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Eager to Please

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You double check the address you were given as you walk up to the large house to make sure you’re at the right place.

Professors Benson and Stabler are having a mixer for students in their classes and you happen to be talking a class with both of them. Professor Elliot Stabler taught your Intro to American History class you needed to fill a requirement while Professor Olivia Benson taught the Creative Writing class you had been so eager to take.

You didn’t know for several weeks that they were married to each other. You had seen that they both wore rings, but thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until you were in her office one day during office hours that you noticed the picture of the two of them on her desk.

You casually mentioned you were in one of his classes, and she chuckled before saying that she hoped her husband didn’t bore you to sleep.

After that conversation, both seemed to be more aware of your presence in their classes. Choosing you to answer questions, pulling you aside real quick after class to praise your work, reminding you of office hours if you were to need anything.

Both had checked in with you before the weekend to see if you were coming to this mixer. You hadn’t originally planned to, but seeing that they were both eager for you to attend made you rethink your decision.

So here you are, standing on the doorstep, knocking. Professor Stabler answers the door, and when he sees you his grin becomes a full smile. He greets you with a hello, and says they’re glad you could make it. He stands aside, welcoming you in and places his hand on your back, guiding you to the area where the others are.

His touch is searing through the fabric of your shirt, and you fight the urge to shiver, not wanting to make obvious the fact that you’re affected by it.

It was impossible to miss how attractive he is. How attractive they both are. Tonight he’s going for a more causal look than you have seen him during class. Normally he was suits and slacks and button up shirt. Tonight though, he was in a fitted black t-shirt with dark wash jeans.

Your eyes discreetly roam his body, taking in his muscles. Bulging biceps, strong forearms, thick, muscular thighs, and that ass. He had the ass of a god. Poets wrote about that ass.

He turns and before you can avert your gaze, he’s makes eye contact you.

Fuck! you think.

He just caught you starting at him. You hear him laugh, and he leans down and whispers into your ear. “You like what you see huh?”. You feel the heat creeping into your cheeks, and hope your embarrassment isn’t as visible and you think it probably is.

His voice is gravelly, and it feels as though there’s a hint of danger to it.

You audibly gulp as he walks away, not waiting for an answer.

You see him mingling with some other students, a few you know, but you catch him looking back a you every once in a while.

You make your way to the kitchen and Professor Benson is in there setting things out.

She looks gorgeous in her red sleeveless low-cut blouse and black jeans. It accentuates all of her curves perfectly, and you bite your bottom lip.

She hears you approach and turns towards you, her face lighting into a thousand watt smile. She walks your way. When she reaches you, she sets a hand on your shoulder and squeezes.

Neither of them had ever really touched you before, and tonight they have both taken the first opportunity they could to make some sort of physical contact.

“So glad you could make it.” Her voice is rich and deep. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Uh, just a water.” You answer, your mouth feeling very dry.

She grabs you a cold bottle from the fridge before picking up her glass of red wine, smiling at you again. “Well, shall we join everyone?”

You just nod, and she ushers you ahead, placing her hand on your lower back.

The touching is becoming too much for your body to handle, and you can feel yourself reacting.

You talk to a few of the other students who are there. It’s not a large gathering, most people opting to not show up, which was fine with you. You’re not a fan of being around a lot of people.

You can feel at least on set of eyes on you practically the whole night, and you’re not sure if you feel uncomfortable, incredibly flattered, or turned on.

The gathering winds down, and people trickle out until it’s just you, a few stragglers, and the Professors.

You’re one of those people that always stays behind to help the hosts clean, and this was no exception. After everything is picked up, you realize you’re the last person there.

“Thank you for your help cleaning,” Professor Benson says, taking the last bag of garbage from you.

“It’s no problem, Professor. Really.”

“Please, we aren’t in the classroom. Call me Olivia.” She smiles. “And you can call my husband, Elliot.”

“Okay, Olivia.” Saying her first name feels foreign, but you do. You’re standing in the middle of the kitchen, and you know it’s time for you to head home, but there is something unknown keeping you here.

“So, El and I have discussed what a brilliant student you are.” You look down at the floor, a small smile playing on your lips. You’re not very good at taking compliments in general, but these are two of your favorite professors from your entire time at the school, so not only does the praise make you uncomfortable, it also turns you on, especially given the previous actions of the evening.

