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Don't know, maybe I did not undergo what I think I did

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Bella sighed staring at her hands while the plane continued to carry the people on the metal death trap. Honestly, she hated flying, hated the ever growing stories about plane crashes and anything of the sort. But, this was a special occasion, cause she was going to her fathers.


"ISABELLA MARIE SWAN GET YOUR WORTHLESS ASS OUT HERE!" Renée's voice wrenched Bella from her thoughts; "shit," Bella cursed hurriedly rushing to meet her mother; she wasn't supposed to be home for another hour and therefore Bella thought she could just lie down after school, but, that had proved to be the wrong choice as she came face to face with her mom. "M-mom, i-i thought you were on a date!" She was already shaking, worried about her punishment. "Once again you prove to astound me with your stupidity," she huffed out angrily. "But-" "its-" Bella froze.. She interrupted her. Oh, god, she interrupted Renée! Bella didn't breath as she tried to back away inch by inch but before she could even begin she felt a hard sting on her cheek as her head turned to the side from the force of the hit. She was shocked, although she shouldn't be by the action. Tears stung her eyes, and she had to use every fiber in her being to not reach up and touch the offended cheek. She knew by now that the action would bring more harm then not. "HOW DARE YOU" She sneered, and unfortunately Bella didn't notice she was waiting for a response. "Ungrateful brat!" She spat the words at Bella before shoving her to the side, Bella gasped at the sharp pain in her side from the table. She knew where Renée was headed and against her better judgement after regaining her breath she took off towards her bedroom. She looked in when she made it to the door way and Renée was stuffing her arms full of Bellas clothes and even a few books. "Mom! Please! No! I'm sorry!" Bella all but sobbed at her mother as the woman ignored her scoffing as she made her way to the door, "Mom.." She pleaded tears welling up more than before. "Don'" she sneered shoving passed Bella with ease as result of Renées parenting, and Bella not eating more than a full meal a week. Bella followed after her mother stopping a gasping in the hallway watching as Renée started the firepit after tossing the clothes and books in. Bella didn't have much, and that topped with the fact that this woman had hurt her enough she was filled with rage at her mother; this would be the last time she felt anything of her true self towards Renée. "Now why did this happen?" Renée cooed mockingly. "Cause... Cause you're a BITCH!" She screamed and the emotion that flicked through her mother's eyes scared her to no end. Renée grabbed a fist full of Bellas hair and dragged her into Bellas small bedroom and went over to the closet and reached up onto the top shelf grabbing the stash of pictures Bella had thought Renée didn't know about. And tore them up in front of her opening up her window and throwing them out. They had been pictures of her and her dad and Jacob, all from when she was still allowed to go over to his place during the summer and actually the only photos of her father she had left. She was shocked at what her mother had done. But, before she could dwell on it she was thrown into the cabinet with such force she was knocked unconscious. When she woke all that she could see was darkness, and she felt sore all over, her head the worst; she hugged herself tightly and began to finally crying now that her mother wasn't here. As soon as she laid against the wall of her closet she jerked herself forward; not only was it sticky, but the pain she felt from the pressure was excruciating. 



She still had scars from that day. Apparently, electrical power cords and a lamp will do that to ya. "Ma'am?" Bella looked up to see a flight attendant looking at her worriedly, damn, she must've not hidden it well. She looked around breifly and noticed that most of everyone had left. Bella nodded at the flight attendant, hoping she would take that instead of making her speak. She felt her anxiety rise and she felt a clump in her throat as she looked for the person she searched for. Her eyes landed on her father and she walked quickly to her father a small awkward smile. Without warning he wrapped her in a hug, picking her up and spinning her around. "Bells!" He chuckled happily not noticing the flinch and wince at his actions. Charlie cleared his throat and set her down. "Sorry, Bells, I got a little ahead of myself.." Bella was torn between being happy that she was away from her horrid mother and Terrified. She shook her head at him, hoping to convey that she didn't mind. She did, but, she didn't wanna make him angry either.


The car ride was quiet. Until Charlie broke the silence. "Bells, are you alright?" Bella jumped at the sudden noise but turned towards her father with a questioning look. "You haven't spoken, is all." Charlie clarified pulling into the driveway and turning off the cruiser. Its not that she thought that he was like her mother, she hoped that he wasn't, that he was still the great dad she remembered, the same happy silent man she remembered from the pictures that went out the window when she was twelve. But, part of her thought that the dad she hoped was there left the building a long with her photos of him. Even with lack of evidence she decided to stick with what she did with Renée, so she didn't make him angry, such as: not speaking unless spoken to or she specifically asks for her input, which was not often; in fact even when Renée had spoken to her that didn't mean she wanted to elicit a response. "... Anyways, bells, I hope you like the truck!" He sounded hopeful, and she didn't even notice she had been on autopilot and was now looking over the truck with her dad watching her carefully after his speech. Waiting for a response, she realized. "I- um" she cleared her throat, her voice hoarse from no one using it. "I- its amazing! I love it!!" She tried to sound enthusiastic about the truck she barely really looked at. She didn't want to upset him by not overreacting about her joy like she did when her mother bought her new clothes. "That's great, bet that Phil dude never did anything like this." He said smugly and Bella chuckled hoping that was the right response. He suddenly pulled her into a hug before backing away, "uh, you're probably hungry, im starving," he gestured to himself, "I'll go order some pizza, okay?" Bella was surprised by the hug but nodded in thanks as her father walked into the house. Bella finally looked at the red truck carefully inspecting the exterior, she opened the old truck and let her hands glide over the leather seats. 


She decided to call the truck bug and smiled to herself at the thought. The night went by smoothly and not once did her father hit or raise his voice at her. Maybe this would be different, maybe everything was gonna be okay and work out for once. Bella smiled hopefully at the thought as she fell asleep in her purple bed, promising herself to thank him again in the morning.