wouldn't've mattered since the likes of U-TIC had sophisticated technology compared to everyone else, including the likes of the Galaxy Federation.

Only a few of the staff members had access to the mysterious yet ancient relics, powered by an odd apparatus that she didn’t recognise, The Vessels of Anima.

The E.S's were far more superior than the A.G.W.S and A.M.W.S craft combined, easily one E.S could take on multiple A.G.W.S units in one battle alone.

But strangely, everyone but Albedo’s craft were located from inside an ancient tomb.

With speculation leading to either the Simeon being crafted by the Hymns Unit or perhaps an unknown craft specialist.

Regardless of how it was found MOMO knew that Junior will sooner or later arrive, but he wouldn’t be prepared if Albedo used the Simeon as a weaponry advantage.

In truth his older twin’s craft was almost the size of a regular car from the Simeon's perspective, just a quick swing of a beam saber was enough to put the red URTV into misery.

However, thinking about their confrontation had only made her feel even worse.

Temporarily putting him aside started to prove difficult but- Albedo on the other hand knew exactly why.

The entire time during the Foundation tour, she’d slowly grown a friendly attachment towards his older brother.

She just couldn’t resist introducing herself, even though her father told her not to.

For the longest time, MOMO had sought someone who accepted her for her every flaw in her artificial body.

In no way, shape or form was she human, But on the same token Junior wasn't a regular human either.

To not dwell on it any longer than what she already had, the realian shook her head before resuming eye contact towards him.

Just seeing his eyes was enough to tell that he'd cottoned on, that he read her inner thoughts so perfectly and precisely.

The scariest thing was that she knew Albedo didn't have a strong sense of telepathy at all, she couldn’t help but think- how was he able to predict everything she'd thought?

Before she could make any sense of what was going on, her sight changed to see one of her sisters.

From the far side of the room she waited patiently until their discussion was “over”, non-expressively staring towards them.

Her electric blue lips began to quiver, upon seeing her Master’s wicked smile grow a little.

Putting his hands on his waist, he began disclosing the realian with some long hidden exposition.


4745. He abandoned the 99 series, in an attempt to recreate the perfect imitation of his late daughter."

"But in the end, she died by involving herself in such a ridiculous sacrifice.”

A memory suddenly played out before her, upon opening her eyes she saw a beach infused with forest like features.

The very same forest also appeared in her subconscious domain, often during her dreams she’d see Sakura’s memories


The realian gasped upon seeing Albedo again albeit a lot younger looking, the prepubescent URTV looked up to see a swirling mass of U-DO, gathering in the very center of the pathway.

So, this is U-DO up close… huh?”

These dreams that I’m having, they’ll start to- make some sense if I….”

In curiosity Albedo walked closer to see the after-effects for himself.

Before his small hand could make contact, a small female voice called out almost sounding exactly like MOMO’s.

Albedo don’t do it-!”

Before he could even reply back, he was pushed aside tumbling and scrapping against the sandy ground with a few bruises.

However once his eyes looked towards the waves again, he saw Sakura barely alive with her body making full contact with it.

Even though he hated her with a passion, he was completely speechless at her sacrifice, yet at the same time horrified and worried about Rubedo knowing her death.

Trying to resist the fear that was being implanted inside her, Sakura turned to face Albedo for the last time with a gentle smile.

Don’t be afraid.”

“It’s alright Albedo,” She reassured, “I- I’ll be fine. Now, go and meet up with your other brothers. Forget about me and forget about what happened here…”

Her jade eyes suddenly closed as U-DO disappeared, now peacefully passing on knowing that Albedo was at least safe for now.

But despite her kindness, the white URTV felt even more resentful towards her.

She shattered his last chance of contacting U-DO itself, his last chance at ultimately dying.

Albedo ran to her side before shaking her body, however the realisation of death quickly sunk in before he fell to his hands.

You, why did you-”

Before he could finish he stopped himself upon realising the “unthinkable”, with his expression disbelieved at her sacrifice.

...No, you’re saying- you’d sacrifice yourself… for Rubedo?”

The last of her resonance flowed through Albedo’s mind, getting the chance to tell him what she ultimately wished before her consciousnesses disappeared.

“…You’re wrong, I only desired this outcome- for your sake Albedo. So that the three of you, could finally live in peace.”

Until my illness is cured, the three of you can’t leave the Institute.”

You desire to be with him, don’t you?”

Before Albedo could reply back, Sakura’s consciousness faded now leaving him alone merely staring down upon her lifeless body.