“That’s- uh- that’s really kind of you to say.” You still don’t look up, but you can feel her gaze burning into you. You hear Professor Stabler, Elliot, walk into the room, and the large kitchen suddenly feels too small. You want to escape, but you continue to stand there anyway.

“Have you asked yet?” He says, and your head whips up. Asked what? you think.

You can hear Olivia sigh. “Not yet, dear.” Her tone admonishing. “Might as well now.” She muttered.

She takes a breathe, and you’re still staring at the floor, worried about what they could be asking. “We have a proposition.” You suddenly have a feeling you know what they’re about to bring up, but you don’t want to entertain the idea until it’s out there. “More of a question, really.”

“Uh huh.” Is all you can manage to get out.

“We’ve noticed how… attractive you are, and we were wondering if you wanted to join us in a threesome.” Your head snaps up. She asks like she just asked you what you favorite ice cream flavor is.

You look back and forth between the two, trying to gauge just how serious they are. They’re both staring at you, and you gulp. Honestly you would love to join them. You’ve fantasized about this when getting yourself off, but being confronted with the actual possibility is almost more than you can handle.

“Please don’t worry about saying no if you don’t want to,” Elliot reassures you. “This isn’t us asking as your professors. No negative consequences will come from you saying no.” You can tell they truly mean it. “We aren’t trying to coerce you into anything you don’t want to do. It’s all consensual or nothing happens.”

You let out a breath, and you feel yourself nodding before your mind catches up. You want this.

Next thing you realize is that Olivia is guiding you by hand upstairs, presumably to the bedroom.

They open the door and you see a large bed. The three of you are in the room, and Olivia puts her hand on your cheek, rubbing the cheekbone with her thumb. “I’m going to kiss you. Is that okay?” You nod, and her lips slowly descend on yours. She runs her tongue over your lips and you eagerly open your mouth, allowing her tongue inside.

As you’re making out with Olivia, Elliot comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and starts kissing your neck. You tilt your head, allowing him access without ever breaking the kiss.

Two mouths on you is messing with your senses but it’s such a turn on. One of Elliot’s hands slides under your shirt, moves to your nipples, pinching and rolling one between his fingers and then moves to the other one after several minutes.

You whimper into Olivia’s mouth, and his other hand toys with the waistband of your jeans.

Olivia pulls back from the kiss and looks you in the eyes. “If at anytime you want to stop, or feel uncomfortable with anything. Just say the word and this can be over.” You nod, showing her you understand, before turning your head to kiss Elliot.

It’s different than kissing Olivia. He’s much rougher, his kiss bruising, and you enjoy the dichotomy of it.

He removes his hand from your nipples, and grips your ass.

Olivia unbuttons and unzips your pants, before kneeling to pull them down, and you step out of them. While in this position, she kisses up your thighs, placing a kiss at the top of your underwear, avoiding where you want her to kiss the most. She stands up and pulls your shirt over your head, causing you to break the kiss.

You twist in Elliot’s arms and grasp the bottom of his shirt, feeling severely underdressed now. As you lift the fabric, he raises his arms, and finishes taking it off when you can not longer reach. You run your hands over his abs, before moving up and to his biceps giving a squeeze, and moaning as you feel nothing but hard muscle. He looks even better than in your fantasies.

You turn and notice Olivia has stripped herself into her bra and underwear. They match, both red lace, and you nearly have to stop yourself from drooling. They lead you to the bed, though keep you standing as they finish undressing you.

“Lay down.” Olivia’s voice is commanding, and you do as told, wanting to please her and keep this going. You watch as she walks out of the room, promising to be right back.

“Would you be okay with being tied up, and with things getting a little rough? With being bossed around?” Elliot asks. You nod, and you can see his eyes darken.

“I didn’t hear you.” His voice is deeper than normal, and you find it so sexy.

“Yes, sir.” There is submission in your voice that you didn’t know could be there, but you’re eager for it to continue.

“Good girl.” He says, running his thumb over your bottom lip.

Olivia walks back in with something that you can’t really see, but you feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness. Elliot tells her what you’ve consented to, and she asks again to make sure. You nod, and she accepts that as confirmation.

“Lift your arms, and spread your legs.” The command comes from Olivia, and you do as instructed; hoping for praise. Elliot walks to your left side, as Olivia remains on your right.

Suddenly, straps you hadn’t seen before are being pulled from each corner of the bed. They take their time caressing you, teasing you as they buckle you into cuffs at the end of each straps. You’re thankful for the soft lining, because you know they are going to show you no mercy, and you’re going to pull.

There’s a little give on each strap, enough for you to move some, but not enough to be able to touch yourself anywhere, or close your legs.

The only thing that would make this hotter in the moment is if they were wearing their glasses that they normally wore when teaching, but you’re very aware of how much they would get in the way.

You watch as they give each other a look. While you have no clue what they appear to be saying to each other, it’s obvious that they can read each other without words.

They meet at the foot of the bed, and you watch as they kiss, running their hands over each other. He unclasps her bra and she reaches down to his crotch and squeezes his bulge. You hear him groan before he moves his mouth to her neck, and he rolls her nipples between his fingers just as he had done to yours.

She discards her bra before popping the button on his jeans, and slowly gliding the zipper down, pushing the fabric against his skin as she does so. His lips detach from her skin as his head falls into the crux between her neck and shoulder, moaning.

It is then you see he had not been wearing any underwear the entire night. You see Olivia drop to her knees, taking his jeans down with her. He steps out, and as she pushes them away, her mouth is wrapped around his cock. She gives a few shallow movements before taking his entire length into her mouth and down her throat.

Elliot’s hand moves to the back of her head, fisting her hair. He’s watching as she takes him in. You hear her gagging noises and you wish that was you. His dick is impressive in size, and you want a chance to take him in your mouth. For him to fuck your mouth actually.

You squirm, wishing you could rub your thighs together to alleviate some of the need within you, but the restraints keep that from happening.

You continue to watch the show they’re giving you. You’re almost certain they had forgotten about you, though that has to be difficult seeing as you are tied up to their bed. You watch as he taps the back of her head, and she draws back slowly, sucking on the head before letting him fall from her mouth entirely.

They turn towards you, and you gulp knowing that their full attention is now on you.

Olivia walks up the side of the bed, where your head is resting, while Elliot starts to crawl up from the bottom, stopping when his face is in front of your pussy.

“You are so wet,” Elliot growls, “you really enjoyed the show, huh?”

“Uh huh.” You whine, his breath hot against you.

He hooks his arms under your thighs, grabbing onto your hips, and hauls you towards his mouth, angling your hips up for better access. His kisses and nips at both of your thighs. Olivia takes this as an opportunity to starts using slow, feather light touches from your right hip, over your stomach, and using a finger to circle around your right nipple before moving to your left.

“Please!” You beg, needing someone to give you some relief, and they both chuckle. “I can’t take it anymore!”

Elliot licks you once and you cry out. He chuckles against your core and you moan.

Olivia leans down and gives you a kiss. She licks your bottom lip, and you gladly open your mouth to her. Between her tongue in your mouth and Elliot’s tongue between your legs the sensation is overwhelming.

You whimper into Olivia’s mouth, and buck against Elliot’s. Olivia stops kissing you and you feel the bed dip. Olivia straddles your hips, though not sitting on them. She starts grinding against, and you notice somewhere along the way, her panties had come off. She’s wet against your skin, and you pull at the cuffs, whining because you want to touch someone.

You enjoy being at their mercy though, so you won’t ask to stop.

You watch as Olivia squeezes her breasts, throwing her head back in a moan as she rides your hips. She flicks her nipples with her thumb, and her head drops forward, eyes closed as she whines.

Elliot alternates between sucking on your clit and swirling his tongue around it, before going down and lapping at you as though you were his last meal. Olivia reaches back with one of her hands and she starts circling your clit with two of her fingers.

Before you can say anything, you’re cumming against Elliot’s mouth. He continues lapping while Olivia continues to circle your clit until you’re trying to jerk away from everyone’s touch. You’re too sensitive and it hurts.

Both of them let up and Elliot slips his hands out from under you. Your ass and thighs hit the cold bed and suddenly you miss the warmth of his skin.