I can’t believe this is happening ...Rubedo you’re- you’re going to hate me once you see the two of us like this- aren’t you?”

Albedo, he couldn’t take it, he couldn’t mentally cope with Rubedo hating him especially if he found out about her death.

As he days went forward the URTV never mentioned her death, not even to the staff workers.

Hell, not even did he tell Yuriev for that matter, he’d kept silent all these years until now.

Once the memory faded, the realian's eyes widened in shock at the revelations that she’d witnessed.

Realising at this very moment, that Juli had only told her that she'd "mysteriously" disappeared- not died.

Albedo rose his hands with a shake of his head, "Ah but, you know what? I'm quite glad that she's dead! Now with her gone Rubedo can at least repent for his sins. To atone for the suffering that he's caused."

After-all, I am the executor for our fallen comrades, it would only make sense for the likes me to seek him out- to kindly remind him of everything that he’s done to us.

A small laugh escaped upon reflecting back on what he said before, as the memories of his brother's relationship with Sakura suddenly flashed before him, the fourteen years that he'd wish that he could forget.

"Rubedo, what a pitiful man you really are, needing to satisfy yourself with a mere imitation!"

"I can’t help but wonder, was the real thing not good enough for you?"

"Or better yet, why wasn't I good enough for you?"

In disbelief MOMO shook her head before resuming eye contact back at him, refusing to be called just a replica.

With both her hands clasping onto her chest, she looked upward towards him hoping to somehow change his mind about bringing Junior into it all.

What are you trying to accomplish by doing all this, If you truly wanted to reunite with him- you’d take my advice..!”

“If you only took in at what I’ve said before- then maybe… maybe-!

In response Albedo sarcastically interjected with folded arms, mocking the realian’s resolution. “...Then maybe he would’ve come back to me by now-?”

Before MOMO could say anything in reply, her face cringed away upon hearing another of his infamous laughs.


“Did you think I’d change my mind then and there?”

“Throwing away those fourteen years of grief, it isn’t easy as you imply it to be!”

Suddenly their discussion stopped once MOMO’s hand felt her forehead, before instantly screwing up her face up upon feeling her head painfully throb.

The headache she felt was abnormal, the timing felt so strangely yet elaborate for the current situation at hand.

Particularly since most of the time she’d be able to recognise a headache before it’d even happen.

It wasn’t until her sight changed to see his hand completely enveloped, now absolutely certain that her mind was being unconsentably controlled.

Before she could even let a single word slip, she suddenly called out in pain with the throbbing getting progressively worse.

His violating mental influence binded her completely to a stand still, what of could be best described as the worse headache imaginable, alongside crippling body paralysis.

With a quick gasp leaving her throat, another violent surge coursed through herself while her body writhed in resistance.

“...I mustn’t allow!-”

At her tortuous expense Albedo abruptly spoke with a laugh, “Have you only just noticed now? The clear lack of control over your own body!"


In desperation, she fought against the suppression that held her down mentally and physically.

With one last cry in discomfort, MOMO fell to her knees as the mind connection suddenly severed much to Albedo’s surprise.


In absolute terror the realian entered a catatonic state, unable to move or even think for herself.

Left to merely stare towards him unwillingly, "Now then..." His voice dragged, "That was quite the exhilarating performance."


Before he could even finish MOMO suddenly fainted, collapsing onto the ground with a loud thud.

The realian's weightless body was lifted up from the cold floor.

However before Albedo could make another step, he was suddenly stopped upon hearing an older Kirschwasser’s voice.

“Is this really necessary, what it is that you’re trying to achieve..?”


She bit her blue lip flinching to hear another yell from her emotionally abusive Master, however his response to her plea differed from what she thought initially.


“Oh, and you’re concerned about her? Worried about the very same sister who betrayed you?” He teasingly shook his head with a smirk, “But I suppose even disgusting traits tend to carry over, you know where the front door is. If you believe that my methods are- quite distasteful.”

Without an answer Krsch grabbed ahold of his arm, pulling it back to stop him from moving. “I- I can’t allow you to follow through with this-!” Before finishing what she had to say, her body was suddenly sent sliding across the floor violently, enough to cause a few blood marks across her face.


The URTV smiled before he shook his head, whilst being disgusted at her interference. “How oddly attractive, I adore that look on your face.” Spitting blood with gritted teeth she watched the metal door shut, now leaving her body trembling in immense apprehension of her sisters well-being.