As your breathing slows down, they are undoing the straps and your shoulders are grateful. You slowly move your arms down, feeling the pain of having been in on position for too long. You watch as they move to get the thing Olivia brought in just before everything began. It’s a strap on, and the dildo attached looks almost identical to Elliot’s dick.

They see you looking between the real dick and the fake one, and Olivia chuckles. “We used one of those “clone-a-willy” kits or whatever they fuck they’re called.”

“I was curious to know what it was like to be fucked by my dick.” Elliot shrugs, and they both must see the shocked look on your face, because they are once again laughing. Elliot looks at you with a glint in his eye. “You never know what you might like until you try it.” The noticeable seductive tone in his voice sends a shiver down your spine.

You watch as Elliot assists Olivia with putting it on, giving her ass a smack and a squeeze after everything is in place.

“On your hands and knees!” Elliot commands you, and you do as you’re told, scrambling into position.

Elliot caresses your back as he comes to kneel in front of you. “You’ve been such a good girl for us.” He runs a hand through your hair to start, and then down your cheek, before grasping your chin, running his thumb over your bottom lip like he did last time he called you good girl.

This time he jerks your chin up to look at him. Your eyes are wide and there’s a sinister looks in his eyes, but you’re not scared. You know they won’t hurt you. They have made it very clear everything is voluntary and consensual.

If you were to say stop now, everything would be over. But you don’t want it to be over. You are far from wanting this to end.

“Don’t think I didn’t see you staring when Olivia was sucking my cock. I saw your hungry, greedy little eyes. You were wishing that was you sucking me, weren’t you?”

You nod. “Yes sir.”

“How would you like it if you had my cock in your mouth while Olivia fucks you from behind?” You feel Olivia’s hands on your ass then, and she squeezes.

“Oh fuck, yes.”

“We knew you’d be eager to please.” Olivia says from behind you. “Your dedication to your assignments showed that from the start of the semester.”

She slips one finger into you, and you know you’re still so wet from cumming. Her finger slips in and out easily, and she adds a second in no time, thrusting slowly to begin, then speeding up before slowing down again, almost to an agonizingly slow pace.

Elliot presses the tip of his dick against your lips and you readily open your mouth, taking it in, and sucking. You bob up and down a couple to times, getting use to the size of his cock in your mouth. You feel Olivia withdrawal her fingers and place the tip of the strap-on at your entrance.

Elliot suddenly thrusts his hips forward, causing you to not only gag, but to also shift backwards onto the plastic dick. You moan around his cock at the unexpected intrusion, which in turn leaves him groaning as he grabs your hair.

It only takes a few thrusts as they hit their rhythm. Olivia has a hold on your hips as she thrusts into you.

Elliot pulls your hair so you’re looking into his eyes, and without words you know what he wants. You give one more good suck before you let your mouth fall open and ready.

Elliot fucks your mouth, causing you to gag several times, but you never break eye contact. You know your lips are swollen, your drooling, and your probably look like an overall mess, but he still looks like he wants to devour you. His thrusts slow before he pulls away from your mouth completely, and you take in several deep breaths.

He lets go of your hair, and your head falls forward as Olivia continues to rail you from behind. Several deep, well timed thrusts bring you close to the edge again. You’re moaning, and Elliot tilts your chin up.

“I want to cum in your mouth.”

“Please sir,” is all you can respond with before opening you mouth to him, and he lines himself up. You suck him, and bob your head, using Olivia’s thrusts to help time your movements, and you can sense she knows what her husband likes and is helping you along.

You vary between the intensity of your sucking and throw in the occasional moan vibrating around his dick. This groans start to become more constant, and you can tell he’s close.

“You’re going to swallow every last drop I give you.’ You release him for a moment.

“Yes Daddy.” You moan out as Olivia hits a sensitive spot, and your arms falter. Elliot catches you to keep you from falling, but his grip is tight.

“Oh, they’ve figured out your weakness.” Olivia says, before placing a gentle hand in the middle of your lower back. “Are you ready to cum again baby?”

“Yes.” You truly are. You’ve been teetering the edge for a while now, but nothing has pushed you over yet.

When you feel steady, the three of you continue on. Olivia is now driving into you, and you’re moaning around Elliot’s cock every few thrusts.

“I’m gonna do something,” Olivia warns. “Tap Elliot’s thigh if you don’t like it, and we can stop.” You nod in agreement, and Elliot relays the consent.

You hear the sound of her hand meeting your ass before for feel the sting, and you whimper, closing your eyes. You maintain your movements as another and then a third thwack land on your ass. She then takes the opportunity to run her fingers tips over the spot she hit, and the contrast in sensation nearly sends you over the edge.

You let Elliot go from your mouth one more time, pumping him with your hand as you look him in the eye. “Cum for me, Daddy.” You immediately suck on him like he’s the world’s most delicious popsicle.

Olivia reaches under you and circles your clit with her fingers. It only takes a few touches before you’re cumming around the fake dick, and your orgasm causes Elliot to cum in your mouth.

“Fuck.” He bites out, grunting as he cums.

Just as instructed, you swallow everything he gives you, which almost proves to be a challenge.

You’re still riding the aftershocks when Olivia pulls the strap-on out of you, though her grip on your hips does not leave. You’re almost face down on the mattress, only thing keeping you up is the grip Elliot has maintained on your arm. The two of them slowly lower you to the mattress as Elliot slides out from under you and around the bed.

You’re spent, but you don’t want the night to end yet. You know Olivia hasn’t had an orgasm yet, but you honestly don’t think you could move if you wanted to.

You hear the clips of the harness unbuckling, and you just continue to lay there, face down on the bed. You feel the mattress dip next to you on your right, and a hand touches you.

The touch you’ve come to recognize as Olivia’s runs up and down your back, and then she massages your head with her fingertips.

“You okay?” You can hear the concern in her voice, so you turn your head towards her to show that you are actually okay.

You give a lazy, soft smile. “I’m good, just a bit tired.” You can’t suppress the yawn that escapes.

She leans down and gives you a kiss, placing her hand on your face. The two of you kiss lazily for several minutes before her hand travels from your face, down your neck and shoulder, sliding down your arm and grasping you hand. She picks it up and places it on her breast.

You roll onto your side so you are facing her, and can be close to her. You roll her nipple between your fingers before feeling a new small surge of energy. You watch as Elliot comes up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist as he kisses her neck.

You break your mouth away from her, kissing the other side of her neck briefly before kissing down her throat and making your way to her breast. You swirl your tongue around one nipple before sucking on it. You tug lightly with your teeth before moving to next one. You do the same with this one, as your hand dancing over her skin moving down.

You feel just how wet she is, and you don’t waste any time. Her thighs instinctively open for you, and you push one finger into her, enjoying the feeling of the heat of her around your finger. You slowly move your finger in and out of her, running it over her clit every few movements with the wetness gathered.

You let go of her nipple and focus on the movements of your hand. You hear the moans as Elliot bites and sucks on her neck before soothing it with his tongue.

You add a second finger and she’s moaning as she clenches. You can feel her dripping down your hand, and it only spurs you on. You curl your fingers up into her, and she throws her head back. You lower yourself so your mouth can join your hand. You lap at her before swirling your tongue around her clit. You love the way she tastes, and you moan around her, much like you had done to Elliot, but the dual sensations of two mouth make her body react more intensely.

“Oh, oh fuck.” She moans, which makes you more eager for her to cum. You curl your fingers against her g-spot twice more, and whimper as you suck on her clit.

“God. Fuck. Oh my. Fuck” You feel her clench around your fingers as she rides out her orgasm. You slow you licks and movements of your fingers as she starts to come down, enjoying the aftershocks.

You withdraw your hand, and Elliot takes it, sucking on your fingers while Olivia kisses you, tasting herself on your mouth.

You break away, and Olivia yawns. The high of the night is wearing off, and you feel yourself getting sleepy, yawning as well. You move to get off the bed so you can get dressed and head back to your place. Olivia gently grabs your hand, squeezing it.

“Stay.” You look between the two of them.

This wasn’t something you had discussed, and you most definitely figured that you would do this and then never mention it again. Now they were asking you to stay the night?

You’re tried, so you won’t try to dissect it too much for the night. You can discuss everything in the morning, but you get the feeling this might be a more than one time occurrence.

If that were the case, you would definitely say yes. After all you are eager to please.